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15 Cane Corso Mixes: Your Powerful And Muscular Mate

Cane Corso mix playing in a field

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” ― Josh Billings

As a dog owner, I can easily stand behind this quote. Dogs make it their lives purpose to keep their owner as happy as they can. They will be your partners in anything and everything.

When it comes to Cane Corso, they are no different. They’re fiercely protective of their owners and loyal to them.

Even though the breed, as it appears, strikes a lot of fear among people who have never met them, but they are very lovable and caring for their family. They have now become very popular as family companions.

Let’s explore mixed breeds of Cane Corso a little more and find out how they were promoted to the level of a family dog!

#1 Blue Blood Cane Corso (Cane Corso / Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog)

Blue Blood Cane Corso standing in a yard
Photo from @kekideshou (IG)

This breed comes from a mix of Cane Corso and Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog, as both parents have almost the same size and characteristics, the resulting litter is not widely different from any of its parents.

It would be an honor for anyone to have this protective friend by their side because of its rarity. Ensuring your safety is his top priority.

#2 American Pit Corso (Cane Corso / American Pit Bull Terrier)

Originating from a very unusual mix of American Pit Bull Terrier and Cane Corso, this one is a sight for sore eyes. Their might size makes them the perfect animals for any adventures.

Initially, they were bred as farm dogs due to their hunting and protective capabilities. One thing this dog is guilty of is excessive shedding, so make sure you are committed to grooming before buying this bad boy.

#3 Cane Corxer (Cane Corso / Boxer)

Fun fact; parents of the Corxer, Cane Corso and Boxer were both used in world wars as messengers who used to carry supplies and ammunition. Facts aside, our good boy is here is preferred by the military and police due to his muscular build and temperament.

But don’t worry, if you train and socialize them properly, they will be great for your house. They are amazing friends who love to play.

#4 Italian Daniff (Cane Corso / Great Dane)

This majestic dog stands out the most but if you have a small apartment, this one is not for you. Italian Daniff is 35 to 36 inches tall with 115 to 130 pounds, so if you have a big house and a backyard, this dog can be your perfect companion.

But don’t worry, Great Dane’s are sometimes referred to as the “Gentle Giants,” so a mix of the Great Dane and Cane Corso despite his scary appearance will make a great family pet.

It’s almost like having another fatherly figure in the house who is always protecting you and your family.

#5 Labrador Corso (Cane Corso / Labrador Retriever)

Happy Cane Corso Lab Mix (Labrador Corso) lying on the grass
Photo from @sabrix9191 (IG)

This one has a high chance of becoming your swimming buddy; his webbed feet let him swim very proficiently.

This baby boy is a little clumsy, just like your kids, so make sure you don’t leave them alone and don’t try to raise them in an apartment.

Their eagerness to please you and dynamic personality make them reasonably easy to train.

#6 Rotticorso (Cane Corso / Rottweiler)

Inheriting the workaholic gene from his parents, Rottweiler and Cane Corso, the Rotticorso loves to have a job that will keep him busy.

Their nature makes them the perfect dogs for training; not only are they devoted but very obedient to their owners. So deal with them with kindness and care, and you will have an affectionate and loyal buddy by your side.

But make sure this isn’t your first dog, it needs specific training, and without the right training, it may become aggressive.

#7 Cane Corso Pitbull Mix (Cane Corso / Pitbull)

This handsome creature will make you fall in love with him immediately; his sparkling eyes and chirpy face is a people’s favorite. It has a very mixed personality, and there is not a set prediction that you can make about it.

The Pitbull’s antics, combined with the Cane Corso’s slightly aggressive nature, makes it a fascinating breed. The litter may be a combination of both parents or inclined to one of them.

They do have the instinct to hunt, so make sure you get them the proper training and early socialization. They will do a great job of protecting your property.

#8 German Corso (Cane Corso / German Shepherd)

German Corso is a difficult one to handle, but as both of his parents, this pup tends to be very protective and loyal to their owner. If you have this bad boy by your side, you got one less thing to worry about.

If you want to raise them with children, you need to train them properly. You can use them as guard dogs or watchdogs and try not to restrict them to a confined area; they like to be free.

#9 Cane Corso Bullmastiff Mix (Cane Corso / Bullmastiff)

Cane Corso Bullmastiff mix is filled with intelligence and smartness, so don’t worry about them ever destroying the house. They will just like their parents who are protective of their owner and their property.

Although their high energy levels require you to keep them working and exercising. Do take extra care of their health, they inherit some health issues from their parents.

#10 Cane Corso Dogue de Bordeaux Mix (Cane Corso / Dogue de Bordeaux)

Straight Outta Royalty! This dog may look kingly, but he’s actually a friend to all. He loves to play fetch and flyball.

If you teach him right, he will be the best of boys to have in your house. He will love your children and be their play date all day every day!

#11 Cane Corso Bulldog Mix (Cane Corso / Bulldog)

This mixture of a laid-back Bulldog and an overly enthusiastic and athletic Cane Corso may be a little confusing some times.

With the Bulldog’s stubborn personality and the Cane Corso’s dynamic nature, we may have a very moody puppy, sometimes willing to exercise or play, and others just being a couch potato (like us). A fascinating fellow to have in your family.

#12 Cane Corso Doberman Mix (Cane Corso / Doberman Pinscher)

You don’t have to babysit them! The dominant personality of their parents make them cry head string, and the dogs are never scared of being alone.

She loves to be with her pack but will do just fine. Previously the dog was only used for guarding purposes, but with their tendency to fall in love with their owner, they make great house pets as well.

You can either let him consumes his energy by hitting the walls or you take this big boy a walk every day. The choice is yours!

#13 Cane Corso Husky Mix (Cane Corso / Siberian Husky)

If innocence had a face, I’d put a picture of this bundle of joy on it. This smarty-pants will not need a lot of hard training; he’s a quick learner.

So if this is the first that you’re buying a dog, then this may be an excellent choice. He would just need a little extra exercise and maintenance.

Try to take him on long walks and hikes with you to channel his energy in the right place.

#14 Cane Cordle (Cane Corso / Poodle)

Another highly energetic dog by virtue of his genetics. A thick coat of hair accompanied by a charming personality.

A Cane Cordle will love to be a part of your family; not only are they defensive of their owner, but they also love to play fetch and retrieving games.

You may have to this fellow for some long walk, he’s got to lose that energy somewhere, or he’s gonna make you crazy in the house.

#15 Cane Corso Border Collie Mix (Cane Corso / Border Collie)

Cane Corso Border Collie Mix lying on a grass bush
Photo from @dogzgonewild (IG)

This dog is set to have a versatile nature. Definitely, the Border collie’s friendly nature and Cane Corso’s aggressive nature will clash, but the resulting breed will be a mix.

This will make a very family-oriented dog, filled with love and care for you at the same time; his protective instincts will make him the most loyal family member. This feisty little guy will also get along great with other pets if you train and socialize him the right way.

I would suggest this dog to anyone with kids, other pets, and someone who is looking for a dog that will protect and play at the same time.

My Final Thoughts

Until you haven’t fallen in love with a dog, you may be unaware of what real love is. The selflessness and loyalty of the dogs to their owners are commendable, and these dogs right here are all an embodiment of this statement.

They are just amazing creatures who will give you everything in return for almost nothing. You would be surprised to see the amount of love and laughter that they will bring to your house.

A Cane Corso mix with its protective and hunting qualities will be fiercely loyal to you, and I guarantee there is nothing better than having him by your side as your guardian.

We hope this guide helps you make the best decision in choosing the right dog for you!