64 Cutest Corgi Mixes You’ll Want to Adopt (With Pictures)

Corgi mixes and mixed breeds with pictures

Have you heard of a Corgi mix? Well, they come from the combination of the Corgi breed — a short and fluffy dog with a wiggly butt and another similarly interesting breed!

Generally, there are two types of Corgis; the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. However, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is more common; thus, it is used to develop mixed breeds.

Corgis are great as purebreds, but they are just as impressive as mixed breeds too. This article will tackle different Corgi hybrids that you will surely love, so hang on to your seats and browse the list below.

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64 Corgi Mixes

With the Corgi’s association with the queen, they became known as royalty. They are basically loved wherever they go, not just for their jolly appearance but also for their temperament. 

If you are a Corgi enthusiast but you also want the traits of another breed, go check out the 64 wiggly Corgi mixes below! I included pictures and details for each so you can choose which one suits you.

1. Beagi (Beagle & Corgi Mix)

Beagi Beagle Corgi Mix
Image credit: henryboy119 / Instagram

A Beagi is a hybrid between a Corgi and Beagle, generally small to medium-sized dogs with long bodies and short legs. They have medium-length furs with a mix of two or three earth-tone colors.

A few important things to note about this mixed breed are that they are highly active, playful, and have a high prey drive. So you should give extra time for exercise and socializing with them at a young age.

Since a Corgi has erect ears and a Beagle has floppy ears, their hybrid’s inherited appearance will highly depend on whose genes are much more dominant. So every litter is always a guessing game.

Moreover, Beagle Corgi mixes are affectionate companions and very loyal mixed-breed dogs. They are also recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC) and Dog Registry of America Inc.

2. Auggie or Aussie Corgi (Australian Shepherd & Corgi Mix)

Auggie Aussie Corgi Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix

An Auggie is a hybrid from herder parent dog breeds, the Corgi and Australian Shepherd dogs. So regardless of the dominant parent gene, an Aussie Corgi is expected to be a herding dog too.

They usually have striking eyes in colors blue, green, brown, or even different eye colors due to the Australian Shepherd gene and heterochromia

Aussie Corgi mixes need less exercise since they have shorter legs than a purebred Australian Shepherd. Additionally, they are eager to show affection and please their owners, making them great pets.

These hybrids usually get along with other animals. However, you may need to brush and groom them frequently since they could shed a lot, especially when the seasons change.

3. Golden Corgi (Golden Retriever & Corgi Mix)

Golden Corgi Golden Retriever Corgi Mix

A Golden Retriever Corgi mix will look like a mini or shorter version of Golden Retrievers.

They will predominantly inherit the golden coat color of a Golden Retriever and some white hues from the Corgi parent.

They have medium-length furs that tend to shed, so you have to brush them regularly. Giving them 30 minutes of walks and a few playtimes daily are also needed since they tend to have high energy.

Golden Corgis are generally well-mannered and friendly to children and other pets because both their parent breeds exhibit that temperament. They are brilliant, so training them will be relatively easy.

However, they may be stubborn at times. So you must be firm with them. They respond great to positive reinforcements and treats. But be mindful of how much you are giving them to avoid obesity.

They are one of the most favorite Corgi mixes out there, and you can actually see why. This mix is quite adorable.

4. Corman Shepherd (German Shepherd & Corgi Mix)

Corman Shepherd German Shepherd Corgi Mix
Image credit: a_streetdog_named_jack / Instagram

A Corman Shepherd is a Corgi German Shepherd mix that looks like a German Shepherd with short legs. 

They may resemble the dwarf German Shepherd, but with a fluffier coat and wiggly butts. They have big erect ears, and their build is bigger than a Welsh Corgi but smaller than a German Shepherd.

Their fur combines two or more colors, usually tan, black, gold, and white, and it is rare to see them in one solid fur color.

Aside from being a loyal dog, the Corman Shepherd has guarding tendencies. So they may bark at strangers, and they generally stay alert most of the time.

Since a German Shepherd Corgi mix is an energetic dog, you should give them time for daily exercise and play because they may exhibit destructive behaviors if they can’t release their unused energy.

However, they are prone to hip dysplasia, so do not overwork them.

5. Dalgi (Dalmatian & Corgi Mix)

Dalgi Dalmatian Corgi Mix
Image credit: sammytheschmoo / Instagram

A Dalgi is a distinct and unique Corgi mix. Due to the Dalmatian parent breed, this hybrid may be born without spots but will grow with evident marks around its body. These spots may be in different colors, similar to Dalmatians.

Their coats are more extended than purebred Dalmatians, and they have short Corgi legs. Their ears may flop down or erect depending on the dominant parent gene.

Since Corgis love to bark and Dalmatians are watchdogs, you can expect this mixed breed to be vocal, especially if a stranger is around. 

Moreover, they are very affectionate to their owners and may not tolerate being alone for long periods. They are also energetic dogs, so they need a lot of bonding activities with you, such as playing catch.

Lastly, Dalmatian Corgi mixes are great family dogs since they are absolutely incredible with kids and in the presence of other animals.

6. Horgi or Siborgi (Siberian Husky & Corgi Mix)

Horgi Siborgi Siberian Husky Corgi Mix
Image credit: pandathesiborgi / Instagram

A Horgi is from both popular dog breeds, the Corgi and Siberian Husky. This hybrid looks more prominent than a Corgi but less athletic than Siberian Huskies.

Their fur color and length will vary depending on the dominant genes, but you can expect them to have double coats. With this, they may require frequent brushing and moderate grooming.

In addition, the color of their eyes may also vary since Siberian Huskies have different eye colors.

Their tails may also be long or short, usually depending on the Corgi parent. A Pembroke Welsh Corgi has docked tails, while the Cardigan Welsh Corgi has long tails.

Lastly, Husky Corgi mixes are great family pets, but you must train them how to behave appropriately in the presence of a small child and other pets, as they can inherit the high prey drive of their Husky parent. 

7. Spitzgi (Spitz & Corgi Mix)

Spitzgi Spitz Corgi Mix
Image credit: lucky_the_spitzgi / Instagram

The Spitzgi is one of the most adorable Corgi mixes out there; however, they are not that common.

These designer dogs are full of personality and a little loud, but they are excellent watchdogs, nonetheless.

They look like miniature Corgi with fluffy fur, and they often get confused with the long-haired Corgi. Though their fur color will depend on the dominant parent gene, these pups are usually golden or brown.

Additionally, Spitz Corgi mixes are intelligent dogs which makes them highly trainable. But due to their stubborn attitude, you may need to be firm with them.

Using treats during obedience training is excellent at giving them motivation. However, you should not provide too much as they tend to gain weight fast.

8. Corgidor (Labrador Retriever & Corgi Mix)

Corgidor Labrador Retriever Corgi Mix
Image credit: lucy_lucille_lucinda / Instagram

Corgidors are Corgis mixed with a Labrador Retriever. Aside from the Golden Retriever Corgi hybrid, this hybrid is one of the most popular Corgi mixes worldwide. 

