Morkie Poo: What Makes This Tri-Breed an Ideal Family Dog?

White Morkie Poo in snow
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Designer dog breeds inherit a multitude of positive characteristics from their parents, and one of these hybrids that possess a beautiful appearance and admirable temperament is the Morkie Poo.

Morkie Poos are made by crossing a Maltese, a Yorkie, and a Poodle. They are fluffy and cuddly, so it’s tough to resist their charm. Their most notable characteristic is their consistent high energy, which is comparable to that of a big dog.

In case you are interested in buying or adopting a Morkie Poo, this article outlines some essential facts about the hybrid that you’ll find useful. This will also help you realize if this dog is really for you.

What Is a Morkie Poo?

Morkie Poo wearing a cute dress
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Morkie Poos are sweet-natured hybrids who are also called Morkie Doodles. They are a cross between a Maltese, a Yorkshire Terrier, and a Poodle, so they are inherently active and energetic. Compared to other crossbreeds, their size is relatively small. so you can bring them anywhere.

Another trait of these dogs is that they shy away from strangers at first, but when they are given enough time to socialize, they get along pretty well.

They also crave human companionship, so you will be snuggled by them even though you aren’t initiating it because they are that clingy.

Morkie Poo Appearance

Morkie Poo sitting on the grass
Image credit: maui_themorkiepoo / Instagram

Morkie Poos look extremely gentle and vulnerable. Even those who aren’t fans of owning a pet will find them adorable because their dark eyes, little paws, and folded ears contribute to their pleasant appearance. They rarely shed, too, which is another plus factor in owning them.

Some Morkie Poos who take after their Maltese and Yorkie parents have domed skulls. Meanwhile, those who inherited most of their Poodle parent’s genes have long, narrow muzzles. Note that these physical traits may still vary because they are a crossbreed.

Here are some videos for you to have a better visual of Morkiepoo puppies.

Morkiepoo Puppies 6 Weeks Old

How Big Do Morkie Poos Get When Fully Grown?

Maltese, Yorkshire Terriers, and Poodles are all dog breeds of a small variety. This is why the cross between these three is also relatively small. Fully grown Morkie Poos only weigh 4 to 12 pounds on average.

However, it is necessary to add that their size also depends on their gender. Usually, a male Morkie Poo weighs 6 to 12 pounds, while a female pup is around 4 to 8 pounds.

There is also a slight difference between the male and the female Morkie Poo in terms of height. An adult female has a height range of 6 to 8 inches, while an adult male is normally 7 to 10 inches tall.

Morkie Poo Coat Color Varieties (With Pictures)

The Morkie Poo’s coat is soft and hypoallergenic. If they have inherited their Maltese and Yorkie parents’ genes, there’s a possibility that their coat will grow silky.

Meanwhile, if they have gotten the hair characteristic of their Poodle parent, their coat is more frizzy but equally adorable. Here are the different color varieties of Morkie Poos:


White Morkie Poo
Image credit: aceythepoo / Instagram

White is among the most common colors of the Morkie Poo. This gives them a more vulnerable yet pristine appearance.


Black Morkie Poo
Image credit: bentleys.littlelife / Instagram

This black Morkie Poo has inherited the coat of his Maltese and Yorkie parents. It’s silky black, which matches the dark shade of his eyes.


Brown Morkie Poo
Image credit: mamba.vince / Instagram

The brown Morkie is another standard color of this mixed breed. There are other shades of this color, but the pup in the picture below is medium brown.


Tan Morkie Poo
Image credit: kali.babygirl / Instagram

The tan Morkie Poo resembles a teddy bear. Its coloring makes it look fluffier and gentle.

White and Tan

White and tan Morkie Poo
Image credit: _charlieneves_ / Instagram

This white and tan Morkie Poo is one of the most sought-after varieties of this pup. The two-colored coat gives it a soft but edgy-looking appearance.


Tri-color Morkie Poo
Image credit: thewarepack / Instagram

The tri-color Morkie Poo is a combination of black, brown, and white. It isn’t as soft looking as the other single-colored Morkie Poos, but it has a certain appeal due to its unique color combination.

