Akita Mixes: 38 Unique Akita Crossbreeds (With Pictures)

Akita mixes and mixed breeds with pictures

With the popularity, noble appearance, and good nature of the Akita, it’s no surprise that breeders are fond of producing Akita mixes.

However, is it really worth getting an Akita mix? Furthermore, which Akita mix is the best?

Unsurprisingly, Akita mix-breed dogs also share the good reputation of their parent breed. Many of them boast unique appearances and have amiable personalities and temperaments.

Having said this, I have listed 38 popular Akita mixes in this guide that you should see!

Here you will learn about their personalities, appearances, and suitability for families, children, and other pets. Let’s check them out!

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38 Akita Mixes

Crossing two different breeds can result in surprisingly astonishing dogs with excellent temperaments. This is exactly the case with Akita mixes! 

Many of them have adorable looks and personalities, which many dog lovers find amusing. 

Let’s take a look at some of these astonishing Akita mixed-breed dogs!

1. Boxita (Boxer & Akita Mix) 

Boxita Boxer Akita Mix
Image credit: bailey_the_boxita / Instagram

The Boxita is a famous Akita mix. This cool-looking hybrid dog is produced by crossbreeding a purebred Akita with a purebred Boxer dog.

Since both parent breeds are large dogs, you can also expect a Boxer Akita mix to have a large and muscular physique. Typically, Boxita mixes grow between 23 and 26 inches tall and weigh around 65 to 95 pounds.

The appearances of Boxer Akita mixes vary depending on which parent breed they lean towards more. 

Nonetheless, they commonly come in fawn, white, brindle, black, red, brown, silver, and other Boxer colorations. Some also boast the Boxer coat colors and its prominent black mask.

The Boxer Akita mix is perfect for active families. This mixed-breed dog is highly energetic and loves bonding with its owners.

Boxita mixes also make good guard dogs for families. They inherit the protective and watchful behaviors of the Akita and Boxer dogs. 

2. Huskita (Siberian Husky & Akita Mix)

Huskita Siberian Husky Akita Mix
Image credit: days_of_a_huskita / Instagram

This adorable furry mixed-breed dog is the cross of the alert Siberian Husky and loyal Akita dog. The Akita Husky mix is a loving, intelligent, active, and playful hybrid dog.

The Siberian Husky Akita mix is a large dog. It grows similarly to Akitas and Boxers. Typically, a Huskita can grow between 22 and 25 inches tall and weigh around 50 to 75 pounds. 

Oftentimes, Siberian Husky Akita crosses have mixed appearances. They can exhibit the dominant traits of any of their parent breeds. Nonetheless, all Huskitas have thick double-coated fur, just like Huskies and Akitas.

That said, Siberian Husky Akita mixes are not recommended for people with allergies since they shed their hair quite heavily.

Meanwhile, in terms of compatibility, Huskitas thrive in active families because of their active and energetic dispositions. 

Watch this video compilation of Huskitas doing their day-to-day activities:

Meet Huskita : Siberian Husky and Akita Mix

3. Labrakita (Labrador Retriever & Akita Mix)

Labrakita Labrador Retriever Akita Mix
Image credit: fio_explore / Instagram

The Labrador Retriever Akita mix, commonly known as Labrakita, is a mixed breed dog that you will surely want to take home.

This even-tempered hybrid dog is the product of crossbreeding Labrador Retrievers with Akita dogs.

Labrakita mixes are known to be friendly, intelligent, playful, and easy-to-train dogs. They enjoy bonding with their family members and get along well with other pets, especially when properly introduced.

Although they have amicable dispositions, some Labrakita mixes show protective behaviors. Add this to their large physique, Labrador Retriever Akita mixes can make good family guard dogs and watchdogs.

Size-wise, Labrakita mixes stand between 22 and 27 inches tall and weigh around 70 to 100 pounds. Their growth rate is closely akin to Akitas’.

They commonly have short to medium coats which can come in black, silver, chocolate, tan, red, cream, white, fawn, and brindle colorations. 

Similar to the Akita’s lifespan, Labrakita mixes also live for 10 to 13 years.

4. Dalmakita (Dalmatian & Akita Mix)

Dalmakita Dalmatian Akita Mix
Image credit: shilohkills / Instagram

The Dalmatian Akita mix or Dalmakita is an unusual crossbreed that you should definitely see. This hybrid dog sports a balanced mix of Dalmatian and Akita traits. 

Most Dalmatian Akita mixes look like their purebred Dalmatian parents. They have short to medium fur with black or liver Dalmatian spots spread randomly on their bodies. 

They also come in different coat colorations. Some of their common coat colors include white, black & white, liver & white, fawn, sesame, and red.

You should note, though, that the Dalmakita is a highly energetic and active dog that demands regular stimulation and exercise. Hence, this is not the dog for busy and inactive owners.

Although Dalmatian Akita mixes are affectionate and loyal dogs, they do not thrive well around children and other pets without supervision. 

Fortunately, through training and early socialization, it is possible for a Dalmakita to get along with others.

