Warlock Doberman: Debunking the Myths and Misconceptions

Warlock Doberman Myths

A Warlock Doberman is associated with an image of an oversized Doberman and the term is popularly used by backyard breeders. Considering it does not conform to the standard size acknowledged by the American Kennel Club (AKC), this has not been recognized as a breed.

Even so, a lot of people are still interested in owning a dog of this kind because they believe that the bigger the dog is, the better.

The existence of Warlock Dobermans was caused by the demand for larger Dobermans. However, a lot of people have mixed opinions regarding this matter.

Most of them don’t support the idea of cross-breeding the Doberman to other breeds because they are aware that this will mean more health issues.

There are many misconceptions made about this dog and if you are planning to get a Warlock Doberman, this article will greatly inform you of all things that are true regarding this dog. If you want to discover more, just keep reading!

What Is a Warlock Doberman?

A Warlock Doberman, also known as “king Doberman,” is usually a cross between a Rottweiler or a Great Dane and a Doberman. It is larger compared to the regular Doberman, but the appearance usually looks the same. In some cases, Warlock Doberman overpowers the Doberman’s physical characteristics.

Here’s a video explaining what a Warlock Doberman is.

Warlock Doberman Pinscher - What are they?

The fascination to have a big, strong, and intimidating dog has spread among dog lovers. In fact, a study shows that big dogs are widely preferred by young men and women. It is commonly known as well that big dogs are found to be more reassuring when guarding properties.

When the Dobermans became well-known, people instantly got charmed by the dogs’ aggressive look and almost everyone wanted to have this dog, but in a much larger size.

This is what prompted backyard breeders to think of a means to sell out larger Dobermans. They crossbred it and used the Warlock Myth as a marketing strategy.

The main reason why this dog exists is because of its size. It is a commonly larger black or brown dog that is still bred to be a guard dog. The appearance stays the same as that of a regular Doberman.

The muscular and fit body, covered in a short, hard, and shiny coat, gives it the advantage in terms of endurance and speed.

Warlock or king Doberman outdoor
Photo from @koalamela (IG)

Above is a picture that shows how a Warlock Doberman looks like. Notice that it just looks the same as a regular Doberman. The difference in size is more obvious when a Warlock Doberman is beside the standard one or if it is seen in person.

The ears are still commonly cropped as a puppy giving it a sharp and pointed look while the tail is docked as well, but these characteristics remain to be optional.

Even though the Warlock Doberman still possesses the same features found on a regular Doberman, there is still one obvious difference between the two which is the size. This aspect alone affects the dog’s health, agility, and life span.

Warlock Doberman vs. Regular Doberman: What’s the Difference?

Warlock Doberman vs. standard Doberman Pinscher

The two main indicators that will tell the difference between a Warlock Doberman and a regular Doberman are the genetics and the size. To see the comparison much clearer, below are lists of the distinct features for each dog:

Warlock Doberman

  • It is crossbred with Great Danes or Rottweilers.
  • It is much bigger.
  • It weighs more than the standard Doberman.
  • It is slower.
  • It has low endurance.
  • It has less agility.
  • It is prone to more health issues.

Regular Doberman

  • It is purebred.
  • It has a standard of 27.5 inches high at withers for males and 25.5 inches for females.
  • It averages around 65 to 95 pounds.
  • It is higher in speed.
  • It has more endurance.
  • It is more agile.
  • Has fewer potential risks in health and temperament.

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The History of the Warlock Doberman

The term “Warlock” originated from a Doberman who lived during the 1950s. The Doberman was fully named Ch. Borong the Warlock, whose owners were Henry Frampton and Theodosia.

Among the litter of puppies Henry had, Borong was the one he had the closest relationship with. Even though Borong was not the best compared to the other puppies, Henry felt a special connection with him.

He dedicated a lot of his time training Borong until the dog’s potential in winning shows increased.

Borong’s excellence was the result of several training sessions conducted by Henry himself. His admirable qualities won him several titles in dog shows.

Other dog owners recognized that Borong was an exceptional dog and thought that it would be a good idea to make him sire to many litters of Dobermans.

There have been at least 25 AKC champions that came from his bloodline. Due to this, Borong is considered to be one of the finest specimens of Dobermans in history.

During the 1970s, the demand for bigger and stronger Dobermans rose quickly. This made breeders decide to crossbreed a line of good Dobermans with other large breed dogs such as the Great Danes for the size and Rottweilers for an increase in fierceness.

When the interbreeding was done, the puppies born were then labeled as Warlock Dobermans to give people the impression that it is high quality and expensive dog.

Below will give you a better picture of a Doberman mixed with the Rottweiler breed, also called a Rotterman. Notice that the aggressive look of a Doberman has been dominated by the Rottweiler’s gentler look.

And here’s for the Doberman and Great Dane mix, also known as the Doberdane. The mix of these two breeds produced a more aggressive-looking and intimidating dog:

Some backyard breeders nowadays advertise Warlock Dobermans as if they are from the bloodline of Borong. This is not true of course. The term is only used to give the impression that the dog is special and rare.

This gives them a reason to increase the price for each Warlock Doberman puppy to interested buyers who do not know the truth about this dog.

The name sounds distinct and gives out an image of a very superior and larger type of Doberman and it undoubtedly became very well-known even up to now. Other breeders intentionally make their clients think that Warlock Dobermans are purebred when the reality is, they aren’t.

If you or someone you know is planning to get a Warlock Doberman puppy, this fact is very important to realize. This will at least keep you from getting disappointed if you learn later on that Warlock Dobermans are a myth and that they were just made up by backyard breeders.

How Big and Heavy Do Warlock Dobermans Get When Fully Grown?

