Scott American Bulldog: An All-American Utility Dog

Scott American Bulldog
Photo from Kroon78

Like the Pitbull, the Scott American Bulldog can look intimidating and scary. But don’t be deceived by its powerful exterior, because it’s one of the most friendly, loyal and gentle dogs around.

Get to know more about the Scott American Bulldog in this guide. From its eating habits, maintenance, key characteristics, and more.

What Is a Scott American Bulldog?

The Scott American Bulldog is one of the two major varieties of the American Bulldog. It’s also known as the “Standard American Bulldog” and considered the more athletic, yet smaller version, of the two types.

Because of their similar looks, the Scott American Bulldog is often mistaken as a Pitbull.

Difference Between a Scott and Johnson American Bulldog

After coming close to extinction after World War II, the American Bulldog breed was revived in the mid-century by two men – Allen Scott and John D. Johnson. Their respective breeding programs resulted in the American Bulldog lineage around today.

The Johnson American Bulldog has the following characteristics:

  • Stands 23-27 inches
  • Weighs 90-120 lbs.
  • Known as the “Classic” American Bulldog
  • Features heavier bones, thicker chests, and boxy heads
  • Resembles the classic English Bulldog
  • Distinct underbite with no lower teeth showing when the mouth is closed
  • Comes with cropped or natural ears (natural is more desirable)

The Scott American Bulldog has the following characteristics:

  • Stands 22 – 27 inches
  • Known as the “Standard” American Bulldog
  • Often mistaken as a Pit Bull Terrier breed
  • Narrow muzzle and face
  • Known to be more athletic
  • Has distinct “reverse scissors bite”
  • Has more energy compared to the Johnson

History of the Scott American Bulldog

The Scott American Bulldog is a result of a crossbreed between one of the first Johnson American Bulldogs and other non-Johnson bulldogs taken from various state farms.

American Bulldogs were once in the brink of extinction after they were extensively used in the cruel sport known as bull-baiting.

But breeders like Scott and Johnson decided to bring back the species, creating two distinct dog varieties in the process. Today, the breed is healthy and thriving.

Physical Characteristics of the Scott American Bulldog

Often mistaken as a larger white Pitbull, this breed comes with longer legs positioned directly underneath their body instead of towards the sides.

The face comes with a longer muzzle with a slightly undershot bite or none at all. Their necks are arched coupled with a muscular yet sleek head.

The eyes of a Scott American Bulldog is almond or round-shaped. Usually, this is a dark brown to brown. Most of the breed sport a soft coat and feature markings ranging from red, brindle, black, tan, or brown.

Temperament and Personality of a Scott American Bulldog

Like all dogs, the Scott American Bulldog requires training while still young. Once properly trained, they can become loyal, independent, and friendly dogs with plenty of energy to spare.

They are friendly towards children and affectionate with their owners. When they are not in play mode, they can be quiet and relaxed. In fact, a lot of owners say they make giant lap dogs. They are also fantastic guard dogs because they can be protective and territorial.

While indoors making them behaved and mellow, once you get them outside to play fetch or run, they will go wild. Giving them plenty of exercises is essential, so they don’t get bored and turn destructive.

They also work great with other dogs and pets, provided there is a proper introduction on neutral ground. This breed has a high prey drive and it’s important they are not being left alone with an unknown dog or other smaller pets.

A lot of Southern farm owners love this breed because of their dual nature of being excellent hunting and guarding dogs, as well as their capacity for affection.

Because of their resolve for standing their ground, they are often known as “warrior dogs.” However, it’s advisable to always keep your American Bulldog on a leash when they are off-property.

Because of their size and looks, a lot of people can feel intimidated by them and sometimes this will lead to misunderstandings.

Common Health Concerns Found in This Breed

Generally, they are a healthy breed with a life span ranging from 10-16 years. But like any breed, they do have a natural predisposition to certain health issues. These include the following:

  • Demodectic Mange: These mites are inherited by the pups from their moms. They cannot affect other dogs or humans and are normally inert. But if the dog or puppy has a weakened immune system, they can show up causing scaly red skin and hair loss.
  • Eye Problems: A few of the most common for this breed include “Cherry Eye,” Entropion, and Cataracts.
  • Bone Cancer: Most American Bulldogs have a propensity for osteosarcoma. This is an aggressive type of cancer that quickly spreads around the bones of the animal. They might require immediate amputation or chemotherapy. However, the prognosis can still be poor despite immediate medical attention.
  • Hypothyroidism: An underactive thyroid gland that prevents the dog’s body from producing adequate thyroid hormone.
  • Brachycephalic Syndrome: This is found in dogs with short muzzles. It’s an abnormality in the dog’s upper airway which can obstruct their breathing. This can result in snoring, difficult breathing, nasal discharge, a blue tongue and gums or noisy breathing.
  • Deafness: This can be hereditary with the breed.
  • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia: Usually an abnormal development of the hip and elbow joints while the dog is still young. This can lead to a lot of pain or even lameness.

Caring for a Scott American Bulldog

Caring for the Scott American Bulldog mostly involves meeting their energy and exercise requirements. This breed requires a lot of exercises and physical activity and if these aren’t met, they can turn destructive in the home.

Take your American Bulldog outside or in the yard and let them exercise for at least 30 minutes each day. You can take them for a walk, a hike, or even have them run beside you while you bike or skateboard.

They are also keen on playing fetch or any interactive sport where both of you can play together.

It’s important to provide them with quality meals that suit a breed with extremely high energy. The type of food they will need will change as they grow older. Weight management is important for this breed since they have a tendency towards obesity.

Physically, their ears should be checked weekly and their nails cut each month. Their coats are moderate and require only weekly brushing. Take them to the vet on a regular basis, so they can get physical health checks.

Because of their tendency to excessively drool, you might also want to wipe off their drool when possible.

Training your dog, as mentioned, is crucial while they are still young. They need someone who is firm and consistent in order for them to learn. Positive reinforcement is important. What’s more, the training should be fun for them, so they will look forward to it.

Where to Buy Scott American Bulldog Puppies?

Before buying a Scott American Bulldog puppy, make sure to understand the type of lifestyle this dog breed requires. Even more, you also need to consider the legislation surrounding this breed.

Some people or government organizations might register your dog as a Pitbull and as a result, could put you in a tight spot with certain Breed Specific Legislation

It’s also advisable to check your local area, apartment, neighborhood to see if there are bans in place against American Bulldogs.

When getting a puppy, make sure it’s from a reliable, certified breeder:

Adopting a Scott American Bulldog

Another way to get a Scott American Bulldog is by adopting it or rescuing it from a reliable shelter. You can find plenty of legitimate organizations online offering assistance in helping you find the perfect American Bulldog for you.

You can get in touch with any of these organizations to find out more:

Final Thoughts

The Scott American Bulldog is a people-loving breed that will want plenty of kisses, hugs, and playtime. It is a smart and intelligent utility breed that works great with families and will become a loyal pet.

If you have an active lifestyle and plenty of love to give, then the Scott American Bulldog would make the ideal dog for you.


Vi A Daniels March 28, 2022 - 1:07 pm

I have a Scott ABG and you described him to a tee ❤

aM August 26, 2022 - 6:36 am

We got one of these last year and he is just amazing. Actually doesn’t even drool much at all. Beautiful, loyal, smart and athletic – what more can you ask of a dog?


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