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Doberman Mixes: 45 Different Doberman Pinscher Crossbreeds

Doberman mixes and mixed breeds with pictures

If you’re looking for designer dog breeds, then you would definitely find Doberman mixes on top of that list! With their brave and loyal nature, these hybrid puppies are quickly becoming highly sought-after pets.

That said, it comes as no surprise that an increasing number of Doberman mixes can be seen almost everywhere as they get welcomed into the ranks of other designer breeds.

If you’re curious about Doberman crossbreeds and want to know what makes them so special, then read on until the end of this guide to find out more.

Who knows? You might even end up welcoming one into your home!

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45 Doberman Pinscher Mixes

Breeders started combining the purebred Doberman Pinscher with other popular dog breeds to either soften or strengthen the protective instincts of this breed.

The results are hybrid puppies in different shapes, sizes, coat colors, and temperaments. With these many combinations, there’s bound to be a perfect Doberman mix for everyone.

Take your pick from this list of 45 Doberman Pinscher mixes!

1. Doberman Shepherd (German Shepherd & Doberman Mix) 

Doberman Shepherd German Shepherd Doberman Mix
Image credit: bodhi_therescuedog / Instagram

The Doberman Shepherd mix is a powerhouse combination of two working dogs who are on par when it comes to their bravery and loyalty — the Doberman and German Shepherd. 

Doberman Shepherds have a muscular appearance and weigh approximately 100 to 120 pounds. 

If the puppies take after their German Shepherd parent, then they might inherit their coloring along with a longer and fluffier coat. 

The German Shepherd Doberman mix is the ultimate guard dog, so it’s very protective of its family. They are highly intelligent and active canines better suited to an experienced owner.

Just make sure to provide early socialization and obedience training for your Doberman German Shepherd mix so that your pup can grow to be a well-mannered and loving part of your family.

2. Doodleman Pinscher (Poodle & Doberman Mix)

Doodleman Pinscher Poodle Doberman Mix
Image credit: ruby_x_leo / Instagram

Put together the Poodle and the Doberman Pinscher and what you’ll get is the smart and adorable Doodleman Pinscher! 

The Doodleman Pinscher is the perfect combination of friendly and protective. Taking its cue from both parents, this pooch is very receptive to training and is considered one of the most intelligent Doberman mixes.

Appearance-wise, they usually inherit the dark coloring of their Doberman parent but may also adopt a dash of Poodle colors and curls. It might seem like an odd combination, but it’s one that actually works!

Thanks to their Poodle genes that have softened their protective streak, Doodleman Pinschers are a relaxed and good-natured mixed breed who make wonderful family pets. 

3. Doberdane (Great Dane & Doberman Mix) 

Doberdane Great Dane Doberman Mix
Image credit: loki.doberdane / Instagram

Doberdanes are a cross between two large dog breeds, the Great Dane and the Doberman Pinscher. This leggy canine stands at an impressive 27 to 32 inches and can weigh up to 170 pounds.

This Great Dane Doberman mix is not only a great guard dog but also a regular clown!

They are known for being big goofballs and notorious lap dogs, so expect your Doberdane to climb all over you in no time. 

Due to their size, this hybrid dog is not ideal for apartment living or families with children. Instead, they would thrive in a home with lots of running space and elbow room where they can move around freely.

4. Golderman (Golden Retriever & Doberman Mix)

Golderman Golden Retriever Doberman Mix
Image credit: noathegolderman / Instagram

Goldermans, without a doubt, are one of the friendliest Doberman mixes out there. This loyal and affectionate dog mostly takes after the temperament of its Golden Retriever parent.

Though they make great family dogs for those with small kids, children should still be supervised during these interactions to avoid accidents and too much rough play.

Goldermans are medium-sized dogs that stand 23 to 25 inches in height and weigh up to 80 pounds. These pooches are muscular and perfectly built for fieldwork, just like their parents.

Along with the Golden Retriever’s friendly personality, Goldermans inherit their thick coat as well.

This means regular grooming sessions and some amount of shedding throughout the year should be expected.

5. Rotterman (Rottweiler & Doberman Mix)

Rotterman Rottweiler Doberman Mix
Image credit: ramonatherottie / Instagram

The Rotterman is a popular Doberman mixed breed for pet owners looking for a loyal guard dog. 

With similar-looking parent breeds, expect the Rotterman’s appearance to only have slight variations. They will inherit the dark coat color of their parents and may have a heavier build than the Doberman.

Rottermans are vigilant dogs that require an experienced hand and proper obedience training for them to grow into well-adjusted canines.

Early socialization is a must for this hybrid pup. Needless to say, they are not a breed for novice pet owners as they can be stubborn and willful if not raised properly.

Get a glimpse at some well-socialized Rottermans by watching the video below:

Rotterman - Rottweiler x Doberman

6. Doberhound (Greyhound & Doberman Mix)

Doberhound Greyhound Doberman Mix
Image credit: sammiegramwatson / Instagram

Crossed from a Greyhound and a Doberman, the Doberhound is a big dog with long legs and a tapered waist.

