Siberian Husky Mixes: 40 Husky Crossbreeds (With Pictures)

Husky mixes and mixed breeds with pictures

When a purebred Husky is crossed with another breed, the result is a unique Husky mix bearing the combined traits of its parent breeds. These mixes are highly sought after, given the popularity of the Siberian Husky.

While the good-looking, friendly, and hardworking Husky has more than enough charms to make you fall for them, their mixes prove that it is possible to fall even more.

If you are curious about knowing these stunning Siberian Husky mixes and are excited to meet them, read until the end!

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40 Husky Mixes

The Siberian Husky mixes blend and enhance the features of their parent breeds. At the same time, these dog breeds also attempt to balance any extreme features their parents may have.

As there is a diverse variety of possible dog breeds to pair with a Husky, you can also expect to have a wide variety of Siberian Husky mixes to love and adore.

So, let’s get right to it and meet the awesome 40 Husky mixes ready to charm their way into your heart.

1. Gerberian Shepsky (German Shepherd & Husky Mix)

Gerberian Shepsky German Shepherd Husky Mix
Image credit: shepskyfreyja / Instagram

The Gerberian Shepsky is a cross between a German Shepherd Dog and Siberian Husky. The traits that best describe this German Shepherd Husky mix are intelligent, loyal, and hardworking.

The Gerberian Shepsky also allows the usually reserved and aloof nature of the German Shepherd Dog to be more outgoing and express its comical side like the Husky.

Having parent breeds that are known to take on versatile roles, it is no wonder how the German Shepherd Husky mix is also able to perform various tasks like being an agile sled dog or a courageous police dog.

And while able to take on various roles, perhaps the role the German Shepherd Husky mix takes the most pride in is being your constant companion.

Want to learn more about the German Shepherd Husky mix? Watch the video below:

9 Facts about a Gerberian Shepsky | Dog Breed Facts and Information

2. Goberian (Golden Retriever & Husky Mix)

Goberian Golden Retriever Husky Mix
Image credit: chillenwithkevy / Instagram

The Goberian or the Golden Retriever Husky mix is your perfect companion for your active lifestyle. They will readily share your love of life and passion for adventures with their energetic and eager spirit.

Being a mix of the Golden Retriever and Husky makes the Goberian a very affectionate dog. They are also gentle and outgoing, always thrilled to make new friends.

The Golden Retriever Husky mix is also a definite stunner, thanks to having parent breeds who are known to sport very beautiful coats.

Just remember to stick to your regular brushing routines to keep their coat healthy and shiny!

3. Border Husky (Border Collie & Husky Mix)

Border Husky Border Collie Husky Mix

The Border Husky definitely has the smarts and is quick on its feet, making them an enthusiastic companion and a very intelligent and energetic worker. 

Having a job that allows them to use their excellent skills gives this Border Collie and Husky mix the utmost joy. It goes without saying that physical and mental stimulation is key to their well-being.

The Border Collie Husky mix is also affectionate, ready to relax by your side after a long day’s hard work. For them, cuddles with their pack members are the perfect end to their day.

Don’t be surprised if you get hypnotized by their intense stare; that’s just part of their appeal and a little reminder for you to give them another job to do. This trait is thanks to their Border Collie parent.

4. Shih Tzusky (Shih Tzu & Husky Mix)

Shih Tzusky Shih Tzu Husky Mix
Image credit: / Instagram

You can never be fully prepared when the Shih Tzusky attacks you with its intense cuteness. Fluffy, sweet, and outgoing, this Shih Tzu Husky mix will surely fill your life with entertainment.

This sweet-faced Husky Shih Tzu is a friend to all, always ready for playtime and plotting their next mischief, all to earn a lot of laughs from their humans. 

It’s just in their dominant goofy genes, having parent breeds who always seem to be up to no good.

They are also easygoing and gentle, making them a good match for families with children and other pets. 

When it comes to training the Shih Tzusky, remember to be consistent and patient, and stick to reward-based and positive training methods.

Being a guard dog is not really their forte. Their life’s highest purpose is simply being your most adorable companion.

5. Pyrenees Husky (Great Pyrenees & Husky Mix)

Pyrenees Husky Great Pyrenees Husky Mix
Image credit: tejasthegreatpyreneeshusky / Instagram

The Pyrenees Husky is not only beautiful and elegant, but they are tough and intelligent as well. 

Being an offspring of working dog breeds such as the Siberian Husky and Great Pyrenees, it is remarkable how this medium to large-sized pooch has a gentle yet courageous approach to protecting its family.

With their innate problem-solving skills and independent nature, the Husky Great Pyrenees mix requires an owner with a pack leader mentality in order to properly train them using firm and positive training methods.

As this mix has very vocal parent breeds, expect the Pyrenees Husky to be a master at vocalizing, whether it be about letting their emotions out or thwarting intruders. 

