10 Best Boston Terrier Rescues for Adoption (2024): Our Top 10 Picks!

Best Boston Terrier rescues for adoption

An alarming number of Boston Terriers are getting lost and separated from their families or are merely unwanted and abandoned. This is a sad reality that is common but is not exclusive to popular breeds.

The good thing is, more and more profit and non-profit organizations have switched their focus to rescuing these lost Boston Terriers and eventually putting them up for adoption.

Now if you are opting to get one for yourself, there is more than one way to acquire one of these lovely Boston Terriers. The first is to get your dog from a reputable breeder and the second option would be to adopt a rescue.

Getting a new pup could come with a hefty price tag, but this is not the case if you get one from a rescue. Stick around as we are going to provide you with the best Boston Terrier rescue centers in the United States.

Most of the Boston Terrier rescues in this list follow the same adoption process. If you want to ace your application, I suggest that you read our ultimate adoption guide which features key tips and techniques starting from choosing the breed to home introduction.

Top 10 Boston Terrier Rescues to Find Boston Terriers for Adoption

This list has been sourced through thorough research and has been proven to be the most active Boston Terrier rescue organizations in their respective areas. You can try to contact the ones near you to start your adoption journey.

1. Alabama Boston Terrier Rescue, Inc. (ABTR) – Alabama

ABTR has been a big name in Boston Terrier rescues in Alabama for many years. It is a non-profit organization that focuses solely on the specific breed.

It not only serves Alabama state but also assists in nearby areas specifically the state of Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Florida.

ABTR takes in Boston Terriers regardless of their medical condition and age. They then would find them foster homes.

All rescued dogs in this organization are either spayed or neutered unless there is an underlying medical condition that prevents them from doing so.

Rescues will also undergo personality assessment and training. This will prepare them for would-be adopters.

Aspiring adopters would need to go through an extensive assessment and screening process to be considered potential owners.

They will then go through the training and education process which will equip them with the skills on how to handle a rescue dog.

Alabama Boston Terrier Rescue, Inc. (ABTR) Information and Details:

2. MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue (MABTR) – Nebraska

MABTR is dedicated to taking in Boston Terriers regardless of age, gender, mental condition, and physical condition. They also spay and neuter all dogs that are six months and older.

Aside from this, MABTR is also dedicated to ensuring that these rescues are up-to-date with their vaccines through testing. They also treat these dogs for heartworm and perform microchipping.

All medical and mental conditions are addressed before these Boston Terriers are trained and prepared to be adopted. Aside from this, MABTR is proud that they are giving commercial breeder dogs a chance to live normal lives.

This organization is non-profit and prides itself on a rescue count of above 4,000 dogs while catering to areas like Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, North and South Dakota, Missouri, Minnesota, and Wyoming.

Recently they have also extended their services to areas as far as Montana, Utah, Idaho, and midwest Arkansas.

MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue (MABTR) Information and Details:

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3. American Boston Terrier Rescue and Rehabilitation (ABTRR) – Texas

ABTRR is a non-profit organization that is composed of mostly volunteers. This Boston Terrier rescue’s main priority is to focus on the needs of senior Boston Terriers and also those who have special needs.

This organization is located in Northern Texas and caters to areas near their vicinity. Take note though that the organization does not accept Boston Terriers that show aggressive tendencies towards humans as they are not equipped for such situations.

ABTRR’s foster program is very thorough in terms of screening would-be adopters as well as preparing the dogs for relocation to their new homes. These dogs undergo heartworm testing, neurological tests and assessment, vaccination, and microchipping.

As long as they have enough space in their kennel, this organization will never turn down entry on senior and special needs Boston Terriers.

The adoption process is also very thorough and would require interviews, references, and home visits to ensure that the owners would be well-equipped for their rescue dogs.

American Boston Terrier Rescue and Rehabilitation (ABTRR) Information and Details:

4. Boston Terrier Rescue of North Carolina (BTRNC) – North Carolina

BTRNC is dedicated to housing neglected Boston Terriers of various ages and conditions. They may come directly from previous owners or animal shelters.

They prepare these dogs and find them a new home. There are many Boston Terriers out there that are in abusive homes. There are even those that are neglected and are eventually surrendered by their owners.

These are the dogs that this Boston Terrier rescue group focuses on. This North Carolina-based rescue center caters to Boston Terriers that are coming from Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, and South Carolina.

These dogs will then be screened thoroughly and eventually relocated to permanent homes even as far as other states. The rescue dog’s temperament is evaluated so that it will match the perfect home.

Potential adopters are also thoroughly screened to ensure that they are a good match for the rescues. The screening process has the final say with regard to the adoption process.

Boston Terrier Rescue of North Carolina (BTRNC) Information and Details

5. Boston Buddies – California

Boston Buddies is an organization that was created back in 2003 by a non-profit women’s group. This came about after the group noticed the alarming rate of Boston Terriers that ended up in shelters.