They usually weigh around 70 to 100 pounds and love nothing more than running after an interesting scent.

They are affectionate dogs and are loyal family pets. This Doberman mix has a wonderful temperament and a playful nature which makes them great around small children.

Moreover, the Greyhound Doberman is an energetic dog that requires ample space to burn off all its excess energy, so this woofer will fit right into the homes of pet owners who have an active lifestyle. 

7. Doberkita Inu (Akita & Doberman Mix)

Doberkita Inu Akita Doberman Mix
Image credit: dougthedoberkita / Instagram

The Doberkita Inu is a result of crossbreeding the Akita Inu and the Doberman Pinscher, who are both known to be immensely loyal dogs by nature. 

If socialized early, this designer dog makes for a great family pet. They are gentle and tolerant with children while still wary of strangers and protective of their homes.

Thanks to its parent breeds, the Doberkita Inu is a very effective guard dog that will patrol its territory vigilantly and will stay alert for any signs of an intruder. 

If it’s a loving and protective mixed-breed dog that you’re looking for, then the Akita Doberman mix will definitely fit the bill. 

8. Doberman Collie (Border Collie & Doberman Mix)

Doberman Collie Border Collie Doberman Mix
Image credit: rio_the_doge / Instagram

The Doberman Collie, also known as Dobie, is a cross between a Border Collie and a Doberman. This mixed breed is one highly intelligent pooch considering the genes of both parent dogs. 

The Dobie, being a brainy dog with strong herding instincts, should be exercised regularly and provided with enough activities to keep it from getting bored and destructive.

They are working dogs through and through, so proper training and socialization are important for these clever pooches.

The Dobie’s coat can come in a variety of colors and a combination of markings. These workaholic dogs are built lighter than their Doberman parent and will usually weigh up to 75 pounds. 

9. Doberalian (Australian Shepherd & Doberman Mix)

Doberalian Australian Shepherd Doberman Mix
Image credit: cece_the_doberalian / Instagram

Another intelligent and enthusiastic mixed breed to add to our list is the Doberalian.

Bred from an Australian Shepherd and a Doberman, these smart little pups will surely impress you with how fast they learn new tricks!

Doberalians, also known as the Auberalians, are slightly smaller than the Doberman and could either inherit their dark coloring or the blue merle or red merle coat of the Australian Shepherd.

These dogs have a tireless nature which might not be a good fit for pet owners with busy schedules. They are highly intelligent and exuberant woofers with strong working drives and a little too much energy.

As such, the Aussie Doberman mix, with its quick feet and reflexes, needs a family that could give it lots of time and attention.

10. Bullderman (Bull Terrier & Doberman Mix)

Bullderman Bull Terrier Doberman Mix
Image credit: krazy_kova_ / Instagram

The Bullderman is a cross between the Bull Terrier and the Doberman. Both breeds are known to be clingy and loyal to their families, so expect the resulting pup to be a big lovebug.

These velcro dogs grow very attached to their owners, thus making them prone to separation anxiety. They will follow you everywhere like a second shadow and beg you for cuddles. 

Bull Terrier Doberman mixes have a relatively calm temperament but may have a tendency to become stubborn if not socialized and trained early.

This means their owner should actively introduce them to new experiences during puppyhood, along with giving them ample exercise and attention.

The Bullderman is a big-boned and muscular dog weighing around 70 to 90 pounds.

Unfortunately, they don’t usually get along with other household pets and would therefore thrive better in a home where they can be the solo dog.

11. Wolfman (Irish Wolfhound & Doberman Mix)

Wolfman Irish Wolfhound Doberman Mix
Image credit: claire.the.coastie / Instagram

The Wolfman is definitely not the designer dog you see every day. This unusual and rare mixed breed is a cross between an Irish Wolfhound and a Doberman Pinscher. 

This formidable canine could reach up to a height of at least 35 inches or more thanks to the genes of its Wolfhound parent, who holds the title of being the tallest dog breed in the world.

The Wolfman’s coat is usually coarse and wavy. It might come with a solid color or have black and tan markings depending on which side of the coin they inherit their looks.

As these pooches have strong hunting instincts and protective natures, they are not recommended for novice dog owners. Early socialization is a must for this dog breed, as well as a home with lots of space.

12. Doberman Bulldog (English Bulldog & Doberman Mix)

Doberman Bulldog English Bulldog Doberman Mix
Image credit: moodymochaa / Instagram

The Doberman Bulldog came from crossbreeding the Doberman and English Bulldog. This pup has a laid-back and easy-going temperament which makes them a great addition to any family.

Unfortunately, they are prone to many health conditions since they tend to inherit the pushed-in nose of the English Bulldog. That said, you need to monitor their health regularly to avoid any nasty surprises.

