Cavador Mixed Breed Info, Facts, Pictures & Tips – A Quick Guide

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Cavador is a mixed breed produced when breeding Labrador Retriever and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel together. Like both parents, Cavador makes a perfect family dog.

Cavador is mostly known for getting along well with children and pets. They are medium-sized dogs and they might get hunting instincts from Labrador, so it is always a good idea to monitor them with small animals.

Energy is filled in them all the way; hence they require a lot of time for activities and exercise.

Cavador Breed Origin and History


Cavador first appeared in the United States in the 1990s. However, there is very little information available on how and why this breed was developed.

We can get an idea of the Cavadors by looking at the personalities and temperament of their parents: Labrador Retriever and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. One thing is for sure that Cavador is going to be a fun-loving, playful, and energetic dog.

Labrador Retriever – Labrador is the most popular dog breed in the United States of America. They were originally called St. John’s Dogs and originate in Canadian province Newfoundland, where they were used in hunting back in time. Their temperament made them perfect sport and the family dogs. Labradors are highly intelligent and mostly used as rescue and service dogs nowadays.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – Most people do not have a lot of information on Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Cavalier is a much smaller dog than Labrador. Nobles and rich people used to keep this dog breed as a pet dog. They get their name King Charles because the breed was owned by King Charles I of Britain in the 1600s.

Cavador Breed Info and Facts



Cavador is a medium-sized dog. They usually have marks on their chest, face, toes, and the tip of the tail. Their coat is short to medium, dense, smooth, and water-resistant, and the texture of the coat is straight.

Their ears are floppy with feathering on them sometimes. Their tail is thick and is of medium size.


Cavador eyes color is usually brown, and their nose color comes in black. Their coat can also have the following colors:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Fawn
  • Red
  • Cream

Size and Weight

The cavador is medium-sized and sometimes large dog breeds. It depends on which parent side is shown more in the offspring. They can grow up to 24 inches in length and 18 inches being the median. The size of this dog is based on the strength it inherits from the Labrador.

Their weight can vary. It can be anywhere between 20 to 55 pounds, which is quite the broad spectrum. This is because of the huge difference in the weight between Labrador and Cavalier.

Labrador is a large dog and Cavalier being small. It is hard to predict which side of the parent will be shown more in the offspring.

Male Cavador can weigh anywhere between 25 to 55 pounds with a height of 19 to 25 inches while the female Cavador can weigh approximately 22 to 53 pounds with an average height between 18 to 24 inches.

Personality and Temperament

Cavador 3

The Cavador is known for being a loyal, loving, and caring family dog. Fortunately, they are incredibly easy to train, making them a perfect pet for first-time owners.

Their excitement around strangers makes them bark. This is not a sign of aggression. Because of this habit, they do not make a perfect watchdog. Cavador can be friendly even with strangers and might not see the danger of intruder.

They get their prey drive and hunting instincts from Labrador. Their hunting and chasing personality should fade away in time with the right amount of training.

Like both parents, Cavador loves to make people happy and make a perfect family pet. Cavadors have a good sense of smell, and because of their intelligence, they are very easy to train.

When positive reinforcement is used, they respond well to commands and training. Labrador Retriever is famous for his role in search and rescue area, use these traits in your Cavador to exploit his full potential.

Because of their bundle of energy, they need to exercise on a daily basis. Activities like playing games with them are the best way to burn their energy.

They are fond of people and love to spend time with families and children. It is best not to leave them alone. Leaving them alone without anybody would have a negative impact on their personality.

They are full of energy and when left alone, this energy might be used to destroy your property and chewing stuff.

If you spend most of your time outside and there is nobody at home, then Cavador might not be the dog breed for you.

Cavador loves to spend time with people. Going for a walk or going to a shop, this dog will always be ready to tag along. If you have a jogger in your family, then your life is going to be more comfortable.

Cavador would love to join you every day for a run. They are not a potato couch and always look for a reason to go outside.


The life expectancy of Cavador is similar to its parents’ breed. They can live up to 10 to 14 years which is quite similar to the lifespan of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Labrador Retriever.

If you are a proud owner of this lovely Cavador, make sure to keep an eye on his health. Any health issue might reduce the quality of life of your Cavador.

Whenever you see the symptoms or anything wrong, take your dog to the vet. Alternatively, you can make regular check-up visits to the vet to keep your dog’s health in check.

This little visit will save you from significant health risks and might increase the life expectancy of your Cavador.

Labrador and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mix Basic Needs


Labrador Retriever and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix is a lovely dog. All he needs is a home where he can show his skills and be a life companion.

He is full of energy, so daily exercise is a must for him. He loves to be around children. Training them can be a piece of cake with the right approach. Hence they are perfect for first-time owners.

Training Requirements

Cavador is a highly intelligent dog. It is easy to train them with positive reinforcements. They are eager to learn. Some positive words while training and treats will do the trick.

