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30 Breathtaking Havanese Mixes Just For You!

A Havanese mix looking at the shoe he has bitten

I’ve carefully selected some of the most adorable Havanese mixes for you to feast your eyes and also your heart on. Let’s check them out!

The Havanese is a special breed that majorly focuses all its energy on keeping it’s owners happy no matter what. This adorable breed originated from Cuba and developed from another dog known as the Blanquito De La Habana which once existed but is now extinct.

The Havanese is a breed with a naturally friendly and spirited nature, but still yet, very cautious and naturally protective.

This breed is one who major goal is to keep his owner pleased by making it easy to train and control him, so he’s not one who would actually need a person with an iron fist.

This adorable toy-sized dog has been crossed with other dogs who possess different physical and mental features and abilities.

Even though the resulting dogs do not only possess the Havanese’s features and characteristics, they still all have a major touch of the Havanese’s irresistible cuteness and jovial nature.

But you don’t actually need to take my word for it; why don’t you check them out yourself. I’ve also included some known facts about them. Let’s go!

#1 Cairnese (Havanese / Cairn Terrier)

Havanese Cairn Terrier Mix (Cairnese) on a beach
Photo from @uglyjeep (IG)

Here’s the Cairnese. He’s a hybrid of the vermin-hunting Cairn Terrier and the Havanese.

This cutie pie here has a parent who was actually bred for hunting and is known to be very energetic and a little bit aggressive, so it should be expected of him to be highly energetic and a little bit stubborn too.

His stubborn and independent attitude is something that would actually be felt when training him, which means it wouldn’t be a piece of cake training him.

But when it comes to being with children and strangers, he actually takes after the Havanese and is not known to get barky or repulsive.

#2 Havashire (Havanese / Yorkshire Terrier)

Havanese Yorkshire Terrier (Havashire) sitting on a couch
Photo from @co.oper718 (IG)

Here’s another cutie who I’ve included in the list. You would expect this innocent-looking doggo to be one of the calmest of them all, but actually, he’s not all that calm-natured.

Popularly known as the Havashire, he could also be called a Yorkenese Terrier which still correctly portrays the fact that he’s a hybrid of the Havanese and the England-bred Yorkshire Terrier.

This shorty is known to be a very energetic and lively one who’s known to be open to children and adults but could be wary around strangers — until he gets to know that their mission isn’t to harm him or his family members in any way.

#3 Havallon (Havanese / Papillon)

No, he’s not the guardian of a mythical gate or galaxy, but Mr. Handsome here is definitely a guardian who possesses the key to his owner’s heart and even anyone who comes in contact with him.

If you guessed that the Havallon is a hybrid of the Papillon and the Havanese, then you did guess right. The Havallon is more of a delicate and calm Havanese mix who isn’t known to repel strangers, which is great, but he definitely wouldn’t be able to do the job of a watchdog.

He’s more of a gentle soul who just derives happiness from being given enough attention and care from his owner.

#4 Enganese (Havanese / English Toy Spaniel)

This little chap here is another simple and fun-loving doggie who’s known as an Enganese. From his name and short, toy-ish appearance, it should be easy to decipher that he’s a hybrid of the English Toy Spaniel and the Havanese.

He’s very entertaining and also known to be clingy just like most other Havanese mixes, which means that he always seeks your attention.

Well, if you happen not to provide him with enough of it, he would get depressed and sad too, which is something you wouldn’t want. So if you are always busy or you have a full-time job, it isn’t really advised to get him.

#5 Hava-Wheat (Havanese / Wheaten Terrier)

Havanese Wheaten Terrier Mix (Hava-Wheat) sleeping on a couch
Photo from @havawheatie (IG)

Don’t worry; he doesn’t actually possess a body or coat made out of wheat. But, honestly, he is really sweet — well, not like in an edible way though.

He’s a Hava-Wheat who’s a hybrid of the Pomeranian and the Wheaten Terrier. The Wheaten Terrier, which originated from Ireland, was actually bred for hunting and herding activities.

So you should also expect the Hava-Wheat to want to, perhaps, chase the little cat at home around. Other than that, he’s a generally friendly dog who goes well with children, adults, other dogs, and even strangers too.

#6 Hava-Apso (Havanese / Lhasa Apso)

Havanese Lhasa Apso Mix (Hava-Apso) smiling at his owner
Photo from @tukihavaapso (IG)

Literally, this long-furred buddy of ours is a cute capsule of joy, boldness, and liveliness combined.

He’s a mix of the Tibetan-bred Lhasa Apso and the Pomeranian. Our little boy here is one who poses to be a fearless, friendly, and compassionate companion.

