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Border Collie Pyrenees (Border Collie & Great Pyrenees Mix) Info, Pictures, FAQs & More

Border Collie Pyrenees (Border Collie Great Pyrenees Mix)
Height:20 – 32 inches
Weight:30 – 120 pounds
Lifespan:10 – 13 years
Coat Colors:White, cream, black, grey, red
Temperament:Active, intelligent, loving, and loyal
Suitable for:Active families with a spacious and secured yard

The Border Collie Pyrenees mix is an unpopular designer dog created by mixing a purebred Border Collie with a Great Pyrenees. It is quite a special dog, so you should definitely consider bringing them to your home. 

For starters, the Border Collie Pyrenees mix is great at working and hunting, thanks to its parent breeds. They are also very smart and independent!

In this article, we will highlight every piece of information you have to know about the Border Collie Great Pyrenees mix apart from the ones I mentioned above. Stick with me until the end and find out if this is the breed for you!

What Is a Border Collie Great Pyrenees Mix?

Young Border Collie Pyrenees mix at dog park

The Border Collie Great Pyrenees mix, also called Collie Pyrenees or Great Collie, is the offspring of a Border Collie and a Great Pyrenees. This hybrid benefits from the intelligence and athleticism of the Border Collie as well as the gentleness and size of the Great Pyrenees.

This pup is also generally large and quite energetic. Because of this, the Border Collie Pyrenees should not be kept in a home with limited space. They will require more physical and mental stimulation than the ordinary breed. 

A house with a wide-fenced backyard is required as well as dedicated owners who are committed to providing opportunities for them to be well socialized.

While this large dog has been around for a long time as a mixed breed, it is not recognized by any organization and has not gained as much popularity as other crossbreeds.

Border Collie Pyrenees Mix Origin and History

The history of the Border Collie Pyrenees is not well documented. However, we can review the origin of the parent breeds (the purebred Border Collie and the purebred Great Pyrenees) to get a good grasp of this mix.

The Border Collie is a British breed that dates back to the first century when ruling Romans introduced bigger breeds to herd livestock. The American Kennel Club recognized this breed in 1995. 

Meanwhile, Great Pyrenees dogs date back to the 1400s when it was originally bred as a working and herding dog in the Pyrenees Mountains of Northern Spain and Southern France. The American Kennel Club recognized this breed in 1933. 

With the combination of the two parent breeds, the Border Collie Great Pyrenees mix has an outstanding sense of smell, hearing, and sight, and they are admired as working dogs and companions.

Border Collie Pyrenees Mix Appearance

A Great Pyrenees Border Collie mix enjoying the beach in Sanibel Florida

The Border Collie Pyrenees mix appears to have a robust frame and delicate legs that are capable of supporting its heavy weight. It is a large designer dog similar to its Great Pyr parent.

Depending on their mood, the tail can slant upwards or downwards and be paired with their facial expression, which may be contemplative, alert, eager, and full of interest.

Border Collie Pyrenees can also be incredibly appealing with silky, spiky collars around their neck.

This big dog has doubled, thick coats and a dense undercoat that is adaptable to withstand chilling winters. However, it absolutely hates the hot weather because of its coat layers. 

Its coat comes in a variety of colors, including white, cream, grey, black, and red. They can also have all the coat colors of a Border Collie that comes in a variety of combinations and patterns.

Ultimately, they have a lovely hair coat that is soft to the touch, especially when groomed regularly.

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Border Collie Pyrenees Mix Size and Weight

Unless its parent Border Collie and Great Pyrenees is a miniature, this hybrid can stand 20 to 32 inches tall and can weigh anywhere between the wide range of 30 and 120 pounds.

Of course, this is mostly determined by whose parent breed has the most dominant genes. If the Border Collie parent is more dominant, they’ll be on the lower end of that height range, and their build will be lighter. 

If the giant Great Pyrenees parent is more dominant, they will grow to be large canines.

The growth of the Border Collie Pyrenees is completed between the ages of 10 and 16 months. Despite the fact that they will stop growing larger within that range, they can still acquire muscle over time.