6. Ausky (Australian Cattle Dog & Husky Mix)

Ausky Australian Cattle Dog Husky Mix
Image credit: growingupkol / Instagram

For those who live active lifestyles, you may have just found your best running partner in the Australian Cattle Dog Husky mix. Also known as Ausky or Blue Heeler Husky mix, this hybrid is a smart, agile, and eager worker.

Husky crossbreeds such as the Ausky need enough physical and mental stimulation to thrive.

Their parent breeds are revered working dogs, so it’s natural for the Blue Heeler Husky mix to have the drive to be a busy bee.

Whether through work like herding cattle, or sports like sled racing, hunting, or running, the Ausky is happy to be doing activities with you. 

A strong, resilient, and remarkably loyal dog, the Ausky sure is every athletic owner’s delight.

7. Siberian Cocker (Cocker Spaniel & Husky Mix)

Siberian Cocker Cocker Spaniel Husky Mix
Image credit: wizleymonchien / Instagram

Meet the merry and athletic Siberian Cocker. With a jolly and energetic attitude, this Husky and Cocker Spaniel mix is like a dose of sunshine; all prepared to give you a happy day.

The medium-sized Siberian Cocker loves playtime, has a gentle nature, and is good with children. These well-loved characteristics are passed on by its parent breeds.

The Siberian Cocker is also known to be sensitive, so make sure to use gentle and positive training methods in dealing with them. You definitely wouldn’t want to hurt your happy furball’s feelings by being harsh with them.

Their beautiful personality is matched by their beautiful coat that comes in various colors and patterns, which, as pet owners, you have to regularly brush every three to seven days to keep it healthy and shiny.

8. Aussie Siberian (Australian Shepherd & Husky Mix)

Aussie Siberian Australian Shepherd Husky Mix
Image credit: francisofausky / Instagram

The great Aussie Siberian boasts many exceptional traits — intelligence, strength, endurance, and swiftness. 

Being a descendant of working dogs enables the Aussie Husky to be a top contender for highly active individuals and families looking for an equally active and devoted companion.

They can be your perfect running, hiking, or even swim buddy with their boundless energy and high intelligence.

For them, living life to the fullest means sharing a physically and mentally active lifestyle with their humans.

The Australian Shepherd Husky mix also proves that they have great potential to become therapy dogs and service dogs. Like their parents, this hybrid has the ability to provide emotional support and be task-focused.

With such an excellent list of credentials, the Australian Shepherd Husky mix proves that they are indeed a bonafide wonder dog.

9. Husky Jack (Jack Russell Terrier & Husky Mix)

Husky Jack Jack Russell Terrier Husky Mix
Image credit: homer.doggy.king / Instagram

The Husky Jack truly deserves the spotlight with all its praiseworthy traits. They are bold, tough, and clever, capable of performing well both as an athlete and as a worker.

Apart from its seemingly limitless energy, this Siberian Husky and Jack Russell Terrier cross has a whole lot of cuteness ready to enchant you. They are loving and affectionate, indeed a devoted family companion.

Having an assertive owner is their dream match as their independent and clever antics may prove to be too much for a novice owner.

The fearless Husky Jack doesn’t mind not being eligible to register with the American Kennel Club; what matters to them is being able to be registered as a lifelong member of your pack.

10. Bernese Husky (Bernese Mountain Dog & Husky Mix)

Bernese Husky Bernese Mountain Dog Husky Mix
Image credit: tufo_e_boleta / Instagram

The Bernese Husky seems to have it all — beauty, brains, and brawns. And oh yes, they’ve got a good heart, too! 

This Bernese Mountain Dog and Husky mix is a versatile working dog with a sweet temperament, poised to become a certified invaluable member of your pack.

Having a Bernese Mountain Dog and Husky parent breeds qualifies the Bernese Husky to become a great drafting dog, with its powerful ability to pull carts, whether for work or sporting events. 

On top of that, this medium to extra-large-sized Husky mix can be your most affectionate family member with its gentle and calm personality. 

But Bernese Huskies are always up for a good time, too, ready to tag along with your hiking or camping trips or to simply frolic in your yard. 

Just remember to keep them nicely cool as they cannot tolerate the heat very well.

11. Alusky (Alaskan Malamute & Husky Mix)

Alusky Alaskan Malamute Husky Mix

One of the most popular Husky crossbreeds is the Alaskan Malamute Husky mix. A product of two working dogs from the Arctic region whose main purpose was to pull sleds, the Alusky is your definite diligent worker.

Working hard during the day, their best reward is having to spend a relaxing time snuggling with their owners at night. 

And it’s a good thing the Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky mix is not one to play favorites; everyone in their pack gets to be loved equally.

They are your true loyal pack members who are playful, gentle, and affectionate. Being a true pack member also means they also need a good pack leader who will properly guide and teach them good behavior.