Though he’s a very innocent-looking little doggie, he is one who has the strength and boldness to stand up to relatively anything that poses a threat to him or his owners.

#7 Havapeke (Havanese / Pekingese)

Oh, he’s super cute, alright, but our buddy here is one who could also get very stubborn too. He’s a hybrid of two doggies who pretty much sound like they belong to the same family or come from the same ancestor, the Pekingese and the Havanese.

The Havapeke is a moderately energetic and lively dog who loves his owners and also gets really attached, but could actually be pretty hard to control.

If you’re a first time owner looking to have him, you might want to have some experience first by starting with dogs that are easier to train and control.

#8 Poovanese or Havapoo (Havanese / Poodle)

Poo poo would have been the perfect nickname for this cutie, but then, it turns out that that name belongs to something else.

Obviously, the Poovanese is a mix of the German-bred Poodle and the Havanese. This doggie is one who just cares about nothing but having fun, and such fun, jovial nature makes him highly open to everyone and pets too.

Living with this doggie guarantees you less stress and also fewer headaches too, because he’s actually easy to train, very obedient, and he also hardly barks.

#9 Havachon (Havanese / Bichon Frise)

Our little furry friend here’s a Havachon. The Havachon is a hybrid of two closely related doggies which are the Havanese and the Bichon Frise. They are closely related in the sense that they are actually both types of Bichon dogs.

Our little Havachon buddy here is a very friendly and playful one who actually has no problems with being around other pets and children, but also does exhibit stubbornness.

Around strangers and unknown faces or animals in general, he does get a little bit cautious too, which means he can also serve as a watchdog due to such nature.

#10 Hava-Jack (Havanese / Jack Russell Terrier)

A small doggie by size, but a big one by heart and energy too. The Hava-Jack is an ever-loving cutie who’s a mix of the Havanese and the Jack Russell.

The Jack Russell was bred for hunting, so it shouldn’t be surprising if he also has the will or passion for hunting or, maybe, chasing the other pets around.

Just like others, he’s super attached to his owners and you should endeavor to keep him company frequently, as he can’t tolerate being lonely — just like most of us actually.

You should have in mind though that he has high energy levels and also, he could be a handful to control sometimes.

#11 Hava-Shu (Havanese / Shih Tzu)

Honestly, the fact that this breeds name is something that you’ll always remember whenever you sneeze is already adorable. The little snuggly Hava-Shu is a hybrid of the Havanese and the Shih Tzu.

She’s a doggie that has even been regarded as a velcro dog because of how close she always wants to be to her owners.

She’s always bursting with so much energy and joy and is always ready to take up any challenge or, perhaps, frisbee you throw at her.

#12 Schnese (Havanese / Miniature Schnauzer)

Here’s another cutie who has a name which makes it seem like he has something to do with, perhaps, a brand of mayonnaise or something like that, but that’s not actually the reason for his name.

He’s called a Schnese because he’s a hybrid of the Miniature Schnauzer and the Havanese.

From this doggie’s appearance, you can see that he does have a beard, but that’s not actually the case with all Schneses because if they do not take after the Miniature Schnauzer, there’s a possibility that they wouldn’t have this beard.

#13 Hava-Malt (Havanese / Maltese)

This cute mix is another one who actually has parents who are also closely related. The Havanese and the Maltese are two dogs who are direct descendants of the Bichon type dogs.

You might be wondering why the Maltese has that name; well, that’s because it was named after Malta, which is the country where it actually originated from.

The Hava-Malt is a small, toy-sized doggie who possesses a long silky coat which just makes it an irresistible breed.

He is always happy to the extent that he hardly has bad days, but he might not be the friendliest of all, as he does tend to not be that open with strangers and children too.

#14 Havaton (Havanese / Coton De Tulear)

Havanese Coton De Tulear Mix (Havaton) walking on a leash
Photo from @msjuniper19 (IG)

Here’s the Havaton; another furry little friend of ours who possesses a soft and beautiful coat which makes him seem like a stuffed toy even though he’s not.

He’s a cross between the Havanese and the Coton De Tulear, which originated from Madagascar.

This mix is known to be also very energetic and lively, but if there’s something he’s the best at, it’s being a doggie who would follow you around all day and want to get involved in whatever you’re doing.

Let’s just say he’s a very, very clingy one, which isn’t a bad thing but just shows how affectionate he is to his owner.

#15 Dualanese (Havanese / Bolognese)

The Bolognese and the Havanese are another pair who belong to the same family, which is the Bichon dog family. This pair were crossed together to form the super adorable Dualanese.

Our buddy here is a small-sized doggie who is actually energetic, but not too much, so he won’t need to go through rigorous exercises daily. He loves being the center of attention to his owner and always wants to be with his owner.

