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36 Boston Terrier Mixes: Your Loving And Lifelong Companions

Boston Terrier mix dog
A Boston Terrier Dachshund mix (Bo-Dach)

The Boston Terrier is pretty much a simplified version of the Bulldog because it actually descended from it. It’s an unusual breed, but let’s check out some of the even more unique and interesting results obtained from crossing it with other breeds.

The Boston Terrier’s appearance just shows you how closely related it is to the Bulldog. The Boston Terrier is a dog that originated from the US and was formed from the cross between a male Bull and Terrier-type dog and a female Bulldog.

If you might be wondering why it’s specifically called a Boston Terrier, it’s actually because it was first shown and made public in Boston, which is a state in the US.

The Boston Terrier is a small and very intelligent dog who might seem like a very aggressive one from his appearance but actually isn’t all that stubborn and aggressive.

Though the Boston Terrier was initially bred as a fighting dog and was very aggressive, later on, its soft spot for humans was discovered and it was then bred to be a companion dog, which is one of the reasons why the present-day Boston Terrier isn’t all that aggressive.

The Boston Terrier is obviously well built and also possesses interesting features, but let’s check out the cute and unique outcomes that have been gotten from crossing it with other breeds, coupled with some interesting facts about them.

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#1 Bostchon (Boston Terrier / Bichon Frise)

What do you get from the cross between a Boston Terrier and a Bichon Frise? You get a sweet little Bostchon! The Bostchon is an adorable doggie who’s known to be very attached to people he’s conversant with.

He’s very happy and jovial and is always ready to be with you at all times, but as much as he’s a sweet and friendly one, he could also tend to be stubborn and relatively hard to train because of his Boston Terrier side.

But that’s something that can be easily suppressed with proper training at a young age.

#2 Boglen Terrier (Boston Terrier / Beagle)

The Boglen Terrier is a very loyal and friendly companion who’s a hybrid of the Beagle and Boston Terrier. The fact that he could also serve as a watchdog due to his alert nature and could still be a friendly family dog just shows how much of a great doggie he is.

Because the Boglen Terrier possesses a short and simple coat, grooming him is very easy, but if you really want to get the best personality out of him, you should be there to spend enough time with him, as it keeps him very happy and excited.

He is very social, and if you have a large family, he’s nothing but the perfect doggie to have.

#3 Brusston (Boston Terrier / Brussels Griffon)

Meet the cute Brusston; a hybrid of the Brussels Griffon and the Boston Terrier. One of his most noticeable features is his mustache, which makes him look so much like a cute little cuddly grandpa.

He is just as friendly as he is adorable, even though he could prove to be a little stubborn sometimes. The Brusston is a hypoallergenic dog, which is great because people who have allergies can also own this mix.

#4 Boston Huahua or Bo-Chi (Boston Terrier / Chihuahua)

Say that name fast and it sounds Chinese, right? We’re sure you tried it. Well, as much as his name sounds Chinese, he’s in no way related to China but it is a really cute name though.

The Boston Huahua is a little doggie who’s a hybrid of the Boston Terrier and obviously, the Chihuahua. Just like the Chihuahua, he could be a little rude around children, but that’s something that can be minimized and controlled with enough and persistent training from a younger age.

Other than that, the Boston Huahua is a great doggie who loves socializing and playing a lot. Unlike the Chihuahua, he is less likely to bark a lot, which is actually a relief for his owner. 

#5 English Boston Bulldog (Boston Terrier / English Bulldog)

Boston Terrier Bulldog Mix (English Boston Bulldog) going out for a walk
Photo from @bongsoo_c (IG)

Here’s another great doggie who’s a mix of the popularly known English Bulldog and the Boston Terrier.

The English Boston Bulldog is also a fun-loving and energetic dog, but he tends to become less agile and energetic as he ages. He has a nice muscular body that portrays him to be a toughie, but he’s super nice and friendly.

