How Much Do Akitas Cost? Puppy Prices and Expenses

How Much Do Akitas Cost? Puppy Prices and Expenses

Akitas are large and furry dogs which can be intimidating at first glance. Traditionally, this is a breed that served high-ranking Japanese families in Old Japanese History.

Back then, they used to be hunters, but they always showed a deep love for their masters. This is one of the reasons why I got my very own Akita dog.

They are reliable pets who are very loyal to the family they grew up with, and once I got my hand on my little Aki, it never left my side.

Through my experience as an Akita owner, I saw that many first-time owners of these breeds get confused about how to raise them properly.

Similarly, many want to know the average price of Akita dogs in the market. By comparing my knowledge with other owners who chose to love these adorable furries, I can give a detailed estimate of how much they cost.

How much does an Akita puppy cost? Typical Akita prices taken from respected sources range from $800 to $2,000. If taken from a pure breed or a champion bloodline, the prices for these dogs could double. Aside from the first payments, you should also be aware of other expenses especially if you are a first-time owner.

You should expect to pay up to $4,000 which includes the puppy cost and all the necessary items for the first year of Akita ownership. After your Akita is about one year old, it could cost you around $160 every month. These items include common Akita products and consumables that they make use of.

Other influences affect this price and might cause them to go up. Worry not, because all of these considerations will be discussed further in this article.

This article is meant to guide you on the expected expenses in taking care of your Akita. I have created various lists as benchmarks for your pet-raising adventure.

Average Cost of Akita Puppies

Choosing an Akita as your first pet requires a considerable amount of money and effort. While the lower prices of Akis could go for as low as $800, due to various medical tests and other safety measures, these prices increase upon selling.

Some blogs even include Akitas in their top 10 lists of most expensive dogs, and it really is a luxury and honor to have them. The following are the factors that would affect your future Akita’s cost upon purchase.

Type of Breeder

The type of breeder is a factor that future owners should always look upon. An Akita’s source plays a huge part in their selling price.

For example, reputable sources that make sure that the puppies bred are in tip-top shape would sell higher than backyard sources who have little to no experience.

Top-tier sources provide good foundations for pet ownership and should not be overlooked. More information about Akita breeders and sources will be included below.


An Akita pup’s genetics is one of the greatest influences which affects its price. Some Akitas in the champion bloodline can cost you $3,500 when you purchase one from a breeder.

A champion means that previous generations of the pup exhibited good results in shows or competitions. This assurance of quality severely increases the cost of purchase as it is relative to good maintenance.

Breed Certification

Certification is a sign that the Akita you will own is purebred and well-cared. With this, you can guarantee that the information given to you by the breeder is a hundred percent accurate, as organizations such as the American Kennel Club reviews the qualification.

Pups without certificates would of course cost less compared to those who have one. Furthermore, the parents of your future Akita will have a separate document with your pup, and this can vary the price.

Disease Tests

As purebred dogs, Akitas are prone to some health issues which the future owners should be aware of. Examples of these are hip dysplasia, bleeding disorders, and immunity problems.

To guarantee that your prospective pup is free of these problems, sources employ medical tests before they are sold. These tests cost money, and they would add up to your Aki’s pre-ownership expenses.

However, ensuring that our pup completes all the needed tests guarantees that our dogs will live a full and healthy life with us.

Other Treatments

Ticks and worms are always a no-no for pet owners. Top-tier sources provide complete deworming programs and tick removal for our comfort as Akita owners. These pre-ownership care will surely increase your Aki’s cost, but they are always worth the price. 

Usually, high-quality Akitas consider all the things stated above. It is important to know when buying your first Akita as it will guarantee a good life for you and your puppy.

Take note that when an Akita is priced by a breeder for less than $300, it is probably an Akita who has not received proper tests and care.

Types of Akita Breeders and Their Prices

Akita sources exist everywhere. They can be found on the web, in your local region, or even on promotional sites.

To help you get an idea of Akita puppy sources which are safe and high quality, I have compiled a list of common Akita sources in the market. This also serves as a ranking from least to greatest puppy qualities.

Puppy Mills

Puppy mills breed puppies in extreme neglect and danger. As companies focusing on quantity rather than quality, they mass breed different types of dogs to create revenue out of them.

These establishments are usually inconsiderate of puppies’ health conditions as they only want them to be sold off immediately. To add, they also have little to no certification to affirm their dog’s living conditions, meaning that they operate legally and violate animal rights.

They usually price their dogs low, in a range of $200 to $600 because these pups were not treated with proper medical care.

As royal dogs on requiring much attention and care, Akitas should never be bought from Puppy Mills. Yes, the prices from mills might seem low; but in the long run, additional expenses from complications might arise.

