German Shepherd Mixes: 40 Gorgeous GSD Crossbreeds!

German Shepherd mixes and mixed breeds with pictures

Thanks to the best traits of the German Shepherd dog (GSD), there are tons of German Shepherd mixes out there. 

These hybrids are known for their high intelligence, loyalty, and athleticism. With all these options, which GSD mix is the best for you?

German Shepherds continue to dominate canine royalty due to their many likable qualities. Because of this, many breeders are keen on combining the GSD with other purebred dogs and even other animals!

In this article, we’ve rounded up 40 fascinating German Shepherd mixes that will surely catch your eye, melt your heart, and amaze you.

Let us know later in the comments which one is your favorite. Let’s get started!

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40 German Shepherd Mixes

A purebred German Shepherd alone makes an amazing all-around companion.

Combining it with a breed that complements its characteristics makes a very appealing offspring with interesting personalities.

Here are 40 interesting German Shepherd mixes you must know about:

1. Beagle Shepherd (Beagle & German Shepherd Mix)

Beagle Shepherd Beagle German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: gobi.muttchurian / Instagram

The Beagle Shepherd mix came from a purebred German Shepherd and Beagle. This amazing cross is a medium-sized dog full of love, energy, and intelligence.

Beagles are known for their ability to track a scent in long ranges, while the GSD is one of the most popular working dogs around. 

Combine these two smart dog breeds, and you have a protective, loving pooch that is easy to train. Beagle German Shepherd mixes also have warm temperaments, which makes them perfect companions.

The appearance of a Beagle German Shepherd mix will depend on which of its parent breeds has more dominant genes. Exercise will depend on the genes as well.

Aside from lemon, red, and white Beagle coat colors, this mix can also inherit a blue tick coat.

Overall, these dogs are great companions, and they will always be up for any activity.

2. Gerberian Shepsky (Siberian Husky & German Shepherd Mix)

Gerberian Shepsky Siberian Husky German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: shepskyfreyja / Instagram

Another mixed breed as fun as its name is the Husky German Shepherd mix, also known as Gerberian Shepsky or a Siberian Shepherd.

This hybrid dog is a lively, energetic, and intelligent canine that makes a fun family companion.

The perfectly balanced temperament of the Gerberian Shepsky comes from the friendly, joyous, and gentle nature of the Siberian Husky and the protective instinct and bravery that comes from the German Shepherd.

The Siberian Shepherd requires consistent physical training and mental stimulation, as well as exercise, to daily reduce pent-up energy. 

Socializing them with other people, other dogs, and places will also enhance their familiarization with their environment.

If you have children and have a well-socialized and trained Shepsky, this ball of fluff will certainly be an ideal pet.

3. Akita Shepherd (Akita & German Shepherd Mix)

Akita Shepherd Akita German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: merlin_the_akitashepherd / Instagram

Intimidating is what you’ll probably first think of when you come across the Akita Shepherd, but they are far more than that. The Akita German is a mixed breed that comes from a male or female GSD and Akita

The Akita German Shepherd mix, also known as Shepkita, makes an excellent guard dog for its looks and personality. They are known to be adaptive, hardworking, and intelligent.

They may also be perceived as aloof, but they are actually loyal and loving to their humans.

This German Shepherd mixed breed isn’t that ideal for families with children since they have a tendency to be aggressive even when they are fully trained. 

They need a firm and patient handler who is capable of providing them with consistent physical and mental training as early as puppyhood.

If you believe you can train this cross to become a smart and behaved guard dog, the Akita German Shepherd mix is right for you.

4. Euro Mountain Sheparnese (Bernese Mountain Dog & German Shepherd Mix)

Euro Mountain Sheparnese Bernese Mountain Dog German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: freya.unleashed / Instagram

The Euro Mountain Sheparnese, also known as the Bernese Shepherd, is a mix between a German Shepherd and a Bernese Mountain Dog

This big pooch is great as a working dog for it is highly intelligent and has a calm disposition. 

Although considered a challenging dog, this German Shepherd mix still makes a loving, loyal, and friendly house companion that will be able to protect you.

It is vital to train them in social situations as well because they like to be around people.

Make sure to regularly take them out for a walk in a park, where they can play with other dogs and see other people, places, and things.

Since German Shepherds and Bernese Mountain dogs are both large breeds, they require a huge space for them to run around and explore. If you don’t have enough space at home, outdoor walks are just as good. 

5. Chow Shepherd (Chow Chow & German Shepherd Mix)

Chow Shepherd Chow Chow German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: jasminetherescue / Instagram

This next mix is known to be independent but affectionate. The Chow Shepherd is a combination of the German Shepherd and the Chow Chow.

