Labrador Retriever Mixes: 57 Lab Crossbreeds (With Pictures!)

Labrador mixes and mixed breeds with pictures

You’re probably already familiar with the Labrador Retriever, but did you know there are tons of Labrador Retriever mixes out there?

Labrador mixes bring out the best in the Labrador and combine it with the quirks of other dog breeds. 

Because of their lovable nature, Labrador Retrievers are often mixed with other dog breeds. The mixes produced are some of the cutest and wittiest hybrid dogs you’ll ever see!

If you are curious to know more about the many Lab mixes out there, keep on reading as we list the Labrador mixes you can find in shelters or from breeders.

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57 Labrador Retriever Mixes

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Labrador Retriever has been the most popular dog breed in America for several years now. It’s no surprise that dog enthusiasts want to combine Labs with other dog breeds!

Aside from the fascinating physical traits of Lab mixes, another advantage of having a mixed-breed dog is hybrid vigor.

Hybrid vigor is the concept describing the reduced likelihood of inheriting breed-specific issues in mixed breeds.

With that out of the way, here are 57 different Labrador mixed breeds. Check them out to see which one suits you best!

1. Afador (Afghan Hound & Labrador Mix)

Afador Afghan Hound Labrador Mix
Image credit: jwatts428 / Instagram

When you cross a purebred Labrador Retriever and Afghan Hound, you get an Afador. This unique breed is still relatively new and rare, given that the Afghan Hound is not as prolific as the Labrador Retriever.

While Labs are known to be extremely sociable, Afghan Hounds tend to be more reserved.

Combining these can result in unpredictable temperaments, but this Labrador mix is usually affectionate, loyal, and energetic.

Afador puppies can grow to be large dogs since both parents are tall. Afghan Hounds have long, silky coats that need almost daily grooming.

Thus, you can expect Afadors to have medium to long fur that needs regular upkeep.

2. Aussiedor (Australian Shepherd & Labrador Mix)

Aussiedor Australian Shepherd Labrador Mix
Image credit: nali.who / Instagram

Looking for a pooch that is lively and full of energy? Look no further because this Labrador Retriever Australian Shepherd mix is a ball of energy that is always ready for play and exercise!

Putting together the intelligent and tireless herd dog with a Lab produces a high-energy dog that can be a great family pet for those with adequate living space, active lifestyles, kids, or other pets in the household.

Aussies have double coats that come in black, blue merle, red, and red merle. Mixing them with Labs that can be black, yellow, chocolate, or even silver can create Aussiedors with unique coats.

You can expect an Aussiedor puppy to grow into a large dog, ranging between 40 and 80 pounds, since Australian Shepherds are medium-sized pups. 

They might also shed a lot of dog hair owing to the Aussie’s medium-length double coat.

3. Bassador (Basset Hound & Labrador Mix)

Bassador Basset Hound Labrador Mix
Image credit: brebogert / Instagram

The Bassador is another relatively rare breed that is slowly gaining popularity. It is noted for its interesting, almost comical appearance. This is on top of its affectionate and trainable qualities.

Bassets are known for their big domed head with long ears, puppy dog eyes, and wrinkled brows, paired with short legs.

So, a Basset Hound Lab mix looks a little funny with the body of a Lab but with short legs and bigger ears.

However, it is important to be aware of possible health risks because of their body structure. The disproportionate leg-to-body length can cause arthritis because of the Basset’s tendency to be overweight.

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4. Beagador (Beagle & Labrador Mix)

Beagador Beagle Labrador Mix

No one can deny how adorable Beagles are, but get ready for the irresistible Beagle Lab mix known as a Beagador!

Along with most Lab mixes, they are considered “designer dogs” because breeders cross them on purpose.

The perfect mix of loyalty and playfulness from its Lab parent with a Beagle’s love for adventure — owing to them being hunting dogs — makes this common Lab mix perfect for owners with young kids.

Beagadors can be medium-sized since Beagles are small dogs and Labs are large.

Both of its parent breeds shed heavily occasionally and need less frequent coat grooming. So expect the mixed breed to be generally the same. 

5. Borador (Border Collie & Labrador Mix)

Borador Border Collie Labrador Mix

When you mix a purebred Lab with a pooch as intelligent as a Border Collie, you can expect to have an extremely affectionate dog with high energy and the potential for agility, tracking, or obedience training!

This is another pretty famous Lab mix because they make for good family dogs. However, this is not the breed for families who leave the house for the day, as Boradors can have separation anxiety if left alone for too long.

Because a Border Collie has a medium-length double coat that comes in different colors, it is possible for a Borador to have longer hair than a Lab. That’s why you should be prepared to have dog hair around the house. 

6. Bullador (American Bulldog & Labrador Mix)

Bullador American Bulldog Labrador Mix

Putting an American Bulldog and a Labrador Retriever together results in the Bullador designer breed with a muscular stance, owing to the athletic build of its parent.

American Bulldogs were originally bred as working dogs for farmers and ranchers. So when you combine these with the devotion of a Lab, you get a gentle guard dog.

Both parent breeds have short coats. American Bulldogs have smooth fur that comes in various colors and markings.

While they are relatively low maintenance, Labs have a dense double coat that needs regular grooming. Thus, Bulladors might still need weekly brushing if it inherits the Lab-type coat.

7. Cavador (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel & Labrador Mix)

Cavador Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Labrador Mix
Image credit: silly_billy_ily / Instagram

As its name implies, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a regal, beautiful, and charismatic breed. So what do you get when you cross this royalty with a Labrador? The adorable and affectionate Cavador!

This medium-sized mixed breed can have a yellow or golden and black coat with white markings on the chest, face, nose, and tail. Cavadors can have the wavy hair of their Cavalier parent but won’t need a lot of grooming.

Like other Lab mixes, Cavadors make great family pets. They are friendly and gentle and can play along with children and other pets. 

Because Cavaliers are adaptable to their owner’s lifestyle, they can be upbeat or more like couch potatoes.

Cavadors can acquire this trait to some degree as well. Still, enough exercise is needed to keep them healthy and happy.

