How Much Does a Vizsla Cost? (2024 Price Guide)

Vizsla price and expenses how much does a Vizsla cost

Many would say that if you want a fearless yet gentle-mannered pet, the Vizsla breed is the go-to dog. 

But, how much would it cost you to take home a Vizsla puppy? Aside from the puppy cost, what are the expenses associated with keeping them as pets?

Keep reading this guide if you are keen to know the answers to the questions above. You’ll also learn about some money-saving tips that you can follow. Let’s start!

The Average Cost of a Vizsla Puppy

Average cost of a Vizsla puppy

The price of a purebred Vizsla puppy from a reputable breeder can range between $1,000 and $1,800. However, if you want to take home a Vizsla pup from a champion bloodline, you should expect the price to go as high as $3,000. 

Aside from lineage, other factors such as sex, age, color, breeder’s reputation, and location may also affect the final price of a Vizsla puppy. 

The price difference between the Vizsla and other medium-sized dogs such as the Australian Shepherd, Basset Hound, and Siberian Husky is not that significant.

However, if you still think that the price of a Vizsla puppy from breeders is out of your budget, you can opt for adoption, which is not only a noble but also a practical decision. 

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Factors Affecting the Cost of a Vizsla Puppy

The price for a Vizsla puppy is neither cheap nor expensive. Nevertheless, breeders do not just randomly pick prices for their pups. Several factors are considered in tagging the final Vizsla cost. 

These factors may include age, bloodline, registration papers, health guarantee, breeder’s reputation, and location. 

Let me explain in detail the factors that affect the cost of a Vizsla puppy:

  • Age: A Vizsla puppy is more expensive than an adult Vizsla. This is because puppies are more in demand. Many prefer pups over adult dogs because they want to witness the growth of their pets personally.
  • Dog’s Bloodline: The bloodline of a Vizsla puppy has a significant impact on its price. Puppies from champion lineages are more expensive than those with ordinary bloodlines. They cost more because it is assumed that they inherit the quality traits of their champion parents. 
  • Registration Papers: Registering a puppy to kennel clubs costs breeders a few hundred bucks. They usually add this amount to the final prices of their puppies. You should also know that Vizsla pups with complete registration cost more than those with limited registration. If you purchase a puppy with full registration, you gain the right to breed it. 
  • Health Guarantees: Many reputable breeders offer health guarantees to their clients, which can be in the form of puppy placement or health insurance. Puppies that come with health guarantees are more expensive. 
  • Breeder’s Reputation: Puppies from reputable breeders have higher prices than pups from puppy mills. Aside from the puppy itself, you are also paying for their experience when you buy from reputable breeders. Albeit paying a high price, you have the assurance that the puppy is bred and raised well. 
  • Location: Transportation and pet travel services are also added to the puppy cost. The farther your location is from the breeder, the higher the transportation cost. Nevertheless, you have the option to personally pick up the puppy from the breeder if you don’t want to pay for pet shipping services. 

These are just some of the factors that significantly affect the cost of a Vizsla puppy. Other factors such as gender, color, size, and reservation may also influence a Vizsla’s price.

How Much Does It Cost to Adopt a Vizsla From a Rescue?

Adopting a Vizsla from a rescue or local shelter is a noble and practical way of acquiring one. 

Typically, the adoption fees for Vizsla dogs in rescue centers range between $150 and $500, depending on the dog’s age and health condition.

Considering that Vizsla puppies from reputable breeders can cost you a thousand bucks, adopting is a compelling deal you can take into account. 

Not to mention that rescued dogs are usually fully vaccinated, neutered/spayed, and properly socialized.

However, the thing about adopting is that you are more likely to take home adult or senior dogs. Animal shelters rarely have puppies in their care, and if they do have, there is usually a long waiting list.

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Initial Cost of Vizsla Ownership

Vizsla initial costs

Aside from the cost of the Vizsla puppy itself, there are other expenses that you should familiarize yourself with before taking home one. These expenses include food, beddings, grooming kits, and cleaning essentials.