This mixed breed dog is usually seen as a Labrador Retriever but with short legs. A Corgidor can be described as a perfect family pet because they are friendly, loyal, and well-balanced dogs.

Since Labradors don’t generally bark at strangers, these dogs are pretty quiet compared to other Corgi mixes. However, proper training and socialization are vital at a young age.

Depending on dominant parent genes, they could have bat-like ears or floppy ones.

Labrador Corgi mixes can have solid coats in black, gold, brown, and cream colors. However, they can have faded shades in their bodies.

9. Corgi Inu (Shiba Inu & Corgi Mix)

Corgi Inu Shiba Inu Corgi Mix
Image credit: princess_pame1a_shiba / Instagram

At first glance, a Corgi Inu can be described as a Mame Shiba Inu, which is a miniature version of the regular Shiba Inu. But looking closely, you can notice subtle differences due to the Corgi gene.

Corgi Inus have slightly more prominent ears, and they retain a fox-like appearance, making them absolutely gorgeous. They are also not so energetic and mild-tempered, similar to their Corgi parents.

This hybrid can have short coats that are usually brown or red with white portions. However, this may depend on the parents’ fur color. It is also noted that they are heavy shedders.

Because of the Shiba Inu gene, this mixed breed may prefer to be the only pet in the house. 

However, Shiba Inu Corgi mixes can get along with other pets, but you need to socialize them early so they may get used to their presence. 

10. Rottgi (Rottweiler & Corgi Mix)

Rottgi Rottweiler Corgi Mix
Image credit: hello.im.nori / Instagram

A Rottgi is a rare mix of two dogs, the Rottweiler and the Corgi. This hybrid usually takes the appearance of the Rottweiler. However, they are much smaller.

Their fur colors are usually a mixture of brown, white, and black, and are short. They also need enough stimulation to keep their energies at bay throughout the day.

Since Rottweilers have been used as protection dogs over the years, and Corgis love to bark, you can expect the Rottweiler Corgi mix to be protective and vocal, especially around strangers.

Their tails can be docked due to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi gene or not if they lean more to the side of their Rottweiler parents. Even though Rottweilers have docked tails, they are not born with them naturally.

This Corgi mix is most likely to get along with children and other pets. They might even protect them. However, the most vital factor is socialization and training them.

11. Corger (Boxer & Corgi Mix)

Corger Boxer Corgi Mix
Image credit: adventures_of_khali / Instagram

A Corger is a medium-sized mix of a Boxer and a Corgi. Depending on the dominant gene, a Corger usually looks like a Corgi with a muscular build or a Boxer with short legs.

Their coat length tends to be short, and the colors and markings depend highly on the Rottweiler’s side. However, in rare cases, it embodies the Corgi markings and color.

Since both the Boxer and Corgi breeds are energetic and humorous, this hybrid will never have a dull moment. They may get zoomies here and there, and they love to give affection to their owners.

Boxer Corgi mixes are fiercely loyal dogs but with a sweet nature. Despite loving independence, they can be firmly attached to their owners. Plus, they get along with family members of all ages.

12. Corgoyed (Samoyed & Corgi Mix)

Corgoyed Samoyed Corgi Mix
Image credit: winter.snowe / Instagram

Because of the Samoyed parent, a Corgoyed is relatively bigger than other Corgi mixes. Since Samoyeds and Corgis are both originally bred as working dogs, expect this mix to have a fantastic work ethic.

Since both Corgis and Samoyeds have different fur colors, it will be pretty fun to guess this hybrid’s coats. Each pup will have unique marking combinations and even eye colors.

They are an intelligent breed, and they enjoy training just as they enjoy playtime. Moreover, they fit well in environments with a cool climate due to their thick coats.

Samoyed Corgi mixes love activities and exercising, but you should not overwork them to avoid hip dysplasia.

A Corgoyed is a delightful family pet due to its calm and docile personality with a perfect sprinkle of energy. 

13. Schnorgi (Mini Schnauzer & Corgi Mix)

Schnorgi Mini Schnauzer Corgi Mix
Image credit: mimosa_theschnorgi / Instagram

Schnorgis are some of the cutest Corgi mixes out there. They have a teddy bear-like appearance that melts every pet lover’s heart.

Their fur and head usually take the form of the Miniature Schnauzer, and their bodies and ears lean more on the Corgi parent. Like other dogs, they are loyal and protective of their owners.

Generally, they are a lively and energetic bunch, but they sometimes display a bit of stubbornness. Socializing and exposing them to obedience training at an early age will help reduce this attitude.

Though Schnauzer Corgi mixes can be with any family member, this hybrid might prefer to be with adults and older people since they want more gentle handling and attention.

14. Dobergi (Doberman Pinscher & Corgi Mix)

Dobergi Doberman Pinscher Corgi Mix
Image credit: tuttles2327 / Instagram

A Doberman Corgi mix is an uncanny combination, but they do exist. It’s not daily when you see a Doberman and a Corgi mating or being bred.

Generally, these hybrids retain the color combination and the head appearance of the Doberman parent while their bodies and legs are closely similar to Corgis.

Dobergis have long snouts, pointy ears, short legs, and stockier bodies but are less athletic. Regarding behavior, this dog breed is basically very protective and sometimes territorial.

They may be a barker and aloof to strangers. However, they love their families despite them being loud. Moreover, they may need daily exercise as they are highly energetic.

Doberman Corgi mixes are also brilliant dogs, so as dog owners, you might as well give time to bonding with them and training them, as they are excellent loyal companions.

15. Chorgi (Chow Chow & Corgi Mix)

Chorgi Chow Chow Corgi Mix
Image credit: dogesindahouse / Instagram

A Chorgi is what you get when you breed the blue-tongued Chow Chow with the Corgi. They are a furball of sunshine with a strikingly unique appearance.

Chorgis will mostly have those distinct characteristics, but they can be one of the most unpredictable Corgi mixes in the dog world. Not only in appearance but also in temperament.

Some will be calm and friendly, while others can be aggressive, protective, and independent. They can also tolerate or not tolerate other pets and small children.

However, upbringing and socializing are vital for these behaviors since Chow Chow Corgi mixes can still be modified, especially when they are puppies.

Many pet owners that adore pups with fluffy coats love this hybrid. But a quick reminder, if you’re one of these owners, you must be prepared for their heavy shedding.

16. Borgi (Border Collie & Corgi Mix)

Borgi Border Collie Corgi Mix

A Borgi is a mix of a Border Collie and a Corgi. Since both the parent dogs are hardworking in herding livestock, you can expect the Borgi hybrid to be the same when it comes to working.

Appearance-wise, they will look like fluffy Border Collies with shorter legs. They excel greatly in activities where they are stimulated physically and mentally.

Border Collie Corgi mixes are also naturally intelligent and obedient, so training them won’t be challenging. However, you should know how to be firm with them while using positive reinforcement and rewards.

Lately, it is a must to understand how important these activities are to keep this hybrid’s energies at bay so they won’t resort to nipping or other destructive behaviors when left alone or bored.

