Pitchow (Pitbull & Chow Chow Mix) Info, Pictures, Facts, FAQs & More

Pit Chow Pitbull Chow Chow mix info pictures and facts

If you are interested in crossbreed dogs, then you definitely need to see the Pit Chow! Also known as Chowpit and Chow Pit mix, this curious crossbreed combines the daring Pit Bull Terrier and the jolly Chow Chow. 

Chowpits often have varying appearances since they acquire their phenotypic traits from two different breeds. Hence, some Pitchows might look identical to Chows Chows, and others resemble Pitbulls. 

Nonetheless, Pitchows are one of the most interesting crossbreeds that you can have! If you want to know more about this intriguing hybrid, you are on the perfect page. I got all the info you need about this novel cross!

What Is a Pitbull Chow Mix?

Pitbull Chow Chow mix sitting on a bench
Photo by @mafia0919 (IG)

The Chowpit, also known as Pitbull Chow mix and Pitchow, is a crossbreed dog developed by breeding a Chow Chow and a Pitbull. It is a medium-sized dog intentionally bred to be an excellent family companion with its well-balanced personality.

The Pitbull Chow mix has varying appearances. They can also be as energetic as the American Pit Bull Terrier or be more spirited than Chow Chows. But in general, they are intelligent and obedient dogs.

Pitchows are highly trainable, and they get along pretty well with their family. However, they are suspicious of strangers and will likely bark at them.

This behavior could be modified and tempered through early socialization and training. 

Pitbull Chow Mix History and Origin: Where Does the Pitchow Come From?

There is not much known about the origin and history of this crossbreed. What we only know is that the Pitchow mix was developed to be companion pets.

The differences in personality between its parent breeds have given birth to a well-balanced crossbreed suited for families.

Nevertheless, we can still trace the ancestral history of the Pitchow mix. This hybrid dog crosses two popular dog breeds: the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Chow Chow. 

American Pit Bull Terriers have a bloody history. This is not because they are too aggressive but because they were once used in blood sports in England.

They were trained back then to participate in bullfighting, bear-baiting, and dogfighting until these disturbing “sports” were banned. 

Meanwhile, the Chow Chow is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Originating from China, the Chow Chow is an all-purpose dog capable of hunting, herding, pulling sleds and carts. They are famously known for their blue tongues and mouths.

Combining the two has resulted in an amicable crossbreed and when trained properly, they can be the best companion dogs out there.

Pitbull Chow Mix Appearance: What Does a Pit Chow Look Like?

Pitbull Chow mix has varying appearances. Depending on which parent breed they inherit more phenotypic traits, Pitchows can look like American Pit Bull Terriers with a hint of Chows Chows or vice versa.

However, most Pitchows resemble their American Pit Bull Terrier parents. 

Generally, Pitchows have a shorter muzzle and face compared to a Pitbull. Their ears can be erect like their Pitbull parents or floppy and thin like Chow Chows. They can also develop one ear of each breed sometimes!

Chowpits undoubtedly inherited their blue mouth and tongue from their Chow Chow parents.

Their eyes can be amber, hazel, or brown in color and they can have a stocky body build, curly tails, and the legs of a Pitbull.

Their coat length can either be a short Pitbull coat or a long Chow Chow fur. Either way, Chowpits can manifest any skin color, coat pigments, and markings exhibited by their parent breeds.

They commonly come in black, white, brindle, fawn, blue, red, gray, brown, and cream. 

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Pitbull Chow Mix Size and Weight: How Big Does a Pit Chow Mix Get?

Just like its parent breeds, the Pitbull and Chow mix is considered to be a medium-sized dog.

On its full-grown size, a Pitchow can reach a height ranging from 17 to 21 inches and weigh around 30 to 70 pounds.

If you own a Pitchow, expect that it will show growth spurts during its puppyhood. At the age of 6 months, Pitchows can already have a height of 6 inches and a weight of 19 pounds.

This may be doubled once they turn 12 months — 11 inches and 30 pounds on average. Finally, they will reach their adult size on the 18th month.

The full-grown size of Pitchows does not deviate much from the sizes of their parent breeds. Pitbulls can grow up to 17 to 21 inches and weigh around 35 to 60 pounds.

