Woodle (Poodle & Welsh Terrier Mix): Facts, Pictures, and FAQ

Brown Woodle under a tree

Are you a fan of soft, sweet, and hairy dogs? If you are, you might love a breed known as the Woodle. Given its name, it is not a surprise to learn that a Woodle is a crossbreed dog.

This dog is so cute that it looks so much like a teddy bear. Some people even say it is hard to tell which is which!

To find out if this crossbreed dog is a perfect match for you, carry on reading. This detailed guide contains all the information that can help you.

What Is a Woodle (Poodle and Welsh Terrier Mix)?

A Woodle is a designer dog from a mix of the smart, biddable Poodle and the independently courageous Welsh Terrier. Do not get confused with a Whoodle, which is a breed with a Wheaten Terrier.

Often, Woodles are relatively “Terrier-like” regarding their temperament and tend to be strong-willed, needing consistent rules and routines from the get-go. They are highly intelligent and must be kept active.

These dogs are smart enough to learn new tricks faster and seem to be searching for ways to make their owners happy. They are not even shy about reminding the owners that they are just around.

Also, Woodles have a calm personality, making them the perfect breed for individuals who do not have much time for long walks and hanging around in the dog park.

Other Names of the Woodle

Aside from the term “Woodle,” this crossbreed dog also has other names. Since it is from a mix of Poodle and the Welsh Terrier, you can refer to them as the following:

  • Welshpoo Terrier
  • Welshdoddle Terrier
  • Welsh Terrier Doodle
  • Woodle Doodle
  • Welsh Terrier Poodle Mix
  • Poodle Welsh Terrier Mix

This dog has a playful spirit and loves interacting with their owners daily. Even though they are medium-sized dogs, their calm nature makes them the best choice for an apartment dog, senior’s companion, or a household with a yard.

3 Amazing Facts About the Woodle

To know more about these teddy bear looking dogs, here are three significant facts about them:

1. Their Ancestors Have Existed for a Long Period

The Welsh Terrier’s birthplace is in Wales, and many say it originated in the 1450s. Farmers raised them to help hunt animals like badgers and keep the pests out of the farmlands.

On the other hand, the Woodle’s other parent, the Poodle, had a long history back in the 15th century. In Germany, an artist featured this dog in their paintings, helping the breed become popular.

2. Woodles Love Being with Others

The Woodle loves to spend time with humans and animals, although they are the relaxed dog type. They will stay at home if needed, but they also crave a bonding time with their owners.

When there are no humans around to snuggle with, this breed cuddles up with cats. They tend to make friends with them.

3. Woodles and Whoodles are NOT the Same Breeds

Note that a Woodle is a mix of a Poodle and the Welsh Terrier, while a Whoodle is from a Poodle and Wheaten Terrier.

They may have almost similar names that sound the same, but do not get confused. The Woodle and Whoodle are entirely different dogs that need recognition.

History and Origin: Where Does the Woodle Come From?

A Woodle is one of the so-called designer dogs that are increasing in numbers. Where once there were only ten of them, but there are hundreds of them now.

A designer dog is a term used for first-generation, purposely bred, mixed breed dogs. Often, they gain a name that combines their parents’ names.

The Woodle having two purebred parents have become popular with individuals. Now, let us get into their parents’ history and origin to obtain more knowledge about them.

The Welsh Terrier

Side view of a Welsh Terrier dog

The Welsh Terrier appears to be an ancient breed, but its beginnings are unknown today. Based on the paintings and prints that come into sight, the Welsh Terrier seems to be one of the first terrier dogs.

Back then, they had the name of Black and Tan Wire Haired Terrier or Old English Terrier. It is due to their popularity in several parts of England dated back to the 19th century even though they originated in Wales.

This dog is preferable for hunting animals, such as foxes, otters, badgers, and an excellent vermin catcher. In 1885, the Kennel Club made the Welsh Terrier’s classification possible, and these dogs arrived in the states in 1888.

Moreover, they are a happy and smart dog type that has lots of energy. They love to socialize with people; that is why they are a great family dog or companion.

The Poodle

Three Poodles sitting side-by-side

Coming from Germany, the Poodle is also an ancient dog breed. Hunters use them as a retriever when hunting waterfowls.

When this dog came to France, probably in the 15th century, people bred more until we have the Poodle we know at this time and age. There were three different sizes of them, which are the following:

  • Standard – retrieved waterfowls.
  • Miniature – sniff out truffles.
  • Toy-sized – kept by the aristocrats as their companion.