8. Labrahuahua (Chihuahua & Labrador Mix)

Labrahuahua Chihuahua Labrador Mix
Image credit: winnie.the.labrahuahua / Instagram

Among the designer breeds, the Chihuahua-Lab mix is probably the most unexpected combination there is because of the obvious difference in size. But it is still possible!

The Labrahuahua is almost always produced via artificial insemination. Usually, a female Lab receives the genetic material of a male Chihuahua, because if a female Chihuahua is too small to carry the puppies.

This small Lab mix is a great companion pet. However, they can be quite needy because it gets their Lab parent’s friendliness, and its Chihuahua parent’s tendency to get separation anxiety.

Purebred Chihuahuas can also display some aggressive traits, but these can be managed with proper dog training and early socialization. 

9. Corgidor (Corgi & Labrador Mix)

Corgidor Corgi Labrador Mix
Image credit: lucy_lucille_lucinda / Instagram

Another funny-looking Lab mix is the Corgi-Labrador Retriever mix. This hybrid will definitely make your head turn with its short legs and stout, stocky body.

Aside from being adorable, the Corgidor is an excitable ball of energy! What else would you expect from two energetic purebreds? This will be the perfect pet for families with children who love being active.

Labradors are not the most vocal dogs, while Corgis tend to bark a lot, so crossing them can produce a very loud pooch. Thankfully, with early training and regular exercise, Corgidor’s barking habit can be corrected.

Corgis are famous for their signature splooting position, which they do for various reasons. But did you know that other breeds like Labs do it as well? 

So when you see a Corgidor sploot, know that it’s a trait it got from both its parents.

10. Dachsador (Dachshund & Labrador Mix)

Dachsador Dachshund Labrador Mix
Image credit: zuko_lowrider / Instagram

The Dachshund-Lab mix is another creative cross of the small and elongated Dachshund and the tall Labrador Retriever.

This creates a Lab mix that can have varied appearances, depending on the dominant parent trait. They can come in many different shades since their Dachshund parents have a wide range of colors.

Because Dachshunds are hounds that have been bred for hunting, they can pass this trait on to the Dachsador.

This can manifest as aggressiveness and barking even at a young age. Thus, it is important to train them at an early age.

Being a protective dog, a pro to owning this designer breed is its inherent desire to keep family members safe from strangers and other animals. At the same time, they are sweet and kind to their owners, especially children.

11. Dalmador (Dalmatian & Labrador Mix)

Dalmador Dalmatian Labrador Mix
Image credit: tony_saurus / Instagram

If you’re looking for a Lab mix that can keep up with your runs and other exercises, you might want to check out the polka-dotted beauty that is the Dalmador.

The Dalmatian Lab mix is easygoing, energetic, and eager to learn, making them good candidates for obedience training. They can even be your buddy for walks, hikes, swims, or simply playing in the dog park.

A Dalmador usually inherits the distinctive spots of a Dalmatian. These spots are often black but can actually be other colors like brown and tan!

Don’t be surprised if you find a lot of hair around the house because Dalmadors can be heavy shedders, given that both the Labrador parent and Dalmatian parent shed pretty heavily.

12. Doberdor (Doberman Pinscher & Labrador Mix)

Doberdor Doberman Pincher Labrador Mix
Image credit: amythedoberdor / Instagram

“Gentle giant” could probably be the perfect nickname for the Doberman Labrador mix. Doberdors can grow from 21 to 27 inches tall since their parents are medium and large dogs.

Dobermans are famous for their shiny black coats, but did you know that they come in beautiful blue as well? Surely, when mixed with a Lab, they can lead to a unique and eye-catching Doberdor.

This might make them seem scary and vicious, but this Lab mix is incredibly loyal and fun-loving. As with other dogs, early socialization and training will help Doberdors be patient and more friendly dogs.

Because of their size and the high energy they can inherit from the purebred Lab, Doberdors will need a lot of space for exercise and play.

If you are a more sedentary dog owner, this dog breed might not be for you.

13. Goldador (Golden Retriever & Labrador Mix)

Goldador Golden Retriever Labrador Mix
Image credit: samwisethegoldador / Instagram

Perhaps one of the most popular Labrador mixes is the cross between the well-loved Golden Retriever and the crowd-favorite Labrador Retriever. 

The Golden Retriever Labrador mix is a charming and irresistible pooch, perfect even for first-time dog owners!

Adding the politeness and sweetness of a Golden Retriever with the playfulness of a Labrador often results in a pooch that is calmer than its Labrador parent while still being outgoing and upbeat.

Golden Retrievers are easily trainable, making them great service dogs. Thus, the loyal, affectionate, and eager-to-please Goldador can also be suitable for training to be a service dog.

If you’re interested in this wonderful mixed breed, be prepared for moderate to heavy shedding.

Owners should also be wary if they live in warmer climates, as this thick coat can lead to health issues for a Goldador. 

14. Labrakita (Akita & Labrador Mix)

Labrakita Akita Labrador Mix
Image credit: fio_explore / Instagram

What do you get when you mix a high-spirited Labrador with a reserved Akita? A large hybrid that can be playful or more reserved, depending on the dominant parent. Either way, they can be great canine companions!

Labrakitas can be wonderful family pets. However, they can be impatient with small children and other animals because of their watchdog nature. But, with early socialization and training, they are sure to be friendly.

Labradors are medium-sized dogs, and Akitas can grow fairly big as well. It makes sense that Labrakitas are also pretty big dogs.

They might not be apt for owners with small spaces, as these dogs need their space to move around.

Moreover, they would need a lot of exercise to avoid becoming overweight and anxious. If they don’t use up enough of their energy, they can resort to bad habits like chewing on your things.

15. Labraheeler (Australian Cattle Dog & Labrador Mix)

Labraheeler Australian Cattle Dog Labrador Mix
Image credit: axel_the_great_cavalier / Instagram

Blue Heeler and Queensland Heeler are names that refer to the same breed: the Australian Cattle Dog.

Hence, the cross between an Australian Cattle Dog and a Labrador Retriever is more commonly called a Labraheeler.

The medium-sized is intelligent and is a great working dog since it is a herding breed. Similar to Labs, they have lots of energy and are incredibly loyal. A Labraheeler will be great for owners with a big yard and time to play. 