They are thick and heavily built dogs weighing approximately 50 to 70 pounds and are shorter than their Doberman parent at 15 to 20 inches in height. The Doberman Bulldog can also come in different coat colors and markings.

The Bulldog Doberman mix can be willful if not properly trained and socialized at an early age, so make sure to provide it with the right exposure and teach it some basic commands while still puppies.

13. Beagleman (Beagle & Doberman Mix)

Beagleman Beagle Doberman Mix
Image credit: qballbrasil / Instagram

The Beagleman is the offspring of the protective Doberman and the friendly neighborhood Beagle. As a result, this lovable mix breed couldn’t quite seem to figure out if it was a guard dog or a carefree pooch!

The Beagleman might inherit the distinctive Beagle howl, but that’s as far as they go when defending their territory. Their devil-may-care attitude makes them more likely to welcome anybody, intruder or not. 

You may also want to take note that the Beagle Doberman mix tends to get overweight quickly, so better hold on to those treats and just go for a healthy walk instead.

If they are taller than their Beagle parent at 15 to 20 inches, then a good weight goal for these snack-loving puppies is around 30 to 40 pounds. Any more than that would mean they need a bit more exercise.

14. Dobergi (Welsh Corgi & Doberman Mix)

Dobergi Welsh Corgi Doberman Mix
Image credit: tuttles2327 / Instagram

Only a few pairings can be more unusual than that of the stubby-legged Welsh Corgi and the muscular Doberman Pinscher.

We, however, couldn’t ask for a better result from this interesting combination than the adorable Dobergi!

The Corgi Doberman mix would usually have the short and stocky body of the Corgi and the dark coloring of the Doberman. They can weigh anywhere between 40 and 90 pounds and stand 15 to 25 inches tall.

Apart from being protective, the Dobergi will also have a strong herding instinct because of its Corgi parent, so expect this little guy to be one of the more active and energetic dog breeds on this list.

15. Boxerman (Boxer & Doberman Mix)

Boxerman Boxer Doberman Mix
Image credit: tb99975 / Instagram

The Boxerman is a hybrid dog that came from crossing the Boxer with the purebred Doberman Pinscher.

These large dogs are brave and protective of their family while still retaining their sweet and playful nature.

With both parents being working dogs, this athletic pup takes its job as a guard dog seriously. That said, you should make sure to socialize them early and expose them to as many different sights and sounds.

The Boxer Doberman mix will only have minimal grooming needs because of its short fur. These muscular canines weigh around 60 to 80 pounds and are 25 to 30 inches tall.

16. Doberdor (Labrador Retriever & Doberman Mix)

Doberdor Labrador Retriever Doberman Mix
Image credit: baloutherescuedog / Instagram

By combining the Doberman with the equally popular Labrador Retriever, we are rewarded with the friendly Doberdor.

Like its parents, this pup is fast becoming a sought-after designer breed thanks to its mild temperament. 

This big dog usually takes after the coloring of its Doberman parent but with the slightly thicker body of a Labrador Retriever. Doberdors will weigh around 70 to 90 pounds and have a lifespan of about 10 to 12 years. 

The Doberdor is a great companion to families with young children and can also get along really well with other pets. 

They are eager to please their owners and will be equally enthusiastic in training sessions as much as in a game of fetch.

Keep in mind that early socialization is still a must even for this relatively friendly breed. With proper conditioning and training, the Labrador Doberman mix will fit right in with you and your family.

17. Doberbull (Pitbull & Doberman Mix)

Doberbull Pitbull Doberman Mix
Image credit: jess.and.the.dogs / Instagram

The fierce reputations of the American Pit Bull Terrier and Doberman have misled many into thinking that the Doberbull is the ultimate guard dog. But, in fact, they are sweet pups whose main goal is to be with you 24/7. 

That said, Doberbulls are prone to develop separation anxiety when left alone for long periods of time. This makes them better suited to an owner with lenient schedules who can give them lots of attention.

The physical traits of the Pitbull Doberman mix vary widely depending on which parent breed they take after, but they will usually be shorter and stockier than the Doberman even as they inherit its dark markings.

18. Dobie Basset (Basset Hound & Doberman Mix)

Dobie Basset Basset Hound Doberman Mix
Image credit: sven_comptois / Instagram

The Dobie Basset results from the interesting and unusual pairing between the soulful-looking Basset hound and the serious Doberman.

This loyal and intelligent Doberman mix is patient with small children and other pets. They may display a stubborn streak from time to time but are generally mild-tempered and easy-going pups.

In contrast to the Doberman’s sleek and long-legged structure, Basset hounds are bred to be tracking dogs and therefore have a low-slung body. 

That said, Dobie Bassets, though still on the short side, will tend to be taller than the average Basset Hound. They stand at around 20 to 25 inches and can live for at least 10 to 13 years.

19. Newfoundland Doberman Mix

Newfoundland Doberman Mix
Image credit: obsessed_with_charlie_brown / Instagram

Another designer canine resulting from the combination of two large parent breeds is the Newfoundland Doberman mix. This impressive pooch is a cross between the Newfoundland and the Doberman Pinscher.