Some dogs are great for first-time dog owners, but some are not. The Chow Shepherd is one of the challenging mixes that need an extensive amount of time to train and mentally stimulate.

Since the Chow Chow’s temperament has a hint of stubbornness, you might want to prepare yourself with some patience and effort to train them properly.

Start as early as puppyhood for their overall temperament to be well-balanced.

Chow Shepherds can be reserved at first when they meet someone new or when they are in a new environment. However, these dogs adapt pretty quickly through devoted training from their firm handler. 

Their fluffy coat may make them look cuddly but they can be quite the independent type that knows how to entertain themselves.

They need to be socialized around other dogs as well because they have a habit of being bossy.

6. Golden Shepherd (Golden Retriever & German Shepherd Mix)

Golden Shepherd Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: nuggetthegoldensheperd / Instagram

The Golden Retriever is one of the friendliest, heartwarming dogs to ever exist. Combining this breed with the intelligent and courageous German Shepherd produces a wonderful pet.

The Golden Shepherd or the Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix is known to be one of the many dogs which possess the best temperaments in the canine world.

They are loyal, loving, energetic, smart, and protective. The Golden Shepherd is also one of the most popular German Shepherd mixes to ever exist.

They thrive on positive reinforcement. This German Shepherd mix is highly trainable and loves to work, hence why it makes a good watchdog.

When you exercise these dogs, make sure to incorporate some fun activities for their mind and body, they would enjoy that. 

It would also lessen their pent-up energy, avoiding the destructive behaviors you wouldn’t want them to have.

7. Shollie (Border Collie & German Shepherd Mix)

Shollie Border Collie German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: losmundosdejade / Instagram

What do you get if you combine an intelligent, brave German Shepherd with a highly intelligent, agile Border Collie? You have a magnificent hybrid called Shollie, also called a Collie Shepherd.

This mix also has a perfect blend of two dog breeds that are known to be smart, loyal, and full of energy. No matter which parent gene is more dominant, you will not be disappointed to own a Shollie.

Since the Border Collie German Shepherd mix is a large breed, it won’t be suited to a small apartment-living lifestyle. 

They require a lot of exercise and activities that challenge them physically and mentally. Better make sure you have an open field for them to run around. 

Shollies are very affectionate, loyal, and playful, which makes them a good fit to be around a family with children.

8. Shepadoodle (Poodle & German Shepherd Mix)

Shepadoodle Poodle German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: maze_the_shepadoodle / Instagram

The Shepadoodle is a Poodle and German Shepherd mix. These two are considered to be smart breeds. They are loyal and affectionate, too.

This Poodle German Shepherd mix is also known as the German Poodle, Shepapoo, Shepherdpoo, or Shepdoodle. They may inherit different Poodle colors or the sable coat of their GSD parent.

They make a fun playmate for younger kids because they are playful, energetic, and protective. But there are also times that they also enjoy simply being at home, all cuddly and warm with their family.

As an active breed, they require exercise too. Always make time for their daily walks and consistent training with positive reinforcement.

9. Corman Shepherd (Corgi & German Shepherd Mix)

Corman Shepherd Corgi German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: a_streetdog_named_jack / Instagram

The Corgi German Shepherd mix is a clever, loyal, and courageous dog. Although a little bit stubborn, this hybrid will surely make a wonderful companion for you.

The Corman Shepherd’s loyalty and affection are perfect for family dogs. Their cuteness isn’t supposed to be underestimated, for they can be feisty when they want to.

Due to the Corgi’s genes, the Corman Shepherd sometimes has a tendency to herd or bite. However, it is something that needs to be corrected, especially around other people.

It is best to provide them with self-control training rather than tolerating that and their other destructive behaviors. 

Make sure that you give your Corgi German Shepherd mix enough mental stimulation and obedience training to achieve a better temperament.

It won’t be that hard to train them since Corman Shepherds are always eager to learn and love a fun challenge. 

10. German Sheprador (Labrador Retriever & German Shepherd Mix)

German Sheprador Labrador Retriever German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: jax.german_sheprador / Instagram

The next one on the list is a Labrador German Shepherd mix. The Labrador Retriever, ranked as one of the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) most popular dog breeds, sure is a wonderful cross for the German Shepherds.

The German Sheprador, also known as the Labrashepherd, is an enthusiastic, loyal mix that happens to be a perfect watchdog.

The Labrador Retriever and the German Shepherd parents are both working dogs, meaning their offspring would naturally want to be given some purpose. They just love to carry anything with their mouths. 

You could even say that it’s their smart way of telling you they can lend an extra pair of hands whenever you’re out for an adventure.

The German Sheprador just loves to please and be pleased. So whenever you are training them, add some positive reinforcement as their motivation to learn things from you.