5. Golden Akita (Golden Retriever & Akita Mix)

Golden Akita Golden Retriever Akita Mix
Image credit: kiraekodapaixao / Instagram

Crossing Golden Retrievers with Akita Inus results in adorable-looking pups with good behavioral dispositions.

The Golden Akita inherits the affectionate and goofy Golden Retriever personality and the dignified Akita features. 

Like its Golden Retriever and Akita parent, the Akita Golden Retriever mix is a large dog breed. It can grow from 24 to 28 inches tall and usually weighs between 60 and 100 pounds. 

The bad news for people with allergies is that the Golden Retriever Akita mix is not a hypoallergenic dog. The Golden Retriever Akita mix sports a thick double-coated fur that sheds moderately.

Golden Akita mixes enjoy the various coat colorations of the Golden Retriever and Akita breeds. They commonly come in hues of gold, white, sesame, and fawn.

While most Golden Akita mixes are friendly and affectionate, like Golden Retrievers, some may take after their Akita ancestors and show aloofness. 

6. Akita Poo (Poodle & Akita Mix)

Akita Poo Poodle Akita Mix
Image credit: s.uwu.ki / Instagram

The Akita Poo is the cute mix between a Poodle and an Akita. The Akita Poodle mix is an affectionate, protective, loyal, and eager-to-please dog. 

The Poodle Akita mix inherits the easy-going and playful personality of the Poodle breed; however, it only behaves this way around its family. It is cautious and watchful around unfamiliar people and animals.

Akita Poo mixes also tend to have a favorite person or owner. They inherit this trait from their Poodle parents. 

Its watchful and protective disposition makes it a good candidate for families who are looking for guard dogs. However, their protective disposition does not mean that the Poodle Akita mix is an aggressive dog. 

In terms of coat, Akita Poo mixes exhibit the hypoallergenic Poodle coat. They can come in various colorations, although their typical coat colors include black, fawn, brown, and white.

7. Newfoundland Akita Mix

Newfoundland Akita Mix
Image credit: newfie_akita / Instagram

The Newfoundland Akita mix is a large-size mixed breed dog developed by crossing purebred Newfoundland and Akita dogs.

Despite its large physique, the Newfoundland Akita mix is a sweet-tempered, intelligent, and faithful dog.

This newly developed hybrid dog has a similar growth rate to purebred Newfoundland dogs. In general, it can grow between 24 and 30 inches tall and weigh around 70 to 150 pounds.

Newfoundland Akita mixes are adored not only for their good nature but also for their special appearances. 

Akita Newfoundland mixes exhibit fluffy thick double coats. Their usual coat colors include black, grey, sesame, white, brown, and tan.

With their large bodies and watchful demeanor, Newfoundland Akita mixes can make good guard dogs. 

Akita Newfoundland mixes are also very intelligent. That’s why they are quite easy to train. If you are on the look for a workout buddy, an Akita Newfoundland mix will be a good pick. 

8. Corgita (Corgi & Akita Mix)

Corgita Corgi Akita Mix
Image credit: akitalolaq / Instagram

Commonly known as Corgita, the Corgi Akita mix is a playful and highly energetic dog. This mix has a quirky yet charming appearance thanks to the dissimilar looks of its parents.

Many Corgita mixes inherit their Corgi parents’ short stubby legs while acquiring the Akita breed’s noble and dignified presence. They also have the cute smiling faces of Akita dogs. Some also have bobtails like Corgis!

Corgi Akita mixes vary in size. Their final growth will depend on which parent breed they will lean more in terms of height and weight. 

In general, you can expect an Akita Corgi mix to grow anywhere between 12 and 25 inches tall and weigh around 25 to 100 pounds.

This playful and energetic mix is perfect for active owners and families. However, its high prey drive needs to be regulated at an early age through socialization and obedience training. 

9. Aussiekita (Australian Shepherd & Akita Mix)

Aussiekita Australian Shepherd Akita Mix
Image credit: ranga.mama / Instagram

What do you get from crossbreeding an Australian Shepherd with an Akita dog? An active and energetic dog with a cool appearance!

Shortly known as Aussiekita, the Akita Australian Shepherd mix is developed by crossing the excellent herding dog Australian Shepherd and the exceptional Akita hunting dog. 

Since both parent breeds are active working dogs, you can also expect the Aussiekita to love doing tasks and staying on the move. That said, this curious mix also has a high prey drive. 

Moreover, while it is a sweet and affectionate dog, the Australian Shepherd Akita mix can sometimes become overprotective. Hence, it should be socialized at an early age to control these unlikely behaviors.

Aussikita mixes also have short to medium double coats. They commonly come in Australian Shepherd coat colors such as merle, black, and red merle.

Additionally, they may also sport the Akita’s white, sesame, and fawn coats.

10. Akita Pit (Pitbull & Akita Mix)

Akita Pit Pitbull Akita Mix
Image credit: goose.copilot / Instagram

The Akita Pit is the result of mixing an American Pit Bull Terrier with an Akita dog. Despite its intimidating name, the Akita Pit mix is a sweet and affectionate dog that no one could resist. 

Much like Pit Bulls, the Akita Pit mix also has a muscular physique. It can grow anywhere around 18 to 24 inches tall and weigh between 40 and 100 pounds. 

