Male vs. Female Cane Corso: What’s The Difference?

Male vs. Female Cane Corso

You might be wondering what sex of Cane Corso will be the best choice for you and your family. Although they belong to the same breed, there are lots of differences that you might not know about like their sizes, temperament, trainability, and personality. 

It matters a lot that you opt for the gender which best fits your family members. We will discuss all the potential differences between a male and female Cane Corso in detail in this guide.

So, which should you opt for? And which is better?

Female Cane Corso is recommended for the pet owners who have no experience with the breed as females are easy to train and hard-working. They attached to their owners easily and are less dominant. While male Cane Corso is recommended for experienced owners because they are hard to train and has a dominating nature.

Physical Differences

Male and female Cane Corso slightly differs physically from each other. Those physical differences are as follows;


Male Cone Corsos having a height of 26 to 28 inches, are slightly larger than female Cane Corsos. They have a weight of 99 pounds to 110 pounds which are also somewhat greater than the females. They have a large head and a heavy rectangular body.

They are strong in build and has a slit body with stretched and powerful muscles. Their muzzle is broad and deep with a neck in a slightly arched shape.


Females are slightly smaller than the male Cane Corsos having a strong build and structure similar to male Cane Corsos. They do have the same strength and courage than the male one. 

They look physically aggressive and dominant but when you notice a bit, you can tell that its a female Cane Corso without looking at their genitals. Females are generally looking smooth and light through their body and have a very delicate nature like humans.

Temperamental Differences

So, this is a very debatable and interesting difference. Many dog lovers discuss about the temperamental differences of a male and a female breed. There is a lot more which you should know about the temperament of each gender. 

Some experienced pet owners believe that gender doesn’t matter, the thing which matters is the breed that fits and suits you. Anyhow, let’s discuss the female and male Cane Corso’s temperament in detail.


Male Cane Corsos are naturally aggressive and dominant in nature as we have discussed above. They need proper social training which is the difficult part when it comes to Cane Corsos. Therefore, it is necessary to handle them with dominance as a master. 

But besides their warm blood, they are emotionally very settled than the female ones. Their sense of behavior remains constant and doesn’t differ day by day.

They are way more stable and reliable in terms of their constant mood and settled nature. But they tend to be very bold and quick to aggression, that is the reason male Cane Corsos are used as a watchdog for protection purposes in different departments. 

Although they don’t become attach more easily than their female counterparts and are less cuddling and emotional towards its master.


Female Cane Corsos are less dominant in nature, they have a soft side and be easily trained, you don’t have to put so many efforts as compare to male Cane Corsos. They are sometimes a bit crazy and become emotionally disturbed. 

They are slightly unreliable and unstable in terms of their sensitivity to emotions. They may face difficulty in controlling their emotions and are moody sometimes.

Their sense of behavior is not always constant, it can change day by day. In short, they are hard to predict. Due to this emotional edge, female Cane Corso can become your friend very easily. They used to attach with their masters more easily than the male counterparts. 

Trainability Differences

Nearly every breed needs to be trained but some breeds need less training while some breeds need more training. It depends on the nature of them.

Cane Corso is a large-sized breed that has leadership and a dominating mindset. Therefore, they need to be trained socially in their early life regardless of sex or gender.


Male Cane Corsos are difficult to train and give a tough time to its owner while training. Due to the dominant frame of mind, they find a little difficulty in obeying the commands and honor their master. Therefore, they need proper social and etiquette training in their early life. 

Pups learn more easily which is between three to five months than the adult one. Light training should be given to them such as ‘sit,’ ‘down,’ ‘stay,’ or ‘heel.’

It is good for male Cane Corso that you make them interact with your family members and others to eliminate the fear in them and preventing them from being protective unnecessarily.


Female Cane Corsos are relatively easy to train, they somehow coordinate with the master more than its male counterpart. They are naturally not very aggressive and dominant as compare to males. 

