Boston Pit (Boston Terrier & Pitbull Mix) Info, Pictures, Facts, FAQs & More

Boston Pit Boston Terrier Pitbull mix info pictures and facts

Can’t decide if you want a Boston Terrier or a Pitbull as a pet? Why not get the best of both worlds by getting a Boston Pit? This hybrid fog is the perfect mix of these two sought-after breeds.

In terms of appearance, Boston Terriers and Pitbulls have many similarities.

However, there’s always a sense of mystery when two breeds are mixed. More often than not, you’ll be surprised by their combined looks and personalities.

This article will explore everything you need to know about the Boston Terrier Pitbull mix. Later on, this can help you assess if this dog is the right one for you.

What Is a Boston Terrier Pitbull Mix?

A Boston Terrier Pitbull mix or simply a Boston Pit is a cross between a purebred Boston Terrier and a Pitbull. You can expect them to be medium to large dogs that are even-tempered, affectionate, and loyal companions. Unexpectedly, these dogs usually grow up not resembling either of their parent breeds.

A Boston Terrier can be crossed with one of several Pitbull breeds, including the American Pit Bull Terrier, an American Staffordshire Terrier, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, or an American Bully.

As terrier breeds, all of these dogs are somewhat closely related. Despite this commonality, there are a handful of differences between them.

Boston Terrier Pitbull Mix History and Origin: Where Does the Boston Pit Come From?

Tackling the history of the Boston Terrier Pitbull mix on its own is a difficult task. It’s hard to pinpoint when the first account of this crossbreeding happened.

However, even as separate breeds, both the Boston Terrier and Pitbull dog share the exact origin.

The Boston Terriers and Pitbulls we know today were bred from Old English Bulldogs and English Terriers. These dogs were brought by immigrants from the United Kingdom during the 1800s. 

The first mixed breeds have both pitbull and terrier lineage. However, they were separated geographically, and some were eventually bred with the smaller French Bulldogs.

A dog named Judge, for example, was the first mixed breed to produce the official Boston Terrier breed, also known as the American gentleman.

Both Boston Terriers and Pitbulls were originally bred for bull-baiting and bear-baiting, but the latter became popular in blood sports such as dogfighting.

The Boston Pit mix is actually a relatively new mixed-breed dog. Most of them are also first-generation hybrids, which means that both the Boston Terrier and Pitbull parents are purebreds.

Boston Terrier Pitbull Mix Appearance: What Does a Pitbull Boston Terrier Mix Look Like?

As mentioned, it’s hard to predict the exact appearance of a Boston Pit. The dog will not have a complete resemblance with a Boston Terrier nor a Pitbull. Their inherited physical features are a combination of both parents.

Although they might not look alike as adults, all Boston Pit puppies are expected to have a short, smooth coat and triangular ears. Their coat can be any solid color or color patches, except merle. 

The range of colors includes brindle, seal, and black with white. Sadly, a Boston Terrier Pitbull mix cannot precisely achieve the tuxedo coat pattern common to Boston Terriers.

The face can be flat and square like its Boston Terrier parent or a bit more rounded like a Pitbull.

Most of them also develop a large, wedge-shaped head with wrinkles on the forehead. Like both their parents, their build is strong and powerful.

To identify this mixed breed easily, take a look at Artemis, a rescued Boston Pit:

Meet Artemis, Boston Terrier/Pit Bull mix, rescued from quarantine and adopted

Boston Terrier Pitbull Mix Size and Weight: How Big Do Boston Terrier Pitbull Mixes Get?

Breeding a small and large dog together can result in various sizes for puppies.

Despite this unpredictability in size, most breeders estimate that a Boston Terrier Pitbull mix dog will measure around 15 to 20 inches tall and weigh between 35 and 60 pounds as adults.

However, if the Pitbull genes are dominant, you might have to deal with an even larger dog.

Regardless, you should make sure that your house has enough space for a medium to large dog. A small apartment or a place with no yard is not the best environment for them.

Boston Terrier Pitbull Mix Temperament: Do Boston Terrier Pitbull Mixes Make Good Family Dogs?

There’s no accurate way to know the temperament of a Boston Pit since it can vary from dog to dog.

However, many owners can attest that most of these dogs love the company of people, even younger children. They are fantastic family pets that love attention and snuggles.

Some dogs can also grow up to be sensitive to their owner’s emotions. They can easily tell if they are happy, troubled, hurt, or even angry. When you are sad, you can expect them to curl up next to you and bring comfort.

As sociable pets, they are prone to suffer from separation anxiety when frequently left alone. They will live a happy and fulfilled life with an owner who can allocate a lot of time with them.

Even though their parent breeds have a reputation for being violent and aggressive dogs, their overall temperament is dependent on how they are nurtured and brought up as puppies. All they need is to grow up in a warm and loving home.

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Boston Terrier Pitbull Mix Lifespan and Health Issues: Are Boston Pits Healthy Dogs?