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Border Collie Pyrenees Mix Temperament and Personality

Two Border Collie Pyrenees mixes pose for the Christmas photo

Most Border Collies Pyrenees are smart and loyal dogs, making them ideal as family companions. They have such a keen sense of independence that they will not need your command to do something. 

On the scale of dog intelligence, the Border Collie is often regarded as the top dog, with the Great Pyrenees not far behind. Therefore, this crossbreed was always intended to produce a remarkably clever companion dog. 

These Border Pyrenees love making new friends and will get along nicely with children and other household pets, provided they are appropriately introduced. 

Still, keep an eye on them as they can be very active dogs that like to herd.

Like other pets, Border Collie Pyrenees may suffer separation anxiety when left alone with nothing to do, leading to destructive behaviors

They’ll love to chew your things and give no thought about how you’ll respond to this until you get home. So, if you have to leave them alone, Border Pyrenees should be permitted to play in your yard with a variety of toys.

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Border Collie Pyrenees Mix Lifespan and Health Issues

Like all other animals, Great Pyrenees Border Collie mixes are generally healthy. They have been known to survive for 10 to 13 years, which is longer than the Great Pyrenees but not as long as the Border Collie.

However, all dogs experience health issues at some point in their lives. Their health is influenced by genetics and age. Unfortunately, we cannot control these natural factors.

The only thing we can do, as pet parents, is to be emotionally and financially prepared for these health issues.

Here are some of the difficulties that may influence your Great Pyrenees Border Collie mix’s health:

  • Deafness: Deafness is characterized by a temporary, partial, or complete loss of hearing in one or both ears. While hearing difficulties are mostly inherited, they will not shorten your dog’s lifetime or health.
  • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia: Because of its size, this mixed breed dog is prone to hip and elbow dysplasia. This condition is caused by an improper fitting of the ball in the joints of your dog. Over time, this could lead to arthritis, muscle atrophy, as well as loss of mobility.
  • Collie eye anomaly (CEA): This disease is a genetic disorder that can damage your dog’s vision. CEA is widespread in Collie dog breeds; therefore, your Border Collie Pyrenees may be in danger as well. Sadly, there is no exact cure for this condition.

To reduce the danger of developing the above health problems, ask for veterinary guidance on your Great Pyrenees Border Collie mix on a regular basis or as needed.

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How to Take Care of Your Great Pyrenees Border Collie Mix

Border Collie Great Pyrenees mix running off leash at dog park

There are a few things you should bear in mind as you prepare to care for your Collie Pyrenees. These dogs have distinct needs in terms of diet, grooming, and training that make caring for them slightly different from other breeds.

Food and Diet

The Border Collie Pyrenees, like all other dogs, need a nutritious and well-balanced diet. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find specific dog food for these dogs because they are crossbreeds. 

Instead, seek a quality brand of dry dog food that has been carefully prepared for large energetic dogs. This is the best option to keep your dog active and healthy as it usually has the proper combination of high-quality nutrients. 

But, if you have some doubts regarding what to feed your dog, you should visit a pet clinic as they will provide veterinary advice.

Although they are huge, this does not imply you should feed them a great amount of food. Ideally, the suggested amount for large breeds is two to three cups of dog food, divided into two meals each day.

Treats may be a valuable training tool, but feeding too much can lead to obesity. 

Cleaning and Grooming

This Border Collie Great Pyrenees is not the most hygienic dog. You will have to withstand their extreme drooling brought by the Great Pyrenees genes! 

If you prefer a cleaner dog that does not drool, we advise you to get a different dog breed. 

But if you insist on getting this mix, keep in mind that grooming this large fluffy beast is not easy! Even experienced dog owners may find this task challenging due to its thick coat and huge size. 

You can brush their coats twice or three times a week throughout the year. During the shedding season, though, daily brushing is required. As with all breeds, their nails should be trimmed according to how fast they grow. 

Bathing is advised every six to eight weeks. Since this dog breed has dense hair covering its head, after a bath, you should look inside its ears for dirt and pests.

Training and Exercise

Border Collies Pyrenees are naturally smart and active dogs ⁠— traits inherited from their parent breeds. They do, however, respond best when properly trained and socialized at a young age.

