10 Best Newfoundland Breeders (2024): Our Top 10 Picks!

Best Newfoundland breeders to find Newfoundland puppies for sale

When choosing a Newfoundland breeder, there are many things to consider. But, with so many reputable breeders out there, it can be tough to figure out who to trust.

If you are on the lookout for a Newfoundland breeder, this is the right place. Whether you have difficulty finding one or don’t know what you should do, this article has you covered.

To make the search easier, I’ve put together a list of the 10 best Newfoundland breeders in the business.

These experts will ensure that you get a healthy, well-socialized Newfoundland puppy. So don’t miss out on our top 10 picks! 

It has become a norm to see Newfoundland breeders marketing their available litter through websites, social media pages, and ads. If you are looking for Newfoundland puppies for sale online and are not sure how to identify a puppy scam from a legitimate breeder, read our ultimate puppy buying guide. It offers useful tips on how to safely transact via the internet and identify scam red flags.

10 Places to Find Newfoundland Puppies for Sale

The Newfoundland puppy is a fun-loving, friendly, and intelligent breed. This dog is consistently one of the most popular choices for dog owners across North America. 

Regardless of your preference, this list of Newfoundland breeders can meet your requirements.

We chose respected Newfoundland breeders with a long history in the field. Listed below are the top places in the United States to find Newfoundland pups for sale.

1. Kodiak Acres Newfoundlands – Connecticut

When searching for a reputable and dedicated Newfoundland breeder, Kodiak Acres Newfoundlands is the right breeder for the job. 

Both owners of Kodiak Acres Newfoundland have experience in Newfoundland Club of New England (NCNE) positions, and their exposure to the job has brought them to become better Newfoundland breeders.

This goes to show the passion they have for breeding and caring for Newfoundland puppies.

They have regular health tests and immunizations to ensure that they are healthy and free of hereditary illnesses.

Their Newfoundland puppies for sale possess all of the attributes linked to this breed, whether they are competing in obedience, training for water rescue, or working with draft carts and sleds.

They raise their Newfoundland puppies in a lovely family atmosphere with acres of fenced-in woodlands to play in.

Their Newfoundland puppies are part of a family. Moreover, their dogs take part in obedience and conformation classes and a variety of other activities.

On top of all these, they are certified by, and their dogs are American Kennel Club (AKC) registered.

Kodiak Acres Newfoundlands Breeder Information and Details:

  • Website: Kodiak Acres Newfoundlands
  • Address: Keith and Sheila Mallinson Bethany, CT 06534
  • Phone: (203) 745-4715
  • Email: KodiakAcres@yahoo.com
  • Special Note: You can also reach out to them on Facebook.

2. Mooncusser Newfoundlands – Massachusetts

Mooncusser Newfoundlands is a family-owned kennel that has been dedicated to producing high-quality dogs for over 40 years. 

They have a passion for the breeding process since they dedicate their time and expertise to ensure that every litter is bred carefully and is planned with temperament and health considerations.

One of the most crucial things you’ll need to do is make sure that the Newfoundland puppies for sale are AKC registered. 

You can trust Mooncusser Newfoundlands to provide you with an AKC registered dog.

Mooncusser Newfoundlands have a reputation for producing Newfoundland puppies with exceptional temperament and appearance. 

This breeder is interested in improving the breed rather than producing several litters per year. Their breeding technique takes into account the puppy’s conformation, health, and behavior.

If you’re seeking a high-quality breeder in the United States, Mooncusser Newfoundlands will not disappoint you.

The Newfoundland puppies for sale by this breeder are sure to successfully add a loving companion to your family.

Mooncusser Newfoundlands Breeder Information and Details:

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3. Southwind Newfoundlands – Massachusetts

Southwind Newfoundlands has over 35 years of selective breeding experience. As expected, they ensure that every puppy is of top quality and exhibits excellent temperament as a perfect companion dog.

All of their Newfoundland puppies for sale are AKC-registered and have been meticulously bred to enhance the best qualities of the breed.

They believe in responsible breeding practices and only produce dogs that they believe will improve the breed.

In addition, every puppy from Southwind Newfoundlands gets a full cardiology checkup so you can be sure that your Newfoundland is free from heart defects.

Their kennel is located in Rehoboth, MA, and they have more than six acres of fenced property for dogs to play on.

The indoor/outdoor pens originally were built as breeding grounds but now serve other purposes like boarding or grooming all breeds of animals at Greystone Kennels.

Southwind Newfoundlands Breeder Information and Details:

  • Website: Southwind Newfoundlands
  • Address: 107 New Street Rehoboth, MA 02769
  • Phone: (508) 252-3948
  • Email: rseaman985@aol.com

4. Annisquam Light Newfoundlands – Massachusetts

Annisquam Light Newfoundlands is a breeder that takes pride in applying a holistic approach to raising dogs. 