11. Dachshund Shepherd (Dachshund & German Shepherd Mix)

Dachshund Shepherd Dachshund German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: dooftheshepherdmix / Instagram

The Dachshund German Shepherd mix is a combination of two pure German breeds. They are often described as cute but also smart and feisty. 

They may be small or medium-sized, but they can protect their humans in ways they can. This is why they are great as a watchdog.

The Dachshund Shepherd just loves to shower their family with affection, but they love it even more if you reciprocate it.

They may be a little bit of an attention seeker, but it’s something you can control through training.

Their training and exercise will depend on their genes. Meaning that if the dominant gene is from the Dachshund, short walks will be fine. 

If the German Shepherd’s parent breed has more dominance, they might need a more active lifestyle.

Although great for families, this mix isn’t really recommended for families with newborn babies because they can be loud sometimes.

12. Doberman Shepherd (Doberman & German Shepherd Mix)

Doberman Shepherd Doberman German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: bodhi_therescuedog / Instagram

The Doberman Shepherd is considered one of the best guard dogs you will come across.

This cross is a mix between the German Shepherd and the Doberman Pinscher. They may look intimidating, but they are pretty much affectionate, loyal, and protective towards their humans.

The Doberman German Shepherd mix needs someone firm and patient enough to handle and train their behavior as early as possible to avoid aggression and other possible negative traits.

The handler must also teach them to be sociable so it won’t be dangerous for anyone to greet them when they are outside or when people are visiting their home.

They can also add training for self-control and boundaries for their Doberman Shepherds, so it doesn’t get too clingy.

Despite a handful of training needed, Doberman German Shepherd mixes are extremely loyal to their family, and they will always protect you from any harm.

13. Chihuahua German Shepherd Mix

Chihuahua German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: fritoboykramer / Instagram

The Chihuahua German Shepherd mix is not really a popular nor ideal combination due to the parent breeds’ size difference. In most cases, it is actually a product of accidental breeding.

The German Shepherd mix’s temperament will depend on which gene is more dominant. They can be easily trained if it inherits the German Sheperd’s traits. 

However, if the Chihuahua parent’s feisty disposition is more dominant, it might need a lot of socialization and training, especially if you want them to get along with cats.

The Chihuahua is very much popular for being volatile, but in spite of that, they are loyal and loving towards their familiars.

14. Shepherd Pit (Pitbull & German Shepherd Mix)

Shepherd Pit Pitbull German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: poe_the_pupper / Instagram

The Shepherd Pit, also known as German Shepphit or simply Sheppit, is a wonderful combination between the German Shepherd and the Pitbull. 

They are known to be highly intelligent and agile; that is why they are usually trained as guard dogs or police dogs.

The Shepherd Pit is a mixed dog breed that requires a lot of training and mental stimulation. It won’t be that difficult since they are hardworking and easy to train.

A well-trained Pitbull German Shepherd mix makes a fun, sociable dog around others. If you are willing enough to teach them how to behave, they make a sweet and protective companion. 

To avoid separation anxiety, make sure to leave them with activities and toys to keep them busy.

15. Boxer Shepherd (Boxer & German Shepherd Mix)

Boxer Shepherd Boxer German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: buddythegermanboxer / Instagram

The Boxer Shepherd is a designer dog that came from the combination of a German Shepherd and a Boxer. This mix is great for families because they are loyal and protective, especially around kids.

They are also energetic and athletic, making them fun playmates for children. The Boxer German Shepherd mix has an outstanding temperament, so they are likable to any family.

They are very easy to train. They work best with positive reinforcement, so make sure to give praise to this amazing dog during training. 

Boxer Shepherds are also quite observant and can read human emotions. No wonder they are admired by many dog lovers.

16. Alaskan Shepherd (Alaskan Malamute & German Shepherd Mix)

Alaskan Shepherd Alaskan Malamute German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: ghost_thedude / Instagram

The Alaskan Shepherd, a handsome fluff, is a combination of a German Shepherd and an Alaskan Malamute. 

This mix has the ability to be independent to the point that it won’t rely too much on humans for their enjoyment.

They know how to amuse themselves and be busy. But that does not mean they are not affectionate. They love being with their humans just as much as they love spending their time alone.

They make a perfect watchdog because of their bravery, but not enough to be guard dogs, for they are a bit of a shy type.

The Alaskan Shepherd requires quality and consistent training and exercise to refrain from acquiring dominant behavior, especially around its family. 

As much as possible, be sure to train them while they are still puppies. Expose your Malamute German Shepard mix to various environments to learn, adapt, and be comfortable. 

