Belgian Malinois Mixes: 22 Unique Crossbreeds (With Pictures)

Belgian Malinois mixes and mixed breeds with pictures

Belgian Malinois mixes inherited the high spirits and intelligence of their Belgian Malinois parents, making them versatile canines. Many dog owners would surely fall for their charms.

Purebred Belgian Malinois are known to have strong herding backgrounds. They are high-energy dogs with some challenging training needs; thus, they are mixed with other breeds to mellow down this trait. 

In this guide, I have rounded not just popular Belgian Malinois mixes but also some of the rare ones. Read on as we discuss the appearance and temperament of 22 uniquely charming Belgian Malinois mixes.

22 Belgian Malinois Mixes

Belgian Malinois are known for their outstanding work ethic. They don’t only excel in farm work but also in security, police work, and even emotional support. Because of this, they became popular among designer breed lovers. 

Due to their intelligence and compassion, Belgian Malinois make great parent breeds for hybrid dogs. The results are often medium to large dogs that are extremely intelligent and hard workers. 

I have compiled 22 Belgian Malinois mixes in this article, each of which is uniquely beautiful in its own way.

1. Mali Dutchie (Dutch Shepherd & Belgian Malinois Mix)

Mali Dutchie Dutch Shepherd Belgian Malinois Mix
Image credit: dax_the_malidutchie / Instagram

The Mali Dutchie is a mix between a Belgian Malinois and a Dutch Shepherd. They are relatively large dogs that typically weigh between 60 and 80 pounds for males and around 40 to 70 pounds for females. 

Moreover, the Mali Dutchie is usually around 21 to 24 inches tall with an all-weather coat type that is longer than a regular Mal.

They look like purebred canines because their parent breeds have similar coat types and body build. 

The Dutch Shepherd Belgian Malinois mix is one of the best herding dogs among all Belgian Malinois mixes, as both the Dutch Shepherd and Mal are bred for herding. 

They would require lots of activity and exercise as there is a need to keep them busy. 

Intelligent, devoted, and loyal, the Mali Dutchie is happiest when given a job to complete because it loves the feeling of being useful.

It is very protective but not aggressive, making it an excellent watchdog and herding dog. 

2. Malinois X (German Shepherd & Belgian Malinois Mix)

Malinois X German Shepherd Belgian Malinois Mix
Image credit: ozy_malixgsd / Instagram

Belgian Malinois and German Shepherds are often compared to one another. Both are hard-working and excellent protectors, which reflects in their offspring, the Malinois X or German Malinois. 

The German Malinois has a great need for attention and is prone to separation anxiety, similar to the German Shepherd. 

The German Malinois are large hybrid dogs that would require tons of exercise and mental stimulation. They tend to be destructive when left bored, so giving them work and giving them toys to play with is essential.

Thankfully, the friendly nature of the German Shepherd mellowed down the dominant temperament of a Belgian Malinois, making this mix more social and cuddly. Nevertheless, it would still make for a great guard dog.

This German Malinois puppy tends to be stubborn unlike the German Shepherd, so they would need firm training at a young age to learn how to be nice to others. 

3. Belusky (Siberian Husky & Belgian Malinois Mix)

Belusky Siberian Husky Belgian Malinois Mix
Image credit: sherlocks.adventure / Instagram

The Belusky, or the Husky Belgian Malinois mix, is a strong and active canine that is always up for an adventure.

They can be challenging to handle for less experienced owners as they inherited a high energy level from their parents. 

Moreover, this mixed breed dog can have a gray and wooly coat like the Siberian Husky, and they can also feature the Mal’s blue eyes. 

Husky Belgian Malinois mixes are wary of strangers but not aggressively so like purebred dogs. They will bark, howl, or whine, and this vocalness makes them excellent guarding canines. 

This, however, might cause a disturbance in your neighborhood, so training them as you would a purebred dog is crucial.

Beluskies make great family dogs because they give lots of love. They best suit families with a large backyard where they can run around at will and those who can take them on adventures. 

4. Malinois Greyhound (Greyhound & Belgian Malinois Mix)

Malinois Greyhound Greyhound Belgian Malinois Mix
Image credit: poppy_thegreymal / Instagram

The Malinois Greyhound is large, lean, and agile. Having both Greyhound and Belgian Malinois as parents, they are bound to be intelligent and athletic. 

