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English Bulldog Pitbull mix Bullypit at the dog park

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The playful English Bulldog and its courageous American cousin, the Pitbull, have long since captured the hearts of many dog lovers around the world.

With these two great breeds combined, expect their offspring to win you over with their sweetness, intelligence, and charm.

Also known as Olde Pit Bulldogge, the English Bulldog Pitbull mix is known to inherit its parents’ laid-back yet enthusiastic personality. Generally, they also put on a tough yet gentle attitude!

If you want to hop on the English Bulldog Pitbull mix bandwagon, don’t miss out on this comprehensive guide.

I’ll go through everything you need to know about these dogs, along with personal tips and what to expect in terms of their appearance and personality. Let’s delve right in!

What Is an English Bulldog Pitbull Mix?

A charming mix between the English Bulldog and Pitbull, the English Bulldog Pitbull mix is a stout, muscular, and medium-sized dog. They are known to have an average energy level and a generally friendly disposition. They are not inherently aggressive as most dog critics suggest.

If you prefer a medium-sized canine companion, this crossbreed proves to be a great choice.

Your Pitbull English Bulldog mix will have a lot of diversity to draw from regarding their coat color, size, and physical appearance.

Some owners say that the Pitbull Bulldog mix is not for the faint-hearted. You will need to commit effort and time to have them trained and properly socialized.

Additionally, it might be challenging to raise this crossbreed given it is predisposed to a number of health conditions like heart disease and eye problems. 

The American Kennel Club (AKC) does not acknowledge the English Bulldog Pitbull mix since it is not a purebred dog.

However, this crossbreed is recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), the Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC), and the Dog Registry of America (DRA).

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English Bulldog Pitbull Mix History and Origin: Where Does the English Bulldog Pitbull Mix Come From?

The English Bulldog Pitbull mix likely originated in the 1970s when breeders thought to combine the best traits of Bulldogs and Pitbulls in one.

Similar to the case of most mixed breed dogs, the best we can do is familiarize ourselves with the history of both its parent breeds since there is a lack of documentation about their history.

The English Bulldog was first bred in the 13th century in England. These dogs were used for bull-baiting and other brutal bloodsports.

Today, the English Bully is a refined breed and known to be courageous, loyal, and affectionate.

On the other hand, Pitbulls refer to several breeds descending from bulldogs and terriers, including the American Bully, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

It is widely believed that all dogs classified as Pitbulls today descend from the British Bull and Terrier which were first imported into America in the 1870s.

Both parent breeds of the English Bulldog Pitbull mix have had a long history of aggressive fighting (blood sports of dogfighting, bear, and baiting bulls), which fortunately has come to an end.

Rest assured, your English Bulldog Pitbull mix is now a refined, well-behaved dog.

English Bulldog Pitbull Mix Appearance: What Does an English Bulldog Pitbull Mix Look Like?

English Bulldog Pitbull mixed breed named Nipsey
Photo by @itznipsey (IG)

English Bulldog Pitbull mixes can come in medium-sized builds and various colors. One thing is for sure, though, this mix will generally appear to be muscular, stout, and medium in size. 

It will also have that characteristic Pitbull smile we all love and adore. Appearance-wise, this mixed breed is stout and its head is broad and extensive. They also have large jaws, much like their parent breeds.

Generally, they have a short snout, but it would be longer if they took after their Pitbull parent. They also have small, semi-pricked ears.

An English Bulldog Pitbull mix features an eye color ranging from a dark brown hue to a shade of light amber, just like most bully breeds.

They have thick necks and muscular chests, and they appear to have more squats than a regular Pitbull. The legs are well-muscled, long, and slightly hocked like their Bulldog parent. 

These dogs can have a variety of markings in white or silver colors. They have short and fine coats, in colors including black, tan, red, yellow, gray, golden, cream and white.

Note that these are just common observations, and your English Bulldog Pitbull mix may not exactly manifest these features.

Since the Pitbull English Bulldog mix is a crossbreed, it can take after its Pitbull parent with a large head and wide jaw, and it may also look more like a Bulldog, with its signature flat and wrinkled face.

