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19 English Springer Spaniel Mixes Who Will Steal Your Heart!

English Springer Spaniel mix swims in a swimming pool

The fame of English Spaniel Springers began in the 1800s when the Duke of Norfolk became interested in this breed.

The interest of duke led him to develop a line of his own, which was initially known as the Norfolk Spaniel, now known as the English Springer Spaniel.

They were known as great hunting companions all around England. With their outstanding ability to hunt and be your best friend along the way, they deserve all the love and respect.

What makes them a personal favorite is their capability of bringing a smile on anyone’s face in a minute. This is why they are also known as great therapy dogs.

Let’s look at some of the most handsome looking English Springer Spaniel mixes, good boys!

#1 Springer Pit (English Springer Spaniel / American Pit Bull Terrier)

Photo from @bctwo12 (IG)

Starry eyes and wild exuberance, I’m sure if you see this bad boy in a kennel, you’re going to want to take them home. This big boy over here is oozing out with energy, and if you have kids, he is perfect for your house!

Not only will he love your kids, but they love to play; their high energy level has to be drained somewhere, and certainly playing fetch or flyball is the way to do it.

#2 Spreagle (English Springer Spaniel / Beagle)

What a great combination! Don’t think this breed is not well suited for your house if there is no hunter. The dog will hunt absolutely anything; I’m sure everything that got in between your sofa will now be discovered.

The most scent sensitive nose in the whole canine world is now at your disposal, do what you may. But sniffing isn’t their only quality; they also have a secret path to everyone’s hearts.

#3 Border Springer (English Springer Spaniel / Border Collie)

Springer Spaniel Border Collie Mix (Border Springer) sitting on snow
Photo from @nwmikes (IG)

Border Springer loves its family time. They just love to be around their owners, whether it is hunting or training; they will hang out with you at all times.

Good looks and the coat color may vary depending on the parents but a thick, shiny, and luscious coat is a common trait amongst all the Sprollies. 

#4 Sproxer (English Springer Spaniel / Boxer)

Calm, composed, compliant, but in need of constant validation (I mean, who isn’t?). For me, this is the perfect breed for any house.

Minimal maintenance and affectionate nature make them very easy for an owner who always buys because they won’t wait for you to give the attention they’ll take it!

#5 English Bull Springer (English Springer Spaniel / Bulldog)

This mix will produce the cutest litter! There is just something about these puppies that just keeps attracting everyone. Their nature may be aloof, but they are incredibly understanding and sweet-tempered.

You won’t find them barking a lot of running like crazy in the house. He will always be a big fluffy good boy sitting on the couch.

#6 Sprocker Spaniel (English Springer Spaniel / Cocker Spaniel)

Cocker Spaniel Springer Spaniel Mix (Sprocker Spaniel) sitting on the grass
Photo from @sprockerlola (IG)

Another amazing crossbreed made by breeding two adorable spaniels together. Their unwavering energy will make them the ideal companions for hunting or trekking.

Not only that, but their adaptable nature also makes them instantly comfortable around the house. They also get along with any other pets without causing you much trouble.

#7 Dalmatian Springer (English Springer Spaniel / Dalmatian)

Majestic, the first word that comes to my mind when I look at this dog. For real, this dog is sugar, spice, and everything nice! There is not one single bone in this dog’s body that is hostile.

He is extremely obedient and affectionate towards its owners. They just love to cuddle with you. Everyone in the family is a friend to them.

#8 English Springerman (English Springer Spaniel / Doberman Pinscher)

The intelligence and loyalty of these dogs make them an ideal choice for a family with toddlers. They get along with kids very quickly; however, exercise is essential for them.

If their exercise requirements are not met, there is a high chance that they might develop separation anxiety or become destructive.

#9 English Sprointer (English Springer Spaniel / English Pointer)

English Pointer Springer Spaniel Mix (English Sprointer) at a coast
Photo from @drugrech3 (IG)

English Sprointer is a goofy one. The happy-go-lucky kind of dog who will love you and be a great friend to yo but might lose track of his training.

He is easily distracted by anything going around him, but I assure this distraction is not much of a problem. He will still be an excellent pet for your house and will bring a smile on your face. 

