Yorkie Pom or Porkie (Yorkie & Pomeranian Mix) Info, Pictures, Facts, FAQs & More

Yorkie Pom Porkie Yoranian Yorkie Pomeranian Mix
Height:6 – 12 inches
Weight:3 – 7 pounds
Lifespan:12 – 15 years
Coat Colors:Black, brown, cream, golden, white
Temperament:Protective, loyal, clever, lively, loving to family members, distrustful of strangers, impatient
Suitable for:Individuals living alone; small or big families

The Yorkie Pomeranian mix is a classy, healthy dog breed that attracts everyone’s attention. Their existence is made possible by crossing two designer dog breeds that we are all familiar with.

Despite their charming appearance, these hybrid puppies have a loving and lively nature. Yorkie Pomeranian mixes know how to be affectionate while having a good time.

In fact, Yorkie Poms give the term “toy dog” a whole new meaning. They almost appear to be life-sized plushies. Continue reading to learn more about this charming little Yoranian.

What Is a Yorkie Pomeranian Mix? 

The Yorkie Pomeranian mix, also known as the Yorkie Pom, Porkie, and Yoranian, is a hybrid between a purebred Yorkshire Terrier and a purebred Pomeranian. Whether you live in a large house with a yard or a small apartment without one, this breed will make a wonderful pet.

Because the Yorkshire Terrier and the Pomeranian are both considered toy dogs, that also makes the Yorkie Pom fall under the toy breed category.

For first-time owners and families with middle-aged children, Yorkie Poms are fantastic hybrid dogs to have as an additional family member. They can adapt to both a house and apartment setting.

This mixed breed enjoys spending time with humans, but they do not always tolerate the antics of younger children well. 

It may take some time for them to warm up to strangers and may be protective until they gain familiarity and trust.

Unfortunately, this high-energy dog is not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), but they are acknowledged by American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC) and International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR).

Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Origin and History: Where Does the Porkie Come From?

In the United States, the Pomeranian Yorkie mix, like other crossbreeds, has increased in popularity during the last two decades. 

However, the result of the union between a purebred Yorkshire Terrier and a purebred Pomeranian has no accurate documentation. Yet, you can still learn a lot about this small dog through its parents.

The Pomeranian is the smallest member of its breed. This dog is descended from larger Spitz breeds such as the Husky and Alaskan Malamute.

Because of their dense, double coat fur, they developed to resist difficult situations like snowy mountain slopes.

Unlike the Yorkies, Pomeranians, on the other hand, were not bred for hunting tasks. Through and through, they are lap dogs. The Poms originated in Poland and Germany, where they were developed primarily as companion dogs.

Meanwhile, the Yorkshire Terrier is known to be one of the world’s smallest terrier dogs, but it hasn’t stopped them from having a big terrier temperament!

The Yorkie is a small dog that originated in Yorkshire, England, and was originally bred as a vermin hunting dog.

They were the perfect size for factories and ships, and their fast reflexes and ability to solve problems quickly made them a popular dog for houses and farms.

Since the Yorkshire Terrier and the Pomeranian have such diverse histories, we can expect the Pomeranian and Yorkie mixed breed to showcase some of their accumulated traits.

Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Appearance: What Does a Yorkie Pom Look Like?

Yorkshire Terriers and Pomeranians are both adorable purebred dogs. However, the appearance of their hybrid can vary depending on which parent breed they most closely resemble.

A typical Yorkie Pom is a small, compact dog with a round face, dark eyes, black nose, and pointy ears. This gives them the distinct alert and lively look that this mixed breed often portrays.

Many Yorkie Poms have long, lustrous coats that are medium in length and have a range of textures, including straight, wavy, wiry, and fuzzy.

Meanwhile, a Yorkie Pom’s coat color can range from black, white, brown, and tan to cream. Although some Yorkie Poms have solid coats, most have a mix of colors like the parti Yorkie.

There’s no assurance your Yorkie Pomeranian mix will have a hypoallergenic coat, or they’ll inherit the lush, dense fur of their Pom parent.

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Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Size and Weight: How Big Do Yorkie Pomeranian Mixes Get?

When fully grown, the Yorkie Pom stands at 7 to 12 inches in height at the shoulder and weighs around 3 to 7 pounds

The size varies based on the size of the two dogs that were used to develop the breed. However, both are generally known to be petite canines with Pomeranians even having teacup variants.

