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Yorkie Mixes: 40 Cutest Yorkshire Terrier Mixes (With Pictures)

Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie mixes and mixed breeds with pictures

Yorkshire Terrier mixes are undoubtedly some of the most sought-after designer dog breeds out there. Because of their size, looks, and personality, Yorkie mixes have become popular canine companions.

The emergence of designer dog breeding has allowed more options of Yorkie mixes for potential dog owners to choose from.

So if you’re looking for a pet but you want more choices than a purebred Yorkie, here’s a guide for you.

We gathered a list of the 40 cutest Yorkie mixes that will definitely catch your interest! Whether you’re looking for a lapdog or an active dog, there will surely be a Yorkie mix that will be paw-fect just for you!

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40 Yorkie Mixes

In this list, you’ll learn the most common and rare Yorkie mixes. You’ll discover their unique appearance, temperament, and just how adorable they are.

Read along and be captivated by these canines!

1. Yorkipoo (Poodle & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Yorkipoo Poodle Yorkshire Terrier Mix

This cute and curly pooch has been one of the most popular Yorkshire Terrier crosses around. Besides its adorable looks, the Yorkipoo or Yorkie poo has also been regarded as an excellent canine companion.

A cross between a standard or a miniature Poodle and a Yorkie, the Yorkipoo was first designed as a lapdog that is suitable for people with allergies. 

Yorkipoos have medium-length coats that have normal density, making them low-shedding dogs.

Generally, their coats are softer than most dogs, with slight waves or curls that they take after their mini Poodle parent. 

Like the Poodle breed, the Yorkipoo can also come in different colors, such as tan and black.

This Yorkie Poodle mix is as fun-loving as its parent breeds. Yorkie Poodle mixes also love exploring and being active.

They are sweet and loyal companion dogs that enjoy the company of their owners and families.

2. Chorkie (Chihuahua & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Chorkie Chihuahua Yorkshire Terrier Mix

Mixing two of the world’s smallest dog breeds brings a tiny pup with a big personality.

This cross between a Chihuahua and a Yorkie is known as a playful, outgoing, and silly pooch that goes well with active households.

Coming from two tiny parent breeds, Chorkies can weigh between 8 and 15 pounds with a height of around six to nine inches tall. They can be either smaller or bigger than an average Chihuahua or Yorkie.

Chihuahua Yorkie mixes are considered hypoallergenic with their low-shedding coat. But if a Chorkie inherits its Chihuahua parent’s coat, it might shed a bit more, especially if it’s a long-haired Chihuahua.

Chorkies usually have light-colored and silky medium-length coats that come in various colors. The coat color can either be a solid color or a blend of their parents’ coat colors. 

3. Morkie (Maltese & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Morkie Maltese Yorkshire Terrier Mix

A Morkie is a mixed breed between a purebred Maltese and a purebred Yorkie.

Also called Morkshire Terrier, the Morkie is known as an energetic and affectionate companion dog that can also be an excellent watchdog.

They tend to be curious and have the tough side from the Yorkie parent. They are also often wary of strangers. Typically, Morkies notify their owners through barking when they notice something different.

Taking after the Maltese parent’s friendly nature, Morkies also love socializing with other dogs and people.

Within the household, these lovable fluff balls tend to latch on to one family member, but they still get along with others.

Appearance-wise, Morkies’ coats can vary in color, and Morkie puppies have coat colors that can change over time. They can range from white, brown, black, or a mix of these colors.

4. Yorkichon (Bichon Frise & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Yorkichon Bichon Frise Yorkshire Terrier Mix

Another little eye candy that came from cross-breeding a Yorkie with another small dog breed is the Yorkichon. This Bichon Frise Yorkshire Terrier mix is known as an alert, loving, and smart dog. 

As a mixed breed, a Yorkichon may have a combination of its parent breeds’ traits. Generally, Yorkichons are independent dogs that also enjoy spending time with their owners. 

Bichon Frise Yorkie mixes can also be excellent watchdogs if they are trained properly. They tend to bark excessively with a high-pitch voice, so it’s best to get this behavior under control.

In terms of looks, the Yorkie Bichon mix has a full and dense soft coat that comes in different colors, such as the colors of its parent breed Bichon Frise or the Yorkie.

Both the Yorkie and Bichon Frise are considered hypoallergenic, so it is most likely that the same goes for a Yorkichon.

5. Pugshire (Pug & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Pugshire Pug Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: buddy.thepugshire / Instagram

Standard Pugs are already small in stature, and even tinier teacup Pugs do exist. But here’s another contender when it comes to cuteness: the Pug and Yorkshire mix, better known as the Pugshire!

The Pugshire has a small face, round eyes with colors that can range from dark to hazel, a black nose and muzzle tip, as well as floppy ears. 

Pugshires can vary in appearance as they can resemble more of the Pug parent or the Yorkie one.