Make sure you are gentle with your dog while training. Do not use punishments while training, this will destroy your dog’s personality and mental health.

Cavador is a friendly animal and loves people, because of that, they do not make great watchdogs. They do need a lot of socialization towards people and animals as they are very social from an early age.

Some training might be required to deal with their hunting instincts. But that is not going to be hard. They would learn very quickly, and their prey drive will fade out with time.

Some dog breeds are tough to train and might not be suitable for first-time owners. Some dog breeds require professional training to be a perfect dog.

This is not the case with Labrador Retriever and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix. Use treats moderately while training; too many treats are going to be bad for your dog’s health.

They would appreciate a compliment from time to time so make sure to give them lots of compliments to boost their morale.

Tips to Train Your Cavador

  • Cavador is a highly intelligent dog. Training them is not rocket science, and it might be the easiest dog breed to train.
  • Because of their prey drive, make sure to train them so that they will not chase small animals.
  • Because of their size, never leave them alone with small children, Cavador might knock your kid down unintentionally.
  • Positive reinforcements and treats should be used while training as a rewarding tactic.

Exercise Requirements

Cavador needs daily exercise and lots of activities to be fit and healthy. Be ready to spend at least 1 hour of your day just to take them on a walk or for any exercise or activity.

They are the best swimmers out there, so taking them for a swim is a good idea. Caavdor would love to spend time with people and other animals so you can take them to the park.

Cavador loves to play not only outside but inside the house as well. Bring some interactive games for your dog to keep them occupied. Their intelligence should be used in a positive way, so make sure to give them activities.

They are best suited to the houses with yards but can be kept as an apartment dog as long as they get their fair share of exercise and training.

Adaptability is in their nature, so living in an apartment is not an issue. This dog breed prefers mild climates but will be ready for any hot or cold weather coming their way as long as they are not left outside.

Cavador is known to gain weight easily if they do not get regular exercise. Activities and exercise are not only required to burn their energy but to keep them healthy and fit.

Cavador, who is left alone without any activity, will tend to release their energy in some undesirable ways such as digging holes in your yard and chewing your furniture.

Tips to Exercise Your Cavador

  • Their activity level is one of the highest in dog breeds out there, so be ready to spend lots of time with them for this reason.
  • One hour of daily exercise is the minimum amount of time a Cavador requires from you.
  • Cavador loves to swim, run and go for a walk, so do any of these to make him happy.
  • A Cavador should walk or run up to 9 miles per week on average.
  • Give them interactive toys to keep them occupied and busy.

Space Requirements


Labrador Retriever and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix is a highly adaptable dog breed. They can live either in the house or in an apartment.

Whether you keep them in a house or in an apartment, make sure they get enough exercise and activity.

Leaving your Cavador behind is not a good idea. They are lovely family dogs and do not like to spend time alone. Make sure you give them proper space and environment to keep them healthy.

A house with a big yard will be most suitable for this dog breed as they would love to run and play. To avoid any aggressive or destructive behavior, never leave them alone or caged.

Food Requirements

Cavador is a medium-sized dog; hence it requires the right amount of food on a daily basis. An adult Cavador needs 3 cups of dry dog food per day. Try not to give your dog one big meal a day.

This can push him towards an unhealthy lifestyle. Always try to give your dog a proper portion of food as required or recommended by the vet.

This dog is highly active and requires lots of protein and nutrients to keep him running. Labrador Retriever and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix love meat such as pork and chicken.

So it is always recommended that you mix meat with dry food to meet their nutrient requirements.

Fruits, grains, and fiber bases cereal will help you to give your dog all the nutrition he needs. Snacks can be offered from time to time as well.

Make sure to read on the packaging if the food you are providing is suitable for your Cavador. If you are unsure, always check with the vet to know your dog’s exact food requirement.

Make sure not to give foods that are consumed by humans. Some human foods such as chocolate can be lethal to your dog.

Cleaning and Grooming Needs

Labrador Retriever and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix requires moderate grooming once or twice a week.

Their shedding amount is moderate, so brushing them on a weekly basis will get rid of any loose hairs and dust they may have collected.

Cavador loves to play and roll around in the mud. If this is the case with your Cavador, then make sure to wash them with a good shampoo and conditioner. If this is not the case, then washing or giving them a bath will not be required as often.

Brushing their teeth is very important to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Check their nails from time to time if they need to be clipped. Always check your dog’s ear for any dirt or moisture. Make sure to clean them with cotton wool or ear wash regularly. Any bacteria inside the ear can cause infection.

Pros and Cons of Cavador


If you are planning to buy a Cavador, then it might be right for you to look at some pros and cons of having one. The Labrador Retriever and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix does not have a lot of cons but I will try to provide you with all the information about this breed.


