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Despite its name, the White Rhino Pitbull is not a variant of the American Pit Bull Terrier or the American Bulldog. Instead, it is a rare type of the American Bully, which is known for its piebald coat and stocky physique.

The White Rhino Pitbull is a loyal, playful, and endearing dog. However, owning this pooch requires physical, mental, and financial readiness. Yes, you’ve read it right! If you wish to own this dog, you’ll need a lot of money. But why?

In this guide, I will discuss the basic details about the White Rhino Pitbull, as well as the reason for its high price. Furthermore, I’m going to answer some frequently asked questions related to this special dog. Let’s start!

What Is a White Rhino Pitbull?

The White Rhino Pitbull is a special variety of the American Bully. It is the most expensive and one of the rarest types of the breed. White Rhino Pitbulls have coats that are primarily white in color. Moreover, just like the rhinoceros, their bodies are stocky and powerful; hence, their name.

This purebred dog is affectionate, amiable, and intelligent. However, it still requires proper training and socialization to become gentle. 

As an American Bully, the White Rhino Pitbull is recognized by the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC), European Bully Kennel Club (EBKC), and United Kennel Club (UKC).

However, organizations like the American Kennel Club (AKC) and The Kennel Club (TKC) do not recognize it as its own breed. Hence, it cannot compete in dog shows and competitions organized by these clubs.

Are White Rhino Pitbulls Rare?

Yes, the original White Rhino Pitbulls are rare. This is because, technically, the true White Rhino Pitbulls are piebald American Bullies which came from the Mikeland bloodline.

The Mikeland bloodline is one of the most famous bloodlines in the American Bully community. There are limited numbers of reputable kennels which offer true White Rhino Pitbulls.

In fact, some breeders generally label any piebald American Bullies as White Rhino Pitbulls. Other references would say that the White Rhino Pitbulls are albino American Bullies, even if they don’t come from Mikeland bloodline.

Both piebald and albino American Bullies are rare occurrences in the Bully world. Therefore, whether we use either definition, White Rhino Pitbull is still considered rare.

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White Rhino Pitbull Origin and History

An American dog breeder named Mike R. Wallander of Mikeland Kennels produced the first White Rhino Bully. Specifically, it sprang from Mikeland Kennels’ famous male and female studs, Kracker Jack and Ghost.

Mikeland Kennels is well-known for producing top-notch American Bullies, particularly those that descended from Kracker Jack. When they produced the first White Rhino Pitbull, a man named Armando Perez purchased it.

Perez’s White Rhino Pitbull eventually became a superb American Bully stud dog due to its healthy lineage. This makes his White Rhino Bully popular in the ABKC and other Bully breeders community.

Consequently, some breeders got interested in purchasing Perez’s White Rhino Pitbull, including a man named David Potter, which is associated with Iron Kast Kennels.

Potter offered Perez a $250,000 real estate property in Texas in exchange for his White Rhino Pitbull. Armando Perez grabbed this offer, making the White Rhino Pitbull the most expensive American Bully breed.

In the video below, David “Prez” Potter talks about his White Rhino Pitbull in an exclusive interview with Colorado Bully Movement:


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White Rhino Pitbull Appearance

Considering the typical size of the American Bully, the White Rhino Pitbull may stand anywhere between 13 and 20 inches. Meanwhile, its weight may vary from 44 to 132 pounds.

For reference, Potter’s White Rhino Pitbull was 17-inch tall and weighed roughly 85 to 88 pounds. The length of its head was 24 inches, and it had a very broad chest.

Note that XL and extreme White Rhino Pitbulls may even exceed these ranges. In addition, they have large, broad skulls, short to medium ears that are high-set, and oval-shaped eyes.

They also possess broad muzzles, wide jaws, large noses, and a highly muscular physique. In terms of coat color, the White Rhino Pitbull has predominantly white fur, tinged with other non-white coat patches.

It has a short and smooth, glossy coat that sheds lightly to moderately year-round. Specifically, they shed more during the hot seasons of the year.

Keep in mind that the true White Rhino is a predominantly white American Bully that exclusively sprang from the best stud dogs of Mikeland Kennels — Kracker Jack and Ghost.

However, some Bully owners use the term “White Rhino” to denote either white, piebald, or an albino American Bully, regardless of its bloodline.

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White Rhino Pitbull Temperament and Personality

The White Rhino Pitbull can be an excellent family dog due to its affectionate, affable, child-friendly, and loyal nature. It is also described by many breeders as confident, vigilant, and fearless, making them excellent guard dogs.

In addition, the White Rhino Pitbulls are intelligent pets. Because of this, they can be easily trained and can adapt to many situations. They are also suitable for active people as they are inherently happy, energetic, and playful.

