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6 Best Brittany Spaniel Mixes: Cutie Frenchies!

A Brittany Spaniel mix lying on the grass

The Brittany Spaniel is a unique breed that is best known for its amazing hunting abilities, but crossing it with other breeds just yields even more unique and spectacular doggies.

As Brittany Spaniel’s name implies, this unique breed was originally from Brittany, which is a region in the northwestern part of France.

Brittany Spaniels are good at bird hunting and they were originally bred for that because of their energetic, agile, and intelligent nature; but as much as they are great at bird hunting, they are also great at being domestic or household dogs.

The Brittany Spaniel has a relatively long history, but in 1982, its name was officially changed from “Brittany Spaniel” to “Brittany.” But it doesn’t matter; either being called “Brittany” or “Brittany Spaniel” it doesn’t change its unique and cute nature.

It’s one thing to have the Brittany Spaniel, but it’s another thing to have its mix which combines it’s unique and amazing abilities with other breeds.

Let’s check out some of these unique and spectacular Brittany Spaniel hybrids which we know would leave you longing to have one of them, or even, all of them.

#1 Brittany Beagle (Brittany Spaniel / Beagle)

The mixture of sugar and spice is what sets this cute doggy aside. It’s a fact that he is a hybrid of the Brittany Spaniel which is known as a very jovial and calm dog, and the Beagle which could be stubborn most times and relatively hard to control.

The Brittany Beagle is a fantastic dog with a personality and attitude which is just right, and would definitely provide you with lots of fun. He doesn’t like being left alone; he loves playing and being around people.

It’s best advised not to leave him alone because it could actually lead to him being depressed and destructive. He’s not all that vocal and loud, but he fairly is.

It’s no surprise that the Brittany Beagle is also really into getting prey because it’s one of the traits it inherited from the Brittany Spaniel.

He’s a generally amazing doggie to have around, and you would definitely never get bored with him.

#2 Border Collie Britt (Brittany Spaniel / Border Collie)

The handsome and charming Border Collie Britt, which is a hybrid of the Brittany Spaniel and the Border Collie, is a highly energetic and fun one.

He is very energetic and never gets tired of wanting to play with you and please you. You would think that Border Collie Britts would also be vicious with all that energy packed, but they are as soft-hearted and playful with everyone as anything you can think of, including strangers.

The Border Collie Brit is a moderate shedder, so you don’t need to worry about having to maintain and groom them frequently.

They are also very social, and training and exposing them properly at a young age ensures that you do not get anything of a negative experience with them later on.

Just like other doggies, providing them with daily mental and physical exercises leaves them always happy and ready to take up any task, including playing with you and keeping you company too.

#3 Labany (Brittany Spaniel / Labrador Retriever)

Here’s the Labany; another adorable doggie who’s a mix of the Labrador and Brittany Spaniel. The Labany is very energetic, playful, and also, very social, which is why he loves being around everyone and strangers inclusive.

As much as the Labany loves being with everyone, it isn’t advised to leave him unsupervised with smaller pets and also little children because of his strong prey-catching instincts.

He does not need to be bathed and maintained too frequently as he isn’t a high shedder and doesn’t have a double coat, but there’s a high possibility of him having a water-resistant coat just like the Labrador.

Generally, the Labany is a great companion, and also, does not need much grooming and attention, which makes it easy to take care of and to be with.

#4 Brittnepoo (Brittany Spaniel / Poodle)

Brittany Poodle Mix (Brittnepoo) in a backyard
Photo from @jo1cntry (IG)

We know you want to snuggle him because of his petite and cute appearance. Of course. Everyone who sees him would definitely want to.

He’s a Brittnepoo; a mix of the Brittany Spaniel and the little-looking Poodle. The Brittnepoo is a dog who’s always ready to please you and be with you at all times.

Just like the Brittany Spaniel, he also has strong hunting instincts and needs to be supervised every time so that he doesn’t just wander off.

He never gets tired and is always eager to move around and exercise because of his highly energetic and active nature.

But if training or teaching him, you need to employ patience and calmness with him because he is very sensitive.

Just like others, he needs frequent exercise and if not provided with such, he could become depressed and destructive.

If you’re a person who needs a friendly little companion who never gets tired and is ready to play with you at any time, then don’t hesitate, because he’s just perfect.

#5 Brittany Spaniel Aussie Mix (Brittany Spaniel / Australian Shepherd)

Yes, he might not have a catchy and fancy name, but he’s just as great and amazing as any other doggie.

Because he’s pretty much a new hybrid between the Brittany Spaniel and the Australian Shepherd, he hasn’t been provided with a specific name yet; but the Brittany Spaniel Australian Shepherd is nothing but a bundle of joy to have.

They are very active, intelligent, loyal, and also easy to train. But they could get stubborn most times and would need someone who’s confident enough, which is why it isn’t advised to get them if you’ve never had a dog before.

But with enough training and discipline, they are amazing doggies who are very protective and enjoy being with their owners.

#6 Brittany Bourbonnais (Brittany Spaniel / Braque Du Bourbonnais)

Photo Coming Soon!

This slender looking cute boy is nothing but all-round amazing to have. Although he is a very independent one and could sometimes prove hard to train, he’s still great to have, because sometimes, having a stubborn-ish doggie actually makes everywhere lively.

Since he is a mix of the Brittany Spaniel and the Braque Du Bourbonnais, he does have a strong prey-catching instinct and could exhibit his instincts on smaller pets.

But with enough training and socialization at a younger age, he would get used to being around smaller pets and not want to chase them around.

He possesses short hair, and due to that, it isn’t advised to give him a bath too frequently, as it could cause him skin problems if care is not taken.

Unlike Europe, Brittany Bourbonnais is not popular in other continents. But it doesn’t matter; you can get them wherever you are, as long as the condition is just right to keep them healthy and in their normal fun state.

My Final Thoughts

As a breed with French roots that’s regarded as the best at bird hunting and still very affectionate and tolerant, the Brittany Spaniel is a breed that you just can’t resist.

Be it a Brittnepoo, Brittany Bourburnnais, or Labany which are hybrids and could have different physical appearances, they all still possess the amazingly brave and friendly character of the Brittany Spaniel, which makes them all nothing but great and fun companions to have.


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