Labraheelers tend to be a mix of their parents in terms of coat maintenance since Labs are heavy shedders and Blue Heelers are more low maintenance. They would generally need weekly brushing.

16. Lab Pei (Shar-Pei & Labrador Mix)

Lab Pei Shar Pei Labrador Mix
Image credit: gerry_thelabpei / Instagram

While Labs are as American as dogs can come, the Chinese Shar-Pei is a dog of ancient pedigree that hails from Southern China. This is one of the reasons why the Lab Pei is quite an interesting dog breed.

Shar-Peis are highly loyal to their owners, but unlike Labs, they can be quite reserved and standoffish with strangers.

Early socialization and training are important for Lab Peis to address their overly protective tendencies. 

If you choose a Lab Pei, you get a guard dog with a unique appearance. They often have the distinct wrinkly look of a Shar-Pei, short coats that can have one of its parent’s various colors, and the athletic body of a Labrador. 

Grooming may not be as tedious as with a purebred dog since Shar-Peis have short coats that need minimal brushing.

17. Labernese (Bernese Mountain Dog & Labrador Mix)

Labernese Bernese Mountain Dog Labrador Mix
Image credit: bella_labernese / Instagram

The Bernese Mountain Dog Labrador mix is one of the common designer breeds. It is an excellent dog breed often trained as a service dog for people with disabilities since its parents are both highly intelligent dogs.

Because Berners have a double coat and are heavy shedders, owners of a Labernese will have to give their pooch regular grooming and be ready for a lot of shedding.

These large dogs are balls of energy and are great for families who love sports and being active.

They need a lot of living space and may not tolerate warm environments, just like their Bernese Mountain Dog parent. 

You may check this video of a Labernese to have an idea of what they behave and look like:

Golden Retriever Bernese Mountain Dog mix

18. Weimador (Weimaraner & Labrador Mix)

Weimador Weimaraner Labrador Mix

Crossing two dogs that are both sporting breeds, it is almost guaranteed that you get a mixed-breed dog that is active and alert. The Weimaraner Labrador Retriever mix is exactly that!

The Weimador, also called “Labmaraner,” is slowly gaining popularity because they make such great family companions. They are affectionate, eager to please, and smart canines.

Weimaraners are also known as “Gray Ghosts” because of their sleek body and silver-gray fur paired with graceful swiftness.

Male and female Weimaraners have subtle differences that can influence the Weimador puppy as well.

However, like Labs, both male and female Weimaraners are extremely loving and playful, so a hybrid would be a big dog with a big heart as well.

19. Labradoodle (Poodle & Labrador Mix)

Labradoodle Poodle Labrador Mix

A crowd favorite Labrador mix is the adorably furry Labradoodle. They are active, very smart, and affectionate, just like their Poodle and Labrador parent. This makes them a good choice for new dog owners. 

Poodles can come in three different sizes — Standard, Miniature, and Toy. A Poodle Labrador Retriever mix can also be of various sizes, ranging from 15 to more than 100 pounds.

They can inherit the long curly coat of a Poodle, or a combination of the Lab’s short coat, resulting in wavy medium-length fur.

Labradoodles can come in different colors since Poodles also have a lot of possible coat colors.

Did you know that the first-ever Labradoodle bred in 1989 was not a designer dog and was actually an attempt to have a non-shedding guide dog? 

The minimal shedding of a Poodle plus the trainability and even temper of a Labrador make the perfect hypoallergenic guide dog.

20. Labrabull (American Pit Bull Terrier & Labrador Mix)

Labrabull American Pit Bull Terrier Labrador Mix

The Labrabull, also known as the Pitador, is the result of a cross between the most popular dog breed in America, the Labrador Retriever, and one of the often misunderstood breeds, the American Pit Bull Terrier often mistaken as a Bulldog.

Most people think of a vicious, ruthless dog when they think of an American Pit Bull Terrier.

In reality, Pitties are very sweet, just like Labs. So, when you combine the two, you end up with one of the most affectionate dogs there are.

Labrabull is another Labrador Retriever mix that needs a lot of quality time with its owners.

Thus, owners who are busy or spend time away from home should veer away from this breed; else their pets can get separation anxiety and start chewing things up.

21. Labrasetter (Irish Setter & Labrador Mix)

Labrasetter Irish Setter Labrador Mix
Image credit: evelinlugert / Instagram

Another sweet, gentle giant breed under the sporting group is the Irish Setter.

When bred with a Labrador Retriever, the resulting Labrasetter is a charming, outgoing canine that makes great companions, especially for young kids.

The Irish Setter has been dubbed as one of the most beautiful dogs out there because of their tall, elegant structure and brilliant mahogany coat. A Labrasetter can have a variety of colors, depending on chance and genetics.

As with all other dogs, the Irish Setter Labrador mix will grow into a happy and healthy dog with early socialization and obedience training, as well as proper health maintenance.

22. Labradane (Great Dane & Labrador Mix)

Labradane Great Dane Labrador Mix
Image credit: luna_lab_dane / Instagram

The Labradane is another cross between two of the best-loved dog breeds in America — the Great Dane and the Labrador Retriever. It’s quite easy to understand why one would want a mix of these two breeds.

Both are warm and amiable, high-spirited, and beautiful breeds. Mixing the two can only result in a very affectionate pooch that is gentle enough to play with children, despite their large size.

Labradanes are also a great choice for low-to-moderate maintenance pets. They don’t shed a lot, thanks to the short, smooth coat of the Great Dane parent. Weekly brushing will be enough to keep its fur clean and healthy.

If you live in a cold climate with harsh winters, you will need to take extra measures to make sure your Labradane stays warm, as Great Danes have a single coat that isn’t enough to keep them warm.

23. Labsky (Siberian Husky & Labrador Mix)

Labsky Siberian Husky Labrador Mix

Continuing on with the Lab mixes of two popular breeds, we have the Siberian Husky Lab mix. This is a designer breed known for having two different colored eyes, although not all dogs may have them. 

This unique eye characteristic is a result of the blue or brown eyes Siberian Huskies are famous for. This trait can then be passed on to the Labsky puppy.