Never ever get Akitas from these types of establishments as they tend to scam gullible owners.

Backyard Breeders

Akita backyard breeders are people who have little to no experience in raising dog breeds.

However, due to unexpected circumstances such as their Akita dogs being pregnant and having extra puppies, they sell the pups off due to financial needs or to lift-off dog care responsibilities.

While not all backyard sources have bad intentions, some of them still lack proper knowledge of high-quality breeding of Akitas, and problems can appear due to the said inexperience.

They offer mid-range prices for Akitas ranging from $600 to $800, but it’s kind of hard to find them because they are the results of unplanned events.

I recommend not adore or subscribe to these types of sources since, similar to puppy mills, they could harm your Akita puppy’s health in the long run.

Reputable Breeders

This is where I got my Akita from. Reputable breeders are people who have been in this craft for many years, and they are proven and tested.

These sources treat their puppies with utmost love, care, and socialization to ensure that they are ready for a life with their new owners.

Reputable sources have completed papers, certificates, medical tests, and even deworming and tick treatment for the puppies that they offer.

While the prices from respected sources skyrocket in a range of $800 to $2,000, they are worth the money due to the assurance that you have on your future puppy.

If ever you get your Akita from them, a good foundation of the owner to pet relationship is affirmed as they will have good health and appropriate vaccinations in them. I got my Akita for $1,800.

Initial Cost of Akita Ownership

As you scanned the considerations above, I’m pretty sure that you’re excited to hug and cuddle your future Akita. However, let us first see the additional costs of having an Akita apart from the initial price of the puppy.

In this article, I have compiled my first expenses on my Akita parenthood to help you get an idea of how much you will spend initially on your beloved Akita.

Item TypeCost
Top Grade Food$50
Full Grooming$40
Pet Insurance$40
Dog License$10
First Vaccination$80
Bowls, Harnesses, Leash$40
Deworming and Flea$30
Initial Veterinarian Visit$70

These values are estimates and they might depend on your Akita traits and preferences. As for the insurance, I got one which I think fits my Akita since the breeder I contacted was already hands-on with my pup’s health. You can adjust this option, of course.

My First Year Expenses as an Akita Owner

Aside from these one-time buys on my Akita, there were also day-by-day costs that I encountered in my first year of ownership. Here is a list I made for future Akita owners for them to be guided and ready.

Akita ownership in the first year, like any other dog breed, is of course costlier than the succeeding ones.

Because of my breeder’s efforts in ensuring my pup’s health, I didn’t face any problems which would increase my expenses any further. Again, the price might look high, but it’s worth the extra cash.

Here is the list of my first-year journey:

Type of ExpenseCost
Akita Puppy$1,800
Vet Check$140
Pet Insurance$120
Dog License$10
Doggie Items (Toys, Bed, Lash, Collars)$500
Flea, Tick, and Deworming$100

These figures are rounded for the best estimates so that you will have an idea. Other adjustments which could have lowered my first-year expenses are the following:

Buying a non-champion line breed: Champion line breeds double the cost of an Akita puppy in the market. Since I wanted to get my hands on the highest quality Akita puppy there is, I opted to go for one. If ever you did not choose a champion line Akita, then the costs would be lowered to half, meaning that the price will range from $800 to $1,000 only. This, as I said before, is a decision that the owner must consider before buying.

Not signing up for puppy training classes: I could have decided not to seek professional help for my pup’s traits. However, I found it hard to train my pup since originally, Akitas are hunting dogs and it makes them kind of chewy and aggressive. To control my Aki’s temperament, I got on a training program which helped me to deal with my pup’s character.

Cutting on treats cost: The type of treats you want to give your Akita depends highly on your preference. Some treats are more expensive than others, but I choose to feed my Akita the highest quality ones. I love making my Akita happy with his favorite treat, and I will discuss the best treats for your Aki later in this article.

Monthly Cost of My Akita Ownership

As time passed, my Akita maintenance costs significantly dwindled as I also learned my dog’s needs and wants.

Because of the one-time payments which were initially made, my monthly expenses only contained food, treats, emergency funds, as well as grooming.

Item TypeCost
High-Grade Dog Food$50

Akitas are large and energetic dogs because of their history as hunters, and their food supply could be easily depleted.

With high-grade quality food, we can certify that they have enough energy to go through their day. Akitas need exercise like any other hunting dog, so get ready to sweat your heart out with them.

These are pets that might seem shy with strangers, but they are very active with family members.

As heavy fur-shedders, owners like me should expect fur in their house. From furniture, sofa, or even carpet, Akita hair can be found everywhere.

