10 Best Labradoodle Rescues for Adoption (2024): Our Top 10 Picks!

Best Labradoodle Rescue for Adoption

If you are looking for an affectionate and loyal pooch, the Labradoodle is the perfect companion for you. Their sociable and sweet personality makes them excellent family and therapy dogs.

Unfortunately, a lot of Labradoodles still end up in shelters and rescue centers due to various reasons.

While there is nothing wrong with buying puppies from breeders, it’s still far better to adopt a Doodle from rescue centers especially if you are not after the lineage.

You would be surprised that rescued Labradoodles can still make perfect family pets after they have undergone rehabilitation and behavioral training.

Numerous Labradoodle rescues in the United States devote themselves to rescue and rehome Labradoodles from different states. I have listed some of them here to guide you in your canine adoption journey.

Most of the Labradoodle rescues in this list follow the same adoption process. If you want to ace your application, I suggest that you read our ultimate adoption guide which features key tips and techniques starting from choosing the breed to home introduction.

Top 10 Labradoodle Rescues to Find Labradoodles for Adoption

Although all rescues share the noble goal of rescuing dogs in need, some organizations stand out in accomplishing their commitment. Let me share with you our top picks for Labradoodle rescues!

1. International Doodle Owners Group (IDOG) Rescue – Texas

The rescue efforts of IDOG extend to the different states in the United States. They have been rehabilitating and rescuing Labradoodles and other Doodle mixes since their establishment in 2006.

Their connections with different animal welfare organizations across the country enable them to quickly save Labradoodles from high-kill shelters.

They also accept surrendered Doodles from owners who can no longer take care of them. Regardless of age, color, breed, and health condition, IDOG will take in any dog in need.

The Labradoodle rescue provides immediate health examination and medical care to the dogs right after they are rescued. Their behavior and temperament are also monitored before being cleared for adoption. All of which aims to prepare the dogs for their new forever homes.

This rescue organization follows a comprehensive process to ensure that adoptions will be successful. The process includes submission of detailed application, veterinary and landlord reference call, and home visits.

What’s worth taking note of is they don’t allow pet transportation/shipping and they have strict requirements when it comes to fencing. The adoption fee typically ranges from $100 to $750 depending on the dog.

International Doodle Owners Group (IDOG) Rescue Information and Details:

2. Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue (DVGRR) – Pennsylvania

DVGRR was established in 1994. They are one of the few Labradoodle rescues in the country with a dedicated rehabilitation facility. Currently, their service coverage extends across Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey.

This rescue organization is not only committed to saving Labradoodles but other Doodle mixes as well. They are known for their outstanding work in saving dogs from puppy mills and irresponsible breeders.

They have a life-saving rate of 95% which means that the majority of the dogs they rescue continue to live happy lives.

Their spacious facility includes an event center, in-house clinic, and an open field. They also conduct workshops and seminars about responsible pet ownership to educate their community.

If you adopt from this Labradoodle rescue, you have the assurance that your dog has received the ample medical attention it needs before the adoption. All of the rescued Labradoodles in DVGRR undergo health and behavioral assessment before being cleared for rehoming.

The adoption process on DVGRR follows the standard steps that other rescues also use. Comprehensive screening is done to ensure that all adoptions will end up successful.

You will have to pay a non-refundable $35 for the application fee. The adoption fee in DVGRR ranges from $300 to $1,000 depending on the dog’s health and condition.

Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue (DVGRR) Information and Details:

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3. Doodle Rescue Collective Inc. (DRC) – Rhode Islands

The name of this Labradoodle rescue is dedicated to the “collective” efforts of more than 800 active volunteers across the country in saving and rehabilitating Labradoodles and other Doodle mixes.

Since its foundation in 2008, DRC has already saved and rehomed more than 4,000 dogs. They take in Labradoodles and other Doodle mixes from high-kill shelters as well as those that were surrendered by their owners.

The mission of DRC is to provide a haven for abandoned and surrendered dogs including Labradoodles. They rescue and take in the dogs regardless of their age, color, and health condition. They provide food, shelter, medical care, and most of all, the affection that all dogs deserve.

Before sending an application to DRC, you should check their comprehensive adoption guidelines first. Following and adhering to the requirements they provided will help you secure a successful adoption.

Some of their basic requirements include:

  • The adoptee must be at least 21 years old.
  • Applicants with family members younger than 10 years old are not approved.
  • You cannot adopt from DRC if you don’t have a fenced yard.
  • Pet shipping is not allowed so you must be able to pick up the dog from the shelter personally.

The adoption fee on DRC typically ranges from $300 to $1,000 depending on the age and health condition of the dog.