Newfies are known in the canine world as ‘nanny dogs,’ so expect their mixes to be good with children as well. Be sure to supervise them, however, as they could easily topple over small kids given their huge size. 

Newfoundland Doberman mixes can weigh as much as 130 to 150 pounds and stand at approximately 28 inches in height, making them one of the heavyweights in the canine world.

This hybrid dog is sweet-tempered like its Newfoundland parent and brave like the Doberman. They have a calm and watchful nature and can get along well with other household pets.

20. Bloodmann (Bloodhound & Doberman Mix)

Bloodmann Bloodhound Doberman Mix
Image credit: Caprine Diem / Tumblr

The Bloodmann is a combination of the Bloodhound and the Doberman. It’s a union that we don’t usually see, but this mixed-breed pup is definitely worth checking out. 

This Doberman mix will most likely inherit their Bloodhound parents’ sharp sense of smell as well as their docile and laid-back nature. 

Despite their easy-going temperament, obedience training is a must for the Bloodmann because of their innate stubbornness, and more so if they inherit the protective streak of the Doberman Pinscher. 

Since both parents have similar colorings, the Bloodhound Doberman mix will have the same black and brown markings. They weigh around 70 to 110 pounds and might take after the Bloodhound with their loose skin.

21. Great Dobernees (Great Pyrenees & Doberman Mix)

Great Dobernees Great Pyrenees Doberman Mix
Image credit: expatkatb / Instagram

The Great Dobernees is a cross between two impressive working dogs. Bred from the Great Pyrenees and the Doberman Pinscher, this designer canine is the perfect blend of calm and protective.

This powerfully built mixed breed will be a vigilant guard dog and inherit both of its parents’ towering frames. They measure between 27 and 35 inches in height and weigh a whopping 80 to 110 pounds.

The coat of the Great Dobernees would vary depending on which gene is more dominant. They could take after the Great Pyrenees and have shaggy fur or be more like the Doberman with its short coat.

22. Doberidgeback (Rhodesian Ridgeback & Doberman Mix)

Doberidgeback Rhodesian Ridgeback Doberman Mix
Image credit: pigeontheridgeback / Instagram

The Doberidgeback is a formidable mixed breed resulting from combining the Doberman Pinscher and the Rhodesian Ridgeback.

This woofer is not a breed for novice dog owners. Rhodesian Ridgebacks have high prey drives that, when coupled with the fierce instincts of the Doberman, might make these dogs unruly and domineering.

Obedience training and proper socialization are essential for this strong-willed doggo. Boundaries should be properly set so the Doberidgeback can be a well-mannered and loving part of your family. 

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Doberman mix will weigh approximately 80 to 100 pounds and will have a short coat and dark coloring similar to both of its parents.

23. Dobsky (Siberian Husky & Doberman Mix)

Dobsky Siberian Husky Doberman Mix
Image credit: kapturingkoga / Instagram

The Dobsky or Siberian Pinscher is a stunning designer dog that comes from combining the Siberian Husky and the Doberman. This highly energetic canine is a popular dog among mixed-breed enthusiasts.

They usually inherit the fluffy coat and blue eyes of the Husky while retaining the Dobermans’ dark colorings. They are big dogs and can weigh around 50 to 90 pounds.

Dobskies are a relatively friendly mixed breed that gets along well with other dogs.

They are known to be very energetic and thus need a family that can consistently provide them with lots of exercise and activity.

24. Whipperman (Whippet & Doberman Mix)

Whipperman Whippet Doberman Mix
Image credit: pua_and_malia / Instagram

A cross between a Whippet and a Doberman, the Whipperman is a low-maintenance and friendly mixed breed. They are quick on their feet and can give you a good chase if you let them out of the fence!

Thanks to the genes of its Whippet parent, the Whipperman has boundless amounts of energy and would need a good-sized yard to run in. 

Whippet Doberman mixes are naturally agile dogs and would inherit the long legs and sleek bodies of both their parents.

In terms of guarding potential, they could either be a laid-back doggo that seldom barks or a trusty alarm system. Since both parents have contrasting temperaments, it’s hard to predict which they’d take after.

25. Dobocker (Cocker Spaniel & Doberman Mix)

Dobocker Cocker Spaniel Doberman Mix
Image credit: bonnie_the_dobocker / Instagram

Another uncommon designer dog breed is the Dobocker. This lovely pooch is a combination of the Cocker Spaniel and the Doberman Pinscher.

The Dobockers’ appearance will vary depending on which of their parents’ traits are more dominant. They could either inherit the long flowing locks of the Cocker Spaniel or the short coat of the Doberman.

Their mild temperament makes them good companion dogs and playmates for families with small children. They are friendly and tolerant of other household pets as well.

Cocker Spaniel Doberman mixes are small to medium-sized dogs that stand at 15 to 20 inches and weigh around 40 to 60 pounds. 

