Why Are Dachshunds So Jealous?

Why Are Dachshunds So Jealous?

Our pets react to everything. Dachshunds are uniquely expressive to what they feel towards a particular situation. They are jealous of whomever or whatever their owners have given their attention to aside from them. So, why are they jealous?

Dachshunds are so jealous because they are fiercely loyal to you. Their breed is known to be aggressive and possessive to what they value and consider as their own. Dachshunds are not used to changes that make them feel so jealous when there is a change of attention towards them because their owners have been doing something or talking to someone else. 

Excessively give everything to your Dachshunds could be dangerous both to you and to your dogs. Feeling too much jealousy towards others may be harmful and fatal when unnoticed.

The good news is you can do something about it. Knowing the signs of jealousy early and learning how to train them will keep their playful and friendly attitude to stay.

8 Things Dachshunds Do When They Are Jealous

Dachshund’s reactions to things are so transparent. Having this kind of personality will be easy for you to prevent their jealousy as early as possible.

In worst cases, they tend to bite the people whom they are envious of. But before going to that point, there are signs they do when they feel such.

Growling, hissing, getting a fight with another pet

They have feelings inside that deeply bothers them. Feeling that way makes them want to do something to let all of those out.

For them, growling and giving their energy to the ones they see will help them get loose their anger because of the jealousy that they feel.

This might be the first sign before making another move to get your attention. When you encounter such traits from your dog, it is highly recommended to check how they are doing.

Pushy behavior

When they do this, it means that they want you to give them the attention that they want rather than the other. Some of the things that they do are they bark, roll around, and something that catches your attention. 

Being pushy may also be their way to say to the person whom you talk that they are not welcome in their presence. 

Paying extra attention to its owner

When they fail to get the attention of their owners, they are the ones who give it to them. One of the examples of doing this is when they suddenly lick your hand or face. That is how they show you they care and they do not want to lose you either.

Scaring off strangers

Dachshunds are also protective of their owners. When they see something or people that are new in their eyes, they would assume that they are enemies or potential threats. 

When you go to your friend’s house with a dog, they also scare you when they bark loud. It shows that they do not want others in their vicinity. They view it as their owner’s property.

Dachshunds may also see you as a potential attention seeker that they currently enjoy from their owners. Something that they do not want to happen. 

Going to the bathroom indoors

When you train your dog to pee or poop in a particular place, they do remember it. Yet it changes when they get jealous. They do such activities in areas they should not.

Doing the trick

When they feel jealous, they feel like doing things you want them to see. They are hopeful that by doing so, you will give them back the attention you once gave to them. Yes, they are that jealous!

Crowding your space

When you choose not to let them sleep beside you, they will do so when they are jealous. They go to places they should not go just to get you. Dachshunds long to your presence because of their strong loyalty towards you. 

Dachshunds are known to be intelligent dogs. Surely they know what they are doing. Crowding your space is intentionally telling you that they are jealous.

Leaving the room

Dachshunds choose what they want to see. When they do not wish to what is happening in their vision, they want to be away from it until that view is not visible anymore. 

All of these things have one common denominator. Dachshunds want to have your attention. They feel insecure when you are doing and they are out of the picture and envious to people or dogs whom you interact with. Do not be surprised for it runs in the Dachshunds family. 

Helping a Jealous Dachshund

The good news is, it is not too late in training and helping them. Knowing the signs such as growling, barking, being pushy and doing things they should not do will help us identify and prevent their jealousy as early as possible.

Remember the reasons why Dachshunds feel jealous. They do have affection for you. Making them think that they are loved will prevent them from feeling envious about the other things that you do.

Make them feel secure all the time. Humans are not the only ones who get scared–Dachshunds also do. It will affect their performance and prevent them from deteriorating. 

Know the times when they feel jealous. It will always run in circles for the same reason. Avoiding such a view from them will help them to be at ease. 

Showing love for them also includes not intentionally make them jealous as a discipline for their misconduct. It will not help them but rather worsen the situation, which triggers their aggressiveness concerning the one they got jealous of.

Be consistent. When your dachshunds have been used to be with you at this moment, give it to them. The might have been looking forward to it for a long time. It gets them disappointed and insecure when you stop doing so.

One way is to ignore them when you arrive at your home to train them not to give too much importance to themselves. When they are not spoiled, they will keep them from being jealous of others. 

When you are planning to have another dog, research first if they would be a compatible partner with your Dachshund. Doing so will help them have an easier time and fewer efforts to make you Dachshund to adjust to a new environment and companion. 

Most importantly, give them the attention that they need. Buy out time to walk, run and play with them. Include them in the allowed activities to be in.

Think from time to time on how you can strengthen your bond with your Dachshund. Surely it will not only help you to have a closer relationship with them but also prevent causing harm to others.

Exercise Can Help

Physical and mental health plays a role in the reactions of your Dachshunds. Helping to keep their condition stable will also help you to be at ease when possible circumstances may trigger them when they get jealous.

Keeping them active physically and mentally will also help them to recognize that they are not losing their owners. 

Regular exercise is good for your Dachshund’s mental health. When their minds are good, it will not be hard for them to decide according to what they feel. They will involve their minds when things occur.

Your Dachshunds can learn a lot of things during the span of movements that will help them to switch to something else rather than being jealous. 

Remove the reward when they feel jealous. Aside from the fact they are prone to obesity, it will not help your Dachshunds to discipline themselves. Instead, they will more likely love to feel that they are jealous just to receive something when they get jealous.

When time and circumstances allow, involve the object, pet or the person that your Dachshund gets jealous of during your training or playtime. It will help your dog to be at ease with them.

Also, rather than being envious when you are with someone or something, your Dachshund will be happy to get along with them.

Final Thoughts

Dachshunds being so jealous runs in their blood. They do so because they are loyal to their owners. They have been known to be protective of what they value. 

When failed to notice, it will be possible that this will be a harmful situation, especially when Dachshunds get jealous of a person. 

Be consistent is the key. Buy out time for your Dachshunds to make them feel that they are loved and will prevent them from causing damages both for you and to the people, pets, and factors you interact with.

You are considered to be your Dachshund’s family. They treat you as their best friend. Giving them the attention that they want will help them to feel safe regardless of the changes that are happening around you.

Since Dachshunds are loyal, they highly appreciate you. They are worth keeping. Doing your part to show them that you value their existence will be highly satisfying for sure. 

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