Beagle and Doberman Mix (Beagleman): A Complete Guide

Beagle and Doberman Mix (Beagleman)

Do you know Beagle and Doberman are two super lovely dogs and mixing these two, produce a loyal and intelligent dog that is also adorable and affectionate! 

Before you buy a new pet for you, it is quite essential to know everything about the specific breed. There are so many questions in your mind which need to clear out first. If you want a complete guide, then you are in the right place. 

Beagle and Doberman mix or “Beagleman,” also known as DoBeagle, are incredibly love and sweet dogs. They usually measure 15-22 inches in height and have a healthy weight of 35-50 lbs. The average life of a Beagleman is 12 years, but if you take care of them properly, they can live up to 15 years with you. 

Beagle and Doberman Mix (Beagleman) At a Glance:

Average Weight35-50 lbs
Average Height15-22 inches
Coat TypeShiny and Silky
Grooming NeedsLow-Moderate
BrushingEvery Other Day
TouchinessVery Sensitive
Tendency to BarkLow
Tolerance to ColdLow to Moderate
Family PetYes
Good with ChildrenYes
Good with Other Dogs Yes
SheddingLow to Moderate
Tolerance to HeatVery Good
Tolerance to Cold Low to Moderate
Good with Other Pets Yes
Suitability for a New Owner Ideal
Trainability Moderately Difficult
Exercise Needs Active
The Tendency to Get Fat Above Average
Major Health Concerns Obesity, DCM, Bloat
Other Health ConcernsEar Infections, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Eye Problems, Bone and Joint Problems
Life Span12-15 years
A Roamer or WandererModerate to High

After reading this comprehensive guide, you will know whether Beagleman is the right choice for your happy family or not. So keep reading!

How Beagle and Doberman Mixes Are Made?

The main purpose behind creating Beagle and Doberman mix breed was to get a dog that possesses the qualities of both parent breeds: the Beagle and Doberman.

Beagle (Tracking Dog) + Doberman (Personal Protection Dog) = Beagleman

Beagleman has the loyalty of Doberman and the intelligence of both its parents, and this makes him unique and desirable. Beagle and Doberman mix is given the name “Beagleman” by the Designer Dogs Kennel Club and the American Canine Hybrid Club. 

Beagleman breed was originated in the US. It is a designer breed. It is counted in a newer mix. This breed got popularity in the last fifteen years. If you don’t know the history of a dog, you can look at the parent dogs. It will give you an idea of the concerned breed.

When Beagle and Doberman Pinscher is mixed, a new kind comes, which is called Beagleman. And it is incredible because you can get two different traits by crossing two breeds.

Beagleman is a hybrid breed, so it has the traits of both Beagle and Doberman, Which is mind-blowing. So it is quite essential to have a look at the parents’ breed.

Beagle: They are very loyal and gentle dogs. They have even temperament, which means they are neither too aggressive nor too timid. In mid-1800, the Beagle was bred for hunting skills. They are family dogs because they are very playful and good with children. They have unique scenting abilities.

Doberman: They are considered sturdy and elegant dogs. They had a lot of popularity as watchdogs and have served in the military and police divisions. Now they are also kept as a family protector and friend. They are medium to large size. Doberman usually is in brown or black color with the same marking. They are very touchy and not suitable for you if you spend most of the time out of your home.

Comparison between Beagleman and its parents:

Weight40-55 lbs Male: 22-24 lbs
Female: 20-22 lbs
Male: 88-99 lbs
Female: 71-77 lbs
Height15-22 inches 13-15 inches 24-28 inches
AppearanceBrown Eyes, Hanging Ears, and Muscular BodyMedium Length and Smooth Coat, Short Tail, and Large Hanging EarsLong Head, Muscular Body, Cropped Ears, and Short Tail
Energy LevelVery Energetic Energetic Very Energetic
TemperamentSharp and IntelligentGentle, Merry,
Curious, Friendly, and Intelligent
Sweet with People, Reserved with Strangers
-Tri-colored (Black and Brown with Patches of White)
-Black and Tan
-Many Other Combinations of Colors
-Fawn (Light Yellowish-Tan Color)
Lifespan12 to 15 Years 10 to 15 Years 10 to 12 Years

Beagle and Doberman Mix Details

The Appearance of Beagleman

Beagleman is a hybrid breed, so it means that it will have the characteristics of both parents’ kind. They are medium-sized dogs that have high muscle mass.