Meanwhile, Chow Chows can have a height of 12 to 20 inches and a weight ranging from 45 to 70 pounds.

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Pitbull Chow Mix Temperament: Do Pitchows Make Good Family Dogs?

A well-trained and socialized Chowpit can indeed make a good family dog. Most Chowpits have a balanced character of being friendly and protective. Generally, their activeness and playfulness are at an acceptable amount. 

However, some Pitchows can also become too stubborn, especially if they inherited more traits from their Chow Chow ancestors.

Meanwhile, other Pitchows that take after their Pitbull parents exhibit overprotectiveness towards their family.

Here is a general overview of how Pitbull Chow mix interacts with their family, other pets, and strangers:

  • With Family and Children: Pitchows are loyal and protective towards their family. They are affectionate, but they do not seek much attention. Although they are calm and tolerant with children, they prefer not to be disturbed by them. Nevertheless, they are obedient to the people they deem as family. 
  • With Other Pets: These hybrid dogs tend to be territorial. They might show aggression towards other dogs, especially if they are a new part of the family. They might also chase smaller pets as their prey drive instincts tell them so. The good thing is that this can be avoided through training and socialization. 
  • With Strangers: Chowpits are suspicious and uncomfortable around strangers. But this does not mean that they show aggression towards unfamiliar people. It’s just that they will more likely be watchful until they ensure that the strangers mean no harm to their family. 

You should know that the behavior and temperament of each dog will be influenced by its environment and the training it receives.

If you want your Pitchow to develop desirable behavior, you should mold and train it as young as possible.

Pitbull Chow Mix Lifespan and Health Issues: Are Pit Chows Healthy Dogs?

Pitchows live quite a long life. On average, this mixed breed dog can accompany their owners for 10 to 15 years.

However, not all Chowpits reach this age. Some cross the rainbow bridge earlier due to illnesses and health problems. 

Here are some of the health issues that Pitbull Chow mixes can suffer from:

  • Hip Dysplasia: This debilitating condition occurs when the hip joints have grown abnormally. Instead of sliding smoothly, the ball joints in the hips grind against the socket, causing it to deteriorate over time. This condition is excruciating for dogs. 
  • Skin Allergies: Pitchows are prone to developing skin allergies, just like American Pit Bull Terriers. Some common signs of skin allergies include lesions, oozing skin, crusting, scaling, hairlessness, and skin redness. 
  • Cataracts: A cataract is like a cloudy film set on the lens of the eyes that causes blurred vision and, worse, blindness. Cataracts can be inherited, which means that if any of the parent breeds are prone to cataracts, there is a high chance that the offspring will also be vulnerable. 
  • Patella Luxation: This condition occurs when the dog’s kneecap dislocates from its original position. A Chowpit that experiences patella luxation may show lameness in movements and “skipping” when it walks. If you see your dog kicking its feet in the air, it might be attempting to realign its dislocated kneecap.
  • Hypothyroidism: Hypothyroidism is an abnormality that occurs in the thyroid system of the Chowpit’s body. The clinical signs of this endocrine disease include lethargy, weight gain without increased appetite, excessive shedding, balding, and dark pigmentations in the skin. 

Most of the mentioned Chowpit common health issues are treatable and preventable.

With a proper diet, a healthy lifestyle, and careful monitoring, you can minimize the risk of your family dog developing these diseases.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Breeding Pitbulls and Chow Chows Together

The canine community is still divided when it comes to the practice of crossbreeding.

Some argue that it is sabotaging the century-long purity of the breeds. Meanwhile, those who support dog crossbreeding cite the many advantages we could get from the said practice. 

So, whom should you believe? To set the record straight, let me present to you the boons and banes of canine crossbreeding and decide for yourself. 

Here are the advantages of breeding Pitbulls and Chow Chows together:

  • Unique Appearances: Designer dog breeds such as the Pitchow have varying appearances. Each puppy from the litter is unique since they inherit different traits from their parent breeds. In the case of the Chowpit, it can look like a Pitbull with hints of a Chow Chow or vice versa. 
  • Excellent Temperament: Some dog breeds are too energetic (Pitbull), and some are too stubborn (Chow Chow). Through crossbreeding, these extreme behaviors can be tempered. Most Chowpits have a well-balanced personality because the general behaviors of their parent breeds neutralize each other. 
  • Better Health Condition: Congenital diseases are said to be eliminated by breeding dog breeds with desirable health conditions. Hence, Pitchows are less likely to develop inborn illnesses compared to their purebred parent breeds. 
  • Foundation of New Breed: Crossbreeding allows the development of new dog breeds that can adapt to the current needs and setup of the world. Chowpits are a great example. They have a refined temperament born out of breeding the watchful Pitbull guard dog and the calm Chow Chow companion pet.