As most pet parents do, giving treats and cuddles as an incentive is the ideal approach to teach them proper behavior and new techniques. 

Each session should be no more than 15 minutes because if it lasts longer, they may become distracted and bored and begin to make mistakes.

As a dog full of the blast, Border Collie Pyrenees require a lot of daily exercises that will condition both their physical and mental stability. These activities prevent the development of destructive behaviors.

You can take them out for a walk or a long jog for at least one hour every day. This is beneficial not only to your dog but also to you.

Here’s a video of a Border Collie Great Pyrenees mix undertaking canine education:

Maya (Border Collie/Great Pyrenees Mix) Puppy Camp Dog Training Video Demonstration

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How Much Does a Border Collie Pyrenees Mix Cost? Puppy Prices and Expenses

Compared to the price of the Border Collie and Great Pyrenees, the Border Collie Great Pyrenees mix is a bit more expensive. The price range for these canines is $1,000 to $4,000

Moreover, if you get a rare color of this mixed breed, then you can expect the fee to climb much higher.

Don’t forget about the costs of living throughout their lifetimes, like vet care and food — which they also consume a lot of. You can also put toys on your list to prevent them from developing separation anxiety.

Here is a list of their basic needs that you should supply them initially: 

Type of ExpenseCost
Food and Treats$100 – $120
Food and Water Bowls$15 – $35
Bed$50 – $200
Crate$60 – $500
Leashes and Collars$15 – $50
Toys$30 – $50
Grooming Essentials$40 – $180
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$50 – $200
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $300
Initial Vaccine Shots$75 – $200
Neutering or Spaying$50 – $500
Dog License$10 – $20
Microchip$40 – $60
Miscellaneous Supplies$15 – $30
Total Initial Cost$650 – $2,445

Knowing these figures can help keep you happy and secure with your dog for a long time, as budget is usually the top reason for leaving a dog in a shelter or rescue.

Aside from the list above, it is necessary for you to set aside money for emergencies. Investing in pet insurance is suggested to reduce your possible bills on your Border Collie Pyrenees.

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Places to Find Border Collie Pyrenees Mix Puppies for Sale and Adoption

Border Collie Pyrenees mix puppy for sale and its mom playing on thick snow

Border Collie Pyrenees are rare hybrid dogs that can only be seen in a few places. Thus, it’s crucial to make transactions only with reputable breeders who are well-versed in this hybrid.

Here’s a list of places that offer Border Collie Great Pyrenees mix puppies for sale:

  • Greenfield Puppies – Greenfield Puppies is a website that connects clients with trustworthy breeders of Collie Pyrenees and other dog breeds. For more than a decade, they have set strict standards for the breeders so that each soon-to-be owner may welcome a happy, healthy pup into their house. 
  • Lancaster Puppies – Lancaster Puppies began in 2013 as a puppy classified advertising website for people selling pups in Pennsylvania and surrounding states. On their website, you may use the filtered search to check for Border Collie Pyrenees puppies that are on sale from different reputable breeders around the United States. 
  • Keystone Puppies – Keystone Puppies was designed as an internet advertising platform for trustworthy breeders and potential pet owners. When you visit their website to look for your Great Collie, you’ll first be redirected to a description of the available pup, and then you may contact the breeder when you think that you’re ready.

You may also look into our list of Border Collie and Great Pyrenees breeders to see if they have this mix.

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Meanwhile, you can also consider adoption if you are on a tight budget. This is practical and noble at the same time.

Here is a list of rescues where you can adopt a Border Collie Pyrenees mix:

  • PuppyFinder – PuppyFinder is a directory service dedicated exclusively to finding puppies and dogs for adoption. Through their website, you may explore over 1,000 purebreds and mixed breeds, including the Border Collie Pyrenees.
  • Adopt-a-Pet – Adopt-a-Pet is North America’s biggest nonprofit homeless pet adoption website. They are assisting over 18,000 shelters and rescue organizations in promoting their homeless dogs, including the Collie Pyrenees, to millions of adopters for free each month.
  • Phoenix Rising Border Collie Rescue (PRBCR) – PRBCR is a small volunteer-run organization committed to finding permanent homes for purebred Border Collies and mixes, as well as educating the public about the nature of the breed.