These designer dogs won’t require as much exercise as their Belgian Malinois parent. In fact, 60 minutes of exercise would be enough for the Malinois Greyhound. 

Malinois Greyhounds are great family dogs; they are extremely affectionate and are not much of a barker.

They won’t also be a problem around strangers as they are friendly, although they can be quite shy at first. 

Another great thing about the Malinois Greyhound is that they love playing with other animals and children. However, note that they are prone to separation anxiety and shouldn’t be left alone for too long. 

The Greyhound Malinois mix doesn’t have a standard appearance, but usually, they are slimmer than a regular Mal with long legs, black masks, and ears.

5. Labrador Malinois Mix (Labrador Retriever & Belgian Malinois Mix)

Labrador Malinois Mix Labrador Retriever Belgian Malinois Mix
Image credit: leven_met_luna / Instagram

The Labrador Malinois mix is an intelligent, goofy dog. They are friendly, attention-seeking, and outdoorsy like their Labrador Retriever parent. They easily get along with children and other pets. 

This mixed breed could weigh around 50 to 80 pounds and measure 22 to 26 inches from their withers. They look bulkier than their Mal parent and are prone to obesity, so it is best to monitor their diet.

Trips to the dog park are greatly appreciated by Labrador Belgian Malinois mixes because, as established, they are outgoing. 

These trips could also be a form of exercise and socialization as they love meeting and playing with other furry friends, just like their Labrador Retriever parents.

Labrador Malinois mixes are suitable for first-time dog owners as they don’t require much maintenance. Training them would be easy because they are intelligent and obedient. 

Watch this Labrador Malinois mix in training:

Lab/Malinois mix, Kona! Central Coast: Off Leash K9 Training

6. Australian Shepherd Belgian Malinois Mix

Australian Shepherd Belgian Malinois Mix
Image credit: ahvabaxter / Instagram

The Australian Shepherd Belgian Malinois mix was developed due to accidental breeding. They became a common Belgian Malinois mix in the last two decades. 

This mixed breed inherited the strong herding background of their Australian Shepherd parent and the protective background of their Belgian Malinois parent, making them a great family pet.

However, Aussie Belgian Malinois mixes would not do well with children or other dogs when not properly socialized at a young age. 

They would best fit with experienced dog handlers because training them can be quite difficult as they can be stubborn. They are also highly active and require activities that would exhaust their energy. 

This cross typically has a short coat similar to the Aussie Shepherd that sheds moderately. 

They could also inherit the double coat of their Australian Shepherd parent with colors varying from black, red merle, blue merle, and tri-color.

7. Dobernois (Doberman Pinscher & Belgian Malinois Mix)

Dobernois Doberman Pinscher Belgian Malinois Mix
Image credit: balu_theurbandog / Instagram

The Dobernois is a very alert, intelligent, and loyal pooch that is a cross between the Belgian Malinois and either an American or European Doberman

They are a naturally protective and brave dog breed, making them natural when it comes to guarding homes. 

The Doberman Belgian Malinois mix is capable of giving lots of affection and love to their trusted people even though they have an intimidating demeanor. 

They are good-natured despite their protection background. Their high prey drive is still lesser than their Belgian Malinois parent breed, so they would fit in homes with smaller animals. 

Although the Dobernois are more independent than other Belgian Malinois mixes, they’re still loving and eager to please. 

Like other mixed breeds, the Dobernois have no standard look. Their coats are usually a combination of fawn, tan, and black.

8. Pitbull Malinois (Pitbull & Belgian Malinois Mix)

Pitbull Malinois Pitbull Belgian Malinois Mix
Image credit: adventures_of_kodagirl / Instagram

The Pitbull Malinois is affectionate, goofy, and courageous, making them a wonderful family pet.

They are usually more muscular and smaller than a regular Belgian Malinois but are larger than Pitbulls and other Pitbull mixes. 

They may not do well in households with other pets as they tend to be jealous, but introducing them and socializing them at an early age would teach them to get along with other animals, children, and even strangers. 