Personality-wise, the Pugshire has the Pug’s lively disposition and the Yorkshire Terrier’s affectionate behavior. These social dogs love cuddles and playtime due to their high energy levels and playful nature.

Pugshires are also known as clever dogs with alert and attentive tendencies, making them good watchdogs.

But just like their parent breeds, they also have innate stubbornness, so it’s best to train them with firm hands and patience.

6. Affenshire (Affenpinscher & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Affenshire Affenpinscher Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: alfie_says_relax / Instagram

The Affenshire is a cross between a purebred Affenpinscher and a purebred Yorkshire Terrier. This pooch is known as an intelligent dog that has a curious nature. Affenshires are also quick learners, making them highly trainable.

Affenshires can display features from both parent breeds. Their coat colors and markings may vary even within the same litter. They often come in the colors fawn, blue, red, gray, and black.

The Yorkie gene dominates if an Affenshire possesses a long, silky coat. Meanwhile, the Affenpinscher parent may pass down a rough coat and mustached face. 

Usually, they have a dark nose and brown or amber eye color. They can either have droopy or pointy ears. Most Affenshires also have an underbite taken after their Affenpinscher side.

Affenshires have a spunky attitude and alert nature that make them good watchdogs. Though they have playful personalities, they don’t require lots of physical activities.

7. Dorkie (Dachshund & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Dorkie Dachshund Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: cini.the.dorkie / Instagram

This little mutt is a mix between a Dachshund and a Yorkie. It lives true to its name as a dorky, playful, and easy-going dog that loves attention. The Dorkie also goes by the names Dorkie Terrier and Doxie Yorkie.

The Dorkie has a friendly nature and can get along well with other animals and even kids.

In the household, Dorkies tend to form a strong bond with their main owner and can be a little demanding as they require lots of attention. 

Dorkies are also active dogs around the house, but with their short legs, they don’t need long walks.

Dachshund Yorkie mixes also tend to gain weight when overfed, so proper exercise and feeding are needed.

Taking care of a Dorkie is not the most ideal for those who suffer from allergies. But their coats are considered low-maintenance and require only three to four brushings weekly.

8. Yorkipom (Pomeranian & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Yorkipom Pomeranian Yorkshire Terrier Mix

Pomeranians are already adorable fluff balls, be it a teddy bear or a teacup Pomeranian.

But what happens if you mix this pooch with another lovely breed like the Yorkie? You’ll get a cute and tiny fur pal, the Yorkipom!

The Yorkipom, also known as Yorkie Pom or Yoranian, is a lively, affectionate dog that has a loyal and protective nature. Yorkie poms also tend to be independent dogs, influenced by their Pomeranian side.

Yorkipoms stand about six to ten inches tall, weighing no more than seven pounds.

With their small size and loving behavior, they are suitable companion dogs for older people and those who live either in big or small apartments.

They can also work as service dogs. Yorkie Pomeranian mixes can also be trained to spot medical problems such as seizures once they’re given special training.

They are also highly receptive to training, even for first-time owners.

9. Borkie (Beagle & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Borkie Beagle Yorkshire Terrier Mix

Beagles and Yorkies look nothing alike, so it is only fair to wonder what their offspring would look like.

The crossbreeding of the two famous dog breeds didn’t disappoint, with the cuteness and uniqueness of the Borkie!

One of the most popular features of a Beagle is its long, floppy ears. So if you’re curious that a Borkie has the same type of ears, it is possible, but it still depends on whether a Borkie takes after its Beagle parent more.

Most Borkies have a Yorkie-like coat that requires heavy maintenance. When it comes to their coat colors, it can vary as they can inherit the colors and patterns of both parent breeds. 

Though Beagles and Yorkies differ in looks, they both share a common ground as hunting dogs.

So expect that a Borkie can display the same hunting drive. Despite their high prey drive, these dogs can make great family pets.

10. Shorkie (Shih Tzu & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Shorkie Shih Tzu Yorkshire Terrier Mix

If you can’t get enough of the cuteness of a Shih Tzu and you’re looking for a toy dog but the teacup Shih Tzu’s too small for you, then the Shorkie will surely pique your interest! 

This mix between a Shih Tzu and a Yorkie usually weighs around 5 to 15 pounds with a height of about six to 14 inches. Shorkies can either be larger or smaller than an average-sized Shih Tzu or Yorkie.

Shih Tzu Yorkie mixes often have straight, medium-length coats and are generally considered ideal for allergy sufferers. They are also deemed as high-maintenance dogs when it comes to grooming.

Much like their Shih Tzu parent, Shorkies are also not well-suited for extreme weather. 

Despite these qualities, Shih Tzu Yorkie mix dogs adopt the calm and friendly nature of the Shih Tzu, making them kid-friendly and great family dogs.