Due to the fact that he pretty much derives joy in staying dormant for long periods and gets less energetic as he grows, he’s the perfect dog for apartment living, though you should still provide him with daily exercises to keep him mentally and physically balanced.

#6 Cairoston (Boston Terrier / Cairn Terrier)

The Cairoston is a mix between two dogs with closely related attitudes and temperaments; the UK bred, vermin hunting Cairn Terrier, and the Boston Terrier.

The Cairoston is generally a very intelligent, friendly, and courageous dog, but its temperamental nature is actually determined by either or both parents.

Due to his parent’s aggressive nature, he might be stubborn when being trained, but all you need to do is to exercise him with enough patience and also instruct him with calmness and affection, but not harshly.

#7 Bo-Jack (Boston Terrier / Jack Russell Terrier)

His name already justifies the fact that he is a hybrid of the Jack Russell, who’s known to be very good at hunting, and the Boston Terrier.

Having highly talented parents in different fields, it’s of no surprise that the Bo-Jack is a very intelligent and clever dog.

But, as much as he’s a hybrid of two dogs who might be naturally vicious or aggressive in nature, he’s surprisingly a very gentle, sweet, and fun-loving soul.

Though he could also be hard to train, that’s something that can be handled with enough patience and dedication.

You can read this article to get more information, facts, and pictures of the Bo-Jack.

#8 Brat (Boston Terrier / Rat Terrier)

Yes, he’s a Brat and at the same time, no he’s not a brat. He’s a Brat, the hybrid between the Boston Terrier and the Rat Terrier, but not a spoiled little brat. Nope.

Not that one. He’s actually well-behaved. The Boston Terrier and the Rat Terrier both belong to the Terrier family, which is no wonder why they are similar in size and athleticism.

Even though both the Rat Terrier and Boston Terrier are small in size, the Brat is not as small as they are, and this dog happens to be very friendly and loving and actually expresses this nature to both children and adults.

#9 Shibos (Boston Terrier / Shiba Inu)

The Shibos is a super adorable mix with two parents who are majorly different in appearance and character; the Japanese Shiba Inu and the Boston Terrier.

Due to his parents being so different, it’s relatively hard to tell how his appearance and temperamental nature would turn out to be while developing.

He would be more like the Shiba Inu or more like the Boston Terrier. But if there’s a general attribute that the Shibo possesses, it’s being very clever and naturally stubborn too.

#10 Bostie (Boston Terrier / West Highland White Terrier)

Boston Terrier Westie Mix (Bostie) looking outside through the door
Photo from @lisa1988mari (IG)

Here’s a Bostie. Even though he can also be called a Boston Westie, the name “Bostie” is a merged and simpler version, so let’s just call him that.

The Bostie is a dog who’s a hybrid of the Boston Terrier and the West Highland White Terrier. The Bostie is a little doggie who’s also very friendly and jovial with everyone but could tend to be shy around unknown people or strangers.

They are also very attached to their owners so don’t be surprised if they happen to want to follow you everywhere you go, and also remember to pass instructions in a gentle manner when training them because they are also very sensitive. 

#11 Patton Terrier (Boston Terrier / Patterdale Terrier)

Boston Terrier Pattendale Terrier Mix (Patton Terrier) puppy in a car
Photo from @amberr199 (IG)

The Patton Terrier is a hybrid of two dogs who are also from the Terrier family; the Boston Terrier and the Patterdale Terrier.

As much as this doggie is a friendly and fun-loving one, he could also prove to be a little stubborn at times, which shows how much of a sweet and sour one he can be.

It’s normal if he tends to follow your every step because he could also be a clingy one and he also doesn’t like being left alone or isolated for long periods. If that happens, he could become destructive, which is something you’ll definitely not want.

Also, his energy levels are on the higher side, so he might not actually be suitable for apartment living, as he might not just have enough space.