Meanwhile, here are the disadvantages of breeding Pitbulls and Chow Chows together:

  • Unpredictable Appearance: Since a mixed breed receives two different sets of genetic information, there is no way to specifically pinpoint and predict its look. Your Pitchow’s growth, appearance, and size will heavily depend on which parent it will inherit more traits. 
  • Unpredictable Temperament: The general temperament of Chowpits is calm, watchful, friendly, and active. However, this is not always the case. Some Chowpits that take after their Pitbull parents tend to be overprotective, while the others that take after their Chow Chow parents are stubborn.
  • High Risk of Inheriting Illnesses: Unfortunately, Chowpits are exposed to both common illnesses their parent breeds have. They might inherit the ailments that Pitbulls suffer from as well as the common health problems of Chow Chows. 

It’s truly necessary to know the advantages and disadvantages of owning a mixed breed dog like the Pitbull Chow mix.

Since they are hard to predict, you should assess yourself first if you can handle a Chowpit before buying or adopting one. 

How to Take Care of Your Pitbull Chow Mix?

The primary factors that can affect your Pitbull Chow mix’s health include diet, grooming, and the amount of training and exercise. Thus, here are some tips you can follow to ensure that your Pitchow is healthy and lively: 

Feeding and Diet

Chowpits are active dogs, so they require a high-quality and protein-rich diet. They need calories for energy and protein for muscle-building since they should have a muscular physique. 

Aside from quality kibbles, you should also include meats, veggies, and food rich in carbohydrates in your Chowpit’s diet to keep it healthy and vigorous.

It is advised that you feed your Pitchow two to three times a day (one cup for each meal).

You should be watchful about its feeding behavior to prevent it from being overweight. Setting a fixed feeding schedule helps develop a healthy eating habit for your dog.

Cleaning and Grooming

The cleaning and grooming requirements for the Pitchow dog depend on whether it inherited the short Pitbull coat or the long fluffy Chow Chow fur. 

If your Pitchow has fur that looks the same as its Pitbull parent, you will need to do only minimal grooming. Brushing your dog once a week can help in removing and managing dead hair and dirt. 

Meanwhile, if it inherits the long fluffy Chow Chow coat, you will need to brush the fur two to three times a week to avoid matting.

Bathing should also be done either once a week or once a month — depending on whether your dog is always outdoors or not.

Cleaning the ears of your Chowpit is also essential because they are prone to ear infections.

On another note, their nails should be clipped once you hear the clicking sound on the floor when they walk. Usually, it takes one or two months for the dog’s nails to grow too long. 

Training and Exercise

Since the Pitchow is an energetic dog, it needs 30 to 60 minutes of exercise every day to burn its energy.

A bored Chowpit will resort to destructive behavior. It might run back and forth inside the house or chew up furniture as it tries to vent out its pent-up energy. 

A simple walk in the dog park or playtime will suffice for its daily exercise. Just make sure that you put it on a leash whenever you go out unless you want it to chase other pets outdoors. 

When it comes to training, the owner should be authoritative. Even though Chowpits are intelligent and loyal dogs, they can also be stubborn sometimes. 

Early socialization and obedience training are important in tempering the protective and territorial behavior of Pitchows.

This means that you should expose it to strangers as well as other pets for it to learn how to interact with them.

Watch this Pitchow energetically play with its owner:

Pit/Chow Mix Loves Water! It’s her 2nd bday!!

Pitbull Chow Mix Puppy Price & Expenses: How Much Does a Pitchow Cost?

On average, a Pitchow mix pup costs around $800 to $2,000 depending on the breeder’s reputation, the ancestral lineage of the puppy, location, and available puppy documents. 

Breeders who have good reputations in breeding Pitbull Chow mixes will charge high prices.

