12 Places to Find Akita Puppies for Sale: Best to Worst

Akita puppy running on the grass

Akitas need adequate care, especially as puppies. They need to be raised in optimal environments with proper socialization and treatment.

Because of this, any aspiring Akita owner would always desire a breeder who can provide high-quality pups. In today’s world, many dog sources exist and finding a reliable one can be difficult.

As an Akita owner, I know the ups and downs of this breed which has helped me identify the best Akita sources in the market.

With my knowledge, I have made a list to guide you in this endeavor and this article is to direct you to great Akita sources and drive you away from those who aim to scam you.

Understanding the Different Types of Akita Breeders

The sources to find Akita puppies for sale can be split into three types: puppy mills, backyard breeders, and reputable breeders.

Each one of these sources has its own advantages and disadvantages and I’ll briefly discuss the three common types of breeders available in the market.

Puppy Mills

The worst puppy sources available in today’s society are puppy mills. These are businesses or groups that aim to make money out of mass-producing puppies.

They have little to no concern in their puppies’ health, so they do not care if they have diseases that need to be addressed. These people are focused on puppy quantity rather than quality.

Often, puppy mills price their pups cheaply to attract and tempt unsuspecting buyers. While the initial cost might help you save up, you will still face additional charges in the long run due to substantial medical expenses.

Backyard Breeders

Another source future Akita owners should be wary of is backyard breeders. These are people who have no experience in breeding the breed.

They only become breeders due to experimentation or unwanted dog pregnancies. Backyard breeders lack the necessary certificates for operation.

They might not employ medical tests in the pups for sale, and this can cause long-term health problems. You should always avoid these sources, as they could be harmful to you and your future pet.

Reputable Breeders

The most reliable puppy sources in the market are reputable breeders. These are people who have been in this career for a long time, and they have the necessary permits and certificates to operate.

Furthermore, respected breeders are equipped with the proper methods and establishments to raise Akita in an optimal environment.

They provide all the needed breed-specific tests and treatments to guarantee your future dog’s health. With respected breeders by your side, you can be assured that your dog will be a healthy companion for many years.

Places to Find Akita Puppies for Sale: From Best to Worst

In this list, I’ve ranked some of the common places from best to worst with an estimated risk level of buying puppies from those places. I’ve also included a link and search options for each of these places.

American Kennel Club (AKC) Marketplace

  • Link: AKC Marketplace – Akita Puppies for Sale
  • Risk Level: Very Low
  • Search Options: Gender, State, Distance, Puppy Availability, Dog Size, Images, Breeders of Distinction, Address, Champion Bloodlines, Club Member

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is an established dog club with thousands of members in the country. Over the years, the organization has gained the trust of many dog enthusiasts, and they have encouraged and promoted the well-being of different dog breeds.

AKC has its very own marketplace where members-slash-breeders are allowed to post their puppies for sale.

The dangers of getting unhealthy pups in this marketplace are almost non-existent, as most breeders who are given a chance to list dogs are experts in the field.

Breeders are required to post photos of their puppies for sale. This can help identify critical physical traits of the puppy, such as color, coat, and even build. The description should also be included.

This can be the section where championship bloodlines or show-quality pets are stated. Just remember that a championship bloodline can cause prices to rise.

The search bar of AKC’s Marketplace can be a great help, especially to those people who want specific choices.

Here, you can tick different boxes containing Gender, Distance, Puppy Availability, Images, Breeders of Distinction, Address, Champion Bloodlines, Club Members and more to get better matches. This can help you find the perfect puppy that best fits your taste.

Furthermore, the organization also shows badges and merits that a breeder has obtained through the years. In the description, they also show what tests and treatments were used on the puppy for better transparency.

If you have hesitations about the membership status of a breeder whom you contacted, you can ask the organization using their hotline. This can be a great avenue to verify and check their affiliation with the American Kennel Club.

As an owner of several different dog breeds, I always get my pups at the American Kennel Club Marketplace. I feel secure in transactions with breeders on the site because of the credentials that they offer.

So far, I haven’t had any problems with the dogs that I got from AKC. Breeders from the site have provided me with a great foundation on Akita ownership.

Akita Club of America

The Akita Club of America is the official sanctioned breed-specific branch organization of the American Kennel Club. It aims to encourage and promote the well-being of Akita in the country.

In the group’s site, a Breeder Locator system can be used to find certified breeders in different states. This can be a very reliable and efficient way to look for respected Akita sources in your area.

Before using the system, the site will prompt you to accept several terms and conditions regarding the process. Upon acceptance, you will be led to a list of available Akita breeders in various states.