Doodle Rescue Collective Inc. (DRC) Information and Details:

4. Doodle Rock Rescue (DRR) – Texas

DRR places paramount focus on saving Labradoodles and other Poodle mixes that are on critical conditions and euthanasia list. They rescue abandoned and surrendered dogs across different states and place them in their new forever home.

Although this Labradoodle rescue was only founded just in 2017, they have saved more than a thousand Doodle mixes all over the United States. They provide medical assistance and behavioral conditioning for each rescued dog to prepare them for adoption.

They take in and rehabilitate dogs from different regions across the country but only allow adoption in locations within the 350 miles radius of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. The applicant needs to be near the rescue center for home visits and regular monitoring.

The adoption fee in DRR ranges from $150 to $750 depending on the age, size, and breed.

Factored in the adoption fee are vaccination, grooming, neutering/spaying, and microchipping along with other medical expenditures incurred in treating health issues on a specific dog.

Here are the minimum adoption requirements in DRR:

  • You must be at least 21 years old.
  • If you already have a dog at home, it must be neutered or spayed.
  • Your location must be within the 350-mile radius from Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.
  • You must have a fenced yard.
  • A permission letter signed by the landlord must be presented if you are renting.
  • You must have a positive vet reference.
  • Picking up the dog should be done within 3 days.

If you have ticked all the boxes on their minimum requirements, you’ll have a higher chance of securing an adoption in DRR.

Doodle Rock Rescue (DRR) Information and Details:

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5. NorCal Poodle Rescue (NCPR) – California

NCPR was founded by Patty Moulthrop, who was a standard Poodle breeder, in 1985. She stopped breeding Poodle mixes when she realized that there are Poodles in shelters and rescues that need home and affection.

Since its establishment, NCPR has successfully rehabilitated and rehomed more than 2,000 Labradoodles and other Poodle mixes. They salvage dogs in high-kill shelters as well as dogs surrendered by their owners.

They also organize events like Poodle picnics, Maddie’s Fund Adaptathon, and holiday boutique and brunch which aims to strengthen the bond of the adopter and their rescued dogs while raising their fund.

All of the Labradoodles in NCPR are provided with medical care and basic needs. Behavioral modification is also done to prepare them for adoption.

The adoption fee on NCPR ranges from $250 to $750 depending on the age, health condition, and breed. Younger and healthier Labradoodles cost higher than senior ones.

NorCal Poodle Rescue (NCPR) Information and Details:

  • Website: NorCal Poodle Rescue (NCPR)
  • Address: 10126 Alta Sierra Dr # 282 Grass Valley, CA 95949
  • Phone: (925) 322-0223
  • Email: norcalpoodlerescueinc@gmail.com
  • Special Note: You can check them out on Facebook.

6. Doodle Dandy Rescue (DDR) – Texas

The goal of DDR is to place the rescued dog in homes that could meet the unique and individual needs. They rescue and rehome Doodles across San Antonio, Houston, and Austin, Texas.

This non-profit organization is manned by over 500 active volunteers. They function in a foster scheme where rescued Doodles are placed in the loving homes of volunteers until they are cleared for adoption.

DDR provides immediate medical care to the rescued dogs, especially those with critical conditions.

Vaccination, neutering/spaying, and basic grooming are administered to ensure that the rescued dogs will thrive in their new environment. Behavioral conditioning is also done before clearing a rescued dog for adoption.

On average, the adoption fee on DDR is $600 depending on the dog’s age and health condition. Their adoption process follows the standard comprehensive steps that are practiced by other Labradoodle rescue organizations.

If you want to secure an adoption from DDR, make sure to pass a detailed application that contains information about your preferences and lifestyle.

You should also make an effort to read their adoption process and procedures and follow the basic minimum requirements they provided.

Doodle Dandy Rescue (DDR) Information and Details:

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7. Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida (PPRF) – Florida

PPRF dedicates its efforts to save the dogs that need help the most. They call these dogs the “leftovers” or the ones that nobody wants because they are either too old, abused, neglected, or they have medical needs.

They make sure that these dogs are still able to thrive in their new lives after adoption.

They have been doing these noble acts since 2008 and have already saved more than 5,000 Labradoodles and other Doodle mixes. The Labradoodle rescue functions solely through the efforts of volunteer members and donations.

The rescued dogs first undergo health examination and behavioral monitoring before being cleared for adoption. They make sure that all of the needed diagnostics, procedures and surgeries to help the dog recover are administered by a registered veterinarian.

Vaccination, neutering/spaying, preventive medications, and dental care are just a few of what PPRF provides.

What’s unique about PPRF is that they have two specialized programs for their rescue missions.

They have a program for the general population of dogs as well as a separate rehabilitation program for seniors/special needs. Each program follows a specific track in addressing the unique needs of each canine type.