The average lifespan of a Boston Pit is anywhere between 9 and 12 years. But because they are crossbreed dogs, they are predisposed to some of the serious health issues common to Boston Terriers and Pitbulls.

Pitbull breeds are generally healthier than Boston Terriers. However, since genetics is a gamble, a Boston Terrier Pitbull mix can inherit most of the diseases common to Boston Terriers, or worse, from both breeds.

Before getting a Boston Pit, you should look out for the following health problems:

  • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia: Common to large breeds, hip dysplasia is a condition that causes the abnormal development of the hip’s ball-and-socket joint. Similarly, elbow dysplasia affects the dog’s elbow joint. While some cases are manageable, other dogs develop arthritis when they grow older. Elbow and hip dysplasia also cause pain, discomfort, and difficulty in walking.
  • Hypothyroidism: When your dog has an underactive thyroid gland, they develop a condition called hypothyroidism. This causes the metabolic rate to slow down, affecting different organs of the body. Affected dogs typically experience weight gain, lethargy, excessive shedding, skin pigmentation, and high cholesterol levels.
  • Cataracts: A Boston Pit can also inherit cataracts that impair the dog’s vision. It can also be caused by diabetes mellitus or old age. When the opacity of the eyes covers around 60% of the lens, there is a high probability that the dog will be blind on the affected eye.
  • Skin Allergies: Allergic dermatitis or skin allergies are often a result of being exposed to specific allergens in insects, plants, and chemicals. Excessive scratching, licking of the paws, wounds, and chronic infections are common signs of skin allergies.
  • Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome: If your Boston Pit pup has a more flat face, they may have difficulty breathing. Brachycephalic airway syndrome refers to a group of anatomical abnormalities that obstruct the airways. Surgery is suggested when the abnormality prevents a dog from breathing normally.

There are other health concerns associated with Boston Pits like cherry eye and patellar luxation.

Make sure to choose a breeder that screens their puppies for these hereditary disorders. While most of them are not fatal, these conditions can heavily affect the quality of their daily lives.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Breeding Pitbulls and Boston Terriers Together

Boston Terrier and Pitbull playing dog run

Hybrids or designer dogs are not new to the canine world. However, a dog produced from a Boston Terrier mixed with any dog from the Pitbull group is still considered controversial.

While some find it beneficial, others find it detrimental to the dog’s overall condition.

Here are some of the advantages of breeding a Boston Terrier Pitbull mix:

  • Unique appearance: The combined physical characteristics of a Boston Terrier and Pitbull will yield a unique-looking dog. They will look somewhere in between their Boston Terrier and Pitbull parent but will never fully look like one or the other.
  • Improved temperament: Pitbulls and Boston Terriers almost share the same personality. Both are intelligent, active, and friendly dogs. However, because of their Pitbull heritage, you can expect a Boston Pit to have a goofy and loving side.
  • Lowered risk for hereditary conditions: Purebred dogs are at high risk of inheriting congenital diseases. With selective crossbreeding, mixed breeds such as Boston Pits have a lower probability of carrying the gene for genetic disorders.

Before you purchase a Boston Pit, consider the following disadvantages of crossbreeding:

  • Unpredictability in size: Because of the big difference between the adult size of a Boston Terrier and a Pitbull, a Boston Pit mix is expected to be a large or medium-sized dog. Although there is an estimated range, it’s still hard to predict their final size.
  • High-risk deliveries: Being the smaller breed among the two purebred dogs, Boston Terriers are almost always assigned as dams. However, delivering babies becomes dangerous due to their narrow hips. A safer delivery method like C-section is often performed in these cases.
  • Expensive to breed: A hybrid breed like a Boston Terrier Pitbull mix is usually more costly than purebred dogs. This is because breeders spend a lot on the delivery and health screenings of puppies after birth.

Breeding Boston Pit mixes has both advantages and disadvantages. It’s essential to consider these to avoid surrendering these dogs at a shelter.

How to Take Care of Your Boston Terrier Pitbull Mix

Like other breeds, a Boston Pit mix has its own set of requirements for feeding, grooming, training, and exercise. As an owner, you need to learn how to take care of one properly.

Here is an in-depth guide on how to keep your Boston Pit happy and healthy for the years to come.

Food and Diet

Boston Pit mixes are large and athletic dogs. This means that they have a big appetite for food, especially adult dogs. For a 50-pound dog, you need to provide about two cups of dog food per day, separated into two meals. 

The amount of food depends on their age and the recommendation of your vet.

Supplements for better bone health can also be added with a raw diet of meat and vegetables. Chondroitin and glucosamine are highly suggested to strengthen the joints.

Cleaning and Grooming

Boston Terrier Pitbulls shed moderately, making them a good choice for those with mild allergies. They have a smooth and short coat that requires them to be brushed at least two to three times a week. 

They should also be bathed only when their coats get dirty. An occasional bath can prevent damage to the natural protective barrier of the skin. But this can also reduce shedding.

Cleaning the ears and eye area with a soft, damp cloth should also be a part of the grooming routine. For maintaining oral health, brush their teeth at least twice a week.