With all that, you’d surely agree that having a family pack member as handsome, loving, and hardworking as the Alusky is one of life’s greatest blessings.

12. Siberian Boston (Boston Terrier & Husky Mix)

Siberian Boston Boston Terrier Husky Mix
Image credit: pinocchiomaster / Instagram

If you are looking for another member to add to your comedic bunch, you need not look further than the Siberian Boston. This mix carries a whole lot of tricks up its sleeve to fill your day with love and humor.

As natural comedians, this mixed breed is friendly, clever, and lively, with an inclination to follow their mischievous instincts, thanks to their Boston Terrier and Husky parent breeds.

It’s not unusual to see a Siberian Boston looking like they are wearing a tuxedo jacket, as their Boston Terrier parent may have handed them down their famous dapper coat.

With such a happy mixed breed, they also need to burn all their happy hyper energy doing fun activities like playing fetch, walking, and jogging in order to keep them fit and healthy.

Days filled with warmth, mischief, and laughter, that’s a promise the Boston Terrier Husky mix will surely keep.

13. Beaski (Beagle & Husky Mix)

Beaski Beagle Husky Mix
Image credit: heisahuskeybeaglemix / Instagram

The Beagle Husky mix might just be one of the happiest and sweetest family companions you’ll ever meet. Also known as Beaski, this mixed breed is friendly, curious, and happy as a bean.

They adore being around people and are known to be gentle and loving. But they do have a mischievous side too. This companion dog is very much capable of using its intelligence to fool around.

Moreover, having parent breeds who are known to be diggers, seeing your lawn full of crater-like holes should be no surprise to you. Also, if howling feels like a serenade to you, you’ll love the Beaski even more.

Your home will not only be filled with a lot of clowning and howling but also with more than enough love, laughs, and happiness with the Beagle and Husky mix around.

14. Chihuahua Husky Mix

Chihuahua Husky Mix
Image credit: mraczkathedogmom / Instagram

Let me introduce you to the Chihuahua Husky mix. This small- to medium-sized mixed breed is certainly not for everyone as they’ve got all the sass, energy, and intellect that may overpower an unsuspecting novice owner.

Being an offspring of the Chihuahua and Husky, who are known to have stubborn tendencies, you need to step up to the plate and be a patient, firm, and consistent pack leader to keep them well-behaved.

While the Chihuahua is naturally not fond of strangers, the outgoing personality of the Husky may help make the Chihuahua Husky become a more sociable pooch. Needless to say, early socialization is still a must.

One thing is for sure, though. The Chihuahua Husky mix is a devoted companion, making their owners the most special human in their eyes.

15. Rottsky (Rottweiler & Husky Mix)

Rottsky Rottweiler Husky Mix
Image credit: gooserottsky / Instagram

The Husky Rottweiler mix is most certainly as cool as its nickname Rottsky. With their ability to compensate, balance, and complement the traits of their parent dog breeds, they are truly every owner’s pride and joy.

The Rottweiler Husky mix is able to compensate for the lack of guarding instincts of the Husky with the protective nature of its Rottweiler parent. 

At the same time, the friendly personality of their Husky parent helps the Rottsky become more cordial with strangers. 

Meanwhile, the strength, loyalty, and diligence of its parents are reaffirmed in the Siberian Husky Rottweiler offspring. 

Having such wonderful traits enables them to easily fit in the police force or sports arena, should they have the opportunity and proper training to foray into those fields.

But if not, being their family’s ultimate companion would still be a role they would proudly wear as their badge of honor.

16. Huskydoodle (Poodle & Husky Mix)

Huskydoodle Poodle Husky Mix
Image credit: artie_huskypoo / Instagram

Here comes your highly-social comedian, the Poodle Husky mix. Commonly referred to as the Huskydoodle, Huskypoo, and Poosky, these dogs are your resident witty pack members. 

Given their friendly disposition, high intelligence, and sense of humor, they are surely bound to get into situations that are nothing short of amusing both for their owners and the people they meet along the way. 

As they are a product of dog breeds that are independent thinkers, you can also expect to have a bit of stubbornness from them every now and then.

Nevertheless, these smart, active, and loving canines are your best walking, jogging, hiking, or even swimming buddies. This is thanks to their strength, versatility, and sincere companionship.

And while being a mix of popular dog breeds means meeting high expectations from the crowd, they certainly do not disappoint with all their beauty, intelligence, strength, and comedic talents.

17. Dusky (Dachshund & Husky Mix)

Dusky Dachshund Husky Mix
Image credit: forbellessake / Instagram

The Dachshund Husky mix is one bold, curious, and mischievous ball of fur. They may even come in a hotdog-looking package if they inherit the physical traits of their Daschund parent. 

