Long-Haired Greyhound: Do Greyhounds Have Long Hair?

Long haired Greyhound dog standing outdoors

Are you familiar with the long-haired Greyhound? The Greyhound with long hair is a large dog breed known for its strength, speed, and gracefulness. 

This breed originated from Russia and was used for hunting wolves, foxes, and rabbits. Later on, long-haired Greyhounds became loyal companions of European royalties. 

If you plan to take in a long-hair Greyhound as a new member of your household, this article is for you. From general info and prices to grooming, you will find it all here. 

Do Greyhounds Have Long Hair? 

Beautiful black and white long haired Greyhound running across the autumn field

Greyhounds don’t have long hair; however, there is a so-called long-haired Greyhound, and it belongs to a dog breed known as the Russian Wolfhound or Borzoi. These dogs have dense undercoats and long outer coats. Their similarities with the Greyhound earned them the title “long-haired Greyhound.”

A Greyhound with long hair is a moderate to heavy shedder, making it unsuitable for people with allergies.

This dog’s curly, silky, and long hair needs to be brushed once or twice weekly to prevent tangles and matting. 

In terms of colors, fluffy Greyhounds can be seen in different coat colors, such as black, red, fawn, and gray. Some long-haired Greyhounds also have coats with shades of brindle and sometimes sable.

As expected, the long-haired Greyhound shares most of its physical traits with an actual Greyhound. These dogs also sport athletic bodies and long noses.

What Is a Long-Haired Greyhound Called? 

Long haired Greyhound sitting on grass field

A long-haired Greyhound is also called a Russian Wolfhound, Russian Hunting Sighthound, or Borzoi. Borzoi is a Russian term for fast. This is because they are known for their speed, especially during hunting.

Just like the Greyhound, Borzois have a long nozzle and sharp eyesight. This breed has moderate energy levels and requires more than 40 minutes of exercise daily. 

These dogs also have moderate attention needs and a low tendency to bark. However, the long-haired Greyhound also loves cuddles from time to time and can be protective in times of danger. 

The Greyhound with long hair is an elegant package of strength and gracefulness. They have a high prey instinct and can be stubborn. Positive reinforcement and patience are a must during training. 

If you want to see some long-haired Greyhound puppies in action, watch this video:

Other Dog Breeds That Look Like Long-Haired Greyhounds

There are other breeds that share the same physical characteristics as the Borzoi. The list below gives information about other dog breeds that look like long-haired Greyhounds.

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound that looks like a long haired Greyhound

The Afghan Hound has a long and silky coat that serves as the dog’s protection during extreme weather. However, unlike Borzois, they are considered hypoallergenic dogs.

This breed stands 27 inches at the shoulder and has a powerful and agile body. The Afghan Hound has huge paw pads which serve as shock absorbers in mountainous terrains during hunting. 

This breed also has a long face, just like the long-haired Greyhound. And just like the Borzoi, the Afghan Hound was originally bred for hunting and coursing.

Saluki (Persian Greyhound)

Saluki that looks like a long haired Greyhound

Just like the long-hair Greyhound, the Saluki is an ancient breed known to be the companion of kings when hunting. This breed is a gentle and loyal pet but would give out a good chase on its prey. 

The Saluki is an intelligent breed and is highly adaptable in any climate. However, unlike Borzois, the Saluki breed is not suited for new dog owners due to its high prey drive and energy levels. 

The Persian Greyhound has a short and silky coat. Its coat can either be feathered or smooth. The feathered variety has longer hair in the ears, tail, thighs, and back of the legs. 

Scottish Deerhound

Scottish Deerhound that looks like a long haired Greyhound

This breed is a descendant of the Greyhound with long hair and was originally bred to hunt the giant wild red deer. The Scottish Deerhound is good to children and other dogs but can be aloof to strangers. 

The Scottish Deerhound is also known as the “Royal Dog of Scotland.” This breed is one of the tallest dogs known, standing at 32 inches at the shoulder. 

Just like the Borzoi, the Scottish Deerhound is a Sighthound that is great at hunting its prey. This breed has a rough coat and is more heavily boned than the long-haired Greyhound.

There is no doubt that the breeds mentioned need to be groomed regularly to keep their coat healthy. The next section will teach you the right way to groom your long-haired pooch. 

Long-Haired Greyhound Grooming & Shedding

Long-haired Greyhounds are light to moderate shedders, making them suitable for pet lovers who are allergic to animal dander. However, hot weather can make shedding worse for these dogs.

An example of this is seasonal shedding, wherein a Greyhound with long hair may shed more during spring and fall. Living your fluffy Greyhound outside when the weather is hot may also increase shedding. 

Meanwhile, excessive shedding when there aren’t any seasonal changes can be a sign of skin problems. If your long-haired Greyhound starts acting differently and loses patches of hair, it’s time to rush to the vet. 

Just like other long-haired breeds, a Greyhound with long hair needs to be groomed regularly. Daily brushing is required for this breed to prevent tangles and matted fur.

Bathing must also be done at least once a month, with two months being the longest interval between washes. 

Some dogs may be bathed every other week as long as you use a mild shampoo that will not dry your dog’s skin.

How Much Does a Long-Haired Greyhound Cost? Puppy Prices & Expenses

Long haired Greyhound puppies for sale and adoption

A long-haired Greyhound puppy costs between $1,500 and $2,500. Puppies sold at very low prices may come from puppy mills, so you need to watch out for that.