Given these characteristics and the fact that this breed is a toy dog, it is challenging to determine at which age they are deemed fully grown or when they reach their maximum size.

Regardless of whichever is dominant between the two breeds, Pomeranian Yorkies are easy to bring around indoors and outdoors.

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Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Temperament: Do Yorkie Poms Make Good Family Dogs?

The temperament of the Yorkie Pom largely depends on the environment and upbringing, but these small dogs are often sociable and active, making them good family dogs.

Pomeranians are known for being friendly and energetic, but they can also be pushy and stubborn at times. The Yorkshire Terrier, on the other hand, is a sweetheart who delights in being a lapdog.

You can expect your Yorkie Pom to have a mix of these personalities, but as previously stated, it’s difficult to predict which traits will be dominant in your mixed breed dog.

When it comes to their space, the Yorkie Pom can be territorial and aggressive. Socialization is required from a young age. This will help your Yorkie Pom become more accustomed to dogs, kids, and other people.

Yoranians are charming, smart, and brave. For the sake of love and attention, these lapdogs are clingy to their owners. They do not thrive when left alone for long periods during the day, and separation anxiety is a possibility.

Porkies are loyal to their owners and make great family dogs. Like any other small breed, small children must be supervised around Yorkie Pom puppies. This is to avoid rough playing and potential aggression.

Learning how to train and handle your Yorkie Pom in its early puppy stage can create the foundation for a well-behaved canine.

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Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Lifespan and Health Issues: Are Yorkie Poms Healthy Dogs?

The Yorkshire Terrier and Pomeranian mix is a breed that is generally healthy and has a long lifespan of 12 to 15 years. Some Yorkie Poms are known to have lived nearly 20 years.

And because the genetic pool is significantly bigger in designer dogs, they are less susceptible to have congenital problems than purebred dogs.

That isn’t to imply that Yorkie Pomeranians aren’t susceptible to certain health problems. Various diseases can possibly affect this breed, such as the following:

  • Eye Disorders: Eye problems in Yorkie Poms are rather typical, just like in any other dog breed. While some are minor and may be treated at home, others are more significant and pose a risk to your pup’s vision. If you feel your Yorkie Pom is suffering from an eye condition, seek help from your vet.
  • Periodontal Disease: Many of the same or comparable oral disorders that affect humans can also affect dogs, specifically the Yorkie Pomeranian mixed breed. Because only a few display evident indicators of dental illness, it is up to the Yorkie Pom’s family and veterinarian to find out about this often painful ailment. 
  • Seizures: Seizures are more common in puppies and tiny dogs. Some will grow out, while others will have it their entire lives. While seizures in dogs can be frightening to both dog and their owner, Yorkie Pomeranians with epilepsy can still live a long and healthy life.
  • Hip Dysplasia: Hip dysplasia affects not only large dog breeds but also smaller ones like the Yorkshire Pomeranian mix. This painful experience can significantly diminish your pup’s quality of life and is more painful to watch as a fur parent.

It’s nothing to be too concerned about, but as Yoranian puppies get older, it’s also a good idea to have regular vet checkups to keep an eye on things and minimize any unpleasant problems.

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How to Take Care of Your Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

Yorkie Pomeranian mixes are easy to care for and keep in shape. To live a healthy and happy life, they only require a balanced diet, plenty of exercise, adequate grooming, and unconditional love.

To make things easier for you, I’ve included some handy guides and suggestions below that you can use to care for your Yorkie Pom properly.

Food and Diet

Because the Yorkie Pom is such a small and compact breed, it is susceptible to obesity. Make sure their diet is balanced and nutritious to keep their weight in the standard range.

The Yorkie Pom, like any other designer breed, requires a healthy, well-balanced meal to grow and flourish.

Regrettably, the Yorkie Pom is prone to gaining weight quickly. As a result, you must take caution when it comes to portion control when feeding the Yorkie Pom

If you have any concerns regarding your puppy’s diet, you should always check with your veterinarian. While dog food manufacturers and the internet provide helpful guidelines, each dog has unique dietary requirements.

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Cleaning and Grooming

Since the Yorkie Pom may have a long coat, grooming is very vital for this designer breed. This means you’ll need to trim their coat a few times a year.