Dogs in the senior/special needs program require more diagnostics and health examinations. They either have ailments that are age-related or they might have suffered serious injuries or diseases from their past owners.

If you want your adoption in PPRF to succeed, you should provide a comprehensive application that includes information about your lifestyle and preferences. You should also read about their minimum adoption requirements which they have set.

Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida (PPRF) Information and Details:

8. Labs and More Rescue (LMR) – California

This San Diego-based non-profit organization has already saved more than 12,000 abandoned and surrendered Labradoodles and other dog breeds in just a decade. They exert effort in salvaging dogs from high-kill shelters and discarded pooches on streets.

They provide medical assistance to the dog they rescue as well as other necessities such as food and shelter.

The medical procedures administered usually include spaying/neutering, core vaccine shots, veterinary checkups, surgeries, flea treatment, and deworming. Their Labradoodles also undergo behavioral training before being cleared for adoption.

The adoption fee on LMR usually ranges from $150 to $500. Younger and healthier dogs cost higher compared to the senior ones. Nevertheless, all of the dogs in LMR can still make perfect family pets. They are worthy of the second chance to have a forever family.

Most of the steps in the adoption process of this Labradoodle rescue are similar to what other rescues practice, but they have adoption coaches.

These adoption coaches will guide you in understanding the value of adopting as well as the responsibilities it entails.

Labs and More Rescue (LMR) information and Details:

  • Website: Labs and More Rescue (LMR)
  • Address: 825 College Blvd Ste 102 PMB 356 Oceanside CA 92057
  • Email: doginfo@labsandmore.org
  • Special Note: You can also visit them on Facebook.

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9. Carolina Poodle Rescue (CPR) – South Carolina

Since its inception, CPR has already saved more than 5,000 Labradoodles and other Doodle mixes from the different states including Carolina, Virginia, New York, Texas, and Georgia.

Carolina Poodle Rescue is one of the few Doodle rescues with dedicated facilities for rehabilitation and rescuing.

Their facility is called the Dreamweaver farms located at Pacolet, South Carolina. With the existence of this facility, they can take in hundreds of rescued dogs at a given time.

They provide immediate medical attention and care to the dogs they rescue. Since most of the rescued dogs suffered terrible experiences of neglect, CPR makes sure to address the behavioral issues the dogs might have before clearing them for adoption.

Their adoption fee varies depending on the age, breed, and health condition of the dog. Meanwhile, they also provide a set of guidelines for adoption that applicants must adhere to.

Here are the minimum requirements that you should meet upon applying adoption from CPR:

  • A fenced yard is strictly required.
  • Families with members under five (5) years of age are not approved for adoption.
  • Current pets at home must be neutered or spayed.
  • Pet shipping is prohibited so you should be able to personally pick up the dog.
  • The adopter must be able to visit the facility for the meet and greet.

You can also check their adoption procedures by visiting their website or reaching out to them through email and call.

Carolina Poodle Rescue (CPR) Information and Details:

  • Website: Carolina Poodle Rescue (CPR)
  • Address: 6705 Union Highway Pacolet, SC 29372
  • Phone: (864) 489-3559
  • Email: info@carolinapoodlerescue.org
  • Special Note: You can also visit their Facebook page.

10. Somerset Cottage Poodle Rescue (SCPR) – Virginia

SCPR primarily rescues and rehabilitates Labradoodles, Poodles, Doodles, Bichons, Malteses, and Shih Tzus. Since its establishment in 2013, it has already saved almost a thousand abandoned and surrendered dogs.

All of the Labradoodles they rescue receive health examinations and behavioral modifications before adoption. This rescue follows a foster scheme which means the dogs stay in the loving homes of volunteer members until they are ready for adoption.

If you adopt from SCPR, you have the assurance that your dog has undergone preventive medications, neutering/spaying, and has also received the core vaccine shots.

Typically, the adoption fee on SCPR ranges from $300 to $1,000. The fees vary depending on the age, health condition, and breed of the dog. In applying in SCPR, make sure to read about their guidelines in adopting and submit a detailed application.

Somerset Cottage Poodle Rescue (SCPR) information and Details:

Another thing that can help you significantly with your dog hunt is reading our ultimate dog adoption guide. This, alongside the Labradoodle rescue options from our directory, will increase your chances of bringing home the dog you desire.