The Akita Pit is more affectionate and sweeter than its Akita parents, thanks to the good genes of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

This mixed-breed dog is a good choice for a family guard dog. Its intimidating presence can easily ward off intruders. It is also very watchful and protective of its property and family members.

Pitbull Akita mixes get along well with kids. However, adult supervision is still needed whenever kids play around an Akita Pit mix. 

11. Shepkita (German Shepherd & Akita Mix)

Shepkita German Shepherd Akita Mix
Image credit: merlin_the_akitashepherd / Instagram

The German Shepherd Akita mix, also known as Shepkita or Akita Shepherd, is an intelligent, hardworking, active designer dog. It inherits a good mix of traits from its German Shepherd and Akita parent breeds.

Although they are obedient and eager-to-please, German Shepherd Akita mixes can also sometimes become headstrong. Furthermore, they are active dogs with a high prey drive. 

The Akita German Shepherd mix is a large-sized mixed breed dog. It has a height ranging between 24 and 28 inches and weighs around 75 to 120 pounds.

Interestingly, many German Shepherd Akita mixes also exhibit wolf-like appearances. 

They enjoy the various coat colors of their parent breeds, although they usually come in agouti, blue, white, sesame, brown, black, and brindle colors.

German Shepherd Akita mixes can make good guard dogs. They are powerful, vigilant, protective, and fearless. They just need to be trained and socialized properly to prevent them from being unnecessarily aggressive. 

12. Akita Collie (Border Collie & Akita Mix)

Akita Collie Border Collie Akita Mix
Image credit: lunaawhitehead / Instagram

If you are looking for a workout buddy, you should take home an Akita Border Collie mix. This newly developed designer dog is highly active and loves exercising with its owners.

Akita Collie mixes are large-sized dogs. They weigh around 60 to 130 pounds and grow between 22 and 28 inches, slightly bigger than their Border Collie parent. 

This being said, Akita Collies will thrive very well in large houses with wide fields or yards. 

Aside from being good workout buddies, Akita Collie mixes can also make reliable guard dogs. They are vigilant, alert, and protective pooches.

Training an Akita Collie is quite easy thanks to their innate intelligence. Early socialization and obedience training could help in curbing their high prey drive and herding instincts. 

Border Collie Akita mixes come in various coat colorations, such as white, fawn, merle, sable, brindle, and black. Occasionally, they may also sport coats in gold, lilac, blue, or other Border Collie standard colors

13. Bullmastiff Akita Mix

Bullmastiff Akita Mix
Image credit: petadoptionsnetwork / Instagram

Breeding a Bullmastiff with an Akita might seem off at first, but the result is actually surprisingly good.

The Bullmastiff Akita mix is a perfect choice for a family pet because of its affectionate and loyal disposition. Despite their large sizes, Bullmastiff Akita mixes are gentle and patient with children.

They are watchful of their environment and protective of their family members and pack. This is why they are the perfect dogs for guarding duties.

The size of Bullmastiff Akita mixes is closely akin to a Bull Mastiff’s growth rate. You can expect a Bull Akita to grow between 24 and 27 inches tall and weigh around 100 and 130 pounds.

They have muscular physiques and powerfully built bodies. Given their large sizes, they also require regular exercise to keep them healthy and fit.

14. Chowkita (Chow Chow & Akita Mix)

Chowkita Chow Chow Akita Mix
Image credit: littleleosiv / Instagram

With its thick double coat, the Akita Chow is a fur ball of energy and charm. This hybrid dog is produced by mixed breeding a purebred Chow Chow with a purebred Akita Inu. 

You should not fall for its charming looks, though. Despite it being a charming and affectionate dog, the Akita Chow mix could sometimes be headstrong and stubborn. 

Patience and confidence are really important in training an Akita Chow mix. In addition, positive reinforcement molds good behavior in Chow Chow Akita mixes.

Chowkita mixes usually have double-coated fur, which sheds moderately. This is not good news for people allergic to danders and fur. 

While they can exhibit most of their parent breed’s coat color, Chow Chow Akita mixes commonly come in white, red, brown, fawn, and silver. Some also have the Chow Chow’s blue tongue!

Chowkitas are quite big dogs with their height ranging between 23 and 35 inches and weight ranging from 80 to 30 pounds. 

15. Chinese Shar-Pei Akita Mix

Chinese Shar Pei Akita Mix
Image credit: mrswooferton / Instagram

Crossbreeding a Chinese Shar-Pei with an Akita Inu produces an independent, courageous, and dignified designer dog. The Shar-Pei Akita mix is an extremely loyal and committed dog. 

Both parent breeds of the Chinese Shar-Pei Akita mix are dedicated family protectors. Hence, you can also expect this mix to be committed to guarding its family and properties. 

Size-wise, the Shar-Pei Akita mix is a medium to large dog. It may grow from 18 to 26 inches tall and weigh between 50 and 100 pounds.

In terms of coat features, they usually have double coats that come in black, fawn, cream, tan, and brindle. 

Overall, the Chinese Shar-Pei Akita mix is perfect for families who are looking for a reliable guard dog. However, it should be noted that Shar-Pei Akita mixes are active dogs that require regular exercise and activities. 

