Pit Bull & Jack Russell Terrier Mix: Facts, Pictures, And More

Pitbull Jack Russell Mix

Jack Russell Terriers and Pit Bulls are amazing dogs. If you’re planning to get a pet and ended up having to choose between them, that’s a tough decision. So, if you don’t feel good about this, why don’t you mix them?

The Jack Russell Terrier mixed with any Pit Bull breed is a perfect combination. The result will be a friendly and energetic dog. However, these hybrids are also highly powerful and demand an experienced owner to care for them. Although cute, they aren’t recommended for novices.

Before making anything official, you must understand in detail how it is going to be like to own a Pit Bull & Jack Russell mixed dog.

Even if you like the idea, it’s crucial to know if it will really fit your profile. In today’s article, I will help with all the information you need to get started.

How Crossbreeding Genetics Work

Before starting it all, let’s have a look at how characteristics are attributed to crossbred dogs. Unlike purebreds, it’s much harder to predict precisely how a hybrid pet will look like.

That’s because the outcome of crossbreeding two purebred dogs is the average between them. Something identical happens to us. When fertilization occurs in humans, our parent’s gametes exchange genetic information.

Therefore, some characteristics of the baby are directly inherited from their mother, while others are purely from their father.

There isn’t a rule for determining which part is going to influence their descendants the most. It all depends on luck.

If you breed a large dog with a small one, for example, there’s an equal chance of the puppy being more inclined to the mother’s size as well as the father’s size.

Some well-known varieties have a higher chance of inheriting more aspects from one breed than another. Thus, they will more commonly look like a particular breed.

Nevertheless, it still isn’t difficult to find completely distinct dogs of the same mix, or even the same litter! So be aware that by getting a Pit Bull/Jack Russell Terrier, you’ll find a wide range of variations.

The Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier

A playful and small-sized dog, the Jack Russell Terrier (or JRT) will be present in all mixes I’m going to mention here. Later, we’re going to explore the possibilities of breeding him with multiple Pit Bull breeds.

The Jack Russell Terrier was bred to be a hunting dog. Its origins are English, and he was historically used mostly for fox hunting. Like other terriers, they love to dig. Although highly trainable, it’s extremely hard to make them lose this addiction.

This is a highly athletic and one of the most energetic dog breeds. A Jack Russell owner must be prepared for his pace. Otherwise, he won’t meet the expectations and will turn into a nightmare.

This breed is for experienced owners who can deal with a quick, agile and sporty dog, and are comfortable with a lot of training. Jack Russell Terriers are incredibly intelligent and absorb any lessons quickly.

However, teaching them requires patience and regularity, as they won’t easily accept new instructions.

Owners must socialize their dogs early. On the contrary, he may become really aggressive and try to hunt other pets. Inside his comfort zone, he is a friendly dog. But disagree with him just a bit, and you’ll deeply regret it!

The Pit Bulls

The other half of the mixes we’re going to analyze here is represented by the Pit Bull. In fact, the term “Pit Bull” refers to a wide variety of breeds descendants from bulldogs and terriers. Although each one has its own characteristics, they all share a lot of common features.

Many people believe that Pit Bulls are dangerous dogs. But that’s totally wrong! Pit Bulls are actually incredibly friendly, both with their family and with strangers.

This misconception was probably created due to Pit Bulls’ origins. Historically, they were bred to compete in blood sports and other violent activities.

Since this kind of practice has been banned for a long time ago, only a few Pit Bulls can show aggressiveness towards other dogs today.

And that’s important to reinforce: only with dogs. They were never encouraged to fight humans, so it’s highly unlikely that they will try to attack people more than other dogs do.

If a hybrid of a Jack Russell Terrier and a Pit Bull is born big, that’s thanks to the latter group. Pit Bulls are medium-sized dogs and are much larger than Jack Russell Terriers.

The American Pit Bull Terrier, for example, commonly ranges from 17 to 21 inches in height. Meanwhile, the average Jack Russell doesn’t grow higher than 10 inches. The tallest dogs may hit around 1 foot to 1 foot 3 inches.

Now let’s dive in a little deeper and analyze some Pit Bull breeds individually.

American Pit Bull Terrier


The American Pit Bull Terrier (or APBT) is one of the most widely known Pit Bull breeds. It makes the perfect picture of a traditional medium-sized dog.

These pets are loyal companions and won’t easily refuse to do something for you. APBTs tend to be highly playful, can travel long distances, and are extremely smart.

Due to its nice relationship with children, this breed perfectly fits the family-friendly dog profile.

Nevertheless, owners shouldn’t be disregarded when it comes to training. These dogs need to be socialized and trained as early as possible to avoid misbehavior with other pets. Therefore, owners must be skilled enough to handle this job.

Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier

Don’t confuse “American Pit Bull Terrier” with “Bull Terrier!” They’re entirely different Pit Bull breeds. Both look similar in size, but the latter group can easily be identified by its distinguishable head and snout.

A mix between a Bully and a Jack Russell Terrier will likely inherit this feature as well.

Like the APBT, the Bull Terrier is a highly friendly breed. As a plus, they get along very well with other pets. What a Jack Russell Terrier brings in aggressiveness is compensated by the Bully. This means that a hybrid between them will be a little sweeter than mixes with other Pit Bulls.

Like the Jack Russell Terrier, this dog is extremely athletic and loves to play. So prepare to deal with a mix that is going to run all around your house and wants to go out 24/7. Ensure you’re experienced enough to support its needs.

American Bulldog

American Bulldog

Regarding size, perhaps that’s the breed that most differs from the Jack Russell Terrier. That’s because the American Bulldog is a large-sized dog. So get ready to meet hybrids with a massive size difference.

Any mix involving a Jack Russell Terrier and a Pit Bull demands an experienced owner. But if the second dog is an American Bulldog, things get even harder.

This breed doesn’t adapt well to many conditions, it is not friendly with dogs and people, and isn’t the best one for trainability as well. Novice owners should never think about getting an American Bulldog as their first pet.

Perhaps the effects of aggressiveness and un-trainability can be alleviated by the Jack Russell Terrier. However, most other aspects that make the Bulldog tough to be dealt with are shared by both breeds.

As well as the Jack Russell Terrier, this dog is exceptionally energetic and will continually ask their owners to play.

Supposing that you want a mix between these breeds, you must be entirely sure, in the first place, that you’re able to handle it.

American Pit Bull Terrier + Jack Russell Terrier = The Jack Pit

Since these were the first breeds I mentioned here, let’s look at their hybrid first. The result of breeding an American Pit Bull Terrier with a Jack Russell Terrier is a dog with highly defined muscles and a strong jaw. Owning one is not a joke, so you need the experience to deal with them.


Photo from @holamisslola (IG)

As we’re talking about a crossbreed, it’s challenging to predict exactly how this dog is going to look like. The expected is an average between its parents, commonly a small to medium-sized pet. However, it all depends on what breed will mostly influence the dog.

In the case where the Jack Russell Terrier prevails genetically, expect a smaller hybrid. On the contrary, the outcome will be significantly bigger, thanks to the features of the APBT.

Many people see the Pit Bull Terrier as an aggressive-looking breed. Although I don’t think you shouldn’t really be concerned about this, mixing it with a Jack Russell Terrier makes it “cuter.”


If you want a dog that unconditionally loves people, the Jack Pit is for you. Both generating breeds are extremely friendly with their family and with strangers. Don’t get them if you want a protective dog!

The APBT, for example, is commonly known as the “nanny dog.” Because they’re so kind to children, many people literally used to employ them as their baby-watchers.

This practice is dropping in popularity nowadays, but it clearly shows us the ease this breed has with kids.

What you really want to care for in a Jack Pit is his attitude towards other pets. The Pit Bull, as I previously said, can sometimes be highly aggressive with other dogs.

On the other side of the mix, Jack Rusell Terriers still keep their fox hunting spirit and may attack small animals if they feel like.

Because of that, you need to socialize your Jack Pit from a young age. Train him until he fully accepts other dogs and pets in general.

Both the Jack Russell Terrier and the APBT are intelligent breeds, so it won’t be hard to train a Jack Pit. But if you need help with this, consider hiring a dog trainer.

Size, Weight, and Space

Just like any other characteristic of a mixed dog, the dimensions of a Jack Pit vary a lot. But as I previously mentioned, a hybrid between a Jack Russell and an American Pit Bull Terrier isn’t a large dog.

The average withers height of a Jack Pit is around 15 inches. Females are a bit smaller, while boys tend to grow a bit more. As for weight, a healthy adult Jack Pit’s mass ranges from around 30 to 50 pounds.

But if your pooch’s numbers contrast these, don’t worry. You’ve got a lot of genetics to jumble it all!

One thing you’re almost obliged to have is a yard. A Jack Pit will feel really suppressed if he doesn’t have a space to discharge his energy and exercise. What’s worse, he will go absolutely mad without land to dig.

One thing I don’t advise you do is to let him sleep or spend lots of time outside, especially if you live in cold or hot places.

American Pit Bull Terriers are terrible to adapt to extreme weather. And although the furriness of the Jack Russell can help a bit, letting any dog alone for a long time is somewhat cruel.

The latter breed can stand this situation a bit better, but the Pit Bull wouldn’t tolerate it for a second.

The Jack Pit doesn’t easily accept apartment living. Make sure you provide your dog with an acceptably-sized house with a yard.