Just like the other dogs on this list, the Labsky is energetic, loyal, loving, and even mischievous!

They should be part of the list when owners are considering Labrador Retriever mixes as a new addition to their families. 

Owners, however, should be prepared for some heavy shedding because Labskies can inherit the thick double coat of their parents. Regular weekly brushing is important to keep its fur manageable.

24. Alaskan Malador (Alaskan Malamute & Labrador Mix)

Alaskan Malador Alaskan Malamute Labrador Mix
Image credit: navi_the_malador / Instagram

The hybrid of a gentle working breed dog, the Alaskan Malamute, and an energetic sporting dog, the Labrador, yields a Labrador mix that is intelligent, always on the go, and entertaining. 

Alaskan Maladors, also called Labramutes, are medium to large dogs that love people and the outdoors!

They are robust and energetic, making them the perfect companion for owners who love hiking and other outdoor activities.

This Lab mix tends to love its owner so much that if left alone for too long, it may develop separation anxiety. Families with Alaskan Maladors should be able to maintain a close and constant bond with this clingy pooch.

Because the Alaskan Malamute parent tends to shed its medium-length double coat, combining this with the Labrador Retriever parent’s moderate shedding can lead to a mixed dog that can leave its fur all around the house.

25. Mastador (Mastiff & Labrador Mix)

Mastador Mastiff Labrador Mix
Image credit: big.puppy_brody / Instagram

Your first impression of the large Mastiff Labrador hybrid could easily be that it is a scary and intimidating dog. But, these towering canines are actually the biggest softies that will charm just about anyone they meet!

Because of their daunting size — anywhere from 25 to 36 inches tall — Mastadors need a lot of room to comfortably move around in. 

Early training is also needed to make sure they learn how to interact with humans without accidentally injuring them.

This Labrador mix may not be the best pet for families living in apartments or small spaces.

On the other hand, those with backyards or access to dog parks and even those with kids can make great owners for these gentle giants.

26. Pugador (Pug & Labrador Mix)

Pugador Pug Labrador Mix
Image credit: rupertthepugador / Instagram

The cross of a Pug and a Labrador Retriever results in an adorable Pugador mixed breed. It is a relatively new Lab mix that is starting to become more popular because of its sweet and loyal nature.

Pugadors can vary in size because Pugs are small dogs, while Labradors are medium-sized.

Similarly, they can have different, unique looks — the athletic build of a Lab and the stocky body of a Pug, plus their facial features merged.

Because a small female Pug can’t safely carry big Pugador puppies, male Pugs are used for breeding with a female Lab.

This can influence the temperament of the Pugador since male and female Pugs have some differences.

Daily brushing will most likely be needed to care for a Pugador’s coat and to control their shedding since both parent breeds tend to shed a lot. 

27. Rottador (Rottweiler & Labrador Mix)

Rottador Rottweiler Labrador Mix
Image credit: itsmegozer_labrottie / Instagram

The Rottador, also known as Labrottie, Rottwador, and Labweiler, is a mixed breed of a calm and courageous Rottweiler, and the energetic Labrador. This Labrador mix is definitely a loyal and affectionate pet.

This hybrid offspring tends to be large, with facial features and a body structure that resembles both of its parents.

However, a Rottador often gets the muzzle and head of a Labrador Retriever and the body of a Rottweiler. 

Because of the loyal and protective nature of both parent breeds, this mixed breed can become aggressive to strangers who they perceive as threats to their owners.

Early socialization and training are a must for these canines.

28. Springador (English Springer Spaniel & Labrador Mix)

Springador English Springer Spaniel Labrador Mix
Image credit: jax_the_springador / Instagram

The English Springer Spaniel Labrador Retriever mix is one sweet, upbeat dog that can be perfect for any dog lover. These positive traits are all thanks to the wits, stamina, and loyalty of its parent breeds.

Springadors also go by Labradingers, and are pretty popular among enthusiasts of Lab mixes.

They can be medium to large dogs, usually 19 to 25 inches tall at the shoulder, and weigh between 50 and 90 pounds.

They are intelligent dogs that are easily trainable, owing to the Springers originally being bred as working dogs. 

Consequently, Springadors can have prey instincts, so socialization with other animals is important if you choose them as pets.

29. Sheprador (German Shepherd & Labrador Mix)

Sheprador German Shepherd Labrador Mix

When you combine two of the most active, intelligent, and loyal dog breeds out there, you get the Sheprador — a Labrador German Shepherd designer breed that can be the perfect pet or the most outstanding service dog.

The hybrid of a German Shepherd with its herding nature and a Labrador’s hunting nature results in a mixed breed that is highly trainable, obedient, patient, and protective. 

However, they do need constant mental stimulation and special training. So, if you’re an owner who has little time for training and play, a Sheprador might not be for you.

Brushing their double coat once every few days can help remove loose hairs, but still expect some shedding.

German Shepherds are known to sometimes change coat colors as they grow up. If a German Sheprador inherits this trait from its GSD parent, you might have a different-colored dog once it sheds its puppy fur.

30. Labernard (Saint Bernard & Labrador Mix)

Labernard Saint Bernard Labrador Mix
Image credit: brunothelabernard / Instagram

While Labrador Retrievers have been the most popular dog breeds in America for a few years now, Saint Bernards are just as equally known and well-loved. No wonder these two breeds were mixed to come up with the Labernard.

These large dogs can grow up to 32 inches tall and weigh as much as 220 pounds. It is easy to get scared of these giants, but it is even easier to fall in love with them because of their lovey-dovey and playful traits!

They are intelligent dogs and can be trained. However, Saint Bernards tend to be stubborn and relaxed as well, so Labernards can be a mix of mischievous and obedient, depending on the dominant trait they inherit from their parents.

Labernards can come in many different colors, given that their Saint Bernard parents themselves can have many different colors and markings

31. Labratzu (Shih Tzu & Labrador Mix)

Labratzu Shih Tzu Labrador Mix
Image credit: cyndi_parry1 / Instagram

Another adorable mini version of a Labrador is the Shih Tzu Labrador mix. This uncommon crossbreed is smaller than the Labrador but bears this breed’s body structure and the Shih Tzu’s cute fluffy face.