17. Porgi (Pug & Corgi Mix)

Porgi Pug Corgi Mix
Image credit: thesweetgirldixie / Instagram

Porgis are absolutely adorable pups that are known to be royalty! Both their Corgi and Pug parents are known to be royal companions when we trace back history. 

Generally, this little dog is usually fawn or black. However, this may vary on the dominant genes. The flat face of the parent Pug is traditionally inherited by this hybrid, so you can also expect some health issues.

Aside from that, Pug Corgi mixes will have big eyes and funny expressions. They will be a natural joy giver in your homes, and they will love to show love to their owners. You can also expect them to snore loudly at night. 

It is also vital to be stricter in their food and treat intake since they are also prone to gaining weight fast.

18. Dorgi (Dachshund & Corgi Mix)

Dorgi Dachshund Corgi Mix
Image credit: _janadeleon / Instagram

Dorgis are adorable small dogs with elongated bodies and short legs inherited from their Dachshund and Corgi parents. Their Dachshund parent generally passes down the type and color of their coats.

This hybrid adores children and other pets as long as you take time to socialize them at a young age. They tend to be stubborn sometimes, so you must assert dominance positively and safely.

Dachshund Corgi mixes can easily gain weight, so it’s best to explore other rewards, such as toys and praises.

Overall, this Corgi mix is a beautiful dog with an affectionate and loyal nature. They are suitable for small to medium-sized homes, and they love being in their owner’s presence.

19. Shorgi (Shih Tzu & Corgi Mix)

Shorgi Shih Tzu Corgi Mix
Image credit: henrytheshorgi / Instagram

A Shorgi is basically a small dog mix between a Shih Tzu and a Corgi. This hybrid is new and rare, but they are beautiful dogs with excellent temperaments.

This mix is a friendly dog and does not demand physical activities to tame its high energies compared to other breeds listed here. They want time, affection, and being close to the presence of their families.

If you are busy and tend to leave them alone, they may resort to destructive behaviors. So they should be in homes with large families so they can always have company.

Moreover, Shih Tzu Corgi mixes are very calm dogs that tolerate living with small children and other pets. However, you still need to socialize them so they would know how to behave appropriately.

20. Corgi Pit (Pitbull & Corgi Mix)

Corgi Pit Pitbull Corgi Mix
Image credit: thorpitbullcorgimix / Instagram

Corgi Pits are a mix of the Corgi and the Pitbull breed. They get mistaken for being aggressive due to their semi-Pitbull appearance, but they are lovely pets with soft hearts.

Because Corgi Pits are smaller than regular Pit Bulls, they often get confused with the pocket Pitbull. However, when you look closely, you can see the hint of their Corgi gene.

Usually, they inherit most of their muscular appearance and coat type from the Pitbull parent and their temperament from the Corgi. However, this will still depend on dominant genes and upbringing.

Pitbull Corgi mixes have short coats, so brushing and grooming them regularly won’t be challenging. They are also sensitive and highly affectionate to their families, making them excellent companions.

21. Corgipoo (Poodle & Corgi Mix)

Corgipoo Poodle Corgi Mix
Image credit: beakerthecorgipoo / Instagram

Corgipoos are an adorable combination of the Corgi and the Poodle breed. They can vary from small to large dogs depending on the Poodle parent size. What you can expect from these pups are double and fluffy coats. 

Since Poodles have different coat colors, their hybrid with a Corgi can also have a number of color varieties.

Moreover, the Corgipoo’s coats only shed light to moderate, so regular brushing can help in reducing the volume.

Also, if a Poodle Corgi mix leans more on the Poodle gene, it can be hypoallergenic, making it great for people with allergies, asthma, and dander sensitivity.

Corgipoos are innocent-looking dogs that have affectionate temperaments. However, they are always alert and vocal, making them excellent watchdogs.

22. Corgi Pom (Pomeranian & Corgi Mix)

Corgi Pom Pomeranian Corgi Mix
Image credit: lillythecorganian / Instagram

A Corgi Pom is a mix of the Pomeranian and Corgi breeds. Though Poms have other mixes, Corgi Poms are undeniably one of the most adorable teddy bears.

The Corgi Pom’s appearance will depend highly on the dominant genes, but you can expect them to be small to medium-sized dogs with their ears erect and eyes almond or round-shaped.

These mixed pups usually have straight medium to long coats, so they are high-maintenance. Neglecting these needs will result in many tangled and matted hairs.

Corgi Poms love to bark at literally everything, especially when they hear sounds in the house, such as the doorbell. However, if you’re dedicated enough, you can train them to outgrow this behavior.

Since they are naturally intelligent, they would love obedience training and learning commands. However, you may need to be firm and keep your session short since they can be stubborn.

23. Pembroke Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog & Corgi Mix)

Pembroke Sheltie Shetland Sheepdog Corgi Mix
Image credit: missclementine2021 / Instagram

The Pembroke Sheltie is the beautiful mix between Corgis and Shetland Sheepdogs. They are medium-sized dogs with dense double coats, usually brown, red, sable, and white.

Generally, they have dark eyes, black noses, and erect ears. Their tails are long, and their legs are shorter than Shelties. However, their overall appearance may vary on which parent influences the mix more.

Shetland Sheepdog Corgi mixes are affectionate, lively, protective, and loyal companions when it comes to temperament. The parents have a history of herding, so they can be working dogs, but they are not barkers.

They have medium to high energy levels, and they need at least an hour of exercise daily. Moreover, they prefer cold environments and spacious homes to settle in.

Pembroke Shelties work well with other pets, but socialization is needed. They can effortlessly chase small children and animals even if they don’t intend to hurt them because of their instincts.

24. Chigi (Chihuahua & Corgi Mix)

Chigi Chihuahua Corgi Mix

A Chihuahua Corgi mix is basically a tiny dog with a big personality. Despite their size, Chigis prefer ample space for them to play around and release energy.

These pups have straight and short coats that are easy to groom and maintain. Their fur color may vary from solid ones to a combination, generally in black, white, and cream shades.

Chigis are lively, alert, and playful. They tolerate being with children as long as they are gentle. They also do well with other animals if they are socialized and trained early.

They are intelligent pups and can learn commands pretty swiftly. In fact, they enjoy these activities. Treats and positive reinforcements are great rewards during training sessions with these puppers.

However, you should be mindful of the treats you give them since, like the Chihuahua, they are prone to obesity.

25. Cortese (Maltese & Corgi Mix)

Cortese Maltese Corgi Mix
Image credit: ocithecortese / Instagram

A Cortese is a small dog since they came from small parents — the Maltese and the Corgi. They have medium to long and silky coats that must be brushed regularly to avoid tangles and matting.

Depending on the parents’ gene influence on the pup, their ears could be erect or floppy, and they generally have dark round eyes and black or brown noses.

Since Corgi and Maltese breeds are excellent with other pets, expect their litter to be as friendly too. Additionally, the Cortese love to be close to their owners. So if you want a cuddle buddy, this hybrid is perfect.