16. Beagita (Beagle & Akita Mix)

Beagita Beagle Akita Mix
Image credit: srslyrenee / Instagram

The Beagita mix is the cross between a purebred Beagle and an Akita. In general, the Beagle Akita mix is a friendly, gentle, intelligent dog. It is considered to be a good companion dog. 

However, the Beagle Akita mix can also exhibit territorial and protective tendencies, especially if it takes after its Akita parent. This does not mean, though, that this hybrid dog is overly aggressive. 

Much like the noble Japanese guard dog Akita, a Beagle Akita mix will be vigilant and watchful of its surroundings. A Beagita mix can make a good guard dog if given proper training.

Sadly, Beagle Akita mixes are susceptible to bloat like their Beagle parent. Hip dysplasia could also be a problem for them because of their heavy build.

Beagle Akita mixes are medium-sized dogs. Their height typically falls between 15 and 24 inches tall, while their weight ranges between 20 and 100 pounds. 

17. Pugita (Pug & Akita Mix)

Pugita Pug Akita Mix
Image credit: two_pugs_and_a_pugkita / Instagram

The Pugita or Pug Akita mix is a rare and unusual mix. This designer dog is produced by crossbreeding a Pug and an Akita.

If you are familiar with the two breeds, you might be wondering now how the two are bred together. 

Due to the large size difference between its parent breeds, Pugita dogs are bred through artificial insemination. This procedure involves extracting the semen of a male Pug and injecting it into the ovaries of a female Akita. 

Doing the other way around is risky. The womb of a female Pug might not be able to hold big Akita Beagle mix puppies. Hence, the dam should always be the Akita. 

Pug Akita mixes have varying appearances. Depending on which parent they inherit more phenotypic traits, a Pug Akita mix can look like a Pug with a few Akita features or vice versa. 

18. Cane Corkita (Cane Corso & Akita Mix)

Cane Corkita Cane Corso Akita Mix
Image credit: tango.the_dog / Instagram

The Cane Corkita or Cane Corso Akita mix is a powerfully built hybrid dog. With both of its parent breeds being large, powerful, strong-willed dogs, the Cane Corso Akita mix is not a dog for everyone. 

Cane Corso Akita mixes are intelligent, affectionate, and loyal dogs. However, they don’t thrive well at the hands of inexperienced owners. 

This hybrid dog tends to be strong-willed and domineering. Hence, training a Cane Corso Akita mix requires consistency and confidence.

Cane Corso Akita mixes also have a high prey drive. They might chase small insects and animals around the house. Nonetheless, this behavior could be corrected through early training.

This mixed breed dog may exhibit a short to medium-length double coat that commonly comes in white, grey, fawn, and black. It can also exhibit the other Cane Corso colors and markings

19. Blue Akita (Blue Heeler & Akita Mix)

Blue Akita Blue Heeler Akita Mix
Image credit: henri_the_stinks / Instagram

The Blue Akita is a mix of the Blue Heeler, also known as the Australian Cattle Dog, and the Akita Inu. This unique crossbred dog boasts the striking speckled and mottled patterns of the Australian Cattle Dog. 

The Akita Blue Heeler mix is an athletic, playful, independent, and affectionate mixed breed dog. 

It inherits the energetic traits and herding skills of its Australian Cattle Dog parent. Because of this, the Blue Akita has a high prey drive and would likely herd small pets and kids around the house. 

The Blue Akita is also protective like its Akita parent. So if you are looking for a guard dog for your family and properties, the Blue Akita is a good choice. 

In terms of size, Blue Heeler Akita mixes grow between 17 and 28 inches and weigh around 40 to 100 pounds. They have short to medium coats that come in various colors. 

20. Samkita (Samoyed & Akita Mix)

Samkita Samoyed Akita Mix
Image credit: thesecretlifeofsnowy / Instagram

Crossing a Samoyed with an Akita produces a dog that is intelligent, friendly, active, and furry! The Samoyed Akita mix is a medium- to large-sized designer dog that is fluffy and cuddly.

Samkita mixes usually grow between 19 and 27 inches tall and weigh around 45 to 130 pounds.

They have thick, long, fluffy double coats. Their common coat colors include white, grey, black, brown, and other Samoyed shades.

Their coat makes them cuddly dogs, but they aren’t suited for people with allergies. It is also not a low-maintenance breed and requires frequent grooming and brushing.

Samoyed Akita mixes are friendly and outgoing dogs. However, they can be stubborn and strong-willed sometimes. Hence, owners should be consistent and confident in training them.

Samkita mixes get along well with kids, but adult supervision is still needed. 

21. Shakita (Shiba Inu & Akita Mix)

Shakita Shiba Inu Akita Mix
Image credit: kumaa.inu / Instagram

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the two famous Japanese dog protectors, the Shiba Inu and Akita Inu, were bred together? Well, the answer is a very loyal, intelligent, powerful, and protective dog!

The Shiba Inu Akita mix is a compact designer dog. It features the pointy ears of its Shiba Inu and Akita parent breeds. It also carries its curly tail upwards. 