  • Labrador Retriever is one of the parents of Cavador. It is the most popular and favorite pet dog in America. So it is easy to get one.
  • They are medium-sized dogs and can be kept in houses and in apartments.
  • Their coat is waterproof and smooth.
  • Cavadors are highly intelligent and friendly towards strangers and families.
  • They can be used as search and rescue dogs.
  • Cavadors are excellent swimmers.
  • They would love to spend time with you. They are always ready to go for a walk or for a run.
  • They are suitable for first-time owners.
  • Cavador can be kept in a hot or cold climate, but they prefer mild weather.
  • Because of their intelligence, they are very easy to train.
  • Cavador is a low barking dog breed. Unlike some other dog breeds, their barking has a low deep sound.


  • They require a lot of exercise and activities. Be prepared to spend lots of time to burn their energy.
  • Cavador cannot be used as a watchdog because of its friendliness towards strangers. They tend to bark towards strangers, but because of their excitement.
  • Cavador gets hunting genes from Labrador. They need to be trained to prevent them from chasing small animals.
  • Lack of exercise can develop destructive behavior in Cavador. Make sure they get proper exercise on a daily basis.
  • They are not to be left alone. They can get bored and develop unwanted behavior.

Prices and Expenses of Cavador

Unfortunately, Cavador is not the cheapest dog you will get. Labrador Retriever and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are two expensive dog breeds.

Their offspring do not come at a low price as well. However, it is cheaper than its parents’ breed, which might be surprising. It makes a great alternative to Labrador or Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

A Cavador pup can cost you between $900 and $1000. This price is lower than the price of a Labrador Retriever puppy, which will cost you around $1200. While on the other hand, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will cost $1800 or more.

Always include the prices of food, grooming, toys, and medical check-ups as well when you are planning to buy a pup. A Cavador’s feeding can cost up to $60 a month, depending on the food brand.

You will need to buy some interactive or simple toys to keep your dog busy. There are costs of grooming kit as well and do not forget the expenses of the medical visits to the vet and vaccination.

How and Where to Get One?

If you do not want to spend so much money on buying a Cavador, then the best way is to visit a shelter home. You will not have to pay as much as $1000.

There might be a small fee which shelter homes charge but it is usually very low. If you are lucky, you might get a Cavador which is well-trained and looking for a home.

There is another way to get your dog. You can always visit a reputable and experienced dog breeder. They might be able to provide you with all the information on the breed you are looking for. Always check the medical history of seed dogs to avoid any health issues.

Buying online is becoming a trend nowadays. But there are some downsides to it.

You cannot check everything physically, and there is a chance you might miss something important when you are just looking at the pictures of the dog. Always visit and see the dog by your self before making a purchase.

Common Health Conditions of Cavador


A Cavador might need a check-up from vet once in a while, but not regularly. Thankfully this dog breed is not on the top of lists when it comes to health risks.

They are generally known for their excellent health. But some dogs can get diseases from their seed parent so it might be a good idea to keep everything in check.

Let’s have a look at some major and minor health issues your Cavador might face in his lifetime:

  • Bloat
  • Mitral Valve Disease
  • Syringomyelia
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
  • Hip Dysplasia

Some occasional tests should be carried out from time to time for your Cavador. You can get these tests done when you are visiting the vet with your dog.

These tests include X-Ray, Physical Examination, Blood Test, and Eye Examination. These small tests will ensure early diagnosis and treatment, which is important to improve the success rate of treatment.

A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle will save your dog from many health risks. Always make sure that your dog’s mental health is in check. A destructive dog is not only bad for you but for himself as well.

Being with family, getting regular exercise, and spending time playing will ensure your dog’s mental and physical health.

Labrador and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mix Breeding Process

This mix breed raises a few ethical and important questions as we have two different sizes of dogs to breed. Therefore some issues are bound to happen when mixing these two dogs.

There is no way for a female Cavalier and male Labrador to breed together as there are health issues involved for the litter and the mother. The only way to ensure the ethical practice is artificial insemination between a male Cavalier and a female Labrador.

Responsible breeders will follow the method mentioned above, and you should be aware of other non-experienced breeders who try to apply new methods that can be harmful to both litter and parents.

Artificial Insemination

The first step is to collect the semen from the male dog. The semen is checked under a microscope to make sure the presence of active and healthy sperm.

The semen should be used straight away or could be kept chilled or frozen. Chilled and frozen semen has fewer chances to work in the breeding process.

The female dog must be in heat while receiving the sperm. The heating process roughly occurs twice a year in female dogs. The stage of her reproductive cycle can be monitored by signs and blood tests.

After making sure that the female dog is in the heat, a breeder can start the process of inserting semen.

This process is very delicate and requires a lot of experience. This should be done only by an experienced vet and breeder.

My Final Thoughts

Labrador Retriever and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix is a lovely, friendly, and full of energy dog breed. They make an unbreakable bond between themselves and their families.

They are great with children and loves to play. Their high energy level might require some time from your side, but overall, this dog is perfect for a family.

If you can afford to keep this dog, then there is no better option out there than Cavador.

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