Furthermore, Cortese dogs are gentle and sweet. However, they are fearless and a little bit territorial, so expect them to bark around strangers.

26. Cojack (Jack Russell Terrier & Corgi Mix)

Cojack Jack Russell Terrier Corgi Mix
Image credit: bohdi_thecojack / Instagram

Cojacks are developed by breeding a Corgi and a Jack Russel. They are small to medium dogs that usually take the features of a Corgi and the body of a Jack Russel but are a bit stockier.

This hybrid has large ears and long tails. Cojacks are eager to learn and please their owners, making training sessions fun and easy. They are also affectionate, loyal, and energetic.

Stimulating the Cojack mentally and physically is a great way to balance their energies, keep them healthy, and help them avoid developing separation anxiety.

Though stubborn and suspicious of strangers, these pups are alert but not extreme barkers. They want to stay close to their owners and do not tolerate being alone for long periods.

Because of the Corgi and Jack Russel’s lifespan, the Cojack can live up to 13 to 15 years, making them excellent companions in different life milestones.

27. Saint Bernard Corgi Mix

Saint Bernard Corgi Mix
Image credit: burrowontheback40 / Instagram

A Saint Bernard Corgi mix is a peculiar mix of a Saint Bernard and a Corg. This hybrid is rare, and they generally have long bodies, stubby legs, floppy ears, and short coats.

A Saint Bernard has different fur shades; thus, the Saint Bernard Corgi mix usually inherits them. They can vary from medium to large-size dogs with short legs.

Since both parents are working dogs, you can expect them to be agile and active. Most of the parents’ attitudes are contrasting, so this pup will most likely cancel extreme behaviors of one another.

Moreover, Saint Bernard Corgi mixes are excellent with other pets and small children, especially when they are socialized and used to having them around.

28. English Bulldog Corgi Mix

English Bulldog Corgi Mix
Image credit: hope_and_pepper / Instagram

An English Bulldog Corgi mix is a mix between an English Bulldog and a Corgi. This rare hybrid is quite stubby with a Bulldog’s facial features. They generally look like dwarf English Bulldogs because of the Corgi gene. 

Moreover, these pups may inherit different fur colors from the Bulldog parent, including the merle variant, and they can have short to medium-length hairs.

In addition, this hybrid is not as energetic compared to other Corgi mixes. Instead, they are much more relaxed and laid-back family companions.

English Bulldog Corgi mixes love their family, and they are pretty loyal canines, but they have the tendency to be unwelcoming and aggressive to strangers or those they see as a threat to their territories.

Socializing and training them to obey commands is critical for them to learn how to behave appropriately and respond to non-threatening strangers.

29. Corpin (Mini Pinscher & Corgi Mix)

Corpin Mini Pinscher Corgi Mix
Image credit: avery.and.the.poods / Instagram

Corpins are small hybrids of a Mini Pinscher and a Corgi. They usually have black and tan coats that are short-lengthed. In addition, they have large pointy ears, long bodies, and short legs.

These dogs may be tiny, but they are excellent watchdogs since they are always loud and alert. They are also protective of their owners and other pets they live with, including cats.

Mini Pinscher Corgi mixes need at least 45 minutes of stimulating activity daily to avoid sudden bursts of energy, known as zoomies. They are also intelligent canines, so training them would be easy despite their stubbornness.

Overall, this hybrid is a great family companion, but you may have to watch when small children are around since they may not be as gentle in handling these tiny kids compared to adults.

30. Corgi Schip (Schipperke Dog & Corgi Mix)

Corgi Schip Schipperke Dog Corgi Mix
Image credit: wicklesswithryan / Instagram

A Corgi Schip is a hybrid of the small Schipperke and Corgi breeds, making them tiny as well. They are mischievous pups with dark oval eyes and short legs.

Additionally, they have dense and medium-length coats that can shed moderately or heavily, requiring regular brushing and grooming.

Despite the Corgi Schip’s stubbornness and independence, these pups are loyal companions. You may need to stretch out your patience since they like things their way and can be challenging to train.

Corgi Schips are not so friendly with strangers and other pets. However, this can be reversed by persistent early socialization. Lastly, they are loyal and affectionate companions to their families.

31. Cairn Corgi (Cairn Terrier & Corgi Mix)

Cairn Corgi Cairn Terrier Corgi Mix
Image credit: corgi.bea / Instagram

The Cairn Corgi hybrid is a pretty modern mix of a Cairn Terrier and a Corgi. They can inherit either parent’s appearance and traits, depending on dominant genes.

Depending on the dominant genes, the Cairn Corgi could have rounded or square-shaped heads with erect ears and long or docked tails. Since the parents are small breeds, you can expect this mix to be tiny.

Cairn Corgis are affectionate canines that may be a little clingy with their owners. They do not like to be left alone for a long time, and they adore children and other pets, given they get socialized early.

Physical and mental stimulation is a must for this mix since they may exhibit digging and other destructive behaviors. Moreover, they are versatile in climate, making them perfect anywhere.

32. Corillon (Papillion & Corgi Mix)

Corillon Papillion Corgi Mix
Image credit: kingston_popcorn_toby / Instagram

A Corillon is an adorable tiny hybrid of a Corgi and a Papillon. They have round heads, erect ears, and small black noses. Since Papillons have different fur colors and markings, this hybrid may also acquire them.

These pups have long and feathering tails and long bodies with short legs. Usually, they have medium straight hairs that are not hypoallergenic and may shed heavily.

In addition, Papillion Corgi mixes may be timid initially. However, they can be friendly around strangers and other pets. They are delicate dogs that are affectionate with their families and may need constant attention.

Corillons have moderate energy levels that may require daily exercise, such as short runs inside their home. They also love playtime with their owners, so you have to set aside your time for that.

33. Alaskan Malamute Corgi Mix

Alaskan Malamute Corgi Mix
Image credit: paco_the_floofy / Instagram

An Alaskan Malamute Corgi mix is a mix between the gentle giant Alaskan Malamute and the fluffy Corgi. However, this hybrid is pretty uncommon.

Generally, Alaskan Malamute Corgi mixes retain the Alaskan Malamute’s physical appearance, except for the short legs and sturdy bodies that they inherit from their Corgi parent.

They are medium to large dogs that are smaller than the purebred Malamute. Furthermore, Alaskan Malamute Corgi mixes have dense waterproof coats, making them suitable for environments with cooler climates.

They are highly social animals that adore their families, including children. However, you should keep an eye on them due to their size. Moreover, they do not like living with other animals unless socialized.

Alaskan Malamute Corgi mixes may have demanding grooming needs since they are heavy shedders. They are also prone to separation anxiety and destructive behavior if not stimulated regularly.

34. Shar Corgi (Shar-Pei & Corgi Mix)

Shar Corgi Shar Pei Corgi Mix
Image credit: zeke_the_sharcorgi / Instagram

Shar Corgis are unique hybrids of Shar-Peis and Corgis. They are pretty uncommon, and finding them may be challenging, but they exist, especially in shelters.