Aside from puppy prices, there are also other expenses one must be aware of. These include food, treats, medical bills, microchips, toys, food bowls, and grooming kits.

The table below gives an overview of the expenses associated with owning a long-haired Greyhound:

Type of ExpenseCost
Food and Treats$100 – $120
Food and Water Bowls$15 – $35
Bed$50 – $200
Crate$60 – $500
Leashes and Collars$15 – $50
Toys$30 – $50
Grooming Essentials$40 – $180
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$50 – $200
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $300
Initial Vaccine Shots$75 – $200
Neutering or Spaying$50 – $500
Dog License$10 – $20
Microchip$40 – $60
Miscellaneous Supplies$15 – $30
Total Initial Cost$650 – $2,445

The costs shown on the table may still be reduced if you are not a new dog owner and already have some of the things listed beforehand. It is also important that you have separate funds for emergencies.

It is also a wise decision to get pet insurance for your dog. This will help you provide the best medical care for furry friends, especially when they start to age.

Places to Find Long-Haired Greyhound Puppies for Sale and Adoption

The reputation of your long-haired Greyhound puppy’s breeder will tell a lot about your furry friend’s overall health.

Puppies from licensed breeders can be costlier, but you are sure to get your money’s worth.

Below is a list of breeders of Greyhounds with long hair around the United States:

  • Sedona Borzoi – This breeder from Western Washington has been producing quality litters of the Borzoi breed for over two decades. They practice genetic diversity in their breeding program to ensure that their puppies are healthy and will live longer. 
  • Kelcorov Borzoi – This kennel was established in 1999 by a breeder who has been experienced in taking care of long-haired Greyhounds since 1970. Their puppies cost between $2,000 and $2,500, inclusive of microchips, vaccinations, and first doses of heartworm and tick prevention. 
  • Ivanhoe Borzoi – This breeder from Tennessee treats their long-haired Greyhounds as part of their family. Their puppies are house-trained and are used to being around children. This breeder aims to maintain the integrity of the breed and to produce well-mannered Borzois. 

It is always best to directly contact the breeder and visit their kennel to make sure that you are not dealing with an illegitimate backyard breeder. Our online puppy-buying guide can help you avoid puppy mills and scams.

Aside from buying long-haired Greyhounds, you also have the option to adopt one from a shelter and change that dog’s life for good. 

Here are some rescues and shelters where you may find long-haired Greyhound puppies:

  • National Borzoi Rescue Foundation, Inc. (NBRF)– This rescue organization was formed in 1994. It aims to provide medical assistance, rehabilitation, and proper placement for all abandoned Borzois. You may contact them in case you want to adopt or provide foster care for their rescues. 
  • Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions – This website advertises different breeds, including long-haired Greyhounds. Simply fill out the application form found on their website and wait for them to contact you. However, they adopt their dogs to Southern California residents only.
  • Greyhound Adoption Center – This organization is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating all kinds of Greyhounds and similar breeds, like the Borzoi. They provide medical care and eventually train and socialize their rescues. They scrutinize all applications to make sure that their beloved dogs go to the right family.

Adopting a rescue is certainly one of the best things you can do for an abandoned animal. However, the application process can sometimes be tedious. Check out our ultimate adoption guide to help you get started. 

If you are still having a hard time getting approved for a puppy, you can also check out our guide to finding free puppies in your area

Frequently Asked Questions

Black and white long haired Greyhound standing on lake background

Do Long-Haired Greyhounds Shed a Lot? 

Long-haired Greyhounds shed minimally, which makes them great for people who have allergies. However, due to their long coat, it is advised to brush their hair quickly once to twice a day. 

There will also be seasons when your Greyhound long-haired will shed more, especially during hot seasons. It is best to brush your dog’s coat more often during this time to remove excess hair and dirt. 

Are Long-Haired Greyhounds High Maintenance? 

Long-haired Greyhounds are relatively easy to maintain, making them great for first-time owners. Grooming should not be a problem because they do not shed a lot, and regular brushing will do the trick. 

These dogs are also not aggressive but will let you know if a stranger is near. As always, obedience training and socialization are essential to help your dog grow with proper manners. 

What Are the Different Types of Greyhound Dog Breeds? 

This lean and doe-eyed pooch has different varieties you can choose from if you plan to take in one. 

Refer to the list below for the different types of Greyhound breeds:

  • Spanish Greyhound
  • Russian Greyhound or Borzoi
  • Arabic Greyhound
  • Afghan Hound
  • Persian Greyhound
  • Whippet
  • Italian Greyhound
  • Scottish Greyhound

Aside from knowing the different varieties of the Greyhound breed, it is important that you understand each dog’s needs.

Make sure to learn about the breed you’re getting before adding a new dog to your family.

Final Thoughts

A Greyhound with long hair is a Sighthound breed known for its long legs, speed, and coursing skills. This breed has a high prey drive but is one of the sweetest and most loyal dogs you will ever meet. 

Long-haired Greyhounds are not heavy shedders, so they are pretty easy to maintain. But don’t forget that bathing them at least once a month with a mild shampoo is important to keep your pooch looking great. 

Are you getting this long-haired pooch soon? Share your thoughts about the long-haired Greyhound in the comment section below!

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