10 Best Doberman Breeders (2024): Our Top 10 Picks!

Best Doberman Breeders to Find Doberman Puppies for Sale

If you’re looking for a strong guard dog who can also be loving and playful, then the Doberman Pinscher will definitely be a match for you.

How will you find a healthy Doberman puppy for sale, you ask? Well, look no further because that’s what I’m here for!

Below, you’ll find 10 reputable Doberman breeders, complete with their contact details and descriptions, to help you find that perfect pooch. Now, all that’s left for you to do is to sit back, relax, and start reading!

It has become a norm to see dog breeders marketing their available litter thru websites, social media pages, and ads. If you are looking for Doberman puppies for sale online and are not sure how to identify a puppy scam from a legitimate breeder, read our ultimate puppy buying guide. It offers useful tips on how to safely transact via the internet and to identify scam red flags.

10 Places to Find Doberman Puppies for Sale

After extensive research on where to find the country’s best Doberman breeders, I came up with this list to help you find one that would suit your needs best.

Read through my suggestions and be one step closer to getting your dream companion.

1. Treasure Seeker Dobermans – North Carolina

Treasure Seeker Dobermans values performance, show, companionship, and health for its Dobes.

While they only have a limited number of Doberman puppies bred each year, the breeder makes it a point to follow the Doberman Pinscher Club of American Code of Ethics as well as the United Doberman Club Code of Ethics.

They do not condone harmful breeding activities such as the creation of the albino Doberman. As a result, this family-owned breeder’s ethical breeding practices paved the way for quality Dobermans that have high-quality American and European bloodlines.

Furthermore, they make sure to keep transparency all throughout the purchasing process. Each Doberman puppy’s medical history and health test results are available for anyone interested in meeting their pooches.

Treasure Seeker Dobermans Breeder Information and Details

  • Website: Treasure Seeker Dobermans
  • Address: Wake Forest NC 27587
  • Phone: 919-556-4643
  • Email: treasureseekerdobermans.nc@gmail.com
  • Special Note: They are also on Facebook.

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2. Poesia Dobermans – Idaho

Owned and run by Dobe lover Alexandria Bullock, Poesia Dobermans sell Doberman puppies mainly for companion homes.

Their Dobes are also good for shows since the breeder has given extra attention toward its dogs’ temperament, health, strength, and overall pedigree beauty.

All of their non-show companion pups are already spayed/neutered. Their site has also emphasized the need for potential buyers to know more about the exercise and training needs of a Dobe to make sure that they understand the weight of their responsibility.

They also provide informational materials such as a puppy questionnaire and Doberman FAQs and guides to help buyers make a sure decision prior to purchasing.

If their customers are no longer able to take care of the Doberman they bought, Poesia requires them to return the said dog to find them a new and more suited home.

Given these rules and breeding practices, Poesia really goes the extra mile to make sure their Doberman puppies will be loved and cared for.

Poesia Dobermans Breeder Information and Details

  • Website: Poesia Dobermans
  • Phone: 650-4653-443
  • Email: poesiadobermans@gmail.com
  • Special Note: They are also on Facebook.

3. Kalora Dobermans – New York

Established in 1990, Kalora Dobermans prides itself on selling top-of-the-line Dobermans with excellent health, longevity, temperament, and conformation.

As a registered and reputable kennel, Kalora has produced over 40 champions throughout its 30-year-run.

These Doberman puppies went on to become group winners, placers, and participants in several dog show categories such as obedience, agility, nose work, trick dog, barn hunt, lure coursing, and Schutzhund.

Moreover, these champs have conquered several titles including Best in Specialty Show, Best of Opposite Sex, Award of Merit, Best Puppy Winner, Register of Merit, Best of Breed, and Best in Show.

The Kalora Dobes have proudly competed in events hosted by the Doberman Pinscher Club of America (DCPA) and the Westminster Kennel Club, among others.

Through these merits, Kalora is proving their Dobes’ excellent lineage.

