Cane Corxer (Cane Corso & Boxer Mix) Info, Pictures, Facts, FAQs & More

Cane Corxer Cane Corso Boxer Mix
Height:23 – 28 inches
Weight:65 – 110 pounds
Lifespan:10 – 12 years
Coat Colors:Black, brown, tan, brindle
Temperament:Energetic, intelligent, affectionate
Suitable for:Experienced dog owners, families with an active lifestyle

If you are on the hunt for a muscular and physically intimidating dog that will make great guard dogs, the Cane Corso Boxer mix, a.k.a the Cane Corxer, should be at the top of your list. 

This mixed breed dog is relatively new to the market, yet it has already caught the eyes of many dog lovers wanting to have large-sized family companions that are very affectionate and sweet at the same time. 

In this guide, we will talk about everything that you need to know about the Cane Corxer — from this large dog’s appearance to its temperament and answer some frequently asked questions about this dog breed. 

What Is a Cane Corso Boxer Mix?

The Cane Corso Boxer mix is a hybrid between a Cane Corso and a Boxer. The cross of these two hunting dogs results in a mix that has a robust and athletic build. This hybrid is also referred to as the Cane Corxer. Some of its telltale traits include being sociable, trainable, and active.

Because of its intelligence and independent streak, this dog breed makes a strong-willed dog that, if not trained properly, may cause undesirable behavior. 

With both parents being working dogs with amazing temperaments, you can expect no less for these Cane Corxers. 

The downside, however, with these Cane Corso mix is that they are not recognized by most kennel clubs, including the American Kennel Club (AKC)

Thus, despite having excellent looks and good build, they cannot join dog shows organized by these clubs. 

Cane Corso Boxer Mix Origin and History: Where Does the Cane Corxer Come From?

The Cane Corxer dog is a relatively new hybrid, and since this is not a purebred dog, there is very little to no information about this dog breed’s origin and history. 

However, knowing its parent’s origin and history will help in giving us a better understanding of how and why this crossbreed was produced. 

The Cane Corso, also called Italian Mastiff, is an ancient Italian dog breed. Throughout its early days, this breed was a guard dog, war dog, and skilled hunter. 

This dog breed lived up to its name, which means protector or guardian. They used to accompany soldiers into battle and served as messenger dogs used to carry supplies and ammunition to the military. 

While the Cane Corso is now quite popular, this breed was once considered rare, brought on by World Wars I and II. It was during the 1970s when Cane Corso enthusiasts started to revive the breed. 

On the other hand, the Boxer dog was originally bred to serve as the perfect hunting partner.

The Boxer originated in Germany and was developed in the 1800s when the Bullenbeisser, a hunting dog that is now instinct, was bred with an English Bulldog. 

Given how powerful both breeds are and how promising the result would be if the two breeds are mixed, it is not a surprise why breeders were keen on producing a hybrid out of these two purebreds. 

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Cane Corso Boxer Mix Appearance: What Does a Cane Corxer Look Like?

The Cane Corso Boxer mix features a bulky, strong, and muscular build. They appear to be very intimidating, making them appear more ferocious than they are. 

Their eyes are warm, dark brown, and can be round or almond in shape with dark rims. The positioning of its eyes and the wrinkles on its forehead is similar to that of both its parents. 

This mix will have floppy ears. However, ear cropping is a very common procedure in the Cane Corso and the Boxer, and most breeders opt to do this cosmetic procedure.

As with their coat color, Cane Corso Boxer mixes come in black, brown, or tan colors. You may also encounter brindle coats in these designer dogs as this color is common in both their parent breeds. 

Additionally, markings may be visible on these dogs, such as a black mask as well as a white tummy and chest. 

To have a visual idea about what a Cane Corso Boxer mix looks like, you can watch this video:

Rex Meet Cane Corso/Boxer Mix Freia For The First Time 😍

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Cane Corso Boxer Mix Size and Weight: How Big Do Cane Corxers Get When Fully Grown?

The Cane Corso Boxer mix is a muscular, large dog. When fully grown, they grow about 23 to 28 inches in average height and about 65 to 110 pounds in terms of weight. 

They usually reach their full adult size by the time they are 24 months old. However, certain factors influence their final size, including their general health and nutrition. 

Genetics also plays a huge part in the growth of a Cane Corso mix. That is why it is important to observe their parent breed for you to gauge how your mix will be when it’s fully grown. 