Females obey the commands and tend to be emotionally attached to the master more easily. However, besides all these, they still need training and proper socialization to behave friendly.

The main reason why they are easy to train and handle is that they are not very overprotective about the things they shouldn’t be for. The degree of aggression and dominance is not as sound as the males.

Therefore, females are ideal for the newbie pet owner who has no experience before dealing with this breed due to ease in the trainability.

Health Differences

Every breed is susceptible to a sort of genetic or inherited disorder which, as an owner, you should be aware of. Health is a crucial factor that tells the overall lifespan of the breed, whether it is male or female.

The male counterpart of the breed may be more prone to genetic health concerns or vice versa. Let’s discuss the health differences between a male and female Cane Corso.


It is famously said that “every dog is unique,” and it’s true. Although the health difference between a male and female is not that much as people think.

Many people are agreed on this that their health doesn’t depend on biological sex. However, male Cane Corsos are prone to prostate problems and can develop testicular cancer.

These potential health concerns in male Cane Corsos can be prevented by neutering them. Its process in which the testicles are removed, which will increase their lifespan by decreasing the risk of having prostate issues and testicular cancer. 


Un-spayed female Cane Corsos are more likely to catch uterine infections and mammary cancer besides all the common potential inherited disorders. Both male and female Cane Corsos are prone to similar disorders. 

Spaying is one of the solutions which doesn’t not only removes the risk of getting mammary cancer and uterine but also enhances the lifespan of your female companion.

Spaying is the process in which the ovaries and uterus are surgically removed which prevents the female from the painful period and getting pregnant.

Both male and female Cane Corsos are generally prone to hip dysplasia, bloat, eyelid problems, cherry eye, demodicosis, epilepsy, and fungal ear infections.

These are all genetic or inherited disorders that can affect the breed in a lifetime at any point. Therefore, the pups must belong to healthy parent breeds. 

With Children

Generally, it’s thought that Cane Corso is not the best breed for the family, especially for the children to hang around them. However, this is a misconception, they can be very good family companions but it’s true that there are some exceptions to this. 

They need more effort in different types of training. Most importantly, social training is recommended for them to get along well with family members and other dogs. 

Although the gender of your Cane Corso can influence this part due to various factors.

Their level of aggression and size matters for many people, it generally creates some sort of fear for their children to be around them. Let’s distinguish the Cane Corso’s ability to be friendly for the children at home.


We know the fact that male Cane Corsos are naturally aggressive and have dominant nature which can be a problem for the small children at home.

Furthermore, it is seen that male Cane Corsos try to do sexual activities with the children and they often try to touch the private parts of the owner and family members.

This doesn’t mean that males are not good for households. The behavior of aggression can be safely controlled with the proper social training, while the problem of sexual arouse can be eliminated by neutering the male dogs. 


Females are considered generally calm in terms of aggression and due to their maternal instincts, it is seen that they behave very well with the children.

It may be because of their emotional nature which drives them to be more attached to the family members. Although they can be troublesome during their heaty periods.

Similar to male Cane Corso, their sexual desire can be eliminated by spaying them, which also eliminates the number of risks of getting pregnant by any male dog.

With Other Dogs

Training your pup from the very beginning is the initial step to control its behavior towards other dogs of the same or opposite sex. In order to make your Cane Corso behave well with other dogs, you have to train them well regardless of the biological sex.

Let’s dive into detail about the specific behavior of male and female Cane Corsos.


Male Cane Corsos tends to be aggressive in front of other male dogs. They are naturally aggressive but when your neighbor also has a male one which roams freely around the backyard or garden, then this behavior can be problematic. 

As we have discussed above, the Cane Corso breed is a dominant one that is used to be serious about their territories.

Therefore, they need proper socialization training at the early stages to make them realize that other male dog breeds are not going to violate their territory.

In fact, training should remove the sense of having any territory which can neutralize their default protective behavior and make them feel comfortable around them.