Kalora Dobermans Breeder Information and Details

  • Website: Kalora Dobermans
  • Phone: 631-451-7337
  • Email: kaloradobes@optonline.net

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4. Alpha Dobermans – North Carolina

Based in Ocala, Florida, this kennel is founded mainly on devotion to dogs and devotion by dogs alike.

Alpha Dobermans is committed to making and raising pedigree Doberman puppies coming from a long line of both American and European champions alike.

The Doberman breeder only started its operations last 2020, so it’s a fairly new breeding venture. Despite that, Alpha Dobermans have proven that they are a trusted breeder whose primary focus is striving for excellence in a Doberman puppy’s health and temperament.

They have highlighted that a great deal of experience and hard work has been put into the crafting of each Doberman puppy for sale. Furthermore, the kennel dedicates tedious research and careful planning to ensure the quality of their litter.

Because of their hands-on involvement throughout the entire process, Alpha Dobermans is able to produce excellent show and obedience Dobes who can also be loving and adaptable family members.

Alpha Dobermans Breeder Information and Details

  • Website: Alpha Dobermans
  • Phone: 352-812-6644
  • Email: alphadobermans@gmail.com

5. Executive Order Doberman Pinschers – Kansas

Executive Order Dobermans, a division of the esteemed Elite European Canines, is proudly owned by Katherine Thomas, based in Wichita, KS.

Renowned for their exceptional European-origin puppies sourced from top pedigrees worldwide, they have garnered international acclaim for their dogs’ success in protection sports and conformation competitions.

Under Katherine’s stewardship, Executive Order Dobermans has produced numerous puppies that have gone on to achieve remarkable show and working careers in Europe.

They are distinguished as the leading European showline breeder in the USA with a consistent presence in both European and North American dog shows.

Upholding a commitment to prioritizing health and longevity alongside beauty, all dogs undergo comprehensive health testing exceeding CHIC recommendations.

This Doberman breeder conducts thorough annual health screenings including Holters, echocardiograms, thyroid panels, liver/kidney panels, and eye exams.

Setting a benchmark for breeder accountability, they offer a generous lifetime health warranty against genetic diseases. Their health warranty includes a lifetime health warranty against genetic diseases such as VWD, Epilepsy, and much more.

Executive Order Doberman Breeder Information and Details

6. Kani / Wilken Dobermans – Kansas

Ever since the year 2003, Kani / Wilken Dobermans has been committed to the craft of bringing rise to high-quality Dobes that are adept in conformation shows.

The establishment is owned by Shelby Williams and Scott Norlin, who have owned four consecutive generations of champions. Among those Doberman lines, they have bred three generations.

Not only are they able to produce healthy and well-tempered dogs, but Kani / Wilken Dobermans have also pushed for ethical breeding practices that adhere to the standards set by AKC.

The kennel follows the DPCA’s Code of Ethics and, as such, does not promote the peddling and breeding of albino Dobermans.

On their site, Kani / Wilken posts candid photos of their Dobes, as well as images of available puppies and their champion lines.

Kani / Wilken Dobermans Breeder Information and Details

7. Melrae Dobermans – Michigan 

As a fairly new kennel that started out in 2010, Melrae Dobermans should not be underestimated. In the span of 10 years, it has marked itself as a pro breeder, having produced several AKC Grand Champions and AKC Champions.

Some of the fields their Dobes have won include Novice Agility, Novice Agility Jumper, Basic Companion, Novice Barn Hunt, Open Barn Hunt, Register of Merit, Dock Senior, Novice Trick Dog, Canine Good Citizen, Coursing Ability, and Coursing Ability Advanced.

Subsequently, they also pride themselves on producing therapy dogs and junior show dogs.

On their website, Melrae Dobermans posts pictures of their champions, whether they’re alive, retired, or have “crossed the rainbow bridge.” Photos from several competitions they’ve won are also available for your perusal.

Melrae Dobermans Breeder Information and Details

  • Website: Melrae Dobermans
  • Phone: 616-218-8454
  • Email: melraedobermans@yahoo.com

8. Foxfire Dobermans – Oregon

Foxfire Dobermans was established back in 1979. In nearly 40 years of breeding, the kennel has created more than eight generations of sound and healthy Dobermans.