They are members of the NCNE, and they participate in competitive shows.

Their Newfoundland puppies have passed tests for elbow and hip dysplasia, thyroid disease, heart disease, and eye conditions. 

This is a breeder that uses natural methods of upbringing. When required, they treat their Newfoundland puppies using homeopathy. 

They prefer to avoid any chemical exposure or the use of conventional pharmaceuticals in the first place. 

Throughout our many years of raising and living with Newfoundland pups, they have discovered that pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and immunizations have caused more issues than they have solved. 

The health, well-being, and happiness of their dogs and their potential offspring are their top priorities, and they do everything they can to raise healthy, well-adjusted, and happy Newfoundlands.

In addition, they exclusively give their Newfoundlands a raw diet, reducing the risks of diseases caused by harmful chemicals present in commercial dog food.

You can rest assured that you will receive a high-quality Newfoundland puppy from Annisquam Light Newfoundlands since they focus on producing pups that are in excellent health.

Before they allow a buyer to take their Newfoundland puppies, they are required to submit more information about their living conditions as part of the puppy application. 

They use a form to further get to know the buyer to ensure that all the needs of the Newfoundland puppy would be met.

Annisquam Light Newfoundlands Breeder Information and Details:

5. Paramount Kennel – Connecticut

Another kennel where you may buy top-notch Newfoundland puppies for sale is Paramount Kennel. For more than a decade, this breeder has been dedicated to producing superior dogs.

Paramount Kennel has also produced a number of award-winning or champion dogs throughout the last few years. 

In addition, all of their Newfoundland puppies for sale are AKC-certified, and they are raised in a safe and comfortable setting.

Puppy placement is prioritized by Paramount Kennel, so they make an effort to sell their puppies to responsible people. 

In order to confirm that you are capable of meeting the dog’s demands, they will ask a few questions before giving the puppy to its new owner.

Paramount Kennel is a Newfoundland Breeder that is a member of the Breeders list of the Newfoundland Club of New England (NCNE). They also participate in the club’s many activities throughout the year.

Paramount Kennel Breeder Information and Details:

  • Website: Paramount Kennel
  • Address: 53 Pumpkin Hill Rd. Ashford, CT 06278
  • Phone: (860) 463-0458
  • Email: jessthibault@live.com
  • Special Note: You can reach them out on Instagram.

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6. South Shore Newfoundlands – New York

South Shore Newfoundland is a small family-run Newfoundland breeder based in New York. Their goal is to produce Newfoundland puppies that are friendly and approachable. Thus, they put a lot of effort into socializing their puppies.

South Shore Newfoundlands is a member of the Newfoundland Club of America, Newfoundland Club of New England, and New-Pen-Del Newfoundland Club.

Since 1994, they have been receiving instruction from Sue Auger of Denali Farm Obedience School to ensure that their puppies become excellent family pets.

They use the Volhard method of motivational training to train their puppies in obedience and conformation, and they have great success with it. 

South Shore also believes that puppies should be raised in a caring and loving atmosphere.

The breeder’s website is a great place to start when you are still figuring out and thinking about whether or not you will get a new companion at home.

They share information and links about the physical characteristics, grooming requirements, and even books about Newfoundland puppies.

They also have dedicated an FAQs page and provide the latest news that buyers would benefit from. 

South Shore Newfoundland Breeder Information and Details:

  • Website: South Shore Newfoundlands
  • Address: 6401 Furnace Road Ontario, NY 14519
  • Phone: (585) 747-1964
  • Email: ssnewfs@gmail.com
  • Special Note: You can also find them on Facebook.

7. Windancer Newfoundlands – Missouri

The owners of Windancer Newfoundlands are animal lovers, so you should expect that they put extra effort and care into their Newfoundland puppies for sale.

They have dedicated their entire life to breeding and exhibiting dogs of many breeds before deciding only on the Newfoundland Dog as their sole focus.

Windancer Newfoundlands is also certified by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

This breeder has only ever shown the Newfoundland dog in its purest form. They have a number of AKC Champions that were raised in their own backyard. 

All of the adults they have are from top foreign and US bloodlines. They are superb examples of the Breed Standard in both conformation and temperament. 

They make sure that there are no known genetic abnormalities in any of the puppies in their litter. All of them are raised to adhere to the breed standard in terms of conformation and disposition.

They are members of the AKC’s “Bred with H.E.A.R.T.” program, and as a result of their participation, they are committed to health testing their adults.

They stay current with the breeding practices and canine health advances, adhering to all AKC policies.

They continue to be a responsible breeder and uphold the tradition of producing happy and healthy Newfoundland dogs.

Their companion puppies are $3,000 and come with an AKC limited registration. To learn more information or to inquire about their Newfoundland puppies, contact this breeder directly.