The list includes their address, phones, e-mails, and even websites which can help you stay connected to established Akita breeders.

Aside from American breeders, they also include some certified Canadian and Spanish ones. With the help of this locator system, you will be able to negotiate and transact with experts and professionals who have been in this industry for a long time.

The Akita Club of America’s affiliation with AKC strengthens its credentials. Any member listed in this directory is considered to be a reputable breeder who is capable of providing healthy and strong Akita puppies. Due to the authenticity that the site brings, I find it as a low-risk source.

Lancaster Puppies

Lancaster Puppies is a moderately risked Akita source. It is a high-end puppy posting site where breeders can put up dogs for sale. Most Akitas from Lancaster Puppies come from Ohio and Pennsylvania, so the website can be beneficial if you are near these areas.

Photos and descriptions are required, and this enables you to see the pup’s physical traits. Furthermore, tests and treatments are stated in some puppies.

When I clicked on Akita offerings in Lancaster, I noticed some of them are part of a Championship Bloodline. Others even have full AKC documents and certifications included.

Additionally, navigating in the said site is not difficult, thanks to several search options. They integrate date posted, price, name, birth date, size, and sex selections in their search engine for better user experience.

Although Lancaster Puppies brings many benefits, I still consider it a moderate risk source since it is not officially sanctioned by the AKC or any other kennel club.

However, it is highly likely for you to meet reputable breeders on the site. There is still a need to be cautious in your browsing through proper verifications and background checks.

Greenfield Puppies

Greenfield Puppies work similarly with Lancaster Puppies. It is an excellent puppy listing site where Akita breeders can choose to sell their puppies on the platform.

Upon entering the page, you will encounter a comprehensive article that can help in deciding whether or not the breed is for you. You need to be keen and observant when dealing with breeders in the site, as it may contain puppy mills and backyard breeders.

Search options in Greenfield Puppies can help in more straightforward navigation. They have selections in the breed, state, price, weight, activity, and even grooming which can help you in your journey. There are also additional options for looking at new puppy arrivals.

Greenfield Puppies employed a great feature called the Badge system which notable breeders are given badges to showcase the services applied to a selected puppy.

Such badges include AKC registered, vet checked, vaccinated, dewormed, family raised, kid-friendly, health guarantee, and many more. They even have specific merits for dogs who are guaranteed to be purebred.

While the site contains many advantages for aspiring dog owners, it still does not hide the fact that it is not officially affiliated with any kennel club.

Despite this, finding a healthy puppy in Greenfield is always comfortable, thanks to the features of the site. This site is ranked as a moderate risk source on my list.

Next Day Pets

Next Day Pets is a puppy ad-posting site. Here, various breeders place their proposed Akitas in an online bulletin intended to draw prospective customers.

Although Next Day Pets says that all their breeders are trustworthy, you need to be vigilant while visiting. They are not affiliated with any known dog organization, so background checks are needed before any possible purchases.

Without careful checking of certifications and papers, it can be a place where you fall victim to puppy mills and backyard breeders.

The platform provides a perfect search tool where you can opt to browse by breed or also by a breeder. They also have a Puppy Match feature where you enter your preferred dog’s gender and breed, as well as personal details.

Their system will automatically find an appropriate pet for you. If you happen to click on “Signature Puppy,” it indicates that a particular dog has a safety guarantee. Next Day Pets claims that they take time in testing pups to prove their health quality.

Although their Signature Puppy program may be excellent, not all dogs featured on the web are of the same standard. Note that this is a free place for everyone, and it has its own risks and challenges. It’s possible to get good puppies from Next Day Dogs, but it can be difficult.


PuppyFind is another puppy ad posting site. This is a place where mills and backyard breeders could reside, so there is a great need to be careful. Due to this, I consider the site as a high-risk source.

If you wish to proceed in purchasing a pup in PuppyFind, you need to be aware of basic fraud techniques. This can help equip you against possible scammers who lurk on the said website.

Search options in PuppyFind are not complicated. You are given a search bar paired with choices in location and lifestyle. With this, the site automatically routes you to a page where pups of your preferences are shown.

Some Akitas in the website are priced at $350, and this can indicate the presence of puppy mills. Remember that lower prices of a dog could mean lesser tests are employed.

If you purchased from a puppy mill or backyard breeder, it could bring you trouble in the long run. Remember to be aware of such scams so that you are not being victimized by them.

If you really insist on getting dogs on the said site, then check the pups in person. Remember to always ask for certifications to confirm legitimacy and authenticity. You do not want to be an unsuspecting victim of fake and falsified documents.