Love and affection will not be in short supply whenever the Dusky is around. They are friendly, like giving and receiving attention, and are loyal pack members.

And coming from a lineage of sled dogs and hunting dogs, you can expect them to exhibit the same working skills as their parents, like having excellent tracking abilities and endurance.

But, with their intelligence also comes a good level of stubbornness. And with their hunting skills also come great digging tendencies. If you see those as part of a good challenge and adventure, consider getting a Dusky!

18. Pitsky (Pitbull & Husky Mix)

Pitsky Pitbull Husky Mix
Image credit: blue.eyed.killua / Instagram

The mighty Pitsky is a cross between a Husky and a dog from the Pitbull family, which is usually an American Pit Bull Terrier.

As a mixed breed, they are powerful and tenacious, made to thrive in challenging physical activities.

Their sheer athleticism allows them to excel in various activities such as swimming, running, agility training, and drafting. 

Siberian Husky mixes such as the Pitsky are also friendly, good-natured, and extremely loving toward their family members. So much so that they are known to experience separation anxiety when apart from them for too long.

The Pitbull Husky mix can also be a good guard dog, having inherited the protective instincts of its Pitbull parent.

For active individuals and families looking for a warmhearted and agile pack member, the Pitsky may very well be your best bet.

19. Huskita (Akita & Husky Mix)

Huskita Akita Husky Mix
Image credit: days_of_a_huskita / Instagram

The Akita Husky mix, also called Huskita, is a deeply loyal and courageous designer dog that comes in a medium to extra-large size. Aside from its massive stature, this designer dog possesses great strength and beauty.

Being one of the Husky mix breeds, the Huskita is an interesting mixture of the dignified and protective nature of its Akita parent and the outgoing and welcoming personality of the Husky. 

While their parent breeds may have slightly opposing traits, their unquestionable dedication and loyalty to their pack always shine through as a common trait. 

For them, quality time with family and friends is always a cherished moment, for it is time they allow their silly side to come out.

And even though the Huskita possesses the challenging trait of being strong-willed, with the firm, consistent and patient guidance of an experienced owner, having a well-trained Huskita is an achievable feat.

20. Dalmatian Husky (Dalmatian & Husky Mix)

Dalmatian Husky Dalmatian Husky Mix
Image credit: blueeyed_achilles / Instagram

With its great endurance and speed, the sleek Dalmatian Husky is a superb companion for those who love stepping outdoors to get a good workout.

Running and hiking with their family would always be their idea of a good time.

This beautiful designer dog is a strong, loving, and smart pack member. They can seem reserved and dignified when with strangers, bearing the protective instinct of their Dalmatian parent.

But, these active Dalmatian Husky mixes are sure not to neglect their silly side as well. They can instantly turn into playful and outgoing furballs when they give in to their cheerful nature.

Both the Siberian Husky and Dalmatian are known for being headstrong. Thus, you need to establish your role as a respectable pack leader in the eyes of the Dalmatian Husky to ensure that they are taught and guided well.

21. Boxsky (Boxer & Husky Mix)

Boxsky Boxer Husky Mix
Image credit: hera_the_boxsky / Instagram

The Boxsky is one clever, good-natured, and highly active dog. Being one of the Husky mix breeds, they surely bring a lot of smiles and warmth to their family with their playful antics and sincere love.

Siberian Huskies and Boxers are known to be very energetic dogs. This makes the Boxer Husky mix an active pooch who needs enough physical and mental exercise to keep them happy and away from mischief-making thoughts.

At the same time, the Boxsky is also friendly and gentle, making them a wonderful family companion. And with their watchdog and guard dog instincts, they are their family’s reliable and loyal protector.

Having ancestors who have worn many noble and impressive hats in the past, it’ll come as no surprise if the Boxsky themselves become remarkable athletes, police dogs, or guide dogs, for it certainly is in their genes.

22. Sharberian Husky (Chinese Shar-Pei & Husky Mix)

Sharberian Husky Chinese Shar Pei Husky Mix
Image credit: zuri.sharberianhusky / Instagram

The Husky Shar-Pei mix, also known as the Sharberian Husky, is somewhat a paradox in its own right. 

They can be calm and aloof with strangers but, at the same time, can also be excited and friendly pooches who are happy to meet people. Such is the result when you cross Siberian Huskies with Chinese Shar-Peis.

Although their exact temperament toward other people and dogs cannot be fully predicted, their loyalty and love for their family are characteristics they always bear.

And when the innately protective nature of the Shar-Pei is combined with the strength of an active Husky, you will have one tough and relentless Husky Shar-Pei mix.

This is why training and socialization at a young age are important for the intelligent Sharberian Husky, as they can be powerful and tenacious. 

But, to the ones they love, they will always be their hippo and wolf-looking sweethearts.