#12 Bostinese (Boston Terrier / Pekingese)

Boston Terrier Pekingese Mix (Bostinese) wearing a pink color dog clothes
Photo from @gyro0628 (IG)

A Pekingese plus a Boston Terrier gives you a cute, little Bostinese. This little boy who has both Chinese and American roots is also a friendly and jovial one, but could also be a little aggressive and disobedient sometimes.

Also, because he’s a hybrid of two dogs who aren’t all that closely related, it could be hard to determine his true appearance and characteristics until he fully develops. 

#13 Bossie (Boston Terrier / Australian Shepherd)

Australian Shepherd Boston Terrier Mix (Bossie) puppy
Photo from @sarajena (IG)

He looks like a bossy and serious one, doesn’t he? Well, that’s because he technically is. He’s a Bossie; a hybrid of the Australian Shepherd and the Boston Terrier.

It seems like there’s no coincidence that he’s called a Bossie because he does have an attitude that might seem a little bit bossy.

He could be stubborn, independent, and perhaps aggressive sometimes, but that could only happen frequently if he isn’t trained properly from a young age.

As much as he could be a bossy one, he has a soft spot for his owners and always wants to be around them and be given enough attention.

But it’s definite that If he isn’t attended to, he could then become destructive or really depressed. 

#14 Bossi-Poo (Boston Terrier / Poodle)

Boston Terrier Poodle Mix (Bossi-Poo) sitting in a car
Photo from @jennigirl91 (IG)

Meet the Bossi-Poo; a little doggie who’s just as cute as his name is. Obviously, the Bossi-Poo is formed from the cross between the German-bred Poodle and the US-bred Boston Terrier.

This doggie is the perfect definition of friendliness and sweetness, as he is friendly with everyone and other pets included.

Just like some of the other hybrids, his appearance and physical features, such as his coat length and texture, might not be easy to determine until he’s fully grown.

Though he doesn’t get too moody when left alone, he loves spending quality time with his owner and you should endeavor to do that as it just keeps him super happy.

#15 Bospin (Boston Terrier / Miniature Pinscher)

The Bospin is just a simple doggie who’s a hybrid of the Miniature Pinscher and the Boston Terrier. The Bospin is a dog who isn’t known to be stubborn, rebellious, or aggressive, but loving and friendly.

Due to their easy-going nature, it would be easy to train and teach them, even though you still need to exercise patience and be positive towards them as they won’t be perfect.

Their easy-going nature also makes them receptive to strangers, which might not make them great watchdogs but amazingly easy to befriend.

#16 Boston Lab (Boston Terrier / Labrador Retriever)

The Labrador Retriever is a very popular Canadian breed, but what do you get when it’s crossed with a Boston Terrier? You get a Boston Lab.

The Boston Lab’s cute and innocent looks aren’t deceiving in any way and perfectly define his nature. He’s a sweet, caring, and loyal doggie who’s always ready to play with you and spend quality time with you.

Due to his nature, you would hardly find him being aggressive or disrespectful, and he’s always eager to learn.

#17 Bosapso (Boston Terrier / Lhasa Apso)

The Boston Terrier and the Tibetan-bred Lhasa Apso are two dogs with similar intelligence levels, which were both crossed to form the Bosapso.

Just like most others, the Bosapso is a loyal and friendly dog but could have a touch of stubbornness in him. He’s a social and energetic doggie who never gets tired of playing and is known to be very attached to his owners.

He’s pretty much a velcro dog and would feel really depressed if left for long. This should be prevented.

#18 Sharbo (Boston Terrier / Shar-Pei)

Here’s another glorious doggie who’s called a Sharbo. The Sharbo’s parents are the Chinese-bred Shar-Pei and the Boston Terrier. He’s one who has a cute, little, and muscular look which justifies how strong and agile he is.

He’s great with children and adults, but he might not be all that goody two shoes around strangers — until he gets to know them more. 