Windancer Newfoundland Breeder Information and Details:

  • Website: Windancer Newfoundlands
  • Address: 559 State Hwy F, Elkland, MO 65644
  • Phone: (417) 345-8840 
  • Email: juliet449@yahoo.com
  • Special Note: You can also reach out to them on Facebook.

8. Rock River Newfoundlands – Wisconsin

Another Newfoundland breeder that made it into the list is the Rock River Newfoundlands, located in Beloit, Wisconsin. They also have an office in Apple Creek, Ohio.

They provide AKC registration, puppy contract, spay/neuter contract, current vaccinations/dewormings, heart check, microchip, and puppy care package for each of their puppies.

Each of their Newfoundland puppies also comes with a one-year health guarantee for congenital diseases.

On the Rock River Newfoundlands Facebook page, there is a waiting list that may be accessed in the newsfeed posts. It’s always current and near the top of the page.

To be added to the waiting list or visit their dogs, potential puppy parents and other people living in the family must pass a criminal background check.

Those who want to get in line for their screening process can get updates and be informed about announcements through their website.

Their puppy prices start at $2,500, and the minimum deposit is $300. Deposits are necessary to reserve a puppy even before they are born.

The Rock River Newfoundlands Breeder is unique because once you’ve purchased a puppy from them, you become a member of their family.

They offer you a lifetime commitment to their dogs, regardless of their age. They contact you to answer your questions, address your worries, and offer any guidance to new and experienced puppy owners. 

They keep in touch with the families and do not regard them as just customers.

Rock River Newfoundlands Breeder Information and Details:

  • Website: Rock River Newfoundlands
  • Address: S Riverside Dr, Beloit, WI 53511, United States
  • Phone: (608) 751-9015
  • Email: wehed@yahoo.com
  • Special Note: You can also reach out to them on Facebook.

9. Abbie Hill Newfoundlands – Maine

Abbie Hill Newfoundlands was founded in 2006. The owner’s passion for large dogs sparked their interest in becoming a breeder.

Abbie Hill is situated on four acres of land in the picturesque town of Mt. Vernon, Maine. Since their Newfoundland dogs are a proud part of their family, they all live in their home with them.

Their Newfoundland pups are first and foremost family pets, as is the case with many others.

They engage in dog shows, which became a hobby for them. That’s why all of their Newfoundlands are registered with the American Kennel Club (American Kennel Club). 

When the puppies reach the right age, they are registered with the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) and the CERF (Canine Ethical Research Foundation).

Heart clearances are obtained for both the adults and their puppies through the use of a board-certified cardiologist.

Heart, hip, elbow, eye, cystinuria, and thyroid screenings are performed on all of their puppies before being placed in their new homes at approximately 10 weeks of age. Moreover, their puppies are offered a limited AKC registration.

Aside from the puppy contract, this breeder also provides additional information upon request. 

They strongly advise you to conduct your study on this breed because it is a large working dog that has been bred to undertake water rescue/work, hauling. 

They need an experienced owner but can be a loving and dedicated companion to both children and adults.

Abbie Hill Newfoundlands Breeder Information and Details:

  • Website: Abbie Hill Newfoundlands
  • Address: Mt. Vernon, ME 04352
  • Phone: (207) 446-9366 
  • Email: Mbrag20648@aol.com
  • Special Note: You can also reach out to them on Facebook.

10. Duck Creek Newfoundland Pup Farm – Missouri

Duck Creek Newfoundland Pup Farm was founded in 2008 by Debbie Kurtz Hendrix. They are located just outside Zalma, Missouri.

In the rustic foothills of the Ozark mountain range, their five-and-a-half-acre farm overlooks the northern boundary of Duck Creek Waterfowl Reserve, where they raise breeders’ dogs for adoption.

Many of their photographs and videos show that this Newfoundland breeder cultivates a loving family environment for their Newfoundland puppies.

They take great care of them to ensure that they are happy and healthy and that they have lots of space to mingle and play with their siblings.

All members of their families are AKC-registered and have received all necessary vaccinations and regular wellness examinations at their preferred veterinary clinic.

Take a look at their happy and fun-loving Newfoundland puppies on their website.

Duck Creek Newfoundland Pup Farm Breeder Information and Details:

  • Website: Duck Creek Newfoundland Pup Farm
  • Address: 10995 Bollinger County Rd 618 Zalma, Missouri 63787
  • Phone: (573) 318-6245
  • Email: hendrixdeb1064@gmail.com
  • Special Note: You can find out more about them on Facebook.

All the Newfoundland breeders included on our list passed our standards. However, if you want to verify their legitimacy, read our ultimate puppy buying guide for some proven tips on how to safely find a breeder online or how to find a puppy for sale while avoiding scams.

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If you still need more information about the Newfoundland breed before purchasing, watch the video below:


Meanwhile, if you’re still choosing between a male and female Newfoundland puppy, check out our dedicated guide on the topic. 