23. Husky Inu (Shiba Inu & Husky Mix)

Husky Inu Shiba Inu Husky Mix

The Shiba Inu and Husky mix is such a visual treat with its fox-like and wolf-like appearance. This designer breed is alert, active, and agile, ready to accompany you on all your adventures.

This Husky mix is also intelligent and possesses a noticeable air of confidence around them. They are not often as clingy as other dogs but show their love more through loyalty and protective nature.

This small- to medium-sized dog can also be very strong-willed, so they need patient and firm pack leaders.

While their Shiba Inu parent tends to be standoffish with strangers, their Siberian Husky lineage allows them to be more friendly toward new acquaintances. 

Even so, early socialization is still necessary for helping them do well around other people and dogs.

With all its regal appearance and dignified traits, the Husky Inu is one of the best Husky mixes out there.

24. American Bulldog Husky Mix

American Bulldog Husky Mix
Image credit: bruno_rosie_adventurepups / Instagram

As a member of the athletic Husky mix team, the powerful American Bulldog Husky mix brings its A-game with its endurance, speed, and agility. 

These versatile Siberian Husky hybrids come from a lineage of farm dogs, sled dogs, and guard dogs. 

With their gentleness, loyalty, love, and innate drive to protect people they consider family, they are not only impressive but truly endearing as well.

Having all these admirable traits makes it easy to see how the Husky American Bulldog mix can portray a confident aura. This hybrid pooch is also one confident and self-assured dog.

With that said, proper training, exercise, and socialization are important for these energetic Husky mix breeds. When raised well, the American Bulldog Husky mix will surely be your lifelong best friend.

25. Great Danesky (Great Dane & Husky Mix)

Great Danesky Great Dane Husky Mix
Image credit: belladanesky / Instagram

The stunning Great Dane Husky mix is both one big goofy, playful pooch and a courageous, powerful guardian at the same time. They are able to do both roles well, being simply that great.

Also called Great Danesky, this Great Dane and Husky mix is one regal, easygoing, and dependable pack member. They are their family’s big darlings with their sweet and gentle personalities. 

At the same time, they are alert and fearless protectors of their loved ones, bearing the watchful guardian instincts of their Great Dane parent.

While they can be playful and active, the Great Dane Husky mix is able to enjoy a quiet downtime too. Chilling beside their loved ones is also a favorite hobby of theirs.

With all these wonderful traits, the Husky Great Dane mix is undoubtedly their pack members’ great big love.

26. Belusky (Belgian Malinois & Husky Mix)

Belusky Belgian Malinois Husky Mix
Image credit: sherlocks.adventure / Instagram

Meeting a Belgian Malinois and Husky mix is like meeting one of the most hardworking, intelligent, and tenacious canine breeds of all time.

The Belusky, as they are also called, can be exceptional herding dogs, drafting dogs, and police dogs, thanks to the inherited versatile traits from their parent breeds.

Being remarkable watchdogs and powerful guardians of their family are unmistakable qualities that run in their bloodline, being a descendant of the Belgian Malinois.

And apart from the added endurance, swiftness, and intelligence, their Husky parent breed is also able to pass on their warm personality to the Belusky, enabling them to be more social and accepting of others.

All their high energy is put to good use when paired with an equally active owner with whom they can share regular tandem workouts.

Packmates need not fret as family workouts are a welcome thing for the Belusky too!

27. Horgi or Siborgi (Pembroke Welsh Corgi & Husky Mix)

Horgi Siborgi Pembroke Welsh Corgi Husky Mix
Image credit: pandathesiborgi / Instagram

By simply looking at the Siborgi or the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Husky mix, you’d instantly be charmed by their warm, happy, and affectionate gaze.

Clever, alert, and sweet, the Siborgi undeniably brings joy to their owners with their lively personality, strength, and loyalty.

Small to medium-sized Husky mixed breeds such as the Siborgi are also energetic dogs, requiring lots of activity throughout the day. This comes as no surprise, coming from a lineage of herding and sled dogs.

Training the Corgi Husky mix will also not be an overwhelming task for its owner, as their willingness to please enables them to be attentive to their owner’s commands.

All in all, the Siborgi is a testament to the saying that great things come in small packages. And it surely doesn’t hurt that they come in medium packages too!

28. Labsky or Huskador (Labrador Retriever & Husky Mix)

Labsky Huskador Labrador Retriever Husky Mix

As one of the Husky mixed breeds, the Siberian Retriever belongs to our standout class of congenial canines, with their friendly, outgoing, and energetic spirit.

Affectionately called Labsky, this sweet and kind Labrador Retriever and Husky mix is a true family sweetheart with its intelligence, amiable nature, and enthusiasm.

As the loving dogs they are, these dogs are prone to developing separation anxiety if detached from their family for a while. Hence, this Husky mix is not recommended for busy pet owners. 