26. Dobie Schnauzer (Standard Schnauzer & Doberman Mix)

Dobie Schnauzer Standard Schnauzer Doberman Mix
Image credit: andy.schnauzer / Instagram

A mixed-breed still new to the scene of designer dogs is the Dobie Schnauzer. These whiskered pups are the result of combining the Schnauzer with the Doberman.

Dobie Schnauzers are medium-sized pooches. These intelligent canines make good companion dogs because of their sociable and playful nature. 

Since both parent breeds are known to have a protective streak, the Dobie Schnauzer will most likely be alert watchdogs as well. That said, they should be trained and socialized early with a firm and gentle hand.

The Dobie Schnauzer usually inherits the wiry coat and signature whiskers of the Schnauzer as well as the dark colorings of the Doberman. 

27. Irish Dobe Setter (Irish Setter & Doberman Mix)

Irish Dobe Setter Irish Setter Doberman Mix
Image credit: torydawson / Instagram

The Irish Dobe Setter is a beautiful mixed breed whose parents couldn’t be more different from each other.

This designer dog is a cross between the sweet-tempered Irish Setter and the fierce Doberman Pinscher.

In stark contrast to the Doberman, Irish Setters are swift gun dogs who are known for their energetic and happy-go-lucky nature. This makes it a bit difficult to predict how any puppy of theirs will turn out.

One thing is for sure, though, it’s that Irish Dobe Setters are active and intelligent pups. As big dogs, they can grow to a height of up to 28 inches and need ample space to move and run around.

28. Dobie Argentino (Dogo Argentino & Doberman Mix)

Dobie Argentino Dogo Argentino Doberman Mix
Image credit: biggie_dobie_argentino / Instagram

Another mixed breed that will make an excellent guard dog is the Dobie Argentino. This hybrid pooch was bred by crossing the Dogo Argentino with the Doberman Pinscher.

The Dobie Argentino is a large and dominant dog. They are fiercely protective of their family and territory and thus need an owner experienced enough to handle a strong-willed pup.

With proper training and socialization, the Dobie Argentino can become a loyal and loving companion even to families with children, as long as playtimes are supervised.

This Doberman Pinscher mix reaches a height of approximately 24 to 27 inches and weighs between 70 and 100 pounds. Their short coat could be anywhere from pure white to dark or a combination of the two.

29. Springerman (Springer Spaniel & Doberman Mix)

Springerman Springer Spaniel Doberman Mix
Image credit: elliethespringerman / Instagram

The sweet and friendly Springerman results from another unlikely pairing of two very different dog breeds, the Springer Spaniel and the Doberman Pinscher. 

Springermans are smart and loyal pooches who love being with their family and have a strong desire to please. Though this trait makes them highly trainable, it also means that they are prone to separation anxiety. 

The appearance of this lovable doggo will vary significantly and will surely turn heads, especially with such good-looking parents! Their coats can range from short to long and come in different colors. 

Expect some shedding if they inherit the lush coat of their Springer Spaniel parent, as well as moderate grooming needs. 

They are built lightly and can weigh up to 60 pounds, and measure around 20 to 25 inches in height.

30. Dobernese (Bernese Mountain Dog & Doberman Mix)

Dobernese Bernese Mountain Dog Doberman Mix
Image credit: jaymiecampbell / Instagram

Combine the Bernese Mountain Dog with the Doberman, and the result is a gentle giant called the Dobernese. Though large dogs, they have a calm and friendly disposition making them perfect snuggle bears.

Despite their intimidating size, the Dobernese generally has a placid and affectionate nature. They are great family pets and are especially patient with children. 

These large dogs measure at least 27 inches tall and are a hefty 100 to 115 pounds. They can come in tri-color like their Bernese Mountain Dog parent or inherit the markings of the Doberman.

If you’re looking to get a Bernese Doberman mix, get a grasp on how much money it will cost you by reading our guide on the cost of Bernese Mountain Dog ownership. These dogs have a lot in common in terms of costs!

31. Doberman Corso (Cane Corso & Doberman Mix)

Doberman Corso Cane Corso Doberman Mix
Image credit: dobi_maya / Instagram

Another hybrid guard dog is the Doberman Corso. This handsome pooch results from crossbreeding the Cane Corso and the Doberman Pinscher.

The Doberman Corso is a guard dog down to its core, but they are calmer and milder in temperament than purebred Dobermans. They are big dogs whose size alone is intimidating enough to deter any intruder!

These well-muscled canines stand 25 to 27 inches in height and weigh about 70 to 100 pounds. Due to their size, Cane Corso Doberman mixes are better paired with a more experienced dog owner.

Early socialization and obedience training is a must for these fearless guard dogs. If raised by an owner who is not that firm, these dogs can develop problematic behaviors.

Appearance-wise, the Doberman Corso can adopt the coloration of either the Cane Corso or the Doberman Pinscher. More often than not, these dogs often come in shades of black and tan.