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Other Sources for Labradoodle Rescues or Shelters for Adoption

Rescue Labradoodle in a foster home

You can also check out these places where you can find Labradoodles available for adoption:

  • Petfinder – Petfinder is an online pet database that lists and advertises different breeds of dogs available for adoption. You can find a dozen of available Labradoodles on this site every day. The features of their site will also allow you to find the nearest available Labradoodle from your location.
  • Adopt-a-Pet – By far, this online adoption site is the largest non-profit pet website in North America. You can find thousands of adoptable dogs here including Labradoodles. They are affiliated with numerous animal welfare organizations across the country.
  • Petango – You can easily find purebred and mixed breed dogs that are ready for adoption on this pet site. Petango is connected with more than 1,800 shelters and rescues across the United States. You can find a Labradoodle anywhere you are as this orgabnization operates all over the country.
  • Local Animal Shelters and Rescue Organizations – You can visit the nearest shelter or rescue in your area that was not mentioned in these sites. More often than not, they will have a Labradoodle available for adoption.

Finding the perfect rescue dog will take time. If you aren’t successful in the first organization, you have a whole list to exhaust. Check out every single website we included here and you’ll surely find a Labradoodle for you.

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Why Do People Put Labradoodles up for Adoption or in a Rescue?

You might be wondering how an intelligent, sweet, and loyal pooch ended up in a shelter or rescue. There are various reasons why people put up their Labradoodles for adoption.

Here are some of the reasons why Labradoodles end up on rescues:

  • The family is moving out and they can’t take their Labradoodle with them.
  • The owners have concluded that the Labradoodle breed is too much for them to handle.
  • The Labradoodle has bitten someone.
  • Aggressive behavior is observed towards children and other pets.
  • The family can no longer support the needs of the dog.
  • The owner died.
  • The dog suffered from a disease and the family can’t finance the treatment.

Regardless of the reason, no dog deserves to be surrendered or abandoned. That is why you must only own a dog if you are prepared and ready to take the lifetime responsibility and commitment.

How Much Should It Cost to Adopt a Labradoodle?

The cost of adopting a Labradoodle ranges from $150 to $1,000. You should expect this cost to go higher or lower depending on the age and health condition of the Labradoodle.

Often, the adoption fee collected serves as the bloodline of most Labradoodle rescues. Your payment goes to the medical expenses, food supply, boarding costs, and treatments of the rescued dogs.

This means that when you adopt, you also enable the rescue center to provide for the needs of other dogs in their facility.

Here is a breakdown of the expenses factored in the adoption fee:

ExpensesAverage Cost
Vet Checkups$65 – $170
Rabies Vaccination$15 – $25
Distemper Vaccination$60
Spaying/Neutering$150 – $400
Heartworm Test$15 – $35
Flea/Tick Treatment$50 – $200
Deworming$20 – $50
Collar and ID Tag$5 – $10
Total$430 – $1,000

Among all the items and services above, one of the most expensive is the vet fee. Now you might be curious about what happens when a dog visits a vet. Well, watch this Labradoodle puppy get checked for the first time!

9 Week PUPPY check-up at the VET! | LABRADOODLE having a KONG for the first time!

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Is It Difficult to Adopt a Labradoodle From a Rescue?

Although the adoption processes of most Labradoodle rescues are rigorous and comprehensive, securing a Labradoodle is pretty easy if you are prepared and ready. You must first understand the breed you opt to adopt and see if it is the right fit for you.

You should also research the guidelines and basic requirements set by the rescue where you will adopt a Labradoodle.

Most of the qualifications they provide include a fenced yard, the age requirement for the applicant, positive background as a pet owner, and minimum age for family members.

If you have successfully met the requirements set by the rescue, there would be no reason for your application to be rejected. Everything boils down to your commitment and readiness to adopt.

3 Tips for Getting Approved by a Rescue to Adopt a Labradoodle

White labradoodle out on a dog walk

You should be equipped with the right knowledge and strategies to ace your adoption application. As mentioned earlier, the difficulty of your adoption journey will all depend on your readiness.

That being said, here are three tips that can help you ace your adoption application:

  • Research about Labradoodles. During the screening process, the interviewer will try to gauge your knowledge about the breed. If you understand the breed very well, it will leave a good impression on the rescue representative. It will also help you in connecting with the dog you are about to adopt.
  • Follow and adhere to the rescue guidelines. Most Labradoodle rescues set guidelines and basic requirements which are all geared towards the interest of the dog. You should follow and adhere to the qualifications the rescue is asking for. Usually, they post these guidelines on their websites.
  • Regularly ask for updates and visit the facility. Visiting the facility is a gesture that shows your utmost interest and commitment in adopting a Labradoodle. You can also take the chance to ask about the things you still don’t know about the breed. It’s a plus point to your application!

On top of all, prepare yourself to welcome a new family member. Always remember that adopting is a lifetime commitment that requires careful planning and decision-making.

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Final Thoughts

Despite the controversies thrown to mixed breeds, no one can deny that Labradoodles are one of a kind.

Given a second chance, they can prove to be great companions. If you are not after the lineage of the breed, it would be great if you will opt to adopt instead of buying from a breeder. I’m pretty sure that you will never regret adopting a Labradoodle.

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