The wealthy people adopted and even dyed the Poodles when they saw them performing in the circuses with outlandish-shaped coats. In 1874, the Poodle’s registration happened in England, and in America in 1886.

Now, individuals see Poodles as loyal, smart, playful, and loving family dogs. You can quickly train them because they love to please.

When this kind of dog is with their owners, they are affectionate, entertaining, and friendly. However, they tend to be aloof and wary when they are with strangers.

What Does the Woodle Look Like?

As I have shared earlier in this guide, Woodles are cute teddy bear-like crossbreed dogs. They are one of those adorable dogs out there that easily attract people to pet them.

If you are not very familiar with this kind of dog, refer to the following detailed description of a Woodle’s appearance:

  • Head: Woodles have a small and rounded skull, fitting to their body size.
  • Nose: They have a black button nose, and their muzzle is not precisely long. However, this dog is not a brachycephalic breed, which has a short nose and flat face.
  • Ears: The Woodles have delightful, flappy ears that are medium in length. Both of their ears hang to the side of their face, reaching to about their nose level.
  • Eyes: Most Woodles have brown colored eyes.
  • Body: These dogs have a sturdy body, which contradicts its size, and are incredibly well-muscled. They also have straight and neat limbs. Woodles have short tails that they wiggle and carry high when they are happy.
  • Height and Weight: Since people mostly use a Toy or Mini Poodle when breeding, Poodles tend to range from 12 to 15 inches tall. They will also weigh around 13 to 20 pounds.
  • Coat and Fur: The crowning feature of a Woodle is their coat. It is thick and grows quite long, falling in curls or crimps. Also, the Woodle’s fur is softest and thickest on their ears.

How Big Do Woodles Get When Fully Grown?

A Woodle is a small to large-sized dog. This range is due to one of its parents, the Poodle, which comes in three sizes: Standard, Miniature, and Toy.

The size of the Woodle may depend on what size the parent Poodle is. Plus, we must also consider its other parent, the Welsh Terrier, known to be a medium-sized dog.

To be more accurate, here are the height and weight of the Woodle when they reach a specific month or age:

6 months8.5 to 11 inches15 to 20 pounds
12 months16.5 to 17.5 inches30 to 35 pounds
18 months16.5 to 17.5 inches30 to 35 pounds

Although we officially consider puppies to be adult dogs when they reach a year old, they continue to grow in height and size. Their bones will still develop, which takes somewhere from 6 to 24 months.

How Many Colors Are Available for Woodle? (With Pictures)

This breed could come in various colors, including apricot, black, white, and more. To get a clearer picture of them, you can review the photos below.

Apricot Woodle

This apricot Woodle has a white mark on its chest.

Black and Brown Woodle

This black and brown Woodle looks so adorable with its black fur and nose with small patches of brown on his face and legs.

White Whoodle

With its white fur, the white Woodle below looks so much like a cute teddy bear that kids will love.

Woodle Temperament: Do Poodle and Welsh Terrier Mixes Make Good Family Dogs?

A Woodle is a fun-loving and gentle kind of dog, which is enjoyable to play with and easy to handle. You do not expect to do a lot of exercising since this dog has a low energy drive.

You can eventually have them despite having a small apartment or a house without a yard. Woodles are loyal to their owners and do not stray far away.

It gets along well with children and easily cohabitates with other pets in your home. So, yes, a Poodle and Welsh Terrier mix can make good family dogs.

Additionally, these dogs love a walk in the park, car rides, and a fetch game if you have a yard. Their good-natured characteristics make them a highly sought-after pet dog for many individuals from all over the world.

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Woodle Health Issues

If you take good care of and keep your Poodle and Welsh Terrier mix in shape, its life expectancy is around 12 to 15 years. Generally, this dog has the image of a healthy dog.

However, there are still particular diseases that you, as an owner, should be vigilant for in your pet. The Woodle breed may be vulnerable to both the Poodle and the Welsh Terrier’s typical health problems.

Still, there are lower chances of inherited health issues because of the two different breeds’ genetic diversity. Here are a few usual Woodle problems that you must look out for categorized in two conditions:

Serious Conditions

Minor Conditions

How to Care for Your Woodle’s Basic Needs?

Do you want nothing but to give the best care that your pet dog needs? Below are several things you must take into account so that you can properly look after your Woodle.

Feeding and Diet

This dog does not need a lot of food than those high activity dog breeds even though they are not small. Usually, an adult Woodle consumes about two cups of dry food every day, depending on its activity level.

The puppies might eat a bit more because they are still growing and need more energy than the older ones. However, each Woodle must have a high-quality diet that is light on fillers and rich in whole foods regardless of age.