32. Dobieton (Boston Terrier & Doberman Mix)

Dobieton Boston Terrier Doberman Mix
Image credit: adventuringwithmuddypaws / Instagram

The Dobieton is a unique and uncommon mixed breed that came from crossing the Boston Terrier with the Doberman Pinscher. 

Also called a Boston Dobe, the Dobieton is a lively canine companion that would fit perfectly in any household. They are playful and curious dogs that greatly enjoy the company of their human family.

These affectionate pups may sometimes show a stubborn streak but nothing that some consistent training and socialization could not fix.

The size of the Dobieton is hard to predict given the height difference of both parents but expect it to be between 17 and 25 inches. Their coloring would also depend on which gene is more dominant.

33. Weimarman (Weimaraner & Doberman Mix)

Weimarman Weimaraner Doberman Mix
Image credit: ripleyandrye / Instagram

The Weimarman is a graceful pooch that comes from combining the Weimaraner and the Doberman. This designer dog is an active breed that enjoys lots of exercise and playtime with its owner.

A well-trained and socialized Weimarman makes a great family dog. With their intelligence and eagerness to please, training sessions will be a breeze for these amazing pups.

Weimarmans can be bred by mixing either a male or female Weimaraner with a Doberman of the opposite sex. This is because these two parent breeds are roughly the same size as each other.

These hybrid canines are relatively easy to groom because of their short fur. They are large breed dogs that stand at 25 to 27 inches and weigh approximately 60 to 90 pounds.

34. Black and Tan Coonhound Doberman Mix 

Black and Tan Coonhound Doberman Mix
Image credit: elcapitanthedog / Instagram

Another rare and unusual combination is the Black and Tan Coonhound Doberman Mix. A cross between two dog breeds with the same sleek and muscular bodies, this hybrid dog is a head-turner with its striking appearance.

Black and Tan Coonhounds were bred to be swift hunting dogs, and there’s a big chance that their mixed breed pups will inherit their high prey drive as well as their booming bark.

As such, these vocal canines might not be a good fit if you live in a home or apartment with limited space. They would instead be happier in a home with a fenced-in yard where they can be free to run and bark.

35. Doberman Heeler (Blue Heeler & Doberman Mix)

Doberman Heeler Blue Heeler Doberman Mix
Image credit: jdicastro / Instagram

The Doberman Heeler is a truly unique mixed breed that inherits a mish-mash of its parents’ traits. Born from the Blue Heeler and the Doberman Pinscher, this pup is charming and has a strong personality!

Expect that with two such hard-working and smart parents, the Blue Heeler Doberman mix will need plenty of mental stimulation to keep it from boredom and getting into trouble.

Thus, they will need an owner who can give them lots of time and effort in keeping them physically and mentally occupied.

The Doberman Heeler’s appearance is unpredictable as they could have any combination of their parent’s coloring.

They will have a short to medium-length coat and measure approximately 20 to 25 inches tall.

36. Dobie Chow (Chow Chow & Doberman Mix)

Dobie Chow Chow Chow Doberman Mix
Image credit: kylo.barkside / Instagram

The Dobie Chow is another designer dog breed that you don’t commonly see. A cross between the Chow Chow and the Doberman, this canine is a wonderful family pet and a loyal companion.

These dogs are friendly and affectionate with their human pack but are generally wary of strangers, thanks to their Doberman Pinscher genes. They may be fluffy and charming, but they are still watchdogs at heart!

Dobie Chows have mild temperaments and can adapt well to apartment living. They have a thick, medium-length coat with the dark coloring of either parent and a stocky build like the Chow Chow.

37. Dobersheep (Old English Sheepdog & Doberman Mix)

Dobersheep Old English Sheepdog Doberman Mix
Image credit: sharcarm / Instagram

The large and shaggy Dobersheep is a mix between the Old English Sheepdog and the Doberman Pinscher. This gentle giant has a mellow and affectionate nature that makes it an ideal house dog for any family.

Both of its parents are clever and hard-working dogs so expect the Dobersheep to be one smart cookie. This pooch will most likely ace puppy class in no time!

The Dobersheep will often inherit the long shaggy coat of the Sheepdog, so some amount of grooming will be needed. They are big dogs that measure 22 to 27 inches in height and weigh up to 100 pounds.

38. Doxie Dobie (Daschund & Doberman Mix)

Doxie Dobie Daschund Doberman Mix
Image credit: mentaloriental / Instagram

The Doxie Dobie is an unusual and rare crossbreed from two purebred dogs — the Doberman Pinscher and the Daschund. It’s hard to find a more unlikely pair, but the resulting pup is definitely an eye-catcher!

This hybrid dog has a compact and sturdy body thanks to its Daschund genes. They have stubby legs and short coats that often adopt the Dachshund’s pattern and colors.

The Dachshund Doberman mix is a low-maintenance pooch that also makes a great family pet. It always wants to be included in the activities of its owner and will suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for too long.

