Black Chihuahua Dog Guide – Everything You Need to Know

Black Chihuahua

Who doesn’t love dogs? And especially when it comes to Chihuahuas, we love their facial expressions and their technical abilities that other dogs lack. They are one of the most demanding dog breeds, and people love to have them as their pets. 

The reason for it is their excessive capability of temperament and competing with other dogs in sports because of their muscular agility. Their life expectancy is much more than the average of other dogs that is around 12-18 years. 

They are so much popular among the people who live in apartments because Chihuahuas easily adjust themselves in such an environment. The breed is highly sensitive and affectionate with the family.

Because of their friendliness, they are easy to groom. Kids love to play with Chihuahuas due to their socializing attitude with human beings. 

However, their behavior is not the same as other dogs. They are usually more aggressive and unfriendly to them.

Chihuahuas are distinguished based on different colors and sizes. Here I’m going to talk about black Chihuahuas in particular and how they are different from its regular breed.

I’ll also guide you thoroughly about their food, health, training, and exercise requirements.

Black Chihuahua Breed Overview

Since we are interested in some specific information about black Chihuahuas, let’s take a more in-depth look at them. 

What Is the Black Chihuahua?

Black Chihuahua is a special colored dog that belongs to the Chihuahuas breed. They are tiny, but they do have a very giant and aggressive personality. With erect ears and open eyes, they always seem to be attentive and ready. 

Is the Black Chihuahua Rare?

They might have some other color markings on their skin. Hence, a pure black Chihuahua is tough to find. But we always have the option to breed one. However, there might be a chance that breeding doesn’t go successful as planned. 

Genetics of Black Chihuahuas

As we know, the color of a dog breed comes from particular genetics due to its parents. Now it depends on how the genes both the parents react with each other. In every case, one has to be dominant, and the other has to be the recessive one. 

For example, if black and brown color genes interact with each other and black is the dominant one, then the Chihuahua puppy will be black.

Black Chihuahuas, with some other color patches, are easy to find because black is usually a dominant color among their genetics. 

Surprise Genes of Black Chihuahuas

However, there is a surprise element that runs in their genes. There are a few chances of birth of an entirely new colored puppy even if the parents are of the same color. It happens because both the parents are carrying recessive genes, and they also have the dominant one. 

So if a coincidence happens, and the dogs pass on their recessive genes, the color of the Chihuahua will be different.

If you are unsure about which color you will get of the Chihuahua puppy after breeding, you might need to contact a professional dog breeder. 

How Do They Different from Other Chihuahuas?

Black Chihuahuas have mostly the same characteristics as normal Chihuahuas. The only noticeable difference is their appearance.

They might have different colored patches on their skins along with black color. Their temperament, health, size, and lifespan are almost the same.

Some Misconceptions about Black Chihuahuas

Most people believe what we will call superstitions, that the black Chihuahuas have different temperaments among their breed based on the coat color. This claim is extremely unreliable and fake. There is no scientific verification for that till now.

The behavior of a dog depends on a number of factors other than just the coat color, and therefore, it shouldn’t be justified by color only. 

If your breeder doesn’t know about it and misinforms you with this fake claim, then you must not be misguided by him.

It is just a popular marketing technique of selling their different colored puppies by calling their features and behavior different. Please don’t fall for it.

Kennel Club Recognition and Pedigree

Kennel Club is the most trusted and reliable source for dog breed information worldwide. They provide recognition to new dog breeds. It is a non-profit organization that aims to promote the sport of purebred dogs. 

Let’s talk about some standards that the American Kennel Club has set for black Chihuahuas. 

Recognition with American Kennel Club (AKC)

Black Chihuahuas are officially recognized as a dog breed by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Black Chihuahuas with the following coat colors are accepted by AKC:

  • Black
  • Black & Tan
  • Black & Red
  • Black & Silver
  • Black & White
  • Black Sabled Fawn
  • Black Sabled Silver

In their official standard, it is mentioned that they are graceful and are always on alert with sweet and saucy expressions and excellent temperament. Their confidence is perfect in comparison to other dog breeds.