Similar to the Labrahuahua, a male Shih Tzu and a female Labrador are used for breeding Labratzus in order to prevent health issues for the pregnant dog.

Shih Tzu Labrador Retriever mixes are one of the most loving, friendly, and irresistible designer breeds out there. They are also great with kids, other pets, and even strangers.

Just be ready for frequent brushing since the Shih Tzu parent has a long coat that rarely sheds but can get matted, and Labradors shed a lot.

So combining the two might result in a coat that can get matted if not maintained.

32. Spanador (Cocker Spaniel & Labrador Mix)

Spanador Cocker Spaniel Labrador Mix
Image credit: freidaandwilma / Instagram

Spanadors, also called Cockerdors or Cockadors, are Lab mixes that are incredibly charming, loyal, and upbeat.

These traits are thanks to the awesome combination of a playful Labrador Retriever and a gentle Cocker Spaniel.

These pooches love to please their owners, making them easy to train as long as they get enough praise and affirmation! This designer breed is relatively new but is slowly becoming a popular choice as a family pet.

Because Spanadors are born from a combination of a small and a medium dog, they can grow anywhere from 18 to 22 inches tall, weighing 20 to 50 pounds. 

Cocker Spaniels are moderate shedders, so it follows that a Lab Cocker Spaniel mix also sheds its medium to long coat moderately. For this designer breed, weekly brushing is needed. 

33. Labrala (Vizsla & Labrador Mix)

Labrala Vizsla Labrador Mix
Image credit: milathevizslador16 / Instagram

Vizslas and Labradors are both sporting breeds that have actually been bred by hunters in the past to combine their traits.

In recent years, the Labrala or Vizslador has been gaining attention as a designer breed in America.

This Vizsla Labrador Retriever mix is a great working companion and workout buddy for owners who enjoy jogging or biking because of their eagerness and incredible stamina! 

They are also very loyal and affectionate dogs, owing to their nature of working closely with their owners. Thus, they don’t do well when left alone for long periods of time. 

Owners who want a playful, energetic, and affectionate pooch and who have the time to play with and train their pet might find their perfect match with a Labrala.

Vizslas have an average life span of 12 to 15 years, while Labradors usually live up to 10 to 12 years. Expect a Labrala to live up to the same age range.

34. Whipador (Whippet & Labrador Mix)

Whipador Whippet Labrador Mix
Image credit: henrytheheinz / Instagram

The cross between a Whippet and a Labrador Retriever produces the highly energetic and lovable Whipador. 

It is a beautiful mixed breed that combines the lean and graceful silhouette of a Whippet and the athletic features of a Lab.

In addition, the Whipador inherits the favorable traits of both its parent breeds, which are great chasers and hunters.

This Lab mix is full of energy and loves to run around. This makes them great pets for active owners.

However, they tend to chase after small animals, so families with other pets would need to consider that and will have to ensure proper training and socialization for the pooch.

The fierce loyalty and devotion of Whipadors to their owners make them great service dogs. As pets, they are great for families, given their naturally gentle and friendly nature.

35. Labrador Corso (Cane Corso & Labrador Mix)

Labrador Corso Cane Corso Labrador Mix
Image credit: boris_labradorcanecorsomix / Instagram

Cane Corso dogs are one of the most protective pets you can have. Their name in Latin literally means “bodyguard-dog.”

So when you cross one with a Labrador Retriever, you’re bound to get an intelligent, protective, and loyal pet.

A Labrador Corso is a medium-sized mix that could look muscular and athletic, with a mixture of the facial features of its Lab and Corso parents. Its coat is short with average density. 

Depending on the dominant breed, owners may need to brush their coats regularly or less frequently.

Thanks to the assertiveness and willfulness of a Cane Corso, a Lab Corso may get the same traits, making them difficult to handle for new owners.

However, with early socialization with people and other dogs, they can easily be trained.

36. Rhodesian Ridgeback Labrador Mix

Rhodesian Ridgeback Labrador Mix
Image credit: otto_ridgebackmix / Instagram

Another not-so-common Lab mix that is gaining more attention because they make great family dogs is the Rhodesian Ridgeback Labrador Retriever mix. 

This medium to large hybrid dog is a mix of the athletic Rhodesian Ridgeback — aptly named after its hallmark ridge or stripe of backward-growing hair on its back — and the famous Labrador.

They can inherit the strong prey drive, vivacity, and strong will of a Ridgeback. This can make a Rhodesian Lab mix difficult for novice dog owners, as these pooches need proper training and guidance from puppyhood.

However, one thing is guaranteed with a Rhodesian Labrador, and that is loyalty and boundless affection for its owners!

37. Pyrador (Great Pyrenees & Labrador Mix)

Pyrador Great Pyrenees Labrador Mix
Image credit: owenthepyrador / Instagram

When you mix a muscular and energetic, medium-sized dog with a large, thickly coated majestic dog, you get a Great Pyrenees Labrador Retriever mixed breed known as a Pyrador.

This Lab mix is a calmer, more aloof, and more furry version of America’s favorite dog breed.

It gets this trait from its Great Pyrenees parent, which is immensely strong and even-tempered but highly protective.

Aside from their temperament, Pyradors often also get the Pyrenees’ fluffy tail, giving them that feature that differentiates them from purebred Labradors. 

Great Pyrenees can be heavy shedders, so if a Pyrador gets this trait, weekly brushing of its long wooly coat helps prevent tangles and to regulate the shedding of this hairy pooch.

38. Labraboel (Boerboel & Labrador Mix)

Labraboel Boerboel Labrador Mix
Image credit: rehfrau_ / Instagram

Another Labrador mix is the Labraboel or Boerbador which is a cross between a purebred Boerboel and a Labrador Retriever.

It’s not as common as the other mixed breeds because Boerboels are not as widespread in the United States. 

A Labraboel might seem intimidating, especially if it inherits the Boerboel’s blocky head, thick neck muscles, and protective nature.

However, crossing a Boerboel with a Labrador results in a confident, curious, loving, and loyal dog! 

They can be pretty heavy for their medium-to-large size, weighing anywhere from 90 to 180 pounds. But these big dogs will most likely have lots of energy, so regular exercise will do them good.