Pitbull Malinois don’t require as much exercise as purebred dogs do. Daily walks, playing with toys, and having a place where they can run around freely are enough. 

However, they need lots of mental stimulation to avoid developing destructive behavior just like other dog breeds. 

The Pitbull Belgian Malinois mix craves lots of attention and is prone to having separation anxiety just like many Pitbull mixes. Nevertheless, they are ideal for Belgian Malinois lovers working from home. 

9. Malinoodle (Poodle & Belgian Malinois Mix)

Malinoodle Poodle Belgian Malinois Mix
Image credit: derpalicious.nine / Instagram

The Malinoodle is an unpredictable hybrid since the Belgian Malinois and Poodles are polar opposites.

Like other Poodle mixes, Malinoodles are well-known among people that suffer from allergies as they shed less. Moreover, they can have curly, wavy, or straight coats that come in colors similar to the Poodle.

Poodle Belgian Malinois mixes can also be small, medium, or large dogs, depending on the size of their Poodle parent. However, there is a great chance that they’ll come out as a medium to large-sized mutt. 

The Malinoodle is a great family pet as they do not attach to only one person like their Poodle parent, and they are well-behaved dogs. 

They are friendly and intelligent dogs while still staying aloof towards strangers. This makes them great guard dogs as well. 

10. Great Malinois (Great Dane & Belgian Malinois Mix)

Great Malinois Great Dane Belgian Malinois Mix
Image credit: greatmalinois / Instagram

Great Dane Belgian Malinois mixes are huge dogs; however, they are not as huge as Great Danes, and they don’t have the same energy as purebred Belgian Malinois. They won’t need so much time outdoors. 

The Great Malinois may inherit the droopy face of their Great Dane parent, making them prone to drooling and unsuitable for people with allergies. 

Nevertheless, Great Dane Malinois mixes can be great-looking dogs with black, fawn, red, fawn sable, red sable, merle, and mahogany-colored coats that don’t shed too much. 

Since the Great Dane parent of this mix tends to be couch potatoes, you can expect the Great Malinois to be the same. Despite this, they still make good watchdogs since they are wary of strangers. 

11. Chihuahua Belgian Malinois Mix

Chihuahua Belgian Malinois Mix
Image credit: zsolt.s.verbai.official / Instagram

The Chihuahua Belgian Malinois mix is quite rare due to the risks in breeding them because of their parents’ size differences. 

Since its Chihuahua parent is tiny, expect the Chihuahua Belgian Malinois mix to be smaller than a Belgian Malinois. They are like mini Malinois with apple-shaped heads similar to their Chihuahua parent. 

Aside from their head shape, the Chihuahua’s other features won’t be that dominant in this pooch. 

Chihuahua Belgian Malinois mixes are challenging to take care of because they are feisty and could get aggressive. 

Along with their feistiness, they are also territorial, which can be troublesome. But because of their size, they don’t really pose that much danger. 

They require a significant amount of training and socialization because they tend to bite and gnarl at strangers. Aside from that, they are usually very healthy and have a long lifespan. 

12. Akita Malinois (Akita & Belgian Malinois Mix)

Akita Malinois Akita Belgian Malinois Mix
Image credit: tigo.the_malinois_akita / Instagram

The Akita Malinois is bigger than most dogs with a strong desire for work, like its parent breeds — the Akita and Belgian Malinois. They are fluffier than a Mal with an upright curly tail like an Akita.

Alert and watchful, this well-rounded dog reacts immediately when they feel like something is off, making them great watchdogs. 

They inherited their parents’ versatility so they could adapt to various living situations. They are also intelligent, so they are good at obeying instructions and commands

Training the Akita Belgian Malinois mix is also easier compared to other mixed dogs because they are good-natured. 

However, they may never get used to strangers even though they have undergone training and socialization because their Akita parent is known to be aloof. 

The Akita Malinois loves playing, and owners should ensure that they get enough exercise and playtime. Daily walks are a must to keep their muscles strong. 

13. Mastiff Belgian Malinois Mix

Mastiff Belgian Malinois Mix
Image credit: mariaujelly / Instagram

The Mastiff Belgian Malinois mix combines the assertive trait of the Mal and the affectionate nature of the Mastiff. They make fantastic guard dogs and at the same time, family pets.