Morkie Poo Temperament and Personality

A cute teacup Morkie Poo puppy and a Doberman
Image credit: leelouandgracie / Instagram

Morkie Poos are ideal family dogs because of their generally friendly and affectionate temperament. If you are looking for a pet who is both visually pleasing and stress relieving, this hybrid may be the right one for you.

Here is a detailed rundown of a Morkie Poo’s temperament:

  • They easily get attached to their owners. They will keep following you and always ask for your cuddles.
  • They are territorial, so it is best to socialize them with other animals while they are still young.
  • They are very playful and energetic. They will enjoy going for a walk or a jog.
  • They are brave and self-confident. They are not aware that they are small in size, so when faced with a larger dog, they try to wrestle with them thinking they’re the same build.
  • They are smart, thanks to their Poodle parents. You can teach them a few tricks and simple commands.
  • They develop separation anxiety, so it’s best not to leave them alone for too long.
  • They have natural chase instincts like their Yorkie parents, but they are not that aggressive.

A cousin of mine has a 2-year-old Morkie Poo, and he is very affectionate, even with strangers. It has a habit of jumping on your lap and positioning its head on your palm so you can give it a good head scratch. Either that or it will lie flat on its back, asking for a belly rub.

However, it has always been an issue when my cousin leaves for work as it becomes very vocal, and when he gets home, a lot of his stuff is on the floor, like tissue paper, shoes, slippers, and rugs. Crate training has helped him manage this behavior in his Morkie Poo.

Morkie Poo Lifespan and Health Issues

If you are wondering how long can a Morkie Poo serve as your friend and companion, the answer is 10 to 13 years.

When you choose to bring home a Morkie Poo, know that you are committing a decade of your life to take care of them. You should ensure that they are brought to a licensed veterinarian occasionally for necessary health check-ups.

Here are some of the common ailments that may afflict them if they weren’t immunized correctly or given proper care:

  • Glaucoma: Glaucoma in Morkie Poos is characterized by a build-up of pressure and fluid in their eyes. This is usually inherited from their parents and can eventually lead to blindness if left untreated. Depending on your dog’s case, it may undergo medication, cyclo cryotherapy, or surgery.
  • Cataracts: When your pup’s eyes are cloudy, they are likely suffering from this genetic disease. This is prevalent among most mixed breeds, not only the Morkie Poos. Treatment for this condition depends on its stage, but the initial solution is using eye drops.
  • Tracheal Collapse: The trachea connects the throat to the lungs. Once your dog suffers from this condition, it cannot breathe properly since the air won’t get to its lungs. The best way for this to be treated is through a combination of medication and surgery.
  • Hypoglycemia: Hypoglycemia doesn’t only happen to humans. Mixed breeds, such as the Morkie Poo, can also have low blood sugar which can affect their energy level. To restore the glucose levels in your pup’s bloodstream, the vet may recommend changing its diet.

Though the Morkie Poo is prone to these illnesses, being disciplined with their regular vet routine should help you in optimizing their lifespans.

How to Care of Your Morkie Poo

Morkie Poo puppy
Image credit: versacethemorkiepoo / Instagram

As an owner of a Morkie Poo, it is crucial that you know how to cater to their basic needs. This involves their feeding and diet, cleaning and grooming, and exercise and training.

If you want to know more about its basic care, read on.

Food and Diet

Morkie Poos are big eaters despite their size; that’s why they are prone to weight gain. Make sure that you offer them good quality kibble that does not contain too many carbohydrates.

Gaining too much weight can lead to some health conditions like diabetes and slipped knees. Also, choose an appropriate kibble size for your Morkie Poo to avoid chances of choking.

Cleaning and Grooming

You need to groom your Morkie Poo to maintain its beautiful coat. One simple way of doing this is by trimming their hair regularly and brushing them to remove tangles and knots. You should also trim their nails, clean their eyes and ears, and bathe them every 15 to 30 days.

Training and Exercise

Since Morkie Poos are active pups, you should always walk them or give them time to play. You do not need to engage them in strenuous activities. Simple dog exercises will do as long as they consistently do it daily.

Because of the Morkie Poo’s Poodle blood, it is highly intelligent and can be trained through reinforcements like treats and praises.