Regardless, they will surely be large as both their parents belong to the medium to large breeds. 

Cane Corso Boxer Mix Temperament: Are Cane Corxers Good Family Dogs?

Contrary to their intimidating looks, Boxer Cane Corso mixes are actually emotionally needy and very affectionate dogs, making them a great addition to a loving family. 

This mix loves human interaction and would love to play around with their family members. Unlike other dogs of their size, they do not mind snuggling with you on the couch while you watch TV shows.

Though Cane Corxers are friendly and high-sociable dogs, they also have a knack for protecting their humans, making them excellent guard dogs. 

That said, they may show aggressive tendencies toward strangers and unfamiliar dogs, similar to the Boxer. That is why early socialization is vital for this mix to grow up well-behaved.

Additionally, Cane Corxers are independent dogs, and they may tend to do things according to their will. It is important to establish that the dog owner is the one in charge of the household. 

Lastly, there may be slight differences in the temperament of a male and female Cane Corxer, as this is also the case for the Boxer dog and the Cane Corso.

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Cane Corso Boxer Mix Lifespan and Health Issues: Are Cane Corxers Healthy Dogs?

The Boxer Cane Corso mix is a healthy breed with a lifespan of about 10 to 12 years. Compared to the Cane Corso’s lifespan and the Boxer’s lifespan, the Cane Corxer lives about as long as its parents. 

However, they can still get some health problems because both their parent breeds are susceptible to several health issues. 

Here are some of the most common health problems of the Cane Corso Boxer mix:

  • Dilated Cardiomyopathy: Dilated cardiomyopathy is a condition wherein the low chambers of the heart become enlarged, causing the muscle wall to become thinner and eventually losing the ability to pump blood to the rest of the body. This oftentimes results in fluid accumulating in certain tissues, including the lungs. 
  • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia: Hip and elbow dysplasia is an inherited disease that primarily affects medium to large breed dogs. In hip dysplasia, the hip joints fail to develop or line up normally, resulting in a dislocation of the ball and socket. The same happens in elbow dysplasia, where elbow joints do not come together correctly. 
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA): PRA is an inherited disease that causes the eyes to be genetically programmed to go blind over time. Night blindness is typically the first symptom that shows up in dogs with PRA. This disease results in total blindness with no effective treatment. 

As with any other pet, it is important to always have your Cane Corso Boxer mix checked by a licensed veterinarian to detect early signs of these diseases.

By doing so, you’d be able to prevent further damage that may cause your puppy’s life to deteriorate. 

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How to Take Care of Your Boxer Cane Corso Mix

Knowing how to properly take care of your Boxer Cane Corso mix will help them thrive and be an even more beautiful hybrid and a great family dog. As with any other animal, it is important to make sure that their needs are met. 

Below are detailed tips on how you can take the best care of your Boxer Cane Corso mix.

Food and Diet

The Cane Corxer is a large, powerful dog. As an owner, you need to feed your pup around three cups of quality dog food daily. This suggested food intake should be split into two or three meals throughout the day. 

While good quality kibble should be enough to provide the nutrients they need, it is important to make sure that they are on a high-protein diet to keep them sufficiently energized. 

Your dog will also appreciate you giving them treats every now and then. However, make sure to only give them a healthy amount as overindulging them in treats may cause obesity and similar problems.

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Cleaning and Grooming

Since Cane Corxers have dense and short coats, their grooming requirements are pretty straightforward. Brushing their coats weekly goes a long way in keeping their coats clean and shiny. 

Owners should not also worry about bathing their pups as Cane Corxers have dirt-resistant coats. Bathing them once every other month will not just save you time but will also help keep your dog’s fur healthy and moisturized. 

Likewise, trimming your puppy’s nails and brushing their teeth at least once a week is as important as keeping their coat clean and healthy, so you should always spend time doing these activities. 

Training and Exercise

To keep any dog healthy, it is important to allocate time for exercise. Cane Corxers are high-energy dogs that may require an hour of exercise every day. 

They may also enjoy playing fetch and running around in the yard. However, it is still best to take them out for long walks every now and then. 

This will also promote proper socialization as they will encounter other animals in the neighborhood. If you have other pets at home, this will also be helpful.

Without exercise, your pups will have pent-up energy that may cause destructive behaviors. They may chew on furniture or resort to digging if not stimulated physically and mentally. 