11. Yorkie Pin (Miniature Pinscher & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Yorkie Pin Miniature Pinscher Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: albie_pin / Instagram

Another mixed breed full of fun is this little charmer, the Yorkie Pin. A cross between a purebred Miniature Pinscher and a Yorkie, the Yorkie Pin is known for its hunting abilities.

Yorkie Pins are also admired by many dog lovers because of their hyperactive nature and friendliness.

These qualities make them good companion dogs for owners with active lifestyles who also like a devoted pooch by their side.

Taking care of a Yorkie Pin requires constant supervision as this mixed breed yearns for lots of attention. Yorkie Pins often have a habit of getting into mischief, and they also get agitated when left alone for a long period of time.

Looks-wise, Yorkie Pins typically have a tiny and compact body with either black or brown fur.

They could be either larger or smaller than their parent breeds and have the same lifespan as a healthy Yorkie and Miniature Pinscher.

12. King Charles Yorkie (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

King Charles Yorkie Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: mitchthedog1 / Instagram

This tiny head-turner is a result of mixing the Yorkie with another equally charismatic dog breed, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. 

These attractive dogs have smooth, lustrous coats that come in various colors. Yorkie Cavs, just like their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parents, are considered moderate shedders and are not too demanding to maintain.

Besides the captivating looks, the King Charles Yorkie mix has a cheerful and affectionate nature that makes it a great companion dog.

Yorkie Cavs are also known for having the best qualities of their parent breeds when it comes to sporting, hunting, and performing tricks.

They can be a little nippy with small animals, but this could be managed with proper socialization.

On top of being alert and intelligent dogs, they also have a protective nature that allows them to be excellent watchdogs. 

13. Goldenshire (Golden Retriever & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Goldenshire Golden Retriever Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: la.famille.du.rang / Instagram

If you’re looking for a goofy cuddle buddy, then you might want to consider getting a Goldenshire! The Golden Retriever Yorkie mix pooch is an easy-going, sociable dog with a sweet yet spunky attitude.

Typically, Goldenshires are larger than the Yorkie but smaller than the average Golden Retriever.

Their heads are covered with medium to long hair, and their muzzles resemble more of the Golden Retriever’s muzzle, even the nose color.

Golden Retriever Yorkie mixes are outgoing, adventurous, and energetic dogs. They enjoy being included in every activity.

They like to play, interact, and even do the classic Golden Retriever trait of fetching random things

This goofball is also good with children and can adapt to apartment living. But a home with a spacious backyard is ideal for this pooch due to the Goldenshire’s playful nature.

14. Yorkinese (Pekingese & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Yorkinese Pekingese Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: theyorkinese / Instagram

Known for their elegant appearance and pleasing personality, the Yorkinese is a cross between a purebred Pekingese and a purebred Yorkshire Terrier. The Yorkinese is a loyal and affectionate breed with a dash of boldness.

Yorkinese dogs usually have round and dark button eyes, round noses that peep through their facial hair, short feet, and bushy tails.

They can be found in a variety of coat colors, such as black, tan, and fawn, to name a few.

These little furballs typically possess a long coat similar to their parent breeds’ coats. If it takes after the Yorkie parent, a pup exhibits fine, silky, and wavy hair while the Pekingese gene influences a coarser and wiry coat. 

Yorkinese dogs are also known as intelligent mixed breeds. However, they also tend to be stubborn and bark unnecessarily at times. It’s best to properly train them to deal with any unruly behavior.

15. Boston Yorkie (Boston Terrier & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Boston Yorkie Boston Terrier Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: rzathemutt / Instagram

The Boston Yorkie is a hybrid of two purebred terrier dogs: the Boston Terrier and the Yorkshire Terrier. It is one of the most common Boston mixes that is known for its intelligence and fun-loving attitude.

Besides their good temperament, Boston Yorkies also have distinct looks. They often have shaggy coats and unique tuxedo markings, slim but furry tails, dark eyes, button noses, and large and upright ears.

This pooch may seem small, but it has a feisty behavior towards other dogs. With this, early socialization is recommended.

Despite this tendency, Boston Yorkies are friendly dogs that are even shy with strangers sometimes.

As people-oriented dogs, Boston Yorkies can fit into any household. Although, expect that these energetic dogs won’t be laid-back lap dogs.

They often thrive with owners that cherish their curious and adventurous nature.

16. Corkie (Cocker Spaniel & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Corkie Cocker Spaniel Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: fifithefufu / Instagram

Corkies may be too hairy for some people, but they’re arguably too cute to resist!

Having a Cocker Spaniel and a Yorkie as parents, the Corkie doesn’t just inherit its parents’ coats but their amazing qualities as well.

Though Corkies have small bodies, they are built sturdy with athletic features. In general, Corkies have floppy ears, black noses, and dark expressive eyes. 

Just like its medium-shedder Cocker Spaniel parent, the Corkie is not considered a low-maintenance breed when it comes to grooming. Corkies have long, dense fur that is prone to matting.

