Are Cane Corsos Good With Kids? A Guide for Parents

Little child and Cane Corso dog are looking at each other

The Cane Corso is a large, ferocious-looking breed that might induce thoughts about the safety of young ones in the household. This leaves concerned owners to ask if the Cane Corso is good with kids.

Although the Cane Corso can be an excellent family member, they can pose a threat to smaller kids and toddlers due to their sheer size. On the contrary, they are suitable companions for older children and good household guardians with proper training and socialization.

With that said, it does not mean that this Italian Mastiff has an unpleasant attitude towards young kids. In fact, this muscular dog is proven to have one of the best temperaments in the canine world, despite its fierce appearance.

Why Are Cane Corsos Great With Children?

Little boy with camera and his Cane Corso dog

Despite the intimidating personality and physicality of a Cane Corso, it is considered to be a good family dog as well as a good companion and guardian to children.

Here are four reasons why the Cane Corso breed is suitable for families with kids.

They are calm and docile dogs

Unlike other big dogs and hunting breeds, the Cane Corso tends to have a much more relaxed and predictable behavior, according to many breeders. Although, they have high energy for physical activities.

This gentle character of the Cane Corso is beneficial for homes with young family members. Children, especially younger kids, will be put at risk if they have large-sized and highly energetic playmates.

They are excellent guard dogs

Cane Corso dogs are one of the most effective guard dogs. Although not as popular as other breeds like the German Shepherd or Rottweiler, the Cane Corso is a reliable and skilled candidate for guard dog duty.

With its hunting dog background, this Mastiff dog breed can protect and serve children as a guardian dog, given ample training and proper socialization. This is also the reason why they are more expensive.

They are silent dogs

Despite being great guard dogs, Cane Corso dogs are relatively quiet gentle giants compared to many breeds of their size. 

Surprisingly, Cane Corso dogs are not high-energy dogs, unlike other dog breeds. In fact, smaller dogs are more yappy and jumpy than the Cane Corso.

These stoic canines usually bark whenever needed, such as when approached by strangers or when threatened by an intruder. With this, it is generally not likely for a child to be startled by a Cane Corso’s loud noises.

They have a sturdy build

Cane Corso dogs are well-known for their very large and domineering size. Its hefty looks are both an advantage and disadvantage, especially if you have children around.

On a positive note, Cane Corso dogs that are properly socialized and are very much familiar with the family members can usually be good playmates with the playful youngsters of the household.

The rowdy and rough nature of children, especially at play, can have a negative impact on other dogs, especially the small and dainty ones. The Cane Corso’s body and build can surely handle the roughness of a child’s play.

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Cane Corso Temperament and Personality

Beautiful kid playing with her black Cane Corso on the lawn

Cane Corso dogs have a docile and gentle personality towards people, including children. This character makes them an excellent family dog and a suitable kid-friendly dog. 

Furthermore, they exhibit high intelligence and skill, which likely originated from their working dog and hunting history. Due to this trait, the Cane Corso makes not just good guard dogs but one of the best.

Although they have a fearsome character, this powerful dog is considered to be a very affectionate and loving canine, especially towards family members.

Despite its loving nature, it is important to remember that proper training and socialization are a must when owning any dog, especially a large breed with a fierce demeanor.

Luckily, the Cane Corso is a very trainable breed. With their intelligence, it would be easy for them to behave and learn new tricks. This also applies to Cane Corso mixes.

Watch this adorable video to see how a Cane Corso behaves around children:

CANE CORSO BABYSITTING CHILDREN | Italian Mastiff Family Protector

Cane Corsos With Infants

A Cane Corso may be a gentle giant and good with children, but a concern that should be considered is their sheer size, especially when it’s near a baby.

Cane Corso owners should never leave it alone with a child unsupervised. This dog is so large that even the most gentle action might pose a risk to an infant.

Another thing to consider is the tendency of Cane Corsos to be jealous of or stressed by newborns. These dogs might not get comfortable or might react negatively toward our new additions to the family.