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How Big Do English Bulldog Pitbull Mixes Get When Fully Grown?

Expect the English Bulldog Pitbull mix to be medium-sized yet well-built, just like English Bulldogs and Pitbulls. On average, English Bulldog Pitbull mixes weigh 60 pounds and stand at the height of 18 inches tall

When it comes to their parent breeds, English Bulldogs are about 14 to 15 inches tall, and weighing between 45 and 70 pounds. Meanwhile, Pitbulls are around 18 to 21 inches tall with a weight of 40 to 70 pounds.

Gender and genetic factors may also play an influential role in determining your dog’s actual size. Typically, male dogs will always be heavier than their female counterparts.

Do not worry if your pup is not precisely within the average measurement. Remember that this is just a size estimation, and sometimes, your puppy might still need more time to grow. 

When in doubt, you can always consult a veterinarian to ensure your pup’s development is going the right way. A vet can also guide you on the nutrients that your companion needs.

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English Bulldog Pitbull Mix Temperament: Do Pitbull English Bulldog Mixes Make Good Family Dogs?

English Bulldog and Pitbull mixes are known to be sociable and sweet-natured, particularly towards their family members. They can be perfect family pets if given proper training and socialization.

To give you an idea, here’s how they usually deal with humans and other pets:

  • With Strangers: Although they developed a fearsome reputation, English Bulldog Pitbull mixes are friendly dogs. Most can be civil and welcoming to strangers.
  • With Children: Most Pitbull English Bulldog mixes are protective of children. They are careful in their presence, making them excellent family dogs in households with toddlers. As high-energy dogs, they love to play for hours on end!
  • With Other Pets and Dogs: The English Bulldog Pitbull mixes can do well with other dogs and pets (such as cats), provided they have the proper socialization and training. However, they can be aggressive towards small animals such as rats, rabbits, or rodents as they may see them as prey. 

Although some may find English Bulldogs and Pitbulls to be two dangerous and intimidating breeds, their offspring are affectionate and loving.

The Pitbull Bulldog mix can be initially wary of new faces and presences, but you will have a lifelong friend in them once you gain their trust!

Like other mixed breed dogs, there’s no definite way to tell for sure what kind of behavior you’ll get in a Pitbull English Bulldog mix.

The closest way is to look at the characteristics of both parent breeds and consider their temperament to assess your new furry friend’s possible personality.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Breeding Pitbulls and English Bulldogs Together

Pros and cons of breeding English Bulldogs and Pitbulls together

Nowadays, crossbreeding remains to be a controversial topic in the canine world.

As an English Bulldog Pitbull mix aspiring owner, it is crucial to know the different advantages and disadvantages of breeding English Bulldogs and Pitbulls together. 

Here are the advantages of breeding the English Bulldog Pitbull mix:

  • Your English Bulldog Pitbull mix will have a unique look. Undoubtedly, your new Pitbull English Bulldog mix won’t look like any other breed most people know. It adds to their appeal as crossbreed dogs. Each puppy in a particular litter may look different, so it’s a guarantee you will always have an interesting-looking bunch.
  • They will be devoted and easy to train. If you don’t have any solid experience in training dogs, the good news is, the English Bulldog Pitbull mix will be easy to teach. These dogs are always eager to please. As a result, you won’t have a hard time should you decide to train them yourself.
  • They will be good with children. If there are toddlers in your household, the English Bulldog Pitbull mix may become their best friend. These dogs are gentle, patient, and loving with kids.
  • They will have high-energy levels. Expect long hours of playtime with your Pitbull English Bulldog. This mixed breed is an excellent choice for energetic pet owners who love to go outdoors often. You may take them on long walks as well as hikes!