Moreover, as a social butterfly, the Siberian Retriever’s ability to get along well with other people and other dogs also makes them a lot easy to live with.

Such amazing traits allow them to become good service and therapy dogs like their parent breeds. And with their high energy, they make great athletes for agility and cart-pulling sports too.

29. Siberian Pinscher or Dobsky (Doberman & Husky Mix)

Siberian Pinscher Doberman Pinscher Husky Mix
Image credit: kapturingkoga / Instagram

The Siberian Pinscher clearly exudes a menacing dog vibe with its striking eyes and powerful physique, making any individual think twice before pursuing any ill-intentioned scheme against its owner.

Intelligent, highly energetic, and ever-loyal, the Doberman Pinscher Husky mix bears the stamina and endurance needed in order to protect the ones they love. 

These tenacious Siberian Husky mixes come from a line of admired working dogs and being efficient police, therapy, and service dogs most certainly belong in their skillset.

And while they can be fearsome to strangers, in the presence of family they are affectionate pooches who savor lots of cuddle time, much like their Doberman Pinscher and Siberian Husky parents.

Given that they are powerful and highly energetic with a tendency to be stubborn, it is best that they are paired with an experienced owner who is able to use firm and consistent training methods.

30. Samusky (Samoyed & Husky Mix)

Samusky Samoyed Husky Mix
Image credit: angelica_angy_11 / Instagram

With its beauty, intelligence, and gentle personality, the Samoyed and Siberian Husky mix is a certified sweet darling. This fluffball is among our congenial Husky mix canines who give everyone warm fuzzies everywhere they go.

Also called Samusky, this medium-sized hybrid breed is also powerful and agile, proving their versatility in various work duties. They can be herders and sled dogs just like their parents.

And because of their friendliness, they easily get along with other people and dogs. For them, a day spent carrying out their mischievous plans and doing fun activities with their pack members is a day well-spent.

Having beautiful lush coats, weekly brushing is a must for these mixed breeds. Their coats need no trimming as those are meant to protect them from the cold and the heat.

Having said all that, any bad day is surely made better with the love of the smiling Samusky.

31. Cane Corso Husky Mix

Cane Corso Husky Mix
Image credit: crew_doggenfamily / Instagram

The majestic Cane Corso Husky mix is a strong, agile, and intelligent designer breed that expresses its uniqueness by being a dignified guardian with a comical side to its personality.

As a hybrid of a medium-sized Husky and a large-sized Cane Corso, they are dogs of immense loyalty and love. They have a great desire to protect their pack and have the bravery, strength, and endurance to do so.

Having the tendency to be protective, early socialization is essential to enable the Cane Corso Husky mix to be more accepting of other people and dogs. 

But being a Husky mix, they are sure to have the tendency to be mischievously funny, too, with their silly antics and humorous play.

And due to their high intelligence and inclination to be willful, firm leadership is a must. With that said, they are a breed for an experienced and confident owner.

32. Pomsky (Pomeranian & Husky Mix)

Pomsky Pomeranian Husky Mix

As true companion dogs, the lively Pomsky possesses the intelligence, beauty, and bold personality enough to make sure that their owner’s life is full of love, warmth, and laughter.

The Pomeranian and Husky mix is a small- to medium-sized dog that is alert and curious.

Their intelligence enables them to learn commands easily and are able to perform well in agility courses and obedience competitions.

They can be wary of strangers, but if their Husky parent’s friendly nature prevails, they may be more trusting toward acquaintances.

As both of its parents are known to have a stubborn streak, Pomskies also can be pretty stubborn themselves and need owners who will clearly set boundaries and be firm and consistent pack leaders.

And just like other pooches with fluffy coats, they would need regular brushing sessions every two to seven days to keep their coats healthy and tangle-free.

33. Chusky (Chow Chow & Husky Mix)

Chusky Chow Chow Husky Mix
Image credit: hershey_the_chowsky / Instagram

The Chusky is an intelligent, powerful, and loyal pack member with a dignified demeanor. 

Also called Chowsky and Husky Chow, this crossbreed is not a good choice for first-time owners as their training and grooming requirements may overwhelm novice dog parents.

Being a cross between a Chow Chow and a Husky, every Chusky’s personality may slightly vary depending on which parent they take after.

Huskies are known to be friendly and gentle and tend to get along well with strangers and dogs alike. 

On the other hand, Chow Chows tend to be snobbish toward strangers and may not get along well with some dogs, particularly those of the same sex.

Though the Chusky’s traits can vary, their intelligence, strength, and loyalty truly stand out as their definitive traits making their owners proud of having the privilege of being loved by them.

34. Greyhound Husky Mix

Greyhound Husky Mix
Image credit: / Instagram

Possessing the great speed of the Greyhound and the exceptional endurance of the Husky, the Greyhound Siberian Husky mix is a surefire master at running. 