Since its parent Border Collie is such a popular breed, you may also find this mix on these Border Collie rescues. They are not only dedicated to saving dogs but also to caring for them and finding them everlasting homes.

If the adoption fee from these websites is still out of your budget, check out our article on finding free puppies near your area. But if your heart is set on adoption, read our ultimate dog adoption guide.

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Pros and Cons of Owning a Great Pyrenees Border Collie Mix

If you’re thinking about adding a Great Pyrenees Border Collie mix to your family, it might be a good idea to go over the pros and cons of owning them. Lucky for you, these advantages and disadvantages are already listed below.

Here are the pros of owning a Great Pyrenees Border Collie mix: 

  • Border Collie Pyrenees are smart companions. With the intelligence of its parent dogs, this mixed breed is arguably more versatile than other mixes in terms of learning capabilities. They can learn practically anything in a short amount of time if you give them the right clues.
  • They are active pets. This dog breed enjoys playing games with its human family. With their athletic body and highly-driven mind to learn, you may also consider them participating in agility competitions and similar activities.
  • They live for a long time. This hybrid combines two healthy and hardiest breeds in the canine world. Thus, you will have a loyal guard dog and companion by your side for a very long time.

Meanwhile, here are the cons of owning a Great Pyrenees Border Collie mix:

  • Border Collie Pyrenees are large dogs. This large dog doesn’t do best in apartment living. They are used to plenty of physical activities, so you need to spend time bringing them outdoors, take a couple of walks with them in the dog park, or provide them with a large place to roam around.
  • They are high maintenance. These mixed-breed dogs won’t be a good fit for lazy pet lovers. They are high-maintenance canines in terms of grooming and everyday activities. Their thick undercoat needs to be brushed frequently to keep its beauty, and they need a regular physical and mental engagement to burn off their energy.
  • They need a highly secure and sturdy fence. Although obedience training can limit their behaviors, this mixed breed loves to explore. With the combination of their size and intelligence, they may figure out how to escape your yard or jump over your fence.

Although Border Collies Pyrenees are one of those breeds that many fantasize about possessing, owning one may be too much of a hassle and a very frustrating experience if your personality doesn’t match theirs. 

Considering the pros and cons above will let you decide if you are up for this challenge. If you’re unsure right now, maybe you can work on it or switch your preference to another dog.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Great Pyrenees Border Collie mix dog relaxing on grass hillside in Autumn

Do Border Collie Great Pyrenees Mixes Bark a Lot?

As a mixed dog, Collie Pyrenees may have inherited some of the temperament of its Great Pyrenees parent, such as excessive barking. 

Although they bark a lot, they do not attack strangers or other pets, especially small dogs. Instead, they prefer to bark to express their aversion towards them. 

Do Border Collie Great Pyrenees Mixes Shed?

Border Collies Great Pyrenees, like other dogs, do shed. However, this mixed breed sheds moderately to heavily, as inherited from their parent Great Pyrenees.

Thus, they require frequent combing and brushing to keep the coat shiny and to avoid shedding. However, during the shedding season, they tend to shed a lot more than usual; thus, extra care is a must for their thick, soft undercoat. 

Are Border Collie Great Pyrenees Mixes Hypoallergenic?

Border Collie Great Pyrenees mixes are not hypoallergenic. They shed hair and produce dander, which can trigger allergies. 

If you are still determined to get this dog, there are preventative measures you can take to keep dander and hair to a minimum, allowing you to live with them without continuously sneezing.

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Final Thoughts: Is a Border Collie Pyrenees Mix the Right Dog for You?

​​If you are after a huge dog breed, the Border Collie mixed with Great Pyrenees is an interesting option. 

This combination of Border Collie and Great Pyrenees is highly intelligent and affectionate, making it a perfect addition to active families with a large, secure yard. 

Before owning one, you also have to assess your capabilities as a potential pet parent as well as your financial status, as these hybrids are expensive. If you have no problem with these, it is time to put your plans into action!

We hope you found this information useful in your journey with your Border Collie Great Pyrenees mix. Be sure to leave a comment below and share this article with your other canine-loving friends!