Spotted Dog Breeds: 59 Dogs With Spots (With Pictures)

Spotted dog breed Dalmatian dogs with spots sitting outdoors on a green grass

A lot of dog lovers carry a special liking for spotted dog breeds, and it is not hard to see why. Spotted dogs are special because of the unique distinction in their coats, skin, or both, which their owners are proud to display.

Owners with a preference for spotted dog breeds also enjoy the variety of dogs having this pattern.

They can choose between small and large dog breeds, long and short coats, and even different colors of spots!

This article lists different spotted dog breeds and gives more information about their appearances. If you are an owner or even an aspiring owner of any of these spotted dogs, this is a must-read!

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59 Spotted Dog Breeds

Should you be drawn to the spotted coat pattern in canines, the wide variety of dog breeds having this pattern which may also be called ticking, speckling, or flecking, should be enough to keep you delighted.

While this guide goes through each of the spotted dog breeds you might consider as your next companion, remember that more than the appearance, you also need to consider their lifestyle fit for you.

Without further ado, here are the 59 spotted dog breeds that may very well be your next canine companion:

1. Dalmatian

Spotted dog breed Dalmatian with spots

There is only one dog breed that has consistently perfect crisp and rounded polka-dot spots, and that is the Dalmatian, which is also one of the most popular spotted dog breeds.

The Dalmatian has been a well-known figure featured in a lot of movies and animated films and even as a mascot for firefighters.

Both male and female Dalmatians are born with pure white coats and without spots. The black and sometimes liver spots appear by the time they reach four months of age.

One thing to pay attention to for this breed is that it carries the extreme piebald gene, which is responsible for the Dalmatian’s white coat and its blue eyes.

Similarly, this gene makes the Dalmatian predisposed to deafness as well. So if your Dalmatian has fewer spots and has a blue set of eyes, make sure to have their hearing regularly checked by your veterinarian.

2. Bluetick Coonhound

Spotted dog breed Bluetick Coonhound with spots

Known for their glossy coats with mottled or ticked black and blue patterns, Bluetick Coonhounds are one the dog breeds that are spotted by nature; hence, their name.

The dark blue ticking of the Bluetick Coonhound may be found throughout its white coat and would be so dense that it sometimes results in huge spots on this dog’s body.

The only parts of this dog’s body that are not ticked would be its head and ears, which are predominantly black.

Although a lot of lovers of spotted dog breeds might be attracted to the beautiful pattern of the Bluetick Coonhound, it may not be a good option for first-time dog owners due to their extremely high prey drive.

They need tremendous amounts of physical and mental stimulation to satisfy their energy needs. If neglected, this may lead to destructive behavior and irritable bawling.

3. Australian Cattle Dog

Spotted dog breed Australian Cattle Dog with spots

Australian Cattle Dogs have official spotted coat colors that are known as mottling or speckling patterns, such as blue, blue mottled, blue speckled, red mottled, and red speckled.

The Australian Cattle Dog usually has black spots but may also sometimes have smaller white flecks on their bodies.

Also referred to as Blue Heelers or Queensland Heelers, Australian Cattle Dogs are related to the wild dogs of Australia, the Dingoes. They are born with a white coat color that eventually turns to blue-gray or red.

These hardworking herding dogs are highly driven at work and do an excellent job chasing and moving livestock. Additionally, they are also good hunting dogs, so keeping them active is a must for their owners.

Further, the Blue Heeler is also a heavy shedder, so twice a week brushing is needed to maintain their spotted coats.

4. Catahoula Leopard Dog

Spotted dog breed Catahoula Leopard Dog with spots

Being Louisiana’s official state dog, the Catahoula Leopard Dog has arguably one of the most appealing spotted coats and patterns in this list.

Catahoula Leopard Dogs have a wide variety of coat colors, which include tan and white with black spots, gray with black and white spots, and different shades of merle coat patterns.

What contributes more to their striking appearance is their blue or heterochromia eyes.

Grooming this spotted dog is easy due to its short coat, but make sure to regularly clip this breed’s fast-growing nails to avoid overgrowth, splitting, and cracking.

Further, Catahoulas are excellent security and guard dogs due to their dominant, active, alert, territorial, and protective nature. On the other hand, they also need a strong-willed leader to handle them.

Their strong personalities can be managed better with early obedience and socialization training.

This video shows the beautiful spots of the Catahoula Leopard Dog:

Catahoula Leopard Dog - Top 10 Facts

5. English Setter

Spotted dog breed English Setter with spots

As a medium-sized hunting dog, the English Setter’s coat comes in various colors and carries speckles or spots called belton, which is unique to this breed.

These flecks come in different colors as well, such as orange, white, blue, liver, and lemon.

The challenge with the English Setter is managing its beautiful yet long shedding coat to keep it healthy, silky, and tangle-free. Daily brushing for several minutes is recommended to maintain the fine quality of its hair.

The English Setter has a history that dates back to about 400 to 500 years ago, making it a very experienced bird dog. It is also known for its sweet and charming behavior and good looks.

Further, the English Setter has a very high prey drive, so early socialization, obedience, and leash training are helpful in managing this behavior. This should be easy due to this breed’s eagerness to please its owners.

6. German Shorthaired Pointer

Spotted dog breed German Shorthaired Pointer with spots

The German Shorthaired Pointer, or the GSP, is another very popular spotted dog breed, making it to the top ten most popular dog breeds by the AKC in 2021.

The most common coat color of the German Shorthaired Pointer is white with brown speckles or opaque spots scattered throughout its body, with larger patches over its ears and face.

Another standard patterned color of this breed is the black roan, while its official markings include the ticked and the patched varieties.

German Shorthaired Pointers are very energetic dogs. They love to run and swim and are very effective in dog sports, where they can display their power, speed, agility, and endurance.

If you are considering acquiring a German Shorthaired Pointer, it is best to have a wide enclosed yard where they can consume their huge amount of energy.

7. Great Dane

Spotted dog breed Great Dane with spots

The Great Dane is an excellent option for lovers of large spotted dog breeds since they can carry spots regardless of their coat color, whether on a plain white coat or a merle one.

With ten standard colors, including seven non-standard ones, and 11 listed markings, the possible combinations of coat colors and patterns that Great Dane breeders can produce are diverse.

Further, there are very popular and unique variants as well for this breed, like the harlequin Great Dane, which is the combination of merle and harlequin genes on black pigment.

Due to its size, one may also think that grooming the Great Dane would take too much effort. On the contrary, it is a very easy task due to its short coat. However, this breed needs to be kept warm during the winter season.

8. Brittany

Spotted dog breed Brittany with spots

The Brittany has a wide variety of standard coat colors but is more popularly known for its white coat with a combination of large and small brown spots. Additionally, it can carry ticked, spotted, and roan marks.

This kind of beautiful coat with bold patterns may even be passed on by the Brittany to its mixed breed litter when crossed with other purebred dogs.