To counter this, decent grooming sessions need to occur to keep their fur trimmed. Some months required me to groom my Akita twice, so you better be ready.

As for the insurance, it can vary from the package you subscribe to. My monthly insurance is $40 as I found the inclusions decent.

Furthermore, if your Akita came from a reputable breeder, you could opt for a cheaper insurance plan because your Akita will be free of diseases and health problems. Then again, it depends on your preference.

To not be shocked by future emergency funds, you should keep at least $300 of extra money in your wallet. This serves as a contingency for whatever accidents may happen to your Akita.

Personally, I often did not use this emergency fund because my Akita stayed healthy all throughout the years, but it is always better to be safe rather than to be sorry.

Additional Expenses

There are also other possible costs that could increase your monthly Akita maintenance. I did not use these on my list since I wasn’t able to use them in my journey as an owner. These expenses depend on your situation as an owner.

Dog Day Care: If you are busy during the day and have no other family members to leave your dog when you’re away, you could employ a neighbor or someone you know to take care of your Akita.

Always choose someone you can trust wholly as it is not easy to deal with Akitas due to their disposition as royal dogs. You should also condition your Akita to be familiar with its future caretaker.

Shipping Fee: In rare cases, Akitas are shipped from the breeder to the owner. This might incur additional fees for the buyer. However, I don’t recommend Akitas being shipped as it could induce trauma to our dogs. It is always better to see the breeder face to face for trust and verification.

Finding Products for Your Akita

Picking the appropriate items for your Akita is essential and must be exercised with the utmost care. You must consider your Akita traits and preferences, and it is not a one-size-fits-all type of job.

However, we can have a general list of things you need to buy for your Akita. Below is the list of the usual products you need in your journey as an owner.

  • Dog bed
  • Akita shampoo
  • Dog crate
  • Leash
  • Comb
  • Toys

To find the best items for your Akita, research and experience are important. Throughout the years, I have gathered sites that contain the best toys, treats, and food for your Akita.

These sites provide scientifically tested and owner proved Akita products which both dogs and owners love. They maximize comfort and consider your pup’s well-being.


Breedsy offers an in-depth guide for Akitas. They include products that best match your Akita’s needs and nutritional demands. In this site, it is emphasized that Akitas have different food requirements throughout the years, and it depends on their age.

They also include recipes for maximum Akita health benefits, as well as a proper food guide for puppies Akitas, Adult Akitas, and Senior Akitas. To top it off, high-grade food products are also mentioned on the site.

These are usually large or giant-breed dog food to sustain body mass and muscle which also prevents your dog from being overweight.

Some good products which I also use from them are Now Fresh Large Breed Adult Dog Food and NomNomNow Fresh Dog Food. These are the types of dog food my Akita consumes daily and they really help in keeping my Akita active through-out the day.

The prices of these products range from $30 to $80, and this means that you could adjust your budget to fit your finances and your Aki’s needs.


Appropriate Akita items are important in raising your dog. Dog Product Picker is a site that chooses the best Akita products designed for their physiology and temperament.

It is my go-to website when I want to buy something new for my beautiful Akita, and so far, their recommendations are always on point as my dog loves the items.

Some items which they suggest are the K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Bed which is very suitable for Akitas. As previously discussed, Akitas are quite chewy, so having a chew proof bed solves most of the problem. The price of this product is $25 for your future reference.

They also recommend high-quality leashes as well as combs ranging from $10 to $30.

My Akita’s personal favorite is the GoDog Just for Me Gator Plush; a durable plushie which can match an Akita’s activeness and aggressiveness. This amazing toy is priced at $8 and my dog is really accustomed to it. He can’t sleep without it!


Amazon has a wide library of treats that are suited for Akitas. My dog’s personal favorite is the Cloud Star Chewy Tricky Trainers which are little bites your dog could enjoy at any given time.

These natural treats have a soft texture making them suitable for puppies and adult dogs alike. For me, this is the ideal Akita reward, and it only costs $11 at most.

Chewy Tricky Trainers is also the official treatment of the American Kennel Club, meaning that it is approved and preferred by many trainers around the U.S. for its quality.

My Akita can’t get enough of this treat, and he always wants more of it. This treat keeps my Aki motivated for activities we would participate in, and it doesn’t affect his health because of all-natural components.

Final Thoughts

Owning a pet Akita can be pricey at first, but it will surely be worth the effort. As dogs love their owners more than their own lives, they deserve the best products and treatments that we could give them.

By reading this blog, you will have an idea of the journey you will take, and it will make you a better parent to your baby Akitas.

Today, my Akita is a companion I can’t lose, and I’m pretty sure you’d feel the same way with yours too. Be excited and be prepared for an adorable life with your future Akita!

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