Papshund (Papillon & Dachshund Mix): Info, Pictures, And More

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Papillon and Dachshund mix is commonly known as Papshund. They are a toy-sized rare mixed breed and are full of energy, which can be kept as lapdogs and life companions.

Papshund is a highly sensitive dog and should not be left alone; they require a lot of attention from their family.

This small size dog is perfect for all kinds of families. Papshund would love to chase you around the house and play with you.

Papshund can be kept in an apartment, and they are easy to travel with. They prefer a warm or hot climate. Emotions are filled in them so treat them with care and gentleness.

Papillon and Dachshund Mix Details



Papillon and Dachshund mix is a fairly small-sized dog with a small head and nose. Their eyes are dark and round.

They get their ears from Papillon which have a butterfly look. Papshund’s body is usually longer, which resembles the Dachshund’s body and their legs are short with longer hairs.

Papshund puppies have medium to long hairs. They shed moderately and do not require a lot of maintenance.

Their nose is black, and their eyes have a brown color. If you are familiar with the Papillon and Dachshund, then it will be hard for you to miss a Papillon.


Their coat is usually dense and comes in the following colors.

  • White
  • Cream
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Black

Size and Weight

Papillon and Dachshund mix is usually a lap dog because of its small size. A fully grown Papshund weighs between 10 to 18 pounds with an average height of 9 to 18 inches.

Most Papshunds reach their full size when they are 12 to 18 months old. After that, they stop growing and their weight will depend on their lifestyle and diet.

Personality and Temperament

The Papshunds are very sensitive dogs and require gentle treatment. They are full of energy and can live in the city and the countryside. Excellent watchdogs are their another quality, and they have tolerance toward strangers.

Socialization from an early age is required for a Papshund to make him a perfect dog. Papshunds should be introduced to new people, surroundings, and other animals to make them a friendly dog.

Papshund gets high prey drive from their Dachshund parent and they can wander because of their habit. By nature, they are friendly dogs, but sometimes they can be aggressive because of prey drive. But their desire to please and to be a part of the family helps them to get trained easily.

Sweet and loveable, they will fulfill the requirement of being a perfect lap dop. This dog will be your shadow and develop a special bond. Even though they are classified as lap dogs, they are not lazy or docile.

Bundle of energy is packed inside them. Their heart and personality are bigger than their body, and they will not hesitate to show it.

As you cannot predict a specific behavior in a hybrid or mixed dog breeds, nobody can guarantee their personality and temperament. Early socialization and training will help them develop a good personality.

Without introducing them to new challenges, there is a chance that they will develop small dog syndrome.

Because of their habit to wander, they should not be kept in open spaces or backyard without a fence. They are highly sensitive and emotional and should not be left alone.

Being alone will develop a destructive nature in them. If you are mostly out of the house and will not spend more of the time with Papshund, then this dog breed is not the best dog for you.


Despite their size and fragile looks, Papshund has a lifespan of between 13 to 16 years on average. A dog’s life depends mostly on its handler.

A proper and healthy life is necessary for your dog to ensure that he gets the most out of his lifespan. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and medical check-ups will make sure that your dog lives a healthy life. 

Papillon and Dachshund Mix Basic Needs


Papillon and Dachshund mix are family dogs that require a lot of attention because of their sensitive and emotional personality.

They can be hard to train sometimes because of the genes from Dachshund. But the Papillon genes will help them to soften their aggressive nature. Dachshund is usually harder to train as compared to Papshund.

They are extremely sensitive, so keep in mind to be gentle with them all the time. They are very intelligent and can sense the change of tone in your voice. Emotions can be overwhelming for them at times.

Training Requirements

The Papshund can be stubborn because of their Dachshund parent side. But usually, they are easy to train. Even if you do not have a lot of experience of dog training, training a Papshund should not be a problem, and you will be able to teach him some basic stuff.

They are intelligent and always looking to please you so with the right training and approach, the sky is the limit.

In Papshund, separation anxiety and resource guarding could be an important problem. They can be very protective of their toys, food, or family, which can lead to some unwanted behavior. To avoid that, you should train them to share from the start.

Tips To Train Your Papshund

  • Early socialization to new people, animals, and challenges is a must to make them a friendly dog.
  • Train them to share stuff with other people and animals to discourage resource guarding behavior.
  • They are highly sensitive so avoid any harsh punishment.
  • A change in your voice tone will be enough to get their attention while training.
  • Use positive reinforcement to reward your dog. Treats can be used to keep them motivated.
  • Papshund responds well to reward-based training. Use it to your benefit.

Exercise Requirements

The Papillon and Dachshund mix is small in size but comes full of energy and remembers that they require daily exercise and activity, which is necessary to keep them healthy.

Just because they sit in your house, does not mean that they should spend their whole day sitting. Fulfilling their exercise need should not be a big problem. After all, it does not take much time to tire out a dog of their size.

Daily 30 to 45 minutes of the walk should be enough for your Papshund. They love to spend time outside because of their energy levels.