Further, the medium-length coat of Brittany spaniel dogs sheds frequently, especially during the summer season. This makes grooming an essential task for owners of this very active breed.

Originally known as the Brittany Spaniel, it was bred as a hunting dog, which explains its high energy levels and needs for extensive physical activities.

As pets, Brittanies are very amiable, and they are friendly even with strangers. They are also eager to please their owners, making them highly trainable.

9. Border Collie

Spotted dog breed Border Collie with spots

Not only are Border Collies known to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds, but they are also famous for their beautiful coat colors that may have spotted patterns.

Some of the standard colors of Border Collies include black, blue, blue merle, red, red merle, sable, white and blue merle, and white and red merle, yet they are particularly famous for their black and white coats.

Border Collies also have eight listed official markings, including white markings, merle markings, tan points, and those with ticked and brindled patterns.

Hence, the possible combinations of Border Collie coat colors and patterns are so diverse that some breeders are able to come up with very rare mixes, such as the tricolor pattern.

The Border Collie is also a very athletic, hardworking, and trainable herding dog. However, once the day ends, it is ready for cuddle time with every member of the family.

10. English Springer Spaniel

Spotted dog breed English Springer Spaniel with spots

The English Springer Spaniel is another bird dog that has a beautiful spotted appearance, along with its long lush ears, trusting eyes, muscular build, and curly locks of medium length.

The appealing wavy coats of both the male and female English Springer Spaniels can come in different colors, such as black and white with black spots and brown and white with brown spots.

These beautiful coat patterns of the English Springer even encourage a lot of breeders to mix them with other breeds to come up with designer dogs with lovely spots and patterns.

Their curly coats also undergo moderate shedding and are also prone to matting if not maintained, so regular brushing is critical to managing the beautiful coats of the English Springer Spaniel.

As an energetic hunting dog, the English Springer Spaniel is also an active dog that loves going on long walks, playing games, and swimming.

Springer owners must ensure it gets its exercise needs to keep it happy and healthy.

11. American Bulldog

Spotted dog breed American Bulldog with spots

The American Bulldog is considered a type of Pitbull but is not the same as the American Pit Bull Terrier, which is also another spotted dog breed.

American Bulldogs come in a variety of coat colors and markings. However, only those with white coats often have spots. The most usual colors of their spots are black and brown.

Some American Bulldog breeders may produce black-coated ones with white spots, but these are quite rare. Regardless of their pattern, the short coat of these dogs is easy to groom and maintain.

This breed descended from the English Bulldog and is recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). These dogs have stocky builds, with deep chests and short muzzles.

On the other hand, American Bulldogs are more fitted for more experienced dog owners because of their strong will and stubborn nature. Hence, early obedience and socialization training are important while young.

12. Great Pyrenees

Spotted dog breed Great Pyrenees with spots

The Great Pyrenees is famous for its pure white coat, but its extremely fluffy coat can sometimes display black spots. It also has four markings recognized by the AKC — tan, gray, badger, and reddish brown.

The gigantic size of this breed, coupled with its long hair, means extensive grooming and daily brushing are required to keep shedding to a minimum. Else, expect its coat to be on everything it comes in contact with.

Growing to enormous sizes, Great Pyrenees are able to do their jobs as guardians of livestock and herd with ease.

However, combining this size with its strong will and stubbornness means you have a hard-headed dog that is difficult to control. Hence, consistency in training is needed to curb these unwanted behaviors the soonest.

Also, should you decide to keep a Great Pyrenees, be prepared for the cost of feeding to keep this huge dog well-nourished!

13. Chinese Crested

Spotted dog breed Chinese Crested with spots

The uniquely looking Chinese Crested has two variants, both with spots — the coated version, also called the powderpuff, which has a luxuriously silky coat, and the hairless one, with tufts of hair on its head, ears, tail, and legs.

The Chinese Crested breed has a wide range of skin colors, including apricot, black, blue, chocolate, cream, white, slate, and pink.

The spots on their skin are mostly on their chests or rumps but may also be found on other body parts.

Further, the hairless version grows a single silky coat and is more sensitive to extreme temperatures, while the powderpuff has a thick double coat, which makes them more adaptable to cold weather.

Chinese Cresteds are also very loving, affectionate, and devoted pets. Their playful and agile nature means that they can take care of their exercise needs on their own, making them excellent apartment dwellers.

14. Cocker Spaniel

Spotted dog breed Cocker Spaniel with spots

In terms of having beautiful spotted patterns, both the American and English Cocker Spaniels deserve their place on this list.

Both these types of Cocker Spaniels come in a wide variety of colors and markings as well.

The American Cocker Spaniel may sport golden or black spots on its wavy white coat variant, while the English Cocker Spaniel may have ticked or roan patterns on its silky and straight hair.

Both Cocker Spaniels have medium-length double coats that may shed moderately or heavily. Hence, brushing once or twice a week is necessary to maintain the fine quality and health of their coat and skin.

Though it has moderate energy requirements, the Cocker Spaniel is a bird-hunting dog, so it has a high chasing instinct and loves playtime. It is also known for its vibrant, affectionate, and gentle behavior.

This makes the Cocker Spaniel a good overall companion, whether indoors or outdoors.

15. Irish Red and White Setter

Spotted dog breed Irish Red and White Setter with spots

As early as the 1600s, the beautifully spotted Irish Red and White Setter was utilized as an effective bird dog.

This dog sneaks on its target by crawling on its belly and freezes into a setting position until the hunter nets the game bird.

The vivid red patches on its white body serve a practical function while on the field. It allows the hunters to spot their dogs at a distance, which makes locating the target much easier as well.

Further, the coat of this setter is short and flat and has long silky fringes called “feathering.” This feathering exists on the dog’s ears, neck, chest, belly, and legs, while the tail is also feathered with a long coat.

Irish Red and White Setters are slightly shorter and stockier than their Irish Setter counterparts. Yet, they are very powerful and are known for their endurance and stamina.

16. Dachshund

Spotted dog breed Dachshund with spots

The Dachshund or Doxie has a wide variety of coat colors and patterns. In terms of spotted coat, though, what makes this breed unique is its dapple pattern, which means “marked with spots or rounded patches.”

The dapple pattern in Doxies may occur in its different colored coats, where it would have speckles or patches of light markings or diluted colors, such as silver, blue, tan, chocolate, or red.

Further, all coat types of the Dachshund can have the piebald gene, which is also responsible for producing spotted coats.

Spots may also exist even in its long-haired standard and miniature versions or even in teacup Doxies.

Dachshunds are also famous for their short-legged and elongated body features, earning them the nicknames wiener or sausage dogs. They also have paddle-like paws and pointed muzzles.

17. Bulldog

Spotted dog breed Bulldog with spots

English Bulldogs have ten official standard colors listed by the AKC, including fawn, red, white, fallow, and combinations of these. However, the spots on Bulldogs usually appear on those with white base coats.