Due to their seniority in the Doberman breeding business, Foxfire has produced some of the most accomplished Dobes of their time. The earliest record of awards on their site dates back to 1998. Their dogs have won awards such as the Best of Breed.

Over time, this Doberman breeder has received the 2015 Doberman Pinscher Club of America APEX Legacy Award for “making a lasting, positive impression on the breed, improving public awareness and perception of the breed, and through service to the breed community.”

Moreover, Foxfire’s Michelle Santana has been given the APEX Award Gold Level as an Outstanding Breeder.

Her work and legacy extend beyond the kennel, too. She has been named DPCA President from 2014-2015 and was a past DPCA Exhibitor Education Chairman for the years 2001 until 2006.

If you want a kennel that houses award-winning pups and equally-lauded breeders as well, you might want to consider checking out Foxfire.

Foxfire Dobermans Breeder Information and Details

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9. Jaladeck Dobermans – New York

Jaladeck Dobermans knows that they are not the biggest or most famous Doberman breeders out there.

Despite that, they still belong among the United States’ cream of the crop because of the quality of Doberman puppies they have produced.

In their more than 30 years as an established Doberman breeder, Jaladeck has ensured that their Dobes are bred for excellent health, even temperament, and longevity. They do not condone unethical breeding practices such as albinism and miniaturization.

They delight in breeding Dobes with an average lifespan of 11 years. These pooches have all been tested for hips, elbows, hearts, eyes, thyroid, and Von Willebrand’s Disease.

Not to mention, their pups have gone on to compete in the United States and Canada-based dog shows. Their Dobermans are quite adept in obedience, rally, agility, dock diving, search, and rescue, as well as tracking.

Jaladeck Dobermans Breeder Information and Details

10. Zane Dobermans – Missouri

Zane Dobermans has been around since the year 2000. In those 21 years of producing top-quality Doberman puppies, Zane has worked its way up the top. Now, they are an AKC-registered breeder of great merit.

They are firmly against genetic mutations and the improper breeding of Dobes. Zane also isn’t a puppy mill. In fact, the kennel only breeds selectively handpicked pedigree dogs who will improve their generational line.

Their website is relatively minimalistic in nature, only showcasing a home page, a contact page, and separate pages dedicated to their available males, females, and Doberman puppies.

Despite this, you can be assured of Zane’s quality service since they earned an endorsement from the DPCA itself.

On their contact page, you’ll be asked to fill out a form and leave your comments. The Doberman breeder will then get back to you and answer any query as soon as they can.

Zane Dobermans Breeder Information and Details

  • Website: Zane Dobermans
  • Phone: 816-719-4155
  • Email: atucker@redzane.com

All the Doberman breeders included on our list passed our standards. However, if you want to verify their legitimacy, read our ultimate puppy buying guide for some proven tips on how to safely find a breeder online or how to find a puppy for sale while avoiding scams.

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Other Sources for Doberman Puppies

Four black and tan Doberman puppies for sale

Given the limited number of Doberman puppies available in any given litter coupled with the increasing demand for the breed, newly-posted pups tend to sell out fairly quickly.

While you have the choice to be waitlisted, you can also cut down on time by looking at these platforms to find Doberman puppies for sale:

  • AKC Marketplace – Their database presents high-quality puppies from the most trusted Doberman breeders registered within the AKC. This is perhaps the safest way to locate reputable breeders near your area that adhere to the AKC standards.
  • PuppySpot – This online platform has quick and easy features that make searching for the perfect Doberman Pinscher seems like no big deal. You can use its Puppy Finder feature to narrow down your search to specific breeds or categories. Another likable thing about this site is that it displays a picture, name, and detailed description for each adoptable pup.
  • Puppies.com – In a similar manner, PuppyFind functions just like PuppySpot, although it sports a more minimalistic interface for users who do not like to be troubled with a lot of options. You can enter your desired breed, your state, the size you’re looking for, and what kind to help you quicken the hunt.
  • Good Dog – This site offers an extensive database for both breeders and shelters or rescues. The organization screens every member of their community to ensure that they practice ethical breeding and caring for your future companion. If you’re one undecided chap, Good Dog also offers a breed explorer function to suggest certain breeders that you might like.