The eyes of the Beagleman can be the almond-like shape as its parents breed, Doberman Pinscher has, or its eyes can be fuller shape just like Beagle has. Almost all Beagleman has brown eyes or unless in rare cases due to a gene mutation.

They can have either short hair or long hair; it depends on what trait they have got from their parents.

Typical Coat Colors of Beagleman

Beagleman’s coat is black, brown, or white. It may have tri-color, which means it can be a mix of black and brown with patches of white.

Average Size and Weight of Beagleman

Beagleman is a medium-sized dog and it has a lot of muscle. Its average weight is 35-50 pounds, and its average height is 15-22 inches at the shoulders. They can get heavy very easily. It is essential not to overfeed your Beagleman. Otherwise, they can become obese.

Beagleman’s Personality and Temperament

Beaglemans are very intelligent, sharp, playful, and friendly. They possess fantastic guard dog skills, just like its parents breed Doberman does. It also has amiable and affectionate behavior, and this is inherited from its Beagle ancestors.

All dogs have different temperaments with variation in personalities. Still, you will notice that if you give them proper training, then all breeds can be so friendly and gentle with you.

The same goes for the Beagleman. If you are looking for a sharp and incredibly intelligent dog, then Beagleman is going to be your new best buddy.

At the very start, they were bred as a dog for the personal watch or like a guard dog. Still, now they are kept as a companion dog as they incredibly love to be with the family.

When it comes to training them, sometimes you will find them stubborn and they can react aggressively too. But if you have excellent training skills, then they can be quick learners well.

It is not wrong to say that Beagleman is one of the best designer breeds. They are love and get attached to you so easily. They are so protective about you and your family that whenever you or your family member is sick there, you will find them laying at your feet. If anyone walks there, they will give subtle growls.

Beagleman breed is friendly towards humans since both its parents show friendliness toward humans. They get along with other animals as well, especially cats.

They are very protective of their owner. So they are best as watch and guard dogs. They are family-centric dogs who are loyal and friendly to their owners. Sometimes, you’ll find them chasing other fast-moving pets such as cats.

Beagleman’s behavior with children, other pets and strangers:

Beagleman and Children: Beaglemans get along very well with kids. Your kids will grow up with Beaglemans as their best friends.

Beagleman and Other Pets: Beaglemans have an amiable nature, and this is the reason they get along with other pets as well. They also like chasing cats.

Beagleman and Strangers: Beaglemans do not frank with strangers. They act suspicious if they see strange people.

Life Expectancy of Beagleman

Beagleman lives for 12 years on an average. However, if you take proper care of their health, then they can live for up to15 years.

As both of its parent breeds are prone to some significant health issues, so you must take care of Beagleman properly.

Some regular health checks can be done in the comfort of your home if you notice any signs of discomfort or abnormalities. But it also essential to visit a qualified veterinarian and report these. So that proper medication can be given if needed. And your new best friend could live a happy and long life.

Beagleman Breed Recognition

These organizations have recognized Beagleman as a dog breed:

  • American Canine Hybrid Club
  • Designer Dogs Kennel Club
  • Dog Registry of America Inc.
  • International Designer Canine Registry

What Does Beagle and Doberman Mixes Need?

Training and Exercise Requirements + Some Helpful Tips to Train Them

It is quite common for the Beagleman breed to require above average amount of exercise because the Beagleman is found high in energy. You need to go outside and play with them, and they will enjoy it very much.

Now the question is how you can achieve this?

  • This can be achieved by taking the Beagleman to the park daily, a walk or high-intensity run would be suitable for its health.
  • If you have noticed that your dog is gaining weight, then probably it’s because it needs physical activity. It indicates that you should increase your playtime with your pet.
  • If you increase some extra walk with your Beagleman, then you will notice quite a difference in its health, and it will be very beneficial for your health too.
  • On average, you should try to spare 60-90 minutes to take your Beagleman for exercise.
  • If you notice restless behavior in your dog, then after following the ideal amount of exercise, you will see a clear difference in its response.