On the other hand, the standard markings of a Bulldog include ticked, brindle, and piebald, along with white markings, black tips, and black masks.

Due to this breed’s popularity, breeders have also developed some rare coat colors and patterns for this breed, such as blue, tricolor, and merle.

Further, the short coats of English Bulldogs require minimal grooming with just weekly brushing.

However, this brushing requirement will be more frequent when they shed their winter coats during summer. 

The Bulldog carries a muscular, thick-set, loose-skinned, low-slung brachycephalic appearance with a wrinkled head and an undershot jaw. This dog also has a laid-back, strong-willed, and independent character.

18. Chihuahua

Spotted dog breed Chihuahua with spots

The Chihuahua is the smallest spotted dog breed on this list, usually not weighing more than six pounds. They have erect ears and bulgy eyes, with either apple-head or deer-head features.

Spots, ticking, and mottling can exist in any variety of the Chihuahua, regardless of coat color, coat length, and size.

Long-haired, hairless, and teacup versions of this dog breed can easily carry well-defined spots too.

The Chihuahua can also sport brindle and merle patterns, along with its red, fawn, white, and cream markings.

Do not let their small size fool you, though, as Chihuahuas tend to be aggressive, stubborn, and yappy. Hence, early socialization and obedience training will help curb these unwanted behaviors.

Further, as toy dogs with hearty appetites and tiny tummies, it is also very important to monitor how much food they eat to prevent them from becoming obese.

19. Jack Russell Terrier

Spotted dog breed Jack Russell Terrier with spots

Originally bred to hunt foxes in the United Kingdom, Jack Russell Terriers usually come in white coats with tan and black spots and markings all over their body and on their head. The sizes of these spots may also vary.

The Jack Russell Terrier, or JRT, is also regarded as one of the smartest small breeds. It can easily learn new commands and tricks, making it an entertaining family pet as well.

However, these intelligent dogs are also a bit stubborn and feisty as well. Hence, positive reinforcement training is needed to get rid of this unwanted behavior.

Further, the Jack Russell is a very active and agile breed, and given its trainability, it is a good candidate breed for dog sports, such as flyball or agility.

The JRT also enjoys a very long lifespan of up to 16 years, making it an excellent companion dog.

20. Parson Russell Terrier

Spotted dog breed Parson Russell Terrier with spots

The Parson Russell Terrier, or the PRT, is a small white-coated breed that may have different colored spots or markings, such as tan, brown, black, cream, and tricolor.

Though it closely resembles its terrier cousin, the Jack Rusell Terrier, the Parson Terrier is slightly taller with longer legs.

The PRT also has a square-shaped body, a wider chest, and a larger and more prominent head.

Parson Russell Terriers may come in two coat types — the smooth and the broken coat. Both coat types are flat and thick, with the broken being longer than the smooth.

The broken coat version of the PRT may require more grooming, such as plucking and clipping, to avoid matting of the longer hairs.

PRTs also bark less and only usually do so when strangers approach their territory. Further, they are quite friendly with kids and other dogs, making them excellent household pets.

21. Beagle

Spotted dog breed Beagle with spots

Beagles are well-known spotty dogs. They also have a huge variety of standard and non-standard colors recognized by the AKC, such as black, lemon, tan, and white.

Their official markings also include ticked and spotted, but one of the most common patterns for the Beagle is brown spots on its white coat, which is their traditional look.

The Beagle’s short yet thick and dense coat is easy to groom. You would just need a bristle brush, grooming mitt, or de-shedding tool to remove dead hairs from its coat.

The Beagle is also an excellent tracking and hunting dog. Given its high activity level, it also has a huge appetite.

Thus, it is important to monitor its feeding closely to prevent it from having bloat or being overweight.

22. American Hairless Terrier

Spotted dog breed American Hairless Terrier with spots

What makes an American Hairless Terrier different from other spotted dog breeds is that instead of having a spotted coat, it has spotted skin instead. Its skin can carry piebald, tan, sable, or brindle spots.

The spots of American Hairless Terriers can be found anywhere on their body, including their ears, nose, backs, bellies, and legs.

While the newborn American Hairless Terrier has sparse hair, it becomes an entirely hairless spotted pup by six weeks of age, except for its eyebrows and whiskers.

Given its hairless nature, it is also a good dog breed to have for those with allergies. However, it also needs extra protection from direct sunlight and extreme cold.

This unique-looking breed is a descendant of the Rat Terrier and carries the distinction of being the only hairless dog breed that has been developed in the United States.

23. Greyhound 

Spotted dog breed Greyhound with spots

The Greyhound is undoubtedly the fastest dog breed with spots on this list. Its white-coated version is usually patterned with spots in addition to speckled areas.

However, its short coat may have other colors, like black, blue, fawn, liver, red, white, brindle, and combinations of these. It may also carry ticked, parti-color, and black mask markings.

The athletic English Greyhound, or simply Greyhound, has a muscular yet slim “s-shaped” body, long powerful legs and tail, tough feet with shock-absorbing pads, and a flexible spine.

To compare, an average human can run full speed at 15.9 miles per hour, while Greyhound sprints at 43 miles per hour, making it an excellent hunting and racing dog.

Greyhounds are now also very popular as family companions due to their loving and affectionate nature. They also get along very well with people, kids, and other pets.

24. Australian Shepherd

Spotted dog breed Australian Shepherd with spots

Not all Australian Shepherds may have spots, but they carry a strong merle gene. Hence, the majority of them would have a mottled, spotted pattern, which the AKC also recognizes.

The official coat colors of the Australian Shepherd listed by the AKC include black, blue merle, red, and red merle.

Australian Shepherds are highly energetic and protective shepherd dogs. They are also known for their high herding instinct, which is why they are also sometimes observed herding kids in the family.

Grooming the Aussie’s medium-length coat can also be a challenge, especially since this working dog sheds a lot, and its high activity level also makes it accumulate dirt and debris on its coat.

Further, if you are a first-time pet owner, the Aussie may be a challenge since they can be a bit stubborn. A good amount of training and exercise is required to keep them under control.

25. Small Münsterländer

Spotted dog breed Small Münsterländer with spots

Contrary to its name, the Small Münsterländer is actually a medium-sized versatile hunting dog that can either have a brown and white or brown roan coat with spots in the form of ticking, patches, or tan markings.

It is also a completely different breed from the Large Münsterländer, though both carry beautiful spotted patterns.

The Small Münsterländer was developed to perform a variety of hunting-related tasks, such as hunting, pointing, tracking, and retrieving. It is also very intelligent, alert, keen, and outdoor-lover.

Hence, owning one would come with a big responsibility that it is given adequate physical and mental activities to maintain its overall well-being. 

On the other hand, they are also great family pets due to their friendly and sociable nature. They also tend to develop very close relationships with their owners.