To make it convenient for you, I listed the basic items you need to purchase before welcoming your new Vizsla puppy to your home: 

  • Food and Treats: Vizslas are active and energetic gun dogs; hence, they should be fed with high-quality kibble packed with essential nutrients. You will also need treats to reinforce good behavior during obedience training. Quality, healthy dog food will cost you around $80 to $100.
  • Food and Water Bowls: Feeding your Vizsla will be mess-free if you have nice feeding bowls. You should opt to buy food and water bowls that are durable and sturdy so they can last longer. Food and water dishes usually cost $10 to $30. 
  • Bed: Choosing the right bed for your Vizsla helps reduce the risk of acquiring joint-related conditions such as arthritis and hip dysplasia. In buying the perfect bed for your Vizsla, you should consider its size and weight. A bed with good cushioning can cost around $40 to $180, depending on the size and material used. 
  • Crate: A crate serves as a private space for your dog. This is where they usually stay and rest when they feel stressed or tired. You should consider buying a sturdy crate, given that Vizslas are energetic dogs that need a space to lie down and recharge. Prices of quality crates range between $50 and $370. 
  • Leashes and Collars: A leash and collar set will come in handy once you start training your pooch. In purchasing one, make sure to pick the one that fits right for your dog. You can also opt for the adjustable ones for long-term use. A leash and collar set usually costs $15 to $50. 
  • Toys: Chew toys do not only help in entertaining and relieving the stress of your Vizsla puppy. It also helps in cleaning and strengthening your dog’s teeth. Having chew toys will also save your furniture from getting destroyed. Typically, chew toys cost around $30 to $40.
  • Grooming Essentials: The Vizsla is a low-maintenance breed that sheds very minimally. You only need a good hairbrush and quality pet shampoo for the grooming needs of your Vizsla. A complete grooming set will set you back around $40 to $160. 
  • Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications: Vizsla dogs are also susceptible to parasitic infestation, which can sabotage their health. Fleas and ticks, if left unchecked, can lead to skin infection and malnutrition. If your Vizsla puppy is not yet dewormed or treated for fleas or ticks, you should set aside around $50 to $200 for these medications. 
  • Initial Vet Visits: You might want to take your Vizsla to the vet for initial health checkups. The vet examination might include screening for genetic disorders or common health issues. A vet visit may cost you $100 to $300, depending on the medical procedures conducted.
  • Initial Vaccine Shots: Usually, Vizsla puppies sold by reputable breeders and rescue centers are already vaccinated. However, if your puppy isn’t yet vaccinated, you will need to pay $75 to $200 for the core canine shots against distemper, parainfluenza, rabies, parvovirus, and hepatitis.
  • Neutering or Spaying: Neutered or spayed dogs are more immune to reproduction-related diseases. If you bought an intact Vizsla and want it to be neutered/spayed, you will need to cash out around $50 to $500.
  • Dog License: A dog license serves as the identification of your dog. An identification number along with a dog tag that bears the contact number of the identifier is issued to the owner upon registration. With this, you can quickly locate your pet in case it gets lost. Registration for a dog license can cost you $10 to $20. 
  • Microchip: Microchipping is another safety measure to ensure that your Vizsla can be easily identified. A microchip is an implant that contains all of the necessary identification about your dog. A microchip implant procedure may cost you $40 to $60.
  • Miscellaneous Supplies: This covers maintenance expenses, including poop scooper, urine cleaner, poop bags, carpet cleaner, vitamins, etc. You should set aside around $15 to $30 for these supplies. 

Here is a summary of the initial expenses in owning a Vizsla puppy:

Type of ExpenseCost
Food and Treats$80 – $100
Food and Water Bowls$10 – $30
Bed$40 – $180
Crate$50 – $370
Leashes and Collars$15 – $50
Toys$30 – $40
Grooming Essentials$40 – $160
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$50 – $200
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $300
Initial Vaccine Shots$75 – $200
Neutering or Spaying$50 – $500
Dog License$10 – $20
Microchip$40 – $60
Miscellaneous Supplies$15 – $30
Total Initial Cost$605 – $2,240

As you can see, you will need to cash out around $605 to $2,240 for the initial expenses of owning a Vizsla puppy. You should already have purchased these items before taking your puppy home. 