Some Corkie owners even find their pup’s grooming costs to be the biggest expense they encounter as most of them take their Corkies to professional groomers. 

But don’t let these minor disadvantages set you back, as these jolly furballs make wonderful pets. They are innately people-pleasers who get along well with people of any age. 

17. Snorkie (Miniature Schnauzer & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Snorkie Miniature Schnauzer Yorkshire Terrier Mix

The Snorkie is a cross between a Miniature Schnauzer and a Yorkie. This pooch is an affectionate, playful, and friendly dog.

Snorkies are active and energetic dogs that need physical and mental exercise every day.

The Snorkie can have the coat color and texture of either parent breed and even a mix of them. They could have silky coats or rough and coarse coats. Usually, their muzzles are short, and their eyes are very dark.

Don’t let the looks of this little fur ball fool you, as Snorkies can be fierce and feisty. They have big personalities that can sometimes come across as bossy. 

Though they’re known as brave dogs, they aren’t aggressive and are naturally friendly toward other dogs.

18. Lorkie (Lhasa Apso & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Lorkie Lhasa Apso Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: simbathelorkie / Instagram

Also known as Yorkie-Apso or Lharkie, the Lorkie is a mix between a purebred Lhasa Apso and a purebred Yorkshire Terrier.

This loyal and devoted pooch is adored by pet lovers due to its calm temperament.

Compared to other little dogs, the Lorkie rarely barks. Add this quality on top of their loving personality and small size, and you’ll get a furry pal that’s suitable for apartment or tiny house living.

Looking at a Yorkie-Apso might give you a vibe that it sheds heavily due to its rich coat of fur.

Surprisingly, Lorkies are low-shedders, and much like their Lhasa Apso parents, they are compatible even with allergy sufferers. 

The Lorkie comes in beautiful shades of tan, white, brown, and black. It has tiny and floppy ears, a medium-length muzzle, and almond-shaped eyes.

This cute fluffy dog prefers calm surroundings and behaves best in smaller homes.

19. Griffonshire (Brussels Griffon & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Griffonshire Brussels Griffon Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: petsitgirls / Instagram

This small, sassy pup is a hybrid of a purebred Brussels Griffon and a purebred Yorkie. Griffonshire has gained popularity among mixed breeds due to its charming scruffy looks and affectionate personality.

Griffonshires are also known for being smart. They can pick up tricks and can be trained easily. However, they have stubborn tendencies and require consistent and firm training.

Besides their intelligence, they are also courageous to the point that they can be unaware of their small size. Some Griffonshires even have the small dog syndrome, just like other small breeds.

Luckily, these behaviors can be managed with proper training and socialization at a young age.

Positive reinforcement will also help a lot to motivate and change a pup’s behavior, be it through giving treats and praises.

20. Carkie (Cairn Terrier & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Carkie Cairn Terrier Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: geralt_of_carnegie / Instagram

Another cross of two terrier breeds is this tiny fellow, the Carkie. This mix between a Cairn Terrier and a Yorkshire Terrier brings an athletic canine with a cunning intellect. 

Carkies are also known as adaptable dogs who are extremely loyal and sociable. This pooch can often get along with practically anyone. However, a Carkie can also be wary of strangers at times.

When it comes to appearance, a Carkie may resemble the Yorkie or the Cairn Terrier, and it can also be a blend. Usually, some common features of a Carkie include furry, upright V-shaped ears.

Carkies also have medium-sized muzzles, black noses, round brown eyes, short tails that can be slightly curled, and round paws. They typically have medium-length and shaggy coats.

These coats are considered hypoallergenic, too. They are referred to as hygienic dogs as they don’t drool and don’t have some kind of odor.

21. Ratshire (Rat Terrier & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Ratshire Rat Terrier Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: benji_with_the_curlytail / Instagram

You might have seen the tiny, elf-like canines called toy Rat Terriers. If you find this breed cute and interesting, then this mixed breed might catch your attention, too!

While toy Rat Terriers are a variant of the American Rat Terrier, the Ratshire is a hybrid one that comes from crossbreeding a purebred Rat Terrier and a Yorkie. The Ratshire Terrier is best known for being sweet, spunky, and stubborn.

This feisty fellow is full of energy. If you want a lazy lap dog, then a Ratshire Terrier may not be the best option for you. This playful canine requires mental and physical stimulation and has a high prey drive as well.

While they are spunky dogs, this doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy cuddling and spending a lazy afternoon with their owners.

Ratshires are naturally affectionate and loving, so a good balance of activities would be ideal.

22. Yorkillon (Papillon & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Yorkillon Papillon Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: truls.o.teddy / Instagram

A rare and recent designer hybrid, the Yorkillon is a mix between a Papillon and a Yorkie.

Even its Papillon parent, known for its elegant looks and butterfly-like ears, is considered a relatively uncommon breed in the United States.

With two different parent breeds, the Yorkillon may inherit the huge ears or coat colors from the Papillon side or resemble the appearance of the Yorkie.