Similarly, owners must make sure to introduce proper training to these pups while they are young. Cane Corxers are intelligent dogs, so there shouldn’t be much of a problem picking up on commands and tricks. 

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How Much Does a Cane Corso Boxer Mix Cost? Puppy Prices and Expenses

The price of a Cane Corso Boxer mix is a bit high because it is an uncommon breed. Their price tag starts from $700 to $2,500 and may even go up if you buy from a reputable breeder. 

There are also several factors that affect this breed’s price tag, including the puppy’s quality, location, and the breeder’s reputation. Extra charges may also be incurred for pet transport.

Unfortunately, the expenses do not just end there. You also need funds for your new pup’s supplies, vaccines, and other expenses to ensure a smooth rehoming. 

Here is a summarized table of the initial expenses when owning a Cane Corso Boxer mix:

Type of ExpenseCost 
Food and Treats$100 – $120
Food and Water Bowls$15 – $35
Bed$50 – $200
Crate$60 – $500
Leashes and Collars$15 – $50
Toys$30 – $50
Grooming Essentials$40 – $180
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$50 – $200
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $300
Initial Vaccine Shots$75 – $200
Neutering or Spaying$50 – $500
Dog License$10 – $20
Microchip$40 – $60
Miscellaneous Supplies$15 – $30
Total Initial Cost$650 – $2,445

To cover the initial costs, owners must prepare around $650 to $2,445 on top of the Cane Corxer’s price tag. Similarly, you should also work out your budget to accommodate the annual expenses of owning this pup. 

For more information, you may read our guide on the cost of owning a Cane Corso and a Boxer. Since these are the parent breeds of the Cane Corxer, you may expect similarities in cost.

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Places to Find Cane Corso Boxer Mix Puppies for Sale and Adoption

Since the Cane Corxer is a new mix and is quite uncommon, you may have to prepare yourself for a little bit of hunting.

While you may find a lot of Cane Corso mixes in several classified ads websites, it is important to check and make sure they are not backyard breeders or puppy mills. 

Here are some of the places where you can find a Cane Corso Boxer mix for sale:

  • Lancaster Puppies – This online advertising website has over 10,000 pure and mixed breed dogs available. Among their listings are the Cane Corso Bullmastiff mix, Cane Corso Boxer mix, and other Corso mixes. Lancaster Puppies have strict breeder requirements to ensure no puppy mills can advertise on their site. 
  • Keystone Puppies – Keystone Puppies is another online pet advertising website that works with professional and compassionate breeders that produce healthy puppies. Though they have over a thousand purebred and mixed breeds available on their website, it’s best to check every now and then if they have Cane Corso mixes as this breed is in-demand. 
  • Greenfield Puppies – With over 22 years of experience in the industry, Greenfield Puppies have already proved its name in terms of connecting healthy, high-quality puppies with loving families. Their partner breeders go through an intensive background check before they can advertise on their website.

Similarly, you can also check our list of Boxer and Cane Corso breeder recommendations to have a wider option in choosing the Cane Corxer for you and your family.

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You can also refer to our puppy buying guide for some useful tips when dealing with Cane Corso Boxer breeders online.

If you have already tapped the places above and still haven’t found the Cane Corxer of your dreams, you can also opt for adoption. 

Unfortunately, a lot of these Cane Corxers end up in shelters because their family cannot take on the responsibilities of owning a large dog.

Here are some places where you can find a Cane Corso Boxer mix for adoption:

  • Across America Boxer Rescue – This non-profit organization was formed to help abandoned and neglected Boxer pups across the United States. They also work directly with other animal rescues by finding new homes that will welcome them. They cater to both purebred and mixed Boxer breed dogs.
  • Austin Boxer Rescue – Austin Boxer Rescue serves all of Texas in rescuing and rehoming Boxer puppies with different histories. Their Silver Hearts Program matches older Boxers with adopters who will cherish them for their remaining years. They make sure the dogs are vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and microchipped prior to rehoming.
  • Must Love Corsos Rescue – Must Love Corso is a non-profit, volunteer-driven rescue organization. They cater to abandoned, neglected, and vulnerable purebred Cane Corsos, as well as Cane Corso mixes in the United States. They are also open to families and individuals wanting to surrender their Cane Corsos and help them find a new family.