26. Large Münsterländer

Spotted dog breed Large Münsterländer with spots
Image credit: marie_pearce1 / Instagram

The Large Münsterländer is a German gun dog that has the same lineage as the German Longhaired Pointer but with a trademark black head, white tail tip, and a spotted black and white coat of medium length.

The existence of the piebald gene in the Large Münsterländer gives it its black-and-white coat pattern that may either be predominantly black or predominantly white.

Further, these markings occur as solid black patches in the dog’s body and legs, with varying degrees of black ticking or roan filling in the white fur.

This breed also has very strong tracking, pointing, and retrieving instincts. Recognized by The Kennel Club (KC) in 1971, it is considered a different breed from the Small Münsterländer.

Aside from being reliable hunting partners, Large Münsterländers are excellent companions at home due to their calm and adaptable nature. They are also gentle with children.

27. American English Coonhound

Spotted dog breed American English Coonhound with spots

The American English Coonhound is sometimes referred to as the Redtick Coonhound because of the red spots or ticking it has on its body.

American English Coonhounds are easy to groom, despite their hard, medium-length coat. Their coat colors include red and white ticked, blue and white ticked, tricolor with ticking, red and white, and black and white.

Although this breed may be admired for its beautiful ticked coat patterns, it also needs an owner who can keep up with its tremendous energy.

American English Coonhounds are known for their athletic nature, most especially for their speed and endurance. They are a sleek and racy breed that stands up to about 26 inches from the shoulder.

Further, they need consistent training, mental stimulation, and physical activities to prevent them from being frustrated and destructive. They also need a wide enclosed yard to run and roam around.

28. Corgi

Spotted dog breed Corgi with spots

There are two variants of the Corgi — the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, and both of them can have spotted coats.

The spots of the Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh Corgis can appear in any of its wide array of colors, but they are more popular in the blue merle coat color combinations.

The Corgi’s medium-length coat sheds more than other spotted dog breeds, especially the fluffy version, which has a longer and fuller coat. Hence, regular grooming is a must for this breed.

Corgis also have unique features compared to other dog breeds, like their elongated bodies, pointy ears, and round butts. Additionally, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is famous for its bobbed or docked tail.

Corgi owners also love it when they see their canine companions sploot or their signature “bread loaf” pose.

29. Dogo Argentino

Spotted dog breed Dogo Argentino with spots

Dogo Argentinos are large, muscular, powerful, and athletic pack-hunting dogs that have entirely white coats and may have black spots on their face, body, and paws.

Grooming the short coat of this breed is easy since it only requires weekly brushing, especially during the start of the summer season when they start to shed their winter coats.

In terms of hunting, Dogo Argentinos are usually used for big games such as wild boars and pumas. Because of their build, they are also sometimes mistaken for Pit Bulls.

Further, given the very strong will of this breed, the Dogo Argentino has the tendency to be stubborn, so it needs a strong leader it will respect and obey. Hence, this may not be a breed of choice for first-time dog owners.

They can be excellent home companions and trustworthy guard dogs if trained properly at an early age.

30. Pyrenean Mastiff

Spotted dog breed Pyrenean Mastiff with spots

Do not be fooled by the size of the Pyrenean Mastiff, as it is a very gentle, loving, and affectionate dog. This giant cuddly dog has a long, thick, and fluffy double coat adorned with different colored spots.

The usual base coat of the Pyrenean Mastiff is white and comes with spots, such as brown, silver, gray, golden, black, merle, sable, or biscuit.

If you decide to own this huge dog, make sure you have time to brush its heavy coat at least three times a week to avoid matting and tangling.

It also sheds twice a year heavily, so you need to use a rake during these periods.

In terms of temperament, these gentle giants are calm, good-natured, and intelligent. Although it has a low prey drive, it will not back down from protecting its family — people and animals alike, from threats.

31. American Pit Bull Terrier

Spotted dog breed American Pit Bull Terrier with spots

The American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) is a medium-sized dog that comes in a variety of colors, like white, black, black and white, and blue fawn. It may also carry spots through a brindle and merle coat pattern.

However, the merle coats of the APBT are not yet recognized by any dog registry since this pattern was recently developed in the breed by crossing it with the Catahoula Leopard Dog.

That doesn’t stop Pit Bull breeders, though, from breeding this pattern that is rapidly gaining popularity, especially the red merle and blue merle markings.

The APBT is also known for its muscular and solid build, while its coat is glossy, smooth, short, and stiff to the touch.

On the other hand, though the AKC does not recognize the breed itself, it is still accepted by the United Kennel Club (UKC) and the Continental Kennel Club (CKC).

32. Bracco Italiano

Spotted dog breed Bracco Italiano with spots
Image credit: Marco Mariani / Shutterstock

Bracco Italianos are hunting dogs with beautiful speckled coats. Their specks or spots would be orange or chestnut in color and would be all over their white body, including their ears, eyes, rumps, and backs.

The Bracco Italiano’s general appearance also adds to its charm and personality, such as its muscular body with lean limbs, long ears, sad facial expression, and well-sculpted head.

Introduced to the United States just in the 1990s, Bracco Italianos are one of the oldest pointing breeds. They are very versatile gun dogs, yet are very adaptable whether they are at home or in the field.

These dogs are reliable, intelligent, and highly trainable. However, this set of characteristics may also make them a bit stubborn, so training them at a young age would be best to instill discipline in them.

33. Nederlandse Kooikerhondje

Spotted dog breed Nederlandse Kooikerhondje with spots

Appearing in artworks as early as the Middle Ages, the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje is a very old dog breed aptly described as “the little white and orange dog with a big heart” due to its white coat with red spots.

Aside from its beautiful spotted pattern that may also be found on its muzzle and legs, this dog is also distinct due to its large, black-tipped ears and richly feathered tail.

The Nederlandse Kooikerhondje was originally bred to lure ducks and still carries its sporting dog traits up to now, such as its alert, swift, tough, and energetic nature, along with its sturdy bones and springy gait.

On the other hand, it is also a lovable home companion with its friendly, easy-going, cheerful, and eager-to-please attitude.

Since 1997, this breed has been supported by the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje Club of the United States, promoting its protection, advancement, and well-being.

34. Pachón Navarro

Spotted dog breed Pachón Navarro with spots
Image credit: marcos_madrid_serrano / Instagram

Aside from its trademark split or double nose, the Pachón Navarro is a Spanish hunting dog that has a beautiful spotted coat. This dog can have different colored coats, such as brown, black, white, or piebald.

The piebald gene gives it its tan and chestnut spots all over its body, in addition to more prominent spots over its back, ears, and face. Additionally, it may also carry a ticking pattern.

The Pachón Navarro is also an excellent companion dog due to its inherent intelligence and loyal, quiet, affectionate, and friendly nature.