39. Schnauzador (Schnauzer & Labrador Mix)

Schnauzador Schnauzer Labrador Mix
Image credit: marielle_hundi / Instagram

The Schnauzer Labrador Retriever mix is a distinctive designer breed, given the difference between the purebred parents in terms of size and appearance. Nonetheless, the Schnauzador makes for a great pet!

The crossbreed might look more like its Schnauzer parent or its Labrador Retriever parent, depending on the genetics. 

But in general, they would be medium dogs that stand around 17 to 23 inches tall and weigh between 35 and 70 pounds.

Schnauzadors are highly intelligent and eager to please, making them easy to train and thus should be started early.

While they are great with children, it is also important to train them not to play too roughly with children.

If the Schnauzer’s guarding instinct is dominant, the hybrid may be vocal and wary of strangers. Early socialization can help regulate this.

40. Anatolian Shepherd Labrador Mix

Anatolian Shepherd Labrador Mix
Image credit: courtneynoble23 / Instagram

Another addition to the list of rather uncommon Lab mixes is the Anatolian Shepherd crossed with a Labrador Retriever. This may be because Anatolian Shepherds aren’t as widely known as Labradors.

It may also be because of the contrast in temperament between these two breeds. While Labradors are very lovey-dovey and energetic, Anatolian Shepherds are more reserved and self-willed.

Hence, this crossbreed can be a unique mixture of the two pure breeds. Surely, this pooch will be a medium to large-sized dog who may be aloof to strangers but is loyal and protective of its owner.

Owners will need to be prepared for some moderate shedding and regular coat brushing. Obedience training and early socialization are also important to address any aggressiveness.

41. Belgian Malinois Labrador Mix

Belgian Malinois Labrador Mix
Image credit: leven_met_luna / Instagram

What do you get when you cross a hardworking Belgian Malinois with a playful Labrador Retriever? An awesome Belgian Lab mix who is fun-loving, reliable, and not to mention, adorable!

Combining the inherent high energy of a Lab with the diligence of a Belgian Mal and the easy trainability of both parent breeds leads to a canine that is eager to please and loves to play and exercise.

This makes them great pets for owners who love being active and have experience training dogs. Novice dog owners might have difficulty handling this confident hybrid, as they need to be alpha pet parents. 

This Lab mix can come in many different colors thanks to the pure breed parents’ wide variety of coat colors as well, especially the Belgian Malinois.

42. Dutch Shepherd Labrador Mix

Dutch Shepherd Labrador Mix
Image credit: ninas_doghouse / Instagram

Both the Dutch Shepherd and the Labrador Retriever are breeds that have lots of energy and are extremely affectionate. So, as expected, the Dutch Shepherd Labrador mixed breed is anything but lively and loving!

This Lab mix is typically medium-sized, standing at around 21 to 25 inches at the shoulder and weighing anywhere from 50 to 80 pounds.

Both parent breeds are moderate shedders, so expect the Dutch Shepherd Labrador mix to be the same.

Because both Dutch Shepherds and Labs are loyal companions that love being with their owners, they make great pets for those who spend time at home or doing activities with their pups.

43. Newfador (Newfoundland & Labrador Mix)

Newfador Newfoundland Labrador Mix
Image credit: myname_is_lame / Instagram

Perhaps one of the sweetest Labrador mixes out there is the Newfador, also called New Labralound or Labrafoundland. This mix crosses the gentle giant that is the Newfoundland and the loving Labrador.

Families with kids looking for an adorable dog who can play with and look after small children can find their perfect pet in the Newfador.

They are also great workout buddies as they have lots of energy, especially for outdoor activities!

These large dogs tend to shed a lot because of their medium to long double coats. They can also inherit the trait of Newfoundlands of drooling a lot, so owners will need to be particular with the grooming of this crossbreed.

44. Plottador (Plott Hound & Labrador Mix)

Plottador Plott Hound Labrador Mix
Image credit: captain.and.barnum / Instagram

The Plottador is a unique Lab mix given that one of its parents, the Plott Hound, is not yet widely known in the United States. However, they deserve more love because of their intelligence and good nature!

Like most mixed-breed dogs, the traits of a Plottador puppy are hard to predict.

However, knowing that a Lab is an energetic and loving dog, while a Plott Hound is an alert, bright, and loyal dog, its hybrid will have similar traits.

Because Plott Hounds were originally bred as hunting dogs, Plottadors are easy to train and do well with obedience training. 

Proper socialization is also essential for these puppies to ensure they grow into confident and friendly dogs.

45. Bullmassador (Bullmastiff & Labrador Mix)

Bullmassador Bullmastiff Labrador Mix
Image credit: adventureswithemmylou / Instagram

If you’re looking for a canine companion who is fiercely loyal, protective, and at the same time super affectionate and sweet, you might want to take a look at this Bullmastiff Labrador mix!

Bullmassadors may look intimidating because of their size and muscular build, but they are actually affectionate, big balls of energy!

They are great guard dogs who are brave and protective but also gentle with children.

They are great pets for families with a large space or access to dog parks, as they have a lot of energy to use up. As they grow old, however, they can mellow down thanks to the working dog traits of a Bullmastiff.

46. Boston Lab (Boston Terrier & Labrador Mix)

Boston Lab Boston Terrier Labrador Mix
Image credit: boston_lab_louie / Instagram

The Boston Lab is the cross between a Boston Terrier and a Labrador. It is one of the popular Lab mixes, given that its two parents are well-loved breeds. 

These dogs can be on the smaller side, thanks to the cute size of the Boston Terrier. But as they say, big gifts come in small packages. And that is exactly what a Boston Lab is: a big gift in a cute tuxedo-wearing pooch!

Their short and stocky body contains a lot of energy for play and quality time with their owners. They also love meeting new friends, humans, and other dogs alike, as long as they get proper socialization.

Owners who live in apartments or cities won’t have a problem as the Boston Lab can live happily even in small spaces. Just make sure these pups get daily exercise to keep them healthy.