Being low-maintenance dogs, some people believe that they are suitable for first-time owners. However, their powerful, muscular body and outgoing nature require high physical and mental preparation for newbies.

Although they are not bred as fighting dogs, the White Rhino Pitbulls may have a tendency to be aggressive and hostile to strangers and other pets. This may occur especially if they are not socialized and trained during their puppyhood.

Therefore, early socialization and firm obedience training are needed if you wish to own a White Rhino Pitbull in the future. By doing so, you may reduce the likelihood of your White Rhino Pitbull displaying undesirable behaviors.

White Rhino Pitbull Lifespan and Health Issues

The average life expectancy of a White Rhino Pitbull falls anywhere between 12 and 14 years

In the Bully community, there are reputable bloodlines that are known to produce the healthiest pups, and the White Rhino lineage is one of them.

That said, however, the White Rhino Pitbull is still at risk of developing the following health issues:

  • Hip Dysplasia: Having a large, muscular body, the White Rhino Pitbull is prone to hip dysplasia. This orthopedic disease happens when the head of the dog’s thigh bone does not fully fit with the socket of its pelvic girdle. The looseness of this ball-and-socket joint causes the dog to feel pain in the hip area. 
  • Patellar Luxation: Although it is more frequent in small dog breeds, patellar luxation could also affect White Rhino Pitbulls. In this condition, the kneecap or the patella of the dog dislocates from its original position. Dogs with this condition may occasionally skip steps, although most of the time they just walk normally. 
  • Cruciate Ligament Rupture: As energetic dogs, White Rhino Pitbulls love to play. When they run erratically, the ligaments in their knees may rip, resulting in a condition called cruciate ligament rupture. The cruciate ligament rupture happens when the fibrous tissue in the knee joint, known as the cruciate ligament, gets torn.
  • Cherry Eye: This is another common condition that may affect all Bully breeds, including the White Rhino Pitbull. Cherry eye occurs when a gland in the nictitating membrane of the dog’s eye prolapses from its normal position. 
  • Atopic dermatitis: The White Rhino Pitbull has sensitive skin that is prone to skin allergies, such as atopic dermatitis. Dogs with this condition will show symptoms such as itching, coat licking, rubbing, scratching, and skin redness. 

As you can see, the White Rhino Pitbulls are predisposed to several orthopedic conditions. This can be ascribed to their inherently large physique but relatively short stature, which puts strain on their bones and joints.

Should your White Rhino Bully experience any of the conditions discussed above, do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian. You may also get pet insurance to help you with the vet expenses of your White Rhino Pitbull.

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How Much Does a White Rhino Pitbull Cost? Puppy Prices & Expenses

The price of a generic white, piebald, or albino American Bully falls anywhere between $2,000 and $10,000. However, the cost of a true-blooded White Rhino Pitbull from the Mikeland bloodline can range upwards of $50,000.

For reference, the first White Rhino Pitbull from Mikeland Kennels was sold in exchange for a real estate property worth $250,000. The same dog had a stud fee of $65,000, which was extremely pricey. 

Aside from its selling price, below are some initial costs associated with owning a White Rhino Pitbull:

Type of ExpenseCost 
Food and Treats$80 – $120
Food and Water Bowls$10 – $35
Bed$40 – $200
Crate$50 – $500
Leashes and Collars$15 – $50
Toys$30 – $50
Grooming Essentials$40 – $180
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$50 – $200
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $300
Initial Vaccine Shots$75 – $200
Neutering or Spaying$50 – $500
Dog License$10 – $20
Microchip$40 – $60
Miscellaneous Supplies$15 – $30
Total Initial Cost$605 – $2,445

The total initial cost of the White Rhino Pitbull’s initial needs ranges from $605 to $2,445. Again, this doesn’t include the selling price of the puppy.

The said range may even be reduced for puppies that have already received their initial vaccine shots and have been microchipped and dewormed. There are also some items on the list that don’t need to be purchased regularly.

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Places to Find White Rhino Pitbull Puppies for Sale and Adoption

Due to its rarity and expensiveness, it is challenging to find a White Rhino Pitbull breeder. 

However, there are reputable places and websites that have previously offered White Rhino Pitbull puppies. Gladly, these places and websites are also known to produce healthy and high-quality American Bully pups.

