Pit Bull & Weimaraner Mix: The Pittmaraner And Weimar Bully

If you own or have previously owned a dog, Pit Bulls and Weimaraners may have made it to your final choice list. That’s not a big surprise since they are amazing breeds.

But what if we breed them together, will it be even better? Depending on your circumstances, the answer will most likely be YES.

Hybrids between a Weimaraner and Pit Bulls are loyal and amiable furry friends. However, as they demand patience and some expertise, they aren’t the best option for novice owners.

Once you master all the specifications of these mixes, you’ll know if they are the right dogs for you. Gathering all this data can be a pretty long and exhausting job. Thankfully, I’m here today to help you with that.

An Active And Lovely Dog: The Weimaraner


To understand our crossbreeds, let’s actually start by talking about their parents. And the first one I’m going to show you is the Weimaraner. Originated in Germany in the 19th century, the Weimaraner was initially bred to be a hunting dog.

They have a lot of stamina and energy. Whoever owns a Weimaraner must constantly bring the dog outside to play and stimulate him mentally. This breed won’t tolerate being inside for long periods.

Since I’ve just entered this topic, let’s talk about Weimaraners’ adaptability in general. And the data isn’t actually favorable. These dogs definitely don’t like being outside their comfort zone.

They will never enjoy living in an apartment, for example. A small space without a yard won’t be enough to put a Weimaraner’s energy into action.

Extreme weather is not ideal as well. They tend to adapt fairly better to cold than hot climates, but excessive temperatures are awful for them.

Due to these and some other characteristics, the Weimaraner is not a recommended breed for novice owners. That’s something that will persist if they’re mixed with a Pit Bull.

Weimaraners are also very large and heavy when compared to this last group. They’re actually considered large dogs! Therefore, expect something big when you breed them with Pit Bulls.

The Misunderstood Dogs: The Pit Bulls


In speaking of the Pit Bulls, let’s dive into their main characteristics! Although they share a bunch of similarities with Weimaraners, they diverge in many aspects as well.

I personally find this an advantage. We can get an exciting combination with a hybrid between these dogs.

Pit Bulls are, unfortunately, highly misunderstood. Many people believe they’re aggressive and attack people for any reason. That’s totally false!

They are, indeed, extremely friendly with both their families and with strangers. However, owners must pay attention when meeting other pets.

Historically, Pit Bulls were bred to fight in blood sports, such as bear and bull-baiting. Even though these events have been banned since a long time ago, a small portion of Pit Bulls may still hold this instinct until now.

So there’s a chance they will misbehave with other dogs. However, they rarely demonstrate aggressiveness towards humans. There isn’t scientific evidence to explain why they would ever do that.

Obviously, if the dog’s owner deliberately trains their pet to behave like that, or in the case of a severe physical attack, you’ll likely see a Pit Bull striking as well.

The term “Pit Bull” doesn’t refer to a particular breed, but to a group of dogs descended from bulldogs and terriers. There are many breeds, but I’m going to cover only two that are the most commonly crossbreed with Weimaraners.

The first one is the American Pit Bull Terrier. This is one of the most well-known Pit Bull breeds. Their behavior and temperament are incredibly similar to the Weimaraner’s. Also a friendly breed, but unfortunately not the best for novice owners as well.

APBTs have two different “modes” concerning activity. They’re either highly energetic or incredibly lazy potatoes. In general, they’re most inclined to the first group, which is good. Lazier dogs demand more persistence from their owners to convince them to exercise.

Size is a significant difference from Weimaraners. Pit Bulls are considered medium-sized dogs. If a hybrid between them follows this tendency, you know to put the blame on!

And before talking specifically about the mixes, let me show you the Bull Terrier. In case you feel the APBT/Weimaraner mix is too advanced, the Bull Terrier may be a solution.

Not only is it generally friendly with people and dogs but also isn’t a big deal for first-time owners.

This breed’s weights and dimensions are similar to the American Pit Bull. However, their appearance is quite distinct. What stands out the most on Bull Terriers is their characteristic muzzle.

They also tend to be more playful than the APBT, but are just shy of the Weimaraner in this aspect. A combination of those breeds is perfect if you want, at the same time, an energetic, intelligent, and simple dog.

Weimaraner + American Pit Bull Terrier = The Pittmaraner

Weimaraner Pitbull Mix 4

A sturdy and lovely dog, the Pittmaraner is the result of crossbreeding the Weimaraner and the American Pit Bull Terrier. Once you have the love and dedication to provide to this hybrid, it will reciprocate the same way.

One thing you should know is that it is rare to find mixes between the Weimaraner and Pit Bull dogs. Still, if you come across one, it is highly likely going to be a Pittmaraner.

It’s unfortunate that they’re unknown because they’re an excellent combination for who matches its profile.