This mixed breed would want to be with their owner most of the time and are uncomfortable around strangers. Their priority would be to ensure their owners’ safety, hence their wariness toward other people. 

Mastiff Belgian Malinois are large dogs so expect that they are hard to handle and unsuitable as a first pet. They aren’t also for families with small children, for they may cause unintentional harm.

Just be wary because they may be prone to hip dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy like their parents. Seek veterinary advice if you see some indications of these conditions.

Mastiff Belgian Malinois mixes usually have a flat face with a black mask and also tend to drool a lot. 

14. Malinois Italiano (Cane Corso & Belgian Malinois Mix)

Malinois Italiano Cane Corso Belgian Malinois Mix
Image credit: zeusallmighty2020 / Instagram

The Malinois Italiano is a very large dog that is usually fawn in color with a black mask and droopy cheeks. Like their Cane Corso parents, they tend to drool a lot. 

Wise, courageous and loyal, training them would be a breeze as they would listen to and follow instructions without resistance. 

Starting their training and socialization while they are still a puppy would be the best as they are most teachable at that age. 

The Malinois Italiano is one of those mixed Mals that aren’t playful. This is because the calm temperament of the Cane Corso mellows down the Belgian Malinois’ need for adventure. 

Moreover, Cane Corso Belgian Malinois mixes inherited their Cane Corso parent’s aloofness from strangers, making them the best guard dogs. 

15. Corgi Belgian Malinois Mix

Corgi Belgian Malinois Mix
Image credit: benjis_new_home / Instagram

Despite the difference in the sizes of Corgis and Belgian Malinois, the Corgi Belgian Malinois mix actually exists.

The Corgi Belgian Malinois mix usually looks like a Belgian Malinois with large upright ears, erect tails, and short legs. This adorable crossbreed looks intimidating and tends to be a barker

They are more tolerant of strangers compared to Mals. But even though they are friendly, socialization is still required because their Corgi gene might make them territorial and easily jealous. 

The Corgi Malinois mix won’t have a problem notifying you about anything, making them good guard dogs. However, they can be loud and might disturb your neighbors. 

16. Golden Malinois (Golden Retriever & Belgian Malinois Mix)

Golden Malinois Golden Retriever Belgian Malinois Mix
Image credit: pumbaaa_leroux / Instagram

The Golden Malinois are much like their Golden Retriever parent when it comes to being social. They are friendlier and easier to approach than a regular Belgian Malinois. 

The Golden Malinois is one of the best companions for kids as they can mingle with children and even family friends easily. This makes them great family dogs.

However, they still make good watchdogs even though they are friendly. They are alert and won’t think twice about letting you know when they sense danger.

The Golden Malinois, like its Belgian Malinois parent, is highly intelligent and active. They would do best in homes where they can engage in activities that could physically and mentally challenge them.

The Golden Retriever Malinois mix is fluffier and thicker-looking than a Belgian Malinois. They are usually golden to fawn-colored with floppy ears and a black mask.

17. Belgian Boxer (Boxer & Belgian Malinois Mix)

Belgian Boxer Boxer Belgian Malinois Mix
Image credit: noahbec / Instagram

The Belgian Boxer is a powerful dog that is great at guarding and protecting homes. They are more independent compared to other Mal and Boxer mixes and won’t require that much attention — a great choice for Belgian Malinois lovers. 

If you work away from home, the Boxer Belgian Malinois mix might be the best for you. However, don’t leave them bored because they might destroy your belongings. They need toys to mentally stimulate them when alone. 

They also have good tolerance when dealing with playful kids and other animals. Just make sure to provide them with training and socialization so they know how to behave. 

Belgian Boxers are intelligent dogs so they need a patient and firm leader to avoid being stubborn as they mature.

As large dogs, they would require a sufficient amount of exercise. Going on long walks every day and giving them an adequate amount of playtime will help keep their muscles strong. 

18. Belgian Malamute (Alaskan Malamute & Belgian Malinois Mix)

Belgian Malamute Alaskan Malamute Belgian Malinois Mix
Image credit: une__fermette_vosgienne / Instagram

The Belgian Malamute with its warm double coat is the best choice for those who live in cold places. These affectionate dogs wouldn’t have a problem cuddling with you during the cold. 