#19 Boskimo (Boston Terrier / American Eskimo)

Don’t be terrified by his daring and serious looks. He’s pretty much a softie. A very cute softy for that matter. He’s a Boskimo; a hybrid of the American Eskimo and the Boston Terrier.

He’s a very happy, fun, and intelligent doggie who also has high energy levels, which makes him very active. His high energy levels don’t mean he can’t be an apartment dog; as long as he receives enough daily exercises to meet up his needs, he’ll do just fine.

Being the softie that he is, it’s very easy to train him but enough patience and dedication would still need to be applied.

#20 Toy Foxton (Boston Terrier / Toy Fox Terrier)

He’s not called a Foxton just because he looks like a fox, but he’s called a Foxton because he’s a hybrid of the Toy Fox Terrier and the Boston Terrier.

Just like the Toy Fox Terrier who’s great at hunting fox, he’s very clever and intelligent, and just like the Boston Terrier, he’s very energetic and bold.

These combined features that he possesses make him a versatile, friendly, and multi-talented doggie. He has no problems being an apartment dog, but that’s just as long as he gets enough exercise and enough playtime too.

It’s no surprise that he’s also great at hunting and even being a guard dog because those are traits he inherited from his parents.

#21 Bostillon (Boston Terrier / Papillon)

Yes, you guessed it right. This fluffy-eared cutie is a hybrid of the Boston Terrier and the Papillon who originated from France. There is nothing that sets apart the fact that he’s just as lovable and sweet as he looks.

He isn’t one that’s hyperactive, so it would be easy to provide him with enough daily exercises and activities to his contentment.

Just like most others, he’s a very social doggie but also doesn’t do well with being left alone for long periods or ignored, which is why he’s always eager to join you in whatever you’re doing and generally do anything that would give him the chance to spend time with you.

#22 Irish Bostetter (Boston Terrier / Irish Setter)

Photo coming soon!

This little guy’s name shows how obvious it is that he has Irish roots. He’s an Irish Bostetter; a hybrid of the Boston Terrier and the Irish Setter.

The Irish Bostetter is also a sweet, energetic, and friendly doggie who could be a little stubborn sometimes, but is still a joy to have.

As much as he could be a tad stubborn sometimes, that might only apply when training or teaching him, as he’s a friendly doggie who has no problems with children, adults, and strangers too. 

#23 Boston Malterrier (Boston Terrier / Maltese)

From this cutie’s name, it’s pretty obvious that he’s a hybrid of the Boston Terrier and the Maltese. As you can see, he is one who has a very simple and short coat which means that you wouldn’t need to really put his grooming and maintenance into consideration.

It’s something that can be easily done. He also obviously looks like a 100% easy-going doggie, but honestly, he isn’t. He actually has a mix of Maltese’s stubbornness.

This stubbornness also means that he’s known to get really cranky and become much of a nuisance if left alone for too long, so he would need someone who’s always ready to cuddle or stay with him.

#24 Siberian Boston (Boston Terrier / Siberian Husky)

Crossing the all-popular Siberian Husky with the Boston Terrier gives us this charming mix here; the Siberian Boston. The Siberian Boston combines the interesting characters and features of the Siberian Husky with the Boston Terrier.

This doggie is known to be ever-ready to engage in any fun activity with his family and is known to be a very energetic one. It’s not surprising though, because the Siberian Husky was initially bred for transportation, which involves a lot of energy to do.

He also has that stubborn nature and tends to be very alert too, so that means that you’ll definitely need to put in some effort to get him to be as well behaved as possible.

#25 Bostalian (Boston Terrier / Italian Greyhound)

The “bost” in this mix’s name obviously stands for Boston Terrier, but what does the “alian” stand for? That stands for the Italian Greyhound. The Bostalian is a simple, medium-sized doggie who’s known to be very agile and intelligent.

This intelligent nature makes it hard for them to easily adhere to instructions, so it turns out they’ll need someone who’s firm enough to control them.