These athletic Husky mixes are ace pack companions not just with their excellent running skills but also with their gentleness, sweet nature, and loyalty.

They are cheerful and friendly even with strangers. This dog breed is also not known to be aggressive toward other dogs, making them suitable for families with frequent visitors and households with other pet dogs.

And while they are very athletic, they can also enjoy quiet moments with their family. They do have a high prey drive, though, so it’s best to have a secure and high-fenced yard for this medium to large-sized Husky hybrid.

Being all that and more, the Greyhound Husky mix is bound to race its way into every active owner’s heart.

35. Huskimo (American Eskimo Dog & Husky Mix)

Huskimo American Eskimo Dog Husky Mix
Image credit: scout_the_huskimo / Instagram

Incredibly beautiful, smart, and with a cheerful personality, the well-rounded Huskimo guarantees that they will always be the life of the party.

The American Eskimo Dog and Husky mix is an affectionate companion who is loyal, eager to please, and always all-in when it comes to family activities. 

They love entertaining and being around people and are great with children and other dogs. At the same time, their versatile skills allow them to be great at agility, cart-pulling, and obedience competitions.

There are times when their cleverness would lead them to be self-willed, so owners must be good pack leaders and clearly establish rules to keep those tendencies in check.

With all their endearing traits, the Huskimo is indeed a great pack member who will make their family feel happy, amused, and most of all, deeply loved.

36. Hug (Pug & Husky Mix)

Hug Pug Husky Mix
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Crossing a Pug and Husky means doubling up on the charm and mischief-making abilities of these two parent breeds; hence, we have one cheerful, clever, and utterly mischievous Hug.

Being a mix of the Pug and Husky, the Hug has enough facial expressions to keep its owners happily entertained. They are also sure crowd-pleasers with their friendly personality and comedic streak.

And having medium to high energy levels, they would need a moderate amount of daily physical and mental exercise, which the Hug would prefer to be doing alongside family members.

Although they may occasionally be stubborn, training them is not an extremely challenging task for their owners. With patience, consistency, and a lot of tasty rewards, they are bound to do well.

If you have then been blessed with owning one of these pooches, you’d definitely agree that the cure to any bad day is always a Hug!

37. Muskiff (Mastiff & Husky Mix) 

Muskiff Mastiff Husky Mix
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One cannot help but admire the majestic look of the Muskiff. Being a mix of a Mastiff and Husky, this medium to extra large dog breed is an alert, courageous, and powerful dog of dignity.

With their deep sense of loyalty, they are capable of being their families’ trusted guard dogs, especially when they inherit the superior protective instincts of their Mastiff parent.

And while they are powerful and may naturally be aloof toward strangers, they are also good-natured and patient.

The combined friendliness of their parents makes them gentle giants who enjoy quality time with their family.

And although the lifespan of the Mastiff tends to be short, the longer lifespan of the Husky helps the Muskiff enjoy extended years with its owners.

With all their greatness, the Muskiff is sure to make a giant impact on their loved ones’ lives.

38. Saint Berhusky (Saint Bernard & Husky Mix)

Saint Berhusky Saint Bernard Husky Mix
Image credit: alanarose26 / Instagram

Coming from a lineage of heroic dog breeds such as the Saint Bernard and Husky, the Saint Berhusky proves that they are just as dependable, loving, and sweet as their parent breeds.

The Saint Berhusky has a kind and friendly demeanor, which is not only displayed toward family members but also extends to strangers and other dogs. 

They can be patient and tolerant with children, making them wonderful family dogs and great therapy dogs.

And with their strength and endurance, the Saint Berhusky is also able to do well in activities such as drafting and agility competitions.

With all that they are and are capable of doing, the Saint Berhusky is truly an awesome Husky mix. 

And though they might take up a lot of space in your home, the amount of love, warmth, and joy they give make it all worth it.

39. Irish Wolfsky (Irish Wolfhound & Husky Mix)

Irish Wolfsky Irish Wolfhound Husky Mix

With the towering height of the Irish Wolfhound Husky mix, they easily garner admiration from people as they exude such a majestic appearance.

At the same time, intruders are sure to be terrified just by the mere sight of them.

As the tallest Husky mix, the Irish Wolfhound and Siberian Husky mix can seem intimidating. But in reality, they are the opposite. These giant pooches are calm, friendly, and gentle.

They are loving and patient pack members who do well with families with children and other pet dogs.

This courageous canine is also capable of great strength and speed and excels in agility, tracking, and rally competitions. 

Though aspiring first-time owners may be tempted to get an Irish Wolfhound Husky mix due to their good-natured demeanor, their sheer size and high prey drive present challenges that are better handled by experienced owners.

40. Bluetick Coonhound Husky Mix

Bluetick Coonhound Husky Mix
Image credit: / Instagram

The Bluetick Coonhound Husky mix is surely made to be a great athlete. They have the intelligence, high energy, and great speed to perform well in activities and sports such as tracking, hunting, and agility.