Sharpei dogs have different coat colors that the Shar Corgi will most likely inherit. These pups have lesser wrinkles and are slightly smaller than purebred Shar-Peis.

These dogs are excellent watchdogs and property guardians when it comes to temperament. Moreover, they are protective and territorial, and they may be wary of strangers.

Shar-Pei Corgi mixes have tendencies of stubbornness, so it is essential to train them to understand their place in the family pack. This can result in a hybrid being devoted and affectionate to those they consider their owners.

Generally, Shar Corgis are clean dogs with average tendencies of shedding. However, they still need occasional baths and regular brushing to keep those danders away from your home.

35. Bernorgi (Bernese Mountain Dog & Corgi Mix)

Bernorgi Bernese Mountain Dog Corgi Mix
Image credit: ianpascual21 / Instagram

Bernorgis are small dogs made by crossing the Corgi and the Bernese Mountain dog. They are usually in combination colors of black, brown, and white. 

Their hair varies from straight to wavy and short to long, depending on dominant genes.

However, regardless of the coat type, Bernorgis are moderate to heavy shedders, especially during shedding season. They only require daily brushing and regular grooming. 

In addition, these dogs are confident, protective, and friendly. Bernese Corgi mixes are most pleasant to their families and people who show them affection. However, they have a high prey drive.

Due to this, you may want to separate them from small pets since they may chase them. To avoid tripping accidents, you may also want to train and socialize them early, especially around small children.

36. Cava Corgi (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel & Corgi Mix)

Cava Corgi Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Corgi Mix
Image credit: maplethecorgix / Instagram

A Cava Corgi is the offspring of breeding a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Corgi. These pups are pretty small and can stand only a foot tall. However, this may vary depending on dominant genes.

These dogs are excellent family companions, including those with children. They are low-maintenance, loving, and extremely friendly.

Moreover, they are considered lap dogs but could play and run around with other pets.

However, with their history of chasing cars, you should ensure that they are on a leash and you’re there to accompany them to avoid road accidents.

Overall, Cava Corgis are pretty easygoing, and they are perfect for both experienced and first-time owners. 

37. Corgi Heeler (Blue Heeler & Corgi Mix)

Corgi Heeler Blue Heeler Corgi Mix
Image credit: thecorgiheeler / Instagram

A Corgi Heeler is a mix of a Blue Heeler and a Corgi, and they are also known as Cowboy Corgi or Australian Cattle Dog Corgi mix. 

These dogs have large pointy ears and barrel-shaped bodies. Commonly, they have dark masks and docked tails. Moreover, you will not have much difficulty in grooming their short coats.

Temperament-wise, the Corgi Heeler is intelligent, fearless, and strong-willed. They tend to herd, especially livestock, and can be slightly territorial and aggressive with unfamiliar animals.

Additionally, Blue Heeler Corgi mixes are brilliant, so they can recognize commands pretty well, provided that you train them. They may not be needy, but they do not tolerate being alone for a long time.

You should also be firm with them in a positive manner, so they may understand their place in the pack because they can be wiser than their owners.

38. Akita Corgi Mix

Akita Corgi Mix
Image credit: akitalolaq / Instagram

The Akita Corgi mix has a versatile growth since they come from Corgis and Akitas.

Generally, Corgis are small dogs; meanwhile, Akitas are considered large breeds. So you may find it difficult to guess their exact size.

Akita Corgis usually retain the facial features of the Akita parent. However, the shape of their heads is square-like, resembling Corgis. Their legs are often longer than Corgis but shorter than Akitas.

This mixed breed is often powerful, but they are also affectionate and playful. They like to be close to their owners, and they do not want to be alone most of the time.

Akita Corgi mixes work well in cold environments with ample space to play around. They are intelligent, but they can be a little stubborn. You might need extra patience during training sessions.

Another vital thing to note is that these puppies have a high prey drive inherited from their parents. You should socialize them early and supervise them when they are around small kids and animals.

39. Bull Corgi (Bullmastiff & Corgi Mix)

Bull Corgi Bullmastiff Corgi Mix
Image credit: huxleywiththegoodhair / Instagram

A Bull Corgi is an uncanny mix of a Bullmastiff and a Corgi. This is another hybrid that’s hard to predict in terms of size since Bullmastiffs are enormous and Corgis are small dogs.

This may be a rare mix, but they do exist, and they are absolute sweethearts. They may have shorter legs and longer bodies than the purebred Mastiff and short straight coats.

Moreover, Bull Corgis are great companions since they love to show affection, and you can count on them as watchdogs. They are loyal and protective of their families, so expect them to guard you and your house.

They also tolerate living with other pets as long as they get socialized and trained early and get enough exercise daily to avoid destructive behavior.

40. Cocker Spaniel Corgi Mix

Cocker Spaniel Corgi Mix
Image credit: pmariebutmostlyt / Instagram

A Cocker Spaniel Corgi mix is a beautiful mix of a Cocker Spaniel and a Corgi. They are charming dogs that melt hearts with their adorable big eyes and sweet expression.

Due to the Corgi gene, they usually have long torsos and short legs. The hybrid’s coats come in different textures and colors. They can have one or a combination of cream, white, black, brown, and gold.

These pups are loving and friendly to their families. However, they may be wary of strangers. They can be stubborn but usually, respond to positive reinforcements during training.

Moreover, Cocker Spaniel Corgi mixes are energetic and love to play outside, requiring an hour of daily exercise. 

These dogs need to properly socialize with small children and animals because they tend to chase them around and might hurt them accidentally. 

41. Corginees (Great Pyrenees & Corgi Mix)

Corginees Great Pyrenees Corgi Mix
Image credit: balto_the_corginees / Instagram

The Great Pyrenees bred with a Corgi will result in a cuddly fluffy pup known as the Corginees. They always have a sweet and friendly expression, and they are pretty confident dogs.

Moreover, these dogs will look more like a Great Pyrenees with shorter legs and a slightly longer torso. Their furs may vary from medium to long with different colors, depending on genetics.

Usually, the coat of a Corginees sheds all year round, so regular bathing and daily brushing are necessary. Their grooming needs can be pretty demanding, especially during shedding season.

In addition, these dogs are naturally protective, making them excellent guard dogs. They are also pretty intelligent and independent, so crate training them and teaching them commands won’t be challenging.

Overall, Great Pyrenees Corgi mixes make loyal companions and would love to please their families most of the time. They also work well with other animals just as long as socialization takes place early.

42. Rhodesian Corgi (Rhodesian Ridgeback & Corgi Mix)

Rhodesian Corgi Rhodesian Ridgeback Corgi Mix
Image credit: pippa_sunshine4321 / Instagram

Rhodesian Corgis came from mixing Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Corgis. They may range from small to medium dogs. However, if they firmly acquire the Rhodesian Ridgeback gene, they could be expansive.

Depending on genetics, most of these pups will have short hair and legs. They will most likely be slightly bigger than Corgis, but they will retain the elongated bodies.