Tips for the training of Beagleman:

Fortunately, Beagleman has a lot of qualities, and these qualities can be adequately sharpened.

  • Beagleman breed has a very sharp mind, so it means they can be a good learner as well. This quality can be used, and owners or trainers should teach a lot of skills and techniques to the Beagleman.
  • They have some exceptional smelling instinct, and if this is polished well, then it can be very beneficial for the owner as they can be fantastic watchdogs.
  • Sometimes they can act very stubborn, so it means their trainer needs to be very patient, but as they learn very quickly, so it will take less time to guide them.
  • The reward-based training method is best for this breed.

Food Requirements

It can be exciting to own a Beagleman, but you also have to take care of him properly. It can be difficult for you while figuring out what you should feed them. As Beagleman’s owner, it’s your responsibility to take care of your pup correctly.

A healthy adult Beagleman requires around 1,500 calories every day on average. To maintain their body weight, Beaglemans need around 30 calories per pound of body weight per day.

If your Beagleman is very active, then it needs food according to its energy level. If your Beagleman is energetic and exercises a lot, then he will need more food to compensate for the energy consumption. However, it can vary, and it also depends on what size your Beagleman is.

If you are very possessive about the Beagleman’s health and its coat, then you can add sources of fatty acids into his food, such as Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. Examples of food containing these fatty acids are flaxseed and safflower.

 You can also add meat sources and whole grains in their diet as well.

Beagleman is a hybrid breed, so it can have bloat due to its Parents’ kind as its parents are prone to some diseases. So it is suggested to give your Beagleman a balanced diet. It is also essential to visit veterinarians so that you may get proper guidance on their food.

Space Requirement

Beagleman does not need a massive amount of space. They can live in an apartment also if they get exercise daily. However, they would love to live in a house that has a moderate backyard also. The more space you have, the happier your Beagleman will be.

Cleaning and Grooming Requirements


Beagleman needs a bath only once after a few months. As it has short hair, their hair is not prone to tangling. However, brushing is required after a few days.

Brushing will also help to remove loose hair, and it will also distribute oil throughout the fur. In this way, it can promote the health of the coat. Beagleman with hanging ear may be slightly prone to ear infections, and it is essential to clean their ears regularly.


The Beagleman has a short coat, so it is quite easy to take care of the dog. As their coat doesn’t knot or tangle, so it saves your trip to the parlor. 

If you want a high gloss finish of the coat, then brush the dog daily. Brushing will help to capture hair before shedding on the furnishing. 

It is essential to brush their teeth every day. It will help to reduce the risk of dental diseases.

Tips to make your Beagleman clean and healthy:

  • Brush him daily
  • Clean his ears at least once in a week
  • Brush his teeth daily or at least three times in a week 
  • Trim his nails when they get too long
  • A daily walk with your new best friend, Beagleman

Beagle and Doberman Mix Prices and Expenses

If you want to buy a Beagleman, then it will cost you between $800 and $1,000 which looks quite expensive for a crossbreed. However, Beaglemans are not easy to find so the price range may not be accurate.

The puppy price may vary depending on your location, breeder reputation, bloodline and etc.

The reason why it is costly is that the Beagleman is the descendant of two expensive dogs: the Beagle and Doberman. The price of a Beagle puppy is between $400 and $1,000 on average while Doberman costs between $500 and $1,000 on average.

If you buy from a reputable breeder or puppy with superior lineage, it will costs you more than $1,500.

How and Where to Get a Beagle and Doberman Mix Puppy?

If you want to add a Beagleman into your family, consider adoption first. Adopting a homeless dog not only saves you money but also you’ll save a precious life.

Try to visit animal shelters and rescue groups nearby to see if there is a Beagleman waiting for adoption. That way you are not supporting pet stores as well as puppy mills that breed puppies in inhumane conditions.