47. Boxador (Boxer & Labrador Mix)

Boxador Boxer Labrador Mix
Image credit: jackson_boxador / Instagram

Another combination of two popular dog breeds is the Boxer Labrador hybrid, also known as the Boxador. They also go by other names such as Laboxers, Boxerlabs, and Boxerdors.

Boxadors can grow anywhere from 23 to 25 inches tall and can weigh from 50 to 110 pounds. They can have the Boxer’s distinct dark brown eyes and wrinkled forehead that give them that curious look.

These dogs are pretty big yet still have lots of energy and playfulness in them. They will be very happy in homes with lots of space to run around in.

They do well with children and hate being left alone as they easily get bored. Thus, the more family members they have, the better!

Training and early socialization will help make sure that they get along with other pets as well. 

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48. Pointerdor (Pointer & Labrador Mix)

Pointerdor Pointer Labrador Mix
Image credit: koda_pointerlab / Instagram

The hybrid of a Pointer and a Labrador is the Pointerdor, which is the unique mix of the former’s grace and agility, and the latter’s upbeat and friendly nature.

Because the two parent breeds are both naturally energetic, a Pointerdor will also need ample exercise and outdoor time. 

Owners living in the city with no access to open spaces might want to reconsider if they are interested in Pointerdors.

This hybrid is pretty low maintenance, as they only need brushing occasionally. During warmer seasons, they may shed more, so expect more frequent brushing. 

Most Pointerdors are medium in size, ranging in height from 22 to 28 inches and weighing between 35 and 80 pounds. 

49. Chabrador (Chow Chow & Labrador Mix)

Chabrador Chow Chow Labrador Mix
Image credit: lunarueexplores / Instagram

One Lab mix you probably won’t expect is the Chabrador, also called a Lab Chow, which is a mix of a Chow Chow and a Labrador. 

These two breeds are quite contrasting in appearance and temperament, so their hybrid is an interesting pooch. A Chabrador can be very interesting indeed if it inherits the distinct blue tongue and mouth of a Chow Chow.

Chow Chows are known to be serious-minded and smart but a little aloof, unlike Labs that are full of energy, mischievous, and affectionate. 

Combining the two takes the best qualities of the purebred parents and creates a unique mixed breed

Chabradors can take after their Chow Chow parent and be great guard dogs, thanks to their protective nature.

Thus, they can be less friendly to strangers. With proper training, however, they will be loyal and loving family members.

50. Labloodhound (Bloodhound & Labrador Mix)

Labloodhound Bloodhound Labrador Mix
Image credit: laylathehound / Instagram

Despite the eerie-sounding name, Labloodhounds are actually one of the sweetest Lab mixes out there! This designer breed combines a Labrador with an inquisitive and friendly Bloodhound.

While the physical traits of a mixed breed cannot be predicted, Labloodhounds tend to merge the long, wrinkled face with big, droopy ears of a Bloodhound with the muscular, athletic body of a Labrador.

These are large dogs who are gentle and love being around people, especially children. Hence, they will be great pets for families with small kids and for owners who have time for play and training.

Because Bloodhounds were originally bred to hunt by scent, Labloodhounds will need obedience training and a strong leash for walking, as they do love to sniff around and follow scents.

51. Labrastaff (Staffordshire Bull Terrier & Labrador Mix)

Labrastaff Staffordshire Bull Terrier Labrador Mix
Image credit: digbys_campervan_adventures / Instagram

The crossbreed between a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Labrador Retriever is an adorable, playful ball of energy that is known as the Labrastaff or Staffador.

Staffies have a reputation for being tenacious, fighting dogs because of their history. However, breeders now are producing sweet canines that are great guard dogs, especially for small kids.

Mixing this lovable dog breed with the popular Lab will surely result in a dog that is silly, extremely loyal, and will guard you with all its might and its medium-sized, strong body.

Both its parents are moderate shedders, so a Staffador will most likely be the same. Regular brushing will be important to keep their short but thick coat in check. 

Enough exercise is also essential to keep them happy and healthy, as this mixed breed tends to eat excessively.

52. Irish Wolfhound Labrador Mix

Irish Wolfhound Labrador Mix
Image credit: shadowthefamilydog / Instagram

Another one of the more popular Lab mixes is the cross of an Irish Wolfhound and a Labrador Retriever — the Irish Wolfhound Labrador mix. 

This quirky-looking designer breed takes the desired traits of each pure breed and combines them into one furry friend.

They can grow pretty tall for a Labrador mix thanks to the Wolfhound’s inherent colossal height while also having the Lab’s athletic frame. Their facial features can also be a mixture of the two.

Similarly, an Irish Wolfhound Labrador mix’s coat can be more like a Wolfhound’s wiry coat, thus requiring at least a weekly brushing to keep it clean and tangle-free. They also tend to be heavy shedders.

Owners of this unique pooch will have a fun-loving, bright, and outgoing pet. With early socialization and training, they can be great around children and other small pets.

53. Kelpador (Australian Kelpie & Labrador Mix)

Kelpador Australian Kelpie Labrador Mix
Image credit: maple_thekelpielab / Instagram

A designer breed that combines an intelligent and energetic herding dog with an affectionate loyal companion is the Australian Kelpie Labrador mix or Kelpador for short.

This mix is usually a medium-sized dog that can be on the larger side if it inherits the Lab’s size. They can have a well-built, muscular body thanks to the Kelpie who loves having a job to do.

Both parent breeds have a dense double-layered coat, so the Kelpie Lab mix would most likely have the same coat. They would need weekly brushing to keep their fur clean and healthy.

Because of their limitless energy and need for exercise, this Lab mix will be happiest in a home with lots of space or access to a dog park where they can play and socialize. Owners in apartments may not be the best match for them.

54. Coonhound Labrador Mix

Coonhound Labrador Mix
Image credit: vermont_trailpups2 / Instagram

The Coonhound Lab mix is a fascinating combination of the Coonhound and Labrador. This is a medium-large dog that is more mellow than a purebred Lab, but still highly intelligent and alert.

Coonhounds naturally have a strong work drive and lots of energy because of their hunting nature. When merged with the friendliness and loyalty of a Lab, you get a sweet, sociable, and hardworking pooch!

Usually, this mix gets the short, shiny coat of its Coonhound parent, making it a light shedder.