As a hybrid, the actual looks and even the behavior of a pup can be hard to tell.

Yorkshire Terrier Papillon dogs have coats that can vary from the fluffy fur of the Papillon to the silky hair of the Yorkie. Some might shed seasonally like the Papillon, while others may shed less like the Yorkie.

Papillon Yorkie mixes are also curious and intelligent. With their bright minds and curiosity, they require challenging activities.

23. Havashire (Havanese & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Havashire Havanese Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: havashiresissy / Instagram

Often admired for its innocent and charming appearance, the Havashire is one of the most common Havanese and Yorkie mixes. But there’s more to this doggo than its appealing looks. 

The Havanese Yorkie mix is a sought-after mixed breed because of its amazing qualities. First, it is considered a hypoallergenic dog. This pooch is ideal for those who suffer from allergies and want a smaller pet.

The tiny size of the Havashire also makes it well-suited for an apartment or small house living. This pup also rarely barks and is incredibly loyal. 

On top of this, Havanese Yorkie mixes also tend to have a longer lifespan compared to other small dogs, just like their Havanese parent.

Often deemed as healthy dogs, the Havashires have relatively few health concerns as well.

Watch this video of Havashire puppies playing with each other to learn more about this mix:

24. Crustie (Chinese Crested & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Crustie Chinese Crested Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: fleetyandmoo / Instagram

What happens if you mix a Yorkie with a rare dog breed? The answer is a mixed breed that is also uncommon and hard to find! While this is expected, the best qualities of a Crustie might surprise you.

Chinese Crested is an uncommon breed with a high cost so expect that looking for a Crustie would be challenging.

But this lovable and playful pooch has unique looks and a good personality that makes it worthy of attention.

If the Crustie has the hairless gene of its Chinese Crested parent, it may have the same exposed skin. Meanwhile, if it takes after the Yorkie parent, it can have a long, silky coat. 

Regardless of the coat type it inherits, Crusties do not shed heavily. Like their parent breeds, Crusties also have the coat type that doesn’t do well in cold weather. Moreover, a hairless Crustie is also prone to sunburn.

25. Yorkeltie (Shetland Sheepdog & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Yorkeltie Shetland Sheepdog Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: just_nacho / Instagram

Just like other Shetland Sheepdog mixes, the Yorkeltie is another crossbreed that oozes too much cuteness! You’ll have to brace yourself before knowing more about this pooch and falling in love with it.

It’s not hard to get smitten by this charmer as it has a lovely appearance with a structure that seems delicate. 

Yorkelties look like little angels with their round, naive eyes. Typically, they resemble the ears of the Shetland Sheepdog, while others have upright ears. 

This mix also sports a rich, long double coat with a bit of a wiry texture that comes in various shades like brown, white, and black. The Yorkeltie also often has a modestly lengthy tail covered in fur. 

This little bundle of joy has a sweet personality that makes it an ideal companion. Yorkeltie is also a highly-intelligent dog who likes to please everyone around and a loyal pooch that adores children.

26. Torkie (Toy Fox Terrier & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Torkie Toy Fox Terrier Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: sleepinsophie / Instagram

Mixing a Toy Fox Terrier and a Yorkie brings a petite canine that’s also sassy and smart. The Torkie usually stands just about six to nine inches and weighs around 7 to 10 pounds.

Unlike other dog breeds, female Torkies tend to be the same size as their male counterparts.

These dogs exude a proud demeanor with their perky stance. The Torkie usually has a tiny round face, round eyes and nose, and a glossy coat. 

The Torkie can adapt easily to surroundings as it can switch from its enthusiastic behavior to a relaxed disposition. This trait makes the Torkies ideal for urban living. 

Torkies are also confident and outgoing, but they don’t do well around children because they can get moody and nippy. But since they are intelligent dogs, they can be trained and socialized early.

27. Westkie (West Highland White Terrier & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Westkie West Highland White Terrier Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: fourcheterrier / Instagram

The Westkie, more commonly known as the Fourche Terrier, is a cross between a purebred West Highland White Terrier and a purebred Yorkie.

This hybrid is known for its eagerness to please, protectiveness, and intelligence.

This adorable pooch typically has a round face covered in fur, tight and short jaws, almond-shaped eyes, and pointed ears. The Westkie also has an alert and curious expression.

Fourche Terriers also have medium-length hair that can come in various colors like white, black, chocolate & dark brown, light brown & gold, white & cream, and gray & black. They usually have rough and thick coats.

These silly little pups love to entertain with their goofy behavior. They have a happy and friendly nature that allows them to get along well with small children and other animals.

28. Cotonshire (Coton de Tulear & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Cotonshire Coton de Tulear Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: chloethecotonball / Instagram

One of the rarest Yorkie mixes, the Cotonshire is a cross between a purebred Coton de Tulear and a purebred Yorkie. This sweet and cuddly pooch is a playful dog that loves to have fun and socialize.