Taking them to a park is a good idea where they can spend time with other animals and people. Papshund is a curious dog with an intelligent personality. Keep them occupied with some puzzle toys to challenge their minds.

A small yard or inside space should be provided for a Papillon and Dachshund mix to roam around. Make sure they are not kept in a cold climate. They do not like it and prefer a warm or hot climate.

One of the most important things to remember is that they should not jump from anywhere. Because of their body shape, there is a high chance for them to get injured while jumping.

Tips to Exercise Your Papshund

  • Daily exercise is a must for Papshund to keep them healthy.
  • 30 to 45 minutes should be spent daily to take them on a walk.
  • Keep them busy with new toys and challenges. They love to learn and have a curious nature.
  • Always keep them on a leash when outside. Because of their small size, they can wander off easily.
  • Make sure they are kept in a fenced, secured yard. They have a tendency to run because of high prey drive.
  • Lack of exercise could push them towards obesity. Make sure that they get their share of activity.
  • Do not leave them alone for long periods. It will negatively impact their mental health.

Ideal Living Environment


The Papshund is an active dog and requires activity inside and outside of the house. You must give Papshund enough space inside or outside of the house where they can burn their energy and spend their time playing.

Always make sure that there are no places accessible to your Papshund from where he can jump. Jumping can be extremely lethal for your Papshund because of his long back.

They would love to go on a walk and spend time in a park with other dogs and people. Make sure that they are not exposed to cold conditions and should not be left alone for a long period of time.

Four to six hours a day is the maximum amount of time you can leave them alone. Papshund always prefers to be with somebody and does not like being alone. 

Space Requirements

Papshund is a toy-sized but requires some space because of their energy levels. They are suitable for any house, including apartments as long as their energy demands are met.

Make sure that they are getting their exercise daily even when they are in an apartment. If you can, give them a space in the yard where they can play and burn their energy.

Make sure the yard is secured and fenced. Their higher prey drive will make them wander around. You do not want them to sneak out from the backyard under the fence. Because of their small size, sneaking out from a small space is not a problem for them.

Make sure to spend time with them as they want your attention. Do not keep them caged or in a small place. Despite their size, they have high levels of energy.

Keeping them locked off inside a small space will only destroy their mental and physical health and help them to develop some aggressive nature.

Food Requirements

For Papshunds, high-quality dry food should be a start. Make sure that you read the label of the package before buying it. Your dog should get his food according to his age and growth requirements.

You can give him canned food from time to time if he is not a big fan of dry food. A mixture of both dry and canned foods can be a big hit for Papshund.

When buying your dog food, make sure that you choose a reputable and known brand. Cheap dog food could contain artificial flavors and harmful substances which are bad for your dog’s health.

Just like humans, a dog requires a healthy diet to keep them fit. A balanced diet shout contains all the necessary ingredients like proteins, carbs, and nutrients.

The best way to get all these things is commercially packaged dog food. As long as you choose the right pack for your dog, everything should be okay.

Papshund requires a small amount of food every day. One cup of dry food daily is more than enough for them but it also depends on their activity level.

Make sure the treats are given in a moderate way. It is always a good idea to check if there is any sugar present in dog treats.

Cleaning and Grooming Needs

Papillon and Dachshund mix is a moderate shedding dog. Their hair is soft and medium to long, which requires weekly brushing to keep them tidy and knot-free. However, the hairs will start to fall once they reach a certain length.

Pay special attention to Papshund’s ears. They need to be checked regularly to avoid any bacterial infection. Ears should be cleaner by wipes, or a vet recommended ear wash.

Always dry the ears after washing to remove any moist inside which can help to grow bacteria and yeast.

Papshund does not have regular dog odor like some other breeds. Regular grooming tools should be enough to keep them clean. They do not require washing as often as other dog breeds. Wiping them down and brushing their hair should keep them clean.

You should have a brush, nail clipper, ear wash, shampoo, and a conditioner in hand for your dog’s grooming. Keeping them stuff at home can save your trip to professional grooming centers.

Brushing the teeth of your Papshund should be done at least once in a month. A dog’s mouth can be a home for bacteria. Washing and brushing their teeth will help to keep their gums healthy.

Cleaning your dog is vital and should be taken care of. By keeping your dog clean, you can make sure that your dog stays healthy and fit.

A dirty dog with a bad smell is a home for bacteria. Regularly bathing your dog might just save him from many health risks.  

Pros and Cons of Papillon and Dachshund Mix


If you are planning to buy a Papillon and Dachshund mix, then please take a few minutes of your time and read all these pros and cons of Papshund.

It might help you to decide if you really want this pup to be your lifelong companion.


  • Papshund is extremely loyal and friendly.
  • They are great with children and families.
  • They can live in a city and in the countryside. They are the perfect pet for houses and apartments.
  • They are small-sized hence it is easy to travel with them.
  • Papshund is a moderate shedder and does not require a lot of grooming.
  • They can make perfect watchdogs.
  • They can be kept by first-time owners.