How Much Does a Doberman Cost? Puppy Prices and Expenses

An American Doberman puppy’s average cost is between $1,500 and $2,500, with companion Dobes belonging to the former range, while show quality pooches inch closer to the latter amount.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in European Dobermans, expect its price tag to exceed $3,000. To learn more about the difference between these two types of Dobes, check out my article about this.

American vs. European Doberman: An In-Depth Comparison

On the other hand, some Doberman puppies are known to be sold for as low as $500. While it’s good to know you can always find a bargain, be wary of Doberman breeders who sell pups for less than $1,000.

The chances are high that they have been bred from a puppy mill or have questionable health, so always remember that quality comes with a price.

Of course, the spending has only just begun! As a future fur parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your pup receives the necessities for growth and happiness. Here’s a quick run-down of your initial cost:

Type of ExpenseAverage Cost
High-Quality Dog Food$60
Leash and Collar$20
Chew Toys$20
Food and Water Bowls$20
Dog Bed$40
Dog Crate$40
Grooming Essentials$30
Training Treats$25
Cleaning Essentials$45
Total Initial Cost$300

Other than the basics, you must also factor in trips to the vet, some precautionary shots, and spaying/neutering, in case your breeder hasn’t covered it yet.

While these fall under monthly or annual expenses, you should also be prepared during emergency situations that require urgent medical treatment.

As a preventive measure, it’s better to be meticulous about your potential Dobe’s medical history to prevent unwanted complications in the future. You should also prepare an emergency fund for your pooch because the bills do not come cheap.

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How to Find Doberman Puppies in Your Area?

Since Dobermans are highly in-demand, finding a reputable Doberman breeder should be a breeze.

However, what will prove more challenging is determining two things: the kennel’s proximity to your area, and more importantly, the reputability of the breeder.

To help save you the trouble of running into puppy mills or low-quality breeders, I’ve whipped up a few tips worth remembering:

  • Join local Doberman forums or groups on social media. Forums dedicated to Doberman Pinschers across different social media platforms will give you valuable insight into where you can find a Doberman breeder near your area. Most of the time, available litters are posted on these groups along with their location. Facebook is the easiest way to find Doberman groups, but you may also opt for reading Reddit threads.
  • Talk to Doberman owners near your area. Although using the Internet will contribute to your research, nothing will beat talking personally to a Doberman owner near you. They can refer you to where they bought their own Dobie so you wouldn’t have to waste a lot of effort scouting your whole area to find a Doberman breeder.
  • Go to pet fairs and other dog events in your location. Pet fairs are made for the exact purpose of meeting potential buyers. On the plus side, it also gives you the chance to interact with your future pup to see if you match personalities.
  • Contact shelters and rescues. You know what they say, adopting is as good as shopping. There are a lot of abandoned or neglected Doberman Pinschers in all 50 states. You can contact these organizations, cite the specific location where you’re at, and they’ll find a Dobie match for you. If you aren’t comfortable with this, you can also check out their websites since most of them have search engines where you can filter Dobermans using location.

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Final Thoughts

A Doberman Pinscher might not look like the cuddliest dog breed on the planet, but rest assured, it is a very loyal and affectionate breed. Given their excellent guard dog status, you’d never have to worry because a Dobe will always have your back.

Whether you buy a Doberman puppy for companionship or joining dog shows, what matters more is that you understand the responsibilities that come with the breed.

These include making sure they get the proper amount of exercise, training, and nutritional needs. Otherwise, these pups can grow up agitated or destructive.

Doberman puppies require veterinary check-ups, vitamins, vaccinations, and other basic necessities for survival on top of the physical needs and nurturing.

Although the factors to consider before finalizing your purchase can seem daunting, remember that these challenges are necessary in order for you to determine your readiness for rehoming a Doberman puppy.

At the end of the day, it will still all be worth it. So above anything else, prepare your wallet – and yourself!

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