The group’s main aim is to rehome Boston Terriers and their mixes. To date, the organization has rehomed over 2,000 Boston Terriers.

This Boston Terrier rescue is also open for surrenders and is willing to train future owners of their rescues.

All adoption training is in-house so interested owners do not have to worry about outsourcing the kind of training that is required for the adoption process.

Currently, Boston Buddies cater to rescues from Los Angeles, Kern County, Orange County, and Ventura.

Boston Buddies Information and Details:

  • Website: Boston Buddies
  • Address: 19051 Goldwest Street, Huntington Beach, California
  • Phone: 310-364-4543
  • Email: contactus@bostonbuddies.org

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6. Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue (MWBTR) – Michigan

MWBTR is a non-profit organization and has been operating for more than a decade. They are run by volunteers through funding from donation drives and other activities.

Their main focus is to rescue Boston Terriers within the area of the states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois. These dogs were surrendered by owners, found in animal shelters, or abandoned there by previous owners.

They work closely with facilities like the Humane Society, SPCA, and veterinary clinics within the area. The Boston Terrier rescue is also open to owners who are surrendering their dogs.

Aside from this, the organization rolls out educational activities that they hope will lessen the abandonment rate of this specific breed.

They believe that through the right education, owners will further understand the needs of their Boston Terriers and would opt to take care of them better.

 Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue (MWBTR) Information and Details:

7. Wisconsin Boston Terrier Rescue (WBTR) – Wisconsin

This group is composed of dedicated volunteers that aim to rehome Boston Terriers within the state of Wisconsin.

Regardless of the dog’s background, whether it was abandoned, rescued from shelters, surrendered by previous owners, or picked up as strays, WBTR is more than willing to give them a home.

WBTR is a non-profit organization that aims to rehabilitate their rescued Boston Terriers. Activities are not limited to spaying and neutering since each dog is assessed and treated accordingly.

They are physically and mentally prepared before being released to their new homes. The organization also follows a rigid adoption process.

This is one way to ensure that the rescues are going to well-capable homes. Each home is assessed and evaluated based on the needs of each rescue dog.

WBTR does not run its shelter. All rescues are housed in the volunteer’s home thus it is encouraged that adopters must need to contact them in advance to go through the adoption process.

WBTR is also open to welcoming new volunteers. There is more than one way to help out in the organization and any help is greatly appreciated.

Wisconsin Boston Terrier Rescue (WBTR) Information and Details:

8. Boston Terrier Rescue Greater Houston (BTRGH) – Massachusetts

BTRGH is a group of volunteers located in the Houston area. They aim to rescue and rehome neglected, abandoned, surrendered and abused Boston Terriers all over Louisiana, Texas, and some areas of Mississippi.

Neglected and abused animals are becoming quite a big problem all over the country and the organization’s goal is aligned with changing all that. Reducing the number of cases is one of their main agendas.

They also aim to educate Boston Terrier owners and enhance their knowledge about their dogs. Most cases of abandonment come from owners who do not have a clear idea of how to take care of their Boston Terriers.

There are requirements to be met though for those who would want to surrender their terriers. The same goes for people who are opting to adopt.

This Boston Terrier rescue runs its own climate-controlled kennel wherein all rescue dogs are housed. If you are a potential adopter, you can coordinate with them to schedule a kennel visit.

Boston Terrier Rescue Greater Houston (BTRGH) Information and Details:

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9. Boston Terrier Rescue of North Texas (BTRNT) – Texas

BTRNT was founded in the 1980s and has been very active in its goal of helping out Boston Terriers that are in need. They accept all kinds of Boston Terriers regardless of background, size, color, and medical and mental conditions.

They also cater to breeder dogs in the hopes that they would be able to provide that dog with a normal life. This non-profit organization prides itself on having rehomed more than 1,000 Boston Terriers which they rescued around the Northern Texas area.

BTRNT also aims to educate the people of Texas through information drives about the Boston Terrier which they hope would greatly lessen the cases from all over the state.

Boston Terrier Rescue of North Texas (BTRNT) Information and Details:

10. Boston Terrier Rescue of Western Washington (BTRWW) – Washington

This non-profit organization is a charity institution that is registered in Washington State. The group is dedicated to assisting unwanted, abandoned, and neglected Boston Terriers, so their medical expenses are shouldered.

The organization started in 2005 but just recently turned into a non-profit organization in 2016. The group is working in close coordination with other rescue groups in the state to maximize their efficiency in helping out Boston Terriers in need.

You can contact them through their website if you want your Boston Terrier to be rehomed or if you are interested in adopting. All you have to do is fill out their application form and wait for a call.