17. Shug (Pug & German Shepherd Mix)

Shug Pug German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: crazydaisyshug / Instagram

This cute pooch is called a Shug. It is a cross between the German Shepherd and the Pug. They are an intelligent, playful, and sociable breed.

This Pug German Shepherd mix loves to be around family. Wherever you are, they want to be there as well. They are very affectionate and fun to be with.

Although they have tendencies to be reserved, this Pug mix trait can be resolved by socializing them while they are still in their puppyhood. Add some training for consistent good behavior and avoid stubborn traits.

They like walks. However, they will pretty much prefer to be active indoors and play with their toys and family, especially if they inherit a more dominant Pug temperament.

18. German Shepweiler (Rottweiler & German Shepherd Mix)

German Shepweiler Rottweiler German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: nala_rottweilerxgsd / Instagram

From a combination of two working dogs, the Shepweiler or Rottie Shepherd is a lovable, loyal, and gentle dog.

This big pooch is a playful one, but sometimes they can be too playful that their excitement gets misinterpreted by others as misbehavior. 

They don’t mean any harm; they are just very eager to play. They actually enjoy fun activities with their humans.

Since the Rottweiler Shepherd comes from two large parent breeds, it requires a spacious area at home or someone who is always up for long walks outside.

Regular training and familiarization with the environment are important for dogs like this.

They also love to be mentally stimulated, so prepare to add some mind-enhancing games for these dogs while you train them. 

Rottie Shepherds are cuddly, polite, and protective. They would surely make an amazing family companion.

19. Wolf Shepherd (Wolfdog & German Shepherd Mix)

Wolf Shepherd Wolfdog German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: bear.outdoors_ / Instagram

This big one with a thick double coat that looks so cuddly is the Wolf Shepherd. It is a cross between a Wolfdog and a German Shepherd.

This mixed breed originated back in 1935 when Dutchman Leendert Saarloos aimed to bring back the natural disposition of a German Shepherd due to its domestication.

Since both Wolfdogs and German Shepherds do not have similar temperaments, it won’t be that easy to predict how they will naturally behave when they grow.

They may be protective and good as a guide, but they are not the perfect guard dogs because they still have the tendency to be naturally shy. 

Socialization and familiarization will be helpful in avoiding unpredictable, negative behaviors.

Wolf Shepherds need frequent exercise and mental stimulation from a firm, loving, and patient handler. This is to lessen their boredom, enhance their minds, and decrease their pent-up energies.

20. German Ridgeback or Rhodesian Shepherd (Rhodesian Ridgeback & German Shepherd Mix)

Rhodesian Shepherd Rhodesian Ridgeback German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: lobo.eats.carrots / Instagram

The German Ridgeback is a cross that is athletic, intelligent, and loving. If you prefer an active pooch that can match your active lifestyle, this German Shepherd mix is a great dog for you.

Just like any other large dogs, they need a space where they are free to roam around and play. You can also take your German Ridgeback out on adventures while socializing them in different environments.

Take note, though, that this Rhodesian Ridgeback German Shepard mix isn’t ideal for first-time dog owners. 

They need a devoted handler who is kind and patient enough to train them consistently and lessen possible negative behaviors.

When playing with them, make sure you challenge them with various activities. They are actually smart enough to recognize a familiar routine.

Overall, this loving, active, and playful Rhodesian Shepherd is an amazing family companion.

21. Saint Shepherd (Saint Bernard & German Shepherd Mix)

Saint Shepherd Saint Bernard German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: coconuttdog / Instagram

This cross is an offspring between the German Shepherd and the Saint Bernard. They are known to be friendly, patient, and loving and often inherit the gentle and kind disposition of the Saint Bernard parent.

Add the German Shepherd’s protective and brave traits, and you’ve got yourself a guard dog that will protect you by simply intimidating the threat with its large and firm stature.

They aren’t like other active dogs, but they will need regular exercise as well as socialization as early as puppies.

Consistent and repeated training is important for the Saint Shepherd to avoid developing stubborn behavior.

You shouldn’t worry about having a hard time doing it on a daily basis because these dogs are very obedient and willing to learn.

22. Mastiff Shepherd (Mastiff & German Shepherd Mix)

Mastiff Shepherd Mastiff German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: lucy_lu_gsm / Instagram

The Mastiff Shepherd, commonly called the GSD Mastiff, is a mix between one German Shepherd parent and a Mastiff parent. They are a combination of great guarding instincts and affectionate disposition. 

Training with devotion and love will make a well-behaved pet at home and even as a working dog. 

Socializing them is vital, and it will be more enjoyable for them to be with other dogs. Their exercise requires at least an hour every day to keep them happy and healthy.

They can be extremely gentle and calm around family, even with children. They enjoy both watching and playing with them. Mastiff Shepherds just love to lay around where they can see their humans.