Below are some reputable breeders where you may find White Rhino Pitbull puppies for sale:

  • Mikeland Kennels – Located in Texas, this kennel is the original home of the first White Rhino Pitbull. They primarily raise American Bully and are well-known among Bully breeders. Mikeland Kennels is dedicated to producing healthy American Bulldogs with broad, muscular bodies and large, blocky heads. Their dogs are all family-oriented and have been raised around children.
  • Iron Kast Kennels – Iron Kast Kennels are breeding for sound, athletic White Rhino Pitbulls with great temperaments being their number one priority. They are committed to breeding heavy-boned, thick-bodied, and well-muscled American Bullies. To create a “total package” American Bully, they have stud dogs from some reputable bloodlines, including the Mikeland bloodline.
  • Prezidential Bully Mafia – This organization consists of several top-notch Bully kennels that offer White Rhino Pitbulls. It was founded by Prez Potter — the breeder who bought the first White Rhino Pitbull. In 2020, Prez Potter announced on his personal Facebook account that they’d be using the straw from his White Rhino Pitbull, who died more than a decade ago, to breed a new White Rhino-based Bully.

Before purchasing a puppy online, there are a few things you need to know first. To understand more about the procedure, see our in-depth guide to buying puppies online.

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If you have a limited budget or want to adopt a White Rhino Pitbull, check out the websites and dog rescues listed below:

  • Petfinder – This website is a searchable database of over 375,000 adoptable pets from more than 13,900 adoption organizations across North America. One of their goals is to improve the overall success of pet adoption programs across North America. Although rare, you may find a White Rhino Pitbull here, as they have some American Bullies available for adoption.
  • Koa Bully Rescue and Sanctuary – Located in Oregon, the Koa Bully Rescue and Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that has been committed to rescuing Bully-type dogs since 2019. They also work to change public perceptions of Bully breeds, including White Rhino Pitbulls.
  • Fresno Bully Rescue – This no-kill rescue and shelter in California is run entirely by volunteers and is dedicated to rescuing Bully breed dogs. They currently have approximately 45 adult dogs in their facility, with many more puppies and adults in foster homes. Make sure to visit their website to see if they have White Rhino Pitbulls for adoption.

Aside from these, you may also try to find free puppies in your area for adoption. Although it’s rare to find a free White Rhino Pitbull, who knows? There is nothing wrong with trying.

If dog adoption is new to you, I recommend reading our guide to the dog adoption process. This will give you a thorough overview of what you should do before and after adopting a dog.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Rarest Breed of Pitbull?

Generally, Pitbull-type dogs are not rare in the United States. However, if we compare the four Pitbull breeds, the American Bully would appear the rarest as they are typically more expensive than the other Pitbulls.

In addition, the American Bully is a relatively new breed of Pitbull. In fact, like the American Pitbull Terrier, the American Bully is not yet recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Since there are no precise statistics available, it is still difficult to determine which of the four Pitbull breeds is the rarest in the United States.

What Is the Best Pitbull Bloodline?

The answer to this question depends on your standards for an ideal Pitbull. If you want a well-toned, charismatic, and very alert Pitbull with a lustrous coat, you should get a Colby Pitbull.

If you prefer a bulkier dog with a better temperament than a typical Pitbull, then the Gotti Pitbull may be suitable for you. However, if you’re looking for a Pitbull with a mild disposition, consider getting a Razor Edge Pitbull.

Other bloodlines are also popular due to their excellent reputation in the Pitbull community. These include the Gator Pitbull, which was bred for fighting, and the Monster G Pitbull, which is known for its athleticism.

What’s the Rarest Pitbull Color?

Among all the Pitbull colors and markings, the merle, blue fawn, and tri-color are considered three of the rarest Pitbull colors. All these colors are recessive traits in Pitbulls. Hence, genetically, the chance of their existence is lower.

In addition, it’s difficult to get a healthy tri-color or merle Pitbull from two tri-color or merle parents. This is because breeding them would often cause genetic defects in the offspring.

Other coat colors such as piebald, albino, and champagne are also considered rare in Pitbulls. Although brindle is caused by a recessive gene, it is not considered a rare Pitbull color.

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Final Thoughts: Is a White Rhino Bully the Right Dog for You?

Originating from Mikeland Kennels, the White Rhino Pitbull is a premium American Bully that is highly prized for its excellent and unique qualities. 

In fact, it is the most expensive and one of the rarest varieties of the American Bully.

This dog was bred to have a wide, muscular body, large head, excellent health, and amiable personality. Amid this, White Rhino Pitbulls need proper training and socialization to prevent their aggressive tendencies from manifesting.

Because of its specific bloodline, there are only limited places that offer this American Bully variant. Specifically, kennels with Bullies that sprang from the Mikeland bloodline may have this pooch.

After reading this guide, what do you think of this special pooch? Let us know your thoughts about getting a White Rhino Pitbull in the comments!

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