Annual Cost of Owning a Vizsla

Vizsla dog yearly and monthly costs

Owning a Vizsla dog or any pet for that matter is a huge responsibility as we are talking about living with sentient creatures. Before you take home a Vizsla, make sure that you can provide for its needs throughout its lifetime.

The annual cost of owning a Vizsla mainly covers recurring expenses for food supplies, pet insurance, grooming costs, vet bills, and the likes, which are essential for your dog’s well-being. 

For your convenience, here is a summary of the annual expenses of owning a Vizsla puppy:

Type of ExpenseYearly Estimate 
Food and Treats$480 – $960
Toys$25 – $125
Bed and Crate$120 – $420
Leashes and Collars$25 – $35
Grooming Essentials$150 – $350
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$150 – $250
Routine Veterinary Care$200 – $400
Pet Insurance$500 – $900
Vaccinations$80 – $250
Miscellaneous Supplies$30 – $50
Yearly Total$1,760 – $3,740
Average Monthly Cost$147 – $312

As you can see, a huge sum from the annual and monthly expenses goes to recurring expenses such as food, treats, and other essentials. 

The yearly cost of owning a Vizsla is actually not so bad, considering that the annual expenses are on par with other medium-sized breeds.

One of the main annual expenses of the Vizsla is routine vet care. 

A routine vet checkup will likely include examinations for common canine health problems such as hip dysplasia, distemper, parvovirus, influenza, and other genetic abnormalities. This will likely set you back around $200 to $400 annually. 

If you have noticed, pet insurance also contributes a large portion to the annual expense of owning a Vizsla dog. Although it might seem expensive, investing in pet insurance is highly recommended.

An annual pet insurance plan can cost you between $500 and $900 depending on its coverage. Typically, most pet insurance plans cover injuries, surgeries, medication, and health examinations. 

If you find the total annual expenses of owning a Vizsla to be financially daunting, do not worry because there are many ways you can do to cut these expenses down. 

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Other Potential Expenses

Throughout your journey as a Vizsla dog owner, you might also stumble upon certain expenses which are not that necessary but can significantly improve your life and your dog’s well-being.

These expenses might include dog boarding services, grooming services, pet accessories, and the like. 

Here is a list of the other potential expenses in owning a Vizsla dog:

  • Pet Boarding Services: If you will be on a vacation or a business trip and can’t bring your Vizsla with you, you will probably need to leave it on a pet boarding. Facilities like these are well equipped to provide comfort to dogs while their owners are away. A day in pet boarding will cost around $20 to $30.
  • Dog Walking Services: The Vizsla is an active breed that needs regular exercise. If you are a busy person and can’t take your dog for a walk, you can always avail yourself of the service of dog walkers. Typically, the charge for an hour of pet walking costs $20 to $60.
  • Dog Training Services: Although the Vizsla breed’s intelligence is unparalleled by other dogs, you might still need to hire a dog trainer. Typically, private dog training costs around $50 to $120 per session. 
  • Grooming Services: Not everyone is good and knowledgeable in grooming pets. Sometimes, we can’t help but avail ourselves of the services of a professional pet groomer. A nice bath and haircut from a grooming clinic can cost you $30 to $60. 
  • Pet Accessories: If you have extra bucks in your budget, you might want to pamper your Vizsla with different sorts of pet accessories such as designer collars, dog clothes, and pet bags. These will likely cost you $50 to $100. 
  • Emergency Medical Procedures: No matter how much you pay attention to your pet, they can still get injured or sick. Depending on the type of treatment and severity of the health problems or injuries, you might need to spend $100 to $1,000 for medical and vet bills. You don’t need to worry about this, though, if you have a pet health insurance plan!

Except for medical emergency treatment, all items and services listed above are optional. It is totally up to you whether you will allocate a portion of your budget to these expenses.

Places to Find Vizsla Puppies for Sale and Adoption

Two Vizsla puppies for sale and adoption

Now that you already have an idea about the financial requirements of owning a Vizsla, it’s now time to look at the places where you can find a Vizsla puppy for sale and adoption. 

In buying your Vizsla puppy, you should only stick with reputable breeders and stay away from puppy mills. This won’t be that hard because there are a lot of professional Vizsla breeders across the country.