23. Shepnees (Great Pyrenees & German Shepherd Mix)

Shepnees Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: shyladog19 / Instagram

The Shepnees, also known as the Germanees, is a massive designer dog that came from the German Shepherd and the Great Pyrenees. It is also called Germanees or Sheppy.

Despite their intimidating appearance coming from two powerful breeds, they are intelligent, loving, and protective companions.

They may be wary of strangers, but it is part of their instinct to protect their family from any possible harm. They are quite vocal when they sense danger which makes this mix a perfect guard dog.

Although this may seem normal, a Great Pyrenees German Shepherd mix’s overprotectiveness still needs to be disciplined. It may have a tendency to become too much, which might lead to behavioral issues.

With proper training and constant exposure to different situations as early as their puppyhood, Great Pyrenees German Shepherd mixes will grow as excellent pets compatible with families with children.

24. German Malinois (Belgian Malinois & German Shepherd Mix)

German Malinois Belgian Malinois German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: ozy_malixgsd / Instagram

The German Malinois, also known as Shepinois, is a beautiful cross between the German Shepherd and the Belgian Malinois.

Known to be fearless, alert, and loyal, this mix is usually bred to be an intelligent working police dog.

Just like other dog breeds, this cross is not really suitable for families with small children. They are ideal companions for active individuals who can provide them with adventures.

They thrive on positive reinforcement. See to it that this German Shepherd mix is given consistent training and exercise.

If you train them well enough, they will be amazing pets that will protect you with their life.

Take a look at this amazing German Malinois and how they progress in training:

Max - 5 month old Malinois x German Shepherd Puppy - 4 Weeks Residential Dog Training

25. Great Shepherd (Great Dane & German Shepherd Mix)

Great Shepherd Great Dane German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: hupaisaakerrassaan / Instagram

The Great Shepherd, also known as Dane Shepherd, is by far the largest cross on this list of GSD mixes. It is a combination of the German Shepherd and the Great Dane.

They are great as watchdogs due to their intelligent, protective, and alert disposition combined with their intimidating looks. 

However, you need to be a firm handler who is willing enough to be consistent in training their mind and body.

Great Shepherds love to be outside on an adventure. While you train them mentally, you can incorporate a bunch of physical activities to keep them going. That way, it also lessens their high energy levels.

Having a disciplined, well-socialized Great Shepherd makes a wonderful companion to families. If you are looking for a gentle giant full of love, this cross will be perfect for you.

26. Weimshepherd (Weimaraner & German Shepherd Mix)

Weimshepherd Weimaraner German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: valentineweimshep / Instagram

The Weimshepherd is the offspring of the German Shepherd and the Weimaraner. They are known to be obedient, adaptable, playful, and protective.

Their alertness makes them a perfect watchdog for experienced pet owners. Weimaraner German Shepherd mixes are intelligent enough to know when to warn their family. 

However, you still need to keep watch of their overprotectiveness since it might lead to negative behaviors.

It is crucial to train them regularly with the right exercise and give them enough mental stimulation to lessen their pent-up energy. An active dog requires an active, adventurous owner with a spacious yard.

Be sure to always tag them along with your trips and keep them socialized because they love being around their owners and exploring the outside world.

27. Basset Shepherd (Basset Hound & German Shepherd Mix)

Basset Shepherd Basset Hound German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: emmathebassetshepherd / Instagram

The Basset Shepherd is a cross that came from the German Shepherd and the Basset Hound.

They usually inherit the size of their Basset Hound parent, while the color of their coat comes from the genes of the German Shepherd. 

They are very obedient and smart, which makes it easier to train and socialize them as early as possible. It will be beneficial for your dog when encountering other pets outside their home. 

Although they don’t seem like they need that much exercise, it is still vital to regularly take them on walks or provide them with fun indoor activities.

Their all-around friendliness and protective traits make them perfect family companions. If you plan on getting a Basset Shepherd, you are going to love them, and they will reciprocate that affection to you.

28. German Pomeranian (Pomeranian & German Shepherd Mix)

German Pomeranian Pomeranian German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: lucy.the.germaranian / Instagram

This is a Pomeranian German Shepherd mix. Another cross that might make you wonder and ask, “how?”

The appearance of a German Pomeranian may be easy to predict, but their temperament may be quite difficult to determine since the parent breeds’ personalities differ.

Pomeranians are on the friendlier side, while confident German Shepherds tend to be a bit reserved around other people sometimes. 

Pomeranian German Shepherd mixes, as a result, may have a protective but friendly personality with a hint of a brazen, bossy attitude.

When it comes to training and exercise, a patient and gentle handler must take charge of these hybrid dogs. 