This medium-sized Husky mix is not only good in sports, but they are also an excellent family companion. Affectionate, devoted, and loyal, this pack member always long to be by their owner’s side.

Another standout feature they possess is their unique beauty, especially when they inherit the spotted marks of their Bluetick Coonhound parent.

And being the offspring of breeds that are great at vocalization, the Bluetick Coonhound Husky mix naturally follows suit. You can expect to hear howling and baying sounds when they try to communicate with you.

Scoring high in athleticism, beauty, and temperament, the Bluetick Coonhound Siberian Husky mix sure is a stellar pack member worth having.

How Much Does a Husky Mix Cost? Puppy Prices & Expenses

The average price of a Husky mix puppy is from $400 to $2,000. Those coming from champion lineage and Husky mixes that require specific breeding techniques are usually much more expensive.

You could also opt to adopt an abandoned Husky mix and provide it a forever home, with adoption fees ranging from $275 to $420.

Aside from the initial purchase price of a Husky mix puppy, you must also include in your financial preparation the necessary items and procedures that owning a Husky mix come with.

Below are the initial expenses of a Husky mix puppy:

Type of ExpenseCost
Food and Treats$50 – $120
Food and Water Bowls$10 – $35
Bed$30 – $200
Crate$30 – $500
Leashes and Collars$15 – $50
Toys$20 – $50
Grooming Essentials$30 – $180
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$50 – $200
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $300
Initial Vaccine Shots$75 – $200
Neutering or Spaying$50 – $500
Dog License$10 – $20
Microchip$40 – $60
Miscellaneous Supplies$15 – $30
Total Initial Cost$525 – $2,445

Knowing the initial expenses of the Husky mix can help you better prepare for the arrival of your puppy. 

Do note, though, that these amounts are estimates only, and your actual expenses can still vary depending on the size of your Husky mix pup and your preferences.

And as an additional reference, you can also read our article on the cost of a purebred Husky.

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Places to Find Husky Mix Puppies for Sale and Adoption

Siberian Husky mix puppy for sale and adoption

Finding a reputable breeder to purchase your Husky mix puppy from is crucial to ensuring that you are able to get a healthy pup with a sound temperament.

Below are some places you can check out to find a Husky mix puppy for sale:

  • Greenfield Puppies – Greenfield Puppies is an online platform where breeders are able to advertise their available puppies, including the various Husky mixes, in order to reach potential buyers. They seek to create relationships with breeders, and their in-house photographer checks up on the well-being of the puppies being sold.
  • Lancaster Puppies – Lancaster Puppies is another online advertising site for puppy breeders, helping them connect with prospective dog owners. You can select various filters such as price range, breed, and location to narrow your search result and find the Husky mix that matches your specifications.
  • PuppyFinder – PuppyFinder is a search engine that helps connect breeders, private sellers, and rescue organizations to prospective buyers and adopters. You can find most Husky mixes on their site, and their drop-down list of breeds allows you to choose the specific Husky mix you are looking for.

You can also check out our 10 best Siberian Husky breeders for more options and our puppy buying guide for a more useful resource in helping you safely purchase your Husky mix puppy online.

If you prefer to adopt a Husky mix puppy, below are some rescues you can check out:

  • Free Spirit Siberian Rescue – Free Spirit Siberian Rescue was founded in 1999. Since then, they have been able to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome over 3,000 Huskies and Husky mix dogs. They are also able to deliver the rescue dog to its adoptive pet parent’s home, aside from having them spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped.
  • Hairy Houdini Siberian Husky Rescue – Hairy Houdini Siberian Husky Rescue aims to help abandoned Siberian Huskies and Husky mixes through their foster and adoption programs. They also hold fundraising events that help raise awareness, educate, and generate resources to further their mission.
  • Adopt-a-Pet – Adopt-a-Pet is a website that enables various shelters, rescue groups, and pet adoption agencies to advertise pets that are available for adoption in order to reach potential adopters. They also provide content on proper pet care and training.

Aside from these, you can also check out our 10 best Siberian Husky rescues. And if this will be your first time adopting a pet, I highly recommend reading our dog adoption guide

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Final Thoughts

Various Husky mixes are able to showcase their uniqueness with the combined traits of their parent breeds.

What makes them even more special is their ability to enhance and balance these features, proving that there is an ideal match for every aspiring Husky mix owner.

While it can be tempting to base your preference solely on their looks, it is very crucial to consider the temperament, exercise, grooming, and training needs of each Husky mix carefully. 

After all, they will be your lifelong companions, and they deserve to be treated with the best care and love any pack leader could ever provide.

Which among the 40 Husky mixes charmed its way into your heart? Let us know and leave your comments below!

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