Below are some disadvantages of breeding the English Bulldog Pitbull mix:

  • English Bulldog Pitbull mix is banned in some countries. Although the US doesn’t have strict policies for breeding Pitbulls and Pitbull mixes (such as your English Bulldog Pitbull mix), some overseas countries prohibit the ownership of these dogs. In particular, they are banned in these countries all over the world: Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Denmark, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, and Puerto Rico.
  • They will be at risk of developing major health problems. There will be quite a few health problems to expect when it comes to the Pitbull English Bulldog mix. The common ones are hip dysplasia, reverse sneezing, thyroid issues, skin issues, heart disease, and eye problems. It would be best to prepare your budget beforehand in the event of any medical emergencies. 
  • They can be more expensive than purebreds. Designer dogs are considered a fad in the canine world today. Some mixed breeds, including the English Bulldog Pitbull mix, may cost you up to $1,000 to $2,000.
  • They may have an unpredictable adult size and temperament. It is generally hard to predict the specific behavior or character of mixed-breed dogs. You might also find it tricky to assess your new English Bulldog Pitbull mix’s expected full adult height and weight. I would advise you to familiarize the personality and size of its parent breeds instead.

How to Take Care of Your English Bulldog Pitbull Mix?

Here’s a rundown of the necessary upkeep needed by your new English Bulldog Pitbull mix, particularly in their diet, grooming, and daily physical activities:

Feeding and Diet

Typically, you would want to give your English Bulldog Pitbull mix a well-rounded meal, but the serving still varies according to their activity level. They may be moderate energy dogs or highly energetic canines.

If your dog engages in a lot of activity in a day, giving an extra amount of high-quality dog food will help sustain the energy it needs.

Otherwise, only provide an exact amount of serving for your pet who participates in low to medium physical activities. 

Cleaning and Grooming

Thanks to its short and smooth coat, the English Bulldog Pitbull mix is generally easy to clean and groom.

Perhaps the only challenge you may encounter while grooming this dog is checking in between the wrinkles if there is still dirt left to clean. 

Brushing your mix’s coat twice a week will usually be enough to maintain its coat. Meanwhile, cleaning the ears must be done weekly (using cotton balls dipped in ear cleaner) to avoid any dirt or ear infection.

When it comes to bathing, every once a month will be ideal for preventing dry skin. If, in any case, your pet becomes dirty due to activities, a quick bath will suffice to clean them.

A regular groomer appointment will also help you ensure that your dog is always looking clean and healthy.

Training and Exercise

It is hard for some owners to determine the exercise needs of the Pitbull English Bulldog mix.

The English Bulldog often likes to lounge around, which is a striking comparison to energetic and active Pitbulls. Hence, you might want to start with moderate exercise at first. 

If your new pet starts to show signs of boredom like chewing and other harmful behaviors, you might need to start elevating your exercise routine to a higher level.

This mixed-breed dog wants to feel included in the family, so make sure to have bonding sessions with everyone’s participation.

At the same time, it would be best to choose activities and training techniques that will stimulate your dog’s body and mind. 

They can be great guard dogs if you are consistent with this kind of training. However, you should also ensure that you only use positive reinforcement for all your training sessions.

How Much Does a Pitbull English Bulldog Mix Cost? Puppy Prices & Expenses

You can purchase an English Bulldog Pitbull puppy for a price of $1,000 to $2,000 from reputable breeders in your area. 

For the individual prices for each of its parent breeds, a purebred English Bulldog typically costs $1,500 to $4,500. Meanwhile, a Pitbull ranges between $1,300 and $2,500. 

If you stumble across this mixed breed through local animal rescues, the cost would be far more cost-effective than what you would typically pay a breeder.

It is a good idea to consider if you want to adopt this dog without breaking the bank.

For your reference, here’s a breakdown of the average expenses in the annual maintenance of an English Bulldog Pitbull mix:

Type of ExpensesYearly Estimate
Routine Vet Visit$700 – $1,500
Dog Food and Treats$250 – $700
Beds and Crate$50 – $200
Toys$50 – $100
Leashes and Collars$20 – $50
Preventive Medication and Supplements$200 – $500
Grooming Essentials $50 – $500
Dog Training Equipment$30 – $100
Total Yearly Expenses$1,350 – $3,650

Similar to the upkeep of other dogs, the maintenance costs of your English Bulldog Pitbull mix can quickly add up. In a year, expect to shell out $1,350 to $3,650 to provide all the necessities for your Pitbull English Bulldog mix. 