Further, due to their hunting dog nature, Pachóns are very energetic and need a lot of physical exercise and mental stimulation activities to keep them satisfied.

35. Braque d’Auvergne

Spotted dog breed Braque dAuvergne with spots

The Braque d’Auvergne is a white dog with black spots arranged in a mottled pattern. This mottling may appear blue in color all over the dog’s body, with the exception of its ears and head, which should be solid black.

As its name indicates, the Braque d’Auvergne originated from the Auvergne province of France and is also referred to as the Auvergne Pointer or the Bleu d’Auvergne. It is categorized as a pointer and a versatile gun dog.

Braque d’Auvergne dogs have a lot of desirable characteristics. They are sensitive, affectionate, and good-natured, which makes them great family pets.

Further, they are also obedient, gentle, and eager to please in the field, making them excellent hunting partners.

They may not be recognized yet by the AKC, but they have been listed as pointing dogs with the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) as early as 1955.

36. Braque Francais Pyrenean

Spotted dog breed Braque Francais Pyrenean with spots
Image credit: / Instagram

More dog breeds have been developed outside of the United States that carry spotted coats, and one of those is the rare Braque Francais Pyrenean, which the AKC also recognizes.

This spotted dog has two standard colors — chestnut and white & chestnut. Additionally, it has three official markings listed by the AKC, which are ticked, roan, and tan points or spots.

The Braque Francais Pyrenean is a pointing or hunting dog with a history that dates back a hundred years ago. It is said to be the common ancestor of all shorthaired pointers that exist today.

The soft and short coat of this smaller and more popular version of the Braque Francais is also light shedding, making grooming an easy task, the other version being the similarly-spotted Gascogne.

37. Fox Terrier

Spotted dog breed Fox Terrier with spots

If you are a fan of Fox Terriers and spotted coats, you would be glad to know that all their three kinds, as listed by the AKC, can carry spotted appearances.

These three types, namely the Toy Fox Terrier, the Smooth Fox Terrier, and the Wire Fox Terrier, are all capable of having bi or tri-colored coats, otherwise referred to as parti-color.

This type of multiple-coat color pattern is responsible for giving them a distinctly spotted look, especially on their bodies.

As their name suggests, fox terriers were originally bred to flush out foxes from their dens. In time, their function has evolved into being companion dogs and show dogs.

Like other terriers bred for the purpose of fitness and functionality, fox terriers also enjoy good health and long lifespans, making them good options for those who want long-term companionship.

38. Gos Rater Valencià

Spotted dog breed Gos Rater Valencià with spots
Image credit: mountain.mousegirls / Instagram

The Gos Rater Valencià translates to Valencian Ratter in English. As its name also indicates, this spotted or patched dog breed originated in Valencia, Spain, to control its rat population in the 16th century.

Its short coat is usually tricolor, with white as the predominant color, and it has black and tan patches on the head and ears.

Its other colors include white and black, white and cinnamon, white and choco, and white and tan.

Physically, this rare dog looks like a cross of a Jack Russell Terrier and a Fox Terrier. It is small, compact, slender, yet muscular. It also sports erect, triangular ears and an elongated snout.

Further, the Valencian Ratter has a very high prey drive, and as a strong-minded breed, it may also come out fighting if it feels anxious or fearful. Hence, obedience and socialization training is critical for this breed.

39. Whippet

Spotted dog breed Whippet with spots

The Whippet is one of the fastest spotted dog breeds on this list, next to its predecessor, the Greyhound. Hence, the Whippet looks like a smaller version of the Greyhound.

The Whippet also carries a huge range of single-coat colors and two-toned combinations, called parti-color. The secondary color in this type of pattern may form spots, especially on a white coat.

Further, breeders have also successfully introduced the merle gene to the Whippet, giving this variant mottled spots or patches throughout its body.

Whippets have lean heads, long and powerful muzzles, small, folded ears, long and arched necks, deep chests, trim waists, sturdy legs, and long, tapering tails.

In terms of behavior, Whippets are gentle and sociable dogs. Although they are the ideal sporting and outdoorsy breed, they can also make good pets at home, given their friendly nature with kids and other animals.

40. Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Spotted dog breed Central Asian Shepherd Dog with spots

Unlike many spotted dog breeds in existence, it is said that man did not develop central Asian Shepherd Dogs (CASD); it was climate and culture, which can be traced to over 5,000 years ago through artifacts.

Their standard coat colors include black, fawn, gray, white, and brindle. Their white-coated version often has tan, black, or brown spots. Some of their other base coat colors are also patterned with white markings.

Due to their territorial nature, the CASD, also known as the Alabay or Alabai, are now utilized as livestock guardians, bred to protect people and their possessions.

Further, the Alabai’s coat is dense, straight, and of medium length. It also has a thick undercoat that makes it thrive in cold weather. It undergoes a “fur storm” annually, which is heavy shedding that owners must prepare for.

41. Pointer

Spotted dog breed Pointer with spots

The English Pointer, simply known as the Pointer, is a medium-sized hunting breed that may either have a solid coat or a patterned or spotted one.

Their short and fine coats may come in a variety of standard colors, such as black, lemon, liver, orange, and combinations of these colors with white. Their coats are decorated with a mixed pattern of large and small spots.

These spots would usually be in the form of reddish-brown or liver patches on the Pointer’s back, face, and ears, transforming into a speckling pattern all over its body and legs.

The breed’s name gives away what it does best, reliably pointing to the game’s direction, making it an ideal companion for hunters. Aside from its stamina and energy, this breed is also very fast and agile.

In the meantime, watch this video to familiarize yourself with the speckled pattern of spots in the Pointer:

Dogs 101 - POINTER - Top Dog Facts About the POINTER

42. American Staffordshire Terrier

Spotted dog breed American Staffordshire Terrier with spots

The American Staffordshire Terrier, otherwise known as the Staffordshire Terrier, AmStaff, or Staffie, is another spotted Pit Bull type of breed recognized by the AKC.

The Staffie has 18 standard colors listed, including black, blue, brown, liver, red, fawn, white, and its brindle versions. Its nine standard markings include spotted, patched, brindle points, and tan points.

Hence, breeders of AmStaff have the privilege of coming up with a wide variety of different color combinations and markings.

Staffies may look intimidating due to their stocky and muscular bodies, broad heads, well-defined jaws and cheekbones, and dark round eyes, but these dogs are good-natured, loving, and trustworthy dogs.

They tend to be quite stubborn, though, because of their strong will. Hence, it is best to take advantage of their easy trainability and complete their obedience and socialization training early.

43. Bull Arab

Spotted dog breed Bull Arab with spots
Image credit: roger.the.bullarab / Instagram

A Bull Arab’s short-haired coat comes in a variety of colors, such as white, cream, liver, black, red, buckskin, blue, silver, tan, and brindle.

However, the most common one is the white coat with reddish spots all over its body.