However, these mixed dogs are not tolerant of other household pets and may exhibit some aggressive behaviors. Thus, they need to be socialized early or stay in a home where they can be the only dog in the family.

39. Miniature Pinscher Doberman Mix

Miniature Pincher Doberman Mix
Image credit: miniaturepancho / Instagram

The Mini Pinscher Doberman mix is the result of the bizarre pairing between the Mini Pinscher and the Doberman. The stark contrast between the parent breeds makes this designer pup an interesting one indeed.

Despite being a small pooch, the Mini Pinscher Doberman is a guard dog at heart. With both parents having strong protective streaks, expect their mixed puppies to be more of the same.

Mini Pinschers are also notorious biters. As such, the Mini Pinscher Doberman Mix will need to be trained early during puppyhood.

Due to the difference in its parents’ size, it is difficult to predict how any of these mixed dogs will turn out. Most often, they stand at a height between 15 and 20 inches and weigh no more than 50 pounds. 

In terms of lifespan, this mix has a comparable life expectancy as the Mini Pinscher parent, which is 12 to 16 years.

40. Malamute Doberman (Alaskan Malamute & Doberman Mix)

Malamute Doberman Alaskan Malamute Doberman Mix
Image credit: wrigleyandzoeythedobermutes / Instagram

The Alaskan Malamute Doberman mix is a cross between the Alaskan Malamute and Doberman Pinscher. Though they come from different backgrounds, both parent dogs are large, hard-working breeds. 

Depending on which trait is more dominant, this mixed breed could inherit the thick medium-length fur of the Malamute or the short coat of the Doberman. Their color and markings will vary as well.

Expect that this designer pooch will be large and heavy-boned like its parents. They have high-energy levels which means regular exercise is a must to keep these dogs from getting bored and destructive.

With strong pack instincts, the Alaskan Malamute Doberman mix needs a firm owner that they can look up to as a leader. Otherwise, they might end up as dominant dogs and become the boss of you instead.

41. Beauceron Doberman Mix

Beauceron Doberman Mix

The Beauceron Doberman mix is a result of combining two dog breeds that are often mistaken for each other due to their uncanny likeness. 

The Beauceron was primarily bred to be cattle dogs, so the Beauceron Doberman mix most often inherits its strong herding instincts as well as its heavier and stockier body.

Both parent dogs have very similar markings and coloring with the addition only of the merle coat of the Beauceron.

That said, the appearance of their mixed puppies won’t vary a lot and will be of the same black and tan color. 

This mixed breed is a highly intelligent and loyal dog. It is crucial that obedience training be done in early puppyhood due to the stubborn and strong-willed nature of these dogs.

42. Bullmastiff Doberman Mix

Bullmastiff Doberman Mix
Image credit: insta_grim_dog / Instagram

The Bullmastiff Doberman mix is the offspring of two excellent guard dogs — the Bullmastiff and the Doberman Pinscher. As expected, this hybrid pup is definitely a chip off the old block. 

They are a brave and fierce protector of their home and territory. Standing at a height of 25 to 28 inches and weighing about 100 to 130 pounds, expect that this is one big dog with a whole lot of presence. 

The Bullmastiff Doberman mix has a short coat that could take after the Doberman’s makings or come in varying colors of fawn, red or brindle like the Bullmastiff.

As with all large dog breeds, early socialization and training are very important to curb any bad habits or aggressive tendencies.

When matched with the right owner, this pup makes a wonderful companion and a great family dog.

43. American Bulldog Doberman Mix

American Bulldog Doberman Mix
Image credit: rollingstonesjukebox / Instagram

Another unique crossbreed is the American Bulldog Doberman mix. Bred from two very different parent dogs, this designer breed is an interesting and unusual combination of their highly contrasting personalities.

The American Bulldog was bred to be a working farm dog doing various tasks, from guarding duties to chasing down livestock. The Doberman Pinscher, on the other hand, is a sleek guard dog and protector.

As such, it is hard to predict how their mixed puppies will turn out. They could inherit the calm and unaffected personality of the Bulldog, or they might be more like their protective Doberman parent.

This designer dog is solidly built with a muscular body and a broader head than the Doberman. They stand at approximately 22 to 27 inches in height and weigh about 70 to 100 pounds.

44. Anatolian Shepherd Doberman Mix

Anatolian Shepherd Doberman Mix
Image credit: kairo.the.victorious / Instagram

Bred from the independent Anatolian Shepherd and the protective Doberman Pinscher, the Anatolian Shepherd Doberman mix is just as loyal and fierce as its parents.

The Anatolian Shepherd springs from one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. This dog breed is designed to be brave and intelligent flock guardians.

When combined with the Dobermans’ work drive and fierce protective instincts, expect that their mixed puppies are not for the faint-hearted.

That said, this hybrid dog is best matched with a firm and experienced dog owner. Early socialization and obedience training is a must for these strong-willed puppies.