They do have mentioned disqualification criteria for the black Chihuahuas that include weighing more than 6 pounds or with broken ears, docked tail, and thin coat.

Black Chihuahua Breed Info

It is easy to buy any random pet without researching its breed, health, food, and lifestyle information. But if you want a perfect friend in the form of your pet, little research before buying is a good practice. 

So before buying a black Chihuahua, here are a few factors you would like to consider. 


Black Chihuahuas are very common and easily distinguished by their unique color and patterns.

But there are variations even within the black Chihuahuas; it may have colorful patterns, patches, or splashes depending on the genes of their parent dogs. Let’s find out what colors they may possess.

  • Solid Black Color – It is rarest, but the most beautiful, the black Chihuahuas, will look more aggressive in this color.
  • Two Colored Including Black – It includes a few tan patches on the Black color.
  • Tricolored Including Black – It includes white and tan patches with the Black color.
  • Black and White Chihuahua – Different colored patches all over the face, legs, and chest.
  • Splashes and Black Chihuahua – Splashes all over the body with white and black color.

Remember that the black Chihuahua color may fade away into grey and eventually white as it gets older. They are short and compact with an “apple dome” skull.

Hairs of Black Chihuahua

The hairs of black Chihuahuas may be long or short. A short-haired black Chihuahua is easier to clean, and shedding is low. But the long-haired black Chihuahua is cuter than the ordinary one for sure.

One thing to remember is that there isn’t any other noticeable physical difference between black Chihuahuas and the different colors of the breed.

Personality and Temperament

Temperament is the key parameter to select the best dog as a pet. You might need a dog for your protection, as a friendly pet for children or yourself.

So the temperament and traits of a dog differ with each dog. Black Chihuahuas are quite similar to other colors based on temperament and personality.

I don’t recommend black Chihuahuas for homes where young children live as the close contact between the Chihuahua and the child can be dangerous for both. Most breeders tend to avoid selling their puppies to homes with young children.

You can change their personality to some extent because of their tendency to adopt new things and behavior at an early age.

I would suggest you train your black Chihuahua in the early stages of his life so that it becomes friendlier towards human beings and other animals.

It is a good idea to socialize your dog with other species so that it becomes comfortable earlier.

Due to their reserved nature with strangers, black Chihuahuas can be used as watchdogs, but be sure to stick to basic rules of feeding and entertaining them as a little negligence can make them destructive, and they can make a fuss of your life.

Behavior with Other Dogs

They are highly aggressive to other dogs despite their small size. They will literally forget how small they are in front of any other dog and will challenge it being the most aggressive one.

The Chihuahuas will never back down from their spot, and this makes the situation more dangerous and complicated when they face a larger dog with a more aggressive attitude.


Black Chihuahuas are highly sensitive to their environment. They can easily be disturbed by separation anxiety. Hence, great care should be taken for them.

Coat Types and Colors

There are a number of colors that you can choose from when selecting a pet Chihuahua for yourself. Besides the black Chihuahua, you still have three available shades which are as follows.

  • Brindle
  • Grey
  • Chocolate brown

They may also have different patterns and markings on their skin. There are usually two coat types for black Chihuahuas that are “Smooth” and “Long.”

The smooth one looks shiny, and the hairs near the neck are long and silky with a long fluffy tail. However, the hairs near the head and ears are thinner.

The other coat which is the long one is famous for its curly looks. The body is the same as smooth-coated black Chihuahua.

Size, Weight, and Height of Black Chihuahua

Why do you need to know your dog’s size for different ages? You might need to ask that question yourself. As your black Chihuahua grows, you will need to take care of the following things.

  • Select the best size of collars and clothes for them.
  • Providing them the best environment (bed, crates, and harnesses)
  • Avoiding unnecessary injuries to small black Chihuahuas.
  • Identify health problems when your black Chihuahua seems to be underweight or overweight.
  • Give them an adequate amount of food.
  • Choose the best exercises and training techniques for them.