Although their alertness makes them a great watchdog, if their loud and constant barking is not disciplined, it may become an aggression problem.

Overall, Pomeranian German Shepherd mixes are wonderful family dogs that will entertain and protect their loved ones.

29. Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix

Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: redd_theshepherd / Instagram

Looking for another German Shepherd mix that can accompany your active lifestyle?

The German Australian Shepherd might be perfect for you. It is a cross between a German Shepherd and an Australian Shepherd.

The Aussie Shepherd’s personality is a combination of the affectionate, intelligent, and energetic German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd. 

Their high levels of energy and eagerness to learn make them perfectly athletic.

You’ll surely have fun having this German Shepherd mix by your side on your daily jogs. Their alertness makes them wonderful watchdogs for families as well. 

Their clingy trait, though, is not something an owner should tolerate. The German Aussie will lead to separation anxiety which has a possibility of developing negative behavior. 

Overall, this fun-spirited, protective Aussie German Shepherd mix will keep you happy and healthy all throughout.

30. New Shep (Newfoundland & German Shepherd Mix)

New Shep Newfoundland German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: axlejax / Instagram

The New Shep is a cross between two individually popular dog breeds, the German Shepherd and the Newfoundland.

They are ideally mixed to adopt their parent breeds’ most desirable traits, which are their calm temperament, loyalty, and protectiveness. Those personalities make them even more perfect as family companions.

They are a laid-back kind of pet, but they know how to have fun with their humans.

These lovable Newfie Shepherds require a lot of exercise, whether in a large backyard at home or outside, where they can go for an extra adventure with you.

Because they are agile swimmers, they also love being in the water. So a swim will definitely help them burn that pent-up energy.

Socializing them while still at a young age will help you in the long run. Newfie Shepherds might seem intimidating, but they love meeting new pets and people.

31. Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix

Blue Heeler German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: rex_theheeler / Instagram

The Blue Heeler Shepherd, also known as the German Shepherd Heeler, is a cross between a German Shepherd and a Blue Heeler. 

Unlike other German Shepherd mixes that have been existing for a longer period of time, this mix only began around 30 years ago.

Since they are known for their bravery, loyalty, strength, agility, and protectiveness, they are considered excellent guard dogs and family companions. 

However, due to their energetic personality, an active individual fits this hybrid better.

Blue Heeler German Shepherd mixes are intelligent, quick learners. Experienced handlers will encounter no problems with this dog while training.

As early as possible, it is important to provide your puppies with consistent obedience training, lots of physical exercises, and mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy.

Blue Heeler German Shepherd mixes are loyal, intelligent, and brave dogs who are willing to protect their family. Their agile and adventurous traits will never bore you, as you will have fun adventures together.

32. Spanierd (Springer Spaniel & German Shepherd Mix)

Spanierd Springer Spaniel German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: willow_the_spanierd / Instagram

This adorable one called a Spaniard is a designer breed that resulted from the combined German Shepherd and Springer Spaniel. 

Known for its amiable personality and people-pleasing character, this dog makes a perfect addition to your family.

They are all about fun and sweetness. Spanierds are extra fond of children. With the perfect training starting puppyhood, they can be sociable to almost everyone they encounter.

Spanierds love peaceful walks, but they will be up for any kind of fun outdoor activity as long as they are with their familiars. 

Daily exercise will keep their optimal health and will surely boost their happiness. They also like chewing, so always provide them with toys they can play with.

33. Airedale Shepherd (Airedale Terrier & German Shepherd Mix)

Airedale Shepherd Airedale Terrier German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: sonyamspence / Instagram

The Airedale Shepherd is a hybrid dog with an Airedale Terrier parent and a German Shepherd parent. They are very lively, intelligent, and have a lot of energy, enough to play with people and other dogs.

They love to learn from their humans. Positive reinforcement keeps them happy, as well as a lot of exercise with fun and mind-enhancing activities.

Airedale Shepherds can be a little bit aloof. That is why socializing with other people and pets is important to them.

Although they can be friendly to other dogs, due to the Airedale Terrier and German Shepherd genes, they have a natural instinct to treat small animals as prey. 

They might chase them around if that specific behavior isn’t given attention.

Nonetheless, these beautiful Airedale Shepherds are eager to learn from a handler with a lot of kindness and patience. They are loving pets who love adventure.

34. American Bulldog Shepherd (American Bulldog & German Shepherd Mix)

American Bulldog Shepherd American Bulldog German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: fenrirthefaithful / Instagram

The American Bulldog Shepherd, known for its loyalty, affection, and protectiveness, is a mix of a German Shepherd and an American Bulldog.