At the same time, Chowpit puppies from champion lineages are more expensive than the ordinary ones.

Shipping fees, health records, and other puppy documents will also add a few digits to the final price of the pup. 

Aside from the puppy price, you should also anticipate the initial expenses of owning a Pitbull Chow puppy.

These expenses include the starter supplies such as food, beddings, crate, toys, treats, leash, collar, and microchip. These one-time costs will set you back around $200 to $300. 

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Places to Find Pit Chow Mix Puppies for Sale and Adoption

So, are you now ready to own a Pitbull Chow mix? You need not worry if you don’t know where to find one because I have listed the best breeders in the United States where you may find Pitchow puppies for sale. 

You can also check our ultimate puppy buying guide so you can avoid getting scammed when transacting online.

Here are some reputable breeders where you may find a Pitchow puppy for sale: 

  • Dark Dynasty K9s – This breeder has been producing high-quality Pitbull Terrier breeds for 17 years. Their Pitbulls can make great founding parents for a Pitchow mix. They are known for their powerful purebred Pitbulls, so they might also have mixed breeds from time to time. 
  • Heavenly Chows – Since 1999, this breeder has been producing healthy and vigorous Chow Chows. All of their puppies are AKC registered and complete with health records. You might luckily find a Chowpit puppy on their listings, so always check their webpage for updates. 

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If you can’t find a reputable Chowpit dog breeder near your location, try visiting the shelters and rescue centers in your area.

Here are some rescues to find a Pitbull Chow mix for adoption:

  • Pit Bull Rescue Central (PBRC) – PBRC is dedicated to rescuing Pitbulls and Pitbull mixes, including Pitchows. Their noble service extends across the United States. From time to time, they have Pitchows available for adoption in their care.
  • Chow Chow Rescue Society (CCRS) – Founded in 2016, CCRS committed itself to rehabilitating and rescuing Chow Chow and Chow Chow mixes across the country. Try contacting them for the available listing. You might luckily find a Pitchow in need of a new loving home. 
  • Peace for Pits (P4P) – P4P is a foster-based rescue that takes in abandoned or surrendered purebred and mixed Pitbulls. Their goal is to save dogs from high-kill shelters, so they occasionally have Pitchows that are clear for adoption in their rescue.

All of the abovementioned rescues follow a transparent and strict screening process. If you want to ace your adoption application, you should read our ultimate guide to dog adoption

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pitchow Pitbull Chow Chow mix puppy lying on grass
Photo by @mafia0919 (IG)

Are Pitbull Chow Mixes Aggressive?

Although their parent breeds are known for their bloody history, Pitbull Chow mixes are not inherently aggressive.

Generally, Pitchows are calm, loyal, and playful dogs. They are only suspicious and uncomfortable towards people whom they consider as strangers.

Are Pitbull Chow Mixes Hypoallergenic?

Pitbull Chows are not hypoallergenic. Regardless of which coat type they will inherit — short Pitbull coat or long Chow Chow coat — they are still not good for people allergic to danders and sheddings. Nevertheless, they do not belong to the list of worst shedders. 

Do Pitbull Chow Chow Mixes Shed a Lot?

The amount of fur a Pitchow shed depends on what type of coat it has. If the coat is similar to that of a Pitbull, then expect a minimal amount of fur and dander on the floor and couch.

However, if it has a Chow Chow coat type, then expect a moderately heavy shedding which can be managed by regular brushing and grooming. 

Is a Chow Chow More Dangerous Than a Pitbull?

There is no definite answer as to whether Chow Chows are more dangerous than Pitbulls.

Most domesticated dogs aren’t inherently dangerous. It is only when they are not trained and well-cared off that they become aggressive towards other dogs and people.

Final Thoughts: Is the Pitbull Chow Mix the Right Dog for You?

The Pitchow is a fantastic crossbreed that is loyal and protective to its family. Its energetic and playful personality is balanced by its calm temperament. 

However, it is not that suitable for families with very young children. Pitchows are calm and tolerant around little kids, but they are not fond of them. They also require an ample amount of training and exercise. 

If you think that you can provide the needs of a Pitchow in terms of training, exercise, and diet, then there would be no reason for you not to own a Pitchow. It can be the perfect family pet for the right people!

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