Listed below are some behavioral actions that your Cane Corso might exhibit around an infant:

  • They may try to take your attention away from your baby by sitting or laying on you.
  • They might growl, nibble, or hiss toward children as a sign of jealousy.
  • They may attempt to leave the room where you and your baby are as a sign of irritation.
  • They may express their distress and unhappiness by peeing or pooping in places they are not allowed to.

As mentioned, it is important to keep a watchful eye on the behavior of your Cane Corso whenever it is near a baby. Paying attention to this gentle giant’s behavior around the baby is also crucial.

Cane Corsos With Toddlers

Just as with infants, an owner must never leave a Cane Corso dog and a toddler alone together. Even though the Cane Corso loves children, they still have aggressive tendencies. Hence, leaving them alone with a toddler is a bad idea.

Toddlers are much more challenging to keep an eye on due to their high energy, curiosity, and lack of self-control. Actions like sudden hugs and tail pulling might startle or even agitate them.

The last thing an owner wants to happen is for a toddler to trigger a Cane Corso’s aggression. Keep in mind that while some Cane Corsos absolutely love affection, others may snap if their natural instinct is triggered. 

Below are some of the natural instincts that a Cane Corso shows when around toddlers:

  • They tend to be not welcoming towards small children visiting their place.
  • They might exhibit rough actions while playing with a toddler.
  • They might show signs of annoyance as a reaction to toddlers touching them and invading their personal space.
  • They get irritated with the loud noise a toddler might make.

In this case, the playful demeanor and actions of kids at this age, like running and whining, might trigger Cane Corso dogs to see them as prey due to their predatory instincts. Be sure to exercise caution when both are playing.

Cane Corsos With Older Kids

Many Cane Corsos are generally more suitable for older children, as they have more self-control and awareness of what they are dealing with.

Furthermore, kids at a more mature age usually understand and respect their pets, thus making the Cane Corso more comfortable in their company.

Following are some of the expressions that your Cane Corso might display when with older children:

  • They may like to spend time outdoors and engage in physical activities with older children, such as playtime in the backyard or walking in the dog park.
  • They may develop a mutual bond and companionship with older kids.
  • They tend to become more protective of their young companion.
  • They show signs of comfort being around older children by cuddling with them more.
  • They neither feel threatened nor indifferent towards a more mature child.

It is noticeable that the Cane Corso reacts more positively towards children of this age. In fact, one can argue that this breed absolutely loves older kids.

If you plan to welcome a Cane Corso home with an older child, you might have a much easier time. 

Just be sure to still exercise caution when this dog is playing with kids. Remember that temperament might still vary per individual dog, especially for new dogs.

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Training Your Cane Corso to Be Kid Friendly

Little child plays with a Cane Corso on the grass

Having a Cane Corso dog at home when you have young children can be a wonderful yet worrisome experience. Needless to say, training this large dog to coexist with a youngster is a must. 

As responsible Cane Corso dog owners, it is a necessity to socialize your Cane Corso during its puppy stage by introducing them to strangers, family members, other dogs, and children frequently.

Puppy training will make your young Corso more familiar with the surroundings and the people within its circle. Also, this will prevent your dog from having aggressive behavior towards a small child as well as a small dog.

Another thing to consider is to never force your Cane Corso to interact with your child, as this might potentially have a negative outcome. Respect your dog’s feelings and let them do everything at their own pace.

When you notice your Cane Corso dog behaving well and interacting decently with the children of the house, reward them with treats. Positive reinforcement and obedience training is key for a well-behaved dog.

Also, set limitations and rules not just for your Cane Corso but also for your children. This practice can help each party interact together in a healthy and safe way. If things don’t work as per plan, you can opt to hire a dog trainer.

Teaching Kids to Be Around Cane Corsos

Apart from dog training your Cane Corso dog to promote good behavior, children of the household must also do their part in keeping a healthy relationship with each other. 

A good practice is to teach children during the training process.

Assist your kids in understanding the character and capabilities of your Cane Corso dog and help them realize the potential risks when an unexpected situation arises. 

Remind them to always be gentle with the dog and give them respect. Most kids think that Cane Corsos are playthings because of their unique colors.

Also, teach your kids not to agitate your Cane Corso dog and be a companion with it, so it would not become aggressive and potentially harm them. 

Both sides must be involved in the learning process for a harmonious relationship.