Growth Chart of Black Chihuahua

The growth chart can be a convenient tool when you’re monitoring the black Chihuahua size for its age. Let’s see how it works.

  1. You would need a small scale to weigh your black Chihuahua (a kitchen scale will be enough).
  2. After noting the weight, Find your puppy’s age in the most left column on the given chart below.
  3. Keep following to the right of the selected row until you find the measured weight.
  4. When you find it, go to the bottom of that column, where you’ll find the expected weight of it.

Black Chihuahua Growth Chart: Age vs. Weight (in ounce)

Birth Weight2 ½2 ¾33 ½44 ¼4 ½55 ½
1 Week3 ¾455 ½6 ½7899 ½
2 Weeks55 ½6 ½79101112 ½13 ½
3 Weeks67891113141617 ½
4 Weeks789 ½1113151719 ½21
5 Weeks891113151719 ½2224
6 Weeks91112 ½1517 ½20222427
7 Weeks101214 ½1719 ½2224 ½2730
8 Weeks1113161921 ½24272933
9 Weeks121517 ¼202326293235
10 Weeks131619222528313438
11 Weeks141721242731343742
12 Weeks151922263033374145
13 Weeks162024283236404449
14 Weeks172226303439434752
15 Weeks182328323741465156
16 Weeks192530343944495459
17 Weeks202631364146515762
18 Weeks212833374348546065
19 Weeks222934394450566267
20 Weeks233035414652586470
21 Weeks243136424854606672
22 Weeks253237434956626874
23 Weeks263338445057647076
24 Weeks263339455158657178
25 Weeks273440465259667279
26 Weeks273440475360677380
Projected Adult Weight 10-12 months2 lb.2 ½ lb.3 lb.3 ½ lb.4 lb.4 ½ lb.5 lb.5 ½ lb.6 lb.

This table should be considered as only a guideline because every Chihuahua is different.

Black Chihuahua’s Lifespan

Black Chihuahuas’ expected average life is 12-20 years if properly cared for by their pet owner. It certainly doesn’t mean that all black Chihuahuas live for 12-20 years. The lifespan of a dog depends on several factors such as diet, genetics, physical activities, and etc.

We can notice that their average life is a bit longer than the medium or large-sized dog breeds. Small dog breeds tend to live longer than larger dog breeds because larger dogs age faster and tend to develop age-related diseases earlier.

There is no such way to calculate and predict their exact lifespan, but we can look at some factors as a reference and see how they affect black Chihuahua’s lifespan.

  • Diet: If fed properly, your black Chihuahuas will stay away from obesity and underweight conditions.
  • Healthcare: You must take your black Chihuahuas to routine checkups in order to avoid health issues that could reduce their lifespan.
  • Genetics: Genetics may play an essential role in elongating a dog’s life. A right combination of genes can be the reason for your black Chihuahua’s long lifespan.
  • Gender: Female black Chihuahuas may live one or two years longer than male Chihuahuas.
  • Vaccinations: Don’t forget to vaccinate your black Chihuahuas to save them from potentially fatal viruses.

Black Chihuahua Dog Care Guide

Black Chihuahuas are adorable pets to have, and if you’re thinking of owning one, you will love the information that I’m going to tell you about. Let’s get started.

Food and Dietary Requirements

It is essential to know what the best diet is for black Chihuahuas before owning them. As they are considered in the category of tiny dogs, feeding and raising process of such dogs is more critical than the other ones.

NEVER compromise on your dog’s food by purchasing cheap dog products, you may then lose even more money by spending more on its healthcare expenses.

The following are the cons of buying unhealthy food for your black Chihuahua:

  • Color fading of coat
  • Growth of your black Chihuahua will be slow
  • Their immune system will be weakened
  • Oral problems
  • Various diseases due to a weakened immune system

What’s the best food for Black Chihuahua?