This designer dog has astonishing wolf-like features and alert expressions. 

Size-wise, Shakita mixes are bigger than their Shiba Inu parents. Their height ranges between 17 and 27 inches, while their weight falls between 30 and 100 pounds. 

In terms of personality, the Shiba Inu Akita mix is very affectionate towards its owners. It behaves well around strangers but remains vigilant and aloof.

Much like its Akita parent, the Shakita may also show stubbornness sometimes. Hence, firm and consistent training is needed to mold good behaviors. 

22. Akitabern (Bernese Mountain Dog & Akita Mix)

Akitabern Bernese Mountain Dog Akita Mix
Image credit: hektor.ii / Instagram

The Bernese Mountain Dog Akita Mix is a large mixed-breed dog that weighs around 70 to 130 pounds. Despite its colossal body, this giant boy is an even-tempered and sweet dog.

Many Akitabern dogs inherit the good-natured and gentle disposition of their Bernese Mountain Dog parent. Hence, they get along well with children. 

Their large bodies easily intimidate and ward off intruders. Add this to the protective instincts they inherit from their Akita parent, and Bernese Mountain Dog Akita mixes can be great guard dogs.

You need a spacious home and a yard if you plan to own a Bernese Mountain Dog Akita mix. They can live in apartments, but they would surely take up a lot of space with their large bodies. 

23. Akita Rottie (Rottweiler & Akita Mix)

Akita Rottie Rottweiler Akita Mix
Image credit: tippy_the_rokita / Instagram

This intimidating and dignified mixed-breed dog is produced by crossing a purebred Rottweiler with a purebred Akita. The Rottweiler Akita mix is a compactly-built large dog that is very dedicated and loyal. 

Akita Rottie mixes make good guard dogs. They have muscular physiques and are very watchful of their environment. They behave well around strangers but are highly suspicious and wary of them. 

Size-wise, Rottweiler Akita mixes are closely similar to purebred Rottweilers. They typically grow between 24 and 27 inches tall and weigh around 90 to 100 pounds. 

These designer dogs have alert expressions. Their eyes are widely set, and their ears are erect. 

In terms of coat colors, they commonly come in tan and black, brindle, and fawn colorations. Akita Rottie mixes have thick double coats that shed moderately. Hence, they are not suitable for people with allergies.

24. Akita Malamute (Alaskan Malamute & Akita Mix)

Akita Malamute Alaskan Malamute Akita Mix
Image credit: kuno.the.malamute.akita / Instagram

The Akita Malamute is an affectionate, loyal, and playful large mixed-breed dog. It is produced by crossbreeding the powerful sled dog, Alaskan Malamute, and the noble Japanese protector, Akita Inu. 

Many Alaskan Malamute Akita mixes lean more towards their Malamute lineage. They have wolf-like appearances; erect ears, tails carried upwards, and wedge-shaped heads. 

Similar to their Alaskan Malamute and Akita parent breeds, the Akita Malamute have double-coated fur that sheds moderately.

Their topcoat protects them from harsh weather and dirt, while their undercoat is for regulating body heat.

The Akita Malamute mix can grow between 20 and 25 inches tall and weigh around 70 to 130 pounds. Hence, you need a large space and yard if you want to take home this giant pooch. 

Known for its intelligence, loyalty, power, and dedication, the Akita Malamute is a good choice for a family pet. 

25. Great Pyrenees Akita Mix

Great Pyrenees Akita Mix
Image credit: lanypalm18 / Instagram

The Great Pyrenees Akita mix is another giant mixed-breed dog. It is the cross between the towering Great Pyrenees and the loyal Akita Inu. They are known to be great picks for families with children.

Great Pyrenees Akita mixes often inherit the sweet, affectionate, calm, and gentle disposition of their Great Pyr parents. They get along well with other breeds and house pets and are calm around children. 

However, they can also become serious and stubborn, especially if they lean more toward their Akita lineage. 

Nevertheless, adult supervision is still needed whenever kids play around Great Pyrenees Akita mixes. The sheer weight of this large mixed-breed dog could easily sweep off a child.

Great Pyrenees Akita mixes grow massively like their Great Pyr parents. Their heights are between 24 and 32 inches tall, and their weights range between 80 and 160 pounds.

26. Pomkita (Pomeranian & Akita Mix)

Pomkita Pomeranian Akita Mix
Image credit: shiro_the_pomkita / Instagram

The Pomeranian Akita mix is yet another unusual cross. Since the Pomeranian is significantly smaller than the Akita, a special breeding method is done to produce the unique Pomeranian Akita mix. 

Artificial insemination is done in breeding Pomkita mixes. Usually, a female Akita is inseminated with the semen of a male Akita to produce a litter of Pomkita mixes. 

Both the Akita and Pomeranian come from the Spitz family which are known for being bold, feisty, and energetic. Hence, you could expect these traits in a Pomkita.

Pomkita mixes have thick double-coated fur that sheds moderately. Hence, they are not hypoallergenic dogs. They come in white, fawn, red, black, and cream colors.

The growth of Pomeranian Akita mixes is quite difficult to predict, given the size difference between its parent breeds.