Since Beagleman is not easy to find, there is a high chance that you can’t find one in rescue shelters. Then your second option is to find a reputable breeder.

You need to do your homework when looking for breeders because there are a lot of backyard breeders who just want to make some extra money.

You can buy a Beagleman puppy from any breeder. However, keep the following points in your mind while deciding from where to get one:

  • Ask a veterinarian or other dog owners where to find reputable breeders in your location.
  • Analyze whether the breeder has taken proper care regarding the cleanliness of the area in which he has kept the dogs.
  • Observe the health of the puppies and their condition.
  • Examine the knowledge and experience of the breeder by asking them a few questions about the breed.
  • Also, look over the assistance that either they give you proper guidance and information for raising the Beagleman or not.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Beagleman

Should you get a Beagle and Doberman mix? You need to know their pros and cons to find out whether Beagleman is the right dog for you. The following are some advantages as well as disadvantages of owning a Beagleman.

Advantages of Beagle and Doberman mixes:

  • They are active, energetic, playful and affectionate
  • They have high adaptivity to live in a small area such as apartments
  • They are obedient and fast learners
  • They are excellent guard dogs and watchdogs due to their protective behavior
  • They are good with children as well as other pets

Disadvantages of Beagle and Doberman mixes:

  • They need a lot of exercise and attention
  • They are not suitable for first-time owners
  • You need to invest a lot of time and energy in training the dog
  • Their overly protective behavior may cause troubles to you when your friends visit your house
  • They are prone to some common dog health problems
  • They have big appetites

Common Health Problems of Beagleman


As Beagleman has a deep chest, they are prone to bloating. It happens when their stomach flips over on itself; hence it seals off entrance and exit, and as a result, gas cannot escape.

Symptoms of bloating: When your dog tries to be sick but nothing coming up or it may feel restlessness or discomfort. 

If you notice any of these symptoms in your dog, then you should seek emergency veterinary attention. Because if it is not treated on time, then your dog will die.

Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM)

Dilated Cardiomyopathy or DCM is often found in Doberman breed. It’s heart disease and it can shorten the life span of Beaglemans.

DCM occurs when the heart muscle becomes weak, it loses its ability to recover its shape.

To better understand this disease, try to think of a balloon if you continuously blow air into the balloon and then let the air out. After some time, you will notice that the balloon is losing its elasticity, and hence it becomes saggy. It happens the same with a heart that is suffering from DCM.

Ultrasound screening is a way to diagnose the condition at an early stage. The risk of DCM in Beagleman is less, but regular testing should be done.


Beagleman needs plenty of exercises. There should be a balance in their diet and walk. If this balance is not kept, they can gain weight, and as a result, the risk of becoming obese is increased.


This is a brain disorder. Dogs can have uncontrolled moments because of this disease. If you feel these symptoms in your dog, then take your dog to the doctor.


This condition happens when your dog has a lack of growth in the bone. Because of this, your breed can have short legs.

Prostatic Disease

It is the expansion of the gland in the dog’s prostate. It is common for dogs to have this disease. But if this happens, then get your dog to the fat so that the prostate could be removed.


It happens when the body has low T3 and T4 hormones. As a result, hypothyroidism can develop.

If you observe loss or thinning of the fur or weight gain, these all are symptoms of hypothyroidism. This can be fixed by visiting your local vet and giving medications to your Beagleman.

My Final Thoughts

Beagleman is one of the best designer breeds out there. They are very attached to their owners. As they not only love attention from their owners but also need it.

They are very protective and loyal to their owners and looks like that their most prominent goal is to make their family happy. They are very photogenic dogs. Beagleman breed is a perfect choice for an excellent addition to your family if you can handle them properly.

If you want to add a Beagleman to your family, try to adopt from animal shelters and rescue groups or find a reputable breeder. Avoid buying puppies from puppy mills. Not only you will get a poor quality dog, but you are also supporting their inhumane business.

Before buying or adopting a Beagleman, collect as much information as possible about the breed such as their personality, prices and expenses, food requirements, space requirements, and training requirements. This helps you to find out whether Beagleman is the perfect dog for you.

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