I recommend communicating with your veterinarian after bringing the dog home for the first time. In this way, you can ensure the right amount and type of dog food that best suits your Woodle.

Cleaning and Grooming

The Woodle is the kind of dog that looks best when professionally groomed. They should also be combed and brushed regularly to avoid mats from developing.

Since its parent Poodle is notorious for having a bad set of teeth, we must aim to brush a Woodle’s teeth several times a week. This technique delays or prevents the inception of periodontal disease.

Moreover, the Woodle’s pendulous ears have limited airflow and may have fur within their canal, resulting in a moist and damp ear canal section. Thus, it is necessary to dry their ears thoroughly utilizing cotton wool after bathing or swimming.

If your dog has excessively furry canals, try to consider plucking, one of the services that vet clinics offer.

Exercise and Training

The Woodle only needs around 30 minutes of exercise every day because they are not that overly active. Your activities may come in the form of the following examples:

  • Fetch game with them in your yard
  • Walking in the park
  • Running in your neighborhood
  • Teaching some dog tricks or train them

But, if you can’t spare some time to walk your dog outside due to a busy schedule, you may hire a dog walker or ask someone you know for help to spend some time with your Woodle three to four times a week.

For its training, start during its puppy days so that they will behave once they reach adulthood. Owners do not find themselves spending excessive time trying to teach these dogs because they are smart.

Here are some dog tricks that you can do with your pet Woodle:

  • Fetching the newspaper in the morning
  • Playing dead
  • Dancing

Watch this video of ‘Winston the Woodle’ doing these tricks to learn more.

Winston the Woodle

Wellness Visits

When you do wellness visits, of course, you are in for a dog wellness exam. Most vet clinics conduct it every six months. They normally do a thorough examination of the eye, ear, mouth, skin, musculoskeletal, and other parts of the dog.

The veterinarian may also ask about your Woodle, discuss any issues that your dog is having, and give tips for your pet’s lifestyle.

Woodle Puppy Price & Expenses: Can You Afford a Poodle and Welsh Terrier Mix?

You can buy a Woodle anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to thousand bucks—specifically, between $400 to $900.

When getting one, these factors affect the price, which you have to keep in mind.

  • Health documentation of the puppies
  • Size of the dog
  • History of the Woodle’s parents
  • From where did you adopt the dog (from a breeder or rescue facility)

The pricing of the dog varies according to many elements, as stated above. You will pay more when the Woodle already has its health documents or when getting one from a breeder than adopting from the humane society. But, you have to know that they are hard to find at rescue centers.

Whether the Woodle puppy has seen a vet or not, it is always a good idea to have your veterinarian examine your puppy before deciding to adopt and take it home.

Doing this method is necessary, especially when you have other pets at home. You also need to protect them from potential diseases and illnesses.

Other Similar Dog Mixes and Breeds

If you are curious regarding other dogs looking the same as the Woodle, here are mixes of dog breeds that have a similar appearance:

  • Yorkipoo (Yorkie Poodle Mix)
  • Pooshi (Shiba Inu Poodle Mix)
  • Bordoodle (Border Collie Poodle Mix)
  • Irish Doodle (Irish Setter Poodle Mix)
  • Newfypoo (Newfoundland Poodle Mix)
  • Shepadoodle (German Shepherd Poodle Mix)
  • Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix)
  • Whoodle (Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Poodle Mix)

Related Questions

Do Woodles Shed?

If a Woodle has a Poodle coat, it is low shedding. It means that the Woodle needs daily brushing and regular professional care to keep them clipped by the groomer.

Are Woodles Hypoallergenic?

Due to the genetics’ tendency to be unpredictable, there is no guarantee that a particular dog will be hypoallergenic or not. Some people’s allergies are more sensitive to specific breeds than others.

However, there is no scientific evidence pointing out that particular hybrid breeds are more or less hypoallergenic than other dogs.

With these thoughts, as the Woodle breed is a mix of hypoallergenic dogs, it is usually a safe bet that Woodles will be hypoallergenic.

Do Woodles Bark a Lot?

Since Woodles get along well with children, they will only bark at strangers or unfamiliar noises. They do not even do it excessively, making these dogs a perfect fit for families.

Final Thoughts

The Woodle breed is an all-around dog that is easy to get along with and does not cause many problems. If they have early social exposure, this breed can successfully integrate themselves into society’s situations.

Woodles are an excellent option if you search for a perfect dog to take home that is easy to handle. You will receive many cuddles and loyalty from them, and all your fur parent efforts will be worth it.

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