These puppies have loyal and protective personalities, so they are wary of unfamiliar faces. With this, they are great if you’re looking for a guard dog.

Moreover, Rhodesian Corgis need constant attention and will not tolerate being alone. They can also be slightly spunky. They require daily exercise to tame their high energies and destructive behavior tendencies.

You should also assert a slight dominance since they may look at themselves as the pack’s alpha. 

However, you should never harm them while being firm. Being patient and positive reinforcement is beneficial to help them understand their place in your family.

43. French Corgi (French Bulldog & Corgi Mix)

French Corgi French Bulldog Corgi Mix
Image credit: blitzthefrenchcorgi / Instagram

French Corgis are from two lapdogs — Corgi and French Bulldog, so you can expect them to inherit the clinginess of their owners. These hybrids are relatively short and small as well.

Their coats are generally short-lengthed, but since Frenchies have long-haired varieties, they can inherit this trait with different fur shades, such as solid ones, brindle, and other color combinations.

Some French Bulldog Corgi mixes can acquire the Frenchie flat face and mask depending on dominant genes, while others inherit the Corgi ears and long bodies. Either way, these pups are indeed adorable.

Overall, French Bulldog Corgi mixes are calm and laid-back doggies that love to socialize with their families and other pets.

However, they do not like to be left alone. Human contact and affection are necessary for them.

44. Catahoula Corgi Mix

Catahoula Corgi Mix
Image credit: banksywallace / Instagram

A Catahoula Corgi mix is considered rare since they are from a unique mix of a Catahoula and a Corgi. 

They are wonderful pets that are active and affectionate. Since they are unique mixes, there is little documentation of them.

Catahoula Corgi mixes have high potential in exhibiting excellent temperaments, as long as owners take a lot of time socializing and training them.

Generally, these hybrids are great with children, healthy, and energetic. They know how to clean themselves, and they are not heavy shedders. However, regular brushing and occasional bathing are still advised. 

Overall, Catahoula Corgi mixes have a strong desire to please their owners. They can be clingy, and they love to have bonding moments and playtime with their owners.

45. Great Dane Corgi Mix

Great Dane Corgi Mix
Image credit: mixedbreeddogs / Instagram

A Great Dane Corgi mix is another unique and unusual Corgi mix. Since Corgis are small and Great Danes are giant, their hybrid could be anywhere between medium and large size.

Generally, Great Dane Corgi mixes usually have shiny and short coats that may differ in color, depending on genetics. Their coat tends to shed mildly and may only need brushing at least twice a week.

These hybrids are considered low-maintenance with their grooming needs. However, they require an ample-sized backyard to play and run around.

Moreover, Great Dane Corgi mixes are versatile and excellent companions because they can work well with single owners, couples, or large families with kids. They are also easy to train since they are naturally born intelligent.

Another vital thing to note about this mix is they have extreme levels of energy. So make sure you give them enough physical and mental stimulation to keep them healthy and happy.

46. Scottish Terrier Corgi Mix

Scottish Terrier Corgi Mix
Image credit: kittycatsandmaryjane / Instagram

A Scottish Terrier mixed with a Corgi will result in a charming small dog with a fluffy coat and affectionate nature. Since its purebred parents look similar, the Scottish Terrier Corgi hybrid will retain its long body and short legs. 

They will most likely take the facial features of the Scottish Terrier parent while the large erect ears of the Corgi.

Their temperament will highly depend on genetics and socialization. However, these mixes are known to be brave, high-spirited, and curious about their surroundings, so they may be a handful.

Scottish Terrier Corgi mixes are moderate shedders, requiring daily brushing and occasional baths. Moreover, they love the outdoors and want to go on adventures to tame their energies.

47. Cane Corso Corgi Mix

Cane Corso Corgi Mix
Image credit: hughes_adventures / Instagram

Cane Corso Corgi mixes are a peculiar mix of the giant Cane Corso and the tiny Corgi. This often results in a versatile size of their litter. Some may be large dogs, and some may be small.

Like other designer breeds, their appearance depends on dominating genes, and each hybrid is unique. However, their fur color will most likely rely on the Cane Corso parent.

They may have short or long shiny coats that require regular brushing, and they will vary from being moderate to heavy shedders.

In addition, the Cane Corso Corgi mix tends to be brave and will likely want to be the alpha. Early socialization and training will help them understand their position in the pack.

48. Vizsla Corgi Mix

Vizsla Corgi Mix
Image credit: corgeouscorgis / Instagram

The Vizsla Corgi mix is not something you see every day. They are hybrids of the Vizsla breed and the Corgi.

Appearance-wise these dogs are usually stocky and athletic but are a little bit short in height. They can have elongated bodies with either floppy or erect ears depending on genetics.

Moreover, they generally have short and straight furs. However, these coats are not hypoallergenic. You must consult your doctor initially if you are sensitive to allergens before opening your home to this mix.

Overall, Vizsla Corgi mixes are affectionate and energetic pups that adore playing fetch and being surrounded by caring and loving families, making them perfect loyal companions.

49. Keeshond Corgi Mix

Keeshond Corgi Mix
Image credit: the.pepper.chronicles / Instagram

A Keeshond Corgi mix is a fluffy mix of a Corgi and a Keeshond dog. These puppies are indeed charming with their cuddly appearance and sweet expression.

This hybrid is relatively new, so not much information is documented on them. However, we can look at the parent traits they can acquire as litters depending on gene dominance.

Generally, these mixes are medium-sized dogs with a wolf-like appearance that mainly resembles the Keeshond breed. They may also develop the Keeshond’s facial features and coat colors.

On the other hand, they usually have stubby legs and long torsos obtained from the Corgi gene, making them look like dwarf versions of the Keeshond dog.

Keeshond Corgi mixes are high-energy mutts that require daily exercise. In addition, their hairs need to be brushed daily, too. Despite their demands, they are affectionate dogs that love to please their owners.

50. Whipgi (Whippet & Corgi Mix)

Whipgi Whippet Corgi Mix
Image credit: charliethadogg / Instagram

A Whipgi is a rare mix between a Whippet and a Corgi. They usually take the appearance of the Whippet but with the Corgi’s legs and elongated torsos.

They love affection and attention. However, they sometimes display stubbornness and spunkiness. But socialization and training can help diminish this behavior.

Whippet Corgi mixes also have a herding and hunting history because of their parents, so they may not work too well with new owners with small pets and children.

Furthermore, they have high energy levels, and they love to play around. You must give time to their daily exercise so they won’t exhibit any destructive behavior because of boredom.

51. Yorkie Corgi (Yorkshire Terrier & Corgi Mix)

Yorkie Corgi Yorkshire Terrier Corgi Mix
Image credit: ollieswonderfurworld / Instagram

A Yorkie Corgi is one of the cutest Corgi mixes worldwide. They are toy-sized dogs from small purebred dogs: the Yorkshire Terrier and the Corgi.

Generally, they have small heads, medium-sized muzzles, black noses, and dark sparkling eyes. Moreover, their coat length can vary from medium to long, and they are not heavy shedders. 