Invest in a de-shedding tool made for toy breeds that can penetrate into the undercoat of your Porkie’s fur. To maintain their hair mat and tangle-free at home, do some mild brushing throughout the week.

Grooming can also be done by a professional. A monthly appointment can keep your Yorkie-Pom looking sleek and lovely.

Watch this Yorkie Pom get groomed in a pet salon:

My YorkiePom wont let me touch her PT 2- Texas with My Favorite Groomer!

Training and Exercise

Yorkie Poms require consistent training and socializing from a young age. Some people believe that training a smaller dog is more difficult than teaching a larger dog, and this is somewhat true.

With proper training, smaller dogs like the Yorkie Poms can be trained and learn new commands and tricks just as well as larger dogs. This can be accomplished through consistency and by using the right techniques.

Avoid using aversive training methods such as punishment and fear, as this may end up causing your Yorkie Pomeranian mix to shut down and even harm your bond.

These canines are also prone to develop small dog syndrome and behavioral problems if left alone for too long or if not properly trained.

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How Much Does a Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Cost? Puppy Prices and Expenses

If you want to get a Pomeranian Yorkshire Terrier mix from a breeder, be prepared to pay a lot of money. Yorkie Pomeranian dogs can cost approximately $350 and $1,000, depending on where you get your puppy. 

It’s best to do a bit more research and ask a lot of questions before choosing a breeder to transact with. They should be able to give you complete health documents and certification.

It is best to opt for adoption rather than buying from puppy mills. Aside from being cost-effective, you can also ensure that your little dog comes from healthy purebred Yorkshire Terrier and Pomeranian parents.

In the meantime, here’s a summary of the initial expenses that you should expect when getting a Yorkie Pom:

Type of ExpenseCost
Food and Treats$50 – $80
Food and Water Bowls$10 – $25
Bed$30 – $150
Crate$30 – $200
Leashes and Collars$15 – $50
Toys$20 – $30
Grooming Essentials$30 – $150
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$50 – $200
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $300
Initial Vaccine Shots$75 – $200
Neutering or Spaying$50 – $500
Dog License$10 – $20
Microchip$40 – $60
Miscellaneous Supplies$15 – $30
Total Initial Cost$525 – $1,995

The costs indicated above cover the expected initial costs for Yorkie Poms. Investing in good quality materials, such as food bowls and beds will have a higher chance in terms of longevity. 

This means that you can save more by investing in high-quality products. You can also seek advice from fellow Yorkie Pom owners for pet store suggestions and brand recommendations.

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Places to Find Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Puppies for Sale and Adoption

If you are ready to get your Yorkie Pomeranian pup, I’ve listed a few reputable breeders and rescue shelters for you to look into. You may ask around from Yorkie and Pom breeders if there is any available mix breed of this type.

When choosing, bear in mind the location of the shelter or breeder. Picking the ones near you would lessen your expenses since you don’t need to pay shipping fees.

Here are some of the places where you may get a Yorkshire Terrier and Pomeranian mix puppy:

  • Greenfield Puppies – Greenfield Puppies has been finding loving homes for different dog breeds for over a decade. You can find a few listings of Yorkie Pom for sale on this advertising website. However, be vigilant enough when choosing a breeder and ask a lot of questions before getting your pup.
  • Lancaster Puppies – Another recommended listing website to check out for finding Yorkie Pomeranian mixes is Lancaster Puppies. This platform showcases both pure and mixed breeds available in Pennsylvania and neighboring states. 
  • PuppySpot – Puppy Spot is one of the few websites that you can trust if you want to find a high-quality Yorkie Pomeranian mix. However, it still pays to be extra meticulous about the pup’s condition and other aspects like payment and shipment.

If you are contemplating getting one of the parent breeds, here is an article about our top 10 picks for Yorkie breeders, which you can use as a guide.

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Moving on, let’s look at rescues that also dedicate themselves to caring for abandoned dogs:

  • Yorkshire Rescue of America – This non-profit organization located in Los Angeles, California is dedicated to saving and finding abandoned Yorkies and helping them find their forever homes. Send them a message if there is a Yorkie Pom mix available for adoption.
  • Pomeranian Rescue Group – Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, this non-profit group has been rescuing Poms since 1994 and has been devoted to helping rescued Pomeranians find their new homes.
  • Pomeranian Club of Central Indiana, Inc. – This is another non-profit organization giving hopeful pups in Central Indiana. You can contact them directly for inquiries and advice on pet ownership.