Developed in Australia, the Bull Arab was bred for the purpose of feral pig hunting. This dog originated from Bull Terriers, Pointers, and Greyhounds, while some have Bloodhounds or Mastiffs mixed into the line.

Now, it has become a breed on its own. The modern-day Bull Arabs are medium to large-sized dogs that are tenacious, alert, athletic, intelligent, and have excellent tracking abilities utilized for search and rescue missions.

Given its origin, Bull Arabs may tend to be dominant, stubborn, and overconfident. Hence, early obedience and socialization training is a must to maintain their loyal and calm demeanor.

44. Carea Leonés

Spotted dog breed Carea Leonés with spots
Image credit: sense_for_photography / Instagram

The Carea Leonés or Leonese Sheepdog is a shepherd dog with a smooth and slightly wavy coat that is of short to medium length. It can sport white or gray fur speckled with reddish-brown or black spots.

Their other coat colors include black, dark liver, or merle with white or tan trimmings.

This breed has its roots in the province of León in Spain. It was originally bred to carry and control livestock, like sheep, bovine, and equine.

When Spain introduced Churra sheep to the United States for food and fiber, they also brought the Carea Leonés to shepherd these huge flocks.

Together with the Australian Shepherd, the Carea Leonés became popular throughout California and the Southwestern states.

Leonese Sheepdogs are an intelligent, obedient, and hardworking breed, but their owners must ensure that they are given enough physical and mental activities to keep them satisfied.

45. French Brittany

Spotted dog breed French Brittany with spots

The French Brittany is another gun dog that may carry spots and was bred solely in France, as compared to its AKC-registered counterpart, known as the Brittany Spaniel, or simply Brittany.

The French Brittany also has a more diverse set of coat colors, which includes black, in addition to the usual white, orange, and liver colors that are common to this breed.

These colors may also be present as patches throughout the French Brittany’s body. However, French Brittanies could also sport completely solid colors, which is rare.

French Brittanies are considered precise hunters. They stay close to their partners and hunt over a short distance. They have a strong retrieval instinct, so expect them to chase after small pets too.

It is best to have them leash-trained and socialized early to control this chasing instinct when not hunting.

46. Shetland Sheepdog

Spotted dog breed Shetland Sheepdog with spots

Shetland Sheepdogs, also known as Shelties, are herding dogs with straight, long coats with dense undercoats and may come in blue merle patterns where the spots distinctly appear at the tips, as at the roots.

Other coat colors of the Sheltie include black, tan, sable, white, and combinations of these colors. Grooming is a serious task for this dog’s coat, which sheds considerably.

Weekly brushing of its double coat is a must to prevent it from matting or tangling and should be done more often during its shedding season.

In terms of appearance, both the male and the female Sheltie have long, wedge-shaped heads, erect ears, deep chests, and leveled torsos.

Their intelligence and training proficiency also make them excel in sporting events, such as obedience, agility, and herding trials.

They can be great watchdogs as well since they like to bark and are reserved with strangers.

47. Lagotto Romagnolo

Spotted dog breed Lagotto Romagnolo with spots

The Lagotto Romagnolo is an Italian breed that sports a soft, short, and curly coat, which can either be solid or may have splodges or white and tan spots.

Some versions of the Lagotto Romagnolo also carry a fading gene, giving it a flecked roan appearance.

It also has an overall physical appearance similar to many Doodle mixes. Its lavish whiskers, beard, eyes, and eyebrows add more to its cute and cuddly look.

Further, the Lagotto Romagnolo’s rough-looking curls are waterproof and are made up of double-coated hair rather than fur. Regular grooming and trimming of its coat are needed to avoid matting.

With a history dating as far back as the Renaissance period, this breed has also been called the “truffle dog” since it was used to sniff out truffles, which is an expensive ingredient.

48. Norrbottenspets

Spotted dog breed Norrbottenspets with spots
Image credit: tui_norbs / Instagram

As a small breed, the Norrbottenspets has a compact and proportionate body, with a smooth and thick, semi-long double coat that is usually white and adorned with reddish spots on its back, flanks, and head.

Aside from its orange markings or red patches, other standard markings of this breed include fawn and cream markings, tan patches, sable, and black masks.

This Swedish spitz-type hunting dog breed carries a tough, muscular, sinewy, and well-poised body that can withstand even the roughest terrains and harshest climates.

Its large ears, almond-shaped eyes, and curled bushy tail also contribute to its appeal.

Despite the outdoorsy nature of Norrbottenspets, it is also an excellent family companion, given its loyal, affectionate, playful, and loving nature, as well as its gentle nature with kids.

49. Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz

Spotted dog breed Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz with spots

The Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz is a medium spotted dog breed that is sometimes referred to as the Spanish version of the Jack Russell Terrier.

It usually sports short and fine white fur with brown and black spots on the head and the neck. In addition, some versions of this breed may also have small flecks all over their bodies.

It also has a triangular head, long muzzle, dark eyes, high-set ears that bend forward, and a docked tail.

This breed was developed in Andalusia, Spain, and was bred to terminate rats and mice in wine cellars. Being a hunter, the Ratonero also has an energetic, agile, lively, and courageous attitude.

Further, having this strong prey drive also means that it might not mix well with other smaller pets, such as rabbits or kittens, unless it is socialized early.

50. Stabyhoun

Spotted dog breed Stabyhoun with spots

The Stabyhoun is both a pointer and a retriever known for its obedient, gentle, and patient nature. Most of this breed has a black and white color with spotted, ticked, or roan patterns.

The brown and white version of the Stabyhoun is mostly found in the Netherlands, while the orange and white variant is nearly extinct.

Appearance-wise, this breed is longer rather than taller, and it also has feathering on its chest, collar, forelegs, trousers, and tail.

The Stabyhoun was bred to have an independent nature, especially in hunting. Hence, you can expect it to look for prey on its own and dig a lot. Its inquisitive nature may also sometimes get this breed into trouble.

Further, this breed is an excellent watchdog. If it feels that something is wrong, it won’t stop calling your attention until you investigate and confirm that everything is normal.

51. Welsh Springer Spaniel

Spotted dog breed Welsh Springer Spaniel with spots

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a beautiful medium-sized bird dog known for its striking red patches and spots on its white coat. It is bigger and stronger than the Cocker Spaniel but is smaller than the English Springer.

It is also admired for its tapered head and amazing medium-length double coat that is waterproof, weatherproof, and thornproof, making it very adaptable to all terrains and climates.

Weekly grooming is needed to maintain the attractive appeal of the Welshie’s coat. Use a slicker brush to remove mats and tangles that are forming, and then finish off with a soft brush.

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is also a darling at home, with its affectionate, loving, and eager-to-please behavior. However, it does not like being left alone, so ensure not to leave it behind for long periods.