#10 German Longhaired Sprointer (English Springer Spaniel / German Longhaired Pointer)

Photo coming soon!

With a friendly nature coupled with a natural instinct to hunt and play retrieving games for hours, this crossbreed will help you get through the summers with loads of fun.

Their passionate nature stems from both of their parents, but they also inherited some other things from their parents. Just don’t leave them alone they are prone to separation anxiety. 

#11 German Shorthaired Sprointer (English Springer Spaniel / German Shorthaired Pointer)

An all in one package! This dog can easily be called a workaholic, he loves to be and busy and active, so if you’re someone who likes to stay on the couch and cuddle with their dog, then this dog isn’t for you.

Whether it’s a small run or a tiring adventure, this dog is ready for everything, and the best part is they are low maintenance!

#12 German Wirehaired Sprointer (English Springer Spaniel / German Wirehaired Pointer)

German Wirehaired Sprointer is a born athlete; a striking tail and big brown eyes show their attentive nature.

His outdoorsy nature will undoubtedly keep you on your toes most of the time, but this will be the perfect addition to your family! His loyalty, intelligence, and love know no bounds.

#13 Spangold Retriever (English Springer Spaniel / Golden Retriever)

Golden Retriever Springer Spaniel Mix (Spangold Retriever) in a garden on leash
Photo from @cfortier70 (IG)

This one is perfect for our couch potato friends; he may be fun and loving, but the energy level is relatively low, so the dog easily adjusts inside the house.

He will embrace your family with nothing but warmth and compassion. If there is a small baby in the house, this dog is the best for you, they are very caring and just love kids.

#14 Labradinger or Springador (English Springer Spaniel / Labrador Retriever)

Do you know what happens when you combine a friendly nature with a highly enthusiastic one? A Labradinger is born whose only motive in life to please his owner.

He is a cheerful blend missing from your house. There is no way you won’t fall in love with this good boy!

#15 Springer Spaniel Sheepdog (English Springer Spaniel / Old English Sheepdog)

What an adorable furball, his traits may be highly variable, but the fluffy coat is a must. An all-round personality that is suitable for any household.

If you love to spoil your pets a little, then take this one because she is already a little spoiled. She has the habit of lap-sitting and everywhere else too.

#16 Springer Rottie (English Springer Spaniel / Rottweiler)

The ultimate protector of your home. Their loyalty and love of family is a critical factor in making them such beautiful guard dogs.

The only problem is that they tend to get very aggressive and destructive if left alone or confronted by other dogs. So training them to calm their instinct is essential.  

#17 Springerdoodle or Sproodle (English Springer Spaniel / Poodle)

For me, he should qualify as the favorite child of the house. Who can compete with Springerdoodle’s cuteness, activeness, and playfulness?

They love the right balance between outdoors and indoors, although their love knows no bounds, so they tend to follow their owner everywhere. Their coat is the reason for their overgrowing popularity.

#18 Miniature Springerdoodle (English Springer Spaniel / Miniature Poodle)

Miniature Springerdoodle in a jungle
Photo from @portraitsoul (IG)

Familia Ante Omnia,” meaning family overall, that’s how serious the Cockapoo’s love for their family is. Their only aim in life is to love and be loved.

Love is only one of their outstanding qualities; they are incredibly loyal and calm dogs. But please be kind to them when you train them they are very sensitive.

Other than that, this cute little angel is the only thing missing in your life!

#19 Spanierd (English Springer Spaniel / German Shepherd)

German Shepherd Springer Spaniel Mix (Spanierd) looking out the window
Photo from @bandittheaus (IG)

This dog will, for sure, leave a paw print on your heart, they will shower you with love and friendship unlimited! If you live alone, then you’re going to have a lot of fun with this good boy.

One of his favorite things to do is make his owner laugh; he will become a clown and will do almost anything to please his boss.

My Final Thoughts

English Springer Spaniel mixes are friendly, playful, and obedient in nature which is inherited from their parents.

Their enthusiastic nature knows no bounds, and the dog expects love and attention from everyone and does the same in return. If you have a friend coming over, tell them to be ready to give an extra hug! 

No matter which dog you choose, just make sure that you take the responsibilities for caring and keeping him.