Nonetheless, you can estimate the final size of your Pomkita by looking at the sizes of its parents. 

27. Great Dakita (Great Dane & Akita Mix)

Great Dakita Great Dane Akita Mix
Image credit: withlove_lucky / Instagram

The parent breeds of the Great Dakita are two of the largest dog breeds in the canine world, the Great Dane and the Akita Inu. Thus, it is not surprising that the Great Dane Akita mix is also a massive dog. 

Great Dane Akita mixes are intelligent, loyal, and courageous dogs with massive and powerfully-built physiques.

They inherit the excellent guarding and protector instincts of their Great Dane and Akita parent breeds. 

This hybrid dog makes a good family guard dog. They also get along well with children and other house pets. However, they can also become territorial and too protective sometimes.

Fortunately, the aggressiveness and territorial tendencies of this mix can be curbed through early socialization and obedience training. 

In terms of coat colors, Great Dakitas can come in white, merle, blue, fawn, black and white, harlequin, and brindle.

28. Rhodesian Ridgeback Akita Mix

Rhodesian Ridgeback Akita Mix
Image credit: skye_rhodesian_akita / Instagram

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Akita mix is the cross between the Rhodesian Ridgeback and the Akita. It is said to be a very athletic, energetic, and protective dog.

Much like its Akita and Rhodesian Ridgeback parent breeds, the Akita Rhodesian Ridgeback mix is also brave and bold.

It can be quite territorial and aggressive towards strangers sometimes, although this could be corrected. 

You can also expect this hybrid mix to be highly energetic and athletic since both of its parent breeds are active working dogs. 

Unfortunately, they also have a high prey drive. They might chase after smaller animals and pets whenever their hunting instincts kick in. 

Properly and consistently training and socializing them while they are puppies could help in resolving their territorial and prey drive issues. 

29. Akita Mastiff (English Mastiff & Akita Mix)

Akita Mastiff English Mastiff Akita Mix
Image credit: tha_goodest_boy / Instagram

The English Mastiff Akita mix is yet another intimidating large hybrid dog. It is the cross between the colossal English Mastiff and an Akita.

Despite its giant physique, the English Mastiff Akita mix could prove to be a reliable family dog.

The Akita Mastiff is affectionate and sweet to its family. However, it is vigilant and suspicious towards unfamiliar people and pets. It is not an aggressive pooch, but it is protective. 

With its size, strength, and innate protectiveness, the English Mastiff Akata mix could make a good family guard dog. It can grow between 25 and 30 inches tall and weigh around 85 to 175 pounds. 

This mixed-breed dog behaves well around children. However, it still needs supervision when around kids because its sheer size could push off a small child. 

30. Catahoula Leopard Dog Akita Mix

Catahoula Leopard Dog Akita Mix
Image credit: megan_m_puzikas / Instagram

The Catahoula Leopard Dog Akita mix is a hybrid dog bred by crossing the multi-purpose working dog Catahoula Leopard Dog and the Akita. 

It is an athletic and willful mixed-breed dog, which is why it is only suited for an experienced dog owner. This Catahoula Leopard Dog Akita mix is also fearless and bold. 

Early socialization and training are very important for Catahoula Leopard Dog Akita mixes. They are innately intelligent, which makes training easy, although they are sometimes stubborn.

This newly developed mixed breed is slightly bigger than its Catahoula Leopard Dog parent but a bit smaller than the Akita dog.

In general, it can grow between 24 and 28 inches tall and weigh from 65 to 110 pounds. 

31. Doberkita Inu (Doberman & Akita Mix)

Doberkita Inu Doberman Akita Mix
Image credit: dougthedoberkita / Instagram

The Doberkita Inu is the cross between a purebred Doberman and an Akita. As an offspring of two excellent guard dogs, the Doberman Akita mix is also a powerful, fearless, and bold mixed-breed dog. 

Doberman Akita mixes are sweet dogs to their family, but they are not that friendly with strangers. They are suspicious of unfamiliar people and pets. 

Aside from their boldness and raw strength, Doberman Akita mixes make good guard dogs because of their alert and watchful dispositions.

Doberman Akita mixes may inherit the short single coats of Doberman dogs or the long double coats of Akitas. They commonly come in white, fawn, brown, red, black, and blue

32. Dachshund Akita Mix

Dachshund Akita Mix
Image credit: oh.bailey.boo / Instagram

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed the sausage dog or Dachshund with the Akita Inu? The result is an adorable and unique hybrid dog with a pleasing personality!

Many Dachshund Akita mixes inherit the small body frames of their Doxie parents. They have short legs and elongated bodies. Others acquire the wolf-like appearances of Akitas with their pointy muzzles and erected ears.

The Dachshund Akita mix is full of life, good-natured, and playful. It is suitable for households with children and other pets.

However, you still need to properly socialize and train it during puppyhood to mold a good disposition. 

This hybrid dog can exhibit the various Dachshund colorations and Akita coat types. It has medium to long hair that sheds moderately, which is not good news for people with allergies.

