Black Samoyed: Do Black Samoyeds Actually Exist?

Black Samoyed looking over a low stone wall

You might’ve seen photos of black Samoyeds around the internet and perhaps became interested in learning about them.

Compared to a white-coated Samoyed, a black-coated one would surely be simpler to keep clean.

That said, this breed might be the perfect dog for those individuals looking for a low-maintenance dog. Also, having a black Samoyed may seem to be special, given that this breed typically appears in white. 

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this dog, including the truth behind its black coat, a list of dogs with comparable appearances, and more.

Do Black Samoyeds Exist?

Black Samoyed puppy biting his toy

The black color variant does not exist among purebred Samoyeds. White, biscuit, cream, and white & biscuit are the only colors recognized by the breed standards. Any black Samoyed you come across is probably a hybrid between a Samoyed and another canine breed, which gives it a black coloring.

Samoyeds with any color other than the acceptable are often frowned upon by dog show judges. Due to this, most breeders put in the extra effort to maintain the standard light coat color for all of their show dogs.

If you encounter an advertisement for a black Samoyed puppy, it is probably a dog breeder trying to trick innocent individuals. 

Some breeders will use every marketing strategy to sell their puppies. It’s even possible that they would charge too much for a black Samoyed since it is believed to be a rare color of the breed.

If you are new to dog ownership, reading our ultimate guide to buying a puppy will help you avoid scams.

Here’s a clip of a vendor selling a black Samoyed on the street:


What Coat Colors Do Samoyeds Have?

Due to the breeding standard, Samoyeds are currently primarily bred as white dogs. Because of this, most people only see white Samoyeds, leading them to believe that all Samoyeds are completely white. 

But in addition to this basic color, there are three other standard colors for this breed. 

The American Kennel Club (AKC) and other major kennel clubs specify that this breed can also have biscuit, cream, and white & biscuit coat colors.

These colors may appear to be similar, especially cream and white. So, if you have a strict color preference, you should first inquire about the parents of the litter from the breeder and learn about the genetics of coat color.

You can also read our article about Samoyed colors to familiarize yourself with the four widely acknowledged colors of this breed.

Why There Are Only Four Coat Colors for Samoyeds?

Many pet owners have long been puzzled by the genetics of white and cream dogs, such as Samoyeds. 

However, Sammie breeders are quick to point out that the Asian semi-nomads who moved to Siberia gave them that color on purpose so they could easily blend in with their snowy habitat. 

In a study that was focused on dogs with white and cream coats, including Samoyeds, it was found that dogs with the e/e MC1R genotype will pass on their white or light-colored coats to all of their offspring. 

Despite these findings, the researchers concluded that other factors contribute to dogs’ white and cream coloring. 

It is thought that some additional gene interacts with the e/e genotype to give the Samoyeds their light pigmentation. For instance, the melanophilin (MLPH) gene may result in color dilution, making Samoyeds appear lighter.

What Other Dog Breeds Look Like a Black Samoyed? 

If you adore the look of the black Samoyed, there are, fortunately, some dog breeds that share the same appearance as this unique-looking pooch.

The following are dogs that resemble Samoyeds in appearance but have darker coats, making them easy to maintain, and giving them that black Samoyed signature look.

Belgian Sheepdog 

Black Belgian Sheepdog that looks like a black Samoyed

The American Kennel Club specifies that the only acceptable coat color for Belgian Sheepdogs is black. On occasion, they might have white marks on their chin, between the pads of their feet, or on the points of their toes.

The Belgian Sheepdogs, like the Samoyeds, are hard workers with herding duties. Their adaptability makes them suitable for a variety of various jobs and activities, and eventually, they were upgraded to police dogs. 

They also share a lot of temperamental traits with Samoyeds. They dislike being left alone for extended periods of time and need a lot of physical activities. 


Black Eurasier dog that looks like a black Samoyed

The Eurasier is just as adorable as the Samoyed. However, unlike the Samoyed, this breed is available in a wide range of colors, including black, red, and fawn. 

This breed is a medium-sized dog from a combination of a German Spitz and a Chow. 

Later on, it developed into a hybrid of the Chow, Samoyed, and Spitz. It is renowned for being intelligent, dependable, and calm under pressure. 