You may have already guessed that you’ll need to go out and play a lot with a Jack Pit. Daily activity is a must for this crossbreed. I advise you to walk him for at least 30 minutes every day.

On the contrary, your furry friend can get highly anxious and unrest, which will be bad for both of you.

Note that your dog will try to persuade you as much as he can to keep playing. I guarantee you’ll get tired much sooner than him.

But you don’t need to accept his pressure to satisfy his needs. 30 minutes to an hour a day is an excellent timespan for your pooch to exercise.

Bull Terrier + Jack Russell Terrier = The Bully Jack Terrier

The Bully Jack Terrier is another agitated but excellent companion dog. It is an awesome choice if you’re thinking about a family-friendly pet. This mix is incredibly similar to the Jack Pit.

Since you already know the specifications of the latter group, you only need small details about the Bully Jack Terrier.


This hybrid is generally very friendly. Be it with family, strangers, and other dogs, the Bully Jack Terrier tends to be highly amiable.

Once again, you should socialize your dog as soon as possible. That’s to ensure the chances of him misbehaving are minimum.

But that won’t be a huge deal as well. Even though these dogs are a bit stubborn, they’re easy to train.

Size, Weight, and Space

As well as any other mix involving Pit Bulls and the Jack Russell Terrier, the Bully Jack Terrier is a small to medium-sized dog.

Its height at the shoulders commonly ranges from 12 to 18 inches. It is a lightweight dog as well, weighing an average of 35 to 45 pounds.

Again, make sure to provide your pooch with a nice house and a yard. As you’re aware, this is a highly active hybrid.

If you don’t satisfy its needs, expect him to be aggressive. Your dog will likely start to bark, chew, and do other unwanted actions.


Bullies are slightly less energetic than Jack Russell Terriers. But don’t think they don’t want playtime! Remember: they’re dogs, and dogs love to play at any moment.

The Bully Jack Terrier is slightly less athletic than the Jack Pit, but their activity level is still medium-high.

The same time rule must be applied in this case. Try to get your pooch to walk for, at least, 30 minutes daily.

American Bulldog + Jack Russell Terrier = The American Bull-Jack

Perhaps the American Bulldog is the Pit Bull breed that most differ from the Jack Russell Terrier. Therefore, you’ll get a very unique result by crossbreeding them.


The American Bull-Jack is another highly energetic crossbreed. However, its will to play is a lot lower than the other hybrids previously mentioned.

That’s an influence of the American Bulldog. This breed is less athletic when compared to other Pit Bulls.

Although the dog will be friendly with his family, the same doesn’t apply to other dogs and strangers. This makes the Bull-Jack a very hard-to-deal dog.

What’s tougher, this dog isn’t as easy to train as the other mixes. So it takes a lot more dedication to revert this aggressiveness. Due to that, the Bull-Jack definitely requires way more experience from your part.

Size, Weight, and Space

The most significant differential of this mix from the others is its size. American Bulldogs are considered large pets. Apart from being a funny case to breed them with small dogs, like the Jack Russell Terrier, it is also a highly unpredictable one when it comes to size.

Expect an American Bull-Jack to hit heights between 17 to 23 inches when fully grown. Its weight should range closely from 50 to 60 pounds (yes, they’re really heavy!).

Once again, I’ll fortify the importance of owning a house for having this pet. American Bulldogs adapt terribly to apartments, unfortunately.

When you blend this characteristic with the need of a yard for the Jack Russell, living in a closed and small space turns into something impossible for the Bull-Jack.


Even though the Bull-Jack is slightly less energetic than the other crossbreeds, I still maintain my recommendation of at least 30 minutes to an hour of daily exercise.

Physical activity is essential for any dog, it doesn’t matter whether he is lazy or not. Lack of exercise on dogs may bring similar problems for human beings.

Obesity, anxiety, depression, and many other health issues may be generated if you don’t exercise your dog regularly.

My Final Thoughts

I hope you’ll have a great idea of Pit Bulls and Jack Russell Terrier mixes with this article. Depending on the breed of the original Pit Bull, the hybrids’ characteristics will vary a lot.

The most essential thing you must know before getting any of these mixes is that they’re a massive responsibility. The breeds that generate them are extremely energetic. In addition to it, they may become aggressive if not fully satisfied.

This may turn into an uncomfortable or even dangerous situation if you don’t know how to socialize and train them well.

With all that said, mixes between Pit Bulls and the Jack Russell Terrier require a lot of experience. If you’re still a novice owner, don’t even think about getting one!

However, if you’re able to do the job, owning a dog like that will be an outstanding experience. At the end of the day, both Pit Bulls and Jack Russells are amazing breeds. So when you blend them together, you can’t expect much less than a fantastic result.

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