Furthermore, this hybrid loves to be cuddled and be around their families. They are friendly to other pets and small children too. However, they are barkers, especially around strangers.

Despite being cute and fluffy, Yorkie Corgi mixes have big personalities. They are reliable watchdogs that would permanently protect their homes and families.

52. Corgi Basset (Basset Hound & Corgi Mix)

Corgi Basset Basset Hound Corgi Mix
Image credit: sandie73md / Instagram

A Corgi Basset is a hybrid developed from a Basset Hound and a Corgi. Usually, they are medium to large dogs with Corgi facial features and Basset Hound ears.

Relatively, these dogs have long bodies and stubby legs with straight dense coats that moderately sheds. Their coat colors can be black, white, blue, or red, depending on genetics.

Corgi Bassets have moderate energies, and they love to release them with daily playtime and walks. They adore being around children and other pets, provided they are socialized.

Moreover, they need to have at least 40 minutes of exercise to avoid destructive behavior such as nipping and digging holes.

53. Corgi Bichon (Bichon Frise & Corgi Mix)

Corgi Bichon Bichon Frise Corgi Mix
Image credit: spuddy_buddy1 / Instagram

Corgi Bichon hybrids are small-sized dogs that have short legs and elongated torsos. They usually have medium dense coats that require regular brushing to prevent matted hairs from forming.

Generally, they have high energy, so they need at least 60 minutes of daily physical and mental activities to prolong their health. They are also smart dogs but slightly stubborn, so you must be patient with them.

This hybrid is bred for companionship, so they are suitable for owners who give time to them and do not leave them alone since they do not tolerate solitude. 

Bichon Frise Corgi mixes want to be surrounded by lots of attention and affection and may develop separation anxiety if not.

54. Lhasa Corgi (Lhasa Apso & Corgi Mix)

Lhasa Corgi Lhasa Apso Corgi Mix
Image credit: mleajohnston / Instagram

The Lhasa Corgi is one of the cutest Corgi mixes we know. They are furry small-sized dogs from a Lhasa Apso and a Corgi that loves to play around.

These dogs are pretty confident and do not exhibit shyness despite being around strangers. They love the spotlight and lots of praise from those surrounding them.

Their colors are usually combinations, depending on genetics. Some litters have straight hair. However, this hybrid will most likely have wavy strands.

Despite the Lhasa Apso being low shedders, this hybrid isn’t. They moderately shed, requiring frequent brushing and occasional bathing.

Moreover, Lhasa Apso Corgi mixes tend to herd small children and animals, so socializing them early will help them learn to behave appropriately, especially if they are family companion dogs.

Overall, these barkers are sweet and showy in love with their owners. They always bring joy wherever they go.

55. Pointer Corgi (Pointer & Corgi Mix)

Pointer Corgi Pointer Corgi Mix
Image credit: the_dora_churro_dogs / Instagram

A Pointer Corgi, from its name, is a hybrid between a Corgi and a Pointer. They usually inherit the fur type and color of the Pointer parent, while they retain the long bodies and stubby legs from the Corgi.

Moreover, they are moderate shedders, making their grooming needs low maintenance.

Pointer Corgis have high energy levels, and they love to be outside. In addition, they are brilliant and highly trainable as their parents have a history of being working dogs.

Overall, they would excellently fit any type of family, including those with other pets and children. As long as their needs are being met, they are well taken care of, and showered with loving energies.

56. Corsenji (Basenji & Corgi Mix)

Corsenji Basenji Corgi Mix
Image credit: karagoeswild / Instagram

Corsenjis are developed from Corgis and Basenjis, making the hybrid a perfect mix of its parents’ look and personality. Nevertheless, every pup is unique depending on its dominant genes.

Most of them may retain the Basenji look. However, these pups will have shorter legs and slightly curled tails. Their coats could be solid or in color combinations, depending on genetics.

Corsenjis are excellent watchdogs, and they tend to be unfriendly to strangers. They are not necessarily the barking type, but they often whine or howl to express themselves.

Moreover, they have a cat-like attitude when it comes to grooming since they know how to clean themselves persistently. They are also highly protective of their families. 

57. Coon Corgi (Coonhound & Corgi Mix)

Coon Corgi Coonhound Corgi Mix
Image credit: anna.lena.kh / Instagram

Coon Corgis are small dogs that are not suitable for novice owners since they can be a handful. They are a hybrid of Coonhounds and Corgis, and they aren’t shy at all.

These dogs are confident and stubborn and sometimes may play the alpha. Owning this dog will require you to be firm during obedience training, socialization sessions, and teaching commands.

Admittedly, they are not for the weak-hearted. However, we strongly advise you to be extra patient and only use positive reinforcements as this may encourage them to listen to you.

Despite their spunkiness, Coonhound Corgi mixes are loyal companions and actually demand affection from their owners.

58. Belgian Corgi (Belgian Malinois & Corgi Mix)

Belgian Corgi Belgian Malinois Corgi Mix
Image credit: benjis_new_home / Instagram

A Belgian Corgi is a unique and less common hybrid of a Corgi and a Belgian Malinois. Predominantly, these puppies will acquire the Belgian Malinois’ facial features while retaining the Corgi’s short legs.

Since Belgian Malinois dogs have different fur colors and patterns, this hybrid will most likely inherit it. Both parents have short double coats, so expect the Belgian Corgi to be the same.

Belgian Corgis shed all year round, but they are not demanding to maintain, as long as you brush them at least three times a week.

Moreover, this hybrid came from working dogs, so you can expect them to have a strong work ethic for guarding and herding as well. They also have a high prey drive that requires efficient socialization for them to adjust.

59. Hava Corgi (Havanese & Corgi Mix)

Hava Corgi Havanese Corgi Mix
Image credit: rileycooper_kulp / Instagram

The Havanese Corgi mix is another teddy bear-like hybrid that is an absolute darling. They are tiny dogs with sweet expressions and a friendly aura.

Hava Corgis are often intelligent, so you can expect them to learn swiftly. They are extroverts who give their owners joy through their comical ways and trick exhibitions.

Depending on genetics, their coats can be short to medium in length. They require daily brushing and occasional baths to keep their fur smooth and silky.

Moreover, they are energetic dogs but only need a few minutes of daily walk and playtime.

These tiny pups should not be overworked. If you feel like they are struggling to keep up, they should slow down and rest.

Furthermore, Havanese Corgi mixes are eager to please their humans. They express affection every time and do not tolerate being alone.

60. Pekingese Corgi (Pekingese & Corgi Mix)

Pekingese Corgi Pekingese Corgi Mix
Image credit: mr.raulantonio / Instagram

A Pekingese Corgi is a toy hybrid of a Pekingese and a Corgi that will indeed put a smile on your face. These puppies are absolute lap dogs that enjoy praise and cuddles.

Generally, Pekingese Corgi coat colors and length vary depending on genetics. However, whatever gene they lean on, these dogs require daily brushing to keep their coats tangle-free and shiny.