Whatever the food you’re buying, meat must be the primary ingredient of it. Around 40% meat of lamb, fish, or chicken is necessary for your dog’s diet for full growth.

However, the age, size, and activity are the deciding factors of the amount of food you will be feeding to black Chihuahua.

Vegetables are another crucial part of your dog’s diet. It provides the necessary vitamins and minerals to them that meat cannot do. Always use the right combination of vegetables and meat for your dog’s proper growth.

Exercise Requirements

Socially active black Chihuahuas love to go wherever you take them, but it is essential to spare some time for their exercise and training. They will be super healthy, and their muscles will be reliable if you keep them active.

For black Chihuahuas, 20-30 minutes of exercise is crucial when we are talking about daily activity. One good walk per day will be a delightful experience for your dog.

Remember that the Chihuahuas do need to have a proper rest from time to time, so you must take breaks in between if you’re going out with your dog more than once a day.

Black Chihuahuas will be a little uncomfortable with bad weather if you take them out in such a situation. In such times, indoors will be the better place for Chihuahua’s exercise. Playing games with him will be a better idea, and especially hiding their favorite treats in the house.

He will try to find them and trust me, this will be the best play that you’ll not get bored when spending time with him.

Black Chihuahua puppies do not need as much exercise as adult Chihuahuas do. And proper care should be taken when going out with your black Chihuahua puppy as they are more vulnerable to diseases at this stage.

Making use of different toys will let your Chihuahua have more fun. Try to buy some soft toys for them and watch them playing happily.

Training Requirements

For training your black Chihuahua, you first need to understand what your dog thinks. Black Chihuahua likes to look after the house. He won’t disappoint you if you allow him to protect yourself.

The following are some key points to note for black Chihuahua training.

  • Walking is a crucial part of your dog training. Take him out two times a day and control its walking pattern by dictating the direction where he goes.
  • Do not respond to his barking.
  • Do not notice (intentionally) your Chihuahua when you enter or leave your house.
  • Make your dog feel that you are a leader, and he is not the dominant one.
  • Set feeding time for your dog. Do not make your dog feel that it can eat whenever it wants to.

Cleaning and Grooming Needs

I would suggest you buy a short-haired black Chihuahua as it is easy to clean and groom. But if you already have bought your dog, here are the things you may need for its cleaning and grooming.

  • Dog shampoo
  • Dog conditioner
  • Ear cleanser
  • Nail Trimmers
  • Small-sized brush
  • Cotton balls

The biggest and challenging part of the cleaning process of your dog is to convince him of it. So if he is not creating any problems, you have already succeeded.

Here are some miscellaneous tips for your black Chihuahua cleaning.

  • Use a fragrance enhanced shampoo to make sure your dog is away from bad odor.
  • Don’t use shampoo when washing the face for your black Chihuahua. Also, avoid getting soap in his eyes if you don’t want to get him hurt (Of course you won’t).
  • When trimming nails, it would be convenient if you find a helper for that task.
  • Watch out for their diet as bad food may affect their growth.

Pros and Cons of Black Chihuahua Dog

Want to know if the black Chihuahua is the best dog for your house? The pros of black Chihuahuas surely surpass the cons, but it is your choice whether to buy a black Chihuahua or not. Let’s discuss some of them.


  • Black Chihuahuas are simply adorable, just like most of the other dog breeds. Because of their small size, you will love to have them on your lap all the time.
  • If you live in a small apartment, black Chihuahuas are the best dog breed that you can have as a pet. They do not require a large area to play or exercise.
  • You may also use them as excellent watchdogs. Make yourself stress-free and let the black Chihuahua protect your house from burglars and thieves.
  • Black Chihuahuas are easy to groom and clean.


  • We’ve already discussed their fragile nature. They can hurt themselves, so you need to take well care of them. Unlike other dogs, they are also sensitive to many natural diseases.
  • If you don’t like a dog that barks a lot, then black Chihuahuas are not the best pet you.
  • They are often anti-social to other animals.