Cotonshires often show foolish behavior to attract attention. They don’t like being isolated, can cope with other people, and are friendly toward other dogs. At home, they bond well with their owners and families.

Thanks to both their parent breeds, Cotonshires have unique and beautiful physical characteristics. These fur babies have long, fluffy coats, cute snouts, folded ears, and expressive, marble-like eyes.

The Cotonshire is also an independent dog that can be stubborn at times. This may make it a bit difficult to train this pooch, so they need firm and consistent training.

29. Scorkie (Scottish Terrier & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Scorkie Scottish Terrier Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: sagethescorkie / Instagram

The Scorkie, a mix between a Scottish Terrier and a Yorkie, is often called a tiny pup with an endearing ‘old man’ disposition because of its impressive intelligence, drive, and tenacity.

When it comes to looks, Scorkies can give off a mature demeanor but still look like adorable, innocent pooches.

Usually, they have square-shaped heads, large round eyes, upright and triangular ears, and short legs.

Their coats are often long and may range in different colors from black to tan and gray. Scorkies also have long muzzles and long hair that usually look like a beard, hence the ‘old man’ look.

The Scorkie is also a loyal and affectionate dog that is ideal for older people.

This canine is independent-minded and has a relatively low energy level compared to other dogs, so they don’t need too much exercise.

30. Yorkshire Aussie (Australian Shepherd & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Yorkshire Aussie Australian Shepherd Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: benjiindc / Instagram

This hybrid mix of an Australian Shepherd and a Yorkshire Terrier was bred as a companion dog and a watchdog. The Yorkshire Aussie is known for being gentle, alert, and courageous.

Yorkshire Aussies generally have small, compact bodies that are built proportionately to the size of their heads. Their eyes are often brown, hazel, amber, or blue. 

Some Yorkshire Aussies have triangular ears that are set high on their heads with a fold, while others have erect and tiny v-shaped ears. They often have medium-length muzzles with a scissor bite. 

Their coats can be wavy or straight, medium in length, and water-resistant. They can also come in various colors such as black, tan, red, red merle, and blue merle, to name a few.

Yorkshire Aussies can also be quite the entertainers. They are naturally sociable, and they love showing their playfulness. They are also affectionate towards other dogs and even cats.

31. Australian Yorkshire Terrier (Australian Terrier & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Australian Yorkshire Terrier Australian Terrier Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: nestumjoao / Instagram

This Yorkie mix combines an Australian Terrier and a Yorkshire Terrier. This designer dog usually has small dark eyes, a black nose, tiny paws, and v-shaped tails that are often docked.

Australian Yorkshire Terriers typically come in tan and black with water-repellent coats that are long, medium-length, and either straight or silky. They don’t have high grooming needs as they don’t shed that much. 

Besides being regarded as low-maintenance pets, Australian Yorkshire Terriers are also admired because of their intelligence and strong personality. They are innately curious and adventurous.

These dogs are also affectionate and loyal, but they don’t like being left alone for long periods. They tend to be a bit reserved when it comes to strangers and prefer older kids to small children. 

32. Yorkie Russell (Jack Russell Terrier & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Yorkie Russell Jack Russell Terrier Yorkshire Terrier Mix

This adorable and lively mix is a half Yorkie and a half Jack Russell Terrier that’s known for being highly energetic and playful. This mix is also intelligent and brave but a bit stubborn.

Yorkie Russels usually have a height not exceeding 15 inches and a weight of under 20 pounds.

Their coats are typically long, with either straight or wiry hair. They come in various colors like black, tan, white, silver, and blue.

These cute dogs often have medium-length muzzles, black noses, and long eyebrows and mustaches. They usually have folded ears and round eyes, too. Their chests and legs are muscular as well.

As a mixed breed, Yorkie Russell mixes aren’t recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). However, they can be registered in canine registries for hybrid dogs, such as the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR).

33. Corgi Yorkie (Welsh Corgi & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Corgi Yorkie Welsh Corgi Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: eden_renji_gaston_dogmonsters / Instagram

You probably know how adorable Welsh Corgis look, whether they’re tiny teacup Corgis or the fluffy ones.

But have you seen how charming a Corgi Yorkie mix is? Besides its unique looks, it has an awesome personality, too!

The distinct appearances of Corgi Yorkies could be inherited from either their Yorkie or Corgi parents or a combination of them.

One of their prominent features is their long coat which is usually glossy with a fine texture. 

Generally, these dogs have small heads with flat tops and medium-sized snouts. Their bodies are well-proportioned and compact.

These cute canines have a height of around 12 to 15 inches and a weight of about 20 to 70 pounds. 

Corgi Yorkie mixes are known for being good with children. These good-natured pups are generally loving and incredibly protective. They are also intelligent dogs that are easy to train.