They are famous for their dedication to protecting their humans because of their guarding instincts. However, they are not that suitable for first-time owners. 

Bulldog German Shepherd mixes do best with a firm, confident, and kind handler with enough patience to train them from puppyhood and consistently do even as adult dogs.

They are active dogs that need exercise every day to keep them healthy and lessen their pent-up energy. They love doing task-focused activities and thrive from positive reinforcement. 

Teach them how to be well-behaved to avoid their destructive behaviors. Early socialization will help them to easily adapt to the environment they come across every now and then.

This active, loving hybrid will surely be a fun companion and brave protector for you and your family.

35. Canaan Dog German Shepherd Mix

Canaan Dog German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: spike_canaan_shepherd / Instagram

This mixed breed is produced from a Canaan Dog and the German Shepherd dog. They are intelligent, watchful, and loyal canines.

They are also high-spirited and a bit challenging to train, which is something you must look out for if you want this mix.

A firm and patient handler who is willing enough to keep this mix well-behaved will bring out the best in them.

Just like any other dogs, they do not like to be left alone at home. They will be on their best behavior if they are physically trained, mentally stimulated, and socialized as early as puppyhood.

The Canaan Dog German Shepherd cross makes good guard dogs. They know how to be alert and how to sense a threat around them.

Although they aren’t as cuddly as the others, they know how to bond well with their family.

36. Shiba Inu German Shepherd Mix

Shiba Inu German Shepherd Mix
Image credit: adventuresofbellagrey / Instagram

The incredible Shiba Inu German Shepherd mix is a brilliant, highly active, and devoted crossbreed.

They are great companions for experienced dog owners who can provide enough training, exercise, and a care routine.

Due to their natural high prey drive, they may tend to hunt small animals such as bunnies or mice and bring them to you if this behavior is not taken care of as soon as possible.

Shiba Inu German Shepherd mixes need constant mental stimulation and a lot of exercise to keep them at their best temperament and avoid possible negative behaviors.

They also love being praised by their owners. Positive reinforcement keeps them going after accomplishing tasks.

37. Sheltie Shepherd (Shetland Sheepdog & German Shepherd Mix)

Sheltie Shepherd Shetland Sheepdog German Shepherd Mix
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The wonderful Sheltie Shepherd is a mix between the German Shepherd and the Shetland Sheepdog. They are known to be very friendly, active, and loyal.

They make admirable family pets and are great with everyone. They can be friendly with children and other pets, but they need to be looked after.

The social skills of a Sheltie Shepherd actually depend on how they were trained to be around others at an early age. 

They are born as natural herders, so they may tend to herd children and other pets smaller than their size, so keep in mind that they should avoid this.

They need consistency in mental stimulation to keep their minds awake and in physical activities to get rid of their daily pent-up energies.

They are fast learners, so as a handler, you won’t have that much of an issue regarding that.

38. Parson Russell Terrier German Shepherd Mix

Parson Russell Terrier German Shepherd Mix
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The Parson Russell Terrier & German Shepherd cross is well-known for being curious, smart, and sharp. They work best with experienced and patient dog handlers who can keep them well-behaved.

They love long walks that can satisfy their innate curiosity. This is also a way to lessen their energy level and keep them calm.

Although intelligent, they can be quite challenging to handle due to their bossy demeanor. That is why they need a persistent handler who can firmly guide them.

Socialization, mental stimulation, and physical exercise are important to them. If you are active and love adventures, the Parson Russell Terrier German Shepherd mix is the right companion for you. 

39. German Anatolian Shepherd (Anatolian Shepherd & German Shepherd Mix)

Anatolian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix
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The German Anatolian Shepherd is a large designer dog with an independent streak. They are mostly found in Turkey, where crossing GSDs and Anatolian Shepherds is prevalent.

This hybrid requires a firm and patient owner since it can display stubbornness and territorial tendencies. They should also have experience handling large dogs.

Active families with large spaces in their homes are suitable for the German Anatolian mix. They might not work well with those that have smaller pets. 

Fortunately, early socialization can help them let their guard down and open other animals to the pack.

As working dogs, they also need around two hours of consistent physical activities each day.

Mental stimulation is also as important as exercise since this mix can develop negative behaviors due to boredom.

40. Coyote Shepherd (Coyote & German Shepherd Mix)

Coyote Shepherd Coyote German Shepherd Mix
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Last but definitely not least is this amusing mix — the Coyote Shepherd. This is a unique cross of a German Shepherd and a Coyote.

This hybrid is not classified as a dog species due to the Coyote’s genetics. Although biologically compatible, they are artificially and safely bred by expert breeders. 

A Coyote Shepherd has an unpredictable temperament, but they are said to be energetic, fast, intelligent, and agile.