If you are still keen on finding more options, you may refer to our list of best Boxer rescues to give you more chances of finding the Cane Corxer you’re looking for. 

You can also check out our puppy adoption guide to make sure you can ace the screening and evaluation for adopting a Cane Corso Boxer mix. Similarly, this article on how to find free pups in your area might be helpful for you.

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Pros and Cons of Owning a Boxer Cane Corso Mix

Now that you have also learned about the breed, its temperament, health issues, and where you can possibly find them, it is now time to weigh the pros and cons of taking home a Boxer Cane Corso mix.

I listed here the pros and cons of owning a Cane Corxer to help make your decision-making a bit easier.

Here are the upsides of owning a Cane Corso Boxer mix:

  • Low maintenance: Though Cane Corso mixes might have daily exercise needs, this mixed breed is generally a low-maintenance breed compared to other dog breeds. They do not need weekly grooming services, which can be quite expensive. Owners need a little less work to take care of this pup. 
  • Great guard dogs: The Cane Corxer is the right dog for families looking for a companion dog for added protection. They are natural hunting dogs with strong protective instincts. When properly trained, this dog breed can really protect you and your home from danger.
  • Highly energetic and playful: Though this may come off as a disadvantage to some, this may be an advantage to the right owner. This breed is a perfect match for families and individuals with an active lifestyle. These Cane Corxers can surely go with you for your next hike or swimming.

On the other hand, here are some cons of having a Cane Corxer that you should know about:

  • High prey drive: This mix’s parent breeds are hunting dogs; thus, it is expected that it will result in a mix with a high prey drive. Though they may get along with other dogs and cats, this breed will likely consider smaller animals as prey. They are also prone to chase small animals, so it’s best to always keep an eye on them. 
  • Higher exercise needs: Cane Corxers need more exercise compared to other dogs. Aside from taking them out for daily walks, it is important to give them ample time to play in the yard freely. Of course, a trip to an animal park where it can socialize with other dogs is also a good idea. 
  • Intimidating looks: Their intimidating looks can be a disadvantage at times. Unknown to many, Cane Corso mixes are very sweet and cuddly dogs, but their looks say otherwise. If you have friends visiting you often, they can easily label your dog as aggressive. Similarly, people will tend to stay away from you whenever you are out with your dog.

Through this list, you can evaluate whether or not the Cane Corso Boxer breed is the right dog breed for you. This is a very crucial step in dog-hunting that every owner must not skip.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cane Corso and Boxer Dogs Related?

Yes, the Cane Corso is actually a distant relative of the Boxer. Though they do not share the same history and may have a lot of differences in terms of their origin, both breeds are Mastiff-type dog breeds. 

That is why you may notice several similarities in their facial features and their temperament. 

Are Cane Corso Boxer Mixes Aggressive?

While they are not entirely aggressive, Cane Corso Boxer mixes may have aggressive tendencies, especially if left unsocialized and are put into the hands of the wrong owner. 

Their large size makes them rather dangerous dogs and might be bad for people who aren’t familiar with taking care of dogs like this. That is why this breed is recommended for experienced owners. 

Do Cane Corso Boxer Mixes Shed a Lot?

Though your Cane Corso Boxer mix has a short coat, this mix is a moderate shedder. Thus, it may or may not be a good match for allergy sufferers. 

However, their shedding can be managed with weekly brushing to remove dead hair before it falls out. 

Are Cane Corso Boxer Mixes Hypoallergenic?

No. Much like its parents, the Cane Corso Boxer mix is not a hypoallergenic breed. Owners wanting to take home this breed but suffering from allergies must think twice before getting one. 

Though there are chances of allergic reaction due to this dog’s coat hair, its dander and saliva are mostly the reason why these mixes may trigger an allergic reaction. 

Final Thoughts: Is a Cane Corso Boxer Mix the Right Dog for You?

With the Cane Corxer’s loyal temperament and natural protective instinct, it is no question that this breed surely makes a great companion for the right owner. 

However, the advantages of owning one come with a price and a huge responsibility to commit. A Cane Corxer is not suitable for inexperienced owners and may need someone that trains them to become the best dog. 

If you do not have the patience and the heart to really know this breed, I suggest that you do not get one. It’s important to make sure that you are prepared for this lifetime responsibility.

Are you ready to own a Cane Corso Boxer mix? Let us know in the comments.

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