If you desire to continue with getting a puppy from this site, you should be aware of red flags in fraudulent transactions. Never let yourself fall prey to mills and backyard breeders and be one step ahead of them.

As much as possible, insist on seeing the puppy personally and check on their condition. You would not want to be stuck with complications in the future just because of the puppies who did not grow up in optimal environments.

Hoobly Classifieds

Hoobly is another one of those ads posting site which allows members who have an account to put up items for sale. This could include dogs of various breeds such as the Akita.

The site has no way of verifying whether a breeder is legitimate or not, so it could be commonplace for mills and backyard breeders.

If you are not cautious with your transactions, you could end up getting a pet with multiple health complications. This makes the site a high-risk source for any aspiring Akita owner.

The first thing I noticed when I browsed upon Akitas for sale on the site is the meager prices offered by some sellers. This could mean little to no healing processes such as tests and vaccinations were done on the said puppy. For any owner, this alone is a red flag.

Hoobly’s search options include area and a text bar. This allows you to find Akitas near your location. Akita in Hoobly is under Pets & Animals as well as Dogs & Puppies categories.

Hoobly is not an excellent puppy source for aspiring Akita owners. If you are tempted to purchase on this site, you should do additional background checks. It is also recommended to ask for papers and documents.

If possible, visit the puppy and breeder in person to look at its overall living condition. All of the dangers that come with Hoobly makes it a very high-risk website.

Akitas from Rescues or Shelters

Rescue centers or animal shelters are another great Akita sources. These are establishments that have helped abandoned or abused animals get back on their paws, and they allow adoption services.

Helping rescued pets might be a fulfilling task, but there is a need to know about the substantial commitment that it entails. Problems in the dog’s physical and mental health might arise due to trauma from previous handlers.

If you are aware and willing to put up with the challenge, then these two sources might be right for you:


Adopt-a-Pet.com is an organization that aims to encourage and promote the well-being of abandoned and rescued animals. Their goal is to give new homes to these pets, and they have appropriate adoption processes to handle the transfer.

Adoption requires face to face inquiry to the shelter, as well as a small payment to cover for maintenance costs. Other than that, adoption requires significant commitment and determination for the accepting family.

Upon arriving at the site, you will see an article that will help you decide whether or not dog adoption is for you. They also have a puppy matching system to find a dog that best matches your needs and preferences.

Sometimes, Akitas are listed for adoption, and this could be an excellent place to find one.


  • Link: Petfinder – Akitas for Adoption
  • Risk Level: High
  • Search Options: Breed, Age, Size, Gender, Compatibility, Coat Length, Color, Days on Petfinder, Care & Behavior

Petfinder accumulates pet adoption listings across the country. These listings come from different rescue centers and shelters that operate to help abandoned animals.

The organization has helped thousands of pets get into safe and secure homes over the years. Through a quick adoption process, you can get your hands on your new pet, given that you are willing to commit to the task.

Adopting a dog can be very fulfilling, but you need to know what you’re getting into. Similar to Adopt-a-Pet.com, Petfinder also has articles to help decide whether the pet adoption life is for you.

If you are confused about which breeds or pets you want to go for, they also have a puppy matching system. Just keep in mind that there is no 100% health guarantee in adopted Akitas.

Other Sources for Akita Puppies

  • Newspaper Ads: Newspaper advertisements can be great ways to know about reputable breeders in your area. Just remember that the nearer, the better.
  • Pet Stores: If pet stores near you include medical tests, breed certifications, and other appropriate documents, then they are good Akita sources. However, if they lack some papers, then you should seek alternatives.
  • Word of Mouth: If you happen to meet or encounter an Akita breeder who is registered with ACA, then they can be a good referral source. These people know the ups and downs of Akita raising, and they can provide excellent breeder information to you.

My Final Thoughts

Finding great Akita sources mark the beginning of your journey as a pet owner. After this task, you should spend time doing verifications and background checks with your breeder to ensure legitimacy and authenticity.

If you can, build a good relationship with your chosen breeder. This will allow you to ask for essential tips and tricks in Akita raising.

Related Questions

How much does an Akita puppy cost?

The average cost of Akita puppy from a reputable breeder ranges from $1000 to $2500, depending on where and who you are getting your pup from. If taken from a shelter or a rescue center, the price could reach anywhere around $200 to $600.

What are the best Akita sources?

The best Akita sources are those that have complete kennel affiliations and breed certifications. They also need to employ useful breed-specific tests for their Akita puppies. All of these things are administered by reputable breeders. If you are looking for a pup who will grow up healthy and robust, then you should not hesitate to get an Akita puppy from them.

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