Meanwhile, check this video as it touches on the rich red flecking of the Welshie:

Welsh Springer Spaniel - TOP 10 Interesting Facts

52. Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Spotted dog breed Wirehaired Pointing Griffon with spots

Another hunting dog to make it to our list is the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, which is also called the Griffon or Griff.

The short and wiry coat of the Griffon is usually white or brown with ticked or roan spotting variations.

The Griff’s low-shedding coat may also sport other colors, like chestnut, chestnut with gray, white with brown or orange, and brown with gray.

The natural rough and unkempt look of the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is due to its harsh and bristly coat.

As gundogs, hunters prefer to trim the Griff’s coat shorter so it does not collect thorns and thistles outdoors.

Carrying the accolade of “supreme gundog,” the Griff’s intelligence, proficiency, and hard work are unmatched in the field. It is also a very active breed, rivaling the energy of the Labrador Retriever.

Further, Griffons are also very trainable, given their eager-to-please attitude.

53. French Bulldog

Spotted dog breed French Bulldog with spots

With its bat ears, large and square head, wrinkled skin, short snout, short legs, and muscular and compact body, the French Bulldog or Frenchie is definitely an amusing and sought-after breed that may also carry spots.

The Frenchie has nine official coat colors recognized by the AKC, including brindle, cream, fawn, white, and combinations of these colors. They also carry standard markings such as ticked, brindled, and piebald.

Due to its popularity, breeders have even developed other versions of this adorable dog breed, such as merle, teacup, and fluffy Frenchies.

Their brachycephalic feature means that they do not require a lot of outdoor activities. However, they like to play indoors and are friendly with other family members, even with other dogs and animals.

This makes the Frenchie a good choice for spotted dog lovers seeking indoor pets.

54. Treeing Walker Coonhound

Spotted dog breed Treeing Walker Coonhound with spots

While some may be unfamiliar with this breed, the Treeing Walker Coonhound is actually an American favorite and is dubbed as “the people’s choice.” It is also known for its black and tan spots throughout its body.

The Treeing Walker Coonhound may have a white, black, or tri-colored coat. Aside from black and tan spots, it may also sport other markings, like blanket-back, tan trims, saddle-back, and white.

Don’t let this breed’s name fool you. Even if it is called a walker, this hunting breed can run fast and cover a lot of ground in a hurry. Further, it has long muscular legs and powerful, propulsive hindquarters.

This makes its purpose of chasing after games like raccoons easy due to its long, effortless strides.

It will continue to chase until its target gets trapped up a tree while it continues to guard below it until its hunter partner arrives.

55. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Spotted dog breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with spots

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has four standard coat colors, but the most popular one is the Blenheim, which is famous for its chestnut spots throughout its body.

Many male and female Blenheim Cavaliers display a round or oval spot on the center of their head, known as the “Blenheim spot.”

This spot is said to be the Duchess of Marlborough’s thumbprint as she pressed on her Cavalier’s forehead while waiting for news of her husband at war. This Cavalier eventually had a litter where all puppies carried the mark.

Cavaliers may also have black and tan, ruby, and tricolor coats of white, black, and tan. They also have straight, silky, and lustrous coats that shed moderately but can be maintained through regular brushing.

Further, Cavaliers are also well-loved due to their sweet and gentle expressions and round pleading eyes. They also get along very well with children and other dogs and pets.

56. Rat Terrier

Spotted dog breed Rat Terrier with spots

Both size variants of the Rat Terrier, namely the standard, which grows to 18 inches, and the miniature, which stands at 13 inches, carry pied patterns, which are large spots of one or more colors combined with white.

The spots or patches on the short, smooth, and shiny coats of the Rat Terrier may come in a variety of colors, including black, chocolate, blue, blue fawn, tan, sable, apricot, fawn, lemon, red, and silver.

Aside from piebald and spotted or patched, this breed sports other markings as listed by the AKC, such as badger, sable, white mask, blanket-back, and Irish marked.

As a terrier, expect this breed to be intelligent, compact, tough, muscular, agile, and fast, making it an efficient vermin or rodent exterminator.

Further, the Rat Terrier is friendly with other dogs but is reserved with strangers, so they can also function as effective guard dogs.

57. Teddy Roosevelt Terrier

Spotted dog breed Teddy Roosevelt Terrier with spots

Originally a variant of the Rat Terrier, the Teddy Roosevelt Terrier comes in a wide variety of colors, usually with a base coat and a second color that forms its spots, patches, or ticking pattern throughout its body.

The Teddy Roosevelt Terrier has a small, low-set, rectangular-shaped body, is more muscular, and has heavier bones than its cousin, the Rat Terrier.

Unlike other terrier varieties, the only recognized coat type for the Teddy is short and dense, making its spots more vivid and distinct.

On the other hand, like the typical terrier, Teddy Roosevelt Terriers were also originally bred for hunting rodents and vermins, making this breed energetic, agile, alert, speedy, and tough.

They are also intelligent dogs with strong protective natures and well-developed pack instincts. These behaviors and reserved nature with strangers make them excellent guard dogs.

58. Tenterfield Terrier

Spotted dog breed Tenterfield Terrier with spots
Image credit: dread.mutt.exe / Instagram

As an Australian spotted breed, the Tenterfield Terrier resembles a Jack Russell or Fox Terrier but has a thinner body and longer legs.

Its white coat is adorned with tan, black, or olive spots found on its head and body. Grooming is easy for the Tenterfield Terrier because of its small frame and smooth and short hair.

Being a terrier, expect it to have a high prey drive, so without proper training on obedience and socialization, it might chase after smaller animals at home, like rabbits or guinea pigs.

Further, Tenterfield Terriers are very intelligent and trainable. They are also very energetic and agile, so owners of this breed need to ensure that they are given their daily activities to consume all that energy healthily.

59. American Leopard Hound

Spotted dog breed American Leopard Hound with spots

Also known as the Leopard Cur, American Leopard, and American Leopard Cur, the American Leopard Hound is a rare spotted dog breed. It is one of the oldest treeing dog breeds in the United States.

About 60% of American Leopard Hounds carry solid colors, such as blue, black, brown, gray, and yellow. However, they also carry markings such as white spots, merle, tan, and brindle.

One of the most defining characteristics of the American Leopard Hound is its intelligence. It is also known for its excellent tracking ability, wherein it can track its target or prey for miles.

The American Leopard Hound is an excellent hunting dog, showing versatility in hunting various game species, such as raccoons, bears, bobcats, squirrels, and cougars.

Despite this, they are still very charming family dogs, with an affectionate temperament and very protective of children.

Places to Find Spotted Dogs for Sale and Adoption

Two spotted puppies with spots for sale and adoption

Spots on dogs can definitely draw a lot of attention, and with the huge number of breeds that carries this pattern, a lot of breeders take the opportunity to produce beautifully spotted dogs of all types.

However, as you engage with these breeders, make sure that you have read our ultimate puppy-buying guide to help you make smart choices on your purchase.