We know that the female Cane Corsos can get disturbed a bit emotionally. They don’t like other female dogs, which is very similar to their male counterparts. Females who are not sterilized or spayed are very possessive about their abilities to become pregnant and raise their own puppies. 

They also become very aggressive against the puppies of the other female breeds. It is seen that the females who are not spayed, rarely becomes a happy and good companion. Female Cane Corso gets a period in after every 8 to 12 months and tries to find the partner within 10 days.

During her heat periods, it attempts to get close and have mate with any male who comes into its range which can be pretty shameful for the pet owners in front of the neighbors. And a morning walk can become messy.

They become extra defensive against other females which can have a chance to conceive. Therefore, spayed female Cane Corsos are recommended.

Which Is Better For Families?

Now, this is an important part which you should think about before bringing Cane Corso at home.

You should ask yourself some necessary questions and decide whether you should go for a male or female Cane Corso. However, breeders always recommend that you opt for a male one. There are two logical reasons behind that.

The first reason behind this is that they want to keep more females than males. The purpose is obvious which is to breed the females, again and again, to produce more pets for selling.

Secondly, males tend to be better companions spayed or un-spayed than the female counterpart somehow, which gives an edge automatically to males.

Let’s discuss some of the crucial questions and factors which you should consider before owning a male or female one. Which are as follows;

  • Size preference
  • Other dogs
  • Neighbor’s dog

Size Preference

You should consider your size preference against your comfort and control. If you want a medium to giant size breed which is not as much aggressive as it looks, then you should go with the female Cane Corso otherwise a male one.

Other Dogs

It happens to a lot of people that they already have an adult Akita and American Bulldog at home, and they bring female ones again.

Female ones tend to be more aggressive against the same sex and they become extremely difficult to control. Therefore, you should be careful about that.

Neighbor’s dog

You should be aware of the neighbor’s pet. If your neighbor has a male Bulldog, then you should opt for the opposite sex i.e., female Cane Corso and vice versa to avoid the fence fighting.

Advantages of male Cane Corso in a family environment:

  • They are more stable and reliable in terms of emotions.
  • They want to be near you but don’t demand physical touch.
  • Daring and aggressive best fit for experienced pet owners of the same size.
  • Males are bigger in size. (Some people love that)
  • Detached but protective and serious about the family.
  • Playful with the children with proper training.

Advantages of female Cane Corso in a family environment:

  • Females are easy to train and control.
  • They become emotionally attached fairly easily.
  • Not too tough to train as their male counterparts.
  • Slightly smaller in size best fits for new owners.
  • Protective and deeply attached to their masters and the people they love.
  • They can also be playful with children with proper training. 
  • Less aggressive than their male counterparts.

Which Is a Better Guard Dog?

This is seriously a bit tricky question always. Because according to breed history, they were bred for working purposes and people used them as a guard dog for sheep.

It is obvious that both male and female Cane Corsos have the ability to protect and guard. There are tons of factors that we should put into consideration before declaring any sex to be the best guard dog.

Those factors can determine which sex or gender of Cane Corsos is a better guard dog. We will conclude that by the weight of the advantages of being a better guard dog.

Advantages of male Cane Corso as a guard dog:

  • Tends to be more aggressive and defensive about the territory.
  • Best fit for guarding the property due to territorial defensive nature.
  • Bigger in size which makes them fearful.
  • Stable and dominant nature against the rival.

Advantages of female Cane Corso as a guard dog:

  • More aggressive and defensive for the master who took care of it.
  • Suspicious against the strangers.
  • They are more agile and quick runners than their male counterparts.
  • Possessive and affectionate about the specific person.
  • Tend to be equally daring and courageous as males.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up all the facts about the male and female Cane Corsos. We can’t really predict which gender or sex best fits you.

However, male Cane Corsos are recommended for experienced owners as they are difficult to train. While females are recommended for first-time owners of Cane Corso as they are easy to go for the training.

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