34. German Yorkie Shepherd (German Shepherd & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

German Yorkie Shepherd German Shepherd Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: thelifeof_evsandco / Instagram

German Shepherds are known for being large, fearless dogs. With this, you can expect a German Yorkie mix to be as brave but in a tinier package.

In terms of looks, German Yorkie mixes can take after their German Shepherd parent or its Yorkie parent. Typically, they weigh around 7 to 50 pounds and stand between 8 and 26 inches.

A German Yorkie Shepherd can have a smooth, medium-length coat or a short-haired one if it has a short-haired German Shepherd parent. It can also inherit a smooth and long coat from the Yorkie parent.

Behavior-wise, German Yorkie mixes are persistent dogs that are eager to learn. They are also dedicated and lively. These traits make them great watchdogs and lovely companions at home.

35. Lab Yorkie (Labrador & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Lab Yorkie Labrador Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: happy.emery / Instagram

The Lab Yorkie is a cross between the Yorkshire Terrier and another popular breed, the Labrador Retriever.

This pooch is as friendly as its parent breeds, so they get along really well with kids and even other dogs.

One distinct characteristic of the Lab Yorkie is its smiley face. Besides their lovely looks, these easy-going pups are also smart. They like joining games and fun activities and love being active.

Lab Yorkies are also highly sociable. Just like their Labrador parents, these gentle dogs don’t bark at strangers. They’re also compatible with kids as they have a good balance of playfulness and patience.

When it comes to appearance, the Lab Yorkie is commonly smaller than the average Labrador but a bit larger than a Yorkie. This dog’s body is stocky and short but is well proportionate with its head.

36. Silkshire Terrier (Silkshire & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Silkshire Terrier Silkshire Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: milawithamoo / Instagram

This small dog is a mix between the Silkshire and Yorkshire Terrier. It’s an energetic, smart, and alert hybrid that makes amazing family pets, especially for those who live in smaller homes or apartments.

This is because, on top of their tiny size, they also don’t have high exercise requirements. A good playtime indoors can be enough for these dogs.

Silkshire Terriers are also considered hypoallergenic, which is ideal for allergy sufferers.

Though they are low-shedding dogs, their grooming needs are quite high. They need to be brushed daily to avoid tangling. 

Their coats are similar to human hair compared to other dog breeds; that’s why they also need to bathe often.

While these dogs lack height, they don’t lack personality. They get along really well with older kids and are incredibly devoted to their owners and families. They can also make excellent watchdogs.

37. Boxkie (Boxer & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Boxkie Boxer Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: mascaramartian / Instagram

The Boxkie is a rare hybrid between a purebred Boxer and a purebred Yorkie. Boxkies are fun-loving and loyal dogs that love to be in the presence of their owners.

This mix is also known for being a little spunky and inquisitive so if you want one, you have to be ready for some adventure or fun mischief. Boxkies also love attention, and they don’t want to be left alone.

Though Boxer Yorkie mixes are intelligent dogs, they can be quite challenging to train. They would need someone that can train them firmly and patiently. 

They also have a high prey drive and tend to chase after smaller animals. To manage this, early socialization and training will help a lot.

These dogs also like physical challenges so it’s best to keep them engaged.

38. Yorkie Pitbull (Pitbull & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Yorkie Pitbull Pitbull Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: baneinthecity / Instagram

The Pitbull and the Yorkie are both terrier breeds, but they have very different looks and even personalities. 

This is why it’s fascinating to know that crossbreeding them brings a unique, bold, and loyal pooch — the Yorkie Pitbull.

This hybrid is not as popular and common as the other Yorkie mixes, but it deserves attention, too!

Besides their distinct appearance, Yorkie Pitbulls have a unique personality as well.

While they appear intimidating and aggressive, these dogs are natural people-pleasers that are sensitive toward their owner’s feelings.

When properly socialized, Pitbull Yorkies make excellent companion dogs that go along well with children and other dogs.

39. Morkie Poo (Maltese, Poodle & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Morkie Poo Maltese Poodle Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: cooper_morkiepoo / Instagram

Morkie Poos look like stuffed toys with their little gleaming eyes and cuddly fur. But there’s more to this toy dog than its adorable looks.

This mix is known for having most of the best qualities of three different dog breeds.

The Morkie Poo is a combination of a Maltese, a Poodle, and a Yorkie. This sweet and affectionate pooch is often 4 to 7 pounds, with a height of less than nine inches.

Morkie Poos come in different colors such as brown, white, black, and even bicolored or tricolored.

They have long, soft, and wavy coats that can be silky or a bit frizzy. These little fellas are considered hypoallergenic as well. 

If you’re looking for a playful pet that’s not too hyperactive, then you might want to have a Morkie Poo in your life. This pup can be an amazing lapdog or a social companion.