Behavior & Trainability

Just like any other aspect of this crossbreed, its behavior and temperament are the averages of these characteristics of its generating breeds.

Pittmaraners behave relatively well with other dogs and people. But they aren’t the most amicable option, though.

Sometimes you’ll find this dog randomly barking at strangers on the street or when you receive guests at home. In some cases, this attitude can be even more severe, but the contrary may also happen.

It’s hard to predict exactly how a mixed dog will behave, especially a rare one like the Pittmaraner. The best you can do is to adequately train and socialize your furry friend from a young age. You want to give your best to avoid uncomfortable moments.

Because of this crossbreed’s high unpredictability, I don’t recommend you to choose it if you’re looking for a watchdog or something similar. You will regret it if the dog is born way too friendly.

And even if you get an aggressive pooch, he won’t be the best option either. Purebred dogs are the best fit for this role. Rottweilers or German Shepherds, for example, are guaranteed they will behave the way you want.

Size, Required Space and Appearance

Weimaraner Pitbull Mix sleeping on the sofa

Be prepared to deal with a medium-large dog. Depending on how Pittmaraners inherit their parent’s characteristics, they may grow up a lot.

The average height of this crossbreed is around 21 to 22 inches. As you can imagine, females grow a bit less than that, while males hit slightly higher values. This elevated number is Weimaraner’s influence. American Pit Bulls don’t grow that much.

Pittmaraners are pretty heavy as well. Their typical weight is around 60 pounds. Again, you can expect lower numbers for girls and higher ones for boys.

To sustain a dog with these specifications, you’ll need a relatively roomy space. Remember what I previously said: the Weimaraner won’t be satisfied with small houses or an apartment. And although the APBT isn’t that rigorous in this aspect, they don’t generally enjoy small homes either.

It isn’t difficult to realize this: the combination of a highly large and energetic animal. There’s no way it will work out in a small space!

About Pittmaraners’ appearance, this is something exceptionally unforeseeable. Again, that’s a mixed breed and a very uncommon one. However, we do know that it is inclined to look a bit more like the Pit Bull side.

Common Health Problems

Both American Pit Bull Terriers and Weimaraners are healthy dogs. And there isn’t any particular concern related to health if you breed them together. However, every dog has a certain group of diseases they’re most vulnerable to.

Hip Dysplasia (HD)

If someone hasn’t heard the term “Hip Dysplasia,” this person is not a dog owner. HD, the shorter name of this disease, is a common issue among a wide range of dogs, including Weimaraners and American Pit Bull Terriers.

Hip Dysplasia is an abnormality of the hip joint of a dog. An animal with this condition may not show clinical signs of the disease, which makes some cases challenging to spot.

But there are perceptible situations as well. You’ll easily identify them if you see an anomaly in your dog’s legs and hips section.

HD is, in most cases, an inherited illness. Nevertheless, there’s also a chance of it being caused by diet, growth, or environmental factors.


Hypothyroidism is the deficiency of the thyroid hormone in a dog’s organism. It is quite common both in Weimaraner and the APBT, so it isn’t a surprise if your Pittmaraner also suffers from this.

Dogs with this condition generally experience infertility, obesity, lack of energy, and some other problems related to indisposition. This disease is chronic, but, fortunately, it can be easily controlled.

Once diagnosed, your pooch just needs a hormone replacement pill. The problem is that he will have to take it throughout his whole life.


That’s actually not a disease, but it is still something you can’t ignore. As with any other dog, Pittmaraners can and will likely suffer from allergies sometime in their life.

Each case should be dealt with in a specific way. Some allergies may be a huge problem, while others almost don’t require much concern.

Generally, allergies aren’t an issue if you avoid exposing your dog to their triggers. But the problem starts if his allergic reactions are highly exaggerated.

If he crazily scratches his body, for example, it may cause wounds, which may eventually lead to more severe infections.

Care & Exercise

Weimaraner Pitbull Mix is being touched by his owner

The Pittmaraner is an easy to deal mix considering grooming. Neither Weimaraners nor American Pit Bull Terriers are furry dogs.

This means you won’t have to deal with entangled hair when brushing his coat. In addition to it, you won’t see nasty fur balls all around your house.

Baths can be taken on a significantly lower basis in comparison to other breeds. The need really appears when the dog gets dirty enough for it. And this also happens very sparsely.

Never forget to regularly bring your furry friend to the veterinarian! You must schedule at least one meeting a year as an annual checkup. When he ages, this rate must increase to at least twice a year.

The frequency may also be higher depending on your Pittmaraner’s health conditions. In the case he is diagnosed with a disease, his vet will advise you to come back sooner. And if you identify or suspect he has an anomaly, no matter the severity, you must seek professional help!

You may also want to look for a vet if you need other related help. It’s advised to ask for their opinion if you want to change your dog’s diet, for example.