They are not for the faint of heart. They are not really fit for families with children. But if you are an experienced dog owner with an active lifestyle, this mix is ideal for you.

Coyote German Shepherd mixes are very active and big eaters. They also come in a variety of colors, including the more common black, brown, and sable, as well as the rarer blue and liver GSD colors. 

How Much Does a German Shepherd Mix Cost? Puppy Prices & Expenses

Since German Shepherd mixes vary in size, coat color, and, most especially, the breed to be paired, the estimated price would probably range more or less between $800 and $3,500. The rarity will also be a factor to consider.

Here is a chart of the expenses you need to provide for your German Shepherd mix puppy:

Type of ExpenseCost 
Food and Treats$80 – $120
Food and Water Bowls$10 – $35
Bed$40 – $200
Crate$50 – $500
Leashes and Collars$15 – $50
Toys$30 – $50
Grooming Essentials$40 – $180
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$50 – $200
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $300
Initial Vaccine Shots$75 – $200
Neutering or Spaying$50 – $500
Dog License$10 – $20
Microchip$40 – $60
Miscellaneous Supplies$15 – $30
Total Initial Cost$605 – $2,245

Now that you have an initial idea of how much your puppy expenses will be, you should have that covered, plus other continuous costs such as dog food, grooming, and medications. 

However, take note that the size of your dog will affect your budget. It’s best to be sure that you have more than enough.

Although we know the cost of owning a German Shepherd, the story is a little different when it comes to the cost of owning GSD mixes. Due to some differences, you may need to spend more or less on your hybrid dog.

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Places to Find German Shepherd Mix Puppies for Sale and Adoption

German Shepherd mix puppy for sale and adoption

German Shepherds mixed with a different breed may vary in terms of rarity. Some crosses are popular and easy to find, while some are quite hard to look for. 

It takes great compassion and patience to find a hybrid that you prefer, but in the end, it should be worth it.

You may check out our puppy buying guide to make sure you are to meet reputable breeders and shelters.

Listed here are some sources where you can find your very own German Shepherd mix puppies:

  • Puppy Spot – PuppySpot is a flourishing community of dog lovers dedicated to connecting their top breeders to passionate families in search of a puppy. You may check their website, and they will assist you in your hunt for a German Shepherd mix pup.
  • Good Dog – This is another website with reputable breeders and shelters that are passionate about their dogs’ utmost being. They will provide guidance throughout your search for a quality GSD mix puppy.
  • Lancaster Puppies – This is an advertising community that helps dog breeders and dog lovers connect them to families who are in search of puppies and adult dogs for sale. They offer many types of German Shepherd puppy mixes on their website.
  • Greenfield Puppies – This is a family-run website that aims to provide healthy puppies, including GSD mixes, to caring families. They prioritize the pups’ well-being, so all of their breeders are expected to fulfill all guidelines that they have provided before being approved.

If you haven’t found the GSD mix of your dreams from the above-mentioned sources, try to consider dog adoption.

To get you started, here are some rescues where you may find German Shepherd mix puppies:

  • Coastal German Shepherd Rescue – This non-profit organization is devoted to providing a new and permanent haven for German Shepherds and German Shepherd mixes. If you decide to visit their shelter, you must first fill out an online application form on their website and wait for them to contact you.
  • All Shepherd Rescue – All Shepherd Rescue is an organization of caring volunteers dedicated to saving, rehabilitating, and finding forever homes for their German Shepherd dogs and mixes. They also provide veterinary care, spaying and neutering, as well as training dogs under their care.
  • Saving Shepherds of MN – They are a foster-based rescue society created by volunteers that constantly save German Shepherd dogs and German Shepherd mixes by finding them a genuine home since 2015. They have also partnered with Grounds and Hounds Coffee Co., so when you purchase a cup of coffee from them, you also help save lives.

It is never a bad thing to adopt. In fact, you are helping a dog to have another chance to live a happy life. 

It might be on the cheaper side, but keep in mind that caring for a dog is a huge responsibility that should not be taken for granted.

If you are on a tight budget but still persistent about having a German Shepherd mix pup, read our guide on the 13 ways to find free puppies in your area for adoption.

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Final Thoughts

Pets, whether purebred dogs or mixed breeds, will rely on you their entire lives but will repay you with affection, protection, and their utmost loyalty.

The German Shepherd breed is versatile to be crossed with different breeds that make unique offspring with great variations of personalities.

Most of these German Shepherd mixes may have flaws that need attention, but the natural instinct of the GSD to be brave enough to protect their loved ones is one of their best traits.

Did a particular GSD hybrid catch your eye? Which German Shepherd mix did you find super interesting? Let us know in the comments below!

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