They will most likely be longer than they are tall, suitable for tiny homes and apartments. They are also easy to carry and bring because of their size.

Furthermore, they do not require much exercise, but a few minutes of bonding and playtime with them can boost their health. They quickly melt people’s hearts with their charming and desirable personalities.

Here’s an adorable video of a Pekingese Corgi:

[mixed dog]遊んでほしい[pekingese×corgi]

61. Corgi Jindo (Jindo Dog & Corgi Mix)

Corgi Jindo Jindo Dog Corgi Mix

From its name, Corgi Jindos are hybrids of the Korean Jindo dog and a Corgi. Generally, they look like Jindo dogs with stubby Corgi legs. They are small to medium in size and well-suited in medium-sized homes.

Corgi Jindos are sweet and affectionate to their families, and they are pretty friendly with other pets. However, they may be more comfortable with other dogs the same size or smaller than them.

They usually love children. However, those five years old and below should be closely monitored while playing with them, as small children may not know how to play gently. 

Moreover, they are fiercely loyal dogs that quickly pick up commands and excel in training, making them excellent companions.

62. West Highland Corgi (West Highland Terrier & Corgi Mix)

West Highland Corgi West Highland Terrier Corgi Mix
Image credit: winston_sullivan / Instagram

West Highland Corgis comes from breeding a Corgi and a West Highland Terrier. They have short legs and rectangular-shaped bodies.

Despite being small, they have a muscular build with straight backs and deep chests.

Generally, they have brown eyes. However, on rare occasions, they can have blue eyes. Their noses and usually brown or black, and their coat color will depend on the West Highland Terrier parent.

They have youthful energy, so they love running around and playing. They are pretty sociable animals, but they are always alert and will alarm you of any intruders and strangers entering your property.

Furthermore, they are brilliant dogs but can exhibit stubbornness, so you may need to be firm and patient during training sessions.

63. Bloodhound Corgi (Bloodhound & Corgi Mix)

Bloodhound Corgi Bloodhound Corgi Mix
Image credit: darla_dingo / Instagram

Bloodhound Corgis are interesting hybrids of the Corgi and the Bloodhound.

They are small but long-bodied dogs that either have erect or floppy ears. Also, they can have droopy eyes or alert expressions depending on genetics.

In addition, these hounds bond closely with their families, including small children and other pets. These dogs are clever, but they can be hard-headed at times, so be extra patient with them.

Moreover, Bloodhound Corgi mixes are moderate shedders. They will shed more intensely when seasons change, so they may not be suited for people with allergies. 

Fortunately, brushing regularly and bathing helps manage their loose fur.

64. Corgi Eskimo (American Eskimo & Corgi Mix)

Corgi Eskimo American Eskimo Corgi Mix
Image credit: corgi.kenobi / Instagram

Corgi Eskimos are mixes of an American Eskimo and a Corgi. It is essential to note that these dogs are from working parents — Corgis are herding dogs, while American Eskimos are hunting dogs.

Due to this, you can expect them to be energetic and they don’t like to sit around all day. They are also alert and great at watching over your property and family members.

Corgi Eskimos also tend to be dominant, so make sure they learn their place in the pack. Training them will be done quickly with patience, effort, and positive reinforcements as they are naturally born fast learners.

Overall, they are protective dogs that love to cuddle and share affection after a long tiring workday. They love children and other pets as well.

How Much Does a Corgi Mix Cost? Puppy Prices & Expenses

A Corgi mix can range between $500 and $1,000 depending on its other half and what particular features the dog takes from its parents. 

The puppy price can increase or decrease depending on various factors such as breeder, location, and lineage. Another option you can look through is adoption since they just cost around $150 to $300.

We know that purchasing a dog is only the first step as a pet owner. They have essential needs that you need to provide before you open your homes to them so that they can transition smoothly.

Here are the initial expenses you need to cover for your Corgi mix puppy:

Type of ExpenseCost
Food and Treats$50 – $120
Food and Water Bowls$10 – $35
Bed$30 – $200
Crate$30 – $500
Leashes and Collars$15 – $50
Toys$20 – $50
Grooming Essentials$30 – $180
Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medications$50 – $200
Initial Vet Visits$100 – $300
Initial Vaccine Shots$75 – $200
Neutering or Spaying$50 – $500
Dog License$10 – $20
Microchip$40 – $60
Miscellaneous Supplies$15 – $30
Total Initial Cost$525 – $2,445

It is vital to understand your dog’s needs before you bring it home so you can further plan your financial budget and capabilities in taking care of them. 

If you already have some of the items listed above, then there is no need to repurchase them. Moreover, you can consider looking for breeders that offer freebies for each puppy purchase.

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Places to Find Corgi Mix Puppies for Sale and Adoption

Corgi mix puppy for sale and adoption

Corgi mixes are often challenging because no breeders specialize in breeding them. However, we can share a few places where you can find them, as some breeders can have litters of mixed-breed Corgis.

Here are some places you can search for Corgi mixes for sale:

  • Lancaster Puppies – This site has prioritized connecting loving families to adorable and healthy pets for several years now. They have over 10,000 puppies available, including Corgi mixes. They also advocate stopping puppy mills and backyard breeding.
  • Greenfield Puppies – This site was created last 2000 and has been rehoming puppies, including Corgi mixes, successfully over the years. They ensure that all their listings are from reputable breeders and that pups are healthy and of good quality.
  • Buckeye Puppies – This site keeps puppy-buying transactions safe for both breeders and buyers. They ensure quality puppies, and they monitor all their listings regularly. One of their available listings is Corgi mixes, so make sure you browse them.

Another great way to acquire Corgi mixes is through adoption from Corgi rescues. It’s much cheaper, and you get to save a life as well.

Here are some adoption sites where you can adopt a Corgi mix:

  • Rescue Me! – Rescue Me is an organization that shows you a map of the available breed or mixed breed you are looking for, and you can easily browse them. Aside from their purebred listings, they also have Corgi mixes that you can browse on.
  • Adopt-a-Pet – This site is affiliated with different rescue organizations in the United States. Although there are many purebreds in their listings, there are also Corgi mixes from time to time. You can also filter your search by location for easy puppy hunting.
  • Petfinder – This is an online database wherein you can search for specific dogs and rescue shelters to connect to. If you are far from your chosen shelter, they also offer transport services to make the adoption process smoother.

For more tips about acquiring puppies, check out our article on finding free puppies that are open for adoption.

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Final Thoughts

Corgis have their royal reputation and wiggly butts as their identity. They are known to be excellent pets and family companions. Frankly speaking, these dogs are lovely as purebreds and as mixed breeds.

Corgi mixes have that distinct splooting position like regular Corgis, making them even more adorable. Though they may differ in size, color, and temperament, it is safe to say that they are loyal pooches with big hearts.

They also have big personalities that capture people’s attention, making them the darling of the crowd.

Before we end this article, we would like to hear from you in the comment section below. We know they are all adorable, but what is your favorite Corgi mix, and what do you like about them?

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