Boston Terrier Rescue of Western Washington (BTRWW) Information and Details:

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Other Sources for Boston Terrier Rescues or Shelters for Adoption

Boston Terrier rescue sitting on a blanket

There are other sources that you can reach out to if you still weren’t able to adopt a rescue near your area. Here they are:

  • Adopt-a-Pet – This is one of the most trusted sites when it comes to pet adoption. Not only do they cater to Boston Terriers but they also coordinate adoption processes for other dogs.
  • ASPCA – This is an online adoption center for pets that are located in New York City. They coordinate with various rescue centers from all over the country in the hopes of finding new homes for rescues from various states.
  • TheShelterProject – This organization is the collaboration between two of the largest groups that aim to rescue abused pets. And these are Maddie’s Fund and the Humane Society.
  • Petfinder – Petfinder is an online platform that allows you to search for the perfect Boston Terrier around your area. They cater to shelters and rescues and aim to make their platform a means to systematize the rehoming process for rescues.
  • Local Animal Shelters and Rescue Organizations – There are a number of local shelters and rescues near you that you can personally visit to search for a Boston Terrier. This lessens the hassle since you would no longer need to have your dog shipped.

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Why Do People Put Boston Terriers up for Adoption or in a Rescue?

Many people do not know how to live with pets but did try to. It might be due to pressure from family members or maybe they just acquired a pet out of curiosity.

These people eventually realized that they are not equipped with taking care of a Boston Terrier and eventually end up giving them up or much worse.

Some common reasons why people put Boston Terriers up for adoption are:

  • The owners may realize a bit too late that they are not fit to be pet owners.
  • Lack of education with regards to the Boston Terrier breed.
  • The total cost of taking care of the dog is beyond their budget.
  • Their current location no longer allows pets.
  • The owner has personal issues they need to prioritize.
  • The Boston Terrier may be too aggressive.

How Much Should It Cost to Adopt a Boston Terrier?

Rescue centers would need funds to operate and since they are non-profit organizations, they would sometimes need to have the cost of the rescue and rehabilitation reimbursed.

Nevertheless, adopting a Boston Terrier from a rescue is way cheaper than buying one. To give you some figures, adopting only costs around $150 to $500 depending on the rescue organization.

To provide you with a reference, provided below is a breakdown of where the adoption fee goes:

Type of ExpenseCost
Vet Checkups$50 – $100
Rabies Vaccination$15 – $25
Distemper Vaccination$60
Spaying/Neutering$150 – $300
Heartworm Test$15 – $35
Flea/Tick Treatment$50 – $200
Deworming$20 – $50
Microchip $50
Collar and ID Tag$5 – $10
Total$415 – $830

From the table above, the total cost of adopting a Boston Terrier is actually lower than the expenditures that the rescue organizations splashed out on the rescue dog while it was in their custody.

Some of the expenses listed above may even be deducted as they may have already been given to the dog by their previous owners.

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Is It Difficult to Adopt a Boston Terrier From a Rescue?

Adopted Boston Terrier walking outdoor with its owner

The adoption process is not an easy task since rescue organizations do ensure that future owners are prepared to adopt a rescued dog. This is a given since these dogs all came from challenging backgrounds.

If you think about it, getting a new dog from a breeder is way easier than getting one from a rescue center. The fact is there is no guarantee that your application to adopt a rescued Boston Terrier will be approved.

But to counter this, there are some steps that you can undertake to ensure that your application will be approved.

Here are some aspects of why some adoption applications fail:

  • Your environment may not be fit for a rescued dog. One of the main priorities for rescue centers is security and if your home does not pass the requirements, it will reject your application unless there is a workaround for what they found in your home.
  • Your lifestyle and occupation matter. Rescue dogs, in particular, need special care and attention before they can fully adjust to their new environment.
  • The other members of the household also need to be screened. The center needs to assess that all household members are willing to take care of the dog.

4 Tips for Getting Approved by a Rescue to Adopt a Boston Terrier

Here are some tips on how to deal with the task of adopting a Boston Terrier rescue. The key here is to be 100% prepared before applying for adoption:

  • Educate yourself about the Boston Terrier breed. There are many learning materials on how to take care of a Boston Terrier on the internet. You can also research how to adopt a rescue dog because since these dogs have been with previous owners, the adjustment process would sometimes be rough.
  • Prepare your home. Rescue centers do check your home if it is capable of catering to a rescue dog. What you can do is research what facilities are needed to accommodate a rescue dog.
  • Ask questions. You can always ask the rescue center how to reach out to other people who adopted Boston Terriers. First-hand experience is always the best source of information.
  • Find time to get to know the dog. Most Boston Terrier rescue organizations do not have their shelters thus you would need to coordinate this activity with them in advance. Try to get to know the dog as much as you can before you take them in.

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Final Thoughts

Adopting a Boston Terrier is never easy but the good thing is, rescue organizations are more than willing to help equip you with the task at hand.

You can always purchase puppies from reputable breeders but the catch is it tends to be a lot more expensive when compared to adoption.

Think about adoption as a way to help society and the breed in general. But you do not have to worry since you will still need to go through a screening process.

The data derived from this process will help you find the right rescue dog. It is important that you would match the dog’s needs; otherwise, taking care of the rescue would be a complicated process.

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