Once you have decided which spotted breed would be right for you, proceed to check the following credible sites that may have the spotted puppy you desire: 

  • AKC Marketplace – One of the most legitimate and safest places to look for top-quality spotted dog breeds is the AKC Marketplace. You can ensure that puppies listed on this site follow the standards for each breed. Their listings include Dalmatians, Britannies, Border Collies, Bluetick Coonhounds, Chinese Cresteds, Pointers, and more.
  • Greenfield Puppies – Established in 2000, Greenfield Puppies is very particular about the health and overall well-being of all puppies listed on its site. They have a lot of spotted breeds you can choose from, such as Dalmatians, Beagles, Cocker Spaniels, English Springers, German Shorthaired Pointers, and Great Danes, to name a few.
  • Keystone Puppies – Keystone Puppies advocates responsible breeding and even offers incentivized programs for breeders who exceed state law requirements through extended health guarantees and implementation of better breeding practices. You can find many of the spotted breeds listed here on their site.

Additionally, you can also search for the best breeders of your desired spotted dogs on our site. These credible breeders are ready to coordinate the best options with you to ensure you get your money’s worth.

On the other hand, if budget is a hurdle for you to acquire a puppy from a breeder, you would be glad to know that a lot of spotted dog breeds are up for adoption from rescue centers and animal shelters.

For a small fee, you can take home a spotted pooch and save a life at the same time. Should you decide to go with this option, it is best to review this dog adoption guide first to increase your chances of approval.

As you become comfortable with the process, feel free to check out these sites to find spotted puppies and even adult dogs for adoption:

  • American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) – Founded in 1866, the ASPCA is a New York-based animal welfare organization with the goal of providing effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States. One of these means is the placement of dogs needing new homes through adoption, which may include spotted dogs needing rescue.
  • North Shore Animal League America – Established in 1944, this organization takes pride in being the leader in the no-kill movement in the United States. Since its inception, it has saved more than 1.1 million animals and has facilitated 60,000 adoptions. You can find many spotted dogs as you go through their adoption listing.
  • Rescue Me! – Rescue Me! is a user-friendly platform for finding spotted dogs in need of rescue across the United States, with more than 981,000 dogs rehomed since it was formed. Their interface features a map of the country showing how many dogs require rescue per state, which makes locating a spotted dog near you easier.

You may also search for top rescue organizations of your preferred spotted dog breeds through our site to give you more options for adoption.

If you have gone through all the options mentioned but haven’t found a spotted puppy yet to your liking, you can apply these other methods to find free puppies in your area.

Dog Name Ideas for Dogs With Spots

As you bring home your new spotted canine companion, one of the first and most crucial tasks is giving it a good name that it will gladly respond to, is easy to remember, and above all, is something that you love to hear.

As you observe your dog and think about what name would match its appearance, this part should assist you with this task by recommending suitable names for your spotted friend.

Here are wonderful names you can consider for your spotted male pup:

  • Spot
  • Calico
  • Domino
  • Mosaic
  • Orion
  • Patches
  • Pepperoni
  • Fleck
  • Smudge
  • Splotch
  • Speckles
  • Belton
  • Freckles
  • Pongo
  • Sketch
  • Chico
  • Merle
  • Oreo
  • Checkers
  • Spatter
  • Tuxedo
  • Harlequin
  • Camo
  • Pebbles
  • Dice

On the other hand, below are some excellent name ideas for your spotted female pup:

  • Dapple
  • Dottie
  • Andromeda
  • Perdita
  • Luna
  • Mocha
  • Sprinkles
  • Roan
  • Orange
  • Cookie
  • Kisses
  • Mancha
  • Manchita
  • Polka
  • Pepper
  • Truffles
  • Pearl
  • Ripples
  • Raisins
  • Sequin
  • Buttons
  • Ladybug
  • Marbles
  • Paisley
  • Nebula

A major factor to consider when naming your spotted puppy is that it should not be too common that other dogs would most likely go by the same name or that may be confused with the usual words used at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Black and white dog with spots standing in the wild forest in the spring

What Is the Speckled Dog Called?

Speckles in dogs are described as small spots or patterns usually caused by merle, ticking, roan, and flecking genes, or a combination of these. Hence, speckled dogs would be called based on the breed carrying these patterns.

Examples of speckled dogs include Australian Cattle Dogs, Cocker Spaniels, English Springer Spaniels, German Shorthaired Pointers, and Bluetick Coonhounds.

What Kind of Dog Has Black Spots?

Many spotted dogs feature black as their spot color, solely or in combination with other spot colors. However, the most famous breed with almost perfectly rounded black spots is the Dalmatian.

Other popular dog breeds with black spots are the Australian Cattle Dogs, Catahoula Leopard Dogs, English Springer Spaniels, Great Pyrenees, Jack Russell Terriers, Dogo Argentinos, and Large Münsterländers.

The naturally occurring black spots on these breeds are not to be mistaken with the medical condition of hyperpigmentation in dogs, though, which appears as black patches of rough, thickened skin in any breed.

If you see this condition in your dog, it is not normal and may require medical attention, so it would be best to consult your veterinarian immediately.

What Type of Dog Is White With Brown Spots?

There are several dogs with white base coats adorned with brown or tan spots. Some familiar ones are the German Shorthaired Pointers, Brittanies, Beagles, Wirehaired Pointing Griffons, and English Pointers.

Many terriers also have brown spots or patches on a white coat, including Jack and Parson Russell Terriers, Fox Terriers, Rat Terriers, Ratonero Bodegueros, Gos Rater Valenciàs, Tenterfield Terriers, and Teddy Roosevelts.

What Kind of Dog Is Grey With Black Spots?

The primary dog that fits the description of having a grey coat with black spots is the Catahoula Leopard Dog.

The Carea Leonés from Spain may also achieve this coat color combination through its merle pattern.

What Dog Has Spots Like a Leopard?

There are two dog breeds that may be identified with spots resembling a leopard. The first is the Catahoula Leopard Dog. Its coat patterns include tan and white with black spots, gray with black and white spots, and merle.

The second dog with this pattern is the American Leopard Hound. Its tan and merle markings are primarily responsible for its leopard-like spots.

Final Thoughts

Seeing how many spotted breeds made it to this article’s list goes to show the wide range of options you may have when considering one for a specific purpose — as pets, hunting companions, guard dogs, and even service dogs.

Whether you go for a small or large dog, a short and smooth or long and rough coat, an active and outdoorsy type, or a laid-back and reserved temperament, there is always one that fits your preferences and lifestyle.

In the end, the beautiful spots and patterns of our dog’s coat are still the responsibility of each owner in terms of grooming, maintenance, and health.

We hope this list of spotted dog breeds has given you insights on what to consider as you prepare to be a new pet owner. It would be great to hear your thoughts on which one best fits you by leaving us a comment!

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