33. Akita Spaniel (English Cocker Spaniel & Akita Mix)

Akita Spaniel English Cocker Spaniel Akita Mix
Image credit: cali_theakitaspaniel / Instagram

The Akita Spaniel is the cross between two canine breeds with opposite personalities: the cheerful and friendly English Cocker Spaniel and the bold and fearless Akita. 

Many English Cocker Spaniel Akita mixes take after the friendly and energetic spirit of their English Cocker Spaniel parent dogs. They do well with children, especially if they were raised with them at a young age. 

Nonetheless, they still have the guarding instincts of their Akita parents. They are friendly and cheerful but won’t hesitate to protect their family members if the needs arise. 

Akita Spaniel mixes usually have long double coats. They are medium shedders like their English Cocker Spaniel and Akita parents. They can come in black, white, and hues of brown. 

They shed their fur minimally throughout the year and blow out their coat heavily during autumn and spring. Hence, they require regular brushing and grooming. 

34. Bullkita (American Bulldog & Akita Mix)

Bullkita American Bulldog Akita Mix
Image credit: coupla_bs / Instagram

The Bullkita is a powerful and muscular mixed-breed dog that is produced by crossing an American Bulldog and an Akita. This hybrid dog has an intimidating and dominating appearance. 

Despite the negative stereotypes about its parent breeds being aggressive, the American Bulldog Akita mix remains to be a gentle and sweet huge dog. It is bold, powerful, and fearless but not aggressive. 

In fact, Bullkita mixes inherit the playful and charming nature of their American Bulldog parents. However, it is aloof and suspicious of strangers, so do not expect it to wag its tail when unfamiliar people are around. 

Bullkitas can have the short, coarse coats of American Bulldogs or the thick long double coats of Akitas.

They usually come in white, fawn, brindle, and tan colorations but they can also exhibit other American Bulldog colors.

35. Akita Basset (Basset Hound & Akita Mix)

Akita Basset Basset Hound Akita Mix
Image credit: atlasthecharmer / Instagram

The Akita Basset is the cross between the excellent hunting dog Basset Hound and the royal dog Akita. This hybrid dog has an unusual yet cute appearance.

Some Basset Hound Akita mixes inherit the short legs and elongated body frames of Basset Hounds while exhibiting pointed muzzle, erected ears, and other Akita facial features.

They commonly come in white, fawn, black and white, black and tan, and tricolor, although they can also exhibit most of the other Basset Hound colors

Others, though, appear the other way around. They have the body structure of an Akita while exhibiting the long and droopy ears of the Basset Hound dog breed. 

Basset Hound Akita mixes are calm, gentle, sweet-natured, and quiet pooches. They love lying around the house and watching their family members do their stuff. 

However, some can become territorial and protective, especially if they lean more toward their Akita ancestry. 

36. Akita Malinois (Belgian Malinois & Akita Mix)

Akita Malinois Belgian Malinois Akita Mix
Image credit: tigo.the_malinois_akita / Instagram

The Akita Malinois is a mix produced by crossing two canine breeds with different heritage. The Belgian Malinois is a large dog bred for herding, while the Akita Inu is a royal guard dog. 

The combination of the two distinct breeds results in a bold, fierce-looking, loyal, and independent mixed dog breed. The Belgian Malinois Akita mix is also known for being athletic, active, and intelligent.

Much like its Akita parents, the Belgian Malinois Akita mix isn’t too fond of interacting with strangers. Nonetheless, they behave well around unfamiliar people. 

Most Belgian Malinois Akita mixes have fluffy coats and wolf-like appearances. They have erect ears and inherit the upward curled tails of Akita Inus.

They commonly come in black, white, tan, and other Belgian Malinois colors

37. Weimaraner Akita Mix

Weimaraner Akita Mix
Image credit: salvandohocicosparaguay / Instagram

The Weimaraner Akita combines the graceful and aristocratic looks of the Weimaraner breed and the royal and dignified features of the Akita Inu breed. 

Depending on which parent breed they inherit more phenotypic traits, Weimaraner Akita mixes can either have short and smooth coats or thick and long double coats.

They shed moderately. Hence, frequent grooming is needed. Some of their common colorations include silver, gray, white, fawn, and red.

Despite its graceful, gentle, and dignified appearance, the Weimaraner mix is a powerful and fearless mixed-breed dog. Its alert and watchful disposition make it a good choice for a guard dog. 

Like its parent breeds, the Weimaraner Akita mix is not too fond of strangers. They are aloof and suspicious towards unfamiliar people and pets. 

38. Saint Akita or Akita Bernard (Saint Bernard & Akita Mix)

Saint Akita Akita Bernard Saint Bernard Akita Mix
Image credit: puddleduckfarmcsa / Instagram

The Akita Saint Bernard mix is a very powerful crossbreed. Its weight ranges between 100 and 140 pounds, and its height ranges from 25 to 30 inches. 

This hybrid dog is recommended for experienced owners with big spaces in their homes.

Saint Bernard Akita mixes have double-coated fur. Usually, they come in white, red, sesame, brindle, red and white, orange and white, and other Saint Bernard coat colors

The bad news for people with allergies is that Saint Bernard Akita mixes are heavy shedders like their Saint Bernard parents. They blow out their coats heavily twice a year, especially during seasonal shifts. 