However, if it inherits the double coat of a Lab, owners should be ready for some high-maintenance grooming and brushing.

Since these canines have a lot of energy to spend, they need open spaces and owners who can give them quality time and training.

Owners may also need a lot of patience since Coonhound Labs are loud barkers.

55. Labrasenji (Basenji & Labrador Mix)

Labrasenji Basenji Labrador Mix
Image credit: kristi_notsoboring / Instagram

A Labrasenji is not as popular as the other Labrador mixes, despite Basenjis being one of the oldest breeds.

In fact, according to paleontologists, the first domesticated dogs known to man have an uncanny resemblance to Basenjis!

While Labs are very sociable and affectionate dogs, Basenjis are more cat-like in that they are more reserved and mellow.

A combination of these two breeds produces a loving companion fit for almost any dog enthusiast out there.

They get along well with other pets, as well as with children, but will need obedience training as they can have a stubborn side. This breed can also be quite loud barkers or yodelers — Basenjis are known to yodel, instead of bark.

This mixed breed would need weekly brushing to keep its dense coat clean and healthy. And as with any dog, regular cleaning of their ears and clipping of nails will be important to prevent any health problems.

56. Labahoula (Catahoula Leopard & Labrador Mix)

Labahoula Catahoula Leopard Labrador Mix
Image credit: calicojackandmalibu_rumpups / Instagram

Labahoulas are the designer breed that results from the cross of a Catahoula Leopard Dog and a Labrador.

This canine inherits the loving characteristic of a Lab and the fearless and bold personality of a Catahoula.

Owners who have active lifestyles will be a great match for this hybrid since Catahoulas enjoy exercise and family activities.

They might not bode well in small apartments, and with owners who leave them alone for a long time.

It is important to have training and socialization for this dog to control the strong protective instincts that can lead them to be aggressive. Surely, when trained, Catahoulas will make great pets!

57. Chesador (Chesapeake Bay Retriever & Labrador Mix)

Chesador Chesapeake Bay Retriever Labrador Retriever Mix
Image credit: super_carissa / Instagram

Another wonderful combination of two upbeat dogs is the Chesador, which is a hybrid of a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and a Labrador.

This is a large dog that can grow up to 20 to 27 inches tall and weigh about 50 to 80 pounds.

Usually, they have muscular bodies with long, defined legs, broad heads with floppy ears, and warm, friendly expressions.

Chesadors love playing with children and other animals. They are loyal and eager to please their owners, thus making them easily trainable even for new owners. 

These high-energy dogs just need a lot of strenuous activity to keep them happy and healthy. If they don’t get to burn off all their energy, they can exhibit disruptive behavior. 

How Much Does a Labrador Mix Cost? Puppy Prices & Expenses

If you’re interested in buying a Lab mix, prepare to shell out anywhere from $500 to $2,000. Take note, however, that prices can go up as high as $3,000 for popular breeds like the Labradoodle.

There are a lot of variables that can affect the cost of a Labrador mix puppy. These include the parent breeds, the breeder’s reputation, your location, as well as the demand for the mixed breed.

Once you have your own Labrador mix puppy, you will have other expenses, as shown in the table below:

Type of ExpenseCost
Food and Treats$80 – $120
Food and Water Bowls$10 – $35
Bed$40 – $200
Crate$50 – $500
Leashes and Collars$15 – $50
Toys$30 – $50
Grooming Essentials$40 – $180
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$50 – $200
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $300
Initial Vaccine Shots$75 – $200
Neutering or Spaying$50 – $500
Dog License$10 – $20
Microchip$40 – $60
Miscellaneous Supplies$15 – $30
Total Initial Cost$605 – $2,445

These are only estimates of the initial costs for things you will have to buy if you are a first-time dog owner. You can always save some money by looking for cheaper alternatives. 

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Places to Find Lab Mix Puppies for Sale and Adoption

Labrador mix puppy for sale and adoption

Because Labradors are the most popular dogs in America, it won’t be surprising to know that you can easily find puppies for sale. Similarly, there are breeders that specialize in particular Lab mixes.

Some of the trustworthy breeders and websites where you can find Labrador mixes are the following:

When buying puppies online, make sure you deal with reputable breeders that will give you your money’s worth. To avoid being scammed, read our puppy buying guide.

Some Labrador breeders may also offer mixes from time to time or may know other breeders that produce such hybrids. You may check out our list of the best Labrador breeders for more chances of finding a Lab mix.

If you prefer adopting a rescue dog, instead of purchasing from a breeder, you can check out Labrador rescues. The chances of finding a Lab mix in these places are pretty high.

Here are some of the reputable rescues and adoption websites where you can find Labrador mixes:

  • Adopt-a-Pet – This user-friendly website is a good place to start your search since you can easily filter the results to show mixed-breed dogs and those available in your location.
  • Jax’s Labrador Retriever Rescue – The aim of this rescue organization is to focus on Labrador mixes that are neglected and abandoned by owners. You can fill up the application form on their website if you’re interested in adopting a Lab mix canine.
  • Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida – This organization is run by volunteers dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and placing Labradors in loving homes. You can contact them to see if they have any Labrador mixes up for adoption.

For more rescue options, you can check out our article on the best Labrador Retriever rescues. You can also visit your local shelter to see if there are any Lab mixes up for adoption. 

Here are other ways to find free puppies in your area. You can head over to this article to learn about the process of adopting a dog, as well as other tips to make the whole thing as smooth as possible. 

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Final Thoughts

The Labrador Retriever has been America’s most popular dog breed for several years now. It’s no surprise that aside from purebred Labs, many different Lab mixed breeds are also common and widely loved. 

From the long list of different designer breeds in this article, you’re bound to find one that perfectly fits your needs, budget, and capacities. 

You can search for available puppies from breeders or contact rescues to adopt any Labrador Retriever mix dog looking for a permanent home.

Before getting your own dog, however, take into account the expenses that come along with having a pet. Surely, the love and joy these dogs bring will be worth more than the costs of keeping them healthy and happy.

If you have questions about any of the Labrador mixes listed here, or if you are a proud owner of one, go ahead and leave a comment below! We’d love to hear from you!

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