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Cane Corso Puppies With Kids

Cute little girl playing with Cane Corso puppies outdoor

If you are an aspiring owner with a little one in the family, having a Cane Corso puppy is better than a mature one. Generally, a puppy is easier to train than an adult dog, and having them with your youngster is much safer.

Opting to adopt a Cane Corso puppy allows you to train it as per your current situation and living conditions. It is also the best time to socialize your pup with your family, especially your kids.

As a result, there is a high chance that your Cane Corso dog will be much more gentle towards children they grew up with, as well as minimize any forms of aggression towards people they know. 

Male vs. Female Cane Corso: Which Is Better for Kids?

Generally speaking, Cane Corsos are good family dogs and great with kids despite their fearsome looks and personality. However, the sex of the Cane Corso is another factor to consider prior to welcoming one home.

Despite belonging to the same amazing breed, male and female Cane Corsos have different personalities from each other. It will just be a matter of which gender will suit you and your family.

Female Cane Corsos are generally more suitable for beginners. They are calmer and usually not aloof with children due to their maternal nature. 

However, they might occasionally have tendencies of sexual arousal during times of heating.

Male Corsos, on the other hand, are naturally more aggressive than the opposite sex. Their more dominant attitude might pose a threat to small children. With this, a male Cane Corso is usually more fitting for more experienced owners.

A male Corso might also exhibit sexual tendencies towards its people, including children. The concern of sexual arousal for both females and males can be eliminated through spaying or neutering, respectively.

Because of that, female Cane Corsos are much more suitable for kids. They are usually more behaved around kids and tend to be protective.

Check out our article comparing the male and female Cane Corso for a further explanation of the two sexes. 

Also, you can read our discussion on which Cane Corso gender is a better guard dog to know more about their protective nature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cane Corso with a cute boy holding camera

Are Cane Corsos Good Family Dogs?

The Cane Corso’s working breed and guard dog background make it a perfect fit for the family. Companionship-wise, this gentle breed’s relaxed nature and quietness suit a home setting very well, especially in a household with kids.

In addition, this dog’s muscular body, powerful aura, and athleticism enable it to become a good workout buddy and a companion to have fun with outdoors. 

Can Cane Corsos Be Aggressive?

According to the American Kennel Club, the noble Cane Corso is a trainable breed that traces its lineage back to the time of ancient Rome.

It is said that they were employed as Roman war dogs and were also used for hunting wild boar.

With a name roughly translating to “bodyguard-dog,” Cane Corsos were usually used as the first line of defense against intruders due to their imposing looks. Up to now, these intensely loyal giants are versatile and eager to please.

Along with that, most dogs are strong-willed and assertive. Just like other large and willful dog breeds, they have a tendency to be more dominant over passive owners.

Do Cane Corsos Bite a Lot?

Cane Corsos don’t usually bite their owners. However, they can potentially bite anyone if they are not properly socialized or trained. When they do bite someone, it may cause great damage due to its force.

Cane Corsos are naturally dominant dogs. Because of this, socialization at an early age is vital for a less aggressive and well-behaved dog.

There are also methods wherein you can train your Cane Corso to control its biting tendencies and other destructive behavior.

Do Cane Corsos Like to Cuddle?

The Cane Corso dog is a very loyal and loving breed, but only to its masters. Despite being affectionate, the Cane Corso has completely no interest in other people, including other kids not included in its family.

This great dog tends to become indifferent towards strangers and other animals, and they reserve their love and affection towards the people they’ve been socialized with, especially towards their owners.

Final Thoughts: Are Cane Corsos Right for Your Family?

Cane Corsos are one of the most affectionate and lovable breeds to have in your home. Despite their intimidating and fearsome appearance, this big dog is the right breed for many families.

However, this giant pooch prefers to save its love and affection towards the people within its circle only. This gentle giant’s personality contrasts between being calm, reserved and being aggressive, and protective. 

That said, one thing is for sure; it will watch over and protect its family, including your kids. Just make sure to exercise caution when handling this huge breed.

Overall, the Cane Corso is a good addition to your household and a protective buddy for your kids. Are you planning to get a Cane Corso for your family? Share your thoughts below.

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