40. Shorkie Poo (Shih Tzu, Poodle & Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

Shorkie Poo Shih Tzu Poodle Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Image credit: sakabo5424 / Instagram

Another small dog with a big personality is the Shorkie Poo. This mix comes from combining a Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier, and a Toy Poodle. Shorkie Poos are intelligent, active, and friendly dogs.

These tiny goofballs love playtime and cuddles, making them amazing family pets.

They are also very loyal to their owners and may even develop separation anxiety when left alone. This can lead to excessive barking.

Shorkie Poos are known for their habit of barking at strangers. They also have a high prey drive, chasing after smaller animals or pets. These concerns can be managed through socialization and training.

In terms of looks, most Shorkie Poos have straight and medium-to-long coats. They can sport one color, a mix, or even a combination of their parent’s colors, such as brown, fawn, white, blue, red, white, and black.

How Much Does a Yorkie Mix Cost? Puppy Prices & Expenses

Yorkie mix dogs usually cost around $400 to $3,600. Some Yorkie mix puppies may even cost up to $5,000 depending on rarity and other factors such as the dog’s gender, bloodline, and breeder’s location, among others.

The purchasing cost of a Yorkie mix puppy may not be far from the cost of a purebred Yorkshire Terrier or even a teacup Yorkie. Although it will still depend on the specific Yorkie mix puppy you’re looking for.

Meanwhile, here are the initial expenses you need to consider before you own a Yorkie mix dog:

Type of ExpenseCost
Food and Treats$50 – $80
Food and Water Bowls$10 – $25
Bed$30 – $150
Crate$30 – $200
Leashes and Collars$15 – $50
Toys$20 – $30
Grooming Essentials$30 – $150
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$50 – $200
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $300
Initial Vaccine Shots$75 – $200
Neutering or Spaying$50 – $500
Dog License$10 – $20
Microchip$40 – $60
Miscellaneous Supplies$15 – $30
Total Initial Cost$525 – $1,995

The table above is just an estimation of the expenses you need to provide for your Yorkie mix puppy.

Remember that each dog, whichever mixed breed you choose, has different needs, so you have to adjust accordingly.

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Places to Find Yorkie Mix Puppies for Sale and Adoption

Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie mix puppy for sale and adoption

Whether you’ve chosen the specific Yorkie mix puppy that you want to get or you’re still just browsing, the next step would be to look at reputable breeders. 

For some Yorkie mixes, it may not be that difficult to find one on the internet, but for rare ones, it could be challenging for rare ones.

Here, we gathered a list of sites where you can look for a Yorkie mix:

  • Greenfield Puppies – This site thoroughly ensures the reputation of Yorkie mix dog breeders via background checks. Yorkshire Terrier mix puppies from this source are also covered with health guarantees.
  • Lancaster Puppies – If you’re in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, and Indiana, and you’re looking for a Yorkie mix puppy, check the active ads from this site. You can also read testimonies from their clients on this site while you’re at it.
  • Keystone Puppies – Besides the health guarantees Keystone Puppies have for their Yorkie mix puppies, they also have an Animal Welfare and Breeder Accountability Specialist on board. Moreover, they have an Accredited Breeders program so that their breeders are held accountable for their breeding habits.

Looking for other options? Check out the 10 Best Yorkshire Terrier Breeders and see if they crossbreed. Make sure to read our guide on how to buy a puppy online safely as well.

Meanwhile, here are some of the rescues and places where you can find a Yorkie mix available for adoption:

  • Save a Yorkie Rescue – This Pennsylvania-based rescue started in 2002 and has now saved over 2,500 Yorkshire Terriers and their mixes. This rescue is a group of passionate volunteers dedicated to saving Yorkies and giving them a second chance at life.
  • Yorkie Rescue Houston – This charitable organization located in Texas helps reunite missing Yorkies and other small dogs with their rightful owners. If the owner isn’t located within two weeks, the dog will then be put up for adoption.
  • United Yorkie Rescue – This rescue takes in stray, abandoned, or surrendered Yorkshire Terriers and Yorkie mixes and provides them with suitable foster homes. They also provide them with rehabilitation, health care, and behavior screening, among others. 

If you still can’t find a Yorkie mix to your liking, check out this article for some other Yorkie rescues to look at. 

You may also want to check out our guide on the process of dog adoption and ways to find free puppies for adoption.

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Final Thoughts

Yorkie mix dogs surely have unique looks and characters. Depending on your lifestyle, budget, and the type of household you have, there are lots of Yorkie mixes to choose from.

You should also consider the kind of pooch you’ll own, especially if you’re selective about a dog’s appearance.

With hybrid dogs, you can never be sure of their physical features and behavior, so you should be ready for surprises.

Some Yorkie mixes are also rare, so it might take you some time and more effort to look for one.

But whichever Yorkie mix you’ll choose, you’ll surely go home with a cute, loving, and reliable furry companion! 

Do you have this mix or plan on getting one? Share your thoughts about owning a Yorkshire Terrier mix in the comment section below.