In addition, a Eurasier is an excellent watchdog that can be very sociable with children. 

However, this pup may experience separation anxiety if left alone for extended periods of time, which may result in undesirable behaviors. 


Black Pomeranian that looks like a black Samoyed

The Pomeranian packs all of the fluffy and charming characteristics of a Samoyed into a tiny frame. Similar to a Eurasier, this breed comes in a variety of colors, including black, white, and red.

Actually, the Pomeranian is descended from larger sled dog breeds like the Samoyed. Because of this, this dog assumes that it is much bigger than it actually is. 

Like larger breeds frequently do, a Pomeranian projects a sense of confidence and dominance. This dog is able to compete in agility and obedience events since it is small, active, and athletic. 

In addition, this dog could make a fantastic family pet. A Pomeranian won’t cause too many problems at home if it gets a lot of exercise and engages in mentally stimulating activities. 


Black Keeshond that looks like a black Samoyed

The Keeshond is a medium-sized Spitz breed that resembles the Samoyed in many ways. This dog is also a smart old breed that has a long history of being raised as family pets and watchdogs. 

While both the Keeshond and Samoyed have pointed ears, a fox-like face, and a large, fluffy coat, the Keeshond has more shadings and patterns. 

This dog can have a stunning coat in shades of light to dark gray, cream, and black. 

Though a beautiful and happy dog, the Keeshond is currently not among the most popular dog breeds.


Black Schipperke that looks like a black Samoyed

Schipperkes are distinctive small barge dogs that were raised to serve as watchdogs and hunt rats within ships. They were ideal for the work because of their powerful jaws and necks. 

Schipperkes are known for their fox-like face, their thick ruff, and their bold personalities. They make active, fearless watchdogs and companions and are known for their affinity for water, earning them the name “little captain.”

​​Similar to Belgian Sheepdogs, this breed’s outer coat is black; however, during the shedding season, it may temporarily acquire a reddish tint, which is to be penalized to the extent that it detracts from the dog’s overall black look.


Black mixed breeds mutts that looks like black Samoyeds

If you’re having trouble choosing from the list above, consider looking for a mix. This mixed breed can look surprisingly like a purebred dog but be in a different color. 

It may also inherit some unique attributes from its parents that you will undoubtedly adore. Check your local rescue and see if they have a fluffy, dark-coated dog that resembles a Spitz that is available for adoption. 

If you want more options, you can also check our top Samoyed breeders to see if they have a black Samoyed.

However, the likelihood of finding your ideal pet is low because the majority of them focus on raising purebred dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Black Samoyed running outdoors

What Is the Rarest Color of Samoyed?

Of all the colors available in Samoyeds, the biscuit color is said to be the rarest because it is the hardest to attain. This color refers to the combination of yellow and brown with a medium level of saturation.

Having two biscuit parents doesn’t guarantee a puppy of this color. Even Samoyed puppies that are born with biscuit color gradually become pure white as they age.

Are Black Samoyeds Rare? 

Black Samoyeds are rare since very few people breed them. The main reason is that they are not permitted in accordance with the Samoyed breeding standard. 

These dogs are considered to have mixed pedigrees or may even be entirely different breeds. For this reason, the likelihood of finding a black Samoyed puppy is extremely low to nonexistent.

How Much Is a Black Samoyed?

Samoyeds are typically regarded as one of the priciest dog breeds available for purchase. The average price of a regular Samoyed ranges from $1,000 to $3,000. 

Considering that most breeders believe that a black Samoyed is a rare type of this breed, you should be prepared to spend more than the typical price for a Samoyed.

Final Thoughts

Black Samoyeds do exist. These are not purebred dogs, though; they are designer breeds. When buying a puppy, a registered breeder who only raises healthy, quality mixed breeds should be your top preference.

Additionally, they must be honest about the fact that they are not offering purebred Samoyeds for sale. If they do claim to own a purebred Samoyed, they are undoubtedly puppy scammers or those working at puppy mills.

You should also keep in mind that having a black dog won’t have an impact on the dog’s personality, growth, or other factors. Their distinct color is simply a lovely illustration of how coat genetics work.

Have you ever encountered a black Samoyed? We would love to hear your thoughts about them.

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