The Anatolian Shepherd Doberman mix stands at a towering 26 to 29 inches and can weigh as much as 150 pounds. 

45. Dobermatian (Dalmatian & Doberman Mix)

Dobermatian Dalmatian Doberman Mix
Image credit: / Instagram

The Dobermatian is a designer dog that came from combining the Dalmatian with the Doberman. The resulting mixed pup is a spirited and affectionate dog with just the right amount of protective instincts.

These dogs are built slightly shorter than their Doberman parent at 19 to 26 inches and weigh 50 to 80 pounds. Dobermatians are sprightly and active pups and thus need an outlet for all their excess energy.

As for their appearance, they may inherit a combination of their parents’ markings and colors. The unusual result is a pup with patches of solid color and spots in other areas of its body.

How Much Does a Doberman Mix Cost? Puppy Prices & Expenses

Buying a Doberman mix will cost you approximately $1,500 to $2,500. On its own, the Doberman is an already expensive dog, but mixing it with other breeds can influence the price further.

That said, rare Doberman mixes are generally more expensive than common ones. 

The same is true of Doberman mixes coming from costly breeds like the Afghan Hound or Cane Corso. Needless to say, any puppy of theirs won’t come cheap as the parent breed themselves already have a steep price tag.

If you’re on a tight budget, a more noble and affordable option would be to adopt from shelters and rescue centers. This would only cost you around $300 to $400, which is considerably cheaper.

The table below summarizes the initial costs when caring for a Doberman mix:

Type of ExpenseCost 
Food and Treats$50 – $120
Food and Water Bowls$10 – $35
Bed$30 – $200
Crate$30 – $500
Leashes and Collars$15 – $50
Toys$20 – $50
Grooming Essentials$30 – $180
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$50 – $200
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $300
Initial Vaccine Shots$75 – $200
Neutering or Spaying$50 – $500
Dog License$10 – $20
Microchip$40 – $60
Miscellaneous Supplies$15 – $30
Total Initial Cost$525 – $2,445

Aside from the initial expenses, you have to consider the long-term costs of keeping this pooch as well. 

Most Doberman mixes are medium to large-sized dogs whose lifespan is up to 12 years, so you have to be prepared for the lifelong commitment of caring for these wonderful dogs.

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Places to Find Doberman Mix Puppies for Sale and Adoption

Doberman mix puppy for sale and adoption

Once you’ve decided which Doberman mix is perfect for you, the next most important step is finding a responsible breeder to buy your puppy from.

Since mixed breeds are not usually recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), it might be a bit difficult to find a reputable breeder that sells Doberman mixed puppies.

However, this is the only way to be sure that you are bringing a healthy and well-tempered pooch into your home, so it is necessary to make the extra effort to look for a good kennel.

Here is a list of reputable breeders who might have Doberman mix puppies for sale: 

  • Vom Hismerh – This is an American Kennel Club-approved breeder who has experience raising top-notch Doberman and German Shepherd puppies. They are based in New Jersey and may offer mixed pups, so check with them from time to time.
  • PuppySpot – This website has a huge database of reputable breeders who have been rigorously screened and have been found to comply with AKC standards. Check their website for any listings of Doberman mix puppies.
  • Andella Kennels – Based in Michigan, this kennel started in 2013 and has a good track record in producing pet and show quality Dobermans and Whippets. They also have some championship line dogs and offer dog boarding and training services as well. This kennel sells unique mixed breeds every now and then, so be sure to check their page for available puppies.

If you would rather adopt a Doberman mix or rescue dog, then you might find the perfect match in one of the following organizations:

  • Dobies & Little Paws Rescue – This California-based organization has been rehoming Doberman Pinschers and mixes since 1987. They have successfully placed over 9,000 dogs in new homes since then.
  • Adopt-a-Pet – With thousands of shelters, rescues, and adoption centers in its database, this website aims to find families for more than 21,000 homeless pets. You can browse through thousands of their listings for purebred and mixed-breed dogs until you find the perfect pooch for you.
  • Petfinder – Petfinder is an online database with thousands of adoptable animals looking for new homes. They aim to raise public awareness of the availability of animals in shelters and adoption centers. Head over to their website to check their listings for any available Doberman mix up for adoption. 

If you’re still finding it difficult to find the perfect pooch for you, you may also head over to our Doberman rescue and breeders article for a more comprehensive list. 

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Final Thoughts

The Doberman mix is slowly gaining popularity among those looking for the perfect combination of a protective and well-tempered house dog.

Keep in mind, however, that some of these hybrid canines are not a good fit for inexperienced owners or families with small children. 

Factors like their size, temperament, and exercise requirements should be taken into consideration while deciding on which Doberman mix to welcome into your home. 

Though some of these mixes have more mellow protective instincts than others, you should still take the time and effort to invest in obedience training and early socialization to avoid aggression or any unwanted behavior.

If you think you’ve found the perfect Doberman mix for you, leave us a comment below!