Training Belgian Malamutes for a job would be very fulfilling for them since both of their parents are working dogs. As an added bonus, they are obedient and intelligent dogs, so training will be easy.

When properly socialized, Belgian Malamutes won’t have a problem getting along with children and smaller animals. However, make sure to do this at a young age to prevent the development of their prey drive. 

The Belgian Malamute has a strong desire for exploration and is prone to wandering. Taking them on daily walks for more than an hour at a quick pace to satisfy their need to explore. 

Alaskan Malamute Malinois mixes can also easily catch when things are amiss and are protective of their territory, making them great watchdogs.

19. Beagle Belgian Malinois Mix

Beagle Belgian Malinois Mix
Image credit: adventuresof.jasper / Instagram

The Beagle Belgian Malinois would look like a mini Belgian Malinois with a black mask and either upright or floppy ears.

Since Beagles are smaller than the Mal, this mix is quite uncommon, and not much is known about them. 

However, like their Beagle parent, this mixed breed is curious and boundless. They are high-energy dogs and would require exercise and playtime to avoid having bad behaviors. 

The friendly nature of Beagles mellows down the aggressiveness of Belgian Malinois, making this mix more affectionate and less threatening. Their size also makes them less intimidating.

Inheriting the intelligence of their Mal parent makes the Beagle Belgian Malinois mix trainable. They are also loved by many purebred Belgian Malinois lovers because they are affectionate.

20. Boerboel Belgian Malinois Mix

Boerboel Belgian Malinois Mix

Having the Boerboel and Belgian Malinois as parents, the Boerboel Malinois mix is bound to be an excellent guard dog. 

The Boerboel Malinois mix’s priority is to protect their loved ones and may come off as territorial.

Training and proper socialization should be given to this mix at a young age to avoid developing bad behaviors when they grow up.

They are intelligent and eager to learn, making training easy. However, novice owners would have a hard time dealing with them. They would need a firm handler.

Boerboel Belgian Malinois mixes would need lots of physical and mental stimulation as they have high energy levels and might destroy your belongings when left bored. 

It is also not wise to leave your Boerboel Belgian Malinois mix alone often because they are prone to separation anxiety. 

21. Rottweiler Belgian Malinois Mix

Rottweiler Belgian Malinois Mix
Image credit: hugo.thechamp / Instagram

The Rottweiler Belgian Malinois mix is protective, loyal, and intelligent with a strong desire to work.

Inheriting the protectiveness from their parents – the Rottweiler and the Belgian Malinois, this mix makes a great guard dog. However, they would require lots of socialization to prevent being too aggressive. 

The Rottweiler Belgian Malinois mix has a high herding drive, so leaving them with young children is not recommended. They are also large and highly energetic so they might unintentionally harm younger kids. 

They would also not fit in homes with other pets unless they were raised together. 

Training them would also be challenging since they are quite stubborn. They also need lots of exercise along with mental stimulation because allowing them to be bored won’t be good for your belongings.

Most of the time, Rottweiler Belgian Malinois mixes will have a distinctive black coat with tan markings like their Rottweiler parent. 

22. Border Collie Belgian Malinois Mix

Border Collie Belgian Malinois Mix

The Border Collie Belgian Malinois mix is a medium to large dog with a medium-length double coat. They could either look more like a Border Collie or a Belgian Malinois or both. 

They are very energetic and would require lots of exercise and playtime outdoors. They are also extremely intelligent, so training them would be a breeze.

As they are a very active breed, walking wouldn’t be enough for this pooch.

Aside from daily walks, running for at least an hour twice a day could help use up their energy. Bringing them to dog parks would also help tire them down. 

Border Collie Belgian Malinois mixes would require lots of mental stimulation to avoid the development of destructive behaviors. 

Since their parents are both working dogs, having them follow your orders won’t be hard. They also make for a great guard dog.

How Much Does a Belgian Malinois Mix Cost? Puppy Prices & Expenses

A Belgian Malinois mixed puppy could cost between $600 and $1,250. Others could even reach $3,000, especially when the demand for certain mixed breeds is high.

Note, however, that various factors like the bloodline, breeder’s reputation, and rarity affect the price of the puppy.