Here are some of the reputable Vizsla breeders accredited by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Vizsla Club of America (VCA):

  • Crimson Sky Vizslas – Located in Haines City, Florida, this breeder has been producing AKC champions for many years. Their male and female Vizslas shine not only in conformation shows but also on the field. This means that they can be raised as family companions or working dogs. 
  • Sokoldalu Vizslas – The meaning of this kennel’s name is “versatility,” which is the trait they cultivate amongst their Vizsla dogs. This breeder has also received the AKC Breeder of Merit, which is only awarded to kennels that have shown exemplary breeding practices.
  • Moonlight Vizslas – This Vizsla breeder located in California aims to preserve the natural hunting ability of the Vizsla breed. They constantly join AKC breed conformation shows to ensure that their dogs adhere to the breed standards. What’s more about this breeder is that they offer a three-year health guarantee for each of their puppies. 
  • Vizcaya Vizslas – Vizcaya Vizslas has been breeding Vizslas since 1985. They produce top-quality smooth and wire-haired Vizslas. Health, hunting instinct, and temperament are their top priorities in their kennel.

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Meanwhile, here are some animal shelters and rescue centers where you can find a Vizsla for adoption:

  • Vizsla Rescue Southern California (VRSC) – This non-profit organization is dedicated to saving homeless pets and Vizslas. They have been doing this noble act since 1976. Aside from rescue programs, they also engage themselves in educating the public about the wonders of adopting dogs. 
  • New Hope Vizsla Rescue (NHVR) – Located in Pennsylvania, NHVR is a non-profit organization established in 2010 to take in surrendered and abandoned Vizslas across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. 
  • Midwest Vizsla Rescue (MVR) – The Vizsla dogs in this local shelter receive medical care, behavioral modification, and endless affection upon being rescued. They are all neutered/spayed, vaccinated, and dewormed before being cleared for adoption. 
  • Colorado Vizsla Rescue – Since 2007, this rescue has committed itself to saving abused and abandoned Vizsla across Colorado, Wyoming, Western Kansas, Western Nebraska, and New Mexico. If you are lucky, you might find a suitable Vizsla for you in this shelter.

If you are new to adoption, you should check out our ultimate dog adoption guide. It contains several tips that could help you in acing your adoption application. 

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Money-Saving Tips for Vizsla Owners

By now, you might have realized already that owning a Vizsla is a lifelong financial commitment. You will need to consider your dog’s needs in your budget for the rest of its life. 

Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can cut the expenses down and set aside a few bucks for your savings. However, this doesn’t mean that you will cheap out your dog’s needs.

That being said, here are some money-saving tips for Vizsla owners:

  • Buy in bulk. Many pet stores offer discounts to their customers who buy in bulk. Buying large amounts of dog food and other supplies would also mean fewer transportation expenses as you will only need to replenish supplies less frequently. 
  • Learn to groom your Vizsla. If you know how to bathe, brush, clean the ears, and clip the nails of your dog, you will definitely save a few hundred bucks by skipping grooming services.
  • Watch DIY tutorials. There are a lot of DIY dog accessories videos on YouTube that you can try. Some of the useful tutorials you can find include DIY dog beds, crates, and collars. 
  • Veggies and fruits as treats. Instead of buying expensive dog treats, you can try giving your dog healthy and delicious vegetable and fruit treats. Through this, you are also assured that the food your Vizsla eats is balanced and healthy. 
  • Keep your dog healthy. Nothing could be more expensive than an unhealthy pooch. Medical bills can really break one’s bank in an instant. This is why you should make sure that your pup has a healthy diet and regular exercise. Your Vizsla must also be taken to the vet regularly for health tests. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

You can also try asking other dog owners about their tips and tricks in managing their finances. They surely have valuable information that they can share with you. 

Just a reiteration, we should never put our dog’s quality of life at the expense of saving money. 

Final Thoughts

The Vizsla is a good pick for a family pet. They are friendly, affectionate, watchful, and gentle-mannered. However, owning one comes with a price. 

Although the Vizsla price is not considered expensive, its lifelong maintenance and needs could prove to be a huge financial responsibility. If you plan to take home one, make sure that your budget allows it. 

Nonetheless, if you feel like the Vizsla puppy cost and the expenses associated with it are too much for you to handle, then you should skip taking home one.

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