Training and Exercise

As with most dogs, a Boston Pit should be trained from a young age. They respond well to consistent training by a firm owner that uses positive reinforcement.

You can also hire a professional trainer for obedience training or enroll your dog at puppy class.

Early socialization with people and other pets in the house is also a must. They should also be familiarized with different sights, smells, and sounds at an early age. 

As for exercise, the minimum requirement for these dogs is 30 minutes of free-running per day.

This will prevent obesity and other weight-related health issues. Agility exercises, jumping, and other forms of moderate training should be done in conjunction with playing games.

Boston Terrier Pitbull Mix Puppy Price & Expenses: How Much Does a Boston Pit Cost?

The price range for a Boston Terrier Pitbull mix puppy is around $300 to $1,200.

However, the prices are higher when you buy from a reputable breeder. You can expect to pay $1,500 and above from registered designer dog breeders.

To help prepare your budget for a new puppy, you should also consider the expenses for essential items like food, beddings, crate, toys, and other needs.

The table below shows the average cost of the initial items needed by your Boston Pit mix:

Type of ExpenseAverage Cost
High-Quality Dog Food$70
Leash and Collar$20
Food and Water Bowl$15
Chew Toys$24
Training Treats$15
Dog Crate$50
Dog Bed$40
Dog Shampoo$11
Nail Trimmer$12
Urine Cleaner$15
Poop Scooper$10
Total Initial Cost$342

After the initial cost of expenses, you need to think long-term. Vet bills, insurance, and emergency treatments are just some things you should also financially prepare for as a dog parent.

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Places to Find Boston Terrier Pitbull Mix Puppies for Sale or Adoption

A new puppy is every family’s joy and treasure. If you want to raise a Boston Terrier Pitbull mix, consider purchasing from a reputable breeder.

You can also try submitting an application at a dog rescue organization to adopt a Boston Pit puppy or adult dog.

The list of breeders and breeder directories below can help you get a Boston Pit puppy:

  • Little Bit Of Heaven Boston Terriers – This is a Boston Terrier breeder based in Massachusetts that offers both puppies and adult dogs. From time to time, they may offer Boston Pit mixes. All of their puppies are raised at home to become great companions.
  • Greenfield Puppies – This is a directory of designer dog breeders where you can easily find a Boston Terrier Pitbull dog. They provide a 30-day health guarantee for every puppy sold in Pennsylvania. Upon registration, breeders are screened and evaluated for their breeding practices.
  • Lancaster Puppies – This is another online advertising website that promotes different mixed breeds, including Boston Pit mixes. Dogs are available across different states. Shipping arrangements are made directly with the breeder.

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To save hundreds of dollars, you can adopt a Boston Pit from one of the following rescue groups and websites:

  • Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee (BTRET) – This rescue organization helps and assists Boston Terrier purebreds and mixes in finding their forever home. Interested applicants must be at least 26 years old to adopt a dog. The adoption fee is only $20 per pup.
  • Petfinder – This is an online database of around 11,000 animal shelters and adoption groups that can lead you to your Boston Pit. The website is updated daily, so you’ll be sure to find one immediately. They also have discussion forums and articles that can help in being a responsible dog owner.
  • Adopt-a-Pet – This is one of the largest pet adoption websites in the United States. They are partnered with over 21,000 shelters, organizations, and agencies that advertise homeless pets. Your Boston Terrier Pitbull mix might just be a click away.

Unlike purebred dogs, Boston Pit mixes are not acknowledged by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Because of this, it might be harder to find a trustworthy breeder that offers healthy puppies. Make sure to ask about vaccinations, health checks, and health certificates before any transaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Boston Terriers Pitbulls?

Boston Terriers and Pitbulls are separate dog breeds. Because they share the same ancestor, you can clearly see some similarities in appearance.

Both of these breeds were produced from breeding together an Old English Bulldog and English Terrier.

Do Boston Terrier Pitbull Mixes Bark a Lot?

Boston Terrier Pitbull mixes have a low barking tendency. You will very rarely hear them barking for no reason. Although one will make a good watchdog, you won’t find them to be effective guard dogs.

Are Boston Terrier Pitbull Mixes Aggressive?

Because of the Pitbull’s history as fighting dogs, many people assume that Boston Pit mixes are aggressive. On the contrary, these dogs are the most gentle and affectionate pets you can own. 

Final Thoughts: Is the Boston Pit the Right Dog for You?

Now that you know all the exciting and fun facts about the Boston Pit, you’re probably wondering if this is the right dog for you.

If you’re looking for a family dog that loves being around people, you should consider getting one.

The history of Pitbull and Boston Terrier tells us that this hybrid dog might have aggressive tendencies.

However, their true personality shows otherwise. Despite this negative stereotype, they are considered adorable lapdogs by many owners.

However, you should watch out for health problems that may arise from breeding Boston Terriers and Pitbulls. Like with any other breed, their health should be your top priority.

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