He’s known to also be social with other dogs and pets but might tend to be more reserved around unknown faces.

But as much as he’s friendly with other pets, you might just have to keep him away from the smaller ones so he doesn’t get that energy burst and begin chasing them around for fun — he’s known to possess hunting instincts from the Italian Greyhound.

#26 Basston (Boston Terrier / Basset Hound)

Our buddy here is a result of the cross between the Basset Hound and the Boston Terrier. The Basset Hound is a French dog that was bred for hunting activities, so you should expect that trait to be passed down to the Basston.

Since the Basset Hound was bred for hunting, you should also expect a little bit of aggressiveness and stubbornness which was also passed down to the Basston.

Don’t take it too seriously though; the Basston is not a dog who always wants to get in a fight with others or chase every single person he sees. He’s pretty much a calm dog who tends to just be not too hot or cold.

#27 Miniboz (Boston Terrier / Miniature Schnauzer)

Can you guess who his parents are? Well, he’s actually a hybrid of the Miniature Schnauzer and the Pomeranian.

The Miniboz also possesses a beard around his face, just like the Brusston, and it turns out that he actually inherited it from his Miniature Schnauzer parent, and honestly, it’s really cute.

He’s known to be a very friendly and tolerable dog who loves everyone, and also, you can see that he isn’t a doggie who has a thick coat but actually has a short and simple one. This just means that grooming him would be something that wouldn’t need too much effort.

#28 Scobo Terrier (Boston Terrier / Scottish Terrier)

Boston Terrier Scottish Terrier Mix (Scobo Terrier) in the bushes
Photo from @eqjaimee17 (IG)

This little doggie is actually the product of two Terriers being crossed together; the Scottish Terrier and the Boston Terrier. He’s a doggie who is very small but still yet versatile.

As a dog who combines the hunting talent of the Scottish Terrier with the strength and boldness of the Boston Terrier, you can see why we regard him as being very versatile.

His versatile nature also makes him a dog who’s very alert, but still yet very friendly. This means that he’s always ready to bark whenever a stranger approaches but is still yet ready to make friends with them once he gets to know their intent after a while. 

#29 Boston Spaniel (Boston Terrier / Cocker Spaniel)

Happy Boston Terrier Cocker Spaniel Mix (Boston Spaniel) outdoor
Photo from @mandersmaybe (IG)

This mix is a hybrid of the Boston Terrier and the Cocker Spaniel who’s popularly known for hunting woodcocks. Obviously, he’s not a doggie who’s too small but actually average in size. He also possesses a simple coat which makes it easy to groom him.

He’s a calm and easy-going doggie who’s always ready to please his owners and make friends with other pets, but he still inherited the hunting instincts and stubbornness of the Cocker Spaniel.

So he might just be a handful to control sometimes and might also pursue smaller pets or animals if not properly supervised.

#30 Bosmaraner (Boston Terrier / Weimaraner)

Boston Terrier Weimaraner Mix (Bosmaraner) lying on the grass
Photo from @deanlapoint (IG)

Here we have the Bosmaraner; a small dog who’s a hybrid of the Weimaraner and the Boston Terrier.

He’s known to have a very brave and alert attitude, and that should be because of his Weimaraner parent who was bred solely for hunting and known to exhibit such brave and fearless character.

Without being told, his compact and muscular appearance alone should show you how brave and strong he is. He’s brave, but he’s also pretty much scared to be left alone for too long and could even get destructive if that happens.

Even though he also exhibits stubbornness, his loyalty to his family is what makes him amazing because he’s ready to protect them at all costs.

#31 Boston Cattle Dog (Boston Terrier / Australian Cattle Dog)

Boston Terrier Australian Cattle Dog Mix (Boston Cattle Dog) sitting and looking up
Photo from @rchlpdrsn (IG)

Obviously, the Australian Cattle Dog and the Boston Terrier are this boy’s parents. Judging by his parent’s nature, we can say he is an intelligent and bold dog who also possesses hunting instincts.