Black Chihuahua Puppy Prices

The cost of a dog usually depends on its age. The other deciding factors for cost include the body shape, face shape, and health of the dog.

You can find the dog breeders selling old black Chihuahuas at $100, and the price may vary up to $1300.

However, there are exceptionalities that some breeders sell special breeds of Chihuahuas, and the price for them goes up to $5000!

Adoption Fees

The breeders may ask you to pay $100 to $250 as a small deposit for the puppy security. They later include this fee into the adoption fees of the puppy when the sale gets completed.

Tips to remember when buying or adopting a black Chihuahua:

  • When buying a black Chihuahua puppy, keep the lifespan in mind, which is usually 12-20 years.
  • If you’re looking for a lower price, try to find some local shelters where you can buy older dogs for adoption.
  • Researching online first is a better option when you’re preparing to buy a black Chihuahua.

Tips on Adopting or Buying a Black Chihuahua Puppy

The following are some useful tips to find the ideal Chihuahua puppy for your house.

  • Do not go after cheap breeders or sellers. A reputable puppy breeder will give you the health history of the dog and the complete insurance.
  • The new and inexperienced breeders might misguide you about the black Chihuahua color, temperament, and health. Therefore, try to find some experienced breeders in your town.
  • Buying dogs from shelter homes is always a good idea because the dogs are trained, and you may buy them for low prices.
  • Thorough research is necessary before buying Chihuahuas; you must compare the offers of different breeders or shelter homes and accept the best one that suits your budget.

Common Health Risks for Black Chihuahua

If you’re planning to buy a black Chihuahua, you should know the common health problems that can affect your puppy. Let’s discuss what those are.


Black Chihuahuas usually contract this disease in which the blood sugar level goes down abnormally. If you find your dog weak or inactive for too long, take the necessary measures before it’s late as the dog’s nervous system may be compromised.

Tracheal Collapse

The smaller dog breeds are more susceptible to this health risk, and black Chihuahua is one of them. Tracheal collapse occurs when the tracheal rings lose their normal rigidity.

The common signs are harsh breathing, unnecessary coughing, and gagging. Tracheal collapse becomes severe when accompanied by stress and anxiety.

Dental Health Risks

Black Chihuahuas’ teeth and gums are weak. The reason for it may be too much crowdedness of the teeth in their smallmouth.

Just like in humans, when food is trapped in between the teeth, the plaque and tartar start to build up. Chihuahuas can also suffer from it, so it is better to clean the teeth of your puppy regularly and see the dentist for regular checkups.


Because of the natural breed characteristic, black Chihuahuas do have a small soft spot on the top of their head. It is called “molera,” and it is not a disease, but if it is extremely large, then the puppy is prone to a health risk called “Hydrocephalus.”

In this condition, cerebrospinal fluid gets build up around the brain. It is very severe to the Chihuahuas and cause seizures, blindness, dementia, and eventually cause death.


It is not something associated with the health risks of black Chihuahua, but it is its characteristic that it tends to shiver in situations when it gets stressed or excited.

Hence, you need to protect them from the cold environment and make sure that your beloved Chihuahua is warm and comfortable with sweaters and blankets.

Luxating Patella

In this disease, the bones and joints of the hind leg get misaligned. Your dog may limp, and you can see the difficulties he is facing to walk properly in this condition. In severe possibilities, black Chihuahuas may need surgical correction for it.

Final Thoughts

To summarize the whole article about the black Chihuahuas guide, it is a tiny and charming dog breed with excellent coat color.

The breed does come with different pros and cons, but the temperament of them should not be justified based on its color, as most of the dog breeders do.

They need your time, love, and care, just like any other Chihuahuas. With their “not so social” nature, you’ll need to invest a little extra time to train and mingle with others.

But they’ll make you free from many concerns such as dog space issues, house protection, or grooming.

I would recommend buying this Black coat color if you’re willing to buy Chihuahua breed and want a perfect dog for you and your family!

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