He’s a great companion dog who’s great with adults and children, but when little children are involved, you might want to supervise them, and also, he does get a little bit doubtful around strangers.

#16 Puganese (Havanese / Pug)

Well, it’s obvious that you don’t need a hint to know that this cute guy is a mix of the Pug and the Havanese. It’s not surprising that he is an eager, brave, and curious doggy because that’s where he takes after the Pug.

Also, he does take after the Pug’s stubbornness and independence too, so it turns out that you would need to be someone who’s experienced, or better still, strong and firm enough to train and teach him.

Taking away his stubbornness, he’s a fun and lively dog who’s ready to do anything to get attention and spend quality time with his owner. 

#17 Havaco (Havanese / Cocker Spaniel)

Happy Havanese Cocker Spaniel Mix (Havaco) looking at the camera
Photo from @liddellshand (IG)

This boy’s parents might not be so obvious from his name, but anyway, let’s spill the beans; he’s a mix of the Havanese and the Cocker Spaniel.

He’s a small-sized dog who is known to be very playful and lively, and unlike most dogs, he even prefers playing with children more than adults.

Due to his cute, little nature, he is very sensitive and fragile, so he would need to be treated and handled with care and enough affection.

He’s good with other pets, but his hunting instincts which he inherited from the Cocker Spaniel could kick in sometimes and he could just start chasing them around — harmlessly though.

#18 Cavanese (Havanese / Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

He might look simple but don’t take him for granted; he’s royal and should be treated with the utmost respect. He’s a mix of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Havanese.

He is a sweet and loving dog who displays true humbleness and calmness by being able to tolerate and accept anyone or animal that comes his way.

But you should also be aware that he is pretty fragile, so he needs to be handled with care. His humility and calmness also extend to training and living with him in general, as he’s very obedient and easy to train too.

#19 Crested Havanese (Havanese / Chinese Crested)

Well, since there’s only one dog who has the word “crested” in its name, you should know his parents already. Yes, it’s the Chinese Crested and the Havanese.

The Crested Havanese is known to be very playful and lively, but he’s also an attention seeker. A very clingy attention seeker for that matter.

He always wants to be the one his owners focus on, and if his owners happen not to give him that spotlight, he will get very sad and depressed, just like other dogs would.

But his attention-seeking nature doesn’t make him stubborn or repulsive in any way; he’s known to be very calm and easy to train, and he gets along well with everyone too.

#20 Cheenese (Havanese / Chihuahua)

Havanese Chihuahua Mix (Cheenese) sitting on a bed
Photo from @nala2582017 (IG)

It’s understandable if you thought of cheese when you came across this mix’s name. The same could happen to anyone because if you don’t look properly, you’ll actually think he’s called a Cheese instead of a Cheenese.

But anyway, he’s adorable and he’s called a Cheenese because he’s a hybrid of the Chihuahua and the Havanese. The Chihuahua is known to be a stubborn breed and you’ll expect this guy to have the same nature.

Yes, he is stubborn, but it turns out it isn’t as much as the Chihuahua’s because of the Havanese gene present in him, which is actually great for his owner.

#21 Havachin (Havanese / Japanese Chin)

Adorable Havanese Japanese Chin (Havachin) going for walk in a forest
Photo from @elain.unelma (IG)

Here’s another cute little boy with Japanese roots. He’s a hybrid of the Japanese Chin and the Havanese.

Since his parents were solely bred to be companions, we can actually regard him as the perfect companion or apartment dog who goes well with everyone and animals.

Children are his best friends, but since he’s just so little and fragile, you might have to keep him away from the little ones — he’s better off being handled by older children and adults.

#22 Havanestie (Havanese / West Highland White Terrier)

Combining the genes of the vermin-hunting West Highland White Terrier and the ever-cuddly Havanese, you get the Havanestie.

Our toy-sized buddy here has the Terrier genes in him, so it’s expected for him to also have hunting instincts and be just as agile and active as his Terrier parent.

Do not misunderstand his agility for stubbornness though; he’s actually very calm and open to everyone.

This also means that you have a very energetic doggy on your hands who does need enough physical and mental exercise to keep him active and happy.

#23 Hava-Klee (Havanese / Alaskan Klee Kai)

Being a hybrid of the Havanese and the Alaskan Klee Kai, this cutie is a doggie with an interesting origin. Interesting in the sense that we can actually say he’s a mix of three dogs rather than just two. Why?

The Alaskan Klee Kai is also a mix, and not purebred; the mix of an Alaskan Husky and the American Eskimo. From this, we can actually say that he has the genes of the Havanese, Alaskan Husky, and American Eskimo.