  • Papillon and Dachshund mix can be a little hard to train because of the stubborn genes from Dachshund.
  • Papshund should be kept in a fenced and secured area.
  • Despite the small size, Papshund still requires daily activity and exercise.
  • Papshund can be vocal sometimes.
  • They can become extremely protective of their toys or food so train them to share from the start.
  • Papillon and Dachshund mix can not be left alone for long periods. They prefer to be with family and people.
  • Make sure they do not jump from anywhere. Due to their posture, there is a high chance of injury while jumping.

Prices and Expenses of Papshund

Papillon and Dachshund mix puppies should be available under $1000 in most countries. Their food will cost you anywhere between $30 to $50 per month, depending on the food brand.

Papshund is not an expensive dog breed. Their maintenance is not going to hit your wallet so much. But you will need to spend money on his food, grooming, medical visits as well as pet insurance.

Always buy the recommended products for your dog. Try to avoid new cheap stuff which can be bad for your Papshund’s health.

How and Where to Get One?

It is quite easy nowadays to browse lots of puppies and dogs online while you are sitting on your couch. While it is convenient, it has some of its drawbacks.

Things aren’t always as beautiful they look on your laptop. You might be missing on a lot of things which could be vital.

Going to a local dog shelter home or a reputable breeder is always a better choice. By doing this, you are able to check everything by yourself. Checking everything physically gives you peace of mind.

You might not see something on the website which you can see while visiting these places. You can always get contact information of local breeders from your vet.

Few things should be in your checklist before you decide to buy a pup. Always check the pup by your self. Make sure you meet at least one of its parents.

While you might not be able to meet the father, usually the mother is there with the pups. You can get an idea of a pup’s personality by observing the mother.

A reputable dog breeder should be able to provide you with all the medical history of both parents. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

The medical history will prove that the offspring will not be carrying any disease from their parents. Once you have checked all the required documentation, you can go ahead and get your pup.

You can get a Papshund by asking any experienced dog breeder to breed it for you. This might be the best option to get your pup that is made for order.

Although this process requires a lot of patience as litters come only once a year. Be ready to pay a big cheque once you receive your order as this process is not going to be cheap. 

Common Health Risks of Papshund


It is a common belief that mixed breed dogs are usually healthier than their parents. While sometimes it can be true, but there is no scientific proof behind it.

It can all depend on your pup’s lifestyle and pure luck. In the same way, Papshund can be healthier and live longer than Papillon and Dachshund, or he can get health risks and diseases from both of his parents.

Let’s have a look at some major and minor health risks your Papshund might develop during his lifetime:

Major Health Concerns

  • Intervertebral Disc Disease – Papshunds have long back which is vulnerable for slipped discs.  Their long back is under strain, usually in the middle and is a major health risk during their lifetime. The worst-case scenario for your dog could be paralysis. Disc disease is extremely painful and can have a life-changing impact on your dog.
  • Eye Disease – Papshund gets eye disease from both of its parents. Unfortunately, both Papillon and Dachshund are prone to eye diseases. This disease can lead to blindness in your dog.

Minor Health Concerns

While nobody can guarantee a safe life for your Papshund, you should always take care of his lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can have a major impact on any dog’s life.

The mental health of your dog is as important as physical health. By ensuring the happiness of your dog, you might just save him from many diseases.

Keeping your dog’s diet balanced and giving them proper activities and exercise can be the two biggest factors in increasing your dog’s life expectancy.

Papillon and Dachshund Mix Breeding Process


Papshund is a mixed breed that comes from Papillon and Dachshund. This dog breed was developed because of their unusual looks and excellent temperament of both parents. Papillon and Dachshund are both small-sized dogs so their offspring comes in toy size.

To get a Papshund, you will need purebred Papillon and Dachshund. This is the only way to get the qualities and personality of parents in the offspring.

You need to wait for the dam to be in heat to start the process of breeding. Always check for the signs before begin. Bloody discharge and swallow in the retinal area are two critical signs for the dam being in the heat.

The stud will get aroused and attracted to the dam who is in heat. If she is ready, she will let the stud mount her; otherwise, she will try to hit stud to keep him away.

Closely monitor the situation as dogs might get hurt in this process. The heating process lasts up to 11 days, and breeding can be done at this time.

Here are some key points to follow and remember for the breeding process:

  • Make sure the parent dogs are purebred so that you can get the true personality and traits of the parents in the hybrid dog.
  • The breeding process should be done by an experienced dog breeder.
  • Always check the medical history of the dogs involved in the breeding process. This reduces the health risks in the offspring.
  • Make sure to keep a close eye on the dogs. They might get hurt while mating.

Final Thoughts

Papshund is a small pack of energy and can sit in your lap and form a special bond. Making you happy is their priority and they are extremely friendly towards children and loves to be around families.

Although they are small, they are still very much active and need activities and exercise daily.

This dog would love to be your shadow and chase you around everywhere. If you want a lifelong friend by your side who won’t leave you alone, then Papshund is the perfect dog breed for you.

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