Warlock Doberman running

A Warlock Doberman’s height goes over the ideal height measurement of a regular Doberman. This dog will measure withers at anything more than the ideal 27.5 inches for males and 25.5 inches for females.

The weight is considerably heavier for the Warlock Dobermans, exceeding the normal range of 65 to 95 pounds.

One owner has shared that he had rescued a dog from a smuggling ring which happened to be a Warlock Doberman. The dog grew up weighing 122 pounds.

As said earlier, the mix of other breeds made a huge difference and an increase in both the size and the weight of this specific type of dog. According to him, his dog remained to be healthy just as long as proper attention and care are provided.

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Warlock Doberman Temperament: Do They Make Good Family Dogs?

A Warlock Doberman remains to be a genial dog that expressively shows affection and loyalty toward its owners.

It is naturally protective as it is an excellent watchdog that could easily pin anyone to the ground even if the person weighs 200 pounds. This dog’s intelligence gives it a great advantage, giving you an easier time executing commands during training.

Warlock Dobermans are extremely loyal, making them an ideal dog for a family, even around your children. The instinct to protect kicks in when threats arise or if their territories are violated.

Despite these good qualities of a Warlock Doberman, you should still take note that you should never leave young kids alone with the dog even if it is just a puppy.

A Warlock Doberman has a high energy level accompanied by sharp teeth and toenails. The aggressive behavior that may show in its later years may be avoided by proper training and socialization. After all, these dogs love to be around other dogs and people as they are friendly.

Since this dog came from a line of working dogs, a Warlock Doberman can be very patient. It is smart enough to know its strength, so if an energetic child plays with it, the dog will not find it a challenge.

Instead, it will bond with the child with affection and respect. This happens mostly when the dog has been given little time to get to know its family members first.

These are just the general qualities a Warlock Doberman may possess. However, it is important to remember that these qualities are factored in by genetics which plays a major role in the dog’s mental abilities.

If you wish to own a Warlock Doberman, ensure that its parents are in good condition and are in a healthy state so the puppy will have a more desirable temperament which will prove to be useful and safe for you and your family.

Warlock Doberman Health Issues

Black Warlock Doberman on a medical exam at vet's office

It is common knowledge that the bigger the dog is, the lesser the agility, speed, and strengths are. Since Warlock Dobermans are abnormally large-sized dogs, they become prone to several health issues.

Being oversized is an unhealthy trait. The Warlock Doberman is vulnerable to several diseases due to being immensely large. Its weight adds strain to the joints and affects the heart. This also makes the dog have hip dysplasia at an early age.

The dog’s life span will depend on its health. Generally, a Warlock Doberman can live up to 12 years. If any health risks arise, make sure you visit your veterinarian right away.

To give you a better look at how a Warlock Doberman acts, below is a short clip of one. Despite the size and heaviness, this dog still proves to be active and playful:

The color of your Warlock Doberman may also affect its health state. It has been shown that a white-coated dog can have skin and eyesight complications. This results in a poorer vision and lower awareness of the surroundings.

An In-Depth Comparison Between Albino and White Doberman

Since the dog has a protective instinct, if his vision and situational awareness are low, it will most likely take anything as a threat out of fear which will turn on his aggressive behavior.

Due to this, the breeding of a white Warlock Doberman is not encouraged because of the potential health issues.

Doberman lovers and owners are mostly aware and often find it concerning that the breeding of Warlock Dobermans may cause long-term damage to the Doberman breed. This explains why a lot of them fight against this crossbreeding practice.

Do Kennel Clubs Recognize the Warlock Doberman?

The reputable American Kennel Club (AKC) does not recognize the Warlock Doberman. This is for the reason that a cross of two AKC registered breeds are simply not acceptable.

This standard by the AKC alone is the primary reason as to why this dog cannot be eligible to participate in more than 22,000 events offered by the AKC.

Besides, the Warlock Doberman’s measurements fail to meet AKC’s standard weight and height. Backyard breeders purposefully overlook this part for the sake of earning extra dollars.

They know very well that even this dog is not recognized by kennel clubs, most people still want to own one and they are not wrong about it.

One couple admitted that even though they know the truth about Warlock Dobermans, they are still determined to get one for themselves.

The idea of a larger Doberman gives them the excitement and challenge they think they could not get from any other dogs. They are more than willing to own a Warlock Doberman, even if it means not being able to compete on shows.

How Much Do Warlock Dobermans Cost?

Since a Warlock Doberman is marketed to be a rare and special type of dog, the price of one puppy is usually more expensive compared to a standard Doberman.

The price point for this dog is usually around $ 4,000. It is way higher than the regular Doberman puppy’s price which only ranges around $1,500 to $2,500.

Unless money is not an issue to you, the price is a huge rip off considering that you do not get a purebred dog. Aside from the fact that it is ridiculously overpriced, you also have to know that its potential health risks may cost you a lot more in the future.

If you adopt a rescued Warlock Doberman, the cost will be reasonably lower. This is a much-preferred option that will not just save you money but will also allow you to give a warm and loving home to dogs that are bred for the wrong reasons.

Final Thoughts

Before owning a Warlock Doberman, you should always make sure you thoroughly research it first. In this way, you will know what to expect from what you are getting, especially that this type of dog is pricey.

Breeders of today may continue to advertise Warlock Dobermans as a more valuable dog, but this is purely just a gimmick and a myth to sell Dobermans at an increased price.

If you already own a Warlock Doberman and you just knew about the real story behind this dog, don’t feel bad about it. Despite being a crossbreed, it does not automatically mean that this dog deserves anything less.

They can still become loyal and protective watchdogs that will crave your attention, love, and care.

The relationship between you and your dog should trump over whether it is purebred or crossbred. Who knows, your Warlock Doberman might just be the perfect companion for you!

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