They are very affectionate and loyal to their family members. With their size and strength, they can make good guard dogs.

Unfortunately, their large bodies also make them susceptible to elbow and hip dysplasia. 

How Much Does an Akita Mix Cost? Puppy Prices & Expenses

The prices of puppies for most Akita mixes range between $600 and $2,000. However, you should expect the prices from breeder to breeder to vary depending on what factors they consider in pricing their Akita pup mixes. 

Although Akita mixed breeds are undeniably adorable pets, some still end up in local animal shelters and rescue centers. 

You should opt to adopt from shelters if you don’t care much about taking home an adult or senior dog. The adoption fees at local shelters typically cost $100 to $500

Aside from the cost of the Akita mix puppy itself, you should also consider the expenses associated with owning one. 

Here is a quick breakdown of the initial expenses of owning an Akita mix puppy:

Type of ExpenseCost
Food and Treats$100 – $120
Food and Water Bowls$15 – $35
Bed$50 – $200
Crate$60 – $500
Leashes and Collars$15 – $50
Toys$30 – $50
Grooming Essentials$40 – $180
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$50 – $200
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $300
Initial Vaccine Shots$75 – $200
Neutering or Spaying$50 – $500
Dog License$10 – $20
Microchip$40 – $60
Miscellaneous Supplies$15 – $30
Total Initial Cost$650 – $2,445

Owning an Akita mix corresponds to a huge financial responsibility. You will need to spend around $650 to $2,445 for the initial expenses which include items essential for the comfy transition of your pup to its new home. 

A large portion of the initial expenses goes to the food supply of your pup. Items such as food bowls, leash and collar, grooming essentials, and cleaning supplies should also be purchased before taking home your pup. 

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Places to Find Akita Mix Puppies for Sale and Adoption

Akita mix puppy for sale and adoption

Depending on which Akita mix you want to own, searching for a reputable Akita mix breeder could be a walk in the park or a tough row to hoe. You need to pack up some patience and be resourceful in searching. 

You can easily find a lot of Akita mix breeders on the internet with just a single click. However, you should be cautious because many irresponsible breeders and puppy mills are advertising online.

I suggest you read our ultimate online puppy buying guide before purchasing a puppy on the internet. You’ll find useful tips in this guide that you can follow to avoid getting scammed!

Anyways, here are some of the reputable places where you can find Akita mixes for sale: 

  • Greenfield Puppies – This online pet advertising platform was established in 2000 and has sold numerous purebred and mixed pups with their loving families. You’ll find hundreds of Akita puppy mixes available for adoption on their website. 
  • Lancaster Puppies – Lancaster Puppies advertises numerous purebred and mixed dog breeds in its listings. The usual price for their Akita puppy mixes starts at $700. You will also find background information for each puppy in their listing, including their birthdate, picture, sex, and location. 
  • Keystone Puppies – Keystone Puppies also advertises hundreds of Akita puppy mixes and other dogs. This pet advertising platform is affiliated with reputable breeders who have been breeding designer dogs for years. Keystone Puppies also allows you to filter search results based on the puppy’s gender, registration, price, and location. Puppy prices in this reliable pet marketplace start at $300. 

You can also visit the breeders listed in our Akita breeders directory. Although most of them breed purebred Akitas, some of them might have Akita mixes available for sale.

Meanwhile, you can also check out the local animal shelters or rescues in your area. Even though Akita mixes are good family dogs, some still end up in rescue centers. 

Here are some of the rescue organizations and websites where you can find Akita mixes available for adoption:

  • Akita Club of America Rescue – Aside from registering reputable breeders, the Akita Club of America Rescue also lists the best Akita rescues in the country where you can find Akita mixes for adoption. You can easily locate the nearest Akita mix rescue center in your area with their optimized website. 
  • A Passion For Paws Akita Rescue – This Akita rescue center has saved and rehomed more than a thousand Akita mixed breed dogs since its establishment in 2006. This non-profit organization functions solely through volunteer efforts. Despite this, they managed to build a rescue facility for rehabilitated Akitas. 
  • Petfinder – Petfinder is an online pet database that advertises adoptable Akita mixed breeds and other dogs across the country. You can filter the search results on their website based on breed, gender, and location.

If this is your first time applying for adoption, you should first read our ultimate dog adoption guide. You’ll find useful tips and tricks in this guide that you could use to ace the adoption application!

You might also be surprised to know that there are a lot of free puppies out there! If you are on a tight budget, you should also check out our guide on how you can get free puppies in your area!

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Final Thoughts

Like most dogs, Akita hybrids are truly worthy pets. Aside from their unique and astonishing appearances, they also have good temperaments and amiable personalities. 

Nonetheless, you should not take home an Akita mix or any particular dog just because of its adorable features. Like other dogs, Akita mixes also require a particular way of training, maintaining, and caring.

Some are suited for families with children, while others are only recommended for adults. 

There are also Akita mixes that are suggested for beginners, and there are these Akita mixes that require experienced owners to handle them.

Are you getting an Akita hybrid soon? Share with us your favorite Akita mix in the comments below!

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