However, some of them are stubborn, so you have to be persistent with your commands. This will make them realize that you are the boss and they have to obey you.

How Much Does a Morkie Poo Cost? Puppy Prices and Expenses

Morkie Poo puppy sitting on bed
Image credit: coopermeyer_ / Instagram

If you feel that the Morkie Poo is the right designer breed for you, be ready to set aside anywhere from $850 to $3,700. This will depend on factors such as age, gender, quality, location, and the breeder’s reputation.

This said, always ensure that you are only dealing with reputable breeders and avoid puppy mills at all costs. These unscrupulous breeders do not practice ethical breeding standards and can even sell you unhealthy puppies of poor quality, which is why their prices are usually much lower.

Places to Find Morkie Poo Puppies for Sale and Adoption

Surely, you are interested to know where you can buy or adopt a Morkie Poo. Well, look no further since this section lists some breeders and rescue centers that you can contact if you are interested.

Let us first look into places where you can find reputable breeders of Morkie Poos:

  • Greenfield Puppies: Greenfield Puppies has been around since 2000. They advertise reputable breeders of different dog varieties, including the Morkie Poo. Currently, the price of their Morkie Poo puppies for sale ranges from $1,495 to $2,500.
  • Lancaster Puppies: Lancaster Puppies is another advertising website that offers both male and female Morkie Poos. The price range of their pups is ranging between $1,200 and $2,800.
  • Keystone Puppies: Keystone Puppies connect reputable breeders to dog enthusiasts. They do not raise or rescue puppies, but they offer a platform where breeders can post their dogs. Morkie Poos posted on their website ranges from $1,500 to $2,800.

Alternatively, you can also look into adoption to acquire your Morkie Poo. in this way, you can also choose between Morkie Poo adults and puppies needing loving homes.

Here are some legitimate rescue organizations where you can source a Morkie Poo:

  • Pet Rescue by Judie: Pet Rescue by Judie is an organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating companion animals. You can check out their website for Morkie Poos and other dog breeds. If you have decided to adopt one, you can set an appointment with them and meet the pet you are interested in.
  • National Mill Dog Rescue: Another organization that aims to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome pups is the National Mill Dog Rescue. They were established in the year 2007, and they have already rescued 13,000 dogs since then. You may browse their pets for adoption to check for Morkie Poos.
  • Posh Pets Rescue: There are a lot of pets from Posh Pets Rescue that you can adopt, including Morkie Poos. You can also decide to foster or work as a volunteer for their organization. Check out their website if you want to learn more.

Even with these suggestions, it is up to each future fur parent to thoroughly research the background of the puppy and the breeder you are dealing with. Do not hesitate to ask questions to ensure your puppy’s health and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Morkie Poo playing with a ball
Image credit: mysweetboyrocky / Instagram

Do Morkie Poos shed?

Morki Poos do not shed much, which makes them the best option for those who have allergies. However, they require constant brushing because their hair can quickly become unruly. Full grooming, which includes trimming, is also recommended every 2 to 4 weeks.

Are Morkie Poos aggressive?

Morkie Poos are not aggressive hybrids. However, they can become destructive if they are left alone for a long time. It would be better to have someone look after them if you leave for several days.

You can also bring them with you if you are going somewhere that allows pets because they can easily fit inside your bag.

Are Morkie Poos hard to potty train?

Morkie Poos can be challenging to potty train because of their Maltese roots. But if you try to pick a single strategy, they won’t be confused, and your training process might go well. You should also be patient and stay consistent for them to learn.

Final Thoughts

Morkie Poos are an ideal pet for those who love highly energetic dogs. They are a combination of every positive characteristic of their breed parents, so expect that they’ll make your life more fun and exciting.

You can practically bring them anywhere because they are small, and they would love that because they are clingy and very affectionate.

Another good thing about owning them is that they are hypoallergenic. You don’t need to worry if you or your family members have allergies because your pup won’t trigger an attack. Just ensure that you groom them properly and occasionally bring them to the vet to check their overall health.

What do you think of the Morkie Poo? Let us know your thoughts in the comments field below!

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