When a dog is said to have hunting instincts, this always means that it should be subjected to proper supervision around children and other pets, and the sample applies to our buddy here.

Since both his parents are short-coated, this means that he’ll definitely inherit such and be easy to groom too.

#32 Boston Boxer (Boston Terrier / Boxer)

There’s no denying the fact that the Boxer and the Boston Terrier are two dogs who look like each other, but why? Well, this should be because of the similar ancestry they share.

They both originated from bulldogs, but with different second parents. Crossing these similar doggies yielded the Boston Boxer. The Boston Boxer doesn’t have options to choose from, as both its parents are short-coated, so it would also definitely be short-coated.

He’s also a very loyal mix, but since his Boxer parent is known to be a little more aggressive to strangers than his Boston Terrier parent, he might just take after one of them more in that aspect.

#33 Bo-Dach (Boston Terrier / Dachshund)

Crossing the popular Weiner dog (Dachshund) with the Boston Terrier gets us a Bo-Dach. Now, you might wonder why the Dachshund is called a Weiner dog, but it’s not for a very special reason.

It’s just because of it’s cute weiner-like appearance — a long body. Not much is known about the Bo-Dach, but judging from its parents, we can say he would be a somewhat witty-natured one.

Since his Dachshund parent isn’t known to go well with strangers and other pets, we might say he could also inherit this attitude too, or he might just be a little bit calmer because of his Boston Terrier parent; but if there’s a definite trait he’ll possess, it’s being short-coated.

#34 Dobieton (Boston Terrier / Doberman Pinscher)

The Doberman Pinscher is a dog who’s well known for its strength and braveness. Being crossed with the Boston Terrier, we get the Dobieton.

Just like the German Shepherd, the Doberman Pinscher is a breed that has been adopted in many areas, especially being part of the police force, and it’s all because of how intelligent and brave this breed is known to be.

But this also attracts a great amount of stubbornness and viciousness too. The same would also apply to the Dobieton, but the Bosten Terrier gene might just suppress it a little. It all depends though because he might take after one parent more than the other. 

#35 Boshih (Boston Terrier / Shih Tzu)

This mix’s name is one that has Chinese touch to it, and it definitely makes sense because he’s a mix of the Chinese Shih Tzu and the Boston Terrier.

Though there’s also not much known about this doggie, we can see that he obviously has a medium-haired coat which looks more like the Shih Tzu than the Boston Terrier.

But it’s also not definite, because there’s a possibility that another Boshih might just look more like the Boston Terrier. It’s all about the dominant gene.

#36 Boston Yorkie (Boston Terrier / Yorkshire Terrier)

If there’s one dog that goes by the nickname “Yorkie,” it’s the Yorkshire Terrier. The Yorkshire Terrier crossed with the Boston Terrier gives us the Boston Yorkie.

Obviously, the Yorkshire Terrier and the Boston Terrier are both Terrier-type dogs, but they might differ in temperament to an extent, and might also differ in size.

The Yorkshire Terrier is actually smaller than the Boston Terrier. Though we can decipher that the Boston Yorkie would definitely be an active and eager-to-please mix, and might just tend to bark a lot too.

But positive and consistent training would work out just fine to control his barky nature. Other than being loud sometimes, he’s also known to be friendly and very playful.

My Final Thoughts

That’s everything on our Boston Terrier mixes. The Boston Terrier is a purebred dog, and just like we mentioned earlier, the Boston Terrier is related to the Bulldog but doesn’t tally with the Bulldog’s temperament.

It’s a lot simpler. But it gets a whole lot interesting crossing this dog with some other breeds, and that’s what we’ve listed out today.

We might not have listed every single thing about these dogs, but if you’re looking for a dog that possesses that strong, alert, and fearless nature with sweetness combined, you’ll find that one in this list — of course, you’ll have to deal with a little bit of stubbornness too.