You can also check out our best Yorkshire Terrier rescues article if you are aiming to go down the adoption road.

If it’s your first time adopting a dog, here’s an ultimate guide to dog adoption. It contains a list of the most common guidelines and requirements established by rescue organizations.

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Pros and Cons of Owning a Yorkie Pomeranian Mix

Bringing a Yorkie Pom or any dog into your home should be carefully considered. If you’re still undecided about getting a Yorkie Pomeranian mix, consider the following list of advantages and disadvantages.

First, let’s discuss the advantages of owning Yorkie Pomeranians:

  • Compact size: Yorkshire Terriers and Pomeranians are both small dogs. Having a mix of these two makes a compact size breed suitable for any type of household, especially apartments with limited area. You don’t need to spend on large crates and big beds.
  • Highly intelligent: Coming from two intelligent parent breeds, there’s no doubt that Yorkie Poms are highly intelligent. They like pleasing their owners, which is why it is also best to start them in obedience training. This is to keep their mind well-stimulated as well.
  • Long lifespan and good health: As mentioned earlier, The best part is that a Porkie can have a long and healthy life like its Yorkie parent. You can guarantee that your pup is healthy and happy by purchasing from a reputable breeder and understanding the most prevalent health problems to which they may be predisposed.
  • Great with families: Being the friendly and energetic breed that they are, they love being around people as well as other animals. Training your Yorkie Pomeranian mix young in socializing is best and will come in handy in the future.

Now that you know the pros of owning this designer dog breed, here are a few disadvantages of owning this hybrid:

  • Can be territorial: Being territorial is a trait that must have come from the Yorkshire Terrier, but given that they bond well with their human companion, it is natural for them to protect their owners. Socialization and training with positive reinforcement are best to avoid this behavior.
  • Highly active: Since Yorkie Poms are high in energy, you might want to dedicate some time for daily exercise by walking and playing with them. You can hire a dog sitter or walker if you have limited time for these activities with your dog. 
  • Barking: Yorkie Poms have the tendency to bark a lot when they are stressed, scared, threatened, or bored. If you live in an apartment with limited space, you might want to think over if this Yorkshire Terrier Pomeranian mix is suitable for you.

With this list, you can now go over and think thoroughly if a Yorkie Pom is the one for you. You can always ask around in social media groups and Yorkie Pom fur parents for advice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Yorkie Poms Hypoallergenic?

Yorkie Poms are not considered hypoallergenic dogs. Even though they have a hypoallergenic Yorkshire Terrier parent, they still carry around dander that triggers allergic reactions.

Despite this, Yorkie Poms are still a better choice for someone with allergies compared to their purebred Pomeranian parent.

Do Yorkie Pomeranian Mixes Shed?

Due to their lengthy coats, Yorkie Pomeranian mixes shed an average amount of fur. Because of this, it’s necessary for Yorkie Poms to maintain proper grooming in order to keep shedding under control

You should brush them daily to keep their fur from matting, and you should trim their coats regularly.

Are Porkies Easy to Train?

Due to their feisty temperament, Yorkie poms can be quite difficult to train. They require consistent training and socialization at a young age.

Some people believe that training a smaller dog is more difficult than teaching a larger dog, and this is particularly true during potty training.

However, smaller dogs like the Yorkie Pom can be trained and learn new commands and tricks just as well as larger dogs if their owners are consistent and utilize effective techniques.

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Final Thoughts: Is a Yorkie Pomeranian Mix the Right Dog for You?

Owning small breeds may be challenging, but choosing the right dog that suits you is worth the time and effort due to its long-term benefits. 

Since this particular mixed breed stands out from other popular dogs, you’ll be sure to have an eye-catching companion even until they reach old age.

Yorkie Pomeranian mixed breeds are loveable, energetic, and smart dogs. They are social and mindful dogs which makes them ideal animal companions for families and individuals living alone.

If this article is convincing enough that this breed is for you, do not hesitate to reach out to a breeder or look for a shelter nearby and adopt a Yorkie Pomeranian mix.

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