Even though he is related to the big-sized Alaskan Husky, he’s actually smaller due to mixed genes with smaller dogs, and he’s also more of a companion than being a workaholic.

Though he also gets strong-headed sometimes, having patience and training him properly would be ok to control him.

#24 Border Colvanese (Havanese / Border Collie)

Here’s another interesting, yet uncommon breed. He’s a hybrid of the Border Collie who’s a Scottish herding dog and the Havanese.

As a hybrid of an intelligent herding and working dog and an amazing companion dog, he’s known to be very agile, active, and great at learning tricks too.

Due to the very active and eager nature of his Border Collie parent, he might not be able to handle being bored.

He might just result in barking loudly and getting destructive, so you should try meeting up with his activity requirements to prevent such behaviors.

#25 Frenchnese (Havanese / French Bulldog)

Photo Coming Soon!

Our little Monsieur here is always ready to say a huge and loud “oui!” to engaging in any activity that would help burn off some of the high energy he possesses, and at the same time, get to be really close to his owner or family members.

He’s a Frenchnese, which means he’s actually a hybrid of the French Bulldog and the Pomeranian.

He’s a lovely and affectionate type who would do relatively anything possible to please his owners, but he also does get stubborn and independent sometimes, which could make training him a little bit stressful, but not too much though.

#26 Hava-Welsh (Havanese / Welsh Terrier)

Photo Coming Soon!

Obviously, this cute little breed’s name implies that he’s a mix of the Welsh Terrier and the Havanese. He’s an intelligent dog who technically doesn’t have or give many problems due to his simple and obedient nature.

He’s very energetic, so you would have to provide him with enough exercise and activities until he, maybe, gets exhausted.

The Welsh Terrier was bred for hunting, so there’s a possibility that he could possess hunting instincts too.

Unlike most dogs, he has a hypoallergenic coat, which means that if you have allergies, you’ll do just fine with him.

#27 Australian Havanese (Havanese / Australian Shepherd)

Photo Coming Soon!

The Australian Shepherd and the Havanese play a role in forming our cute, loving buddy here.

The Australian Shepherd, just like its name implies, was bred for herding sheep and other cattle, but it turns out that this dog was actually bred and raised in the US and not Australia, and there’s still no valid reason why it has the word “Australian” in its name.

Just as expected, the Australian Havanese also has herding instincts which might make him want to boss other smaller animals or even a baby. This calls for close supervision and proper training to prevent such.

#28 Blue Havanese (Havanese / Blue Heeler)

Photo Coming Soon!

What were you expecting? A dog who’s blue in color? Well, no. He’s not called a blue Havanese for that reason.

He’s called that because he’s a hybrid of the Blue Heeler and the Havanese. Now, the Blue Heeler isn’t actually the breed itself.

The breed is actually known as the Australian Cattle Dog, but some of them are regarded as blue heelers because of the bluish appearance of their coat, while some are also regarded as red heelers because of their coat’s reddish appearance.

The Blue Havanese isn’t a doggie that has to choose between being stubborn or not genetically.

Both its parents are known to be simple, easy-going, and generally friendly. But this mix is bound to inherit the herding instincts of its Blue Heeler parent, so he should definitely be supervised at all times.

#29 German Havanese (Havanese / German Shepherd)

Photo Coming Soon!

You guessed it right. A German Shepherd and a Havanese crossed together formed this doggie.

Without being told, it should be known that he has a parent who’s popularly known for strength, discipline, toughness, agility, and versatility, and that’s the German Shepherd.

These attributes, combined with the sweet and loving nature of the Havanese, just put this mix in between, and that makes this dog one who might not have a definite temperament. He might be more on the hot side or more on the cold side.

Either way, the most interesting thing is how versatile he also is. This means he’s also a fast learner and could be trained to do just about anything he can possibly learn.

#30 Golden Havanese (Havanese / Golden Retriever)

Photo Coming Soon!

The Golden Retriever and the Havanese are a naturally sweet and easy-going pair and crossing them, you shouldn’t expect anything less than our simple and adorable friend here.

The Golden Retriever should not be mistaken for a hunter dog though. It was bred by hunters just to retrieve little birds or animals that have already been brought down, not to hunt and kill them.

The Golden Retriever is an all-round friendly dog just like the Havanese, so there doesn’t need to be a debate on which parent the Golden Havanese would take after in that aspect.

My Final Thoughts on Havanese Mixes

That’s a wrap on our compilation of the Havanese mixes. Obviously, relatively all of them are just so small and simple, just like the Havanese itself.

Perhaps it’s a result of how dominant the Havanese gene is, but they still all have great and huge personalities.

Yes, some of them could get really stubborn and some of them could get really barky, but you definitely can’t deny how cute and attractive they are.