Aside from the puppy’s price, there are also other things you should take into account when considering buying a pet. Dog supplies like food, leash, collars, and vaccinations should be included when budgeting. 

Below is a summary of the initial expenses for your Belgian Malinois mix puppy:

Type of ExpenseCost
Food and Treats$50 – $120
Food and Water Bowls$10 – $35
Bed$30 – $200
Crate$30 – $500
Leashes and Collars$15 – $50
Toys$20 – $50
Grooming Essentials$30 – $180
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$50 – $200
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $300
Initial Vaccine Shots$75 – $200
Neutering or Spaying$50 – $500
Dog License$10 – $20
Microchip$40 – $60
Miscellaneous Supplies$15 – $30
Total Initial Cost$525 – $2,445

Remember that each dog would have different needs, and this list of expenses is only an estimate. But if you are a first-time owner, this table is a great checklist of what you should prepare before getting a pup. 

You can also check out our Belgian Malinois price guide to give you more idea of the expenses you should prepare for. 

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Places to Find Belgian Malinois Mix Puppies for Sale and Adoption

Belgian Malinois mix puppy for sale and adoption

Getting your Belgian Malinois mix for a low price could be tempting but won’t ensure that your pup is healthy. 

Remember that this breed is not recognized by the American Kennel Club so they weren’t bred according to a standard.

That said, look for a reputable breeder that has been in the industry for quite some time. Stay away from backyard breeders and puppy mills at all costs. 

Here are some places where you could start your search for a reputable breeder of Belgian Malinois mix puppies:

  • Greenfield Puppies – This website makes sure that the breeders you’ll be dealing with follow state laws. They also have strict guidelines that each breeder should follow before they are allowed to put up their pups on their site. They have tons of mixed breeds you could choose from, including Belgian Malinois mixes. 
  • – This website allows breeders from different places to create classified ads for their pups. Their contact information is available for those who are interested, and registration is free. They have lots of listings for various dog breeds like the Belgian Malinois mix. 
  • PuppyFinder – This is another website where breeders are given a space where they can advertise their puppies. They are the leading search and directory service that is dedicated to finding puppies for sale. They have thousands of pure and mixed breeds available on their site including Belgian Malinois mix pups. 

If you haven’t found the Mal mix for you on the sites above, check out our list of Belgian Malinois breeders, as some of them offer mixes from time to time.

Adopting is also one way to get your Belgian Malinois mixed dog for a lower price. Belgian Malinois mixes from rescues and shelters are sure to be rehabilitated and have undergone health screenings. 

Listed are some rescues and shelters that have Belgian Malinois mixes available for adoption:

  • American Belgian Malinois Rescue (ABMR) – ABMR started as a committee within the American Belgian Malinois Club. Their mission is to help purebred Belgian Malinois that was abandoned or surrendered. They conduct assessments, medical treatments, and rehabilitation on the Mals they rescued. From time to time, they have mixed Belgian Malinois in their care. 
  • Malinois and Dutch Shepherd Rescue Inc. (MAD) – MAD is a non-profit organization built from the love and passion for Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds. They are operated by volunteers and don’t have a physical address. They have pure and mixed Belgian Malinois dogs up for adoption. 
  • Midwest Working Dog Rescue – This rescue organization aims to place Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds in loving homes. They provide everything a dog in need requires and ensure that they are fit and healthy before putting them up for adoption. They accommodate both pure or mixed Belgian Malinois. 

If you are new to adopting, you could check out our ultimate adoption guide. The guide contains facts about the adoption process, guidelines, and requirements you need to prepare for.

You could also read about how you can get free puppies in your area for some more tips and hacks.

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Final Thoughts

Most Belgian Malinois mixes are active dogs that are loving and versatile. Oftentimes, they would require a lot of physical and mental stimulation as they used to be herding dogs and were bred to work. 

All in all, they could adapt well, whether as house pets or working dogs. If you are looking for a dog that is full of love, patient, loyal, and obedient, maybe a Belgian Malinois mix is the perfect one for you.

Whether you’ve decided to get one or you already have one, you could share your thoughts and experience with these mutts with us. We would love to read your stories in the comment section below. 

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