Newfoundland gender is an important thing to consider, so make sure to decide which one you’re getting before rushing to any of the above-mentioned breeders!

Other Sources for Newfoundland Puppies

Newfoundland puppy for sale outdoors on the grass

When it comes to breeding puppies, reputable Newfoundland breeders typically have lengthy waiting lists. 

Even before whelping, the majority of their puppies have been reserved. This makes it challenging to find a healthy Newfoundland puppy for sale.

However, there are several more options to consider if the breeders listed above aren’t currently offering litters for purchase. 

Here are a few alternative sources to find Newfoundland puppies for sale:

  • PuppySpot This website provides a search tool to help you find Newfoundland puppies for sale. They have placed over 200,000 puppies in over 20,000 homes. The PuppySpot team uses a data-driven system to screen breeders to verify their compliance with breeding standards.
  • Lancaster Puppies – This is a great and reliable website that will help you find Newfoundland puppies for sale. They are dedicated to advertising Newfoundland puppies that can be filtered according to your location and other preferences. You can browse hundreds of active puppy listings here.
  • AKC Marketplace – Hundreds of available Newfoundland puppies can be found in this breeder directory. You can be confident that all breeders who advertise in this pet marketplace are legitimate and reputable because they follow AKC standards. The website also includes information on each of the breeder’s background, connections, and qualifications. You can quickly look for Newfoundland puppies for sale without any worries.

Besides the ones we’ve mentioned here, you can also search on other online pet advertising websites, social media groups, and your local animal shelter. 

There are many options you can choose from, so take your pick and find a Newfoundland puppy to bring home as your newest family member.

However, some sources may not be reputable, so you might want to check out our puppy buying guide for some tips you should keep in mind. 

How Much Does a Newfoundland Cost? Puppy Prices and Expenses

The price of a Newfoundland puppy can cost anywhere between $1,200 and $5,000. 

Because of several considerations, such as the dog’s age and size and whether or not it is a show or companion dog, this price range might vary greatly.

Newfoundlands that grow up to be show dogs are the most expensive. Additional fees may apply depending on the breeder.

You should also consider other expenditures, including immunizations, pet supplies, food, and supplements, apart from the purchasing price.

Here’s a rundown of what you might spend initially on a Newfound puppy:

Type of ExpenseCost
Food and Treats$100 – $120
Food and Water Bowls$15 – $35
Bed$50 – $200
Crate$60 – $500
Leashes and Collars$15 – $50
Toys$30 – $50
Grooming Essentials$40 – $180
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$50 – $200
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $300
Initial Vaccine Shots$75 – $200
Neutering or Spaying$50 – $500
Dog License$10 – $20
Microchip$40 – $60
Miscellaneous Supplies$15 – $30
Total Initial Cost$650 – $2,445

Although initially costly, prevention is always better than cure. If your dog gets sick, it will cost more. Hence, you will need to shell out on good-quality essentials and keep vet checks up to date.

How to Find Newfoundland Puppies for Sale in Your Area

Finding Newfoundland puppies for sale in your area is a great advantage because you don’t have to spend on shipping costs. 

While some effort may be required in your search, this shouldn’t be too challenging if you are dedicated to owning a Newfoundland puppy.

Here are a few pointers to help you find Newfoundland puppies in your area:

  • Seek a veterinarian’s recommendation. Many Newfoundland breeders and owners are likely to be familiar with veterinarians. If you ask nicely, they can put you in touch with a reliable and respectable breeder within your locality.
  • Take a trip to a nearby animal shelter or rescue. Newfoundland puppies and adult dogs can be adopted in animal shelters and rescues. Make a point of visiting your local rescue organization. You can read our dog adoption guide for helpful tips.
  • Find fellow Newfoundland Breed enthusiasts online. You can meet folks who share your passion for Newfoundlands through social media. You can find available puppies for sale by joining Newfoundland clubs or following Newfoundland pages on Facebook or other social media sites.

As you can see, you are not alone in your search for a dog. There are resources and people willing to assist you. To pursue this fun-loving and lovely breed, all you need is a little patience and confidence.

Other than the listed tips we provided, you can also check our article on how to find puppies for free in your area

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Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a big and cuddly dog that is great with kids and other animals, the Newfoundland puppy may be perfect for you. 

However, please remember that this breed requires a lot of exercise and space. They are not recommended for apartment living. 

But if you can provide all they need, the love and companionship you receive in return will be priceless.

Many reputable Newfoundland breeders will be more than happy to help you find your new furry family member. 

But by being prepared and well-equipped, you can ensure that your Newfoundland puppy is healthy and has the best chance of living a long and happy life by your side.

Hopefully, this Newfoundland breeder guide has been helpful. Are you taking home a Newfoundland soon? Let us know in the comments below!

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