Cutting his nails is not a straightforward job, so that might be another reason to schedule a visit.

If you get a Pittmaraner, one thing you can’t put aside is going out and exercising with him. You won’t even need a reminder, because your pet will do this 24/7!

The usual rule of thumb is to go out with your pet for between 30 minutes to 2 hours every day. In modern society, I know it seems like a lot! But that’s the outcome of owning a dog. They really demand responsibility.

This time is sufficient to maintain your furry friend in good physical condition. If you aren’t able to do this daily, consider hiring a dog walker, but don’t let him inactive.

Weimaraner + Bull Terrier = The “Weimar Bully”

The Pittmaraner demands an experienced owner. Its generating breeds are definitely not for novices. But there’s a better alternative if you still want a mix between a Weimaraner and a Pit Bull: you just need to replace the American Pit Bull Terrier with a Bull Terrier.

Despite their similar names, the Bull Terrier is way more adequate if you’re just starting in the canine world. Breed them with a Weimaraner, and you’ll still generate an extremely energetic dog. But they’re much simpler to be dealt with.

Perhaps the most challenging part will be to actually get this pet. Remember when I said the Pittmaraner was a rare crossbreed? Unfortunately, the “Weimar Bully” is even more uncommon and I couldn’t find any copyright-free images of the “Weimar Bully”.

It is so rare that there isn’t a name for this combination. The term I just mentioned was actually created by me! Throughout the explanation, I’ll continually use it in order to facilitate your comprehension.

Behaviour & Trainability

If you were concerned about the aggressiveness tendency of the last crossbreed, I’ve got good news. Weimar Bullies are much nicer dogs.

Some of them may still hold little traces of violence due to the similar tendency Weimaraners have. However, the vast majority will be gentle with anyone. Dogs, strangers, family, and kids are not a problem for them.

And if you do experience problems with your dog’s behavior, that won’t be a massive problem as well. The Weimar Bully is easy to train.

If your pooch is misbehaving a lot, just give him some obedience lessons and he will quickly change his attitudes.

Size and Required Space

Get ready for a large dog. Weimar Bullies’ dimensions are slightly greater than the Pittmaraner. On average, these dogs hit around 1 foot and 10 inches in height. Their average weight commonly ranges from 60 to 65 pounds.

Despite being highly energetic, the Bull Terrier adapts incredibly well to apartments. That’s a cool feature that will be reflected in the Weimar Bully.

However, even for this dog, I frankly think you should have a spacious home with a yard. Remember that, on the other half of the mix, we have a Weimaraner, which hates small spaces.

You’re exposed to two completely different types of Weimar Bullies, one that enjoys apartments and another that detests them, it’s unpredictable.

Common Health Problems

The Weimar Bully is prone to basically the same problems as the Pittmaraner. There are only a few issues you need to keep an eye on regarding the Bull Terrier. However, one of them must be highlighted: deafness.

White dogs are more susceptible to deafness than any other color. And the majority of Bull Terriers out there are white-skinned.

Around 20% of pure white Bullies suffer from deafness, a high number when compared to only 1.3% on colored dogs.

All Bull Terriers should undergo the Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response (BAER) test to check their hearing when puppies.

Although quite weird, this problem is related to a particular layer of cells on dogs that determine, among other things, the hearing and color of the dog at the same time.

But the scientific explanation isn’t that important. What you really need to pay attention to is the lineage your Weimar Bully comes from. If his ancestors don’t have a favorable history, you already have an idea of what to expect.

Care & Exercise

This hybrid requires almost the same level of care as the Pittmaraner. They’re also exceptionally easy to groom. Perhaps their most significant drawback is that they tend to drool a lot. Apart from that, they’re healthy and easy-to-deal pets.

About exercise, the Weimar Bully is significantly more active than the Pittmaraner. Your dog will want to keep playing like there is no tomorrow, and it is guaranteed that you’re going to get tired earlier than him.

Even in those cases, the same time rule applies. At least 30 daily minutes is advised, but more than two hours is really not necessary. Don’t take your pooch’s wishes too seriously. He is always going to want more anyway!

My Final Thoughts

Although uncommon, Pit Bull & Weimaraner mixes are fantastic. I think people don’t put much faith in them because they tend to be highly active dogs. This sometimes makes it challenging for new owners to get one.

The hybrid between the Weimaraner and the American Pit Bull Terrier is an excellent example of that. They are only advised for experienced owners.

However, if you’re a novice, there are other combinations. If you substitute the APBT for a Bull Terrier, for example, you’ll get a much simpler pooch.

Apart from these, there are many other combinations you can find out there. However, the ones I showcased to you in this article are a solid base for understanding all of them.

When looking for any other mix, remember to search carefully, as their characteristics vary a lot.

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