Before you purchase or adopt this mixed breed from a shelter, it’s only reasonable to prepare your funds first for your pet’s maintenance especially if they have hip dysplasia and other health concerns.

It will help you avoid any financial constraints in the future and ensure your new companionship will be smooth sailing.

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Places to Find English Bulldog Pitbull Mix Puppies for Sale or Adoption

Finding a reputable breeder or local rescue is crucial in finding the perfect English Bulldog Pitbull mix to bring into your home!

Thus, you should research carefully as you may encounter puppy mills disguised as reputable breeders and rescue institutions.

Here are some of the most trusted breeders that’ll be happy to help you find the English Bulldog Pitbull mix puppy of your dreams:

  • Bruiser Bulldogs – Based in Indiana, this English Bulldog breeder is American Kennel Club-recognized. All of their puppies for sale meet rigorous health standards. While they primarily focus on Bulldogs, you may find your English Bulldog Pitbull mix here!
  • Dark Dynasty K9s (DDK9S) – DDK9S is a Pitbull breeder specializing in protection and training services. Visit their official website to check their past litters and the available Pitbull and mixed puppies available for sale.
  • Bossy Pitbull Kennels – This top-tier Pitbull breeder in California offers wide XXL Pitbulls, ranging in size from tall, short, or medium-sized. If you’re lucky, you may stumble across a Pitbull English Bulldog mix here.

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I would advise you to consider browsing local animal shelters and rescues if you weren’t able to find an English Bulldog Pitbull mix from the breeders above.

Aside from saving a lot of money, you will also be giving a loving home to an English Bulldog Pitbull mix in need!

Feel free to browse through these local rescues for Pitbull English Bulldog mixes in the United States: 

  • Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue – This Oklahoma-based rescue has many volunteers nationwide dedicated to the Bulldog breed’s continued well-being. They also rescue designer dogs, like the English Bulldog Pitbull mix. The entire adoption process takes time, so you have to bring some patience with you.
  • Buckeye Bulldog Rescue – This rescue is dedicated to rescuing homeless and abandoned English and French Bulldogs, as well as their mixed-breed offspring. All aspiring owners must apply for a specific dog since general applications are no longer accepted. You may find your new English Bulldog Pitbull mix best friend in this rescue!
  • Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network – The BCA Rescue Network’s goal is to make the best rescue match, considering a Bulldog’s background and your personal needs. Every available rescue dog (and mixed breeds like the English Bulldog Pitbull mix) is unique, and this rescue wants to secure forever-home matches!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are English Bulldog Pitbull Mixes Dangerous?

An English Bulldog Pitbull mix would not be dangerous at all. However, they may have a tendency toward dog aggression due to their Pitbull genes if they’re not socialized well or if they came from puppy mills.

These mixed breeds are naturally sweet and caring dogs especially if you train them at an early age.

Are English Bulldog Pitbull Mixes High Maintenance Dogs?

Fortunately, Pitbull English Bulldogs aren’t high-maintenance dogs. These mixed breeds don’t require a lot of grooming since they have short coats.

Generally, they can also tolerate a range of temperatures and environments, so you don’t need to stress too much about keeping them comfortable.

Do English Bulldog Pitbull Mixes Shed?

English Bulldog Pitbull mixes tend to shed all year round. Some dogs may shed heavier twice a year, but they will be dropping hair every season. It’s ideal to give them a light brushing at least once a week.

Final Thoughts

If you’re once smitten by a friendly English Bulldog or a strong-willed Pitbull, the English Bulldog Pitbull mix makes for the perfect furry companion. 

The English Bulldog Pitbull mix gives you the best of both worlds, having inherited its parent breeds’ sweet nature and friendliness.

It’s no surprise this adorable crossbreed has won the hearts of many dog lovers around the globe.

Learning everything you can on how to tend after your English Bulldog and Pitbull mix properly will help you look after your new pet, making your companionship go smoothly!

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